Dec 30 2013 5:11pm

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 8 Discussion: Deck the Halls

Lost Girl Season 4, episode 8, Groundhog FaeLast night's Lost Girl Season 4 episode 8, “Groundhog Fae,” brought the humor with a storyline inspired by Bill Murray's Groundhog Day. Here's the episode's official description:

Bo's friends are too busy celebrating Yule to notice she’s missing. But when the night starts repeating itself, Bo makes it her mission to stop it.

Note: This is an episode discussion post, so there will of course be MAJOR SPOILERS for the episode.

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1. nypinta

I've always wanted to do that.
Suzanne Metaxas
2. SuzyM
I loved this episode! :) But I do want let camp and more info in the next episode :D
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
So let's see: Bo eats some gummy humans and gets stuck in a time loop. Crampus Jr. decides that instead of getting ONE bad fae, lots will make more candy. If you acknowledge your fears, you don't get candyfied. Bo finally faces the fact that she's terrified of becoming a monster and of The Wanderer. Trick admits he's also terrified of the Wanderer. Dyson, Lauren and Vex have fun chewing the scenery. Tamsin is a better Valkiry for the love of Kenzie. Hale the great playa is afraid of letting Kenzie down. Brucie broke the candy machine, poor baby. What else?

We got some adult conversation betweeen Tamsin and Bo. Good.
People are still trying to 'protect' Bo by lying to her. Bad.
Hail, hail, the gang's all here! Good.

Ok, so most of it was good, but still no sighting of the Wanderer at two thirds of the way through the season. I fear another great pile on coming.
Dine Stueg
4. Nocturne
Christmas + Lost Girl = a very enjoyable gift!

I think this is one of my favorite episodes. I love campy, most TV shows are way too serious. Humor is a part of life, that's why I never understand when a TV show does not include jokes.

Liked that everyone was in this episode (except Evony, but I bet she has her own party. Not feeling sorry for her).

Ofcourse I liked Kale, no surprise there. I think it is interesting that the males only have one real love in the show, whereas the women have/had several. Both Dyson and Hale are very old, yet Dyson has this mate for life thing with Bo and Hale never had a relationship with someone he really cared about until Kenzi. Maybe it is because they're fae and have long lives that they take their sweet time to love someone.

It was fun to watch drunk people. Trick, Dyson, Lauren and Vex. Trick in a bathtub lol. I still wonder why he had a tie around his head. Dyson and Lauren being friendly with each other... at least that is progression in the triangle. I thought they are much more sympathetic as friends than as rivals. Glad that showing the box to Bo was resolved in itself and didn't give another reason for triangle hate.

A bit confused about the kissing to get out of the loop. Tamsin kissed Bo, which ended the loop for her. However, the other way round it didn't work. Does that mean it really is one-sided? The love only comes from Tamsin? On the other hand, Hale and Kenzi were kissing and only Hale knew of the loop. So that would mean Kenzi doesn't really love Hale (which I don't think is true)? Or is it because of Kenzi is a human, it doesn't work on her? Or is there another explanation for ending the loop?

Also liked Tamsin telling the truth about the Wanderer. Now we know why she took the job, which makes her more likeable in my opinion. I adore backstory.

Personally, I'm not too worried about the plot. A great TV show has developed characters who you can connect with and has an exciting, understandable plot. You're very lucky when a TV show has both, but usually you have to settle with the one or the other. To me Lost girl has always been more about the characters than the plot. It is the one show where I like almost all characters. Thus, even when the plot isn't all genius like, I will still care for the team.

The writers had two years to come up with the Wanderer plot. So, I'm being optimistic and think that after the break a lot of answers are coming. I'm hoping they will be satisfying.

The only thing I'm a bit scared for is that Kenzi's backstory will be very minimal. She's one of the most important characters and yet, we know very little about her past. This season there would be some backstory on her, but since it isn't in any spoilers for the upcoming episodes and I don't think it's going to be in the final episodes, I'm afraid we will get to know almost nothing about Kenzi yet again.
Nusi Dekker
5. NusiD
Interestingly done for a Groundhog Day episode. So, that thing in the box looks like bottled black smoke. If Bo sent it to herself from The Wanderer's realm, it stands to reason that Bo can get back to his realm by using the black smoke in the bottle to transport herself back there. Or not.

I thought the box held the other hel shoe, since Bo really wants both shoes for herself. I hope that Angel still has it.

Good that Vex will get the use of his hand back. I hope the Una Mens curse is no longer an issue for him. That would be the pits if DL reattached the hand only for it to be the cause of excruciating pain for Vex again, driving him mad. Hmmm....Vex could be the one who dies a few episodes later. I think it's either him or Tamsin.

Tamsin is much nicer this time around. I wonder if the Wanderer programmed her to get in with the Sunshine Gang and earn their trust, and then betray them all to deliver Bo back to papa, or worse.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
6. Kiersten
It didn't have to do with love for one another at all. Bo was already in the time loop when Tamsin kissed her, she just hadnt recognzed it yet and the shock of the kiss kicked in her awareness.

The time loop had to do with who Krampus chose to be the Yule Fool based on how much regret they were carrying. Tamsin had a ton of regret for her role in givng Bo over to The Wanderer. Bo had regret/guilt over everything pretty much but mostly about not being able to face up to and admit her fears (plus she ate his people gum drops). And Hale had regret about how he was with Kenzi, I think along the lines of afraid he'd get it wrong with her because he cares so much. That's why they were the only ones aware of what was going on around them.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
I noticed that Vex's hand seemed to have healed itself while being disconnected. It no longer bore the lesions that were on it when he chopped it off.

Tamsin is a "better" version of herself this time around because for the first time she was "raised" in her new life by people who cared for and loved her, not tossed out to scrounge for herself amongst the Fae or whatever bad "family" life her previous lives experienced. It's why, once she had her memorie back, rather than spiral into a drunken misery about how awful a person she is, she instead stepped up and came home to confess her "sins" to Bo who then forgave her.

I don't understand the whole "Dark Fae can't go into a house after midnighte where Light Fae are celebrating Yule" thing at the end. To begin with, all the partyers had left by the time the loop was broken and Bo ran off to the gas station to get Tamsin. Bo, and by extension Kenzi, are Dark Fae as is DL and Vex. It's only Trick, Dyson, and Hale who are Light Fae. Hale had presumably left since Kenzi was outside with Bo. Dyson was passed out on Bo's bed, and Trick was likely gone too. Bo and Dyson have already decided they are going to worry about the rules as far as being together is concerned. And Bo, Dyson, Hale, and Doctor Lauren have been going out on missions together, Light and Dark Fae, allbeit that could be a secret, but still. It seems more plot contrivence to have Tamsin look sad and excluded when the majority of the gang, including Bruce, Tamsin, and Vex, are now all Dark Fae.
Dine Stueg
8. Nocturne
@Kiersten. Thanks for the explanation. It makes much more sense if it's only about regret. (although I would find it a bit hard to believe that no one else of the team has any regrets regarding their pasts, maybe it was only current regrets)

The rule about Dark Fae was very arbitrary and sudden in my opinion. Lauren and Vex had lalready eft, so the rule didn't apply to them anymore. (Bruce probably was already gone as well). The only explanation I can give about Bo is that she still sees herself as unalligned and not as dark (which would make Kenzi unalligned too). However, it still doesn't make sense. Since when would Bo care about the Fae rules?
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
I thought the loop applied to those who ate the candy from the gas station.

As for that Dark / Light thing at the end, I'm still not understanding it. The only declared Light ones are Hale and Dyson. Everybody else is Dark. So who would such a rule exclude?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
10. Kiersten
The candy was just why Bo was being harrassed initially. She was the only one of them who'd eaten the candy. Bruce wasn't even at the gas station. Remember, she wasnt taken through the wall like Tamsin and Bruce, she willingly went back to the gas station and jumped into the candy factory. But when Krampus arrived, he sent the others back b/c Bo was such an unexpected treat or remorse and guilt and darkness that he could've fed of her for centuries. But then she confessed her fears and was set free.

Agree about the Light/Dark thing at the end. That was really out of place. Kenzi made it sound as though she didn't go w/DL & Vex so that she could hang with Dark Fae Bo, but Kenzi is now "dark" too as are the others, so it really doesn't make sense. I think was more to just set Tamsin up as "outsider" so that she sacrifices herself down the line or something.
Carmen Pinzon
11. bungluna
I thought the candy was why Hale, Tamsin and Bo were in a loop. All three of them where are that gas station: Bo and Hale during the porno-car-wash, and Tamsin when she bought a pack of gum. Then Cranky Jr. came to the party where 3 of the loopers were and started carting off guests 'cause they were celebratin Yule the wrong way.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
12. Kiersten
Yeah, but if it were just b/c they were at the gas station, then DL and Dyson wouldve been in the loop too and they weren't. Neither Hale nor Tamsin ate the candy either (Tamsin's gum wasn't the people candy) and DL had ice cream while Dyson had a beer so they all consumed something but only Tamsin was time looped, so it couldn't be for that reason either. The fact that Bo ate the people candy only annoyed Jeffrey b/c he thought it was blasphemous but Krampus didn't care about it.
13. nypinta
Yeah, I think Bo, Hale, and Tamsin all had consumed the candy. But it seems only Hale knew what it was going to do but didn't bother trying to get out because he knew it was a Krampus Yule trick.

As for the rule, I think it meant that because Kenzi had invited Light fae to the party no Dark are allowed to enter after midnight, but if they were inside before then it's OK. Bruce, Hale, and Dyson are still inside. And Trick might be as well. Previously we see less people at the party but I think that was because Krumpus Jr. took them and they were all back because Daddy whisked them all back to where they were when Bo went and got Tamsin, so the party was in full swing again.

As much as I really liked this episode, now that I've seen a clear version that isn't interrupted by someone shouting, "WTF?!?" every other line, I can see why this episode is upsetting some, especially hard core shippers. Basically Dyson, Vex, and Lauren spent most of the episode skewing all the dumbass arguments shippers sling back and forth as two why one is more suited for Bo than the other. What confuses me is why Lauren kept making comments as if she's still in the running for Bo's affection. Even as early as at the gas station Hale makes some comment about the night being good, in an obvious inuendo type way, and Lauren seems to agree, like she's hoping to make a move on Bo during the party. Uh.. what? I get that she still loves Bo but to imply that even though she's broken up with her, then brushed her off TWICE to then have her decide to get succbussed is kine of cruel of her. Like she thinks that she can hurt Bo but then just bat her eyes at her and get lucky. Which, lets face it, she could. But that's just mean. And doing things just to one up Dyson while they were with Bo. I get that they probably thought it was cute, but I can see it upsetting some. As well as her advocating not telling Bo. Both of them should have realized now not to keep things from Bo. Seems Dyson has learned this, so if I were Team Lauren I'd be annoyed that had her arguing to keep something from Bo, even if it was just so she and Dyson could trade shipper barbs while getting drunker and drunker.
All that aside, those two are just so damn cute together. And I can't help think that a lot of what came out of Vex's mouth was adlibbed. As a few things Lauren said. Clearly those three were having an awesome time.

It was a sort of stand alone episode, and yet not. Because it got Bo to confront her fears, Tamsin gave her more on The Wanderere, and there was the glass of smoke stuff that Bo sent herself. Obviously she did it after she aligned Dark. I wonder if knowing she wanted to send herself stuff had something to do with her choosing Dark, that she couldn't trust that the Light wouldn't recognize her name and then destroy or interfere with what she was sending where as the Dark could give a damn so she knew it'd come through. Maybe.

It'll be nice if Vex gets his hand back. I think the Una Mens are still around, or Bo wouldn't have thought it was them doing the loop thing. Pity. I want them gone!

How long till the next episode?
14. nypinta
I take back that Hale and Tamsin had the candy. But they could have. But they weren't shown to have eaten it. But that was just where Tamsin attracted the attention of Krampus and Son because they could feel her regret. Not sure why Hale got caught in it though. He did say that Krampus likes to pick a few people, so I think it's coincidence and he just went with it because he was using it to find the perfect thing to say to Kenzi. Who wouldn't love a take back when they say something stupid? I would. ALL the time.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
15. Kiersten
I had *exactly* the same thoughts about Doctor Lauren appearing to still compete for Bo after giving her the clear brush off in E5 and then Bo acknowledge in E7 that she didn't "have" Doctor Lauren anymore and DL reminding her she still had Dyson. And the one-upmanship and "it therapeutic for us" when it's only DL who's decided to end things with Bo; Dyson and Bo are still working out their relationship and sleeping together regularly. It was almost like this episode was slotted in out of order, but we know that's not true.

I've decided that all the stuff between Dyson, Doctor Lauren and Vex has to be view outside the parameters of the rest of the show's relationship plot structure as it appears meant to be nearly pure meta to the fans about the 'ship wars and to make Dyson and Doctor Lauren less adversorial as KHR & ZP have wanted for some time. Plus they needed to get Vex's hand re-attached so PRA doesnt have to go around faking a stump for the rest of the season. They mainly needed to have those three off having a drunken, fun pow wow while Bo did the Time Loop off on her own with Tamsin who got to come home and fully explain things to Bo. It's was gold and a riot and they likely had a blast doing it and I wouldnt be surprised if there was real booze in those glasses and we probably should just take it as a fun ride until if and when it's used to mean something else.
16. nypinta
Agreed. It was just the stuff at the gas station before that kind of irked. But then it could be played off as Lauren, as a human, just can't really control her attracton to Bo due to her succubus powers. It just irked, is all. The stuff while they were arguing was all fun.

I do find it funny though that I've seen a few argue that Tamsin is perfect for Bo because she is always straight with Bo and strong and blah blah blah because in this episode she tells Bo about The Wanderer, but she told her while under the influence of Krampus's candy brainwashing. She did try to tell Bo earlier, but only after they got their party on and I think it was starting to weigh on her. It was not her always being straight with her. In the mean time Dyson and Lauren are enjoying the competition over the box (ha) more than I think actually thinking either of them have any say in what happens with it. But it's Kenzi that doesn't even think twice about it and she just hands it over to Bo. Because actually it's KENZI that is perfect for Bo. Everyone else is a pale second.
17. nypinta
I said irked twice! Do you think it irked me? Hmm. Yes. It irked me. Irked irked irked.
God that's a funny word.
EEeeeeeerked. Jerky irked.
I am so tired.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
18. Kiersten
Hey @nypita, stop irking us around and go sleep it off.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
19. Kiersten
re: the box competition. I liked how it was DL who opened it first and kept it from Bo but immediately turned to Dyson about the dilemma. Then he says don't give it and DL says she's gonna. Then Bo surprises them & together they automatically hide it from her. Then as Bo leaves, Dyson gives DL a look and the shrugs all fine, let's tell her and calls Bo back but DL clamps her hand over his mouth to stop him. Hee. Then the rest of the arguing is a role reversal about how Dyson now wants to give Bo the box & DL doesn't. Just goes to show it's not about the box or Bo but about Dyson and Doctor Lauren working their way to an open detente. Plus it was helluva lot of funny because The Kris and Zoie Show is all kinds of entertaining in every incarnation.
20. drusilla_doll
I love all of these comments. I'm going to rewatch before a give a more detailed review myself, but Kiersten and Nypinta I wholeheartedly agree that it seemed very WTF that Lauren was acting like she wanted to get lucky with Bo when she'd dumped her three times and pretty much hurt Bo in the process. But here she was being all competitive? It does seem a little like she's jerking Bo's feelings around. Still, I loved the silly back and forth and the ridiculous arguments and Vex presiding over it. Did you notice, though, that's it's ALWAYS Lauren who says something mean or snarky about Dyson? It's been that way since forever. She always has a barb or put down at the ready when it comes to him. Which I think is a symptom of her insecurity as to who Bo loves more. That said, I like ZP's more snarky humor bleeding through, I think that if Lauren had had that kind of acerbic, dry wit from the beginning, I would have liked her a lot more.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
21. Kiersten
@drusilla_doll I *did* notice that and yes its always been that way. He pokes her about the lying, but he does it playfully and she laughs but doesn't deny it. She slams him a bunch of times and then directly and deliberately channels doccubus by screaming "bore-ring" when Dyson brings up the love sacrifice. To be fair, he's treating it lightly too, but that was a total meta fan service thing. Just more of the man hate the show likes to lob against Dyson via DL I guess. Meanwhile, Dyson immediately champions her doctor skillz and never slams her personally, just briefly and playfully reminds her of her own crimes.

Still, I also agree that allowing ZP's natural snarky humor to be set free within her presentation of DL (much like the dancing in E6 and the geeking out) goes a long way to make her character more likeable. I would liked her a lot more all this while if she'd shown a fraction of that personality. And the whole scene was played for the meta and the fun.
22. nypinta
So does Krampus make candy out of people or was it just this time because his son had taken over for the day? Because that still makes him a bad person!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
23. Kiersten
He makes candy of the people who dont deal with their regrets and guilt, who have unresolved darkness within. That's why Bo was such a treat. "I've never made blue candy before."

So he'll turn you into candy if you can't/don't process your own shit in time.
24. drusilla_doll
Kiersten: I was especially referring to the 'intellect'/'Jockstrap' jokes in 4.07 and 'Dyson's fault' one in 4.08. ;) We can go further back with the 'you could do better' comment she made to Bo and I am sure there are other references to Dyson not being as smart as she is, and only being a shallow manly man. LOL. We all know that Dyson doesn't just see Bo as bra and panty size, contrary to what Lauren asserts.

I do find that if there's an opportunity to put down Dyson as a rival, Lauren takes it. Whereas we've had Dyson say more supportive things to others about Lauren - especially recently. Still, the stuff in 4.08 was meant to be comedic and I took it that way, rather than taking umbrage at her digs at him. I especially loved how she said he made her laugh and then he goofily coaxed her into a hug and kissed her cheek. No doubt this is the actors lapsing a little into their real selves and just having fun with the scene but still, I liked it very much. If the two can come to some sort of friendly ceasefire, I think it would be good for the show. It seems that the next few eps are going to have L/D/K interacting as a team more anyway.
25. nypinta
I bet dollars to donuts the "hug it out" was not in the original script. Because that was so KHR and ZP and so not Dyson and Lauren.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
26. Kiersten
It SO was them!! First time when Kris was egging her on, I thought, "that's totally Kris, not Dyson" same with "wolfy you always make me laugh" being more Zoie than DL.
Nadine Robb
27. cmm
It was so nice to see that kind of banter between those two. Honestly, If they had more scenes like this I could enjoy the show more.
28. drusilla_doll
Let's not forget that they'd consumed Choga sweat with their drinks - or at least that's what Vex claimed, which gives them more of a story excuse to be extra silly and all touchy-feely drunk. ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
29. Kiersten
Loved the touch that they were drinking The Morrigan's Dark Belch beer that Hale appeared to bring in his "sack" and that, if Vex is right and not just larking about, the secret ingredient is Chonga sweat.
Carmen Pinzon
30. bungluna
I'm still lost in visions of what a great show LG could have been if ZP and KHR had been allowed to develop a more organic friendly-rivalry from the beginning.

