Dec 5 2013 9:41am

Ship’s Log: Olicity Gets Complicated in Arrow 2.08

Felicity and Oliver in Arrow 1x08This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Arrow, including last night’s 2x08, “The Scientist."

Last night's episode of Arrow was the gift that kept on giving for Olicity shippers (that is, fans of the potential pairing Oliver/Felicity); just when you thought things couldn't get better (worse?), they did, right up until the final moment. And it was fantastic.

Not only did the introduction of Barry Allen (future superhero The Flash) further the plot (omg, he's the only one who can save Oliver now!), but it brought out some fascinating emotions in both Oliver and Felicity. While Oliver seemed to find himself a little jealous—his reaction to Barry was not unlike Felicity's to Isabel, with whom Ollie had a fling a few episodes back—Felicity was clearly attracted to the—admittedly quite charming—scientist.

Not a little angst resulted, of course. Felicity denied having romantic feelings for her boss (“I don't like Oliver,” she told Barry), and later she and Ollie got into a bit of a tiff over Oliver's looking into Barry's past and basically being a hypocrite about lying, which he then made up for by inviting Barry to his mother's party to dance with Felicity. The latter scene, by the way, struck me as kind of...fraternal?, which I found unsettling after all the UST (unresolved sexual tension) last week, until I realized that, duh, Oliver's still pretty deep in denial land and probably thinks that's exactly what he's feeling. How precious.

Of course, this is Olicity we're talking about, so there were plenty of light moments, too—Felicity accidentally bringing up prison with Moira, Oliver pulling Felicity aside after she invited Barry to set up shop at QC, Oliver acting like a baby as Felicity patched him up, Felicity telling Barry that the vigilante probably thinks he “penetrates just fine,” etc. etc. If there's one thing these two never are, it's boring, that's for sure.

Oliver, Felicity, Lance, and Barry in Arrow 1.08Plus there was also that tense little moment where Oliver claimed he could beat a guy with cement-like muscle density and Felicity asked “What if you can't?” before the two engaged in some classic eyefucking a staring contest. Mmmm...

But all of what came before paled in comparison to the episode's last couple scenes, in which Felicity and Diggle discovered Oliver passed out on a warehouse floor, two syringes still stuck in his leg. Felicity rushed to his side and checked his pupils (taking a quick sec to fondle his face, it must be added) before realizing she didn't know how to counteract the drug. To save her man Oliver but protect his secret, a frantic Felicity suggested they needed Barry, who in the last shot woke up in the foundry to see Oliver/the Arrow laid out on  a table and Felicity coming 'round to face him, begging: “Please save my friend.”

Annnnd that is where we're left for the week, until Part 2 of the midseason finale, 2x09 a.k.a. “Three Ghosts,” airs next week. What did you think? Did you enjoy Olicity's scenes? How about Barry and Barry/Felicity?

If you find any great post-episode fan works (fic, vids, gifs...), do share in the comments!

ETA 5:50pm: Fixed an error in the title and spoiler tag—the episode is 2x08 rather than 1x08. Thanks to commenter Claire Rose for the correction!

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Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
LOVED the episode. Barry is a little too "aw shucks" young for me to think him a permanent beau for Ollie's girl, but it was nice to see her able to play with someone closer to her age and sensibilities and conflict-free. Though that does get boring quick. I also really enjoyed Diggle poking at Oliver that "their Ms Smoak" was "smitten". Snicker.

The penetrating line was perfection.

Of course, everything pales next to Ollicity and whenever they're rocking a few moments together, the eletricity between them puts everything else to shame.

Anyone else notice that this part 1 of the mid-season finale was Laurel-free. Yeah, me neither until after it was over. Didn't even miss her.

Overall, I'm so delighted by how this show has raised it's game this season.
Smoak & Arrow
3. Smoak & Arrow
I loved the episode. As always, Arrow's full of great action and drama. Oilver and Felicity's relationship is always interesting to me. They have this classic Will They, Won't They thing going on, and despite any claims to the opposite, there's obviously growing fondness here. Felicity seems determined to not want Oliver with her "I don't like Oliver" (yeah, sure, honey. Nobody's buying that) . I think Oliver's determined to be alone and I don't know that he knows what he thinks of Felicity. Fondness? Sure. Protective? Absolutely. Does he realize there's something more going on? Tsk. He's a boy. Of course he doesn't.

