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Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 6 Discussion: Hugs and Kisses!

Bo and Kenzi in Lost Girl 4x06Last night's Lost Girl episode 4x06, “Of All the Gin Joints,” had some interesting relationship developments. Here's the synopsis:

Bo fights for the freedom of a talented opera singer, whose voice could be the key to unlocking the answers she seeks. Meanwhile, Kenzi is threatened by someone from Hale's past.

So much smooching this episode! _____ kissed ______ , and ______ kissed _____ !

What did you think?

Note: This is an episode discussion post, so there will of course be MAJOR SPOILERS for the episode.

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Susan White
1. whiskeywhite
Well, that'll teach me to nitpick. Of course Dyson supported Bo in front of the mirror. The moment she collapsed, his was on his knees beside her. But I expected a "Bo! What's the matter?" And again when she revealed the mark on her body, a "What is that?" Or some such. That's what I would do. Just me being pedestrian and wordy.

I'm totally up for the idea that Lauren may be undercover and working for the Light. I had thought the same thing as @SuzyM and Kiersten while I was watching the show. "The Dark came for me" could easily be part of the cover story -- you clever folks have argued that it never made sense anyway and I think the way they shot the "I never thought it would be you" scene up from below allows the person at the door to be Trick. It's clearly a man wearing pants. And certainly Lauren is up to something by collecting (presumably) a DNA sample from Evony with the kiss.

I've been (finally) catching up reading Emily Andras' post episode interviews. Here's some bits that jumped out for me:
"I’ve talked about how they’re (the Una Mens) kind of the Vatican meets the Borg, and I think that kind of religious fervor is incredibly dangerous." Love it.
- She compliments RS on her work with KS on the choreography of the dance off. They don't need an outside choreographer, they have KS.
- EA is asked why there wasn't a full sex scene for the reunion of Bo and Lauren: "there may be opportunity for more fabulous sex scenes going forward…." Of course.
- She comments on the chemistry between Lauren and Evony. I 100% agree.
- "Vex’s hand makes another appearance in the most fabulous way possible."
- The next episode on Dyson's memory will be "a really fun episode for Dyson fans" and for the fans of all the characters. Okayyyy. My hopes are up. If only I didn't distrust her idea of "fun" so much.
Susan White
2. whiskeywhite
Oh, and I meant to say, "Welcome @islandgrl." It's great that several long-time lurkers have come into the conversation in the last while. I hope you will continue to contribute.
3. TheUberFan
I was surprised when _____ kissed ______ but not so surprised when _____ kissed ______ or when _____ kissed ______. I mean, we've already established that _____ loves ______ and _____ loves ______.

What do you think?
5. TheUberFan
Just following the format in the post! :D

You know what though? That would be pretty funny.
6. nypinta
I'm still not sure that he can see the handmark.

As for Lauren's reasoning not making sense possibly being a clue that she is working with Trick, even if she were going undercover that still wouldn't make sense. And if she had gone to the Dark and offered her services because she is working with Trick, then lying to someone about them coming to get her would make them suspicious. She should pick one story and stick with it, and Evony being the one to have her works. But they are making it so that they could say it was someone else later down the line.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
It seems pretty clear only Bo sees the mark The Wanderer put on her in that scene
8. Evgeniya.13
It's really interesting, right, but wait, when will you fight for each other there already? Seems like you're giving up so fast! Still can't understand is it Fae's love or just fun. Anyway, dark Bo makes me smile haha. Such a bitchy! I wish Kenzi speaks more russian, I miss it.
9. drusilla_doll
Still waiting for the download, but perhaps they wanted it to be clear that Bo is the only one who can see the mark, which is why Dyson doesn't comment in surprise or shock. We'll have to wait and see if she tells him about it or not.

It sounds like a really interesting episode, over all.

LOL. When I was reading some of EA's comments about the Una Mens, I did think of the Borg.

Long time trekkie here, so I think it's cute Lauren is one too. Definitely a mark in her favor. ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
10. Kiersten
The meta in DL's trekkie obsession is that KHR is a huge, gleeful Trekkie, who favors TNG and so is ZP if I remember correctly. Ditto the too deliberately displayed to be accidental Yoga magazine in one of DL's moving crates.

She played it all adorably.
11. Anina
EA mentioned in last week's interview that S4 would have 3 big bads and that no. 3 would be a surprise. We've got the UM and Rainer so far. How about Lauren being no. 3?

All the things she said in 3.13 about the Fae having ruined her life were quite true. Now she seems to be collecting Evony's DNA and may still have Dyson's DNA stashed somewhere. She called an unknown person from Taft's lab and avoided telling Crystal about her brother's whereabouts. Also the whole dancing and Star Trek thing? Definitely OOC. I smell a rat ...

BTW what happened to Crystal? Did I miss something? I can hardly imagine the Morrigan just sent her back to her job ...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
12. Kiersten
Hi @Anima - I would *love* to see that scenario play out. It's organic, would pay off three seasons of Doctor Lauren's character progression, and would be a game-changer for sure. That said, I think the 3rd Big Bad is going to turn out to be Bo herself going evil though I much prefer DL getting her Doctor Frankenbitch fully on.

There's been no word on Crystal since DL found out who had captured them, which is a little too abrupt not to be a key point. Also, it has been teased that Ali Lambert does return this season, so that's sure to come back around again at some point. If DL is in league with Trick, he may have spirited Crystal away somewhere safe as part of the deal. If she's geniunely hooked up with Evony and working a plan of her own independently, then it could be that Crystal's situation was part of the deal DL made with The Morrigan. Lots of options there.
13. Anina
Doctor Frankenbitch LOL

I just hope they don't go back to the Saint Lauren routine :(
J Steller
14. Steller
Just watched the episode and had to come here to see what everyone thinks. So much fodder for over-analysis!
I enjoyed the episode. Evony and Lauren together was...interesting. Still missed Tamsin, though.

Lastly, I don't really know why Lauren didn't just get a DNA sample from one of the many beer bottles laying about. I get that she wouldn't have known Evony was bringing beer, but that scene kind of played not as shocking or interesting because I was thinking you'd maybe get a better sample from a bottle than a quick brush up against a fake lip...
15. drusilla_doll
It also means she was anticipating lip-locking with Evony too. Very interesting.
16. TheGardner
So this episode, ugh wow, just wow. Watching Bo hate-fuck Dyson is something I could have gone my entire life without seeing, so thanks for that Lost Girl, now can someone please pass me the eye bleach?

Episode Stuff:

Lauren and Evony, the best part of the episode. Both actress play off each other really well, and have me intrigued by this game of cat and mouse. The one thing I find annoying is that twice this season Lauren has been able to just "hang out" with someone over pizza and beer, something we never got to see when she was with Bo.

The Fae-of-the-Week was neither compelling or interesting and felt more like set-up. You have the forbidden love deal, slavery, desire for freedom and Bo's memories wrapped in a song. It was consistent with the current theme, but it was just meh. Although I may be biased against this character due to my distaste for opera, apologies.

Bo and Dyson, the barrel room and the bedroom were essentially the same scene only the first was interrupted. To some extent I can understand what Bo is doing here, she is feeling like she has no control so she takes it and Dyson is easy to dominate. I think AS did a good job conveying the utter lack of warmth in both scenes; she is miserable, angry and using him to fuck away the pain. I did similar things when I came back from the war, not to this degree, but I can kind of get it. I was desperate to connect with the person I used to be and I couldn't, she was gone. So I engaged in self-destructive behaviors to numb the pain, the difference is even at my lowest, I never took it out on anyone else the way Bo is.


Bo - Is a hot fucking selfish mess. She is horrified with her own behavior towards Dyson, appologizes then makes it all about her, again. It was the same with Ianca, the only reason she cared when the woman died is because she had something Bo needed. I think with all of the "nobody owns you" drop-ins Lauren is being set up to be the one to bring her back. After this episode, I really can't see how the show could ever go back to DyBo. This was textbook abuse, the fact that she stopped herself and apologized doesn't negate that.

Dyson - Let's just change the character's name to Doormat-with-an-erection. I have trouble buying him as a spy since that would require patience I don't believe he possess. I see Dyson as more of an "action" guy, although right now I would settle for "reclaiming my dignity" guy. The thing is he knew what Bo was doing to him and he is so desperate for a connection with her he lets her, pathetic. The fact that he just rolls over and takes it, then comforts her makes me sick.

Kenzi - She and Bo seem so far apart, also isn't Dyson her friend? Why is she not slapping Bo upside the head and telling her what she is doing to him is all kinds of wrong? So after four years she and Hale have decided to end the dance, about time I guess. I have never found romantic chemistry between the two, but whatever they are still leaps and bounds ahead of that incestuous Denzi, ew. The Kenzi and Lauren interaction was a short scene, but very telling. Kenzi has changed, living with the fae without Bo has allowed her to see things in a different light and as such her view of Lauren has changed.

Lauren - So she is playing the Morrigan and receiving a new condo out of the deal, good. A geeked out Lauren is an awesome Lauren and I loved how happy she seems to be getting out from under the rule of the Light. I liked her interaction with Kenzi and hope to see more of them together. I loved her getting her dance on, she seemed so confident and happy, it was a nice change.

Evony - Interesting tactic, giving Lauren journals from renowned scientists and chillin' in her apartment with beer and pizza. What is her game here?

Hale - Pick out a plot, buy the flowers and rent the hurse because that boy isn't going to last the season. It was nice of Kenzi to threaten his junk then realize that might work against her in their current situation. I have always liked Hale, I think he is underused and I miss his bro-mance with Dyson, but the loss of his abs is something I may never get over.

Trick - Not much from him beyond helping Bo "care" for Ianca and yelling at her not to bang in his bar, which she was a total brat about. Ignoring the fact that this is his place of business, he is the acting Ash and with the Una Mens afoot he can't just allow Light and Dark to copulate in front of him. I hope that there is more to come with this story line as I think it is much more interesting than Bo's deconstruction.

FTR I don't generally read any other comments until after I have posted my thoughts, so my apologies if this stuff has already been beaten to death.
17. FireMermaid
I posted this on the other thread just before the switch. There was some talk about Dyson being SAS or SIS. I thought Dyson said SAS, which makes sense as it is the British version of the Navy SEAls Unlike the SIS which is more like the CIA
Dine Stueg
18. Nocturne
Wow... finally a kiss between Kenzi and Hale, without switching bodies/spell/whatever. So I'm very happy. Kenzi looks amazing with the hat and it was adorable.

But of course there's drama already with Hale bleeding. I don't know about Hale being killed off. I thought at first at the beginning of the season they were going there, but there are so many clues now, it would be a bit too obvious. The tweets about a funeral, Ksenia tweeting a picture with a veil, EA saying 'will she lose him?' and the ear bleeding already in the sixth episode. Maybe it's just hopeful thinking, but Hale being the one to die seems to be too predictable at this moment.

I was thinking if they did go there. Kenzi loses Nate, Kenzi loses Hale... That would really mess her up. Maybe she will eventually be the third big bad of the season (just like Willow from Buffy after Tara got murdered).

Next episode seems to be the one about Dysons and Tricks past, if I go by the picture that is on showcase. Also, if it's a great episode for everyone, no matter who your favorite character is, does that mean every character is included? Vex and Tamsin will return?
Carmen Pinzon
19. bungluna
I did try to read through every comment and I'm still confused.

I wish the writers would pick one overall arc and stick with it. This constant waffling between different posibilities is giving me a headache.

On the Hale / Kenzie front, I'm prepared for tragedy. It's a truth universally acknowledged that a happy couple in tvland is in want of a tragic ending to make it 'dramatic'. Utter BS, as far as I'm concerned, but set in stone in today's tv age. Sigh.

EvilLauren would be so much better, imo, than WonderLauren has ever been. But again, with the triangle obsession in today's drama manual, I'm resigned to some last-minute retcon that will place her right back in the WonderLauren place. Sigh, Sigh.

Bo has gradualy turned from a heroine to a total bitch. She was a lousy friend to Kenzie in S3 and a terrible girlfriend to Dyson in S2 (really, she couldn't be bothered to confront the Norn?). She wasn't any good with Lauren either, again imo. I wish the writers would set her up to get some therapy and pull her stuff together by the end of this season, but really hold out no hope. Extra sigh!

And we still have that convertible car was scene to get through. Given what we've seen so far, I shudder to think of its context.
20. nypinta
I don't think Tamsin returns for another episode.

And I do not see Dyson as desperate. In th first episode when he finds her, she is so happy to see him and they can't stop touching each other once the case of the week is dealt with. They're arm in arm as they walk down the street and then in the car they're holding hands. But then what has happened to her starts to sink in and she reacts badly, but not so badly as to be a giant neon sign to anyone. They're previous encounters in seasons past have always been pretty intense and she almost always initiated, so I can't see him finding aything odd about her behavior now in that regard. Then in this last episode when she takes him to the barrel room, they're playing around. She's smiling, he's smiling, even though they both know they shouldn't be together. It isn't until Trick comes in that she gets snitty. (And he was right to not back down. Don't fuck with Trick's bar. Gramps ain't messing around.) But then the episode happens and she is confronted with just how much she has changed, because "old Bo" as she thinks of who she used to be wouldn't give up, wouldn't have signed with the Dark. This Bo that we ar seeing now uses fae phrases with ease, like when she offered to "claim" Lauren, and her attitude towards her friends. So at the end of the episode, she is disengaged and Dyson realizes it and tries to get her to look at him. I didn't see it as "begging" as I've seen it described by others. This is the first time that she's not with him while they're together. She snaps. And it is about her. I mean, FFS she was whisked out of the one safe place she has every found by a seemingly all powerful fae that she has no memory of that has aligned her with the Dark. She nearly lost Dyson last season. She has lost Lauren, as far as she's concerned. And she knows she can't protect her friends. So she's been kind of bitchy. But compare being a bit bitchy to what she's dealing with and I would think it would suck of Dyson to turn his back on her. Just how perfect are people supposed to be all the time to keep their friends and loved ones? I just find it kind of sad that people seem to think Dyson is the one in the wrong, or pathetic, for not abandoning Bo just because she's not completely herself right now. Do I find Bo selfish sometimes? Oh hell yes. But for the past 10 years before she came to town she lost every single person she loved and now she's afraid it can happen again, by forces outside of her control. A little snit now and then isn't that much of a sin, in my opinion.

But the love triangle is getting old, except with Lauren clearly OK with not being together with Bo I don't see how there is one anymore. (Right now.)

@Bungluna I agree about Bo not confronting the Norn in S2. That was lame. And it didn't seem like the thing that Bo would do seeing as she has no qualms about walking into a ton of situations with fae supposedly more powerful than her all the time. It was a giant misstep of the writers to not have Bo looking into ways to fix Dyson, even if all her attempts were futile. But I don't see how she was really that bad of a girlfriend of Lauren's. They were together and spent a lot of time together, except all we really saw of that was when they were in her bed. Another misstep of the writers to now show them just hanging out, even if it was for popcorn and a movie (like her and Kenzi.) But Bo was going through something that would determine her entire fate as a fae and could result in her ending up an underfae with hardly any prep time when most fae get decades and she's seen as selfish for having to deal with that. I'm sorry that Lauren didn't get to go to her award ceremony but she knew what Bo was dealing with and after it was over Bo expressed the desire to get out of town with Lauren, but by then Lauren had pretty much decided she was done with the fae completely because she got another offer. That's not Bo's fault, IMO.
Katherine Bloom
21. lsbloom
Okay first things first. Bo sent Dyson out to find DL, but not only did Lauren not bother to tell Bo or Dyson or Kenzi that she was A-Okay and with the dark, but Bo didn't bother to call Dyson and tell him Lauren was found either? That's just rude.

Secondly, the fae make no sense. For every super strong fae we find, they have been hunted to extinction: mesmer, naga, bird-chicky. She can kill with a note...who would enslave that community? oh right, no one! One day you and everybody near you would just never wake up. Illogical. "I'm all powerful and a coward all at the same time." It's an oxymoron. Sure, one I could put up with or like the huggy take away your bad dreams fae with the cureall pelt really powerful but no offense, those made sense. But a bunch of Vexes running around? Please. Where is the sense of self-preservation? No logic. I don't feel bad for useless characters who do nothing to save themselves, which defeated the entire purpose. We were supposed to sympathize with the bird chicky, but they didn't build up a love story only to reverse it for power, there was no character at all. So no tension.

The same goes for the light/dark timeline. They've gone and made most of the fae really old. And completely ignoring that all of human civilization fits into less than 10,000 years (what is that 4-5 generations of fae?), all the "it happened over a 100o years ago" stuff doesn't fit anymore. Dyson, Trick, Aoife, Tamsin, the Norn, sheesh, most of the people we've met were alive or at least their parents would have been, that isn't engrained mythology that you don't remember or tamper with. That's a good possibility that people continue to rebel. That's everybody knows Trick. When things are alive for that long and there just aren't that many of them running around, they would all be pretty well versed in each other. All they've done is keep making the world smaller, which means pulling stuff like the Una Mens out of left field is even harder. Why would anyone put up with them? I suspect that TPTB are going to go the way of the Norn and the bounty hunter from Original Skin because they've basically repeated his power: he turns fae powers back on them, which leaves a HUGE gaping whole vis a vis humans. And the rationale that nobody Fs with them is the same reason nobody F'd with the Norn, plot necessity, oh no, sorry, respect/fear.

All our characters were ships passing in the night this episode, and nothing progressed really at all. Oh a mark and a crown. That's all we learned. Why haven't the writers learned that they don't have the skills to handle build up. They can't even handle basic tension, for the love of everything, don't try for two seasons long expectations! The Wanderer would have to be Breaking Bad level of interesting at this point.

I just want my characters back together. Kenzi is carrying the show and she doesn't have enough screen time for that. Bo having to tell Hale to save Kenzi??!?!? But not telling Kenzi that Hale was kissing someone else? In fact, sending Kenzi after him? Bad friend. Very bad friend. Or just stupid plotting.

My favorite part: Kenzi wearing Hale's hat and snuggling into his shoulder. Because it was character movement and it made some logical sense.
22. TheUberFan
Yeah I'm actually quite interested in the Lauren/Evony scenes because we know that they both have something going on.

Evony is a master manipulator. She's tricked Bo countless times, up to and including "Let the Dark Times Roll." She's deliciously evil...yet we saw little evidence of this in these scenes. Why? Why is she wooing as opposed to threatening?

Lauren is obviously playing Evony too, or she wouldn't have at some point during her time with her in her soon to be former apartment applied fake lips to get a sample from Evony (perhaps she had a quick bathroom break and applied the fake lips then?). But why does she have this? Insurance? Does she want to research it? Does she suspect something and want to prove or disprove a theory?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
23. Kiersten
@Nocturne - can you link to the picture? I dont see it on showcase
Nadine Robb
24. cmm
"Bo having to tell Hale to save Kenzi??!?!? But not telling Kenzi that
Hale was kissing someone else? In fact, sending Kenzi after him? Bad
friend. Very bad friend. Or just stupid plotting."