Question, what was the comment about Vex going with Lauren to fix the drunk-operating all about? Does it mean she attached the hand backwards or some such?!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
31. Kiersten
I think that was just Kenzi being Kenzi. No way she reattached the hand in Bo's bedroom. Or maybe she tried, got part way, and realized had to sober up first. I'm going with "throwaway joke" on that one
32. TheUberFan
Thoroughly enjoyed Groundhog Fae. Laughed several times throughout.

How funny was it that most of the car wash scene was a fantasy by Lauren and Dyson and were snapped out of it literally by Hale? lol That makes more sense to me. Bo is completely oblivious as to how she affects others sometimes.

I loved the scene where she's talking to Krampus early on at the party and confesses she's running out of excuses for not jumping back on the train. What train? We have a lot of double meanings in this episode (like Bo's "box") so of course on the one hand we mean THE train...although we know Bo is trying to learn more about that. So that could not have been the inference, I don't think. So what was the context? What's up in the air that Bo hasn't fully committed to? Well, since she was discussing Dyson and Lauren, I'd have to say Dyson...since she tried to sweep everything under the carpet with Lauren and pick up where they left off a few eps ago and Lauren said no again.

And Krampus jokes that the solution to her problem is right in front of her face. Another double meaning, as he's her current problem and the solution...and moments later Tamsin shows up. Cute, Lost Girl! ;)

Is it just me or is Drunk Lauren very much like Zoie Palmer? Meaning I like her personality when she's knocked back a few Belches.

That said, I'm a bit irritated at both Lauren and Dyson. On the one hand, they both wonder why they keep letting Bo down as they discuss what to do with Bo's mystery package. Well, dudes...that's a part of it right there.

Neither of you all have the right to make that decision.

Meanwhile, Tamsin is back baby...and is working with Bo to solve the problem. Reminds me of The Kenzi Scale...where the other two prongs of the triangle are wrong and Tamsin is right. :)

Vex spoke for me when he talked about how boring the Triangle is. Amen my mesmer friend. A-friggin-men. Perhaps Tamsin is the solution for the triangle and Bo's dilemma. While Dyson and Lauren drunkenly argue about who loves Bo more and deserves her more, the answer is neither. lol

Oh and I loved the valkubus moments too of course. Tamsin obviously has feelings for Bo but I don't think she believes she has a right to them. And Bo just sucks at reading people. Add to that the fact that she's too mired in her crap to know herself or what's going on. She still has a lot of growing to do emotionally.

I love how we get more of Tamsin's story with the Wanderer and how she spills her heart to Bo and Bo forgives her. See how that works Lauren and Dyson? Naked honesty? Putting yourself out there time and again? Oh that's right. You're too busy deciding what's best for Bo.

And now we know the Wanderer is just that creepy, though we don't know where Bo got the black smoke to send to herself. Silly her for trusting she'd end up with her own package but funny that she mailed it to the dark compound.

It looks like Tamsin is appointing herself Bo's hero and protector. I loved how she watched her sleep in the car. And of course I thought Tamsin with Kenzi was adorable.

So bring it on Lost Girl.
Carmen Pinzon
33. bungluna
Maybe Tamsin is the 'hero' who will be worthy of the shoes.

Come to the Vex side, they have Dark Belch.
34. TheUberFan
From what I'm learning of helskor, they help someone transcend and go to Valhalla. Can't Tamsin already travel to Valhalla, being a valkyrie? After all, a role of the valkyrie is to transport the einherjar (chosen warriors) to Valhalla, no?
Dine Stueg
35. Nocturne
Hm... I think with Tamsin having her memories back, we will get on with the story now that the writers intended for season 3 if there had been 22 episodes.

They suddenly had 13 episodes and a script for 9 more episodes. I think the Taft story was supposed to be much longer or something they came up with last minute to have a nice cliffhanger with action for the third season. My speculation is that Bo going to the train and forgetting (also useful for Anna's pregnancy) and Tamsin being a child was all made up after they've found out about having fewer episodes and they suddenly had to fill the story for season 4, in order to have the Wanderer as an end cliffhanger to a season. The original idea was Bo going into smoke and immediately having some discovery/interaction with the Wanderer. I think with Bo receiving the smoke in a bottle (and probably will use it), the story will start now where they first intended to go to.

Since Tamsin was only supposed to be in one season, she is a likely candidate for being the hero and being killed off. (Although I don't hope so, because she brings something new to the show). However, with her popularity I think the writers probably will keep her around (just like they did with Lauren). Still, the funeral could be for her and since it is a supernatural show dead never has to be really dead.
36. nypinta
@UberFaenatic, I agree that Lauren and Dyson don't get to make the decision, but in this case I don't think they were actually planning on it. They were just using the object as part of a competition. Dyson always wanted to give it to her. And I think Lauren always intended on giving it to her or she wouldn't had brought it with her. But Lauren isn't wrong when she complains that Bo is like bull in a china shop. And too often she doesn't think about how her decisions effect others. She just goes off without a plan and does what she wants. She says they're on "Team Badass" but what she really means is they are her team and she tells them what to do. It's frustrating all around sometimes.
Even Tamsin now. She has Bo's back. But I don't think Bo will treat her as equal because she doesn't really with anyone else. Too many years on her own? A touch of whatever is of her father in her? Maybe. I don't think she means to do it.
And I was a little bothered by Dyson's comment about them always letting her down. Considering the lengths that both of them have gone to at times on Bo's behalf, her expectations of them are clearly too high if they feel like they've let her down.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
37. Kiersten
@Nocturne - actually, they'd already written the S3 finale with Bo getting smokenapped before anyone knew of Anna's pregnancy. She only found out while they were filming S3E13 and only told her stunt double so she could take on more of the action. I think they came up with her delayed return and created the memory loss of S4E1 to accomodate her pregnancy, but the idea of her being off with The Wanderer was already in play. They knew from the start they were getting 13 episodes for S4 and not an extension so while S3 had plans that couldve been made into 22 episodes, going in to S4 they work just with the 13. It's AS's maternity and the fan service that's delayed the story progression, but I think even within that they've managed to get something applicable to the Una Mens and/or The Wanderer in every episode so it's not so much getting the real story started but having it pick up now that all the dangling plots lines and fan service has been done.

@Nypita - Dyson't comment bothered me too. There's an element to Bo that is never satisfied (and not just her sexual powers) no matter how much any of her friends or lovers do or give her. Part of it is that the bar is always rising for her too and part of it is her being the hero of the story, but still. It's why I like it when they show DL doing lab/medical work (I still miss the Light Fae hospital) that doesnt involve Bo or when Dyson's working a non-Bo related case or boxing, doing things for themselves that don't include or involve Bo, because it adds to their identity apart from her.
38. TheUberFan
One point Krampus made was that Bo could not be "pure" if she did not acknowledge and confront her fears.

Perhaps that was setting her up to be worthy of being the hero and wearing the helskor.
39. stacymd2
Hi all! 408 was a fun episode. I liked it more than 407. I liked seeing
Bo & Tamsin work together. Hale & Kenzi was so cute. Dyson, Vex and Lauren were funny in parts. Lost Girl should have more Dyson, Vex scenes in the future. They are great together. Drunk Trick is a fun Trick. It is nice to see Trick doing more besides info-dumping.

Everyone (main characters) expressed their fears and/or regrets this episode.
Lines I liked:
Bo is afraid of the Wanderer, making the wrong decision & becoming a monster.
Dyson is afraid of losing Bo and letting her down.
Trick is afraid of the Wanderer so he is keeping things (I wish TPTB had related his fears back to losing Aife.)
Hale is afraid of ruining his relationship with Kenzi (I liked how she forgave him and understanding his fears. I hope the, "we have lots of time," thing is NOT foreshadowing Hale's death.)

I could have done without the fanwanking/meta moments between Dyson & Lauren. I am happy, however, with the PTB stating through Vex how boring the D/B/L triangle is. Let's hope it ends this season.

In my opinion, the triangle ended the first time Lauren dumped Bo, but clearly the writers don't think so.
40. stacymd2
Another minor thing that bothered me was Bo whining that Kenzi did not "check up on" her. Kenzi was having "alone time" with her mate. Bo is a grown and powerful woman. Why does Kenzi have to drop what she is doing to baby Bo?

This may relate to Dyson's insecurity about Bo & fear of letting her down. Everyone in the Happy Sunshine Gang has sacrificed for Bo. All of them can choose not to help her and stay out of danger. They don't have to be there, but they are.

I agree @Kiersten that Bo is never satisfied with how much her friends do for her. Everyone must drop what they are doing to meet Bo's needs. Everyone has to work to make her happy. Kenzi seems to have the same insecurity (of letting Bo down/not being enough to help her) as Dyson.

BTW I loved how Tamsin called Kenzi "moms". It's wonderful how Kenzi has relationships with D, H, V, Bruce, Trick & Tamsin outside of Bo.
41. TheUberFan
I think Bo's beef was that she was already dealing with abandonment issues only to wake up alone in the dark in the back of the car. No one woke her. No one checked on her.

I think she's just especially sensitive to being left alone right now and well that makes sense since the last time she was really alone, she was sucked up in a black smoke cloud.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
42. Kiersten
Let's not miss the fact that Bo woke up in the car alone having gone somewhere and gotten cleaned up with new hair and makeup and hot Go Go dress and boots while Dyson, Hale and DL were all in the same clothes they had on at the car wash. Sure, this is just the BTS of the show changing her up for the episode, but within the confines of the Lost Girl world, they didn't just get back to Hilton Hovel and forget about her. When D, DL and Hale enter Hilton Hovel, it's empty. When Bo arrives, the party is in full swing. Tamsin said she'd done thousands of loops already, so the "left me alone in the car" could just as likely have been Bo being reset to where she arrived once Tamsin's kiss kicked her into awareness of the time loop. Likely, she arrived with the others, got washed, dressed and made up, became apart of the party, got kicked into awareness of the time loop and that sent her back to where Krampus & Jeffrey knew her best - in the car.

Ultimately, this episode isn't made to be analyzed too closely. It's meant to be meta and fun while giving Bo and Tamsin a bit of an adventure to re-integrate an adult if more innocent/softer Tamsin into the narrative, tie up the last dangling plot threads from S3 concerning her, introduce more genuine horror about The Wanderer, and give Bo (and Trick) the chance to confess their fears concerning him and his upcoming plans for Bo and how she might ultimately react to them.
43. Stacymd2
Another thing of note from 408 is that Tamsin is not Bo's sister. I think that was made clear.

Also, I really liked how it was Dyson that put out the olive branch to Lauren my stating that he does not hate her anymore and getting her to hug it out.

@Uberfae & Kiersten: I get that Bo is over sensitive to being left alone, but she harps on K not checking on her more than once after finding out that K was "alone" with H. Bo made her a "1st time with a Fae" sex preparedness box. Bo knows that tonight was a "big" night for Kenzi and Hale.

Also of note is...condoms! I'm glad that Lost Girl brought up safer sex practices, for once.

With the harping that Dyson acts like a horny 15 year old, it was funny (and odd) to see Lauren act the same way. I thought it was very weird and childish of her to compete with Dyson to sit next to Bo in the opening car scene. She dumped Bo and has moved on.
44. nypinta
I thought Bo was in different clothes because she says after washing the car at the gas station that her clothes are all wet and she'll have to change and I can see her doing so in the car on the way home. Then she falls asleep in the back and they leave her there when they got back, probably because they wanted to help finish with the decorating and get their final marching orders from Kenzi. Because otherwise, they all got back to the hovel, she got out of the car, went inside, changed and got dolled up only to go back out to the car at some point and fall asleep?

Not that costume consistency is a thing. I mean, in 407 Dyson just got snatched by the Una Mens and Bo and Kenzi are trying to rescue him but her hair is really curly so she decides she has time to do her hair before rescuing her lover from seriously scary uber fae? That makes less sense then Bo changing into something easy (like a dress) in a moving car.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
45. Kiersten
Agree that costume consistency is not a thing & yes to the change these clothes but that's a weird outfit to have in your car as a "just in case i get stuck somewhere" thing and *nobody* gets into an outfit like that in that back of a car and turns out looking that put together, not even a succubus.

That said, it's a total BTS thing not a real-time part of the show thing
Kiersten Hallie Krum
46. Kiersten
Here's a more than decent review of the episode. I don't agree with absolutely everything she says and the one or two times I've read her before I've thought her take of the episodes to be way off in doccutopia, but there's much here that I find interesting this time around.
47. Stacymd2
One last thing...My totally off base spec:

The Wanderer is not the dark Fae lord Trick handed Aife to. What if Rainer created Bo in a lab...and it is Rainer who captured Lauren. Maybe Rainer is working with Evony. He gave Lauren Bo's cells to test back in the chamber.

I just can't see Lost Girl really going down the incest road, but you never know.
48. JD Johns
I had a small interest in the beginning. However, this program is becoming more stupid and more boring with each episode. If the writers don't get their act together, the network should cancel it.
49. nypinta
Good stuff. I left a comment.
Because I didn't think it was actually Bo doing the water dance to be all sexy and enticing. I thought that was a projection by Lauren and then Dyson just because that's how much she affects them and how much they are attracted to her. I think it was a bit of a glimpse of maybe how she is percieved all the time by people because of her nature as a succubus. The fac that Dyson and Lauren see past the glamour to the real Bo says a lot about them, in my opinion. But like I said over there, when Bo finally started talking she's scrubbing the grill like a person who actually wants her car clean and is talking about leftover orge and that's not sexy at all.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
50. Kiersten
Hi @JD Johns and thanks for leaving a comment

The show has definitely had its issues over the seasons, some due to outside real-world influences and some just bad direction/showrunning overall. Personally, I've yet to come to the breaking point of no longer watching (though I've come damn close at times) and I don't think it should be canceled as people (including me) do still find things to enjoy about it. This season is a vast improvement on the last and if they can keep up with this progression, I'll be excited to see a S5 come about for more.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
51. Kiersten
@nypita - agree completely tho I didnt feel like getting into it on that post. Seems clear when DL walks out w/the ice cream and sees Bo that it's her fantasy she's seeing, much like a teenage boy watching a very hot, unattainable woman do the same in, say, an 80s movie. Then when Dyson joins her he catches the same vibe. I like the idea that it's may be how she's perceived by others in general because of the succubus thing. Hale seems to appreciate the view but is not as entranced as Dyson and DL, probably because he's never had sex with Bo, and catches on pretty fast that the other two are in fantasy land. When it became Bo's POV, it definitely was more matter of fact about cleaning ogre off her car rather than trying to entice anyone. Which, IMO, is what saves a lot of it.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
53. Kiersten
@drusilla_doll - Emily Andras got hacked on twitter and the hacker followed a bunch of ppl who were already following her. She says if you want her to unfollow you for some reason, just send her a DM. Otherwise, don't worry about it, it's all good.
54. drusilla_doll
Oh, I see. Well, I am fine with it. Sorry she got hacked, however.
55. TheUberFan
So. This is scary. :S

It's new footage with Bo driving.

To a cemetery. :(
56. nypinta
I want to call shenanigans. I really do. It's a misdirection. Or red herring. Or something. Because, she's alone in the car. If it was to a funeral of one of the happy sunshine gang, the rest would be with her in the car. Or following in other cars. Or something. I think she's there to visit a grave of someone long dead. Maybe even Angel's and Angel buried the shoe with her so Bo is bringing flowers to pay respect while she gets the show for her trip. And she's just being thoughtful along the way and thinking about what she has to lose if she isn't successful in whatever she is going to do about The Wanderer. Because NO ONE DIES. Are you listening, writers??


Kiersten Hallie Krum
57. Kiersten
Wow. That's a little cruel, taunting everyone like that. I don't think it's misdirection that *someone* is going to die. I'm curious where the trailer came from because it's not Showcase tagged. I do think it'll be either Hale or Tamsin, though. We've already seen Kenzi in funeral clothes in promo pics, so fairly confident she's safe.
Carmen Pinzon
58. bungluna
"It’s great to have a safe space to get blitzed and hash everything out, and truly I could have watched an entire bottle episode with just these three, getting drunk in Bo’s room and trying their best to sort out their lives."
I totally agree with this statement.

@nypinta - I hadn't thought about it, but I think you're right in that Bo wasn't putting on a show; Laurne and Dyson were imagining a show.
Nadine Robb
59. cmm
@Kiersten Where are these promo pics???? I must see. That vid is one hell of a doozy.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
60. Kiersten
Sorry - not promo pics. Ksenia tweeted it during filming this fall. Blame by congested head.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
63. Kiersten
Happy New Year, lovely posters. Thanks for keeping me on my toes and loving Lost Girl in all it's wonder and crazy.
65. Stacymd2
Happy New Year! I hope 2014 is filled with joy, good health and success for all of us.
Nusi Dekker
66. NusiD
Happy New Year to my LG Faends! Hope you all have a fabulous 2014!
Nusi Dekker
67. NusiD
P.S. That was a very interesting clip, UberFaenatic!
68. Stacymd2
@UberFae: That was one sad clip. Maybe we should assume that Bo and/or the Wanderer kills everyone!!

I'm on my 2nd glass of champagne, so I can't get stressed now!

Will be stressed tomorrow!
69. drusilla_doll
Happy New Year, lovelies!

Unfortunately that clip of Bo driving has been made private. If someone could describe what they saw, that would be awesome.

