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Scandal Season 3, Episode 10 Recap: Escalating Feelings

Fitz in Scandal 3x10

Can't get enough Scandal? Join the club—really. Tune into H&H for weekly recaps from Kwana Minatee-Jackson and Nicole Leapheart. Need to catch up? Don't miss recaps of 3x01, 3x02,3x03, 3x04, 3x05, 3x06, 3x07, and3x08. And now, let's dive into H&H's recap of Season 3, episode 10, “A Door Marked Exit.”

NOTE: This post may contain spoilers for all aired episodes of Scandal.

Hey there, Gladiators, so we’ve successfully made it to the mid-season of Scandal with at least a bit of our minds left intact and for some that’s a very small bit at that. When we last left off, Quinn was nursing her sore mouth from Huck’s stint in dental college and on her way to see Rowan with yet another deadly needle, Mama Pope was leaving on a jet plane thanks to Liv and Fitz (though too bad Liv had a moment of revelation about five minutes too late and figured out mama ain’t all she’s cracked up to be) and then Sally was calling up Cy with a confession after just having offed dear old Daniel. There you have it.

Last night’s show opened just where we left off, with Sally and her confession and a flashback recap of the fight leading up to Danny’s offing. Sally is mad over Daniel’s transgression with James and giving him hell for it. The fight gets worse and worse. Calling James “poisoned fruit,” saying Daniel “unleashed a snake into their garden.” Sally is nothing if not on point with the metaphors. But ol’ Danny turned it around on her telling her she knew what she was getting into when she married him. That he sold his soul to her and got her where she was. Then Sally calls him “pretty and stupid.” Danny rebuts with she can’t be president because she doesn’t have the “balls” he has and he is done with her and well that is the last straw. He turns his back and Sally reaches for the letter opener. How about those balls now, Danny?

Sally calls Cyrus to confess and get help. Cy arrives and sees the body, thinks of his part in the whole James set-up and promptly throws up. Nice to know there is still some feelings there.

Back at OPA, Liv has the team mobilized and is ordering the gang to get everything on her Marie Wallace. She also asks about Quinn and Hick says she’s at B613 and alive. He put a tracker in her mouth. Eww, but I’m glad to hear I called that one. I knew it wasn’t torture for torture’s sake. Liv is all upset with Huck for hurting Quinn. Cut to Quinn shaky but ready to follow orders and stick Rowan. Before she gets a chance there is a lead on Marie and he loses it. Tough break, Quinn. Quinn goes into the bathroom and pulls out her tracker, which is bloody and gross but also shows how tough she’s become. I’m scared of you, Q.

Huck can see the tracker has gone dead and tells Liv, which makes her even madder. Liv accuses Huck of hurting her and tells Jake to find her father and Quinn and keep an eye on Huck.

Cut to Rowan driving to the airfield where he’s intercepted, then when we next see him, he’s sitting in a chair in a cell being interrogated but none other than Fitz who wanted to protect Maya Pope/Marie Wallace. Way to come late to the party, Fitz. You’re totally slowing down progress here.

So Fitz is trying to question Rowan about why he ordered the plane down but Rowan is not biting and giving no answers besides it’s “above Fitz’s pay grade.” This quickly turns into a standoff between two men who want to control Liv and could take a while.

Cut to Quinn and Charlie, and Charlie got a call from a “client” who turns out to be Cyrus to come and clean up the Sally mess. At least this is something Quinn is trained to do properly.

It’s the next morning and David is coming into work. There is some plucky upstart named Shelby Moss trying to get into see him but she’s blocked by Abby and Harrison who are waiting too and you know Abby trumps all in David’s eyes. David lets them in and Abby persuades him to let them see any files on Liv’s mom. He’s so easy.

Liv is at OPA and walks in on Huck and Jake who look like they have been up all night. She asks for a recap as to where they are and when Huck doesn’t have answers she barks at him again and walks out. Jack follows her and gives her a much needed earful about cutting Huck some slack. And that yeah, she had some problems, but look around so does Huck, being tortured and thrown in a hole by her father who is not the good guy. It was the first time I wanted to cheer for Jake. The nerve of Liv coming in all showered with her hair all done looking like the boss and talking down to people. Humph.

We’re back at the VP Sally’s house and Charlie and Quinn have done the job of getting Daniel’s body in bed so it looks like he had a heart attack in his sleep. Sally is on edge and about to lose it so Cyrus is trying to get the VP on board before the doctor comes in to examine Daniel. They need to sell this and get the doc in and out. Sally almost blows it, but rallies in the end and falls on her husband and the doc agrees he dies of a heart attack in his sleep. Smooth.
That done, Cyrus is back at work and he’s in his office when in comes Mellie happy as a clam over the fact that Daniel died. So very Mellie. When she sees that Cy is losing it she tells him to pull himself together and see the bright side. Of a man being killed. Alrighty now.