Now you have the wrinkle that Felicity spilled his secret to someone. How's Oliver gonna take that? I'm hoping that, given the options at the time -- Tell 1 Person vs the entire world via 911 -- he'll eventually get it.

Really curious about where they go from here. Oh, and Felicity in this episode? Fierce! Love how competently, strong, smart, and fun she's being written.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
I think the most telling moment for Olivier was when, knowing what it meant for him to do it, Felicity apologized for being in a situation that ended with Oliver killing someone again. Olivier didnt even hesitate to reassure her there was never any question that he'd do anything else where her life was concerned. That's the sacrifice he's prepared to make for her (and likely for Diggle and others he considers family, including his actual family). But the intensity with which he delivered that conviction was for Felicity alone & it spoke volumes.
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
@Kiersten -- He's a perceptive one, that Diggle. I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be the very first Olicity shipper. And oh, man, yes--the chemistry between those two means that their scenes, not matter how small, are always the most memorable. I only realized Laurel was missing from the whole episode after the fact, myself, and I have to say it was great that that meant Felicity got more time in the spotlight because of it.

I actually do like Laurel (or at least the actress...I think she's doing the best she can with the material) but I think the writers need to find a way to make her relevant. I lost a lot of interest when she and Oliver hooked up at the end of last year out of nowhere, pretty much--I wish they could both see they're not star-crossed; they're just bad for each other.

@Smoak & Arrow -- Hey, I think I follow you on Tumblr! Thanks for commenting. I was wondering about Felicity telling Barry too, but I would hope Oliver would understand: after all, he told Felicity to save his life, so can he blame her for the same? Though if he doesn't the drama will be delicious, so... I guess it's win/win for us!

And zomg, the "I don't like Oliver" thing was hilarious to me too. That must be what the EP was saying when he said Felicity thinks Oliver's so far out of her league that she doesn't let herself think about actually liking him.

Felicity has become a powerhouse of a character and I ADORE that. In most cases I feel like she'd be confined to just being the geek in the Arrow cave, but the Arrow writers have done a tremendous job of making her a dynamic, evolving character in her own right. It's the greatest.
Smoak & Arrow
6. Claire Rose
I love your write ups. I agree with you in regards to how Felicity/Oliver played out — nice and smooth, nothing OOC. I have read elsewhere some fans were disappointed, but this played out perfectly for me and very true to character for Oliver. The "helllloooo" head tilt Oliver gave Barry when Barry was staring at Felicity was great.

I really like how they are playing this out — nothing too over the top, I mean hello, we're in season 2! There are going to be many more bumps in the road for these two, all the while their friendship will deepen and become more solid.

Of course outside that aspect of the show, all of it was BRILLIANT. I love Moira and am so glad she is out from the prison walls so we can see what this feisty woman/mother gets into next. Officer Lance was back — I love him! The fact that they continue to use Felicity as his conduit to the Arrow is FANTASTIC. Part of me wants him in on the whole "secret" but for the simple fact that I really enjoy Lance and Felicity scenes, I do hope that is a long time in coming.

Laurel was not in this episode, but I do hope to see her in action soon — another one of those bumps in the road for two members of the Team Arrow Trio. It is nice having it be just Oliver, Diggle and Felicity and having the show focus on them. Now if we can round out Felicity a bit more ...

P.S. In the title and the bold caption next to the photo, you have the episode as Season "1x08", but it is actually Season 2x08

Good write up, thanks!
7. carmenlire
I love your article!
This episode was on it! I really like Barry: he's smart, quirky, and pretty cute;) I also like Barry/Felicity as they have a lot of common interests. I loved that Oliver was getting jealous, and I'm glad that we didn't have to wait a long time for Barry to find out who the Vigilante was--I can't wait for next week!
The chemistry between Felicity and Oliver is astounding, which as you all pointed out, does make their scenes "memorable" and Felicity's line about penetrating had me cracking up! I also love that Diggle is pretty astute, and just always has this smirk on cause he knows everything 2 steps ahead of everyone else.
I've loved Felicity since her first scene and I am definitely glad that she's more than the geeky assistant with the one-liners. She's becoming a full fledged character and I can't wait to see where she goes.
I also didn't notice that there was no Laurel until someone posted it on here! I didn't miss her and though I love the actress that plays her, Laurel is not relevant to the story line anymore. And Detective Lance is fabulous, especially in his scenes with Felicity.
The rest of the cast was great too, and I'm interested in where this plotline is going. I want everyone to find out about Arrow eventually though, although I knew it will probably be a few seasons at least. I just want everyone to know that Ollie isn't the womanizing, selfish, inconsiderate, immature boy he was when the boat went down. And Roy's role is pretty cool too, I can't wait for him to find out the most, probably. They eyecandy on this show is to be applauded!
Heather Waters
8. HeatherWaters
@Claire Rose -- Oh, no, I can't believe I did that! Thanks for pointing it out, I'll fix it where I can! (Note to self: This is why everyone needs an editor.)