Perhaps Bo has to be in a cemetery to travel to the underworld? If it has to do with the rumoured funeral in ep 11 or 12, then my money is on either Hale or Trick. Or Tamsin going out in a blaze of glory, but I think she might be back since she's more popular with the fans.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
70. Kiersten
It's Bo driving in the succumobile while the cover of The Wanderer song plays. She's alone and wearing all black and black sunglasses as though in mourning. There are then individual clips shown of Doctor Lauren, Dyson, Kenzi, Tamsin, Hale and Trick. Bo pulls up to a curb and gets out of the car with a bouquet of lillies and then enters a ceremony and heads to someone's grave. Obviously, the implication is that one of the people shown in the montage is whose grave she's going to visit.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
71. Kiersten
Rachel Skasten posted this BTS picture last night. Looks like Trick/Rick for sure, but I don't think that's Dyson/KHR in the armour. Though would be nifty if it was...
Nadine Robb
72. cmm
It maybe Trick but it's not rick who's playing him. I think they have gone with a younger actor and it may be flashback scene. Although that being said, it might not be trick either. Could of just as easily be a new character.
73. TheUberFan
This looks like Trick/Rick Howland to me...just with a wig.

Nadine Robb
74. cmm
I dunno he looks different from the side view. Maybe they gave him prosthetics??
Kiersten Hallie Krum
75. Kiersten
@Uberfaenatic where did you get the pic? that's great.

It's defnitiely Rick, no question. Looks like a Tamsin flashback
Nadine Robb
76. cmm
Just how many secrets does that barman have??? He knew Tamsin as well? Did he also ask her to find Bo? Or did she try to steal from him? Oh the questions I have!
77. TheUberFan
@Kiersten...I snurched it from In their Lost Girl section, it's the picture preview for their next episode in the sidebar on the right hand side of the page.

What strikes me about it is that this looks to be pre-blood laws, given how he's made to look younger than he did in the scenes from Season 2 where he's reliving what led up to him writing the laws.

This looks like it's during the war itself and I think this would be the first time we'd see anything from that period, which is over a thousand years ago.

Which means Tamsin is older than people think. We don't know how long a valkyrie life cycle is so we can't extrapolate how many lives ago it was. And I can't tell if this was a different life from her deal with the Wanderer flashback, but I'll bet it's earlier.

My question here is...does Trick not remember this whatever it is with Tamsin? He's light and she's dark...and on her knees, which suggests maybe she's a POW here.

I'm not surprised Tamsin never mentioned knowing Trick because Trick even said valkyries don't necessarily remember everything from their previous lives.

But Trick? Unless he put a spell on himself, he has a secret. Another one.
Dine Stueg
78. Nocturne
Happy new year! :)

I've seen the cemetry video. I think it's weird Trick and Hale only get one scene, while all the other ones get two.

Since it's Lost girl, it can always still be a dream/alternate reality/trolling and be the death of someone else.

However, let's analyze the pros and cons of the character's deaths.

Pro: - In the video Bo is wearing the necklace, that (probably) was given by Lauren in 4x04.
- Lauren has her own storyline this season and siding with the dark isn't very safe. I also don't think they can add anything more to her riduculous backstory, except for her brother showing up.
-Lauren and Dyson made up (could be foreshadowing the end of the triangle)
-It looks like a normal cemetry for humans. (Or do Fae also get buried like humans?)
-A lot of season 4 is about lovers and tragical endings.
-Would Lost girl really dare to kill such a major player and risk losing fans?
-Writers/Anna saying the triangle is and will be a major part of the show.

Pro:- Dyson and Lauren made up
-season 4 lovers tragically dying
-Dyson has had the most flashbacks of all the characters now
-Love triangle major part of the show
-Kris was scared to be killed off in season 3, with the car riding in the cliff. So, I really don't think he wants to leave.
I think Dyson is safe.

Pro:- There are rumors Ksenia is auditioning for the role of Han Solo's daughter in Star Wars.
-It seems like a normal cemetry for humans.
Con:- Ksenia tweeted a picture of a veil
-Fans has seen her on set when they supposedly were shooting the last episode (and the funeral is earlier).
I think Kenzi is safe as well.

Pro:- She was supposed to be only in one season
-She is tied with the Wanderer story line. Maybe when that ends, she will end too.
-Mentioning of this being her last life.
Con: - Tamsin has gained a lot of popularity
-Rachel seems to be enjoying working on Lost girl very much.

Pro: - Bleeding ears
-Hale saying he has time and wants to live forever in the last episode
-KC working on another TV show
-Last year it wasn't until very late that it was confirmed he would return for season 4.
Con: - Hale has never been a major character. Honestly, I don't know if they really would put so much time in his death with a promo and stuff. He probably is the one of the five Bo has the least connection with.
-Wouldn't Bo be driving with Kenzi to the funeral then?
-KC talking about season 5 in one of the comic-cons. I don't think he was planning on leaving.

Pro:- Apparently a lot of Tricks flashbacks this season and Bo is going to call him out.
-Mentors are very likely to die in sci-fi, since the main character is on their own then.
-Rick being busy with his songs. Maybe he wants to focus on that.
Cons: - Bo would have no normal family anymore
- Wouldn't the funeral of the Blood King be held at a more special place?
-still so many secrets to tell

In conclusion, I think Kenzi and Dyson are safe. The rest I don't know.

Sorry for the morbid post in the new year, lol!
79. Stacymd2
Lost Girl certainly knows how to work up its audience. I would think Bo would be more upset if it was Kenzi, Dyson or Lauren's grave she was visiting.

@Uberfae: Thanks for posting that picture. It is strange how Trick doesn't remember meeting Tamsin. Maybe Trick is Rainer. The Una Mens or Trick himself could have put a spell on Trick so he doesn't remember...dun, dun, dun! Or, maybe RH is playing Trick and Rainer this season because they are brothers?

Well, that is my silly spec anyway.

I just hope Lost Girl has finished fan wanking and the last 5 episodes will deal with the main plot. I want to see Kenzi's backstory, but at this point the Wanderer arc is dragging.

The good thing about SciFi is that main characters don't have to stay dead. Bo and/or Rainer has the power to bring people back to life.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
80. Kiersten
@stacymd2 that's why I'm leaning more toward it being Tamsin who dies though the groundwork has certainly be laid for Hale too. It's been established that she's on her last life and we've seen how Bo's healing chi doesnt work with Tamsin, both of which means that Bo wouldn't be able to resurrect Tamsin, making it a true death. But it's Lost Girl which means they usually zig when you think they're going to zag.
81. nypinta
I've been thinking about it too. I don't think Kenzi or Dyson are going anywhere. Lauren is extremely iffy. Hale, Tamsin, and even Trick are possible. Of the three Tamsin is most likely since we know the show has introduced characters just to kill them off. Ciara and Nadia specificially. But Tamsin could be used to replace Hale in the show's dynamic. She did last season when they made him Ash. Also, I thought the only reason Bo's chi didn't work to heal Tamsin last season was because she was at the end of that life cycle and nothing could heal her, not that Bo's chi won't work ever at all...? As for Trick, he was made Ash and we know the position is usually terminal. (Where as being Morrigan seems to mean one becomes immortal.)

But it could also be Bo's mom, her human mother. She wasn't in the greatest of health when Bo went back home last season. (Which, BTW, still bothers me that Bo just left her there in that condition. Resolution for Bo or not, that woman did raise her and it didn't endear Bo to me at all that she didn't feel responsible for her well being at all.) But as has been pointed out it is a human cemetary. I'm sure that some fae get human burials, especially now in the present day since they're more integrated with human society, but the fact that she was alone makes me think this is someone specific to Bo that has passed. Or like I said it's a misdirection and she's visiting someone that's long dead as part of her quest.

BTW, I was thinking about Tamsin's comment to Bo about The Wanderer 'creating' his perfect mate and I wonder if she meant that he is not her father but that he is responsible for brining Aife to s chose Dark fae king to have Bo. Like a seriously gross eugenics program. He hand picked his future bride's parents.
Nusi Dekker
82. NusiD
@nypinta When Bo came back from visiting her mom, she mentioned that Trick had provided money for care for her until her death, at Bo's bequest. So Bo did make sure she was cared for.
83. TheUberFan
I don't think it's Tamsin, for the reasons I've previously stated (I think the story of this being her last life has different implications) ...but who knows. I sure hope it isn't her. JF was talking about how he'd like to explore Tamsin's backstory in Season 5 during a Q&A, which suggests she'll be back...if we can take interview chatter as having any weight.

Regarding Bo not being able to heal her... there are a few possibilities. Either Bo cannot provide chi to a valkyrie, or Bo cannot provide chi to a DYING valkyrie, or the guard was right and the reason the chi transfer wasn't working was because of him.

As for Rainer/the Wanderer...Emily Andras said that was her father and in the last post mortem, was asked about the ickiness of implied incest and why didn't Bo respond more viscerally...and EA said she simply hadn't really digested what it all meant at that point.
84. nypinta
@UberFaenatic I realize that Trick set up a 'trust fund' for Bo's mom. That is not the same thing.
85. nypinta
Sorry, that was supposed to be a reply for NuisD, not UberFaenatic.
Nadine Robb
88. cmm
I wouldn't be surprised if the death scene wasn't just a con. I think the person that dies doesn't die but, for the sake of the story simply dissappears for a while. All of the promo's we've seen so far that we've analyzed have turned out to be something else not as toxic as what we first thought.
Carmen Pinzon
89. bungluna
At this point, I take nothing at face value.

What an intriguing thought, that the Wanderer is Trick's evil twin brother. So very soap-operaish! And if he took Aeife to engeander his perfect mate, the ick factor goes up exponentially, making him the uber-baddie of all times.

If you want to raise the stakes in any story, someone important has to die. I can't think of any major player who can easily die at this point. The writers haven't been very consistent either, so I'll just have to wait and see.
90. TheUberFan
Well it would be a fascinating twist except we've seen Rainer's back twice and he looks like he's taller than Trick is. I don't think that's the case.

I do think that the screen cap is of a much younger Trick with a Tamsin from a life cycle at least a thousand years ago though.
Nusi Dekker
92. NusiD
I have a few questions...

I still can't figure out why Kenzi had to send Tamsin away at the end. Can someone explain it to me? It was something about Dark Fae can't be in the same house as Light Fae, after minight, on Yule? But it's Bo's house, and Bo is currently Dark. Okay, so it doesn't apply to human Kenzi, so she can still enter the house when Light Fae are there. But does Bo have to stay outside all night too? Kenzi did bring that box outside for Bo, and she appeared not to go back inside the house.

The party was actually constructed by Krampus, who gathered a bunch of Dark Fae in various states of denial and turned the Groundhog Day loop on them. While Bo and Tamsin were in the time loop, they could leave the party downstairs and go upstairs where Dyson, Lauren, and Vex were having their own party on Bo's bed. While Bo could communicate with them, it was like she was out of phase with them. They were not in the time loop, but to them it was as if Bo was there and wasn't there at the same time. Trick was celebrating by himself in the bathroom, and also not aware of the party downstairs. Hale was in a time loop independent of the one downstairs, which he manipulated to make his first sexual encounter with Kenzi perfect, by trying different come on lines on her. It was so awkward, btw. But was he in his own loop because he was the only Light Fae affected by Krampus, and his denials weren't as bad as the Dark partiers? Or does Krampus only use Dark Fae to make his candy?

@nypinta Thanks. So the trust fund is just money put aside for Bo's mom but she doesn't have access to it? Hmmm...and here I had hoped that Bo did do something more for her than just leave her like that, all alone.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
93. Kiersten
The party was constructed by Kenzi. She was setting it up with Trick before the others got home. Krampus used the party for the time loop, which at first involved Hale and Tamsin and then Bo got looped in. Hale, recognizing that he'd be hit to be Krampus' Yule Fool, went with it by using it to try and romance Kenzi right. Tamsin kept trying to figure it out and then by kissing Bo, got a partner in it.

Dyson, DL and Vex carried on in the party like nothing was amiss because they didn't know any better. When Bo was in the room with Dyson and DL, she was not yet in the loop. Tamsin told her once she became aware that everyone else would just continue on in the party. I think we have to remove Dyson, DL and Vex from the rest of the proceedings and think of them off in their own straight, non looped timeline or else we'll all go (more) nuts
Nusi Dekker
94. NusiD
Thanks, @Kiersten. Damn, that was a confusing episode!
96. nypinta
We'll see for how long. The first person that put it up also posted a thing where she tweeted to EA about the video and that EA favorited her tweet, but didn't respond. She might have favorited it because it included the link to the video so she could get it taken down. I don't know who this other person is that put it up but it only have a few views right now. So hurry and watch for all the clues!

Someone else reposted an instagram photo that (I think??) KHR took of RS on set in a field with a flower, so they surmised it was her in a graveyard, but I didn't see any tombstones. So that could have been when they were in that field from Season 3. Maybe RS posted it herself. I can't recall.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
97. Kiersten
KHR posted that pic from while they were filming S4. He called it Valkyrie in the Mist as I recall. I didnt think it was a graveyard tho, but who knows?
Nusi Dekker
99. NusiD
I finally read the EA post-mortem. That would be interesting if the Wanderer was Trick's twin brother. But he's supposed to be centuries older than Trick and much more powerful. Though someone managed to banish him to another realm until now. Apparently, the Wanderer will show himself next episode, if anyone can believe anything EA says. ;)
100. Darthfaeder
I saw that yesterday about Bo driving in her car down some long winding road as thoughts of all her friends roll as she is driving, then she comes to a cemetary and walks in. Yeah the Rachel Skarsten L-Chat thread blew up yesterday with all kinds of speculation. They were even trying to analyze the grass from that KHR twitter pic of Tamsin kneeling on the ground to the grass seen at that Cemetary Bo went to in that video. I had a good time lurking there it was a hoot.
101. Darthfaeder
For anyone who may be speculating whether it's Tamsin who is going to be killed off you probably shouldn't. I saw in the RS L-chat that someone went into Rachel's twitter account. They went back to the week of Oct 10-18th because that is when they supposedly starting shooting episode 13. Episode 12 will be the episode when they have a funeral. It stands to reason that Tamsin wasn't the one. Yes I understand that it could be way off base here. Anyways Rachel tweeted one of that mustashe pics of her and Anna on Oct 7th. It looked like the two of them were in one of those Actors trailers. Anyways that person speculated that if Tamsin was killed then why would Rachel still be hanging around in the Actors Trailer a day or two before they start shooting episode 13? Also Jay F. said that he wanted to play around with Tamsin backstory some more. He said that after they had already wrapped season 4 shooting.
103. TheUberFan
Pic from Rachel Skarsten's Instagram:

She looks the worse for wear, which supports my POW theory...
104. stacymd2
@UberFaenatic: Wow, RS looks like she went through a couple rounds of Lost Girl Fight Club.

I'm sticking with Bo kills everyone. Somehow this is less stressful.

It'll be interesting to re-read our past episode comments once the season is over. I am currious to read the thoughts of fans watching Season 4 for the 1st time on SyFy latter this month.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
105. Kiersten
@staceymd2 - well be sure to come back to H&H for the full recaps we'll be doing along with the U.S. showings. I'm sure there'll be a lot of first-timers eager to rehash it all with us - again.
106. TheUberFan
Interestingly, I do better with binge watching than onesies. Seeing a single episode without the full context makes me focus on one or two things as opposed to the bigger picture.

So for instance, I didn't like the previous episode...until I saw it in context with the rest of the season so far. And I surgically removed any thoughts about the bloody triangle. ;)
Susan White
107. whiskeywhite
I'm baaaack. A belated Happy New Year everyone. I'm caught up on viewing and have read all comments. So .....

A few, mostly minor, after-the-fact comments on the "La Fae Époque" episode. I do agree that the episode moved the story along noticably.

1. I could have done without Bo representing Dyson in the memory scenes. I realize that they were trying to be interesting but I would have liked it better if they had just told the straightforward story, like "Brother Fae of the Wolves." And I'm sorry to say that AS didn't do KHR/Dyson's mannerisms particularly well at all, so I found it frequently distracting. For instance, while she did at one point run with her fists clenched she soon resorted to her own running style (which has long annoyed me) with her hands flapping. Dyson sometimes runs, as KHR has pointed out, with his fingers splayed to suggest wolf claws. AS did try to lengthen her stride though.

2. Zoie Palmer was, not surprisingly, outstanding as Flora. Who knew that she could sing so well!! And with an excellent French accent, not to mention a touch of Edith Piaf quaver in her voice.

3. Ksenia Solo was also excellent as Angel, again not surprisingly. She has long demonstrated her abilities in French (I wonder if she speaks it, or some at least).

4. Paul Amos' attempt at a Spanish accent, on the other hand, was horrible. He should say, as Morgan Freeman's people did when he was hired to play Nelson Mandela in Invictus, "Mr. Freeman does not do accents."

5. The "frat boy humour", as one of you so accurately described it, continues, complete with penis references. Bo/Dyson while watching Flora perform: "(Looking down at her pants while clutching her crotch) Dyson's enjoying it too." The repeated "Bo's box" jokes. Even Dyson's "That was intimate, you in me for once." Is it me, or has the overall quality of the humour become less sophisticated?

6. That sentence about the intimacy of Bo being in Dyson's memories started out so well -- very reminiscent of the conversation between Kenzi and Dyson sharing what they learned about each other when they exchanged bodies in "Original Skin." The Kenzi/Dyson exchange was done so beautifully; the Dyson/Bo moment was spoiled IMO by the joke (not unlike a certain other moment involving a joke about a dress. You may commence telling me "it's just a sweet joke between lovers").

7. Having now seen the controversial Dyson/Flora sex scene in the mirror, I am wondering whether the actress playing Flora in the mirror was actually ZP or a stand in. Did someone say previously that it was a stand-in? There was also an annoying lack of congruance between what was happening between Bo and Lauren/Flora and what was shown in the mirror. Not to get too graphic, but KHR does a more convincing male groin thrust than AS.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
108. Kiersten
The actress was *not* a stand in but was in fact Zoie Palmer, which was confirmed by EA in her post mortem interview when she talked about how KHR and ZP have played lovers before in other projects and are very comfortable which each other in those roles. That's actually the first I've heard anyone even suggest it wasn't ZP and I suspect it likely came from a ZP uberfan clutching at straws.

Personally, I think the "frat boy" humor is deliberate in order to reduce Dyson and Bo to an immuaturity level they have never subscribed to in order to please doccubus. They're together and intimate so Team Badass fans are happy but let's not make it too emotional or doccubus will lose their shit - again. It demeans Bo and Dyson's relationship considerably and stands in clear contrast to how they've been in previous seasons. Bo can be crude sometimes and Dyson's been know to talk like a guy, but neither have habitually been outright vulgar and never together. It definitely cheapened that acknowledgement of intimacy, which I think was the point. And even I was bugged by Bo as Dyson grabbing her crotch.
Susan White
109. whiskeywhite
No, it wasn't an uber ZP fan, Kiersten. I thought that from what little I could see on my computer screen, it didn't exactly look like ZP in the mirror. I agree that they are both mature actors and fully capable of pulling off the scene. I probably imagined the stand in remark (although I do have a vague memory of some stand-in comment about someone).