This part really bothered me too. Especially after the tripe she spewed about people keeping stuff from her when Kenzi confessed to kissing Dyson. It made Bo look like one large hypocrite. As for the Hale dying thing, I don't think they will write him out completely. I think they will go the route of Kenzi having to save him like he saved her in season 2.
Nusi Dekker
25. NusiD
Well, my source for the episodes got shut down, so I probably will have to wait til January to see the series on SyFy. So I will not comment any longer here, but will comment when Kiersten does her recaps! I will continue to lurk, though, as I love your analyses of the various characters. Ciao, everyone!
Heather Waters
26. HeatherWaters
2 comments--by FireMermaid and nypinta--manually published. We're working on a fix, so please hang in there! Thanks, Heather
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
@FireMermaid - I'll know for sure when I see it on Syfy & can use the closed captions, but I too thought it more likely he'd say SAS, which is why I rewound it a couple of times to try and figure it out. KHR's Canadian accent sometimes makes the more subtle vowel differences a trick to work out. Usually, it's not this big a deal. That said, I'm pretty sure it was SIS but again, agree SAS fits him better as is while SIS makes the back story slightly more intriguing. Either way, both add megatude to the bad ass factor and hopefully next week's episode will give some more clairty as we get some more of his back story.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
28. Kiersten
Thanks @redline_ for keeping track & manually helping the posts get posted while the kinks get worked out.
Katherine Bloom
29. lsbloom
@nypinta I agree it would be really terrible to abandon Bo because she's dealing with something difficult--whether it is purely a memory loss emotional issue or if the Wanderer did something to unleash her inner succub*tch.

I wouldn't expect Kenzi or Trick or Dyson to leave her now. You work through issues with the people you love. And if they hurt you, you address it. This is the reason that I've never jumped on the Bo/Dyson are immature bandwagon. They aren't. Something is wrong, hey let's talk about it. Not avoid, not pretend, not break up. Not make your lover's life-changing and possibly lethal experience about your being neglected. Bo is having problems. But I don't think Dyson is being a doormat. I think that he and Bo have fun sex, physical sex, tender sex, all kinds of sex. They are strong active people, I would expect them to have a *frisky* sex life. And not every encounter has to be tender/personal/whatever, I think they are having a lot of sex, that would be super dull. This is the first time he's asked for something and she was so deep in herself and her issues that she ignored him and he stopped. It was jarring, but they went straight to discussing it. I felt bad for him. He was hurt, Bo was hurt. Not holding onto that isn't being weak, it's being forgiving. You forgive the people you love (to an extent).
C. H.
30. SmurfFae
All in all a pretty cool episode. I also liked the DL/Evony scenes. I don't think any villain has more style than Evony. She's so glamorous and laissez-faire ...
I like her let's-just-be-dark-girlfriends-together-attitude she has towards Bo last episode and now Lauren.
(It's normally the role of the hero to become friends with everyone and showcase that all adversities can be overcome by unity ... what she up to?)

Bo sent her future-self messages, since she knew she would forget - like Ben Affleck in 'Paycheck'?

The subtitles say 'SIS', I think they're official ;)

I'm pretty sure the handprint indicates Bo spent some time in Haven ... ?

I guess it's now Kenzie's turn to save Hale (after she saved Dyson's ass at least twice). She better return that twig to Hale fast ...
31. TheGardner
So OK I'm all caught up with everyone's comments; interesting, but not really surprising response to this episode. Still I was hoping for a little more outrage, I mean most of you guys are Dyson fans right? I'm not and yet I'm still disgusted by this portrayl, but whatever.

There is a difference in supporting someone/being there for them and sacrificing your self-respect to act as someone's crutch. Dyson isn't helping Bo by letting her use him to fuck away her problems and is hurting himself in the process. The idea that this is how they "connect" with each other and this showcases the strength of their "partnership" is sad. Dyson is her whipping boy and there is nothing romantic about it.

When Trick interupted Bo and Dyson in the barrel room,I felt like Bo's response was primal. She acted like someone stuck their hand in her food dish and she wasn't done eating.

I really liked seeing the Morrigan dressed down and her veiled attemt at acting human to relate to Lauren. We've never seen her use this tactic before so clearly she has big plans for Lauren and I am looking forward to finding out what they are.

I thought it was hilarious that Dyson was out tracking Lauren and Bo never bothered to contact him, she really is all about what's in front of her face.
32. nypinta
As soon as Dyson saw that Bo wasn't looking at him, he called her on it.

Although Bo was being entitled and snippy, you could also read it as someone embarrassed to be caught and reacted badly. But again, we don't know how much is her, a reaction to what happened, or what has been done to her. I think they keep adding scenes like that to keep us wondering. But each time something like this happens, it's a different person each time that witnesses it so it isn't a giant neon sign to any one person. Not even Dyson. He might have an inkling of an idea that Bo is different, but that does not translate to him allowing himself to be her crutch if he doesn't know he is being her crutch. There is nothing about their scenes before the final one that is out of the ordinary from any time they were together in the previous seasons.

I was annoyed that no one called Dyson. But Lauren didn't call him either, yet she had no qualms about calling him when she wanted something. But now that she's all good, she didn't bother as well. Except, we complain about conversations happening off screen, and Bo telling Dyson she's Dark would be one we would complain about so they found a way to have that conversation and have it not feel disjointed, even though it did make Bo look like a bit of a jerk. That could have been avoided. But again, Bo's not the only one being inconsiderate in that instance either.
C. H.
33. SmurfFae
Actually, there seems to be a pattern of Bo being interupted ... feeding. Last episode by a waiter, now by a barkeeper. Damn staff.
34. drusilla_doll
@The Gardner: I respect your opinion and what you say is definitely a valid interpretation. I haven't seen it myself so I can't contradict or support your assessment. However, I do agree that both Bo and Lauren not informing Dyson of Lauren's true situation was callous.

I am looking forward to more Lauren and Evony cat and mouse tactics and am fully on board with the former outwitting the latter. Still, I don't see why she has to basically lie to Bo about it. IMO the show is reinforcing the fact that Lauren is very good at manipulation and deception and doesn't have that many qualms about using her sexuality to gain a political advantage. It doesn't exactly make her trustworthy, but it DOES make her interesting, and I prefer a Lauren with agency, than one without.
35. Nypinta
@SmurfFae Can't good help these days. ;)
36. Stacymd2
Hi All! My usual go to YouTube connection that uploads the new episodes every Monday got busted so I had to find a new source for my Lost Girl fix. I found one, but the feed was spotty, so I may have missed some things.

Again, I have not read any of the above posts so I apologize if I am repeating anything. I loved this episode. It wasn't perfect, but there was so much awesome in it. 406 went back to Lost Girl's Monster of the Week staple, but the storyline moved along. Season four is definitely a sloooooow burn.

What I Loved:

I liked that we got another piece of the Wanderer puzzle, but the story arc is begining to feel like a tease. Let's hope the writers move the arc along next episode. The sets and acting was great again.

Wardrobe: It was much better this episode. The Morrigan's black top looked chic. The beading and sleeves on Bo's top was pretty. I loved Kenzi's pants and boots. EV looked stunning in jeans with her hair pulled to the side. Hale and Dyson both looked handsome...I wanted to eat them up.

Tamsin's good bye note was cute. I hope she comes home soon!

Lauren's dance was fun to see. It's nice to see Lauren happy and free this episode.

I LOVE how "slave" Lauren is taking her stuff with her to her new apartment.

WTF? The Morrigan went through a red neck faze and has a microbrew, Dark Belch (25% alcohol). She may be evil but she is one heck of an entrepreneur.

Trick's line: "Balls of Minotaur!"

Lauren & Evony have more chemistry than Lauren/Crystal & Lauren/Bo combined. Don't be afraid to go there Powers That Be!

It's unsurprising great how unrepentant and full of herself Lauren is when she admonished Evony for the Dark Fae experimenting on humans only to find out it was a human doctor experimenting on other humans. I love how Lauren learned nothing from the Taft incident, her own pipe bomb/11 dead incident or basic human history.

Dyson was in the SAS! So cool. I want to know more. Could this be a clue/set up for 407?

Yay!!! Hale to the rescue. I love that we got to see Hale use his powers.

Love, love, love the Hale / Kenzi scene on the park bench. They displayed the sweet Seasons one and two chemistry that was missing from 402.

Kenzi's line: "Russian Stink Eye" (scary!)

Bo & Dyson's love scene was scorching, intense, poignant. I loved how he asked her to LOOK at him and she wouldn't. Then, Bo realized what she was doing, stopped herself the laid out her fears to him.

Dyson wolfs out on the Una Mens. Double yay! Yay!! Yay!!!

I'd like to take a moment to say how HOT KHR was in the final scene. Kris Holden-Ried was so smoking hot, that I wanted to lick him head to toe, front to back and down both sides. My tongue would be burned to a crisp, but I would have a big smile on my face.
37. stacymd2
Wow, I am having a very hard time posting on this site tonight. I might try again tomorrow.
38. Stacymd2
Bo & Dyson:

A lot is being said about the B/D love scene--and it was a love scene. Dyson knew he was being used. He knows Bo is frustrated, confused and afraid. He brought her back to herself--to the inherently kind person she is. Bo realized that she was hurting someone she loves and stops. Just looking at him did this....KHR's face was so sweet and concerned in that moment, I could have given him a hug through the screen.

Dyson is Bo's rock.

He loved her no matter what. He fights by her side, recharges her mentally and physically, is 100% loyal, protects her grandfather, best friend and ex-girlfriend. He has not abandoned her. He is OK with being her punching bag because her can take it. This is what she needs right now.

Bo does not need a partner who is fickle, weak, cold and untrustworthy. Dyson trusts her wholly in return. She can be rough sexually, physically and emotionally with him and he will still be there. That is what committed, mature couples do. Thick, thin, death do part, etc....

Ideally, Bo would stop searching and realize the love she has with Dyson and for Dyson, but that is not going to happen before the last 60-seconds of the final episode, of the final season.
39. stacymd2
What I didn't love:

Damn it Lost Gir, still no Wanderer? Geeze!

I missed Tamsin.

Why hasn't Ianka tried to escape before, it was so easy?

Lauren has Star Trek collectibles? Really? So "slave" Lauren was able to shop & go to Cons, etc.? Was this after medical school & residency, before she went on the run for killing 11 people, or while on the run or while in the Congo & Afghanistan (2x), or during her "slavery" to the Fae? According to her rap sheet Lauren is only 32?

There should have been some explanation of where Bruce and Vex were. It's like they disappeared. (Like Hale in 405) TPTB should have mentioned that Bruce had followed Tamsin and Vex was bunking in Dyson's den which is why Dyson is spending more time at Bo's place.

Bo couldn't take 10 minutes to phone Dyson to let him know Lauren turned up and joined the Dark.

There was more chemistry between Hale / Ianka than there was between Marcus / Ianka.

I will be royally pissed off if EA & JF kills Hale. This better be a set up for Kenzi to rescue him.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
40. Kiersten
Mark the date and time: I was wrong. Dyson *does* see the handprint on Bo's neck. He's the one who pulls the kimono aside to reveal it and then says "you're hurt" when he sees it.

Hang on, lemme go watch that last scene again, again, to be sure. Dayam, gonna hafta start at the beginning of it. To be thorough, natch.
Susan White
41. whiskeywhite
Au revoir, @NusiD. We'll miss you, but Jan. isn't far away. We'll talk to you again soon. I suspect that I won't be around as much myself while I'm away. It'll be Jan. when I come back.

@SmurfFae had confirmed SIS from the sub-titles. I went back and double checked. Since Canadian is my native language, I can attest that he does indeed say, "SIS". Besides, would wolves make good Navy Seals? :-)

@TheGardner, when you read the comments you'll see that I agree heartily that Ianka is boring (translation: "meh"). Bring back huggy curing pelt guy. :-) The writers seem to have given up the international mythology premise entirely (sorry, Russian opera singer doesn't count. I feel sure that Russians don't have ancient myths about killer opera singers. They lean more to ogres in the woods, don't they?). Good point about Dyson being more of an 'action' guy. I agree.

Interesting point, @Nocturne, that Hale being killed/dying is too obvious now to be probable. I have my fingers crossed that you're right. I find it hard to imagine they would do away with a character as popular as Hale is. But then @TheGardner is pre-mourning his abs. :-) It could go that way as well for sure. Re: Hale kissing the singer, they were obviously old friends. It almost seemed like one or both of them were children.

I have a lot of sympathy for the idea that if you really love someone you put up with them being shitty to you when they're in pain, and try to give them the support they need. Long-term committed relationships can have some really low moments, and I speak from experience. I realize that there's a fine line between that and tolerating abuse. I appreciate that you feel, @TheGardner, that Dyson is allowing himself to be abused when he shouldn't. I don't see this going on for long. He does speak up and he and Bo talk, as several have said.

Have I said "Welcome", @FireMermaid? What an imaginative and beautiful name.
42. TheGardner
@whiskeywhite - That's the thing they don't talk, not about what she did/was doing to him. Bo apologizes then starts talking about herself; her fears of being soulessly dark like the singer's lover. Then she goes on to talk about the person she was leaving clues for the person she is. Instead of standing up for himself or calling her out on it, he acts like a victim of abuse and consoles her. I read EA's post-mortem on the episode and I cannot believe she referred to that scene as hot. It was so hot that they had to stop in the middle because Bo caught herself and was horrified by her own behavior, yeah that's sooooo hot. And I can be shallow, the loss of Hale's abs would be a tragedy of monumental proportions ;)
43. wingding
he speaks up after Bo SHUTS him up. It's sad, and I'm not quite sure why people aren't infuriated by how all of this is playing out.

Bo clearly is using him, Dyson clearly doesn't mind, and Lauren is not far off in all the metaphors Lost Girl is throwing out there. I'm not sure how I feel about any of this.
44. Stacymd2 any one else having a problem posting like I am?
45. Stacymd2
Hi All! My usual go to YouTube connection that uploads the new episodes every Monday got busted so I had to find a new source for my Lost Girl fix. I found one but the feed was spotty, so I may have missed some things.
Again, I have not read any of the above posts so I apologize if I am repeating anything. I loved this episode. It wasn’t perfect, but there was so much awesome in it. 406 went back to Lost Girl’s monster of the week staple, but it did move the storyline further. Season four is definitely a slow burn.

What I loved:
I liked that we got another piece of the Wanderer puzzle, but the story arc is beginning to feel like a tease. I hope the writers move the arc along next episode. The sets and acting were great.

Wardrobe: It was much better this episode. The Morrigan’s black top looked chic. The beading and sleeves on Bo’s top was pretty. I loved Kenzi’s pants and boots. EV looked stunning in jeans with her hair pulled to the side. Hale and Dyson both looked handsome…I wanted to eat them up.

Tamsin’s note was cute. I hope she comes back soon!

Lauren’s dance was fun to see. I like how happy & free Lauren is this episode. I LOVE how “slave” Lauren is taking her stuff with her to her new apartment.

WTF?? The Morrigan went through a red neck faze and has a microbrew, Dark Belch (25% alcohol). She may be evil but she is one heck of an entrepreneur.

Trick’s line: “Balls of Minotaur!”

Lauren / Evony have more chemistry than Lauren/Crystal and Lauren/Bo combined. Don’t be afraid to go there Powers That Be!

Isn’t unsurprising wonderful how unrepentant and full of herself Lauren is when she admonished Evony for the Dark Fae experimenting on humans only to find out it was a human doctor experimenting on other humans. It’s like she learned nothing from the Taft incident, her own pipe bombs actions/killing 11 people or even basic human history.

Dyson was in the SAS. So cool! I want to know more. Could this be a set up or clue for 407?

Yay!!! Hale to the rescue. It’s was great seeing Hale use his powers.

Love, love, love the Hale and Kenzi scene on the park bench. They displayed the sweet Seasons 1 and 2 chemistry that was missing from 402.

Kenzi’s line: “Russian Stink Eye” (scary!)

Bo & Dyson’s love scene was scorching, intense, poignant. I loved how he asked her to look at him and she wouldn’t. Then she realized what she was doing, stopped herself, then laid out her fears to him.

Dyson wolfs out on the Una Mens. Double Yay! Yay!! Yay!!!

I'd like to take a moment to say how hot KHR was in the final scene. Kris Holden-Ried was so smoking hot, that I wanted to lick him head to toe, front to back and down both sides. My tongue would be burned to a crisp, but I would have a big smile on my face.
46. Stacymd2
Bo & Dyson:

A lot is being said about the B/D love scene—and it was a love scene. Dyson knew he was being used. He knows Bo is frustrated, confused and afraid. He brought her back to herself— to the inherently kind person she is. Bo realized that she was hurting someone she loved and stops. Just looking at him did this… KHR’s face was so sweet and concerned in that moment, I could have hugged him through the screen.

Dyson is Bo’s rock.

He loves her no matter what. He fights by her side, recharges her mentally and physically, is 100% loyal, protects her grandfather, best friend and ex-girlfriend. He has not abandoned her. He is Ok with being her punching bag because he can take it. This is what she needs right now. That is what mature couples do when times get tough, support each other. Richer or poorer, in sickness or in health…thick & thin…death do us part…etc.

Bo does not need a partner who is fickle, weak, cold and untrustworthy. Dyson trusts her wholly in return. She can be rough sexually, physically and emotionally with him. Bo isn’t afraid that she will break him or that he will bail on her during a difficult time in her life.

I can’t in good conscience say Bo & Dyson have the healthiest relationship. For two and a half seasons now Bo has used him in every way.

Ideally, Bo would stop searching and realize the love she has with Dyson and for Dyson, but that is not going to happen before the last 60-seconds of the final episode, of the final season.
47. Stacymd2
What I didn’t love:

Damn it Lost Girl, still no Wanderer? Geeze!
I missed Tamsin.
Why hasn’t Ianka tried to escape before, it was so easy?

Lauren has Star Trek collectibles? Really? So “slave” Lauren was able to shop & go to Cons, etc. Was this after medical school and residency, before she went on the run for killing 11 people, or while on the run or while in the Congo & Afghanistan (2x), or during her “slavery” to the Fae? According to her rap sheet Lauren is only 32.

There should have been some explanation of where Bruce & Vex were. It’s like they disappeared. This is just like Hale in 405. TPTB should have mentioned that Bruce went to Bora Bora and Vex was bunking in Dyson’s den which is why Dyson is spending more time at Bo’s place.

Bo couldn’t take 10 minutes to phone Dyson to let him know Lauren turned up and joined the Dark.

There was more chemistry between Hale and Ianka than there was between Marcus and Ianka.

I will be royally pissed off if EA & JF kills Hale. This better be a set up for Kenzi to rescue him.
48. Stacymd2

Bo is a Black Eyed Peas girl, I thought she loved Druan, Duran.

It seems as if Ianka also had memory problems. Did anyone else catch this? She could not remember where she met and last sung for Bo.

Where did Ianka stash that Fae mp3 player she gave to Bo? That dress didn’t look like it had pockets.