Were the disappointed fans wanting more to happen or were they unhappy about another aspect? I'm with you in that I figure it's only Season 2--I'd be more worried if the writers rushed into anything with them, because then it could also end just as quickly. A slow buildup to me indicates the journey is the real prize, not the destination, and that maybe the writers have recognized that Olicity is a lot of people's OTP. Plus, agreed, I hope to see Felicity more rounded out in terms of her background and outside life; all of that will just make us even more invested in her as her own character AND in Olicity.

Thanks so much for the comment! Love talking this show with fellow fans.

@carmenlire -- It really was, wasn't it? Hot damn, I am excited for next week (even though I just know that cliffhanger will probably be killer). Good point, it WAS cool that they didn't draw out Barry learning Oliver's true identity. I appreciate the show taking risks and surprising us by doing the unexpected. Keeps us glued to the screen.
Smoak & Arrow
9. Claire Rose
No worries — want to make sure people read it! ;)

From what I have seen, it appears that some were anticipating a more extroverted Oliver when displaying his jealousy, but what I think they fail to consider is:
1. That is just not Oliver.
2. Just two episodes ago he was telling Felicity that he couldn't get involved with anyone. To do a turnabout that quickly and toy with her feelings ... again, just not Oliver.
3. It's so new, I don't think Oliver really knows or recognizes — just too early. (part of what I really enjoy about all of this, is that it really is new — Felicity WAS NOT PLANNED so you really do get to see them figure it all out.)

Another scene I failed to mention but that I really liked was when Barry (having been confronted by Oliver in front of Felicity) told Felicity she would have to find another +1. The frozen look on Oliver's face and his turn towards Felicity as he tries to defend his actions — I think he realizes at that time that he might have gone a bit too far as witnessed at the party when he corrects his wrong.
Carmen Pinzon
10. bungluna
I've been enjoying the pace of this show, much more in Season 2 than in Season 1, except for Moira. I can't get a handle on her and why she feels the need to keep secrets and use blackmail instead of coming clean, at least to her son who has proven his reliability.
Smoak & Arrow
11. Carlybabes
Finally! Someone that GETS it!

I'm not sure why most commentary that I've read, regarding last night's episode, assume Olicity fans are distraught and jumping off piers in the cold light of day. Can't speak for other Olicity fans, but I'm feeling great after last night's booty. :-)

And the booty was bountiful! I got exactly what I needed to reenforce my Olicity feels quota per eppy. Did I want more? Of course, have you not seen the chemistry between these two characters? Brotherly my ass. Barry is cute with Felicity, hell, a lamp shade would be cute with her. The girl is adorable with everyone she freakin encounters sans Isabel. So for ME, Barry=a means to an end. Period.

Bring it on!
Smoak & Arrow
12. Travelover
Olicity fan here! So here it comes LOL. NOT "happy" with what looked like a deliberate attempt to force an instant attraction between Felicity and Flash. Yes, I want the show to stretch out the eventual coming together of Felicity with Oliver, but I felt there should have been someone with a bit more of a competitive edge. Yes, he's sweet, yada yada - but Flash looks like a boy compared to Oliver AND Felicity. I want Oliver to SUFFER LOL - to ache and burn from wanting Felicity BEFORE they come together. I want angst and jealousy and remorse at the possible loss of the love of his live! This episode had NO "jealousy" - he CALLED Flash to have him at the party FOR Felicity. Grr. Not happy. (LOL)
Heather Waters
13. HeatherWaters
@Claire Rose -- Yeah, Oliver is so bottled up emotionally anyway that even if he does recognize some romantic feelings for her at this point, she's also a close friend now and I feel like he'd want to proceed with MAJOR caution lest he screw that up. (I mean, the guy doesn't have that many true friends; he needs to keep the ones he has.) His general grumpiness about Barry is enough for me for now.