Ok, on to "Groundhog Fae". I'm at a disadvantage, never having seen the film of the same name but presumably it shouldn't matter.

I agree with all the comments about it being a fun episode, especially for the actors. And I totally agree with the points about the bantering exchanges between Lauren and Dyson being as much or more Zoie and Kris. The part I liked most about the car wash scene was the brief scuffle between the two for the seat beside Bo. Zoie gently pushes Kris' knee aside and climbs into the back. Kris pushes the seat back against her knees. Like all good comedians, she pauses for effect then, with a smile, "Ow".

Similarly, in the drunken bed argument over "Bo's box", the oft-displayed playfulness between the two actor friends comes out, making the exchange totally believable. Except that it seems to me to be too playful to be real -- for the plot. Dyson and Lauren have become confidants, especially as regards their relationships with Bo. They respect and increasingly care for one another. But the hugging and kissing seemed a bit over the top, for me. Not for Zoie and Kris, but for Lauren and Dyson.

I do appreciate Kiersten's points about this being 'meta' talk to the audience. "Let's all kiss and make up and become friends". But the audience friction isn't about whether Lauren and Dyson like each other or not. It's about the politics of sexuality and that's not changed. Still, reducing the high school-style jealousy and rivalry is a good thing.

Speaking of high school, I forgot that there's another frat boy (do high schools have fraternities?) joke in this ep. Drunken Lauren on meeting Bo for the first time: "She didn't know her hole from an ass in the ground." Then there was Bo's "these aren't mine (panties)" in the car. And there was some sexual joke about "growing" that I didn't fully record. Is this the best these writers can do?!!

I was going to ask whether these jokes are about appealing to a young male audience. But I do appreciate your comments as well Kiersten. Someone commented earlier on young men watching for the F/F sex. Is there any evidence about that, even anecdotal? Or is it a supposition?

Yay @Staceymd2!! I noticed the condoms too and am deliriously happy to have an ally on this subject here. That Kenzi and Hale also agreed to delay sex until the time was right, that he was so concerned about her feelings, and that he was brave enough, as a man, to admit that this was his first time with someone he cared about were also all positive and responsible messages to young people about sexuality.

Are there really such things as edible condoms? Ewww.

I agree, with @TheGardner I think it was, that Hale and Kenzi don't have a lot of hot-hot sexual chemistry together. But they are totally sweet as lovers and I want them to be happy. And it would be horribly tragic if he dies without them consummating their love (or would that make the loss worse? Romance writers please chime in). But I also agree that Hale's "we have time" remark is ominous.
110. TheUberFan
@whiskeywhite... Kenzi tells Bo and (a thoroughly unimpressed) Tamsin that she and Hale did "everything." So I think that ship has officially sailed.

I still think he's the one being set up to go the great fae beyond though. I've considered the other candidates, including Tamsin...but I just don't see them as having the weight of the Hale anvils being dropped.

Of course the entire thing might be a misdirect but I feel they set us up from the start by saying this is a darker season...I suspect the last several episodes will up the dark substantially...and to me that means potential lead character death.
Susan White
111. whiskeywhite
These comments are too long. But I have a lot bottled up. A couple of final points.

As was discussed, Lauren is obviously both still in love with Bo and attracted to her sexually. But she's not pursuing Bo. She is in fact resisting Bo's advances. When she's applying the electrodes to Bo's head and chest, she puts one between her breasts, to which Bo responds fetchingly, "Hello". Lauren immediately apologizes and almost jumps back. She knows she broke off their relationship and at least has the integrity not to lead Bo on.

I appreciated the discussion above as to whether Lauren and Dyson (and others) had "let Bo down." Very insightful about how Bo, without realizing it, demands more and more sacrifices of her friends and lovers. This particularly plays into Dyson's nature as the self-sacrificing hero.

Speaking of which , where was it "written" that Dyson is a hero? Trick didn't write it, why would he? Unless he's trying to make Dyson something he's not, and he's proven that he already is, as Trick recognizes (when Celtic Dyson tried to save his friend betrayed by King Aelic).

Because of his nature, it would be completely appropriate for it to be Dyson in the armour in that picture. You can see curly hair. Except that apparently Dyson and Trick didn't meet until 1902 and this is clearly the medieval period. (KHR looked adorable in armour in "The Tudors").

@UberFaenatic, I think that Kenzi's saying that she and Hale did "everything" was a face-saving lie to cover up what really went on, as evidenced not only by what we saw, but by the hyperbole of the remark. I meant to say earlier that KCC is an excellent hugger, as I first noticed after he thanked Kenzi for being his pretend girlfriend and then regretfully left her with Nate. But I do agree that he may die.
112. TheUberFan
@whiskeywhite...that's an interesting theory. I hadn't considered that but it is entirely possible that Hale and Kenzi decided to wait until a better time but that Kenzi knew Bo had been expecting her and the Siren to get busy so she covered for him/them.

I hadn't thought of that before but it's an entirely possible scenario.
113. nypinta
That could be, that Kenzi was 'saving face' which is an interesting switch. The girl being the one to 'locker talk' up a date with fella instead of it being the other way around. ;)

I am a little concerned with Trick's comment about Dyson being a hero, as if it was a prophecy of some sort. The last time Dyson was the center of a prophecy it was the Wolf Spirit making him believe that he was supposed to defeat the Garuda and when he tried Ciara ended up dead and he looked like an idiot. But if they are going with The Wanderer as Odin.... there is the tale of him being taken down by the great wolf... of which that chain Trick sold to the trader in S1 for the unicorn horn to help Kenzi when she ate the foot soup might come back into play. (I've been waiting for that to make a reapperance and end up used agains Dyson. Sadly.)
114. TheUberFan
That leads to my question, @nypinta. What if Lost Girl is pulling a reverse Garuda? Bo assumes she's the hero, but this time it's supposed to be Dyson?
115. nypinta
It would be an interesting flip, but I doubt it. This is one area of shows that revolve around one 'hero' that sometimes bother me. Like the Dyson example above, when you have one character that is deemed the hero of the piece usually that requires all the people around them to not be as good as them. The same thing happened on Buffy. She's the Slayer, sure, but in the last season Faith, another Slayer, comes to town to help with that season's big bad. At one point the Scoobies and the protential Slayers all have a mini revolt and kick Buffy out of her leader position and make Faith their new leader. (She doesn't want it, this time. But she takes it.) So in the very next episode they have Faith and some of the potentials follow up on a lead that turns out to be a trap and bad stuff happens. All of that just so Buffy can come back and take over. It was basically the same as when Dyson "got Ciara killed". (I put that in quotes because it isn't that black and white but most people see it that way because it's the simplist way to view it.) I just don't understand why eveyrone else has to be wrong in order for the hero to be right. Why couldn't Faith have lead a successful mission, but Buffy comes back and proves she's the one to lead them with something else? Why couldn't Dyson have defeated flamey wings Garuda and not gotten anyone killed? Why couldn't the Garuda himself have been a distraction for the real big bad so that Dyson got the victory but the team still had to come together for a final mission with Bo as the leader? In most superhero stories where the hero has a sidekick it's a sureity that the sidekick is going to want to attempt something on their own and will almost always fail just so the hero can come in and save the day anyhow. And it bothers me every time.

I have no problem with Bo being the hero. Her unique (among the fae) upbringing means she brings something to each conflict that all other fae would not and makes her more likely to prevail because she knows how to look for that third option and she isn't conditioned to do just what the 'rules' tell her she should do. So being the underdog against big bads and kicking their ass is cool. But it shouldn't be at the expense of other characters.
116. TheUberFan
I wonder about her role as the hero too. I was thinking about what Cassie said... she had believed Bo to be the deliverer of the fae and is like, "Guess not."

Why is that? Why did she assume that Bo was this hero and what changed her mind about that? Just because she was dark now? Well, Cassie's dark does she believe that Bo being aligned makes her an unworthy hero destined for big things?

I would be fascinated if they pulled a whammy on us and made Dyson the hero for this, since Trick laid the foundation for it in the last episode. Especially given Norse mythology and the wolf taking out Odin...if that is in fact who the Wanderer is.

I also noticed in Groundhog Fae that Tamsin didn't have any reaction when the term "helshoes" were used. I thought she would because she's a valkyrie but maybe she doesn't have that sector of her memories back yet?
117. nypinta
I took Cassie's comments as her seeing something in Bo when they first met but assuming she was wrong now that Bo is (technically) aligned, which means according to whatever Cassie must be privy too (probably as an Oracle) there is lore about a change coming to the fae but Bo is disqualified from the role. But I think we all know that Bo is going to undo her supposed claim of feality to the Dark and that she is the one Cassie refers to. But I don't think that is this year's confrontation. I think maybe they're setting up a long term game if they get more seasons. As for why Bo thinks she is the one true hero might be based on the fact that The Wanderer wants the shoes and he wants her too so she just assumes she's the one to wear the shoes and take him on. Or the writers are skipping over the part where Bo proves herself as a hero because she's the star of the show. ;)
118. TheUberFan
Haha! Well in Groundhog Fae, Krampus told Bo she couldn't be "pure" until she accepted and confronted her fears... so what if her finally acknowledging her fears on the conveyor belt was an important step of purifying her for her role as hero?

I already see her in a better light since she acknowledged with Dyson that she wasn't anyone to inspire people. I think that kind of made her more self aware, even though she does devolve into bouts of immaturity sometimes still. We haven't seen any signs of her darkness in awhile...other than Krampus calling her out on it. She hasn't done or said anything evil or questionable, like being happy someone died or whatever.

So perhaps she's on the upturn on her arc.
119. nypinta
Oh I agree that the moment she spoke her fears out loud to Bo and worried that she didn't like who she was she was changed for the better and we haven't seen any hints of 'dark Bo' since. It was like finally confronting it exercised her of it in a way, or gave her power over it. Krampus was another step in her admitting that she's scared of the upcoming confrontation and that she isn't actually as in control of her own destiny as she likes. And I think her ability to overcome a lot of inate darkness in her nature as a succubus goes a long way to proving that she'll probably have the will to overcome the evil in the shoes to be able to wear them instead of them wearing her. Plus she's just stubborn as hell. But it's cute that to Bo it's a given she's the 'one true hero' in the scenario. Guess she's "think Dark to be Dark" a bit too!
Susan White
120. whiskeywhite
I wasn't suggesting that Dyson will be THE Hero to save the Fae. When Trick had the discussion with Dyson about being a hero, he was looking for a wingman so to speak, a knight to his king, to set up the new colony. He was trying to convince D that he didn't need to continue being only a conman and philanderer, that he was meant to be more. But I just didn't get where this was "written" as Trick said. I would say that it is highly unlikely that Dyson will turn out to be The Hero. We can only hope he will have learned from the Garuda experience. He has more faith in Bo now, and less need to be alpha, at least in relation to her.

I loved Hale's rousing and inspirational speech about how the Fae will rise up against the "fascism" of the Una Mens. And his playing his "heir to the Clan Zamora" card. I wonder where his dad and sister are. Is the dad still away on that ski trip he was on when Hale was to be inaugurated as The Ash?
Susan White
121. whiskeywhite
I forgot to mention that I had a momentary stomach upheaval when Lauren said that she had saved Dyson before and would do so again. As you folks predicted, she is back, fully a member of the team and the family, with no explanation whatsoever about the Taft business. I have no problem with her being a scientist member of the team, even a friend and friendly ex. But really, no explanation at all?
122. nypinta
I don't think he is the hero in this particular storyline either. I just get concerned whenever they start writting in 'chosen one' terminology in general. But the thing with the Garuda is that it had nothing to do with how he felt about Bo's ability. He went to the Wolf Spirit because he was lost, he knew he was losing himself without his love. The Wolf Spirit told him he could get it back and that his triumph over the Garuda was foretold. So Dyson believed that he was supposed to defeat the Garuda, unaware that Bo was chosen by Lachlan to be his champion. But it didn't work out because on a show where you have one person as the star you can't have other heroes. There really was no other reason for it. And I don't know why the writers set him up like that. Another reason I get leery of prophecy speak on fantasy, in general.

Re: Lauren, yeah it does bother me that no conversation has taken place about what happened at Taft's. But they've already had Dyson and Kenzi offer up praise for Lauren regarding that so I guess we're just supposed to accept that they don't blame Lauren for anything so why bother having Bo decide for herself. I'm not a fan of that, not.
123. TheUberFan
I agree about Lauren and Taft.

As to Bo being the hero/chosen one...they've set that up since the very beginning and have repeated this particular theme throughout. Didn't the cabbot in Those Who Wander make a similar statement?
124. drusilla_doll
I am going to be lazy and not do a lengthy review on the latest ep after all since everyone has brought up the points I was likely to mention. I agree that Bo opening up to Dyson first about her doubts about herself being a hero and why she chose the dark etc. was the first step in reclaiming her hero-hood again. Then with Krampus, confessing her fear of making the wrong choice, of what she's capable and of what the Wanderer wants from her was another crucial step. Forgiving Tamsin for her own transgressions was also important because it shows that she knows she's not blameless herself and doesn't really have any cause to judge others for their mistakes. I do think that by the end of the episode, she was closer to being the Bo we have admired in the past, having gained more insight into herself and reestablished some equilibrium. A thoughtful, more reflective Bo is not a bad thing. :)

As for Dyson turning out to be the hero instead of Bo? The writers would never dare to do that. They'd be labelled 'misogynistic bastards' and 'patriarchial shit heads' if they took away Bo's glorious victory by allowing 'Twiceson' to be prominent. The internets would flay them alive. I think we can presume he will provide awesome and unconditional support/back up as always, along with Bo's other companions. Then again, if they did decide to deny Bo the crowning moment, I can imagine it would go to Tamsin, mostly because of Dyson's fairy-tale of the girl grabbing the bad man and flying away with him, and the hints of the Helskor needing someone to be pure of heart. But that's probably the only substitute which would make sense and not make me want to go WTF?
125. nypinta
Yeah. And I recall rolling my eyes pretty hard. In the first season, first episode, Trick does say something like, 'so it begins' and Dyson offers to end it right then, but Trick says no that they can't stop whatever from happening, but they never went into specifics nor used that kind of speech with reference to her afterwards. Then the whole Aife storyline began and I think the writers just switched from a prophecy laden plot to just one about her attracting Aife back to town and being a pawn in her revenge plot. Then we had season two of Bo rising to the occassion but not necessarily being some preordained hero of the story. Nor was she in season 3. Till that damn cabbot and "you are the chosen one" line. Frak. Frelling frellinty frell. Oh god, no. But I guess they're going with it. However, Bo will probably skew whatever prophecy has been written about her since we all know that she loves making the choice not offered.
126. TheUberFan
Frak and frell? A Battlestar Galactica AND Farscape fan I see! :D

Carmen Pinzon
127. bungluna
We have to remember that EA thinks conversations are superfluous and a waste of show time! It's so much easier to just skip to the desired result without actually having to explain it logicaly through characters communicating with each other. Never mind actual action.
128. drusilla_doll
/raises hand here, too. I am also a big Farscape and BSG fan. :D
129. Stacymd2
Hi all. I agree with you all who stated that Dyson will not be the hero this season or any future season. There would be angry protests in the streets. An online petition to get the writers fired and for EA to be publicly beheaded. The writers have set Bo up to be a "chosen one" figure since season two. She is THE champion...THE one and only unaligned succubus...etc.

If the Wanderer is Odin of Norse myth, then he will be killed by Loki's son Fenrir, a giant wolf, during the events of the Ragnarok. I don't think Ranier will turn out to be Odin. Remember the Bacchus Fae? He said he was not the god Dionysus. He was disgusted at the thought.

I also agree on the no consequences for Lauren running from the Light and her role with Taft. This is especially weird from Bo who she abandoned, with no plans to return. Kenzi, Dyson and EA in her post interview has made it seem as if Wonder Lauren saved everyone, so it is a dropped issue now.

@Kiersten: I took the Dyson - Bo jokes differently. They are all smiles and light with each other, connected with their own brand of humor. Compare this to the last two seasons where they were all sadness and angst. Yes, the jokes are dumb, immature and a little lewd. Compare this to Bo - Lauren in season three. Were they ever this giddy and intimate? If they were I don't remember it. Everything with Bo/Lauren is overwrought & insecure.

Take the dialogue between them at the beginning of 407.

Lauren: "Are you sure you want to do this?"
Bo: "I would do the same for you!"

Why does Bo have to say this? Bo is reassuring Lauren for what reason at this point? This was a theme in their wet blanket relationship.

Why would Lauren ask such an odious question? She clearly dumped Bo 3x. Of course Bo is going to risk herself for a friend, does she not know Bo at all?

Thus far, Lauren has been giddy and jokey with Crystal and Evony.
130. TheUberFan
Don't get me restarted about Dyson being a hero. I ranted long and hard about how irritated I am at fans who gripe when Dyson does anything remotely heroic because of patriarchy. Or something. lol

And so far Lost Girl has done a pretty good job with Bo as the hero...meaning, it's not just her. She needs her team to back her or she cannot do or be what she needs to in order to win.
131. stacymd2
Did Bo and Tamsin have sex this epi? I thought it was implied that they did. When Bo decided to kick her heels up during the loops, she and Tamsin went wild, drinking, arm wrestlin, etc. At one point Bo kissed her. Tamsin asked "you want to do this in front of everyone?" Bo said something like, "don't act like you don't want to." Then, they snogged and the camera cut away as they started taking off clothes, the crowd cheering them on.

I have not seen anyone mention that B/T did the deed. Am I alone in thinking that they did?
132. TheUberFan
I don't think they did the deed. It was clearly more than a kiss, which they had done before without caring who saw what. My take was that it was a heavy make out session and they went as far as they wanted to because no one would remember it anyway.

Basically, for me at least, it cemented both for their sake and for ours the fact that Bo and Tamsin are attracted to each other. But the rest of the episode communicated to me that Bo still doesn't really know what she feels about anything and Tamsin probably doesn't believe she deserves Bo's affections.