We have seen Evony, Dyson, Hale, Kenzi, Vex and now Lauren bust a move. It’s Bo & Trick’s turn. The Dal should have a charity dance contest for disadvantaged Fae in order to make this happen. Who’s with me?

Anyone else think Evony was laying it on thick to Lauren? Lauren thinks she is getting one over the Morrigan, but Evony didn’t become the Morrigan by being stupid and trusting people. TPTB would have to really dumb Evony down to have her fall for Lauren’s friendship kiss.

Super-Wonder Lauren would not get much (if any) reliable DNA from whatever strip she pulled off her lip after kissing Evony. Evony was wearing lipstick and ZP sucked in her lips a little after the kiss. Lauren would mostly get her own DNA. Science (and Lauren’s background) on Lost Girl is laughable at best, but come on! Why didn’t Lauren use one of Evony’s empty beer bottles?

Also, how did Slave-Terrorist Lauren know to put whatever on her lip to get Evony’s DNA in the first place? Wait…I forgot, this is Wonder, Slave-Terrorist Lauren.

Does anyone else think Lauren could become like Marcus (filled with hate, wanting revenge) rather than Bo becoming like Marcus? Lauren is angry with the Fae. She cut off her support system. She blames others for her actions and feels superior. The Morrigan set her up with unlimited resources. Evony stated that she can “taste” that Lauren is on team “Dark”. TPTB have an opportunity to take Lauren to sinister places this season. They have certainly set up her character to become a villain. I don’t think the writers will ever go that direction and will whitewash all of her actions, as they already have with the Taft thing. But, think of what could have been…
Dine Stueg
49. Nocturne
@Kiersten. The picture is on the front page of showcase lost girl, a small picture on the right.

@stacymd2. I don't think I have any problems posting right now.

Although I did think the sex scene between Dyson and Bo was disturbing and unhealthy, there were also some tender moments in this episode, showing there is still something more than just sex between them. Bo saying she loved this side of Dyson and she seemed to be very concerned about Dyson at the end with the Unamens. The comments on SC about Dyson are very harsh and out of proportions. The main problem is Bo, she truly lost herself. I hope Dyson finally has realized that Bo is seriously messed up, he stops having sex with Bo for now and tries to be there for her in another way. His loyalty shouldn't be at the expense of himself.
50. Stacymd2
Too much is being made of the sex between D&B. Dyson is 1500 years old. He is not some weak flower. Dyson knows that Bo is in a bad place and is helping her in the only way she is allowing him to help her.

Certain nasty "fans" are over picking on Dyson because they don't want him with Bo and because Lauren isn't the one helping Bo. They also refuse to see that Bo has a deep love for Dyson (as well as Lauren).

D & B were NOT having "hate" sex. Rough sex, yes. Angry sex (on Bo's part) sure, but she was not angry at him. There is a huge difference.

If it was Lauren having sex with Bo no one would be raising much of an uproar. Those same fans would say that it is Lauren's love that is saving Bo from darkness.

They love to crow that only Lauren's EPIC love saves Bo from turning into Dark Bo (such as when Bo went off during her second super suc). This has been proven to not be the case.

Right now Bo is frustrated with her memory loss, but is she really "messed up". She is more self centered than normal, but messed up? Come on. She lossed a month not 10 years. She wasn't raped of beaten up. Bo is still going out of her way to help people who seek her. Bo is still kind and loving to her family and even tried to get back with Lauren last episode. She is Dark Fae but mostly still the Bo we know and Dyson loves.
Susan White
52. whiskeywhite
I was rewatching (rather than packing) and only just realized that the 'bird chickie' :-) was wearing a feathered dress. Duh. Do you suppose that the opera singing was dubbed in?

I'm not so keen myself on the costumes this season. Bo has gone from black leather all the time (which did become boring) to blue leather (OK, that's a good change) to rhinestones with chiffon sleeves. Huh?

I thought Evony had cut her hair but clearly the short bob she was sporting when she first appeared this season was a wig. She did look stylish (of course) in the trendy jeans and lovely black top. Speaking of wigs, Kenzi seems to have abandoned her wig collection. I guess they're implying she's growing up but I do miss them.

And speaking of her hair, it was a nice touch to see Hale stroking Kenzi's hair gently when she was lying on the bench (she seems to be given to tender conversations on park benches -- remember Dyson and the cemetary?).

That was some growl off at the end between Dyson and the Una Mens, eh? While it's CGI-enhanced, KHR does growl very beautifully.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
53. Kiersten
@staceymd2 lots of great stuff about Dyson and Bo's love. People are going to come down on him about a lot of things, many of which are untrue and hypocritical, but it all comes down to sour grapes that he not only isn't gone but is clearly back in Bo's life and bed in a major, primary way.

In the cask room, he's into the roughness (remember PerfectCiara and the knife? Yeah) but when Bo is so clearly unhappy and upset in the end, he makes every attempt to reach her - and he does, not the way he intended sure, but it's enough to bring her back to herself. It's not hate sex though it may be self-hate sex, but Bo doesn't hate Dyson and never has. This is what people who love each other do, they hang in through the rough times and do what they can in the meantime to help the beloved. Dyson's had a long character journey he's mostly taken alone, he's certainly come to terms with his returned love on his own, and where Bo remains in many ways immature about her relationships, he's grown much more mature and less rigid in his and that's playing out here, to such an extent that even Bo in her misery recognizes that there's something new and special there.

I like that analogy: Kenzi is Bo's heart; Dyson is Bo's rock.

I disagree though about Bo being messy. She really is in a bad place and I like how @nypita framed it as her being torn from the only safe place she'd found after 10 years of being on her own and believing herself to be a monster. I'm gonna go with the PTSD analogy too, like a soldier returning from having been a prisoner in enemy territory only to worry if she;s gone native or, worse, Stocklholm Syndrome and now doesn't remember what she did while she was away.

It *would* be interesting to see Bo and DL's journies parallel one another this season. Perhaps at the end, Bo would be the one to resist giving in to her darker impulses while DL succumbs to them, but I have to agree that the more likely scenario is that she'll be whitewashed into blameless Wonder Lauren "hero" again. We'll see soon enough.
54. nypinta
Re: D/B One, EA is off her rocker to call that "hot". However, from Dyson's persepective that one time was the only time it was clear to him something was wrong. He had commented previous that Bo was 'differen't but that does not equate to 'wrong'. So to him there was no reason for them to talk about what she's been doing to him, because to him he doesn't see it as her just using him. From his perspective, he is with her andthis time it's clear something is wrong. He calls her on it. She talks about what is wrong. I dont' see the confusion or need to paint Dyson as weak or lacking. What exactly should he have done? Would it have made people happy if he tossed her across the room? He could have. The man ripped a safe door off it's hinges with his bare hands. He knew he was in no physical danger from her. If they had wanted to show Bo just using him and perhaps even succumbing to Dark fae tendencies, after he called her out and she pushed him down, she could have whammied him and continued. THAT would have been Bo just using him.

But how many times have they been together since Bo's been back? In the boxing ring was the first time (that we see) and he's obviously offered to teach her to fight because things are extra dangerous with the Una Mens in town. Bo does what she normally does, she scoffs and turns it around to them having sex. That's pretty much her.
He goes off to find Lauren, she has her adventure with Lauren. She didn't get into too much detail so he doesn't know that Bo was in denial about their relationship status and had her heart re-broke. She tells him that she's Dark and he says that can't be together because of fae law and what does Bo do? She scoffs and immediately tries to break that rule. That's pretty much her.
The episode with the singer happens and she's confronted with the fact that she has changed, everyone is right that she is different and she doesn't like what she has become. So she's with Dyson but yet she's not and he can tell. He knows how much to heart she takes everything and he knows that she feels responsible for not saving Ianka and he's worried. He isn't having a lightbult moment that "omg Bo's been using me, why am I letter her!" because it isn't Dyson that thinks he's being used. It's a segement of the audience and just because people see it that way doesn't mean it's canon for the characters. We, as the audience, are privy to more information than any one character. We see Bo getting snippy with the waiter, with Kenzi, with Trick. But Kenzi didn't see Bo with the waiter and Trick. Trick didn't see Bo with Kenzi or the waiter. Dyson didn't see her with Kenzi or the waiter. So his reactions and actions are going to be based on only what he knows. So no I don't have any problem with how that scene played out or his reaction.

Re: Lauren. I don't think she'll become the villain, actually. I think we might be getting a more nuanced Taft. Because they ruined him by making his a sociopath. He had a completely valid argument. The fae suck. Lauren has the as well. She disagreed with Taft's methods. And when she's talking to Evony, she restates that belief. The fae of course will think of her as the villain. And Bo herself might find herself having to oppose Lauren. And I wonder too if Bo and Lauren's arc will be similar in that each are brought to an edge and have to be pulled back by their loved ones.

Re: not telling Dyson Lauren was back. I was thinking about this and their conversation starts out as if he knew Bo was aware that Lauren was OK and back. Because he doesn't say, "Lauren's OK, she's Dark." He starts with the fact she's dark. I feel that Bo probably called him and told him Lauren was back and that they needed to talk, meet her at the Dal. He might even have spoken to Lauren himself and she was the one that told him. Simple fix would have had him walk in, see Bo and say, "I got your message. I spoke to Lauren... Bo... she's dark." Boom. 6 extra words and any confusion about whether or not both ladies left Dyson in the dark (ha) about her location is solved.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
55. Kiersten
@nypita - I meant to mention how when I rewatched their scene last night, Inoticed that Bo's eyes at no point even go succubus blue, which means she wasn't at any time overcome by her succubus power or feeding with/from Dyson. They were together making love/having sex for its/their own sake and it was Bo's obvious distress that Dyson pinged on when she refused to look at him, because that's not what they are or even have been to each other. Even when she covered his mouth, her eyes stayed brown; she stayed Bo allbeit a Bo in pain, which is what Dyson had already figured out and was responding to.
56. TheUberFan
But I think the key is @Kiersten that Bo really isn't Bo. Blue eyes or brown...she recognizes that something is broken inside her. She misses who she should be and used to be and is angry that she isn't anymore and frustrated that she doesn't know how to fix it.

Her reaction to not getting her way or to being irritated is to instantly become confrontational/adversarial.

Now it's no surprise that, when told not to do something, she'll push back and thumb her nose at the rules...but usually she acts as though she cares about the feelings of others.

This Bo really doesn't seem to care about the precarious position she's putting both Dyson and Trick in.

This Bo's first response to the singer was to threaten her when she wasn't getting her way.

Since when is Bo like this? Her first reaction has always pursuasion. That's part of her makeup. She saves attacks and threats for when needed.

But this Bo is on a hair trigger and is selfish, thoughtless, angry and rude with rare moments of gentleness and insight.

I want our Bo back again soon so I hope that, now that she sees she's "off", she finds a way to make herself whole again.
57. nypinta
OMFG I keep making so many damn typos. It's insane. I swear I'm not doing it on purpose. "Lauren has the as well"??? I mean that Lauren also has a valid argument against the fae. If you're team human, she'd be the hero. (If she is using her science mojo to take the fae down, not just Evony.)
58. nypinta
@UberFaenatic, I definitely agree that something is off about Bo. But why is the question. Is she becoming Dark? Is this something the Wanderer did to her? Is this an over reaction to what happened to her? But like I said, we see more than the characters. So we know she's more off than they do. Kenzi had that one moment, but then they were back to their usual besties status even before the episode ended. So she's... off, but still basically her. Will it get worse? Now that she's aware will she be better?

Bo's never cared how her attitude toward rules affects anyone else. It's my least favorite trait of hers. But she hasn't cared since the beginning. And as much as her friends might object, they also use her attitude to their advantage when they can. So I think they accept the dangers she poses, mostly because I think they wish they could be the same. Dyson is starting to, as we see when he is willing to break fae law with her. (Although I wonder if that law was in place before Trick's laws and that is why the Una Mens didn't care that they were together. If it isn't a Blood King law, it doesn't concern them.)
59. nypinta
Theory! Trick doesn't know who The Wanderer is. He's even on the phone trying to track down clues about him. Vex talks about him like he's just a story. But the Una Mens know exactly who he is. I think Rainer pulled a spell on everyone originally and that is why Trick and the rest don't know who he is, but the Una Mens are immune because their power seems to be whatever power a fae has they reflect like a mirror. I have a feeling it'll be Rainer vs. the Una Mens soon.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
60. Kiersten
@UberFaenatic - My point about the blue eyes not being in play is that everything in the scene with Dyson was power-free. It is how she feels now free of any succusuck influence. Her anger and her outburst against him and then their heartfelt conversation was all raw Bo, not the succubus. She's known in her heart since S2E2 that Dyson (when he's fully Dyson and not impaired by the Norn ) loves her, not the sex, not the succubus, just Bo and that has never changed, which is why she shares parts of herself with him that she shares with no one else, usually the dark, nasty, self-loathing parts most people would run from and he never does because he loves the whole package, good and bad, light and dark.

As for the rest, Bo has *always* been like this. She threatened to force Dyson to love her again as early as S2E2, and there too, dialed back only when he pushed back/confronted her, though granted it was in a far different and less loving manner, giving his own misery at the time. Bo has *always* used her power to threaten people who opposed her and/or get her way, it's just usually used on bad guys and/or tempered by her innate kindness and underdog championship. Nobody quibbled when she dumped Clio by the side of the road b/c Clio had proven to be "bad" and thus deserving of Bo's assault. Persuasion is usually her last tactic, one she's brought to when knocking heads doesnt work, and she has to figure the "other way" she's always harping on about. The difference is that she's never willingly used it against the people she's been trying to help and now that's her go-to. That's what's new.

Her use of her power to get what she wants is more prominent because she's becoming less discriminate of who she threatens/uses it against and is now ruthlessly willing to wield it even against the apparent victim when she's thwarted. She pretty much abandoned Kenzi to her own devices in S3 and now she's stomping about throwing her weight around and being a first-class bitch to Trick. She's no more not herself, than Dyson was "not himself" in S2 when he lost a key part of his soul and increasingly became a first-class, miserable jackhole until he started to come out the other side of it, which he did *before* he got his love back. In his case, nearly everyone abandoned him to his misery so now, more than anyone else, he'll never give up on Bo no matter how dark or bad or petulant or bratty or self-centered she gets b/c he knows how it feels when the people who love you abandon you to your own breakdown crisis.

Everyone has dark and light parts of their nature but unless one's a sociopath, the psyche usually adapts itself to do good and be a decent human being for the most part within the individuality that makes one unique. In a supernatural world like Lost Girl, this duality of nature is brought forth in manifested power. They even use "Light" and "Dark" as terms to divide the Fae factions and have made some effort to show that neither side is all "good" or "bad". Thus, it's not that Bo is "not herself" but that the darker side of this duality, as equally valid an aspect of her personality as the lighter side, is dominating her life right now, stimulated by The Wanderer and whatever she experienced while in his world. It was obviously traumatic and scared the shit out of her enough that she declared Dark, and that's been made worse by the fact that she can't even remember it and thus feels powerless and manipulated by others which are major trigger points for her. Strong characters/people tend to face their fear by (healthy or not) turning it into anger and Bo has a history of getting mad when she gets scared. That's ratcheted up to a gazillion at the moment and is what has her on the edge of the hair trigger ready to go volcanic at the slightest stimulus.

Something *is* broken in her just as Dyson was broken by the loss of his love. The Bo who comes out of this will likely not be the same Bo she was before and she shouldn't be. Dyson certainly isn't the same person he was before he lost and had his love restored and nearly all of that difference has made him a better man and a better wolf. Like him in S2, it's not that Bo's not herself, it's that a harder, darker part of her is now dominating the better qualities that usually direct her motivations and actions and she is not responding well in the face of it. Who would?
61. TheUberFan
I think Bo's darkness is directly attributed to Rainer. She smiled when Massimo jumped in lava where moments before, she was concerned. She threatened to kill him earlier in the episode if he didn't do something fairly minor. She seemed less concerned about the opera singer's freedom than she was in getting what she wanted.

Succubi are by nature pretty selfish and self absorbed. When Tamsin first came to town, she expected Bo to be pretty much like Saskia/Aife...and was surprised to find someone warm and caring because that's against type.

And Bo has had moments where she's selfish, just like anyone else. It's just more pronounced now, as is her temper.

As for light/dark interacting, that's definitely part of the Blood Laws. Remember the Fae Day episode? La Shoshain was to honor the blood laws and, one of the pluses of the day was that the no fraternization...ahem...between dark and light was suspended for the day.

@Kiersten...I agree that Bo will be a different Bo when she comes out of this. And I'm cool with that. I think she needs some character growth and perhaps she'll be ready for a grown up relationship and be more sensitive about how her behavior affects others.
62. TheUberFan
Also, I really like your parallel with Dyson/Norn fallout. He came out of that differently as well, much more sensitive and giving.

Bo will come out of this hopefully stronger as well. And Tamsin will be a different Tamsin than we knew in season 3 as she will have known friendship and love right from the start, which her preview incarnations had never had before.
63. Darthfaeder
I am not okay with how this season is turning out so far. You don't turn your heroine into some narsacistic all about me jerk. You mean to tell me that she was so concerned that Tamsin not kill Massimo and gave her that I don't hate you I thought you were incredible speech, then turn around and not give a shit that Tam Tam is off on her own. What in the hell has this show turned into? BTW I hate that she is treating Dyson the way she is. He is a good character who deserves better. Damn I am really missing the season 1 of LG.
Nadine Robb
64. cmm
I have to admit this season is disturbing me somwhat. However, I have a feeling that by the time we get to the last few episode we will see that the wanderer has been causing Bo's mood swings. Once this is shown and he is defeated by Bo and the gang she will probably become unaligned again and return to normal.
65. TheUberFan
@DarthFaeder...I miss Bo-Bo too. I want her back badly. I hope and believe though that now that she's clued into what a jerk she's being and how she's not the type to inspire anyone to anything in the state she's in that this is the first step to getting her back.

And Dyson deserves a whole lot more than how he's being treated.

I meant what I said last week. I can't ship Bo with anyone in the place she is now. She has to deal with her issues, get her head together, figure out what she wants and stop treating people like they're there to serve her interests.
66. TheUberFan
The funny thing is, @cmm, people were clamoring for Bo to go dark. But what I think they anticipated was a full on dark arc, not an ambiguous one like we're in now.

The Bo we have now can have good conversations and sweet moments with Kenzi, Dyson, Trick and even Lauren. But she's off balance by Rainer's mark on her soul. She's emotionally skewed to be less Bo than we know but there's still enough there that we're like, are we seeing what we think we're seeing?

I mentioned Massimo's lava bath above..but that's a prime example. Our Bo is distressed, "No, Massimo, no!" but then she smiles. We're getting more than mixed signals.

We getting succu-schizophrenia.

Succuphrenia? ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
67. Kiersten
@Uberfaentic I prefer this ambiguous dark actually. It's much more difficult to execute, and much more real a line to walk to take your main character and not just throw her supernaturally into losing her soul a la Angel and ergo risking her being almost cartoon evil. Rather, to submit her to such a traumatic experience that she actively struggles to be the person she once was and is afraid of the person she may turn out to be. It's much more interesting and layered this way than if she just turned straight into Queen of the Night.