Great point about the "oh, shit, now I've done it" look Oliver gets when Barry cancels on Felicity. That was a loaded scene and I, too, adored how defensive he got (so unlike him to lose his cool!) with the "well, he DID lie to us" excuse.

@bungluna -- I kinda love Moira and the fact that she's keeping as many huge secrets as her son. My thinking w/r/t how she handled Malcolm is that she does EVERYTHING for her two kids, so I can totally see her greatest fear being them finding out about Thea's paternity and feeling utterly betrayed/not seeing her in the same way/thinking less of her/etc. That said, I think you're right and that we all know Oliver would be able to handle the least eventually (I mean, Tommy was Malcolm's son and that didn't make Oliver think less of him; of course Thea's true parentage wouldn't change his feelings toward her either)...and that that would be the smartest thing to do because this kind of thing ALWAYS comes back to bite you. Truth will out and all that.
Heather Waters
14. HeatherWaters
@Carlybabes -- Oh, I'm so with you, we got some great developments on Wednesday night. As someone who's shipped a LOT of couples, I'm prepared to enjoy all the little moments before anything big happens. (Mulder/Scully in The X-Files and Josh/Donna in The West Wing REALLY made fans wait, but there were so many amazing moments for them over the years, and they were endgame, which makes it all worth it.)

I don't think Oliver *actually* feels brotherly toward Felicity, but I got the feeling he's trying to convince himself he's totally not into her that way and that he's completely fine with her being with someone else. (DeNile ain't just a river in Egypt and all that.) Reminds me of Season 1 when Oliver kept telling Tommy and Laurel how OK he was that they were together even though he clearly still wanted Laurel.
Heather Waters
15. HeatherWaters
@Travelover -- Ah, I see what you're saying. Well, I mean, don't get me wrong: I'd LOVE to get my heart ripped out by these two at some point, but I feel like if Oliver started acting TOO jealous right now I wouldn't buy it. I mean, they haven't even spent that much time alone together yet/they're still distiguishing their close bond as friends as a separate entity from the close bond all three of the members of Team Arrow share. I love seeing the little moments add up (Oliver telling Felicity she can tell him about her day, Felicity starting to get into Oliver's personal life with questions about why Isabel, etc. etc.). They're definitely building toward a pretty epic romance, imo.

And yes, Oliver did invite Barry to come dance with Felicity, but when you love someone, you want what's best for him/her, so even if he were madly, head-over-heels in love with her already, he'd probably have done the same thing because he wants Felicity to be happy even at his own expense.

But I think that while he didn't realize WHY Barry makes him so grumpy in Wednesday's episode, that WAS a bit of jealousy there. You don't always immediately recognize jealousy for what it is, you know? But that doesn't mean that's not what it is.

And look, no matter what Oliver says, that grumpiness (translation: jealousy) that he showed toward Barry CLEARLY wasn't only because he didn't trust Barry. That just shows he's not in touch with his feelings and he's an unreliable narrator in this instance. I mean, think about it: Diggle didn't automatically trust him either and yet he thought it was cute that Barry and Felicity were hitting it off. Diggle's acting like a platonic friend; Oliver's acting like something more, something that he doesn't have a right to be acting like right now. And it is only the beginning! I think we have lots to look forward to, and I doubt this is the last of jealous Oliver we'll see.
Smoak & Arrow
16. Travelover
I hope you are right, redline. I shall TRY to give it some time LOL.
Heather Waters
17. HeatherWaters
@Travelover -- Ha ha OK. I'll be curious to see how all of us Olicity fans feel at the end of the season. Will we look back and be pleased with the progress they made or will we think there should've been more? I think so far we're on the right track, at least. Be good to us, Arrow writers!
Stephanie Ong
18. RussianWolf
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
Robert A. Heinlein