Bo was debating early on while she was muttering under her breath to Krampus that she was running out of excuses for getting back on that train, the context and conversation seeming to be the "relationship train" . And she's said previously in Of All the Gin Joints that it was impossible to know what you want when you didn't have your memory. So I think she's kind of adrift. She does find Tamsin compelling, if their interactions are any indication. Just look at the way she eyes her after she offers up a yule toast to the valkyrie on the couch.

Meanwhile I don't think Tamsin has ever had a meaningful relationship in any of her many lives. She obviously thinks that once she tells Bo the truth, she'll hate her for it and she doesn't include her as one who has a connection with Bo because I don't think she thinks she rates in Bo's affections, someone she feels is perfect and miraculous.

So if anything meaningful is to take place between them, it'll be a long slog I think, given the mental and emotional states the two of them are in.
133. nypinta
Re: Bo and Tamsin. I think that was one of those things they'll let individuals who watched decide for themselves what happened. Because it was pretty open ended. It's clear they are attracted to each other. It's not so clear if either are interested in anything more, in my opinion. Tamsin definitly thinks highly of Bo, but how much of that is Bo defying expectation and being something new? Tamsin doesn't strike me as the type of person that was looking for a relationship. And although Bo would have loved for things to go back to how they were with Lauren I think she's a little preoccupied to be thinking in terms of starting anything new with anyone. Even Dyson.

I don't need Dyson to be *the* hero, but he is *a* hero. Like I said above, in shows structured around one character they seem to deem it necessary for all the other characters to make mistakes so that "the one" is always right. I find that a bit lazy, is all. They did the same thing to Lauren last season by having her go off with Taft and making her an uwitting patsy to his villainous schemes. Why couldn't she have known what she was getting into and gone in with the intent to take him down? If that were the case then I'd buy the idea that "Lauren saved them all". But instead we get someone working on the fly at the same time others showed up to take Taft down and being able to help tip the balance in the fae's favor. Which is not the same as saving everyone. BTW, why does she get to be the hero (supposedly, since I don't think that's what happened...) and it's OK but if Dyson were the fandom would implode? That seems wrong. Because Lachlan got to be a hero. A scarificial one, sure, but still a hero. (BTW, that's another example. Here's this character that's spent years trying to fight the Garuda and even manages to get himself declared Ash just so he can be in a better position to fight the ancient enemy and yet it's still Bo that has to take him out.)

I agree with @Stacymd2 about Bo and Dyson's joking. Yeah he went slightly lewd, but I think he was just teasing and trying to make light of a pretty intense situation. Plus, it's kind of hard to be sincere when everyone has a hot dog in their hands. Besides, we know they can and do talk as adults as they did in the episode just before.
134. TheUberFan
I agree. The scene with Bo and Tamsin was totally up for interpretation. I just don't feel from their interactions throughout the rest of the episode that they consumated anything. It seemed to me like they blew off some steam and had a little sexy time make out fun.

Besides, Bo knows she'd get the Russian stink eye if she randomly banged TamTam. ;)
135. Darthfaeder
@Stacymd LOL hey girl since when does LG miss a chance to have
two women go at it all hot and heavy in the sack? No I think Tamsin
was referring to the two of them making out in front of everyone. Not
sure why Bo was so keen to get the jacket off. I don't know but if I was
Tamsin I wouldn't do it in front of everyone. She doesn't come off as
the exhibitionist that Bo is. Besides I think Tamsin does have fairly
deep feeling for Bo. She made if pretty clear in the bathtub scene, and
after the second kiss when Bo said " Nada" and TAmsin said speak for
yourself. I think that statement said that the kiss did mean something to Tamsin and that she did feel something. Bo obviously didn't at that
moment but Tamsin did. I don't know if that sexy third kiss was just
fanservice but I don't feel it right to go and have Bo plant a big wet one
on Tamsin as just a matter of meh just cuz she wants to. I don't think
it fair to Tamsin unless Bo is just so damn clueless. Besides I saw the
look on Bo's face after Tamsin said "speak for yourself" It was OMG
did that kiss really mean something to her? I don't know but something
sure seems like the PTB hopefully are leading up to something between those two. I just hope they hurry up and get it all worked out before season 4 ends?
136. TheUberFan
Actually, Bo's "nada" had to do with seeing if anything changed after they kissed again, not about what she may or may not have felt about the kiss.
137. TheUberFan
Rachel Skarsten just posted this picture to her Instagram with the following caption:

#LostGirl IIII: I roam around, around, around...

Is this...the Wanderer?

Nusi Dekker
138. NusiD
Looks like Dyson. Guess we'll find out who the Wanderer is when 4.09 airs...
139. Georgiana2494
Does anyone else think that looks like Kyle Schmid?

I also found out the name of the song Zoie Palmer sang is Adieu L'Amant which translates to Goodbye Lover...interesting don't you think?
140. TheUberFan
@NusiD...I don't think so. Yes he has the sexy rugged look like KHR, but the mouth and nose don't seem like our wolf to me.

@Georgiana2494...I'll have to look to see. And that is interesting. :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
141. Kiersten
I'm 90% sure that *isn't* KHR and *is* Kyle Schmidt. The beard is v similar but the nose and mouth definitely aren't KHR and in the earlier pic shot from the back of the knight, the legs aren't skinny enough to be his either. No, I don't want to talk about the how and why I'm able to make sure comparisons. No judging! ;)
142. nypinta
So... if it's Kyle Schmidt and he's there with Tamsin and she recounted working for The Wanderer and that might be during the fae war that Trick was engaged in before he wrote the blood laws he could be the Dark fae king that Aife attacked and was turned over too. (Which doesn't make him The Wanderer but could make him Bo's dad, since now it's now maybe a bit wiggly if they are one and the same...) but come on, Kyle Schmidt as Bo's dad? That'd be kind of awesome, right?
Carmen Pinzon
143. bungluna
I loved him on Blood Ties, another UF Canadian series cut too soon. I can't tell from the pic if it's KHR, but it doesn't make sense to me that Dyson would be in that time period with Trick and Tamsin. But again, I didn't think Tamsin knew Trick from before either, so go figure.
144. TheUberFan
I just saw profile pics of KHR...and his nose is pointier. Kyle Schmid's profile pic however revealed he has a rounder nose, like the one in the pic above.
Suzanne Metaxas
145. SuzyM
I believe the picture is of Kyle too, not KHR :)
Dine Stueg
146. Nocturne
That would be funny if Kyle is the wanderer and the father of Bo. Both of her parents (well, the actors playing them) would be younger than Anna Silk.

Sigh... a whole week without Lost girl. It feels sooo long.

I hope they will announce soon that they will make a fifth season. Didn't they announce they got picked up for a fourth season in the break of season 3?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
147. Kiersten
If I remember right, the season 4 renewal wasnt announce until after the U.S. run began. I dont think its contingent upon the U.S. numbers b/c it ran in Canada for 2 years w/out any U.S. input, only that it was the timing. But yeah, there should be something in next month or two
148. Stacymd2
Ugh! I can't believe no Lost Girl today. I can't wait for its return. Despite the plot holes (and damn it no Wanderer!) Season 4 is significantly better than the past two seasons.

Thanks for posting those pictures guys. I think the soldier is Kyle, not Kris. It is fun to speculate. It would be interesting if Kyle Schmidt was playing the Wanderer and/or Bo's father.

I am leaning towards Rainer not being Bo's bio father. He could have orchestrated her creation but not be related to her biologically. If the Wanderer wants a mate/queen then he must also want progeny. Having children via incest will lead to mutations and sickness in the line. He has gone through to much trouble to create the perfect mate just to ruin his legacy with genetic mutations.

I think the Kenzi backstory will be in 411.
149. Stacymd2
Also, something that is really bugging me...Why does Rainer hire Tamsin to find Bo hundreds of years before she is born. If Rainer is her father and/or creator, wouldn't he know when she was born? After all, Bo did have a vision during her Dawning of her father holding her. Unless Rainer hires Tamsin 30 years ago and they both just happened to be at a Renaissance festival. Or, better yet, a LARPing event.

I hope Lost Girl goes the RenFest route. The Tamsin snark would be off the chain! A friend and I went to one a few years ago and it was hilarious. People dressed up in medieval gear, talking on cell phones, pushing baby strollers and eating turkey legs.

Also, what does Tamsin charge? If she has been looking for Bo for between 30 - 1500 years does she charge by the year?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
150. Kiersten
@staceymd2 Good questions. Ones I'm not sure LG thought to ask themselves before writing those scenes.
151. TheUberFan
I'm puzzled because I thought it had been established not only in the show but by EA that Rainer/The Wanderer was Bo's father but I've seen folks here and elsewhere start to suggest otherwise.

I'm curious. What is leading you to think otherwise?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
152. Kiersten
@UberFanatic It has been established exactly that way that Rainer/The Wanderer is Bo's father. What's causing people to question that is the comment Tamsin made of The Wanderer willing to do anything to get a mate, even create one. The implied incest is creepy. But Bo has mentioned before when she's done her Galadriel moment, specifically in Ceremony went she brought Dyson back from the dead, that she would rule with "him" (not Dyson) as Queen so it's not necessarily that she has to be his sexual mate to be his consort. But the language the show is planning around with is, as usual, mucking things up.

I do think it's been clearly established that The Wanderer is Bo's father. The particulars of how the union between Rainer and Aoife came about to give birth to Bo have yet to be worked out/shared. We know Aoife was given over to the king of the Dark Fae (interestingly, never referred to as "The Morrigan") and that she was abused and imprisoned by him for centuries. We also know that Bo was only born 30 years ago. So I think the confusion is mostly whether Rainer is the same person as this Dark Fae king and, if so, why did he wait so long to get Aoife pregnant if he was that keen for an heir/queen and, if not, what happened that he became Aoife's jailer/lover and eventually Bo's father.

I think Rainer employed Tamsin to locate Bo after she was stolen from her crib. Just because Tamsin is in medieval armor and environment doesnt mean the timeline doesnt track. If The Wanderer isn't confined to one plane of existance, it stands to reason that he can choose which time he wants to manifest in and, possibly, so can Valkyries. But I think it more likely the writers/producers didn't think that far ahead.
153. Stacymd2
@UberFaenatic: I don't think EA confirmed (for sure) that The Wanderer is Bo's bio daddy. The key word being bio. She is vague in most of her responses. Also, it's hard to take what Troll EA says as the full truth. Unless it airs during the show, I take what EA says with a cup full of salt. 75% of what she says at Cons and in interviews just makes me angry and question why I continue to watch.

I think mermaids will be in an upcoming episode. (Squee!)
Dine Stueg
154. Nocturne
hm..maybe it was like a prophecy and the wanderer didn't know in advance she (Bo) would be his own creation and in which time area she would come.
155. TheUberFan
Interesting interpretations! Okay let me give it a go.

I think the timeline does sync if you consider the possibility that Rainer has been looking for his perfect mate for centuries...possibly for over a millenia or more.

I think originally he gave Tamsin the specifications of what he needed with the expectation that she would find an existing being who met those parameters...but that he gave up and decided to make her himself.

Now there are some obvious holes in my theory...or at least unanswered questions. Here are just a few...

First would be when he got to Aife. How long did he have her? Is he the same dark King who got her after the Blood Laws or did he get to her after that? Just because she was in custody for centuries doesn't mean necessarily she was still in custody when she conceived Bo.

The memory from Bo's Dawning... Bo described it as loving. But..he's not a loving man. He's a monster. So that suggests to me that he implanted that into her mind.

Where is the Wanderer? Well we know he's currently confined to one plane but apparently can "project" himself into our plane (like when he appeared in the road, I think to lure Tamsin to try to kill him so he could smoke her away). But we don't know when he was confined to that plane.

We also don't know if he was in our plane or his when Aife conceived Bo. For all we know, she was on his train.

Then we have the train/his plane. Looking at stuff we've learned this season, we can surmise that Bo was not on the train the whole time (look at her interactions with Ianka as a guide. How would they have crossed paths? Unless Ianka was performing on the train?)

Another question up in the long is a valkyrie life cycle? I would assume longer than a human one at least. I've been guessing a single life cycle 1-2 hundred years. But it's just a guess based on nothing but fan hypothesizing.

I wonder when 4x09 takes place with respect to Tamsin's memory from this episode. What if that memory is actually earlier? That puts her memories of initially meeting Rainer at least a thousand years ago or more.

Finally, I know people are icked out by the idea of incest here...but I think that's to highlight how completely dispicable he is, and ruthless. It's not to normalize it. It's to make us see this man will go to whatever ends.

But that leads to a pretty important question that I haven't seen people ask. Why? What is he wanting a perfect mate for? Usually, it would mean because he wants to create a perfect heir...but why is that important to him? Let's say he sees his daughter as his perfect mate, and she brings her powers to the table of being able to influence and of course her blood sage lineage. He brings his powers of the ability to resurrect life (among other things). So theoretically, their child would inherit some or all of their powers.

But why would that be important to him?
156. Stacymd2
@UberFaenatic: I like your spec about Rainer looking for the perfect mate then giving up, which leads to him trying to create her himself. The flaw is that he would would be ruining his genetic line with a daughter wife. Also, there are no guarentees that his heir would have his and Bo's current powers. Creating the "perfect" Fae child with very specific powers would have to be done on a fantasy/comic book gene or DNA manipulation level. This might track with my earlier spec that it was Rainer who captured Lauren & Crystal at the beginning of the season.

I'm really hoping that Lost Girl doesn't go the X-Men, Mutant X route, because it has been done to death.
157. TheUberFan
Good points @Stacymd2. But what if he has the power to manipulate such things?

I hadn't considered the possibility of Rainer being involved with Lauren/Crystal's abduction though. I'm still considering that was either the Morrigan or Trick given how that was Rick Howland's voice.
Carmen Pinzon
158. bungluna
I'll take a stab at the timeline:

Let's say that The Wanderer goes to an Oracle who predicts his doom unless he finds the perfect mate, and then he'll be able to rule the fae world (because personal power sounds more realistic than a heir who could be a rival). So he hires Tamsin to find the mate described by the Oracle, but no dice. In the meantime, he gets exiled to a different plane at the same time that Trick wrote the Laws.

Aeife gets handed over to the Dark King. Time passes and she goes nuts. The Dark King needs/wants an heir and gives her an out: have a kid with me and I'll get you free. She conceives and she escape, making sure the child is lost into the human world. Dangling plot: the father who kills and resurrects.

Fast forward and Tamsin's boss thinks that this mythical unaligned succubus could be the wanted ideal mate. And voila, here we are.
159. Stacymd2
@bungluna: I like your spec too, but the incest thing bugs me and there are still holes in the timeline. @Kiersten is probably right that Lost Girl's PTB do not think of these things before hand. EA did state that logic was the enemy of story, or something.

Ancient myths is full of incest. Zeus and Hera are brother/sister + husband/wife. Gia has the Titans with her son. In Norse myth Freyr and Freyja are the products of bro/sis incest. I don't think Odin was involved in incest, but I could be wrong.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
160. Kiersten
It's not just mythology that supports the incest idea though it is mythologically influenced. Cleopatra was married to her younger brother, but then they supposed themselves to be the incarnate images of Isis and Osiris who were also siblings who married one another. Gross, but there it is.
161. drusilla_doll
I don't think a Fae/God or whatever entity he is would be that concerned with real life human genetic consequences. In fact many cultures//monarchies over the centuries have subscribed to the 'keeping the bloodline pure' idea, regardless how it may have actually been detrimental to them long term. It's also featured heavily in myths and legends - and, of course, in popular fiction. Game of Thrones has instances of it on the Targaeryan side, for example. Let's also not forget that genetics is a relatively new biological science (modern genetics started around mid 19th century) historically speaking, and we're looking at characters who have been alive for many centuries or sometimes even over a millennia.
162. nypinta
It could be that Tamsin was in that garb because she was in Valhalla and it's traditional that Valkyries wear official gear, not matter what the time period. Or they could just hand wave it away with it being Tamsin giving herself a hella cool outfit in a memory. Except unless they have a solid time line set up and it's important that Tamsin appear in something that looks of another time it makes no sense to have her appear in an outfit like that just for a flashback. So it better make sense later on.

I wonder though if The Wanderer and Rainer are actually the same person. I don't read all of EA's interviews, but I only recall her confirming that Rainer is the name of Bo's father, not that he was in fact The Wanderer. It could be The Wanderer, as a powerful entity like he is, arranged for Bo's parents to meet and concieve her. Rainer being the Dark Fae king (but I don't think that meant he was the leader of the Dark, just another king. Ciara was married to a Light fae king, but he wasn't Ash) is the one that Aife got handed over too and he used her rather than kill her like he was supposed to, maybe on suggestion of The Wanderer. I don't think fae concieve as easily as humans. It might have taken that long for Aife to get pregnant. But Luann, the Dark mid-wife, was convinced by Aife to help her get Bo away from the king because she figured out Bo was intended for The Wanderer. That way he is in a weird way her father, but still not. And the feelings of love that she got from her vision were from Rainer, not The Wanderer. Because he might actually love his daughter. And maybe he now regrets his part in what she is facing now, being wanted by The Wanderer as a mate/Queen. So maybe he and Bo were working some plan together to get her out of it, which is why Rainer is the name that sponsered her as Dark. Because I kind of want Kyle Schmidt not to play a jerk again. haha. No. Seriously. (And he does conflicted so freaking well.)
Carmen Pinzon
163. bungluna
From what I understand, the ancient Egyptians passed on the crown through the mother line, so in order to become Pharaoh, you had to marry a half-sister with a legitimate claim to the thrown.

I still think that the most logical reason for the Wanderer to want the perfect mate is for power for himself, rather than for an heir. The fae are long lived and don't seem to be too concerned with having children. But with these show runners, logic goes out the window, and so does continuity, so who knows!?
164. TheGardner
Look at me, late to the party and everyone's already drunk. I do hope everyone had a great New Year, appologies for my tardiness. On with it then shall we?

OK first up, it's been a week and I still have very little to say about this episode. I don't see any point in analyzing the box crap with Lauren and Dyson, it was just there to give them(and Vex) something to do. It also served to make them look like immature jerks fighting over a toy, i. e. Bo. Kenzi gives it to her and instead of something useful like jewelry or a diary that she kept on the train, it contains a bottle of smoke. I am sure this is significant so it will be shelved until the final two episodes of the season and get crammed in with everything else.

Kenzi and Hale - WTF happened to them? They used to have this cute buddy thing going on, but this season it's completely flat. I don't know if it's him or her, but their scenes together were cringe-worthy.