Plus, there's the added benefit of holding Bo's journey this season up against what Dyson has already gone through, which also allows his character to progress organically. She's also in juxtaposition against what Doctor Lauren is doing with Evony and the Dark right now, whatever her end game may be.

This whole thing can be seen as taking the triangle we all loathe for one reason or another and using it for more than romantic shenanigans or fan-wanking by actually fully fleshing out these characters by putting them each up against their darkest moments - For Dyson's its his lost/restored love journey still playing out its impact as he watches his beloved go through the biggest crisis of her life. For Bo its dealing however badly with the kidnapping and her forced hand and missing memory and dark impulses. For Doctor Lauren, its finally taking control of her fate with the Fae by aligning with the Dark and executing her own plans with or possibly against them.

We've been bitching about lack of character growth and organic story progression and Doctor Lauren not having a personality outside of Bo and wanting Bo to go Dark and wanting to see more of the Dark Fae. So far, though not without some big "what the huh now?" issues, S4 has delivered on all that and more.
68. nypinta
"As for light/dark interacting, that's definitely part of the Blood Laws. Remember the Fae Day episode? La Shoshain was to honor the blood laws and, one of the pluses of the day was that the no fraternization...ahem...between dark and light was suspended for the day."

@UberFaenatic I thought of that. It is only said that on La Shoshain they can fraternize, it didn't say that it was the Blood Laws that kept them from doing so the rest of the year. I figure (and I am just speculating of course) that Trick made the holiday so the sides could co-mingle and thought that maybe if they were forced to socialize without the option of killing each other, that eventualyl they might stop fighting all together. But being typical fae, they hold on to the law keeping fae apart and use the holiday as an opportunity to just get drunk and sex it up.
69. TheUberFan
This may be one of those seasons that seem more difficult to process in real time and will make more sense/feel tighter when reviewed a second time.

Or 10th time, if you're as obsessed as I am. ;)

And man I really miss Tamsin. Maybe she's the one to help break the triangle stale.

71. Darthfaeder
The biggest concern for me is there doesn't seem to be a good flow from season 3 to season 4. I don't know about anyone else but I never asked for this mess. The writing is sloppy and lazy at best sorry.
72. nypinta
The problem there is S3 was such a mess to have any flow from. It seems they are seeking a do over on failed story arcs from previous seasons. We're getting "dark" Bo, a Taft like story with Lauren, another parental mystery like S1...and a touch of noir again with the first episode & this one with it's many homages to Casablanca. Other than a few misteps I think this seasons episodes are much tighter & flow much better.
73. Nypinta
Next episode promo:
74. drusilla_doll
Ohh. So does that mean it's actually Bo waking up AS Dyson, with the two blonde girls in the barn? LOL. She's essentially going to be acting out his memories? Kinda cool.

I love the fact that Bo is so determined to prove Dyson's innocence.
Carmen Pinzon
75. bungluna
This season does feel better plotted that S2 and 3 were, but I am not a fan of the serialized style of story telling. I know many people prefer the cliff-hanger, to-be-continued thing. Me? I like to have self-contained episodes with some over-arcing thread. I feel that by this point we should know more about The Wanderer and have some answers rather than just more questions. Things are moving very fast, with each episode starting where the last one left off.

I do like the way Dark Bo has been presented. I do hope that EvilLauren has more purpose than a red herring to be white-washed right before we hit THE END. However, we're at the mid point and still don't know diddly about squat, really.

I'm bracing myself for another two episode sloppy wrap-up at the end.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
76. Kiersten
Oooh I like the idea of Bo taking Dyson's place in his memories as she lives out the events. Kinda like a body swap without a body swap.

This looks like it has potential to be a great episode that gives KHR a lot to work with. I admit, I'm excited. Cautiously.
77. drusilla_doll
Perhaps Dyson is covering up something Trick did (because he's loyal?) and not trying to fight the charges. And Bo will find out through his memories. It definitely looks like she's upset when confronting someone with the 'What did you do?' Maybe it's that guest star from copper? What if his friend is a killer of humans and Dyson found out and killed him to end it. So he might be guilty of murdering the right guy. If that makes sense.

Why is this one of ZP's fave eps though? At least that is what I heard, so I wonder what Lauren gets to do in this one besides apply electrodes.
Suzanne Metaxas
78. SuzyM
OH @Drusilla_doll if that is what happens I'm going to crack a rib! Dyson will be in all sort of trouble I think! LOL and not all of it from the Una Mens!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
79. Kiersten
Looked like it could be the Crusades era...nuns in a three-way...
80. drusilla_doll
@Kiersten, there were some tweets about reusing parts of the Copper set, so my guess is that it's more likely to be set anywhere from late 1600s to early 1900s? Just going by what people are wearing (female victim is in a long skirt, blouse and black stockings and lace up boots, another male victim is in regular trousers and lace up boots. Bo is in a shirt and vest). Maybe they are going for a Sleepy Hollow - Ichabod Crane feel?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
81. Kiersten
I was just going by Bo's clothes and the monk's habit, not generally a regular clothing choice in the 19th century of "Copper". Set could be repurposed and redressed for needs.

I'm not saying it *is* the era of the Crusades but given the winks they've been giving to S1 in some of these early eps of S4, to reference one of Dyson's lighter moments of S2 with Hale would track along those same lines and be a great payoff to that throwaway line. Maybe it's the Jane Austen line's payout moment. Either way, at this point, I'd be more surprised if they let the chance pass than not.
82. drusilla_doll
The victims on the ground are more consistent with Jane Ausen era in clothing than Crusades/Dark Ages. Are you talking about the monks holding Hale back? I presume they just are part of the Una Mens, which EA said were a cross between the Vatican and the Borg. ;) Plus, there were plenty of monks/missionaries/nuns around in the New World era (thinking back to Angel and other supernatural shows which delve into flashbacks).
85. nypinta
I see the part where Bo wakes up but I don't see her waking up in between anyone.

Aw, it's a bit bitter sweet they are using the Cooper set. I liked the last season.
86. nypinta
@bungluna I'm also worried that they'll shove too much in the last two episodes. Especially since they've indicated this season has three big bads. The Una Mens are one, obviously. Other than a few hints The Wanderer hasn't made his presence known. And we still have the unknown third. I hope that maybe with this trail Bo is able to dispatch the Una Mens as she saves Dyson. That maybe their case against him proving to be false is enough to send them packing.

My question is WTF is Kenzi doing WITH Dyson when she's wanted by the Una Mens too? Did they take her when they took Dyson out of Bo's?!?! Duuuuuuuuuude.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
87. Kiersten
@nypita - you're right. merely assuming, or at least I am. Others may have more info than I as per usual.
88. drusilla_doll
The waking up between two women under a blanket on a haystack is in the S4 promo I believe. I think we assumed it was Bo having a threesome, but it may be Bo as Dyson. I wonder if she'll have a wise-crack about that. LOL. I presume she'll still be able to be Bo and act like herself. Let's hope so.
Carmen Pinzon
89. bungluna
@nypinta- the timeline seem a bit rushed. On the first episode of S4 there was a reference to a month having passed, or did I imagine that? Anyway, since then, it seems like each episode takes at most 3 days, and the next one starts right where the previous ended. Are they going to shoe-horn the entire season in less than a month's time?
90. nypinta
Ah. I was wondering if there were promo photos that someone had seen. That'd be an interesting fake out. But is she seeing things from Dyson's perspective? That'd be cool. Except she can't say what Dyson says because she doesn't know what Dyson did say. So maybe she goes as someone else...? And they said that Bo and Lauren go into Dyson's memory. So were they misleading everyone with wordplay the way they did with this last episode when they said someone from Hale's past would hurt Kenzi.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
91. Kiersten
I thought she'd go as someone else *but* it looks like she could be living it from Dyson's perspective, which would be awkward, yes, in a "what's my line?" sorta way. But she's not going back into the past, she's going into his mind so if she takes his place she would presumable be compelled to do/say what he did/said by the subconscious. Dunno. Would be cool idea though to see them try to execute.

EA said no matter who your fave charcters were, they all got great moments in this upcoming ep, which implies that DL does more than just stick on some electrodes, but who knows given the misdirection that seems par for the course these days
Katherine Bloom
92. lsbloom
There was a spoiler that had Lauren going into Dyson's head as well. That may be part of ZP's love of the episode.
93. drusilla_doll
Here's the footage from S4 promo:

I made a screencap of the three women, but for some reason it's not uploading to photobucket correctly, grr.

ETA: Trying again to upload

Kiersten Hallie Krum
94. Kiersten
Just because ZP loves the ep doesnt mean it's because of what her character does or doesnt get to do. She loves KHR a lot so maybe it's her fave b/c it's Dyson focused. Could be...
95. drusilla_doll
@Kiersten lol The thought of Bo going 'What's my line' just cracks me up. It would be awesome if ZP loves it because of the Dyson story arc in it.
96. drusilla_doll
So I did a little quick research into the next eps title: La Fae Epoque.

It seems to be a homage to 'La Belle Epoque':[quote]The Belle Époque or La Belle Époque (French pronunciation: ?[url=]; French for "Beautiful Era") was a period in French and Belgian history that is conventionally dated as starting in 1871 and ending when World War I began in 1914. Occurring during the era of the Third French Republic (beginning 1870), it was a period characterized by optimism, peace at home and in Europe, new technology and scientific discoveries. The peace and prosperity in Paris allowed the arts to flourish, and many masterpieces of literature, music, theater, and visual art gained recognition. The Belle Époque was named, in retrospect, when it began to be considered a "golden age" in contrast to the horrors of World War I.No idea exactly how it directly relates to the episode in terms of theme. But figured it was worth mentioning.

Damn it, the photo was showing before. Oh well, here is the link if you want to see the screencap of Bo waking up with the two naked blonde women in a barn which seems to track with 4x07:
98. nypinta
Haha. I just watched the series promo and I bet that snippet of her with the two women is from Dyson's memory. That dog. Haha. I'm guessing he went on a bit of a hedonistic bender after dumping his pack decades (centuries?) earlier. It'll be interesting to see how Trick factors into this. Because Trick implied in things he's said to Dyson that he chose Dyson to be his man in faetown for the sole purpose of finding Bo and looking out for Aife, neither thing that would have been an issue if this does take place before 1914. So this might not be when Dyson swears fealty to Trick but they just meet. Or Trick has others that have sworn fealty to him but they are ... other places... and he just doesn't let anyone know that he probably has an invisible army of followers. Oooooooo. I like this idea!
99. nypinta
I was just rewatching the last episode and the scene where Ianka dies after singing the death note at Marcus and at no point does Bo say anything to indicate that she's upset that Ianka is going to die because of what Bo wants. She just seems genuinely upset at the idea of Ianka sacrificing herself just to take out Marcus with her song.

However. Why the hell didn't Bo just heal her? Is she somehow immune to succubus chi?
Katherine Bloom
100. lsbloom
I wasn't insinuating that the only reason ZP could like it was her role. Just that information seems to indicate that she is part of the major arc.

I get the impression that ZP and KHR enjoy having non-antagonist on-show interactions. So her being in his head could be "fun" for her.
101. TheGardner
Every time I see Dyson wolfing out I picture that gif some nerd posted on tumblr of him as the MGM lion.

So Bo is desperate to save Dyson, why? Did she suddenly grow a conscience and realize how much of an asshole she's been and is feeling guilty? I could buy that I guess, because I no longer believe that Bo cares about anybody but herself.

I thought we already did this Dyson wanted for murder in season 1? If they are going to reuse plotlines how about picking one from a good episode. That one was oooh so melodramatic, with terrible acting from the regular cast as well as the day players; most notably the goth teenager, the actually guilty wolf, and KHR's cringe worthy entrance into the Dal declaring sanctuary. I also take issue that when Bo held the hot poker to the Morrigan it didn't singe her hair despite making repeated contact with it, just takes me out of the moment.

Why is Kenzi with Dyson if she is still being hunted by the Una Mens? And if they can poof themselves into Bo's bedroom to snatch Dyson, why can't they materialize one floor up for Kenzi? Also why us Lauren agreeing to help Bo after the way she left her in 4x05 because Bo didn't get her way ? No Lauren you tell Bo to stick it and save her wolf slave all by herself.

FTR, as a Lauren fan if Bo were using her and treating her the way she is Dyson, I would be livid. Sure I like Bo ans Lauren as a couple, but not if that is the price. Actually I probably wouldn't bother getting angry, I would lose all respect for either character and stop watching all together. Hell I'm close to that point now and I don't even like Dyson. I hope this episode is the breaking point for Bo, I don't think I can stomach much more of her.
102. TheUberFan
I am genuinely excited about this new episode. It looks like genuine, real Bo-ness. Real concern for Dyson.

I will be very interested in seeing how this plays out.

Isn't this the episode with the car wash though? How on earth will that figure in given the setting?
103. Nypinta
"Also why us Lauren agreeing to help Bo after the way she left her in 4x05 because Bo didn't get her way ? No Lauren you tell Bo to stick it and save her wolf slave all by herself."

So let me get this straight...Lauren knows how Bo feels about her & knows that she has no interest in getting back together yet uses Bo for a quickie & then after their day together Bo wants her to come to her place so the can talk & Lauren brushes her off like a booty call and LAUREN is the one who should be mad? Not Bo? The person being used in that scenario. Yet Dyson is an ass for NOT being upset for "being used".
104. TheGardner
I think the "car wash" scene is in 4x08. Also I can't believe AS had a baby like three months before that was filmed, bitch.
106. Stacymd2
More thoughts on 406...Sorry, I have not caught up on all of the great comments above.

@redline_: Thanks!

So sorry to disappoint but I am not going to fall into stunned outrage because Doccubus hates that Dyson is having sex with Bo. Oh, please… That is what this is really about. That fan base thinks if they screech something often enough and loud enough then it is the truth.

What is sad is Dyson & Team Badass fans are regurgitating what they are saying.

I can’t get over Church of Lauren's fake concern for Dyson or their resurgent dislike of Bo. It’s too funny. They hate on Bo whenever she is around Dyson. Their mindset is if Lauren isn’t with Bo then Bo cannot be with Dyson either.

Dyson is not the reason why Bo & Lauren broke up.

Bo & Lauren broke up because of issues within their toxic relationship.

Dyson is not the reason why Bo & Lauren aren’t together now.

If Dyson had not slept with Bo in 404, Bo & Lauren would still not be together.

If Dyson stopped sleeping with Bo today, Bo & Lauren would still not be together.

Lauren walked away from Bo in Season three. Lauren walked away from Bo in 405. It was Lauren’s decision alone. Nothing came between them except their incompatibility.

Lauren is in the mess she is in now because of her own actions. She chose to run from the Light Fae into Taft’s cage. 50% of what is happening now is a result of her decision to run.

End Rant.
107. Stacymd2
Bo is a succubus. She can find no strings, angry sex easily with any random at the Dal. She is sleeping with Dyson because she cares for him and wants to have sex with someone she cares about.

If Dyson were to reject Bo now, she would be devastated. It will not change her choosing the Dark, it will not make her humble and less self-centered, it will not bring her closer to Lauren, it will not change anything other than to isolate her from another person she loves—her support system.

Lauren is the happiest I ever seen her. Is it because she is “free” of the Light? “Free” to choose her own cage, be herself and do as she pleases? Or is it because she is free from Bo & the angst/drama/unhappiness that comes with her? I think it is a combination of all these things. Lauren may never be happy in Bo’s world.

Does anyone else notice that Lauren has given herself over to one charming psychopath after another? She ran away from Bo & the Light after Dr. Taft complimented her intelligence/work and promised her a life doing the medical research she loves. Now, The Morrigan is doing the same. Evony told Lauren to “own” her brilliance and promised a chance to do the unlimited medical research she loves.

I can only guess that Lauren/Karen’s brother was the same way. With all of the screeching that Dyson is emo and hasn’t grown (which is the most untrue thing after his taking away Bo’s agency thing), where is Lauren’s growth? She makes the same mistakes only months (weeks?) apart. Granted, I’m sure the last few episodes will be a St. Wonder Lauren, MD whitewashing, where she saves the day super hero style, but as of now she is repeating the same thing hoping for a different result.
108. Stacymd2
Welcome: @Exgeniya.13, @Anina, & @FireMermaid! If I did say this before

@Kiersten: KHR & ZP are Trekkies. I love them even more now.

@Isbloom: The Fae power structure doesn't make little sense. How Ianka’s people can be made into slaves is silly. She is able to kill her captors with her voice. Vex being the last Mesmer makes little sense as well.

What also makes little sense is Fae reproduction. Why aren’t Dyson, Aife, Hale, Trick, Evony, Vex & Bruce not knee deep in offspring? They are hundreds of years old. Effective birth control is a modern invention. I’ve always thought the Fae were not able to reproduce often, but then the S3 Cabbit had 20 kids or something. If that is the case, then why aren’t Cabbits the rulers of the Fae? They should be in power just by sheer numbers.

@Nypinta: Thank you for posting the 407 promo link.

Ugh, I knew it. I knew TPTB would have Dyson do something horrible in order to put him in the same league as Terrorist Lauren, MD. I really hope Dyson is innocent and Bo gets him off. (you know what I mean!)

@Kiersten: I hope this episode gives KHR a lot to work with & tons of Dyson backstory, but I’d rather see Dyson play Dyson in his own memories. Bo playing Dyson makes everything about Bo.

Is this the episode with the Dyson – Trick backstory? If so, then @drusilla_doll you may be on to something.

@nypinta: It is a given that a lot will be stuffed into the final two episodes. My hope is TPTB would have introduced so much before 412/413 that the episodes will not feel rushed, but like a natural—though fast paced—conclusion.

I’m going to miss Copper as well. (sniff!)

On a positive note, I love how Kenzi is happily meshed with the Fae. She is in love with a Fae. Her best friend, big brother from another mother, mascara buddy and pseudo kids are all Fae. I hope Kenzi and Hale get some happiness this season. I agree @Nocturne it would really mess her up if she lost Hale now. They waited too long and put everything else first.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
109. Kiersten
@stacymd2 *raises hand warily* I am not regurgitating here. Dont believe she's using him, and I've pretty much talked myself dry about that. She's in a bad place and she's not behaving well, and she's dealing with some of that shit with Dyson because that's with whom she feels most safe; he's the one she's always trusted no matter what. But using him? Never.

Doctor Lauren owns her own shit with Bo and Bo with Doctor Lauren. It has nothing to do with Dyson other than the fact that Bo loves him too and has never stopped loving him even while she tried to move on and form a new relationship with DL. It didn't torpedo her relationship with DL; they're inherently incompatible in multiple ways and that played out organically in S3 and again in 4.05 (one of the few things that did). Now they're both moving on. Frankly, Doctor Lauren is claiming her own agency now, she just had to leave Bo in order to do it, one of the few character progressions she has that is actually organic, or at least until they retcon it and walk DL back to faux hero status.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
110. Kiersten
Its curious that the Una Mens are able to drop into Hilton Hovel to arrest Dyson on some crime from ye olden days but Doctor Lauren whose crimes are *very* recent can bop around her flat and have pizza and beer with Evony and go to Dark parties and the Una Mens don't bat an eye.