Since I believe this to be true I don't see any problem with the invite.
Oliver has already demonstrated this tendency with Tommy/Laurel after all.
Heather Waters
19. HeatherWaters
@RussianWolf -- I agree, he stood back with Tommy/Laurel because he thought they were good for each other, even though he still loved Laurel himself. Same could be happening with Felicity (with less self-awareness on Oliver's part this time around).
Smoak & Arrow
20. KJ
There's that old saying , if it is'nt broke, don't fix it .{look at the ratings} In the case of olicity , the writers have gold , an element created that is worth more than the paper they write on. The Laurel course of action is at best silver plated , with a plastic base , no real solid structure. If writers change back to Laurel and move Felicity sideways , it may see the shows ratings dive dramatically, and a mass exodus of fans , who love the present dynamics. So we will see at seasons end whether the writers will go for gold or settle for second best, pleasing the comic heads , who mwe all know , need to grow up lol and see the bigger picture , viewers comments and ratings with a romantic connection that is rare, a mateship to please all us brothers and bad guys to dish on. LET US SEE WHAT TRANSPIRES
Smoak & Arrow
21. KJ
There's that old saying , if it is'nt broke, don't fix it .{look at the ratings} In the case of olicity , the writers have gold , an element created that is worth more than the paper they write on. The Laurel course of action is at best silver plated , with a plastic base , no real solid structure. If writers change back to Laurel and move Felicity sideways , it may see the shows ratings dive dramatically, and a mass exodus of fans , who love the present dynamics. So we will see at seasons end whether the writers will go for gold or settle for second best, pleasing the comic heads , who mwe all know , need to grow up lol and see the bigger picture , viewers comments and ratings with a romantic connection that is rare, a mateship to please all us brothers and bad guys to dish on. LET US SEE WHAT TRANSPIRES
Smoak & Arrow
22. NocturnalRites
I love your site! And I LOVED THIS EPISODE. (Yelling, or at least, my excited outdoor voice intended!) This and Three Ghosts are probably my top two this year so far -- but I have to say, until I saw those, State v. Queen was winning. Did anyone else think that if the Count hadn't fallen through that window, Oliver would have kept pumping arrows into him even if he was already dead? That first one was obviously a killshot as it was.

You know, I do love superhero shows, but just got into this one a couple of months ago just due to lack of watching time. I've only ever had two series which MADE me sit down and watch them like popcorn, and that was Firefly and The Middleman. Up until they introduced Felicity, I really didn't think Arrow was going to be that way. The better half and I ended up almost marathoning season 2 in a weekend.

I didn't want to 'ship, either, because the very few times I have done so, my 'ship sinks. But I can't help it with these two. There are more sparks in the looks they give each other than there have been in any sexual encounter he's had (and that includes Laurel.)

Not dissing those who want Lauriver, although I don't feel the same way, obviously. I just so, so hope they don't force the so-called canon relationship down our throats. Green Arrow's had quite the list of lovers in his past. Black Canary's just the most consistent. (And in fact, they're not even together now in the comics. She dumps him on a regular basis.)

I am not given to following actors, but one thing I do like is how devoted the cast is to the show. Amell and Rickard, in particular, really seem to be working their tails off to promote it and seem to truly love what they're doing. I haven't seen that kind of devotion from the cast since Firefly -- and actually, Amell's ways of dealing with the fans reminds me of Nathan Fillion. Personable, funny, really down to earth. That's so good to see.

My husband's a long time DC comic geek with quite a few friends in the industry, and they were at the Dallas convention this past weekend. Amell was supposed to be there just on Saturday, but because of scheduling mixups, he didn't get to see a lot of the fans. He canceled his flight and spent Sunday there to make up for it, and then hung around and toured Dallas on Monday with some people he'd met at the con. That goes beyond gracious. The hub and I are both hoping he meets with Fillion's success; that's the kind of person who deserves it.
Smoak & Arrow
23. NocturnalRites
BTW, I should add that I'm all for the slow burn with these two. Also, as much as I love Olicity, I don't want it to supersede Team Arrow. I love the synergy of the Digg-Felicity-Oliver threesome.

Ooops. That didn't come out the way I intended. 3..2...1.... :)
Heather Waters
24. HeatherWaters
@KJ -- I completely agree that the writers have gold with Olicity and am pretty sure they know it. Hope we get even more Olicity goodness in the rest of the season and the recently announced Season 3! Thanks for the comment.

@NocturnalRites -- Thank you! So glad you enjoy the site. I'll probably take any opportunity to talk about Arrow and Olicity, so there'll be more posts in future for sure.

I had not heard that story about Stephen Amell canceling his flight to stay a little longer--thanks for sharing! You're right, he seems just as cool as Nathan Fillion (whom I also adore; met him at a con a few years ago and he was probably the coolest actor I've met, possibly tied with Jamie Bamber...just so natural with fans). Amell's Facebook and Twitter pages have been endlessly entertaining. He's brilliant at social media interactins. Hope he never loses that down-to-earth persona.

And YES to the slow burn. Those are the 'ships that get built into something huge and have the potential to go all the way to endgame, which would be my greatest hope for these two.
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