Valkubus - I still don't see it. Bo has shown no romantic feelings towards Tamsin, I mean she probably wants to bang her, but that's pretty universal for her, except for maybe Trick and Kenzi. As for Tam Tam, she gives off a hero-whorship vibe towards Bo. RS and AS fall flat in the chemistry department and RS especially looked awkward in that make-out scene, but it was not as bad as the kiss in 3x08. I do like them as friends and this season's Tamsin is far more likeable than the mess she was in Season 3.

I still think this episode was pretty pointless, I am hoping that Bo vocalizing her fears will help her character move forward and away from the selfish jack ass she currently is. I feel like if this one had been episode 3 or 4 I would have enjoyed it more. As the 8th episode I was expecting more.

I haven't read everyone's comments, but there were a couple of things that stood out.

1. This whole thing about Lauren dumping Bo 3 times, um when and why is this such a big deal? I am guessing that the times in question are in 3x10(fairly obvious), 3x13(I would hesitate to call that dumping, that was all part of the master plan remember? Lauren helped Dyson escape by turning Taft in to a cabbit, whatever that entire episode was stupid), and 4x05(Lauren made a decision that Bo didn't agree with and instead of staying and talking she walked away to sulk). If that is supposed to mean that Bo and Lauren are done, how about the three times Dyson dumped Bo(1x03, 2x01, 2x02)?

2. If that "leaked" promo really means someone is going to die, these are my top candidates:

Hale - Ears bleeding, just got happy, all these "lovers dying" anvils could pertain to him and Kenzi.

Tamsin - She's on her last life, worships Bo, and is seeking redemption.

Lauren - "Lover's dying" been played out three times now and each were eerily similar to Bo and Lauren.

I think Dyson, Kenzi and Trick are safe. Although this season has had some repeat-o-vision and since Dyson already died once, maybe him again, but I doubt it.

One final thing; I am really disgusted by the continued flirtation between Bo and Dyson without adressing the way she treated him in 4x06. She apologized to him then made it all about her, she didn't show concern for what she did to him. That is garbage behavior and sloppy writing. It reminds me of Dyson being raped and having it retconned in the following episode to "So last night Dyson banged your mom?" I think I really will be done with this show if this gets swept under the rug and they continue sleeping together, it feels like that will be the case bases on his behavior in the last 2 episodes. I know that this is not a popular opinion on here, but I don't understand why the show writes Dyson as vulnerable then backtracks. He is not less of a man because he was raped or because he was abused by Bo(that is what she was doing to him, she had all of the power over him, this had nothing to do with love). Bo stopped, in the middle of sex, because she crossed a line and caught herself. I know Bo is in the middle of her "hero's journey", but I don't think that there is any redemption for her if she goes there again, at least not for me. The only reason I am still here is because she did it to Dyson and don't really care about his charater. If that had been Lauren I would be done.
165. nypinta
@TheGardner There is a huge difference between the "three times" Dyson dumped Bo and the three times that Lauren did. One, the first time Dyson didn't break up with Bo, he just arranged it so she wouldn't think they were exclusive. It was their first time together and he could tell she thought it was more. Because it was, for both of them. But he was told to back off by Trick, so he pulled that crappy stunt with the waitress. But they were not in a relationship at all, so it wasn't a break up. THEN they did finally get their act together and declared their mutual desires to be exclusive to each other. Enter the freakin' Norn. She took his ability to love. So he had to break it off with her. There is no way they could be together if he couldn't feel any passion for her. Even if she wanted to stay with him, which she did, it would have been cruel to try and continue any relationship as if nothing was different. So he told her, she didn't listen, so he told her again. It was not a decision he made because he wanted to break things off with her. That choice was taken from him so he let her go. This was not something either of them wanted.

As for Lauren, she made a choice. She decided for herself that she needed to end her relationship with Bo and she left, with no intention of ever coming back. But then she got caught up in that Taft business and then dragged back by Evony. Bo thought they could ignore everything and get back together but Lauren again made it clear that no they were not getting back together. Whether it's because of some plan or not doesn't matter. She told Bo no. She made it clear that she doesn't want a relationship. So to have her say that to Bo but then still compete for her attention or imply that she wants to get lucky with Bo after breaking up with her is cruel. THAT is using someone. THAT is why it's important. The fact that Lauren still has feelings for her is beside the point because Lauren made a choice for herself that they couldn't be together so to keep dangling herself in front of Bo knowing how Bo feels is kind of crappy.

As for the scene between her and Dyson, I think we're just going to have to agree to disagree on what happened between them. You call it using. That isn't how I saw it. She was lost in the misery of failing Ianka and worried that she didn't even know herself anymore and Dyson recognized it and was there for her. Because he's been in her position. He nearly lost himself after what the Norn did to him. Period. There isn't much more to say about that.

But what I don't understand is why is it OK in anyone's mind that Lauren can treat Bo badly but Bo better not hurt Lauren in any way but because Bo is herself with Dyson while in a completely dark place it's still Dyson that's somehow in the wrong?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
166. Kiersten
"Bo stopped, in the middle of sex, because she crossed a line and caught herself."
Bo stopped, in the middle of sex, because she crossed a line and Dyson caught her on it. It took three tries to get through to her because she didn't want to deal and he wouldn't let her lose herself (or, if you like, use what they have together that way) without dealing with the why and only when she completely and violently overreacted did she clue in to what he was calling her on and stop.

[color=rgb(68, 68, 68); font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 18px; white-space: pre-wrap; background-color: rgb(252, 252, 252)">I love that Bo and Dyson scene b/c it is complicated & dark & difficult & not about their couple issues but about Bo's personal state & it shows this couple not telling the deeper level of Bo and Dyson's connection/ relationship, which isnt always pretty esp when one partner is having emotional personal crisis. To see it as Bo abusing Dyson or misuing him because she cares [i]less about him is to miss the whole thing entirely. It's because she cares more for him than anyone (excepting Kenzi) that she feels safe unleashing her angst in their relationship. She knows even if only subconsciously that she can count on him to pull her back, to get it, where no one else would not because they're in love with one another, but because they love one another, warts and all, and don't shy away from the bad stuff. It's not about Dyson not valuing himself or allowing Bo to abuse him because he's pathetic. It's about Dyson having the strength to use the experience of nearly having lost himself in his own personal crisis post-Norn to be there now for Bo as she goes through the same as the only person who can truly understand what she's dealing with.

It's something Bo could never do with Doctor Lauren, not because she's not "in love" with DL, because she is (which is a lot of their problem), but because she doesnt have that level of connection, that trust, with DL and never will. They are all surface and sex and soft-lighting but whenever things get tough, DL steps back and away because she cannot deal with a Bo that dark and challenging and needy. And Bo doesnt ask her to because she knows DL cannot handle it. Bo is there to save DL; that's the core of their relationship and when that didn't happen, DL found someone else to protect her because while she's in love with Bo, she doesn't really like her all that much and she is very afraid of her.
Dine Stueg
167. Nocturne
Synopsis for 4x12
Bo is reluctant to comply with her role in a prophecy foretold by an order of Knights, until advice from a surprising source helps her make a difficult decision.

So there is at least a prophecy, but about what...

Also, they seem to be very mysterious with only mentioning Bo in the synopsis. I guess they want to reveal nothing about the possible death.
168. nypinta
The thing is I'm not that invested in Bo and Dyson as a couple so much and there are plenty of scenes that I am not fond of, including the fact that they ignored the rape in S1 and then later when everyone was pretty much shit to him in S2 and ignored what it was he was going through. Especially Hale getting pissy at him and Val for hooking up. Val is a grown woman and she can choose what the hell she wants and Hale can basically suck it. He calls himself a player, well guess what Hale. All those girls you play? They're someone's sister too. So take a look in the mirror before giving your best friend the stink eye, m'kay? And it isn't so much that Lauren might still love Bo (because she clearly does) and might have regrets about their break up. It's that they keep writing her as being face to face with Bo and saying no but when Bo isn't there she's pining or implying sexy times are on the agenda or scoring mental points between her and Dyson. I thought Lauren did the right thing for herself when she broke it off with Bo. She was tired and beat up and the fae had taken so much already and whether Bo wanted to admit it or not she is part of the fae and she is always going to put the problems of others ahead of whomever she is with and Lauren deserved more. If she has a change of heart, fine. But depict it better. That's I really want. I like this season Lauren, and taking charge of her own life. She's funny and got a plan. Yay! But the stuff with Bo and continued competition makes her seem petty and undermines all the cool stuff about her, IMO.
169. nypinta
" an order of Knights..." Hmmmmm. And we see Kyle Schmidt (probably) in knightly garb. Hmmmm.
170. stacymd2
@Nocturne: Thanks for the more detailed spoiler.

@nypinta: I hope this means great things for Kyle. I would love to see him as a baddie, but he would last longer on the show if he turned out to be an ally.

Maybe this means that Kyle's character worked under Tick's banner. His character could still turn out to be Rainer. I will be hella disappointed if we don't see the Wanderer in 409.

Does anyone know if there are other guest stars scheduled to appear besides Ali Liebert and Linda Hamilton?
171. Darthfaeder
@Nypinta post 165 I think that Bo is using Dyson and Luaren is using
Bo. Dyson seems to be the only one who is not using anyone. Poor
wolfy is the one getting used by Bo. The whole triangle is one big
heaping mess. I will say that Dyson is still being his same old
controlling and secretive self, and well Lauren is too to a certain
172. nypinta
How exactly is he being secretive and controlling?
Suzanne Metaxas
173. SuzyM
Really getting tired of Dyson haters saying things without backing the statement with facts. I'm very glad S4 writers are working on getting the hateful shipping to stop by showing DL and Dyson as friends. There is no reason to portray these characters in ways that will feed into the hate. The hate actually detracts from the show and story line and makes it unpleasant to follow LG on twitter and Facebook. I very rarely go to showcase because of the rabid hate of Dyson. I've also stopped following a lot of people on twitter for the same reason. My New Year's resolution here is to no longer answer posts that are done just to bait people and insult characters. OK, I'm off my soap box.
Carmen Pinzon
174. bungluna
@SuzyM - a decided double standard seems to persist in the way things are regarded in this show. Dyson can't catch a break regardless while Cirque du Soleil contortions are standard to explain anything WonderLauren does. Go figure.

I think I'll join you in your resolution.
175. TheUberFan
I don't hate Dyson in anyway.

But let's take a look back at episode 2...when Trick tells Dyson that Bo can never know about Aife showing up and Dyson said that there were a lot of things Bo can't ever find out about.

I was a bit distressed by this, because this was more reminiscient of Season 1 Dyson. He had seen how agitated Bo got when she found out both Dyson and Trick had been keeping the secret of her mother away from her and I had thought he had learned from that.

But then I thought Kenzi was past stealing too, so what do I know.

I think Bo would be very upset to find out that Trick and Dyson were keeping things from her. Well, she already senses something off about Trick...but to know that Dyson has signed on to that again would probably tick her off greatly.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
176. Kiersten
I dont think Dyson is keeping anything from Bo. He has no idea what Trick did with Aoife; as before in S1 that is Trick's secret alone. Dyson only knows that Trick *has* a secret about Aoife and now Bo is aware that Trick is keeping things from her. Frankly, with everything else going on, I'd be willing to bet Dyson forgot all about it. He's certainly not "signed onto" any direct, agressive plan to keep information from Bo. He gave her carte blanche to walk through his memory an intimacy so deep, he could feel her there. If there was something he was keeping from her, she would've found her.

The "there's a lot Bo shouldnt find out about" comment he made to Trick was totally about what happened between him and Kenzi, which, technically, isn't any of Bo's business. Even not taking into account the memory loss, Dyson wasn't her lover at the time and he owes her no fidelity but that which he chooses to give her out of love. The onus there (if there is any, and I think the memory loss absolves Dyson and Kenzi completely) is on Kenzi as the best friend and she told Bo the very first episode they were back together again. It's done and behind all three of them now. So there is really nothing at this point that Dyson is keeping from Bo at all. Quite frankly, even if he was, who is she to have to know everything about everyone when she tells so little about herself to any of them?
177. TheUberFan
I'll give you that he probably hasn't given thought to the whole Aife thing since Trick mentioned it...but I don't think her walking through his mind would have revealed whether it bothered him or not.

He's got like 1500 years of memories and I doubt a lot of them are all that good, given how he characterizes himself in his own memories. Besides, the memory walk was targeted to a very specific sector of his memories and Dyson was able to influence, albeit loosely, things that Bo saw.

But he'd have to know that Bo would want to know that her mother resurfaced and he provided implied assent to Trick's statement that Bo could never know about it.

I'm not really as fussed about the kiss though and honestly I don't believe Bo was either. I think what distressed her was that Kenzi listed three things that Bo didn't think she'd do and Bo already feels out of sorts and lost (heh) that she didn't expect Kenzi, who is her anchor, to be the source of any additional confusion or frustration.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
178. Kiersten
The point is that the kiss is what Dyson was referring to when he made that comment and that's already be fessed up to as far as Bo, Kenzi & Dyson are concerned. And I think that Bo *was* bothered by it initially, enough to immediately take it out on Dyson and Kenzi with a few low shots. It also triggered the strongest immediate response from her out of all of Kenzi's litany. But once they got through the rest of ep and dealt with Massimo and Tamsin and her wings and Bo had time to think about *all* that Kenzi had said, she was able to put the Dyson bits in perspective along with the rest of Kenzi's actions while Bo was missing both in fact and in their memories. So again, overall, there really isn't anything that Dyson is "keeping" from Bo while, in comparison, there is a whole helluva a lot that Doctor Lauren hasn't volunteered to Bo (Crystal, Taft, her plans with/for Evony, her past blowing people up as Karen, that she has a brother with whom she was an eco-terrorist who is still out there somewhere, that she brutally operated on Dyson against his will) that doesnt seem to merit the same strong response as "Dyson didn't tell Bo Trick told him there's something wonky with Aoife, so there!" Oh no! Not THAT! What an ASSHOLE!
179. TheUberFan
I'll agree with that too. I am put off that he hasn't mentioned Aife to her but...I guess we'll just agree to disagree on that. :)

As for Lauren, I think Zoie Palmer is doing a great job this year but her character is equal parts frustrating as it is intriguing.

So we learn more of her backstory and see that she has some plot or something, but on the personal side she's like totally hot and cold with Bo. She kisses her...then puts her off...then apologizes for touching her when applying sensors...then says score one for the doctor when she hears Bo mutter her name...then fantasizes about her doing a hot car wash scene...then intimates she'll get lucky with Bo...then thinks she has the right to decide what's best for Bo while talking about how much she loves her.

Talk about mixed signals!

I hope that the teases we've gotten about her plan actually make sense and don't feel forced or shoehorned.
Carmen Pinzon
180. bungluna
I'd come down on the side of shoehorned, simply because that seems to be the MO as far as the writers of this show goes: whitewash WonderLauren until she's shoehorned into a place pleasing to the Doccunuts.
181. TheUberFan
I don't like feeling comments or actions are rammed in there to please people.

For instance, in Of All the Gin Joints, Bo urges Hale to go save, "the woman he loves."

What? Since when would Bo say it like that? They weren't a couple, yet. She knew how Kenzi felt but knew that Kenzi hadn't connected with Hale to tell him how she felt.

So it felt like a forced character beat to me.
183. stacymd2
@Kiersten: Thanks for the promo link. Wow, things are heating up. I'm excited to see where this is going.

Me likey:
Dyson supporting Bo
Kenzi & Tamsin working together
Bad ass Bo with a knife!
Trick trying to protect Bo in his way...
Tamsin's jacket
Goth smoke guy

Me no likey:
Mean Trick is a bad Trick

Was it just me, but did you also see Bo fighting herself in the promo?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
184. Kiersten
I paused the trailer at that moment b/c I thought Bo was fighting herself too. Still think it's possible; woman had makeup on that suggested could be manifestation of Bo's dark side. We'll see...
185. nypinta
That's the issue I have with some of the dialog, because it's counter to action. Lauren made a choice that fit with her story, but they have her say things that go against the grain. Dyson has demonstrated over and over again that his is different in terms of what he trusts Bo to be able to handle, yet they have him toss out a line that implies otherwise, and then never follow up on it anyhow. In fact, that line is completely counter to all the ways Dyson has changed in the past three seasons. He argued with Trick way back in S1 about keeping things from Bo so he should have either called Trick out at the most or said nothing at best. Yes, Trick is still his King but Dyson knows better now. So the line was added solely to reduce him in some viewers eyes and keep things between him and Lauren on that even keel because seems that those lines and moments are only there because they want to keep the "triangle" alive but they don't know how to do it naturally and they're moments that pull me out of the story.
For instance, when Lauren shows up to help Bo save Dyson and Bo questions whether or not she'd come because she's Dark Lauren could have said, "I chose Dark for me, Bo. It doesn't mean I abandoned those I care about." The line would reinforces that Lauren still cares about Bo but also reassures Bo that she herself being Dark doesn't mean she's abandoned anything or anyone, which is an issues she is struggling with. Then when Bo made that "oh, hello" come on as Lauren was attaching the things, instead of being a bit freaked yet cold, Lauren could have said, "Bo, I can't." Not, "I don't want too." But "can't" which is another indication that yes she still loves Bo but she can't be with her, but that still leaves the emotional triangle open without Lauren looking like a jerk for brushing off Bo yet still wanting her. And Bo might be cluing in that Lauren still loves her even if she can't be with her. And it would make Lauren telling Bo to move on while she was in Dyson's memories a more poignant scene. In the next episode I'm OK with Lauren drooling over Bo while she washes the car. That makes total sense. And even her competing to sit next to Bo, because it was more about Lauren and Dyson being competitive then anything else. But the part about it being "a good night"? Not so much. That was OOC in terms of where Lauren is in her story at that time. She just told Bo to move on a few days ago, now she's hoping to get lucky? I know it was just for the comedy of the moment, but it also doesn't track. Even the scenes with Lauren and Dyson arguing over the box. Honestly it was hilarious. Yet it also gave more ship war canon fodder because at first Dyson doesn't want to give it to her. Then he does. Then they argue. Lauren wouldn't have brought it over if she intended on keeping it from Bo and I don’t think Dyson ever had any intention of keeping it from Bo either. I would have rather that they started the conversation from the idea of not making Kenzi mad by giving it to Bo in the middle of the Yule party that she was hosting so Bo could relax after all the stress she’s been under and going from there. That way it isn't about keeping a secret from Bo, it's about timing. Then they drink the beer with the frog juice and are so blitzed they don't even know what they are arguing about, they just continue to argue. Same scene. Same hilarity. Different reasoning.
186. nypinta
When is the next episode?
187. nypinta
Either Trick has succumbed to being an Ashole or that's a show for someone else. Because no matter how much Trick might not ever think of any humans the same way as Bo or now Dyson does of Kenzi, he wouldn't speak to her like that just because they were arguing about something.
188. nypinta
Hey. I just realized. Kenzi, Hale, Dyson, and Lauren all had some of that punch before they started acting slightly off. I think Vex put the chumba juice in the punch which is why they were all off in their own little worlds a bit even before the loop stuff started happening.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
189. Kiersten
Next episode 4.09 is this Sunday 1/12 in Canada. U.S. premiere is Monday, 1/13
190. TheUberFan
That did look like Bo fighting Bo. Oooh.