Yeah. Right.
111. Stacymd2
@Kiersten: It is a gaping hole in the storyline that the Una Mens have not picked up K & L yet. They are both running around. It makes K's buying Fae jelly to avoid detection seem stupid now.

I think TPTB will resolve this as they walk back Lauren's actions. Trick and/or The Morrigan cut a deal behind the scenes in exchange for protection for yada, yada, yada...
112. TheGardner
@Kiersten- Maybe that's part of her being under the protection of the Dark, like they cloaked her or something. It doesn't follow with the Una Mens being "everywhere". Kenzi lives with Bo how hard is she to find? And I find it hard to believe that with Lauren being wanted by both the Light and Una Mens that nobody staked out her place.
113. drusilla_doll
I get the feeling that the Light and the Dark are going to have to put aside their differences to deal with both the Una Mens and Rainer/Wanderer. I also wouldn't be surprised if we do get evil Bo succumbing to her father's influence for a while. So maybe we will indeed see Trick and Evony cutting deals. Considering the fact that Tamsin, Vex and Lauren are all aligned to the Dark now along with Bo and Kenzi (claimed), the writers are definitely blurring the lines in terms of who's mostly good or bad. Factions may not matter soon.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
114. Kiersten
@drusilla_doll - you're right. Everyone's Dark now except Dyson, Hale, and Trick. And yet the only one Evony is openly keen for is Doctor Lauren. Hmmmm.
116. Koira
oh my g! i just hope joining the dark is not that serious for laureen... what happen to bo? i'm kinda confused....
Carmen Pinzon
117. bungluna
Hey, we have all the girls to the Dark and all the guys to the Light. As for the use of Fae powers, it is pretty arbitrary. There were several instances where Bo could have succusucked or touch persuaded but didn't in this last episode.
120. TheUberFan
We're all pretty confused, @Koira. :)

I keep going back to Turn to Stone, because of the clues dropped there and since then that Bo has been changed in some way to make her a little less of the heroine we know and love. I'm glad she sees it now though and I hope that takes her on the path to fixing herself.

I still miss Tamsin. Out of six episodes, we've had only two with Rachel in it and even then, she's a childlike version of our valkyrie. For me as a Tamsin fan, that super sucks.

I don't get how the car wash scene fits into the scenario we see in the promo. lol Looks like it's a bit out of context...
125. TheUberFan
@bungluna... I'm amused at how many permutations we can come up with the word succubus as a source. Succusucked...succuphrenia... lol

As for your point, I think the most noticeable thing about Bo is that she did not use her persuasion powers like she normally would. The opera singer was withholding info. Our Bo would have tried to seduce (and I mean that in an innocent way here) or charm her into spilling the beans.

Instead, we saw Bo try to threaten her into talking, a clear sign that something is amiss with our succuBo. ;)
129. nypinta
I've been thinking about the fae world and I've wondered why there aren't more offspring as well. Trick is how old and he only has one daughter? Dyson is 1500 years old and has none? I wonder if, because fae are magical, it takes some magic to have children. I think them not being as fertile is kind of natures way of keeping balance, because if the fae are as long lived as so many characters are, can you imagine if they bred like humans? The world would be 5 people deep in population. It seems that the only fae that have fae off spring were in marriages, with the exception of Aife, who was a prisoner. But we don't know if the Dark King forced her into a marriage in order to have Bo. Because she seemed to have been a planned birth, by him at least, that Aife was trying to thwart. (As was Luann, who better have her story fully told. Oh god. What if they bring her back and she gets to confront Vex!!?) So that's my theory on that.

As for why certain powerful fae are able to be captured and hunted... numbers, strategy, attitude. Ianka said most of her people do not mind being owned. I think it's there temperament. As long as they can sing, they don't care. She was an anomaly. Plus, singing the killing note cost her so it's not like they can just use that power willy nilly. And Trick did say only some of them can do it. As for Vex and the mesmers, they are powerful, but I don't think their power is infinte, so if enough fae come at them they can be over whelmed. The red caps were able to do it to Vex in S2. And Evony gave Bo that stuff that could render his powers useless, and Lauren mentioned the stock pile the Dark had of that stuff. So it's not unreasonable to think that powerful fae, which are then naturally feared, were targets.

The fae seem pretty single minded and narrow minded. For creatures that live so long they all seem to live just for the moment. They're shallow, and greedy, and create games and chaos seemingly out of boredom. I think Dyson, Hale, even Bo are the exception rather than the rule to how the fae are. I think they're vindictive and narcissistic and have no care for anyone other then themselves. Their allegiances to Light or Dark are only cursory and just define a set of "rules" they are willing to follow as they take what they want, create conflicts just to have something to do, and to give them the false identity of belonging to a "clan". It's window dressing, basically. And each fae have a power and it seems that their power is what defines most of them and leads their decisions, more than their heart. Which is why Bo is such an anomoly to everyone. She shows up, completely uneducated in their world and they just assume she's going to do what they all do and pick a side and settle in. And they're so shocked when she bucks their rules or tries to help anyone other than herself. So I can see why she, as someone raised by humans (who I think were good parents despite what the show tried to say in her episode where she went home), would be horrified at the idea that she is beginning to behave and think like them.

Bo is one extreme. The Una Mens the complete opposite. Dyson is now in the middle, a result of her influence. He doesn't adhere to fae law the way he used to. His attitude towards humans has definitely changed.

As for Lauren, I think she's happy because for the first time she's the one making decisions in her life. Yes, I'm sure the stress of being with Bo was a lot, it was on both of them. But since she went on the run after being her brother's patsy, and then the Light's property, and finally Taft's dupe. I think she still loves Bo, but she has to compartmentalize. I think she is planning something against the fae. Against all fae or just the Dark, I'm not sure. If it's against all, it could either pit her and Bo against each other. Or Bo might actually join forces with her. (Could happen.)

There are some discrepencies that I do wish they would address. Like how it is the Una Mens are supposed to be all powerful yet let their targets walk around free. The only thing I can come up with is they have a plan as well. They know they can get Kenzi or Lauren at any time, they just haven't done so yet because they have their own schedule. And it seems they are digging into all of the fae in the areas personal history, which is why they are coming for Dyson for something done probably hundreds of years ago. The back log of transgressions must be such a headache. ;) But yeah, that does need to be addressed. I still think Evony cut a deal with the Una Mens for Lauren's safety.
130. TheUberFan
So I started to wonder again if The Wanderer/Rainer is Odin...especially after seeing that crown with Isabeau's name on it.

I've been doing a little research, and I found two sites that referenced the valkyrie as the daughters of Odin. But each clarified that to mean the FOSTER daughters of Odin...not his literal children...just like the chosen fallen warriors, the einherjar, are his foster sons.

Just wanted to point that out. ;)

Also, most sites I found made a point of showing that the horses were the ones with wings, not the valkyrie. So, just like everything else, Lost Girl peeps take what they want from mythology and mix it all up.

Look at Hale. When you think of a siren, do you think of a smartly dressed, hunky black cop with a fantastic wit and abs you could bounce quarters off of? No. You think of babes on the rocks who sing sailors to their doom.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
132. Kiersten
I wonder if Evony *did* cut a deal on Doctor Lauren's behalf with the Una Mens and that it involves Vex somehow. Or if it is Trick working things behind the scenes, perhaps he's the one covering for DL if she's "undercover".

But I think DL is on her own schedule and working her own scheme against all the Fae, one for which she needs access to the Dark Fae labs, and perhaps the Dark Fae overt moral ambiguity. To be fair, she's earned the right to rebel against the Fae in general, I only hope the show continues with her character's forward progression rather than walking it back in the end as a fake out...again
133. TheUberFan
Here's what's throwing me off, @Kiersten. I totally agree with you that we heard Rick Howland's voice over the speakers.

So...the question is, was that just a trip up from the show to throw us off the scent or is Lauren working for Evony the bait and switch?

If Trick found her, how did he know about her past as Karen? We know Evony at least had access to the information. Did they both?

If Trick was behind her capture, how did she wind her way into Evony's clutches without getting killed on sight?

Another Evony did seek her out because there's something wrong with her and she needs Lauren happy and willing to help her fix, if she is Massimo's mother and needs the valkyrie hair to fix whatever ailes her.

There's a twist here somewhere. As delicious as it would be for Lauren to go dark side, I just don't know if they'll go there. I feel there's a switcheroo coming about where her actions will be fully justified.
134. nypinta
The thing is, if Lauren is plotting against the fae, something is going to have to happen to walk back on it since I'm pretty sure they're getting a 5th season. (They seemed to talk as if they were.) So, unless this thing she is plotting is specific enough that all fo the fae wouldnt' really really want her dead, then either she is working with Trick against the Dark or she'll get to the point of implementing said plan and Bo will find out about it and talk her off the ledge of doing it and not say a word to anyone so she doesn't end up on the hit list again. As long as it makes sense I'm OK with it. I wonder if she is working with her brother again and he'll want to go farther than she does and she choses to stop him, putting her on team fae again.

Regarding this next episode. I had some random thoughts. A) If Bo is Dyson and that promo shot of her waking up with the two blondes is part of it than that means the writers gave Dsyon the three some that KHR has been clamouring for but AS gets to do the filming of it. hahahahahahaha. Oh those writers are suck jerks! I love it.
B) What if Bo and Lauren go into his memories but it's actually Lauren that plays Dyson? Hahahaha! Might be why ZP is so keen on this episode. She finally gets to play someone else like they all did in Original Skin.
C) I think it'd be hilarious if the car wash scene was Bo and Lauren taking Dyson out for ice cream to celebrate getting him free and Bo decides on a bonus for them. Hee. (I'm a little tired and punchy right now.)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
135. Kiersten
I think it'll turn out that Trick is conspiring w/DL and she's undercover w/the Dark, which I will *hate* b/c it'll once again give DL a retcon out for her actions. But Evony was imprisoned by Vex for nearly a month & didn't know about Karen until she found the folder at the flat but DL was already at the diner & Crystal already in play. EXCEPT if Evony, having found the folder, went looking for DL, giving credence to the "only the Dark came looking for me" line, found her at the diner, and *then* approached Crystal w/the "wanted to be a singer" lure to spybang DL & oat was only after the reveal that she was the one to capture DL & Crystal that DO started to scheme.

She expected to have been caught by the Light & to see Hale open the door but she could've been as shocked to see Trick in the doorway as she would be to see Evony. If it was Trick, then how did she get hooked up w/Evony since she claims the Dark came looking for her?
136. Darthfaeder
@Stacymd and Keirsten I think that is what I was trying to convey in my last post. It's like the PTB and the writers have just completely decided that the story plots and arcs of season 3 don't matter and who cares about them? Well I think the audience does for one. You mean to tell me LG writers that you are going to once again gloss over stuff that you have previously already established. For instance that all humans are now terrorists? I suppose those death masks of Kenzi and Lauren address that issue as far as the Una Mens are concerned I guess??? Tamsin promised Bo that the wanderer was going to come after both of them but only Bo got kidnapped and well all she had to do was wake up and jump off the train without so much as a whimper from the big bad Wanderer? Tamsin was being a bad little Valkyrie for not obeying and no consequences for her? It's like they just said Meh!!!! moving on screw season 3 on to new adventures. Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy and really really lazy. I know that LG is probably a low budget show but come on there has to be a better showrunner and writers to be had Jay F. I don't know maybe I am being impatient? Maybe I just need to give them more time but come on the season is practically half way over and very little movement on the open ended storylines of season 3 finale.
137. nypinta
Other than the Una Mens and Evony's declaration of human terrorists being ignored now not being explained I'm OK waiting for the rest. (But like I said, it would be great if Evony cut a deal and Lauren made her remove the declaration from all humans as part of her deal. Two birds, one stone. But say it already! Or whatever the writers came up with on. Stop making us guess.) We don't know that Tamsin wasn't taken with Bo. It stands to reasons she was and only came back after the spell was broke. We don't know what she could have suffered while there with Bo and that might be why Bo signed with the Dark. He might have killed Tamsin over and over, using up all her lives, until Bo finally gave in. And once the spell was broke, he let Bo escape so whatever he's planning can start. If he hadn't intended on her leaving then why would he make her pledge to either side?
138. TheUberFan
That's actually a scenario I've been kicking around @nypinta.

When Aife waxed on about how if Bo's father were there, he'd kill everyone, resurrect them then kill them again... I felt that was an anvil of some sort and that someone would suffer that fate.

Then later on, we see Tamsin joining Team Bo with the warning that she had cursed both Bo and herself. "I've cursed have no idea."

I had also been thinking that the whole thing about this being Tamsin's last life would be significant too for the reason you pointed out.

And finally, we know Tamsin was not at the crash site for a fact because Dyson went there daily at the same time for a month. Why did they make a point of that unless to emphasize that Tamsin wasn't there?

Further, where was Tamsin? I think Dyson was left in the truck to wolf out...and the smoke took Tamsin. Meaning she survived the crash. But then what?

She went from little kid Tam Tam to full grown Rachel in two weeks...but she was gone for a month before that. So, from that I can extrapolate that she died at least once during the month Bo was gone, and was sent back after the spell was broken.
139. Lostgirlfan
I would like to point out the height of hypocrisy. Prime example you have alot ot the doccudrones going crazy over Lauren and Evony saying how they would like to start shipping Levony now. Okay so that is all fine and good but they base it on the fact that Lauren planted a big wet one on Evony. Well come to find out from all appearences it seems Lauren kissed Evony so that she could get a DNA sample from her. Well it looks like one big honking CONTRIVED kiss to me. Let me get this straight. When Tamsin and Bo have their 4 CONTRIVED kisses all the doccudrones were saying that there is no way in hell that Valkubus will ever happen because all their kisses were contrived, but it's perfectly okay for them to celebrate Lauren's CONTRIVED kiss with Evony and try and start a whole new ship? Kinda makes me want to puke my guts up. That is why the only people who can stomach doccubus shippers are other doccubus shippers.
Carmen Pinzon
140. bungluna
@Lostgirlfan - contriving different scenarios seems to be the specialty of the LG writing team.

I was reading a book about fae (Wen Spencer's "Wolf Who Rules", fantasy) and one of the point made were that people who live very long lives learn to live in the moment and their memories fade. Another telling point was how boring everything became, and how frustrating for the newcomers who had to come up against the old guard.

I think this could apply to LG's Fae. They do seem to be stuck in a rut, holding on to select memories of bad stuff and incapable of change, until Bo the newcomer starts bucking the system. Still, I wish the writers would be more consistent with their themes.

Since what's-her-face doesn't believe in keeping up the story bible, fat chance of that!
141. nypinta
Shipping rarely makes sense. I follow quite a lot of people on tumblr that are Sherlock/Watson shippers and a few that are Captain American/Ironman shippers. Their fic is... inventive. Neither relationship is in anyway canon but that doesn't stop them from enjoying their ship. But, unlike actual ships, like Bo/Dyson, Bo/Lauren, Buffy/Angel, Buffly/Spike, those twilight pairings, the fans of non-canon ships don't seem to get into arguments with other fans that don't ship the same pairing. I'm not really a shipper in the traditional sense. I adore characters that have mad chemistry, whether it be in a romatic way or just as friends. I love love love Sherlock and Joan Watson on Sherlock, and Esposito and Ryan on Castle. I'm not really on any particular "team" on Lost Girl. I like individual characters to varying degrees and pretty much watch the show for cast chemistry. And one of my favorite things is watching each charcter as they interact with the others. In the first season I recall comenting somewhere online that after every episode I would just want more of Trick with Kenzi or Dyson with Hale or Kenzi with Dyson or Bo with Trick, ect. I just wanted more of all of them with each other, reagardless of the odds the characters were going to kiss or not. It took me a while to remember that after seeing all the Valkubus posts on Lost Girl, because I knew a majority of them were sex based, that those fans were waiting for the episode where Bo and Tamsin got down and naked with each other. But it occurs to me now that a) it doesn't really matter if their pairing is ever canon, people will be fans of them anyhow and b) some of them might be like me and just like how the characters play off each other. I personally love Tamsin. She was a much needed addition to the show last year. But I don't ship ship them. But I can't wait for full on Tamsin to come back to faetown (with Bruce in tow, I assume...) and either takes her place at Bo's side to help her fight or goes back to being an advisary. (Will she get her job as Dyson's partner back? Is Hale a cop again? Because didn't they tell his former employees that he won the lotto to explain why he left?)
Suzanne Metaxas
143. SuzyM
@Kiersten That is one...strategically placed gargoyle.
Move that damn thing! :) PLEASE :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
144. Kiersten
@nypita - I loved Tamsin's addition to S3 too (one of the few good things to come out of that season) but I love what she brings to Bo that *isnt* sexual because that's special to her and adds a different dimension to their relationship b/c first they really don't like one another (mostly b/c they're too alike) and second, because Bo needs people around her who aren't so enamoured of her they have little real agency of their own. I think the chemistry between Tamsin and Bo and Tamsin and Dyson and now Tamsin and Kenzi is fantastic and hope to see more of it.

Yeah, they explained Hale leaving the force to be Ash to the humans as him winning the Lottery, and that's one of the MANY things yet to be addressed. He's certainly been functioning as Dyson's partner again and is back in his natty threads, but while Dyson was in the cop shop with TeenTamsin, Hale was nowhere to be seen. Definitely something that needs to be addressed, perhaps when Tamsin returns. The "Rachel in the Mist" picture KHR tweetd while filning this summer certainly seems to indicate they'll be on some kind of "mission" together at some point.

EA tweeted yesterday that when Tamsin returns, it is in a big, important way and I think it's coming up in ep 8 right before the break for new year.
145. nypinta
There's someone else in that cage that Dyson is seen in during the promo. Just how many fae do the Una Mens have in their creepy dungeon/interrogation room? They're so creepy. Someone end them soon! *shudders*

I'm thinking Hale didn't go back to his job at the cop shop. I think he's with Dyson just because they're friends and what else is he going to do? Haha. Oh wait. In the first episode he seemed to be behaving as if he was a cop again? I guess they could always say he blew threw the money... But yeah, it's something that needed to be said by someone at least once. It's kind of frustrating how much we're supposed to guess at or just figure. I've never watched any other urban fantasy/supernatural show where how the characters did anything was so vague.
146. TheUberFan
And here's another thing @nypinta. Why did Bo take Tamsin to the police station? Like Dyson said, she looked just like her partner. Well, um...won't anyone else notice the woman with the mind of a child who's a spitting image of Dyson's partner?

I got the sense they did that so they could have the funny scene where Bo ditches them and Dyson is left baby sitting. But it should have been held someplace else because people know Tamsin. AT THE POLICE STATION. lol

As for that cage....super creepy.