We are back to Fitz and Rowan. And the power struggle is really heating up. Fitz wants answers and it is going dirty. “I’m screwing her, you know,” he says. Huh? Come again? Did you just say that? To your mistress’s father? Whew, thank goodness that man is handcuffed. “Every chance I get,” Fitz adds and Rowan’s face turns to stone as my heart explodes in righteous parental rage as Fitz goes on about Liv being quite a girl, and then things I could tell you about the way she tastes. Lord. Pick me up off the floor. This is worse than waterboarding. I can’t.

Rowan sits like a stone, then chuckles and calls Fitz a boy, a spoiled coddled rich boy, and that Rowan’s a man. That he’s worked for what he’s had and what Liv’s had. Then he cuts him by bringing up Fitz’s mean old daddy Jerry. He tells Fitz that he doesn’t love Liv, but loves that she is a way out. “A door marked exit.” Because if Fitz is with Olivia he won’t have to fulfill Jerry’s dream for him of being president. Bam. He goes on to tell him “don’t use the person that I made to make you into a man.” Papa Pope broke it all the way down and back and Fitz had to just take it. If Sally was there there would have been all ‘amen.’

Back at OPA Liv is pacing while looking at pics of her mama on the window of infamy. In walks Abby with the Marie/Maya file which shows she’s lived lots of places and had lots of faces in her lifetime. Abby’s feeling generous and tells Liv that hey, she didn’t kill anyone, so maybe she should be let off with time served. Liv’s not feeling it. We all know Live is black or white. No grey for her unless it’s to do with her, Fitz and Mellie.

James has found out about Daniel’s death from the news and now he’s upset with Cy and he’s thinking maybe Cy killed Daniel. M’kay. You run with that James.

We are now back with Sally and she’s with Leo Bergen again and Leo is pushing her to run as the grieving widow, when in walks Mellie who brushes Leo off. She talks with Sally and lets her know that she knows what’s up and give Sally a not so veiled threat about her being on their side. I don’t know, Mellie, I’d not be threatening Quick Hands Sally right about now.

Cut to Quinn looking cold and shivery with Charlie again. She’s a big old mess and her life has fallen apart. She’s missing her old life, but Charlie says she can leave if she wants but holds her for a while. They are a creepy couple.
Cut to David’s office and James is there now trying to get David to dig into Daniel’s death. David is not into tangling with James again after the last time he screwed him over and he ended up a substitute teacher and sleeping on Liv’s couch.

Back at OPA Liv, Abby and Harrison are looking at the wall for divine inspiration while Huck and Jake are on the trail of Rowan. They finally trace him to the Pentagon and Liv calls Fitz to see her dad.

Now Liv is across from Dad and she wants answers. She demands he looks at her. Liv ask the questions. Why was her mother going to London on a plane with a bomb? It makes no sense because they found out her mother was a gun for hire. Turns out Rowan pulled Maya off the plane and questioned her and Maya lied to him about the bomb. He shot the plane down thinking there was a bomb so it wouldn’t detonate over London, and there was no bomb on the plane at all. Wow.

Liv is mad. She leaves shouting orders to Fitz to have Marie/Maya arrested as soon as the plane lands. Rowan is cut loose as he is he tell Fitz that B613 is not an individual “cut of the head of the snake and another will grow in its place.”
Back at Charlie’s, Quinn is gone. Cut to her walking into OPA. Everyone looks but she goes straight in to see Huck, but he has nothing for her. No sorry, no nothing. He’s still mad at her betrayal and says if it wasn’t for Olivia he would kill her right now. He tells her that Liv saved them and she betrayed her so she’s not a Gladiator anymore. Quinn is hurt and leaves. I’m so upset by this. Huck’s all or nothing condition is so deep that he can’t see straight. He can’t see that Quinn loves him. My heart is breaking for them.

Cut to our other broken couple, Cy and James. James comes home and Cy asks what happens now. He has the nerve to bring up the sweet little girl in the next room that he “brought” for James. Yeah, parent of the year there. I’m sure Ella’s going to love hearing that growing up. Being the little “brought” black girl. Good going, Cy. But they have their scene which is oddly Notting Hill like with Cy asking for love and James looking like he’s giving in. What a sad little couple they are.

Liv is back home with a call from Fitz but this time there is no sweet talk, only the news saying her mother’s plane never made it to Hong Kong but was found in Mongolia with the crew killed and her mother gone. Mama Pope is on the loose!

We’re back at OPA now and Jake has come to say goodbye to Liv. He plants a big old kiss on her and tells her he loved her and whatever happens next he not only loved her but loves her.