And Trick. Dude. I've had my moments loving and hating you...but you called Tamsin a low life and you referred to Kenzi as a human like you'd regard gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

Me no happy with you right now, blood king.
191. drusilla_doll
Wow, what an awesome trailer. Lots of cool teases. I love that Dyson is backing Bo up on her decision. Hmmm very mean Trick. What if Trick ends up being the 3rd big bad that was rumoured? I wouldn't be surprised, however, if it's one of their fake gotchas - he's probably doing some ultra shady stuff to ultimately protect Bo and dies because of it a few eps later (just a hunch).

Weird shot of Dyson getting his handgun from his locker - I'm wondering what the relevance is meant to be.

Looks like the meeting Bo has with all the gang, Lauren is there too, as I recall.

Is that some sort of ritual fight she has to complete in order to be able to travel back to the soul train? I couldn't tell if it was Bo or not, the woman is all gothed out, but it would be cool if she had to fight her dark side and defeat it.

Could anyone tell if the smoke Wanderer looked like Kyle Schmid or not, he did have a beard.
192. stacymd2
@drusilla_doll: The Goth Smoke Guy did not look like Kyle Schmid to me. Goth Smoke Guy could me a messenger or someone that takes Bo back to the Train.
194. drusilla_doll
And this is the other shot - Bo is back on the train and the person she's confronting is clearly a man removing a heavy coat. He seems to have on a welding mask?

195. TheUberFan
I saw the fight teaser again and now I'm not sure it's Bo. The woman in black shares some facial features with Bo and has dreadlocks, it looks. It's hard to tell but I don't think she's fighting herself. Bummer. ;)
Dine Stueg
196. Nocturne
Okay... that was a confusing trailer. Had to watch it a few times trying to understand lol.

I don't think the fighting woman with the eyepatch was Dark Bo. Her face seems to be different, not as round as Anna's or they must have modified the face to give her an extra evil look... but I don't think so.
So confusing Kenzi, Bo, the fighting woman. I think the hairdresser must have been uninspired and decided to give all the brunettes in this episode the same hairstyle ;)

Why is a woman writing with Tricks blood? (Considering the red nails, it isn't the unamens, so probably someone new)

And I think that the man with the mask in the clip is Kyle schmidt. The guy seems to have long, hair brown that is moving when he's taking off his jacket (although very hard to see, so maybe I'm starting to hallucinate having watched the clip several times). Anyway, that would fit Kyle's hairstyle.
Nusi Dekker
197. NusiD
There is a female guest star in 4.09, Glenda McInnis. Someone on another board mentioned that the fighting woman is her. I haven't checked her out yet on Wikipedia so I don't know.
Nusi Dekker
198. NusiD
Here is her IMdb deets, Glenda MacInnis is the correct spelling. If her hair was dyed brown she would resemble Bo.
199. Georgiana2494
Alright I think the woman writing with Trick's blood might be Tamsin as she is wearing a similar shade of nail polish in Groundhog Fae.

As as for the woman Bo is fighting I think it might be Casey Hudecki, she has been a stunt double for Anna Silk.
Carmen Pinzon
200. bungluna
I'm going cross-eyed with all the misinformation about the new episode. It does seem like things are finally heating up, though.

Trick's always been portrayed as a bit of an ass, as far as humans go, bu this one was too much! If he's going to be the surprise big bad, I hope they go ALL OUT and not wimp out at the last second, ret-conning everything (as usual!)
201. stacymd2
One more thing that is really bothering me...I swear I will drop this topic after this. Why isn't Hale HELLA angry at Lauren. She is the main cause of him being disgraced as Ash. Being kicked out of his position must have been very upsetting & embarrassing to him on a deep personal level. Her actions hurt the Zamora name, the authority of the Ash and all of the good change Hale was trying accomplish. Do you think Wonder Lauren ever apologized to him?

I think this is Kyle:

Why is he wearing a welding mask?

I like all the leather this season--very S&M.
202. TheUberFan
Oh good eye, @Georgiana2494. I think it might be Casey Hudecki in the fight scene.
Nadine Robb
203. cmm
@stacymd2 Well WonderLauren is like Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris never apologizes, everyone else apologizes to him cause Chuck Norris is never wrong....
204. Georgiana2494
@UberFaenatic - Thanks!

The synopsis for next weeks episode is:
Bo resolves to go to hell and back to get the answers she’s been searching for, with or without her friends' support. Meanwhile, Kenzi's determined to uncover what Trick's hiding.

Going by the promo it seems that Dyson is the only one that supports her?
205. TheUberFan
Hard to tell, @Georgiana2494. I think Kenzi and Tamsin support her too or they wouldn't be off trying to uncover what Trick is up to. And we cannot really tell how many support her and to what level but from the promo, it looks like Dyson is the most enthusiastic in his support.
206. nypinta
I think in the very beginning in the Dal when Bo has to grab the jar from someone, it's Kenzi that she gets it from. I think they all meet at the Dal after she gets the jar and having a pow wow on what to do next. Kenzi probably freaks at the idea of her going back onto the train and that's the result, her lame attempt to keep Bo from leaving again. And Kenzi is in the same clothes when Trick has his mini melt down at her and Tamsin. So the pow wow happens and Dyson backs Bo. Trick must have offered someone something to ensure Bo's safety and Kenzi and Tamsin don't agree. Then he pulls his Ashole speech, either for show like I said before, or because the power is just going to his head.

I think the goth girl might be one of the knights that tell Bo about the prophecy. You see them standing around in the woods when she takes her fall back into the ground.

I'm pretty sure that's Kyle Schmidt in the iron mask too.
Dine Stueg
208. Nocturne
@stacymd2. I think Hale isn't mad, because being the Ash was more of a burden to him than a dream. In season 2 (can't remember which exact episode anymore) we saw that he could be a candidate for Ash, but he was reluctant about actually becoming the Ash.
In season 3 he suddenly was the new Ash. I think he took the job, because he felt it was his responsibility and maybe that he could do something good with it (reuniting the Dark and the Light, and the humans with the fae).

After that failed , he decided to quit being the Ash. Ofcourse he isn't happy that his reuniting plan failed. However, because Hale never really cared about being the Ash or his reputation, I think he was more relieved than sad of not being in that position anymore, which is why he wouldn't be mad at Lauren for messing that up.

I think it's interesting you say that Hale should be mad at Lauren, while many Lauren fans are saying the opposite: Lauren should be cross with Hale, because he treated her like a slave.... Which I don't agree with. I mean, he talked to her in a too bossy manner, but not like she was a prisoner. There were no guards or anything, she could leave whenever she wanted to.

Anyway, the whole Taft storyline was dropped too quickly and the only reminder from that story we've gotten this season is that Lauren was a hero...which is weird, because she's the one who helped creating the whole mess. In my opinion, it would have helped a lot if Lauren and Hale had a conversation about what happened with Taft. Now it just doesn't make any sense, how they've gotten from that (Lauren even thinking that Hale would kidnap her in 4x02) to friendly eating hot dogs together and searching for the shoes.
Dine Stueg
209. Nocturne
@UberFaenatic. Whoa... she looks terrible there. She must be at the end of one of her lives.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
210. Kiersten
@Nocturne - Doctor Lauren is the true hero of Lost Girl. Didn't you know that? Silly lady. She saves everyone all the time and in return is never thanked and completely neglected by everyone unless she's being abused like a slave in her cushy flat with her gorgeous wardrobe and endless research opportunities.

I too find it odd that 1. she was so quick to accuse Hale as being her captor (the very last person who would do such a thing, Ashole or not) and 2. was even quicker to dismiss all of it as soon as she got hooked up to the Dark Fae and brushed off Bo outside of "I"m not angry with you" to Bo. Well, who then are you angry with, sweetie? I guess any reconciliation with Hale happened off screen along with any Come to Jesus moments with Trick or Dyson about the whole Taft thing as these key unimportant character moments and interactions must do.
211. TheUberFan
@Nocturne... It looks like Tamsin went through hell.

I'm kind of weird in this, I know...but I actually really like it when my favorites are traumatized and whumped on. lol
213. TheUberFan
Stills for Destiny's Child are available here:
Nusi Dekker
215. NusiD
I see that one of he pics has DL there with a syringe in her hand. It looks as though she is partnering up with Dyson.
216. TheUberFan
Is it just me or does our valkyrie look pretty durn angry here?

Dine Stueg
217. Nocturne
@Kiersten. Lol, sometimes I do forget I'm watching the adventures of WonderLauren. That's the part about Lauren I don't like. She often seems to see herself as a helpless victim, is passive and takes no accountability for her own actions ( which is why this season is an improvement for her, since she seems to have an active plan against the dark now and she does feel guilt about the bombs).

It's annoying that everyone acts like nothing happened, as if the whole thing with Taft never happened. Lauren gives no explanations about her actions to anyone and doesn't feel regret or guilt she became involved with Taft. To be fair she didn't know his intentions at first, but just a simple 'I ran away from Taft and left you alone to deal with him, because I was scared' or 'Sorry for the painful surgery. It was the only way I could think of to help you' would suffice. And then Dyson saying something like: 'Well, I'm glad you didn't give him my real powers' would have been nice and give Lauren/Dyson already a more natural bonding moment earlier in this season. The whole issue was just never adressed again. EA must have thought that would have been a repetitive boring unimportant scene, but it would have made Lauren more sympathetic for me. But no, instead Lauren only blames the light for not coming to get her... Yes, go blame the light that you're in danger now. That makes total sense :S

@UberFaenatic. I can understand your statement about liking your favorites being hurt. It gives a character more depth when they experience terrible things, especially when they overcome such obstacles.

I think Tamsin has experienced a lot of anger and hurt in her lives, it would explain her sarcastic and sometimes rude yet funny comments.
218. TheUberFan
Now we see more of the shot with Trick and Tamsin...she's on her knees which we knew... and Trick has a blade in his right hand.

I'm still thinking POW of the fae war.
220. stacymd2
Thanks for the links and pictures guys!

Damn it! Tamsin is all beat up yet RS still looks beautiful. Lost Girl Fight Club is brutal, but always medieval chic.

I just love Dyson's jacket...and his body, and his furrowed brow, and his blue eyes, and his beard. KHR looks good in black. (yummy!)

I does look like D & L team up for something. Untimately, I'm glad they are working together. (for D&B's sake) I wonder if this is for a case or to help Bo with the Wanderer.

Any idea what the symbol in the background represents?
Carmen Pinzon
221. bungluna
@stacymd2 - I couldn't access the link; something about an error.
223. stacymd2
Thanks Kiersten! I can't figure out how to post pictures.
224. nypinta
I wonder if the images of Tamsin and Trick will explain the corruption thing the Una Mens mentioned. But I'm sure Tamsin said something to Kenzi about Trick now that she has all her memories back and that's why the two of them are teamed up confronting him in the promo. And in the mean time Dyson and Lauren are helping Bo get back onto the train to confront the Wanderer. Hale's probably off reading self help books on "how not to be a tool to the one you love".
Carmen Pinzon
225. bungluna
Lol. What about Evony and Vex? I need your take on 'em, nypinta.
227. nypinta
I bet Evony is treating Vex to a manicure. Now that he's got two hands again. ;)

This must be the episode they were filming when KHR tweeted the picture of him and Zoie in the woods.
228. Darthfaeder
Ugggg can Sunday hurry up and get here already I need my LG fix. I am still not sure how I made it during the summer and half the fall with no new LG episodes to watch? Well there is just no way of being able to make Rachel S. look ugly. I mean you really have to work hard to make her look like crap. I for one can't wait to see what it is that Bo is going to find out about herself. In the synopisis of episode 10 it says that everyone will still be reeling from Bo's announcement. Maybe the wanderer made her marry him and that is why she remembered that crown? I am also sooooo ready to hear Tamsin speak Norwiegian either. I think I will faint ehehehhhehehhe!!!!!!!
231. stacymd2
@Darthfaeder: I feel your pain. There are so many crazy speculations running around in my head, I just hope Lost Girl lives up to the hype they are creating.

So what is the etiquette for posting in Kiersten's recaps? Will H&H continue to have mini blogs for 409 - 413?

Also, to amuse myself, here are my Lost Girl crack ships:

Aife / Evony - Forget Faeland. Dark, Light, who cares? These two Prada wearing devils would rule the universe.
*Possible triangle: Lachlan/Aife/Evony*

Acacia / Trick - She is a battle hardened Fae warrior. He is a battered, deposed Fae King. They could rule the Dal together, fighting dead beats who don't pay thier tabs. Kenzi, you have been warned!

Ryan / Vex - These two would be hoooottttt together. The are both baddies with self centered hearts of gold. Think of the sex toys and role playing costumes they could create together.

Ciara / Lauren - So what if Ciara is dead? Bo can bring her back. Ciara is a perfect billionaire, Fairy Warrior Princess. Lauren is a smart Fairy Damsel Princess, MD. Ciara can provide Lauren with the protection she needs and all the stocked medical facilities she could ever want. This match up writes itself.

Lou Ann / Sunnetha the Cabbit - These two ladies have had it rough. They can find comfort in each other. Lou Ann likes kids right?

Dyson / The Keeper (Una Mens lady leader) - Christine Horne is stunning. KHR is stunning. They would look stunning in bed together. While this wouldn't be a long term pairing, I think The Keeper needs a little TLC and Dyson needs to get shirtless with someone not named Bo for once.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
232. Kiersten
Protocol for U.S. recaps:
The U.S. recaps are SPOILER FREE for any episodes that HAVE NOT YET AIRED in the U.S. So, for example, no talking about what happens in E3 on the recap for E1. Treat them as if you've never seen the season before in your life. Virgin recaps

As far as I know, the discussion posts will continue for 4.9-4.13 along with the Canada schedule so those who *have* seen those episodes can continue to discuss them at H&H
Carmen Pinzon
233. bungluna
@Kiersten - I'm looking forward to reading your recaps to find out all the details I missed.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
237. Kiersten
@bungluna - I've cracked myself up more than a few times while writing them, but then I've a warped sense of humor.
239. nypinta
@stacymd2 I still kind of head ship Lauren with Tamsin. Tamsin is enough to protect Lauren yet doesn't care enough about helping other people that she'd be gone all the time.

I think Ryan and Vex might be too much alike to get along. But I can see them going into business together. But eventually Ryan would cut Vex loose because he's using up all the profits.

Val might be the one for Vex. She'd kick his ass a lot and he'd love it.
240. stacymd2
@nypinta: I can't picture Lauren and Tamsin together. I think Tamsin would get sick of Lauren real quick.

Val is kind of a brat, but she and Vex would be very interesting. I would watch just to see Hale's reaction.

TGIF guys! It'll be Sunday before we know it.
241. Darthfaeder
@Stacymd I agree Tamsin and Lauren is not a good pairing. Besides the dark fae are not allowed to be with humans. I think the Copdoc fans keep forgetting that. Who is Val?
242. TheUberFan
@Darthfaeder... Val is Hale's sister. :) Remember, the voice stealer?
243. Stacymd2
Hi all. So how was tonight's show? Good, bad, no Wanderer?
244. drusilla_doll
Twenty mins still to go. :) But they are pushing the polyamory HARD.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
245. Kiersten
There was no working feed tonight so I'm going to have to wait for the upload to be able to comment. Sounds like a great ep though all around (except for DL possibly taking more shots at Dyson)
Nadine Robb
246. cmm
Ok... WHAT?!??!?! And fandom erupts with this latest episode of Lost girl lol!
247. drusilla_doll
DL always takes cheap belittling shots at Dyson, but the fans blame him. It's Tuesday. :P

So.....Bo's all mmmmm Rainer is my destiny. Hee! Should be interesting. My guess is that Trick will be portrayed as the bad guy, but die redeeming himself. Rainer IS an evil son of a bitch, but it's going to take Dyson, Kenzi and Lauren to prove it to Bo.
Nadine Robb
248. cmm
@drusilla_doll My thoughts exactly. I think Trick is the one who dies. I think him cursing Rainer's soul in the past did something to him. Made him like a Jekyl and Hyde kind of personality. I think Bo's purpose is to undo whatever he did, I don't think she has any sort of feelings for Rainer. Rainer is controlling her to undo what Trick did. I'm also sort of dissapointed now with smoke stuff. I expected something more than what was shown.
249. Stacymd2
So 408 was a thumbs up? Did the Wanderer at least make an appearance?
251. Stacymd2
Oops! I meant 409. I'm glad it was good. I can't wait to see Rainer tomorrow.
Carmen Pinzon
253. bungluna
Kenzie sure does have a way with tools; a chainsaw here, a hammer there...
254. TheUberFan
To say I have no idea what's going on would be an understatement of fae proportions.

It seems to me as if Bo is almost brainwashed...but I don't know what to think about anything right now.

I'm exhausted of the endless triangle mentions. It just never ends. lol Yes, yes. We get it Bo. You love them both. They're your family. You can't choose. etcetera

I'm fascinated that Tamsin was apparently living her last life during the Fae Wars. That means she's a lot older than I had originally thought. And she traded regeneration for not delivering Rainer...

Trick...I have no idea what to think about him. I believe he thinks he's doing things to save Bo...but I just don't know. He seems to turn on a dime and I'm still not pleased with how he referred to Tamsin as a lowlife and spat out the word human as though Kenzi were a slug.

I'll have to rewatch this of course to see what nuances I've missed...but I don't feel that Rainer is who/what Bo believes him to be.