And @Kiersten and @SuzyM ... I can't possibly imagine what you two are referring to. What is it you want to see praytell that the gargoyle is, mm, obscuring? ;) haha
147. nypinta
I hope this is the last episode with the Una Mens, honestly. They are a creepy foe and the show has needed an actual creepy and intimidating baddie, but THEY'RE SO CREEPY! And now they're messing with Dyson. I am not pleased. Haha. I laugh, but no, seriously, it freaks me out when they do episodes of him in peril. I hated seeing him in the cage match at Taft's. And when they had Kenzi in that cave of the Kitsune or Lauren in the Ash's dungeon. *shudders* But it seems worse to me when they do it to him because he's so damn proud.
148. Darthfaeder
@Kiersten and Suzy I see you are wondering why Kenzi was enamoured with the wolf junk when she traded bodies with him huh? KHR does have a pretty nice body and LG obviously doesn't mind showing it off. Not sure why they have poor Kris doing that scene naked but I suppose it's a bone being throne to the Dyson fans well enjoy :)LOL! I agree with you Kiersten Tamsin was one of the best things that happened to season 3, and I do believe that she has become a popular character on the show. All I want to know is why put her up on the shelf for half the season? Seems like one big waste to me.
@Nypinta I am a Tamsin fan and just want to see Tamsin become a main cast member. I for one think that Bo should not be tied down to
anyone even Tamsin. If those two have fun sexy times then okay by me and if not then fine with me too. I for one think that Tamsin does seem to have genuiune feelings for Bo and if Bo is just going to use her for sex then I am NOT okay with that. I think that would damage Tamsin even more so I personally hope they deal with any potential Tamsin and Bo relationship carefully. As far as Tamsin being Dyson's partner I don't know. I do know that someone is going to die in episode 11 and I think the most likely candidate is Hale. I like Hale personally and don't want him to be killed off, but the fact that you don't see him alot says alot to me. If Hale is killed off then the path for Tamsin to become Dyson's partner opens back up. Of course the PTB could simply just continue to have Tamsin team up with Bo and Kenzi and go on their adventures with them. I think everyone is really going to love the new relationship that the PTB seem to be setting up between Kenzi and Tamsin. We all know that where ever Kenzi is Bo isn't far behind so Tamsin may start playing a huge role in the coming seasons if there are any? Alot of people are complaining about the writing and I am one of them. The PTB are really going to have to have a strong season half of the season or even their most ardent fans may give up on the show.
149. drusilla_doll
I'm sure the naked Dyson is partly to give the fans who think he's a hottie something to enjoy looking at (just like they show off Bo etc), but let's not forget they also interrogated Vex naked and chained.

I agree that the Una Mens so far have been pretty creepy and menacing, which is a good thing. The Garuda was such a let down and Taft was just a deluded madman, so it's nice to have an enemy that could really give our gang some trouble.

Still, I am nervous about The Wanderer/Rainer being held back so much. I don't enjoy them cramming the big bad into the last two eps of the season. Things get rushed and can become anti-climactic if not executed well.
150. nypinta
That's why I'm hoping they get done with the Una Mens soon. That will free up time for them to deal with Rainer/Wanderer and whatever Lauren is up to. Because I do think Lauren is the third "big bad" (except if she's working against the fae, that would actually make her the hero if this were any other show. Like Supernatural or Buffy.)
151. nypinta
Well, when they Una Mens showed up, he was already naked and I don't think they bothered to let him get dressed when they took him. So he ends up there, as is, and Bo (or Kenzi....??? Because why is she there in the cage with him??) brings him some clothes.
Carmen Pinzon
152. bungluna
With every episode that passes I'm getting more and more anxious about the Wanderer and the end of the season. The Una Mens have been a great Big Bad, imo, but they way they were shoe-horned into the beginning of the season, displacing Wandererboy, makes me think that the writes, yet again, had no idea on how to develop that story and just decided to throw in something new to distract us.
Melonna Clarke
153. MelonnaBanana
I for once don't even have anything to say this time lol. This episode was pretty dry for me. I know i'm tired of the aggressive borderline hate sex between Dyson and Bo, thats getting truly old. We learned damn near nothing about the Wanderer/Rainer. The only true shining moments for me this episode were all about Kenzie and Evony. It's no secret I love the Morrigan and think shes one of the most interesting characters on the show. While i do agree what she's up to something it was really fun to see her just hang out and be "normal" with Lauren chatting about her questionable values. I actually kind of ship DL and Evony after that. I think it'd be an interesting way to go. At this point I don't think Bo needs to be with Lauren OR Dyson. The writers have absolutely ruined both of those relationships in my opinion and are now just dragging them out and they are now tattered fabric of relationships. Hopefully this next Dyson episode kicks things back into gear and we start to get some actual answers about what the entire hell is going on this season.
156. drusilla_doll
Swearing fealty? So, we ARE going to see how it came about!
157. nypinta
Let's hope. But interesting that it seems Dyson swears fealty to Trick at around the same time he supposedly has done something that the Una Mens think is an offense against "the codex" and Trick is enrobed like royalty still. So... is this around the time that Trick "betrays" the Una Mens and disappears and Dyson helps him? Maybe whatever is in Dyson's past will be the Una Mens's undoing!
Suzanne Metaxas
158. SuzyM
Hmm rewatching 406 and have a question. Trick doesn't know that clear Atlantian Crystals are duds???? But DL does?????

Also the death song doesn't even faze Bo. Yet it does all the other Fae. maybe Bo is part something other than Fae?
159. JDKnight
Bo may still be going through the Gathering which would explan an awful lot. Her experiences in S03 did not appear the most difficult she ould ever go through so Bo may still be being tested. Why could Bo not breathe life into the opera singer - she does not appear to be using her succubus powers at all either to feed or to restore. I don't think Rainer is Bo's father - be interesting to ascertain how he managed to escape the Dark again - Woods not doing his job? Would a contract signed by an insane person be binding in the Fae world - surely Rainer would lack legal capacity and be incapable of sponsoring Bo or anyone else.

Trick appears to be a complete jackass - he continues to give bad advice and all the armed men wandering around the Dal appear to be totally ineffective.

Kenzi is not acting as Kenzi - she appearsfar more distracted than being in lust /love with Hale would justify. He would be the logical choice to join the Una Mens since he would bring some humanity and compassion to that little gang unlike people like Trick, who appears self-centered and largely uncaring even to people like Bo and Kenzi.

This was a very disjointed episode and contradicted much of what went on before. The writers will have a lot to do if they want to retain their audience - lazy writing and research alienate a lot of their core fans who watch it because of the characterization and story lines. Changing the basic character of much loved characters wll not gain them any respect and will lose them many loyal viewers inthe long term - if the series is renewed for a 5th season.

I notice that the Una Mens turned up at Bo and Kenzi's house. If they know where the live why did they not pick Kenzi up a long time ago? Has Hale rejoined the police force? Is Kenzi Dyson's daughter? If Bo is still in the Temple will she escape whole or emerge as an underfae? I guess much will depend upon whether or not there will be a season 05!

I agree that Odin could be the Wanderer since that is one of his aliases
160. TheUberFan
Hi, @JDKnight! :)

I'm afraid I didn't really follow much of what you were saying. Are you suggesting that Bo is somehow in the Temple from her Dawning last season? That seems unlikely.

I don't know what you mean about Kenzi being Dyson's daughter or, well, pretty much the rest of it. :)
Marie Sullivan
161. minime2
I am not a fan of Dyson's vest in Sunday's episode and the wardrobe and tailoring this season are just awful, I miss season 1 & 2's clothing. As for WonderLauren and The Morrigan I could totally ship that.
Suzanne Metaxas
162. SuzyM
Looks like we were right! Bo will be the one we watch acting out Dyson's past :) I think this will be hillarious!
163. nypinta
@JDKnight I think the names Rainer and Raynard just sound similar. I don't think they're the same person.
It'd be interesting if Dyson and Kenzi were related, but if he was her actual father she might not be too happy since her step-father was such a dick she left home at 13.
I think there is a reason Bo is acting the way she is, and it's necessary to the story and I'm willing to wait and see what they have in store. But I'm pretty sure they're getting a 5th season. They all seem to talk as if they are...
I do find it interesting that Bo doesn't seem to be feeding or using her chi powers at all, with the exception of attacking both Clio and the Bamber. I wondered why she didn't use her healing chi on Ianka as well and wondered if I missed something Trick said about Ianka the first time he had her in his fae waiting room and had that incense to heal her. Perhaps Bo's power wouldn't work on her, like when it didn't work on Tamsin. They should have been more clear about that though. Like Bo trying and Ianke refusing it. (Because some fae should be able to do that, IMO. It'd be interesting if one could willingly refuse healing chi.)
164. stacymd2
@SuzyM: Thanks for the link. KHR getts cuter to me with every interview I read with him. Dyson, Trick & Hale doing their thing in the 20's and in bowler hats would be awesome. Bring it Lost Girl!

@Kiersten: Thank you for the pictures. I still wish it was Dyson playing himself and not Bo doing it but beggers can't be choosers.

@MelonnaBanana: I could get behind Levony (Lauren & Evony) too. Let's hope TPTB are not afraid to go there.
165. drusilla_doll
I wonder if BOTH Bo and Lauren get to live in Dyson's shoes for a while. That would certainly be interesting. As much as I would have loved for it to be KHR doing it, I do like the episode having this different twist. It looks like he'll still be in a few scenes, and I don't doubt his scene with Kenzi will be awesome. Even if he's not acting out the flashbacks, the focus of the ep is still on HIS story, and him being the one needing to be investigated.

I am very against the show being still stuck in the Dawning. It doesn't make sense to me because the only people who went in the temple were Bo and Dyson. Too much story development has happened for Kenzi, Lauren, Hale, Trick, Vex, Evony etc for it to make sense if they are all somehow involved still in Bo's dawning.

I personally hate those kind of gotcha 'it was all a dream' scenarios anyway. Because of the resets. For me it would be a huge writing cop out, and it wouldn't make sense with all that has happened since Bo pulled Dyson out and breathed life back into him, Super-succubus style.

I think what's far more likely is that LG is like any other reasonably good television show - it has continuity problems, inconsistent writing, plot driven scenarios more than character driven ones, will sacrifice character gleefully to get their little ducks lined up in a row for whatever big themes, or gimmicky surprises they want to explore. The showrunners probably want the audience to be kept titillated, outraged or off kilter so that they will keep watching to see what happens next, rather than pleased with their fine attention to detail and faithfulness to the show continuity already established. TV is fast-paced in terms of producton. We, the audience, have far more time to over-analyse over every inconsistency, every OOC moment a character has.

Some shows do better with keeping to a detailed show bible, or having someone whose only function is to keep an eye on continuity. For example, Babylon 5 had only one writer/producer. JMS had a five season bible for the show and fought with the executives to keep to his vision. He won, and the show is a fine example of tightly woven plots and character arcs which have massive emotional and thematic pay offs in the end because he knew where he wanted to end up and allowed the characters to ultimately drive the action.

So, it can be done. BSG is also, IMO, a show which has excellent internal consistency.

I don't think Lost Girl is as good at maintaining that. They've had a lot of behind the scenes upheaval. Having the number of episodes being expanded then reduced, losing their creator, changing showrunners, too many writers in past seasons then being pared down for this season. EA vs Jay Firestone in terms of the show's direction/focus etc. ZP's popularity soaring to the point of pressure being put on them to expand her role beyond its original scope and so on.
166. nypinta I forget where but someone mentioned not being happy because the fae of the week seemed arbitrary and said something to the effect of other mythological creatures coming from Russia. But I finally found the spelling of what Ianka was, an Alkonost, and she is in fact a Russian mythological creature. Cool.
167. TheUberFan
I just saw a giftset on Tumblr from Delinquents...where Kenzi asks if anyone knows how to make pipe bombs and Lauren raises her hand.

I get that it was supposed to be a funny moment where we learn something new about Lauren that no one would expect.


We now have the backstory on how she knows how to make pipe bombs, which I believe was written to explain how she knows how to make pipe bombs.

And that backstory is apparently gut wrenching for Lauren, something she still supposedly does not forgive herself for being involved in.

In other words, the backstory doesn't fit the light hearted air in which that moment in Delinquents was paid.

You know what would have made sense? If when Kenzi asked if anyone knew how to make pipe bombs, Lauren had blanched and looked sad or miserably uncomfortable. She would not have wanted to admit to knowing how to make a pipe bomb because that would open old wounds and make her think about how she played a role in the deaths of 11 innocents.

But of course in order for that to have been made possible, they would have to plot out a story or a backstory reveal, and decide in advance what the reasoning is behind a reveal, as opposed to backward engineering it like they seemed to do here.
Nusi Dekker
170. NusiD
Yeesh, I know it's been awhile since I posted last, but I seem to now be on the spam list...btw, I did manage to view this episode after all. I loved the cat-and-mouse game DL and Evony are playing. DL is very wary of the Morrigan after being so badly fooled by Crystal and the spybang stuff.

Bo has definitely lost a part of herself. She doesn't seem able to express any love, for anybody. She has desires, but not love. And very strange that the opera singer's death song had no effect on her at all, while it effected everyone else around her, including Kenzi.

That outfit Bo was wearing was horrible, with that white zipper going down the front. Ugh. Orphan Black took all the great crew away that made LG so great.
171. TheGardner
I've seen the "Dawning is still going on" presented in other forums. My thoughts: give it up. The Dawning ended when Bo escaped from the temple and everything that has felt weird or OOC since is a product of the writers.

Here is my wild and crazy spec for the third big bad of the Season: it's-wait for it- Dyson! Dun, dun, dun.

Lauren is to obvious. Bo would be a lame choice. Tamsin seems like she is being set up for a self-sacrifice. Hale's already got a tag on toe his and Kenzi or Trick, doubtful.

Since the beginning of Seson 4 so much has been emphasized about Dyson's nobility and how much "he loves Bo" that I believe at the very least he is being set up for a major fall. How much more interesting would it be if he ends up the villain instead? Maybe something like Bo breaks it off with him for good and since his wolf still recognizes her as "his mate" he goes bat shit because he can't have her. Or maybe the Una Mens torture him like they did Vex and he snaps. Or maybe the Norn seeks out her revenge and Dyson must go primal to combat her and can't turn it off once she is defeated.

His character is just so one-note I would really like to see TPTB do something with him besides making him Bo's bitch, but they probably won't, sigh. Maybe there is still hope for Lauren as a mad scientist...
Carmen Pinzon
172. bungluna
If Zoe gets to play some of Dyson's memories, I can see why this would be a good episode for her.
173. Yellowcamaro
Was mentioned how it was RUDe that Lauren didn't tell dyson That she was with the dark. She called him in ep 1 2 or 3, and he told her to bug off, she was on her own. Why, after that , would she call him Again?
174. IMRU
@drusilla_doll (@The Gardner:) “I haven't seen it myself so I can't contradict or support your assessment. However, I do agree that both Bo and Lauren not informing Dyson of Lauren's true situation was callous.” In 402 Sleeping Beauty School, when Lauren called Dyson and told him she wanted “to come home” and that she was scared, Dyson told her: “right now you’re on your own”. Why, then, would Lauren call Dyson to inform him of her true situation (your words)? How does this make her callous (your word)? Seems to me that Lauren is doing exactly what he told her to do: stay away.
175. TheUberFan
Tamsin seems like she is being set up for a self-sacrifice.
Actually, @TheGardner, I suspect Tamsin has already made the sacrifice.
176. TheGardner
@UberFaenatic - When, where, did I miss it? It's been confirmed she is going to be in later episodes so please explain?

Hey maybe she and Kenzi can team up and become the third big bad instead. Kenzi's been feeling neglected and she seemed to be pulling Tam Tam's strings a bit in 4x05, they could cause a lot of destruction together. Tamsin could fly around Faeronto with Kenzi strapped to her chest holding the city hostage with the ray gun Mad Scientist Lauren invented. Bo will to busy trying to find her memories, and Dyson will be to busy following her around to notice. Once their demands are met the three ladies and their brand new yaght of gold will sail off to their private island to live out their days sunning on a beach drinking peach margaritas.
177. TheUberFan
She will be in the rest of the season and, if I'm to take convention commentary from Jay Firestone seriously, she'll be there next year too.

I meant that when she joined Team Bo in Those Who Wander and defied her boss, she made her choice to sacrifice herself because she knew that what she was doing would curse them both; but at the same time, she simply couldn't go through with hurting Bo.

Later on, she tried to take out the Wanderer, knowing the effort was probably futile and that she wouldn't survive. I discussed above, I think we'll see how much she sacrificed and lost as a result of her decision to defy the Wanderer.

Speaking of the valkyrie, looks like we have new promo pics:

178. nypinta
Dyson did not tell Lauren to bug off. He told her things were too dangerous for her to come back & he was right, if she were to come back to the Light. It never ever occurred to him she would align with the Dark so that was never an option in his brain. And when he told her she was on her own right now it was because he couldn't come for her. She knew he was right. She was not depicted as angry at what he said. She was not depicted as looking like she felt abandoned by him. He even reassures her she can handle the situation. So if Lauren wasn't angry about what Dyson said, why WOULDN'T she call him once she was safe again?

It seems too often the audience decides how they feel about something a character says or does is what should be and not what the characters are shown to say or do.
179. Nypinta
I think Lauren is going to turn her brother fae. I wonder if he wasn't injured in the explosion & she's going to use fae DNA to heal him & he turns into something unexpected. Or totally expected to use against them all. But if she's working to take down the Dark I, as a human, am on her side!

I think when Tamsin comes back she'll have all her memories and that will effect her relationship with Bo. She left thinking highly of both Kenzi & Bo. I wonder how much of that will remain once she remembers herself? But if Kenzi can soften Vex's heart, why not Tamsin's?
Nusi Dekker
180. NusiD
There's a new SyFy promo featuring "mad scientist" Lauren:
Kiersten Hallie Krum
181. Kiersten
Sorry guys. For some reason, I stopped getting alerts about new comments and thought everyone had had their say. Silly me.

Emily Andras said in a post S3 interview that The Dawning was over and she was a little confused why some fans kept perpetuating idea that it was ongoing as it had a clear start and end point. Bo went in to the temple Bo pulled Dyson out of the temple . She not going to spend a month on a Death Train as part of The Dawning and Kenzi, Dyson, and Hale would have no reason to have forgotten her and lived a month independent of her if it was still all happening in her subconscious or wherever The Temple resides.

Yeah, I wondered how DL knew about the crytstal properties and Trickopedia missed that. Medical stuff is her bang, not exploding Fae crystals and while she may be well-familiar with human means of creating explosive devices, I highly doubt her position with the Light Fae all these years allowed her access to rare, ancient Fae objects with explosive tendencies. As far as the moment in Delinquents, that's just another example of the writers making an in-the-moment decision for DL's back story (like, say, Karen the Fugitive) and then having to back stop the actual story to line up with what they've already put on screen. So it was played for laughs to play of the incongruous idea of super moral healing doctor Wonder Lauren knowing how to make bombs but once the writers sat down to break the story, they realized there'd have to be much more pain and consequence for having such knowledge in her history and too that they had Zoie Palmer who could (and did) play the hell outta it.