We’re back at Charlie’s place and he’ seating Chinese food for breakfast in bed and in walks Quinn. Looks like after being snubbed by Huck she’s take him as 2nd creepy best. It’s giving me all the sad feelings.

It’s a sunny day in Washington and it’s time for Daniel’s funeral. There are lovely shades of Verna everywhere and he goes out regally. Once again, Leo pushes Sally to run in the grieving widow ticket. Sally blows up at Leo and Leo puts it together that Sally killed Daniel. He’s as upset by this news as he is over the fact that he wasn’t called to clean it up and Cy was. Leo is scary and I’m still thinking he may be Abby’s ex.

We cut to David once again and that plucky young Moss woman form the day before pushes her way into his office. Turns out she’s some sort of NSA hacker type and she just so happens to have a recording of a phone call from Sally to Cy saying “that she has sinned.” Oops.

It’s nighttime and Liv has her big glass o’ wine. She’s calling her dad who’s walking down the hall to his office. Liv wants answers about her mother, but he tells her that she will never get those answers from him. He then invites her to their usual Sunday dinner. Pot roast! Papa Pope wants to go back to normal. Cue the Steve Wonder song “Living For the City” and he makes tracks to his office… but wait who is that in his Command seat? Jake! Is that you? Why yes. Looks like Rowan is out and by order of a pissed off “called a spoiled boy” named Fitz B613 has a new snake in charge. It’s now team Jake and Fitz.
Cut to Cy and James in bed and James decides to stay with Cy though it will cost the job of White House Press secretary. James, you are so silly and so easily bought.

Liv is drinking by her window when her phone rings. Hello! Hi Livvie! Yikes. It’s Mama and she’s sounding like she has not a care in the world. Liv almost chokes on her vino as she asks where are you. Mom is cool. Liv yells tell me where you are. Mom just says don’t worry, I’ll see you real soon, then drops the phone in the trash right in front of the White House while showing off her fierce white glovea and matching trench coat. Ka-Pow! Who’s youe Gladiator now?!

Well, that was that. I don’t know what’s happening come February 27th, but I sure can’t wait to find out.Is Leo’s Abby’s ex? Will Quinn ever be a Gladiator again? Can Jake command his way out of a paper bag? Will Mellie and Cy be BFFs for-ever? Will Mama and Papa Pope join forces or tear Washington apart? What about Harrison? Will we ever get his story? I’m hoping the guy on the phone for Maya is the guy he’s running from. I think it may be or hope I just want a Harrison story please. What are you thinking? Chime in.


Kwana Jackson—aka K.M. Jackson—is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her most recent book is Seduction's Canvas, on sale now. She can be found on most days at her blog and at any moment on Twitter talking about everything and nothing at all under the handle @kwanawrites.

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Nicole Leapheart
1. BoxyFrown
What a great recap for a phenomenal episode!

Olivia was absolutely on my last nerve. If she would stop powerwalking for a quick second, maybe she would be able to be nicer to the people around her who would literally die for her.

What can I say about Joe Morton's performance last night-he was everything. And Fitz! Talking about Liv's flavor to her FATHER. So. Wrong. I know why he did it, but still...

I don't feel bad for Quinn. Maybe I should, but I really don't.

Khandi Alexander is pretty badass. Mama Pope hype aside, I can't wait to see Khandi get into it when Scandal returns. They really want us to wait until Feb 27????
K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
@BoxyFrown Yep they do want us to wait until Feb and end of Feb at that. Wow that's a long time. Guess we'll have to use the break wisely. There was a lot in that little epi. I too can't wait to see what Liv's mom does. It looks like Liv can learn a lot from her mother about patience and cool. I'm starting to love Mom. And Fitz had better watch out, Daddy will not take this lying down.
Shannon Johnson-Trimm
3. shaytrimm
I believe Abby's ex is a politician or a politician's son and that's why he got away with hitting her.

I'm still wondering how Sally is going to play this. And I'm starting to think Maya never left DC at all.
4. CindyS
I love Cy - he's just so brilliantly messed up and powerful all at the same time and I so want him to find a man more suitable for him than the guy he has now. One that could stand toe-to-toe with him and still love him.

Papa Pope's speech - loved it!

I actually like Quinn better as a darker character and yes, I think Charlie works for her but I think she needs to bring Charlie to his knees before he realizes her worth - too imbalanced right now.

That moment when Leo realized the VP killed her husband and his reaction was 'you call me first!' - I have to say again, I kind of liked just how crooked he is and I hope he isn't Abby's ex because I find him compelling.

And as much as I like Huck - I need him to stop quivering so much as it's painful to watch and you know it's painful for him.

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