We know he screws with memories and we know what Tamsin said in the last episode about him being the face of evil.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
255. Kiersten
I just started watching and already am screaming at the screen "Doctor Lauren dumped you. Three times! How is she still even relevant to this conversation?" Argh. These retcons that dismiss everything she does make me crazy. OK, I'm going back in
256. TheGardner
One of the reasons I have always liked Lauren's character, despite all of the out of left field backstories she's been subject to, is that she was a grown-up. I really hate how she has been dragged down to a juvenile level to facilitate this bro-mance with Dyson. Maybe if it had been more organic, but as is it's just annoying. Also both of them basically waiting around for Bo to choose, casts neither in a favorable light.

I predict that since Bo is clearly under the spell of Rainer; that either Dyson or Lauren is going to be the one to bring her back and therefor Bo's true love will be revealed, thus the triangle will be broken for good dun, dun dun!

Also Bo is still an enormous asshat and this whole "I can't choose, I love them both equally" is bullshit. Clearly neithor her nor EA watches their own show.
257. Stacymd2
@Kiersten: Let us know how you feel after you watch 409!
258. nypinta
How can Lauren be waiting around for Bo to choose yet also the one who broke it off with her, and refused to get back together with her? That makes ZERO sense.

As for Rainer... Trick created him so he manipulated things so that Bo would be the one to free him, his enemies granddaughter. That's a serious foe. But Trick was clearly an egotistical maniacle genocidal asshate so maybe Rainer isn't the enemy everyone thinks, but the hero that has come to finally defeat a great enemy of all the fae: Trick. He bends the world to his will and has done so for his own selfish reasons. The fae might credit him with ending their war, but what if the Garuda was right and it would have ended on it's own hundreds of years ago but he only made the laws to save his own ass. Removing the memories of what he had done might have made a less maniacl trick, but not completely. What if the Helskor shoes are actually for Rainer? He's the true hero?

I do think the crap about Bo not being able to choose is... well, crap. You don't get the chose someone that hasn't chosen you! Jeebus that is annoying.

But Rainer being her destiny does feel like some kind of spell, because we all know Bo doesn't like choices being made for her.

Anyone else catch Trick saying that Bo was the last of his line? That means Aife must be gone.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
259. Kiersten
How can Lauren be waiting around for Bo to choose yet also the one who broke it off with her, and refused to get back together with her? That makes ZERO sense.

Susan White
260. whiskeywhite
@TheGardner, you're so right about the juvenile direction the plot has taken regarding Lauren and Dyson. But you know what, I think I give up waiting for it all to make emotional sense.

I have to say I enjoyed this episode. I laughed out loud a few times and I actually found it very funny that Lauren and Dyson are now buddy ex's, team members and family members. Funny because the writers did indeed go there. Let's just forget that Lauren was all "I'll see you around" so recently. And as you say @nypinta, how is it that Lauren is waiting to be chosen?

I must say that I'm totally ready to get past the snippy rivals stuff. Either have serious sympathetic conversations like the post-break commiseration in the Dal or go for outright outrageous. They chose the latter.

To add to the ridiculousness, we have Lauren and Dyson suiting up as a team to go into battle to protect Bo. Dyson goes to get his gun and Lauren arrives wearing a lab coat (I think) and announces that he has his (something) and his wolf while she has brought her science (whipping open her coat to show vials and hyperdermics) and her brains. ("What? He doesn't have brains?" I thought to myself, but he didn't seem to take offence).

Adding to the fun were the little mutual snipes, like over the kiss blown to the "lover" (in the singular). No pretense of realism -- just play. As I said, I give up. Presumably all part of the "Now let's all just get along" plan.

We finally got the announcement from Bo: "I love you both." I don't think that Bo was an asshat for saying she loves them both, as it's the truth, but I am as opposed as ever to the idea that she has to choose between them. So I could have done without the "who should I choose?" riddle. I thought the obvious answer, which the grave lady clearly wasn't going to get, was "both". But no such luck.

I suppose that the happy little threesome plot was a set-up for Rainer to be Bo's surprise "destiny" in the end. I loved that Dyson growled at him. :-) (BTW, I had no previous familiarity with Kyle Schmid. He is gorgeous!)

We have Tamsin back fully adult. Yay. And she and Kenzi are the second team, investigating Trick (Kenzi back in her PI role). I feared that something really dangerous was going to happen with the Japanese box but, phew, nada.

Gotta give it to them, though. They did move the plot forward. "Forward to where?" is the question.
261. TheGardner
@nypinta - I didn't write it, but that is what's happening.

So Bo choosing Lauren last season meant nothing and what happened to all the conversations they are supposed to have? And what about the friendzoning of Dyson to using him as a free meal then as a mule to fuck away her pain? How about her selfish dickhole behavior, is that all just whitewashed?

What a fucking waste.
262. TheGardner
@whiskeywhite - This is where I get off the train. I think if it had been established from the beginning that Lauren and Dyson were equal partners then I could buy this friendship and the idea of a polyamorous relationship. With the characters that have been established over three plus seasons it doesn't work for me and the entire exchange feels very forced amd contrived. The banter between them, ugh what are they 12? And Bo fanned the flames of my irritation with the kiss blowing thing, I mean really WTF? I just can't anymore with this bullshit.

The rest of the episode was decent and holy hell I think there was some actual plot movement, finally. Trick as a villain and his connection to Tamsin was interesting. Rainer was a dud and is it possible to have at least one character on this show that doesn't love Bo, she is not exactly a prize. I get he is usisg/manipulating her, but still, come on already.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
263. Kiersten
Bo, without the knowledge that Dyson had his love back, chose to give her and Doctor Lauren "a shot". And they did. And it played out all through season three organically and it ended organically as Doctor Lauren realized that their relationship didn't work for her and probably never would. She broke up with Bo in 3.10, she broke up with Bo in 3.13 rather viciously, and she reiterated that she was not interested in getting back with Bo in 4.05. They never had any of the conversations they talked about having because they're incapable of actually talking to each other and having a real relationship. It's over. It's *been* over as far as Doctor Lauren is concerned for some time...except when the writer's realize that means Bo has to actually admit her love for Dyson without caveating it for DL. Then suddenly, DL is (ludicrously) made relevant again. I actually thought the "i love you both so much" was a cop out. After all they've been through, Bo and Dyson deserve their own moment for that, free of DL, one that is wholly theirs and theirs alone, like the end of 4.06 when they were hashing out Bo's ugly issues together and nobody thought once of DL. But no, we dont dare have anything like that.

Much as I love KHR and ZP scenes and fun as those tend to be, I am not a fan of Dyson and Doctor Lauren's sudden "bromance" together. DL hasnt earned that regard from him in any way whatsoever - she still hasnt even apologized for what she did to him. And Dyson's doing all the work, saying repeatedly how brilliant she is while she continues to take pot shots at him. Man hate drink! That is not an organic partnership, that's a "we're tired of being at odds, write us some scenes together" deal. And it whitewashes what makes them different, what makes each of them a choice, not just brains vs brawn (please) but the aspects of their characters that make them appeal to Bo differently and that makes one of them a far better partner for her than the other every and any way you look at it. (Yes, that's Dyson - have you met me?) Instead, they've defanged both of them and make them pals so they can together be the opposition to Bo's insane and clearly brainwashed attachment to Rainer.

I'm tired of the 'ship wars too, but I'm more tired of the show doing everything it can to avoid having to deal with them to the point of introducing an entirely new lover for Bo. Changing the acrimony between Dyson and DL does not make things better. It just makes it one more thing the writers and producers can't be bothered to be true to.

Oh, and so The Wanderer is Rainer but he's NOT Bo's father. So we've gone ANOTHER entire season without dealing with the identity of Bo's father??? What the actual fuck, show?

There's a lot to love in this episode. I thought Trick's scenes were amazing and crying, broken Tamsin broke my heart. I'm thrilled the plot is finally moving forward and it's not even episode 12! But I'm finding it harder and harder to invest in a show that seems to see absolutely no value in investing in itself.

@nypita - I dont believe Trick's line about Bo being the last of his line was meant to imply that Aoife is dead. I think it's more likely another thing the writer's couldnt be bothered to think all the way through when they wrote it. That said, she is technically the last of his line even if Aoife's alive since she is the only one of her generation and there are none (at the moment) who come after her i.e. no children of Bo's to carry on Trick's line, which makes her the last one.
264. TheUberFan
I'm not sure he isn't her father. Remember a few things. They established last season that the Wanderer was Bo's father. They established he was as old as time. That he was evil and manipulative. This season, Tamsin referred to him as the face of evil. We know he manipulates memories, among other things.

Just because he's an Adonais doesn't mean he's not crazy old or Bo's father. Look at Tamsin....she's now signficantly older than I originally thought, since Trick apparently regenerated her life cycles when she was at the end of them what looks to be over a thousand years ago.

Tamsin said he was the face of evil and that he'd do anything to get his perfect mate, even if it meant making her himself. She also called him a monster.

Just because Bo is saying he's not her father doesn't mean it's true, given his ability to manipulate and screw with memories and minds. And remember from her memory on the train...she saw that crown and absolutely freaked out. So no...I don't think things are as they appear with the hottie stud.

And Tamsin will absolutely blow a gasket when she sees him, no doubt.

As for the triangle...I'm seriously sick to death of it. Please. Just PLEASE stop this Lost Girl. We've seen Bo start with Dyson...and then he was Norned. Then Season 2 was bliss. Bo was just Bo and we didn't care about the triangle. Season 3...again...Bo decided to try with Lauren. It bombed. Dyson admitted he still loved her but wouldn't interfere. Bo meets Tamsin and there's something that's there but neither can pursue for their own reasons.

Enter this season...I feel like the writers are trying to make everyone happy and it's just a mess. It's horrible on every level. Lauren dumped Bo. She is not in the running. If Bo is having a problem deciding anything, it's whether or not to get back with Dyson...which for whatever reason, she's not interested in pursuing.

Then there's Tamsin. And I feel like I've been punched in the gut because it's like, Tamsin who this week after having Bo connect with Tamsin as an adult again...and then they don't even share a screen together? Thanks Lost Girl. Except for Kenzi, no one gives a flip about her. Last week apparently never happened and Bo is still deciding on a false choice...until she talks to sexy destiny guy.

Who may or may not be her dad. And we do know that the Wanderer is evil because Emily said he's one of the three big bads.

So I'm not letting Bo's brainwashed speech when she got back to the Dal mean that he's a good guy. He isn't.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
265. Kiersten
I don't think that Rainer is a good guy at all.

Also, what happened to all of Doctor Lauren's "I'm taking control of my path" stuff? What happened to her plans for/with Evony? That too gets lost by forcing her back into (non) competition with Dyson when she's done her level best to make it clear to Bo she's not interested in a relationship. Also, why write her dumping Bo three times and finally asserting her own agency only to forget about it when it becomes inconvenient? Add to that the false construct of the bromance with Dyson and it just invalidates all of her first half of the season. As usual, too many things with how they write and treat her don't add up or make any sense.
Marie Sullivan
266. minime2
Oh, and so The Wanderer is Rainer but he's NOT Bo's father. So we've gone ANOTHER entire season without dealing with the identity of Bo's father??? What the actual fuck, show?
Tell us how you really feel, LOL. I am so lost at this point and yuck to the idea of an incest storyline.

The idea of Bo's father singing to her and caring for her at birth in order to F her later is so off the charts. If they go for a Rainer-Bo (RainBow???) thing then I want to see some storyline like he IS NOT her father and kidnapped Bo from Aiofe in order to end Tricks line and exact his revenge on Trick by turning his family from him.

If we get Rainer=The Wanderer= Bo's Dad and they get it on, I am punching out. To be honest with Bitten and Outlander starting this season and so many good, quality UF shows right now and on the way I will not give my time to a show that has completely given up being quality.

As for EA's interview I must say :
"Next week’s episode is actually really fun! The case is really fun and it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time"
That doesn't bode well considering the episodes she considers fun usually involve prison rape, too much happening off screen and just bad overall taste.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
267. Kiersten
@minime2 - that comment from EA is about the mermaids, which she's been teasing since last season. I'm pretty sure 4.10 includes them
Marie Sullivan
268. minime2
Oh and has anyone touched on consent in LG, Dyson's rape at the hands of Aiofe and Bo's use of sway to chi suck people and now Rainer's ability to alter memories in order to get with Bo. Consent is really something that should be addressed in the LG world but never is.

Mermaids, I was thinking unicorns. I actually want to see what they do with mermaids, hopefully they have a bigger budget then season 2 and will give us a better cgi mermaid then the silkies in 2.
269. nypinta
I'm going to disagree a bit with the assesment of Lauren and Dyson's new found friendship. Although I do agree that this continuation of forceing a love triangle onto the show is beyond ridiculous and completly illogical, those two have had several moments outside of Bo to consider each other as people. First when they commiserated together about each of them losing someone they cared about at the end of S2, then later after Lauren broke up with Bo, and yes then at Taft's. I am just as frustrated as most at the conversations that happen of screen (Mamet the writers are not) and just jumping back into the action with only hints at how those conversations went, however I can see why we are never going to get a conversation between Lauren and Dyson about what went down. From his perspective Lauren did nothing she needs to apologize to him for. They were in the pods side by side and although we didn't see her it is completely within the realm of possibility that Dyson saw Lauren take the cabbott's DNA and they even discussed a plan about her switching. Because his reaction to Taft once he had gotten away was too "I know how this is going to play out, it's part of a plan" for it to just be him realizing what happened and taking advantage. So from Dyson's POV, he and Lauren were working together and any pain he suffered for it was done willingly. He's a soldier. He considers it both of them doing what was needed to get out of a particular situation and it's done now. I don't really see their barbs as juvenile since it feels more like both of them are testing the boundries with each other. They might be friendly, but they might not be friends just yet. (Family is something different.)

However, the idea that everyone keeps talking up Bo being the one to choose between them despite what has happened does bother me, to the point of being a distraction. As in I actually cringed a few times. It would have made more sense if Bo just asked Levi what was in her pocket, because seeking romantic advice from someone whose been wandering the underworld for 600 years is, to be blunt, dumb. And heavy handed. And not really all that subtle. But Lauren also acts as if it's Bo's choice. Dyson keeps giving voice to it. But how can there be a love triangle if one of those points says, "no", then later says, "no" again? And I kind of found it shitty that Bo says this deepfelt speech to Dyson and Lauren about loving them when Kenzi is standing right there and she says nothing to her! Maybe they felt the need to hammer home that two people think they are the one for Bo just so her showing up with her future husband would suck, but instead (if I'm sure he wasn't going to be evil and has completely manipulated her in some way) it's almost a relief. I'd rather they left out that ham fisted "I love you both" speech and had her tell the whole room that she loved them all but I've got to do this very stupid and dangerous thing alone instead. Skip Dyson saying he'd have a hard time choosing too. And have Bo ask a different stupid "riddle" (because that wasn't a riddle and it was cheating and I didn't think it was cute. At least when Bilbo did it, it was on accident. Gollum just assumed his question was the riddle and tried to answer it. The leviathan should have called shenanigans and not let Bo get away with it.

I'm still on the fence about Rainer. They've thrown some pretty confusing statements out about who he is. Seems that the timeline is Tamsin was miserable knowing she was on her last "lives" (she used a plural) and Trick took advantage of her weakness and fear to convince her not to take Rainer's soul so he could exact some horrific revenge. He cleanses everyone of Rainer's memory, including his own, and that gave Tamsin a clean slate. However, sometime later (and we don't know when) someone horrific and evil offered Tamsin a lot of money to find Bo and she took the gig not thinking someone like Bo could even exist. Ooops. And now here we are. I think Tamsin is he one who is going to die but I think Bo goes back to the underworld to get her back. It's kind of her thing now. So Rainer is the Wanderer. They all assume he's her father. But what if there is something worse than Rainer and he's her father? I can't say I'll take EA word on what kind of character Rainer is, because she can't actually be trusted and sometimes she says things that just aren't supported by what happens on the show.
270. Nypinta
Oh, and I would have skipped Trick's little outburst to Kenzi & Tamsin too. He can be a jerk but it felt like more heavy handed foreshadowing of what an ass he used to be. I can see him being frustrated & angry with Tamsin because as far as he knows she's responsible for Bo being taken & him feeling guilty for being scared but to revert to that level was ... Like they were afraid we wouldn't get who Trick was or could be.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
271. Kiersten
@nypita - i think those previous scenes with Dyson and DL did lay some groundwork but not for the way they are now. For understanding, yes. For "let's get our girl back"? No. I do absolutely agree that the whole "I love you both" was totally anvil driven for her to return with Rainer as her "destiny", which just makes it even more eye-rolling. It's also almost the exact language she used in DL's flat at the end of S2 that she caveated with "all", so...make of that what you will.

Definitely agree that the timeline with Rainer is dodgy. If he's been cursed on that train, who hired Tamsin? Good point. PastTrick said he was going to curse PastRainer so "he'd wander" and I guess the assumption is that Rainer is The Wanderer. Then the crows made some ham-fisted comments about how Rainer is everyone's father in a way, which was so lame, but absolutely could be the show trying to walk back S3 "he's your father" bits. But still, a major cop out and one that makes no sense since if they didn't mean for him to be Bo's father, they shouldnt have had her spend most of this season going on about whether he was her father. Why write it that way if you don't plan to see it out?
272. Nypinta
Them fighting together on Bo's behalf I can see. But yeah the "our girl" line was more triangle talk.

BTW there were comments suggesting "boner" as the Bo/Rainer ship name. I will not be using that one. At all. I prefer RainBo. Not that I ship them. But just cuz.
Marie Sullivan
273. minime2
Didn't they use "our girl" in season 3 or "Our Bo"?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
274. Kiersten
@minime2 Tamsin said "your girl; our wolf" when she and Bo were in DL's flat before they went looking for Taft's Lab
Marie Sullivan
276. minime2
Yes you are correct the "our Bo" was DL and Kenzi. I am missing Kenzi and Bo time, I hope the next episode will give us some quality Bo & Kenzi time sans Tamsin and the rest of the gang. Perhaps another meet my boyfriend double date lunch like the fiasco from season 3 with Ryan (sigh I miss Ryan) and the girls working a case and Kenzi speaking Russian. :( I miss season 1.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
277. Kiersten
@minime2 - I miss Ryan too and holy hell do I miss season one. I fear we'll never again attain that level of awesome in this show. That said, I do think S4 to be a vast improvement on S3 even if the triangle stuff and Doctor Lauren specifically continues to heave with WTFery
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