Dyson could be the Third Bad. I wouldn't put anything past this show at this point especially concerning him as they love to offer Dyson up to be tortured and sacrificed every chance they get. But I doubt it. There's nothing in his character progression that leads him to such a conclusion. Plus, he's already had his crucible story throughout S2 & S3 and has come out a more grounded, settled, mature man and Fae to the point that even Bo in her misery can see it. Very much not one note. I think we'll see that change in his character play out in this next episode as he faces the Una Mens and whatever it is in his past that clearly has haunted him. I do agree that this "Bo loves Lauren" and "Bo has a girlfriend" bullshit has to end or at least be explain and/or countered by Bo and soon because otherwise it's just too out-of-character to be anything but fanwanking. While she does love DL, she does *not* have a girlfriend and hasn't since S3E10.

Now, LG would absolutely trash all Dyson's work in S2 & S3 and turn him into a cartoonish villain if they thought they could get away with it because brutally retconning characters is totally their bag. But for the moment, I'm going to give them the (faint) benefit of the doubt that they know better than to make such a colossal mistake by doing that to Dyson.

I agree that Bo is too obvious a choice to be the Third Bad but that doesn't mean they won't go there. They've already touched on how she can lose herself to the power and it would make sense that having been kidnapped and having her memory stolen that she reaches her breaking point and falls off the edge completely, setting up the Angelus or Dark Willow portion of the series in S5.

However, the story gets much more interesting if the Third Bad is Trick or Doctor Lauren, both of whom have several seasons worth of (in DL's case, convoluted) story that would easily back up such a conversion. DL been working toward it from the very first episode when she felt up her patient, which she now sees as their first love moment (which is a total predator mindset justification) and now she's had all of the events of S2 & S3 to shore up her anger and to shift her moral line so much she's now aligned herself to The Dark and is very friendly with Evony (I totally 'ship those two now too, though Crystal was good for the doc too before the spy bang.) Sure she's working her own agenda but there's nothing to say she's working it for anyone but herself and thus can have all sorts of plans for that Fae DNA she stole from Dyson and the cabbit.

I think Tamsin is (sadly) the one who will die (if not Trick) if only in fulfillment of Chekhov's law of the gun. That Massimo called out this is Tamsin's last life cannot be accidental. Whether she loses it in this season or not, that has to be addressed. I think it was put there to foreshadow her death and since Acacia is coming back too, there's all sorts of ways that could play out. But the arguments for Trick and Hale work too and I like the idea of Hale becoming part of the Una Mens and changing the Fae that way, though I don't want KCC to go anywhere.

"Thank you." That's what DL said, sincerely, to Dyson when he told her she was smart and resourceful and could handle this. She reached out to him despite what she'd done to him at Taft's because she knew she could rely on him to give her what she needed even if it's not what she thought she wanted. She knew she couldn't "come home". She knew she was stuck at the diner as a fugitive until things were more safe. She had a black moment and she needed reassurance and she reached for the one person she knew would give it to her and would not bullshit her and that's exactly what Dyson did (and how both actors played it.) He talked her down from the despair, he shored her up by reminding her of her own substantial skills, and he instilled her with renewed strength to carry on until he could get to her. Which he also did (or tried to) the moment Bo was safe home. So yeah, not calling him, (either DL or Bo or Kenzi), was a crap move. However, I think someone did call him since when he got back to Bo, he didn't say "I found her " he said "she's turned to the Dark." So I think Bo called him and left a message that DL was back but not the particulars as she was (as usual) too caught up in her own shit to think beyond the basics.
It seems too often the audience decides how they feel about something a character says or does is what should be and not what the characters are shown to say or do.
YES @nypita THIS.

It is weird that Bo's not using her powers to heal. There was a moment when she offered to heal Ianka, I believe, and was refused because Ianka had sung her note and was done. I too noticed that Bo remained unaffected by Ianka's death note and think this is part and partial about her bloodline. I think she'll turn out to be half Fae half god and then we're off to the races.

I do hope we get to see DL's brother in this season and that his reveal in her "confession" isn't just another throwaway. Ksenia Solo just did an interview that will post later for the U.S. run and hinted that Kyle Schmidt's involvement in the show's later episodes is game-changing (it also sounded like Kenzi could have a bunch of scenes with him, but that couldve been the 140 character limit of tweets). It seems a good bet he'll play DL's brother. I hope he doesnt just turn out to be a sacrificial lamb by which she returns to Bo's graces. I like DL with Evony and the Dark. It fits much better than any scenario they've shoehorned her into in this series and ZP hasn't looked like she's had this much fun playing DL since...ever.

It's difficult to try and understand a lot with LG as they seem to undo one episode's conclusions in the very next episode. What is subtley of plot and what is story plot hole because a Series Bible and story consistency aren't priorities in the Writer's Room? Who knows at this point?
182. drusilla_doll
Dyson's promo:

Kenzi's promo:

Bo's promo:
183. drusilla_doll
Also a 2 and a half minute long recap to lead into season 4:

It's a good recap for the most part. Kept Dyson as very much part of the triangle. My only issue with it is calling Lauren Bo's GF near the end. Because um no, they haven't been together since 3.10. Apart from that, it was a decent primer for the returning US audience imo.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
184. Kiersten
@Drusilla_doll - that link is to the Bo launch trailer, not a S4 primer.

That "girlfriend" shit is on my last nerve. DL dumped Bo THREE TIMES and yes, the first time in S3E10. Give me a freaking break. How many times does she have to do it before the writers and promo people catch the hell on?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
186. Kiersten
OK, with the exception of the girlfriend crack, that was a kick ass promo that cracked me up several times. "She survived on creep chi" and "No, wait, that's the succubus dine and dash". Somebody had fun writing that one.

Also, LOTS of use of S1 images to tell the story.
187. drusilla_doll
Thanks Kiersten! LOL, clearly I was remiss in my copy/pasting. I agree, it was a pretty fun recap.

Because I didn't mention it earlier: Congratulations to Rachel for finally getting promo pictures! Does this mean Tamsin is going to be our next regular? She looks gorgeous in those shots.
Nadine Robb
188. cmm
LMAO! I like that recap, very accurate imo. As for that doctor dumping Bo. I believe them keeping Bo lusting after her is their way of keeping the triangle alive. I for one am tired of it and ship Bo and anyone else at this stage if it got her out of triangle hell.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
189. Kiersten
My issue is just that it isnt true and while we all know how promos are frequently manipulated & inaccurate, first with Dyson parrotting it on repeat and now the promos, its irks. Big time.
Nadine Robb
190. cmm
I understand that, but in their eyes as long as they parrot it on it's true. Also as long as the doccubus fans think it is, it is. That's who they cater to after all. I truly belive though, that the right hand does not know what the left hand does on LG. Its evident to me that when they feature a team badass episode it always leads onto the next. However, if in between the team bad ass episodes there is a doccubus one I find they never really connect. They need a producer that is good enough to connect the two sides into one cohesive story and while this season is marginally better than the last I feel its still not cohesive enough. It will be seven episodes in this sunday and still we have no idea who Bo's father is. It's really irritating me and if this is what they had planned to do in season three when they thought they were going to get 22 episodes, they would of lost a lot of viewers earlier on. It's begining to feel like the red john saga on The Mentalist.
191. TheUberFan
I think Tamsin is (sadly) the one who will die (if not Trick) if only in fulfillment of Chekhov's law of the gun. That Massimo called out this is Tamsin's last life cannot be accidental. Whether she loses it in this season or not, that has to be addressed. I think it was put there to foreshadow her death and since Acacia is coming back too, there's all sorts of ways that could play out.
I think there's two ways that could play out, or rather two reasons for that kind of declaration.

1. Foreshadow her death. Which would really bum me out.

2. Make a story as to why it is her last life. This is the one I'm hoping for, for obvious reasons. ;)
192. TheUberFan
"You'd think I'd remember betraying everything I've ever stood for."

That sentence is so key I think. Bo choosing to be aligned...the only way she would willingly do so, I think, would be to save someone's life or protect someone from harm.

But she doesn't remember the circumstances surrounding such a pivotal choice; and I think that's something that will necessarily come up at some point.
Carmen Pinzon
193. bungluna
I find the idea of Lauren's brother being turned Fae intriguing. I don't think the writers have enough imagination to work something like this out, but just think what a wonderful character arc that would be.

1. She turns him Fae to save him from some injury incurred by the pipe bombs - guilt and stab at redemption. Acknowledge her culpability.

2. He turns on her and tries to do something horrible to all the Fae in the name of some greater good (plus all those poluting humans!) - she's always a naive twit and he's demontrated previous dellusions of grandeur.

3. She somehow is instrumental in his defeat/death - bring her back to the fold and give her more guilt. Also, please get rid of her anoying TSTL naivete!
Susan White
195. whiskeywhite
Thanks, @nypinta, for the Wikipedia info. on the Alkonost. I heard someone say what she was but couldn't make out the word, otherwise I would have Wiki-searched it. OK, she's a mythical bird, not an opera singer. A bit better. I guess I lean more to non-European mythology to be honest. More interesting (to me).

Gargoyles need to learn their place, which is not between me and Dyson's wolf junk. Does KHR look like he's bulked up a bit, or is it just the position? Good point about Vex being interrogated in the nude as well. Interesting that in Vex's case, it's in a very humiliating position (EA complimented Paul Amos for being willing to film this way. A true actor's actor). I imagine they figured they couldn't get away with that for the Dyson fans. They present him more in Greek god postures (as when he was captured by The Morrigan).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
197. Kiersten
@whiskeywhite KHR bulked up A LOT for this season. I noticed it first on the video and pics from FanExpo and for sure up close when I saw him in Atlanta.

As a Dyson fan, I would have no problem if they depicted his Una Mens torture the way they did Vex's. It's in how the victim responds that we'd see the true character and I think Dyson would respond to such humiiliation, pain, and fear much more differently than Vex did and that would be very interesting to see.
198. nypinta
I think how they had Vex was dependent on his powers. They had his hands bound in front of him, which I'm sure was to prevent him using his Mesmer powers. Even if they don't work on the Una Mens, I think it lends to his psychological torture to be bound in a way that takes away his power too. I suspect the same might be for Dyson. I notice when he shifts it's usually in the eyes first, but then the arms second. So bounding his arms high takes away his power in a physical way. Plus it exposes his stomach, which to animals is a big vulnerablity.

I still think he's covering for Trick in some way. Bo says, while wearing Dyson's clothing, "What did you do?" so he is shocked by something someone else did. Either Trick or someone that works for Trick. Because I don't care what Dyson is going through, I can't see him killing humans and fae wholesale. Oh god. Do you think they're going to to the werewolf tale from France? It's a famous case where the townsfolk of small town claimed a werewolf was killing people and eventually the King sent some hunter that killed something. (Gah, it's got a name. I'll google in a bit...) So maybe Dyson found another pack but they were hunted down by humans and something something...

@whiskeywhite, for several days I thought Trick had called her an Alchemist. It wasn't until I saw a recap somewhere that I saw the spelling. I'm still not sure what her owner actually was. I see Bamber, Baccus, and something with an E. Ah well. Marcus was a Cozmilot. (Spelling.)
199. nypinta Ah ha! The Beast of Gevaudan!

I was watching a thing on this on Animal Planet a few months back. One theory was people had been eating bread with a hallucinogen and were all imagining the werewolf. But this documentary actually tracked down an animal that the King of France's hunter had killed that was actually a rare breed of Hyena and it turns out they found out a nobleman in the area had a pair brought up from (I think) Africa but they had escaped and he never bothered to track them. He lived not far from where the villagers had been attacked. They documentary also questioned the truth of one man's claim to have killed the "beast" even though his family still claims he did. Fun stuff. But what if there was a fae that did the killing and Dyson was either that fae or trying to stop that fae? Oooo!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
200. Kiersten
Zoie Palmer tweeted this afternoon that tonight's episode was her favorite one of the season to shoot. Whatever happens, sure promises to be a doozy one way or another.

After this there will be one more new episode aired next week and then a few weeks hiatus before the last five air in the New Year.
201. nypinta
Hiatus is my least favorite word.
Nadine Robb
202. cmm
Finally and episode that pushes the story forward. I really enjoyed this episode despite a few questionable scenes. I'm also curious to see how Kenzi's future training goes.
203. Stacymd2
Hi gals and guys! So, how was this episode? Good? Bad?
204. drusilla_doll
Something for everyone, from what I've read. Definitely a lot of OTT ZP fanservice, but also some really good moments in terms of Bo's investment in Dyson and his innocence. Fanservice in terms of AS and ZP having sex scenes, but it's Bo as Dyson and Lauren as Flora. Mention of Dyson saves Bo, but Bo kisses Lauren to save her. Definitely a mixed bag.
Nadine Robb
205. cmm
I would agree with your assessment drusilla_doll. It was a good episode but I did not like the fanservice when I thought it should of been a story primarily about Dyson.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
206. Kiersten
Have to agree. Loved a lot of the episode, but sick of the fact that even when it's an episode about Bo saving Dyson, they have to shove DL into the mix. This was supposed to be about Dyson's back story, not another way to appease doccubus lovers.

Also "I've saved Dyson before" WTF? WHEN exactly was that, doc? Cause shoving a needle in his side and harvesting his DNA against his will is very much NOT saving him. Talk about a delusional hero complex. And then there's her little snit about Dyson being an intellectual when it could just as well have been Bo speaking for herself. Good to see you're still a stuck up snob, doc. All she did was monitor some equipment and then go into the memory walk to whine at Bo. It was remembering Kenzi and Dyson that jarred Bo out of the memory walk.

I thought Zoie Palmer rocked it hard as Flora and loved the French torch song. No wonder she loves this episode; first time she's really gotten to play out-of-character in a long while. Trust Lost Girl to come up with a way to have a threesome between Bo, Dyson, and Doctor Lauren without actually having a threesome.
Nadine Robb
207. cmm
I think it's very sad that Dyson can't even get this own backstory episode even when its promised. That said I did like the parts that were doccubus free like Dyson meeting Trick. Trick being all ninja with his staff amused me to no end. Also, im curious to know what happens to the wearer when those deadly shoes are on the chosen one?
Nadine Robb
208. cmm
Oh and I forgot to add I don't like the fact that team badass suddenly includes that's doctor. I've always thought it was Kenzi, Bo, Dyson, Hale and Lauren only became a part of the group when she tagged along.
209. Stacymd2
This is why I wanted Dyson to play himself in his own memories. With Bo doing it, with Wonder Lauren in the mix, then the story becomes all about Bo and Doccubus and not about Dyson's past. So let me guess, TPTB did a scene with Dyson having sex with someone, but it is Bo in Dyson's body fantasizing its Wonder Lauren? Ugh!

Please at least tell me that they didn't make Dyson a Fae Terrorist or murderer like Wonder Lauren. He was innocent, right? And was covering for someone being noble, right?
210. TheUberFan
I'm... uh... huh.

I don't even know what to think about what I saw tonight.

That's pretty much my only comment on this episode for now at least.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
211. Kiersten
Team Badass is Bo and Dyson. That's what she says to him in S2E2. It's not meant to apply to the group as a whole. Bo, Dyson and Kenzi are, according to Tamsin, The Happy Sunshine Gang. Everyone together is Faemily. Or "the gang". But yes, DL has never been a core part of that unless it was medical related or when she "tagged along" as Bo's significant other. She's never really fit though that appears to be something else about her the show is switching up now.

I really liked seeing how being betrayed by his king and losing his pack basically made Dyson become an amoral con artist for centuries (maybe why he had such an affinity for Kenzi from the start?) and how his experience with Trick changed him for the better. That it was a major turning point in his life. Loved the fealty swearing between them.

I thought Bad Ass Trick was awesome, but I especially like how everyone is now clueing in on how his keeping secrets has gone beyond being acceptable. Perphaps he will turn out to be the Third Bad after all...though I'm holding out hope for DL to be it till the bitter end.
212. drusilla_doll
The doccunuts aren't happy with the ep, either, so I think the powers that be managed to give each side enough to both love and hate the episode to keep a fragile balance. I think a lot of Doccubus fans are more Lauren worshippers than anything, so they are quick to throw Bo under a bus and demand DL gets recognition for her 'heroism'. Some fans are upset that the whole crew wasn't kissing DL's feet by the end of it.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
213. Kiersten
Dyson is not a murderer - he was framed, but he feels responsible for the woman's death. Yes, Bo's subconscious turned a woman in Dyson's memory into Doctor Lauren so when Bo as Dyson banged Flora/Doctor Lauren, in the mirror it was Dyson banging Flora/Doctor Lauren, which is the mind fuck way they cheated the whole threesome thing. So basically, they took Bo's intimate walk through Dyson's worst memory and made it all about Doctor Lauren.

Now, saying that, again, Zoie Palmer was amazing full stop, no question. But for an episode about Dyson's back story, there was very little Dyson and way too much Doctor Lauren in every guise
214. TheUberFan
That car wash scene wasn't part of a fantasy segment in this episode either. So that's actually still coming in the future.

You know...maybe Lost Girl and I are getting to a point where we may part ways sooner rather than later.

I don't know. I just feel kind of shell shocked and lost as to what the heck they're doing with any thing anymore.
215. nypinta
I kind of adored the episode. I wasn't fond of one or two lines, and there were moments where it felt a bit like the writers were trolling supporters of both "teams". But it moved quickly. I was giddy giggling quite a few times. I adored Kenzi and Dyson when she got him to tell the tale. I mean, I can't even. And finally FINALLY Bo calls out Trick! But I think like Dyson, he doesn't recall the Wanderer or the shoes either. He is trying to figure out who The Wanderer is. He called Mae Ling. Although I hate it when Trick keeps too much from Bo (like all the time) I have to say this time I think its just that he doesn't really know anything yet.

And I think he wasn't at the bar because he's doing acting Ash stuff. (Not that anyone here asked. I saw people say it online else where.)

I do think Lauren is part of the team. The "faemily" because family means sometimes you don't like each other but too bad because you don't get to pick your family. I mean Vex is part of the family. And only Kenzi likes him.
216. Stacymd2
You know the writers would never have Dyson/KHR play Bo or Lauren in their memories. I guess when Lauren said "it begins" in the last episode, she was referring to her and Doccubus dominating the rest of the season just like S3 & 2.

So now we have Lauren's brother and whatever she is plotting to look forward to.

Do you think TPTB will shoehorn in Lauren into the Kenzi backstory?

I'm glad at least that Dyson is not a gross murderer.

Was the over all plot advanced? I'm so not looking forward to seeing this epi.
217. TheUberFan
There were things I liked about the episode too, @nypinta...but all in all it felt like they took this story and fan serviced the hell out of it to the point where I'm starting to resent the show. And that's not a fun place to be.

Maybe I'll try watching it later this week and see it with new eyes but I can never erase the mental picture of Bo/Dyson banging Flora/Lauren or the waking with a kiss/sleeping beauty schtick (rolling my eyes here).

There were some great character moments though. Zoie did a great job in this episode and everyone had a role to play.

Except Tamsin, who apparently no one cares about anymore even though she's been in all of two freakin' episodes out of SEVEN.

Not that I'm bitter at all.

And now the triangle is bound together officially by the red string of fate? Oh HELL no.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
218. Kiersten
@Stacymd2 you should look forward to it. it was fantastic in many, many ways.
219. stacymd2
@Kiersten: I will give it a shot. I just don't get why Doccubus is in EVERYTHING. It's not that Wonder Lauren helped with her medical thing, it's that we can't even get a Dyson epi without Doccubus and Dyson must state that Bo has a girlfriend even when he is talking about his love for Bo.

Top this all off with the Church of Lauren saying that it was wrong of Dyson to "insert himself into Bo's Dawning" yet it is not grossly wrong for Bo to insert her sexual feelings for Lauren into D's actual memories?

@Uberfae: I understand your feelings. The triangle is lazy. The best thing about Haven right now is that they got rid of the Duke/Audrey/Nathan triangle.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
220. Kiersten
Oohh @stacymd2 thats a good point about the screaming with Dyson "inserting" himself into Bo's Dawning but no objection to the doc doing the same with Dyson. Well, that double standard is hardly new to Lost Girl
221. nypinta
I believe Tamsin comes back next episode.

Yes, there was serious amounts of fan servicing. But on both sides. It frustrates me only because if they were just a little more thoughtful of scenes and dialog they could have all the servicing that they want but it could make sense! I mean, Lauren says in the beginning two things, "Dyson is family" which everyone seems to be ignoring because they want Lauren to mad at Dyson (for, uh, what?), and then she says she saved him once, she'd do it again. But the thing is, when you have the character that some people think did a thing say they did the thing it doesn't count unless another character says it. Also, as with the scenario at Taft's, no one did anything alone, so the shouting that everyone should be thanking Lauren and Lauren alone makes no sense. Lauren didn't give Taft Dyson's DNA. Tamsin dispatched the guards. Bo opened all the pods. Dyson chased down Taft. Take out any one of those events then all of them are buried in that field. Full stop. And in tonight's episode Bo did the saving. Lauren helped with monitoring and then going in after Bo. But Dyson sent Bo messages about the shoe. Kenzi made the initial connection. Cassie led Bo in to Dyson's memory. Take any one out and Bo's a mental gob and Dyson and Kenzi are Una Mensed. And hello, they were all eating celebratory hot dogs. I'm pretty sure there were hugs and thanks all around after they got Dyson and Kenzi out of that cage. Of all the things that don't need to be on screen it's people that constantly save each other saying thanks all the time.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
222. Kiersten
If for no other reason (and I personally think there are many) watch for Paul Amos' accent as Prince Phillipe. It is *killing* me right now. Absolutely hilarious. He and Zoie Palmer clearly had a blast filming their scene.
223. keets
Using a story about fantasy and myth to promote harmful stereotypes of a minorty group is offensive. Lost Girl will hear about this from many people.

The "Team" rivalries this show encourages is damaging. I'm a Doccubus shipper and this will probably be the only post I make in your sanctum. I don't like Dyson because of all the reasons you don't like Lauren. I ship my ship.

But a line was crossed with the imagery in tonights show, just as it was in 3 x 1.

This tweet is offensive.

"Kiersten Krum ?@kierstenkrum 10m So, basically, Dyson just banged Doctor Lauren. Or Doctor Lauren just banged Dyson. Huh. Sooner or later, they all go wolf..."

I always thought this forum hated Lauren but maintained a respect for the LGBT community. I don't think that any more. Promoting this type of thinking is wrong and underscores the world of straight privelage you live in.


224. TheUberFan
@keets... just because some fans like Dyson with Bo, that does not make them anti-LGBT.

And they showed the reflection of Dyson banging a Lauren look alike. If you have an issue with that visual, take it up with Lost Girl because that is exactly the image they projected.

It's not the fault of fans if they see what was shown nor is it somehow anti-LGBT for fans to translate seeing Bo looking into a mirror of herself as a man banging "Lauren" and seeing herself as Dyson as the show having one on the fans with this pseudo three way.
225. drusilla_doll
Keets you are so utterly wrong. Seriously. I don't get why you think we don't support LGBTQ just because some of us dislike Lauren's character how it is written. Some of us are fans of Valkubus, Levony, Crystal/Lauren and so on. Just because we think that Lauren and Bo are toxic and ill-matched, doesn't mean we are against same sex couples in fiction.

Quite frankly it offends me that you and others keep making this assertion. I have supported lesbian, gay and bi-sexual fictional couples in the past, but I STILL think that Lauren is better suited with anyone BUT Bo. I happen to believe you need a lot of common ground to make things work long term and sometimes loving someone or the idea of that pairing isn't enough.

I also want to point out that we are individuals here, with differing
opinions. To assume that we all think exactly the same way about
everything is to over-generalize. Quite frankly I get exasperated at the rabid pro-Lauren, Doccubus fans who dominate the internet, but I don't presume you're all that crazy. Please afford us the same courtesy.
226. TheUberFan
@drusilla_doll... I supported Bo with Dyson in Season 1 and part of 2. I supported Bo with Lauren for the second half of 2 and into 3.

Just as Bo doesn't differentiate between male or female and is looking for love, so I too want her to find happiness...and I've supported her in that quest.

And like you, I find the dynamic between Bo and Lauren to be toxic, not because they're both women but because the dynamic is skewed and their personalities are incompatible, not to mention the obvious physical incompatibility of a human with a succubus.

I too am tired of what is a tactic to demean anyone who doesn't support their ship as being anti LGBT. I mean look. I currently ship Bo with Tamsin.

Apparently it's lost on them that Tamsin is a female. HELLO.
227. drusilla_doll
I hate the fact that since I like Bo/Dyson, I am somehow a traitor to the LGBTQ cause. That makes me so angry. Shouldn't we be allowed to like what we like? I personally prefer Tamsin/Bo than DL/Bo. Does that make me anti-lesbian or just having personal tastes which lean a different way than the avid Doccubus crowd. I am a self-professed nerd but I have never warmed to Lauren. Sorry, but she is a badly written character as far as I am concerned - doormat meets martyr meets Mary Sue. I am enjoying her more this season however, so....take that as you will.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
228. Kiersten
@keets - Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment and for adding your voice to our ongoing discussion of Lost Girl

You copied and pasted a tweet of mine that was/is not a post or part of this forum nor does it represent this web site. If you want to call me on that, you have that right and are welcomed to reply on Twitter, but to tag this forum in its entirety for it is neither accurate nor worthy.

This forum does not hate Doctor Lauren. Hate is a strong word and I do my best not to wield it lightly and/or without thought. I don't like her, and many others who comment here don't as well, but some here do and even I have remarked on things she's done that I've appreciated; I quite enjoyed her for the most part in last week's episode. That's something that's enjoyed by everyone on this forum: the ability to respectively share their opinion without fear of personal reprisal. Doctor Lauren is a fictional character and representative of only herself (and perhaps the writers), not a social community at large. This, I think, is where many of her fans misstep, but that's a different discussion. Thus, my dislike of Doctor Lauren is solely for those aspects of her character that I have detailed here and not representative of how I feel for the LGBT community at large, a group I do respect.

In tonight's episode of Lost Girl, as you know, there was a scene where Bo was depicted as having sex with Flora/Doctor Lauren and when she looked into a mirror, it was Dyson, whose body Bo was occupying in the memory walk, who was having sex with Flora/Doctor Lauren. I believe this was the show's way of winking at the oft suggested idea of a "threesome" without actually compromising the tennents of the real characters, but only they know for sure. Which makes my statement, however distasteful you found it, accurate in the first part and, again in your opinion, poorly rendered in the second part.

I agree with you that the show encourages the "Team" rivalries and will go one step farther to say that at this point they actively bait them in every episode. It's a shame, really, that they feel the need to poke such a vicious beast. How we each choose to react and respond to that is up to the individual.

229. Stacymd2
@keets: Thank you for posting and welcome. I've seen your posts on and it's nice that you came here to express your feelings on 407.

I think your real grievance is with EA and JF for the show that they wrote.

I'm not sure how much you have read on this board, but no one here is anti-LGBTQ. To suggest that is deeply hurtful and personally offensive to me who has been a vocal supporter of LGBTQ rights in real life as well as having MANY family members go are gay. might be surprised but there are LGBTQ foks and alies on H&H. Not all Bo/Dyson fans are straight females.

Kiersten can speak for herself, but from reading many of her post, I'm sure she was being sarcastic, because D & L having relations is outrageous.
230. drusilla_doll
@Keets: I am asian, I know what it's like to be seen as a minority and have to endure prejudice. Please try to separate fictional preferences to how we view the real world. I usually go for the under-dogs, the romantic pairings which are doomed or didn't start out being the star couple. This time, however, I happened to like the Bo/Dyson dynamic more than Bo/DL. That's all it is, a preference of a certain dynamic. I acknowledge that Bo/DL is hugely popular, but I just don't care for it as it has been portrayed by the show. I think ZP is an awesome actress, regardless of how I feel about her character and how the writers have misused her.

Personally I find it disheartening that I even have to justify why I like a particular pairing or character in order to not be judged as a bigot in this day and age. Is it so horrible to like a lead male character and enjoy his romance with a lead female character? Should my morals or political stance be judged based on this? What if the roles were reversed? Perhaps you might want to look at the double standard this poses.
231. TheUberFan
I'd also like to add that if you prefer male/female pairings over female/female pairings, that does not make you a bigot, any more than if the reverse is true. And why should it? People like what they like and it doesn't mean they're bigoted toward things they don't prefer.
232. keets
Twitter only allows for so many characters. I also don't twitter. I've sent out a total of 6 tweets.

I brought the tweet to this forum because it made it's way into my forum. To my knowledge, that is the only tweet from a member of this forum, or any forum (other than tweets from LG cast) that has ever found it's way into my forum.

The reason was because it was offensive. Crossing a line offensive.

Like it or not, Kiersten, you are the voice of this particular part of the Lost Girl Fandom.

Replace the last word in the tweet with the word "Man" and make a leap.

A common stereotype in the straight world is that with the right "man" a woman who is lesbian will go straight. Or, get straightened out.

On many levels, showing that image was wrong. The tweet was offensive, highly offensive, because it strongly echoes the sentiment of a very damaging and harmful stereotype.

I won't tell horror stories because you don't want to hear them and you will stop reading.

After calming down, I realize the tweet was probably sarcastic. And yes, this is just a television show, a fantasy, and it is beyond ridiculous that Lauren would want to sleep with Dyson. But, the damage is done; they won't cut that image, and the tweets are in the wind.

I apologize for including this whole forum in my assumption, and to you Kiersten, because I realize you probably didn't mean for the tweet to communicate what it did to so many people.

I won't apologize for my belief that promoting such a harmful stereotype is wrong.


233. drusilla_doll
Keets: Just my own opinion, but I really hate that idea of a lesbian being 'cured' by a man. It's not a lifestyle choice, it's how we are born, hard-wired to love. I honestly believe Lauren is meant to be portrayed as a lesbian and would never try to ship her with Dyson. I think they have chemistry as actors, but, yeah, that doesn't mean it's remotely sexual imo.

I don't really know why the writers decided to include that image, or what they hoped to achieve by it. However, I think I can understand that for many people who support same sex couples, it was an insensitive move to make in terms of dispelling damaging tropes in TV and film.

I haven't seen the episode myself, but just wanted you to know that I, and I am sure many of us here, do not support the idea that lesbians or bi-sexuals (or even women in general) need a man to be complete. However, I do believe rather strongly that people should not have to worry about race, gender or sexual orientation at all in terms of whom they connect most with and love or desire. If Bo loves BOTH men and women, can we not acknowledge that? The struggle for equal rights and representation is ongoing and I count myself as an ally. I hope that you will see that having different fictional preferences does not mean we don't fervently believe in LGBTQ causes.
Carmen Pinzon
234. bungluna
I'm still processing but have a few thought:

1. Who is Angel?
2. Was that Belle Epoque Hovel set or did I imagine it?
3. Why did they have to have the Dyson/Lauren image?
4. When are the writers going to MOVE ON from the freaking triangle?!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
235. Kiersten
@keets Thank you. I appreciate that. I also appreciate you returning here to add some clarity to your thoughts & comments. And I agree that promoting such a stereotype is indeed wrong for both gay women and men and you should in no way have to apologize for saying so.

As you, thankfully, have already concluded, @keets, I did not, in fact, mean for my tweet to communicate such offense to people & did, as @stacymd2 and you supposed, mean it to be sarcastic. That said, there is no sarcasm font & it obviously went way off the intended mark. After some consideration, I chose to delete the tweet so as not to continue to cause any further offense. As you've said, @keets, it is already in the wind & screen capped here and elsewhere, apparently, so there's a "milk already spilled" aspect to it at this point. That's fine; they're my words & I'll own them, but at least the misunderstanding of intent won't be perpetuated further on my part.

Thanks again for adding your voice, @keets, & for being classy and returning to continue the conversation.

Kiersten Hallie Krum
236. Kiersten
1. Angel was the Fae bartender from Dyson's past, a shifter, whom Bo manifested in the memory walk as Kenzi. dyson gave the real Angel the 2nd hell shoe in 1899 & told her torun with it

2. Yes, that was the Belle Epoque Hovel & I am officially stealing that moniker for the eventual U.S. recap. You've been warned

3. Dunno why the writers went with the Dyson/FloraWhoLooksLikeDoctorLauren image. I suspect they were trying to poke the threesome idea w/out actually having a B/D/DL threesome.

4. Apparently never
Carmen Pinzon
237. bungluna
I'm soooo loking forward to your re-caps. I fear that I miss to much. I thought that was Kenzie, then Dyson said it was a shifter pall of his and I got all confuzzed.

And what happened to the Una Mens once Bo accused them of murder? Are they excempt from their own laws?!

As you can see, I got more questions than answers int his episode. Except that I get that The Wanderer is a character from Redneck Fishermen on History Channel.
Katherine Bloom
238. lsbloom
The Una Mens have been trying to get the shoe for 100 years, to the point where they ignore their own purpose and they just let Bo and Dyson and Kenzi leave? Why not take the shoe? The fae can't hurt them?

Plus, Kenzi is still on their wall of masks, right? Or are they still working through such a backlog of cases that they haven't made it into this century yet? At this rate, Kenzi can lead a long happy life before her trial even gets scheduled. They are creepy, but villains without purpose or rationality are rarely compelling. They went from uncompromising rule followers to muddy rule breakers. TPTB completely undermined their own characterization and theme. It was simplistic but at least it fit with Lost Girl: "blindly following the rules is bad." Now the Una Mens don't represent anything anymore. We knew they were corrupt, but they were supposed to be emotionless enforcers of the law.

Yeah, the triangle never dies. But shouldn't having to resort to alternate mythological stuff to keep it alive be a sign that the set up isn't working organically? Lauren just runs right over to help? Since when? Lauren making comments about getting points with Bo? She could have still had Bo. She DUMPED Bo, several times. Why is she still competing? It's like there are two scripts running simultaneously: one the story the writers kinda want to show on the screen and two the fan wanking crap they are too scared and cognizant of to not stick in there--where they break character and plot and the 4th wall and start talking to the audience.

The thing with no labels, with Lauren being a lesbian and Bo and Tamsin being Bi and Kenzi being straight and Vex being...well Vex. Is that character should be more than his/her sexuality. It shouldn't define them. It isn't even something that should be categorized or need commenting on. No labels. Lauren can't be the respresntative of LGBT rights on TV. She has to be a character. She has to have the potential to do bad things, to die, to cheat, to lie, to steal, to be heroic, to be conflicted. Not everything comes back to her sexuality. I could care less who Lauren sleeps with, but I'm not gonna ever like her no matter how much retconning they do. Kenzi can tell me she's the bomb, but I won't forgive her for being mean to Kenzi when she was dying, for not caring. For trying to burn her alive. For constantly being exasperated in Kenzi's presence instead of respecting the awesomeness. And I won't forgive her for being a bad doctor and a selfish duplicitous person. None of that is her sexuality--that's her character. And Bo's subconscious envisioning a 3-some with her two lovers is A) an idea the show has floated before and B) totally within the bounds of Bo's sexuality. Bo wants both of them at once. A show that can barely stand up to being decent fantasy can't also handle major social issues. It isn't about sexuality, cause remember No Labels.

I think it is interesting that in Internet fandom we have simulataneously arguments that characters can be secretly bi to support to support slash fic (I'm looking at you OUAT and Supernatural) and characters with assumed sexuality can't change that or it undermines the social constructs of sexuality. The logical outcome of the triangle is all of them. If doccubus decides that undermines Lauren sexuality, then they eliminate the compromise. The triangle never ends--it is always a war. The show can't take that. They are too scattered as is.

Am I the only one hesitantly excited about them turning Kenzi into Arya?
Katherine Bloom
239. lsbloom
Oh yeah, and zen happy Dyson is starting to freak me out. He's all at peace even when he's gonna be executed and flirting with Bo even though she keeps brushing him off and acting crazy. And not really that concerned about the wanderer or the Una Mens or much of anything.
Nadine Robb
241. cmm
That whole scene with that doctor and Bo/Dyson was wrong to me. In fact I don't understand why that doctor had to take on the Flora persona in the first place? It could of just of easily been Kenzi or Tamsin. Since it's supposed to be just people from Bo's subcionscious it should not be deliberate in its choosing. Bo does not know who Flora is ergo she should not equate her with that doctor. If anything they could of had Tamsin as flora and Kenzi as the weird guy holding the championship belt.

Moving on to the other parts of the show, does anyone think that the guy who wanted the shoe has connections to the wanderer?? The Una Mens as some of mentioned supposed to be emotionless rule keepers. I however, don't believe they are. I think they are very aware of their emotions and are very good at controlling them kind of like a vulcan. Also,I missed what term Dyson used for what he was going to turn Kenzi into, does anyone remember? It was Shadow something?
242. TheUberFan
Post mortem here.

And @Kiersten was right about the pseudo three way.

Which will give me nightmares for the rest of my life.

But it was fun for them all, this episode. Whatever.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
243. Kiersten
@cmm It was a Shadow Thief.

Zen Dyson is not freaking me out. He's earned the settled maturity in the last few seasons.

It's my (no doubt flawed) understanding that the objection to the pseudo three-way is the image of Dyson and Flora/Doctor Lauren having sex being seen as the show perpetuating the offensive stereotype that every lesbian is just waiting for the right man to come along and turn her. As Flora was not depicted in Dyson's memory as being a lesbian, and is, in fact, a completely different character from Doctor Lauren, I don't believe that was the intent. But I do see how some could come to that conclusion. Her resemblance to Doctor Lauren was Bo's subconscious bleeding into Dyson's memory and superimposing the main people in her life, like Kenzi and Vex into the memory walk; Bo even remarks on the strangeness of the experience while she's doing it.

At cons and in interviews, everyone has been teasing the idea of a threesome for months now. It's hardly a surprise that the show tried to cheat the idea without committing to it for the long-term; they did much the same when they wiped Bo from Dyson and Kenzi's memory to force a Kyson hook up for the fans. I do wish they'd stop giving the fans these "gifts" and just tell the story already.
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