Dec 12 2013 3:30pm

Juliette/Avery Lights Up Nashville 2.10, “Tomorrow Never Comes”

Juliette and Avery in NashvilleThis post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Nashville, including last night’s 2x10, “Tomorrow Never Comes."

Juliette and Avery have shared a beautiful friendship in Nashville Season 2, but last night's midseason finale (2x10, “Tomorrow Never Comes”) brought the revelation that Juliette, at least, is interested in embarking on a much deeper relationship. While the episode's biggest cliffhangers involved two potential deaths, that last Juliette/Avery scene is what's got me dying to see the next episode. But we'll get to that. 

You see, after many episodes of buildup (and this is pretty incredible for Nashville, which hasn't often taken a lot of time to set up new relationships), at the end of last week's episode, it seemed to dawn on Juliette that maybe the reason she never felt satisfied by meaningless hookups was because she wanted a real relationship with someone who really knew and understood her (like Avery!).

So from their first scene in last night's episode, when we learn Juliette specifically requested Avery come back to work with her, I knew there was a deeper meaning to their interactions for Juliette. And sure enough, the way Juliette turned to Avery for help on stage when her fans turned against her and the way he immediately stepped up to sing with her (can they do that forever and ever, please?) to help her calm down further illustrated both their natural chemistry (and hot damn but they have BUCKETS of it) and Juliette's  growing confidence in their bond.

Really, after their post-performance chat—in which Juliette confessed to breaking up Charlie Wentworth's marriage after all and Avery not only didn't blame her but comforted her—I should have seen that final scene between them coming. But I squeed anyway when she went to Avery, quite obviously planning to place her heart at his feet...only to find he wasn't alone. Because of course he's seeing Scarlett again. Ack! Except...

Was it just me or were Avery's eyes a little shiny? I do believe they were, and that maybe, just maybe, he feels exactly the same about Juliette, despite having decided to give things another go with Scarlett (probably because he thought Juliette had placed him firmly in her friend zone, which...she totally had!).

Look, I ship it hard and have for a while now (look for a post on why, exactly, before the show resumes), so I LOVED this development. My only concern is that the show might pick up speed with the relationship now instead of letting it develop as naturally as they have been. I think Avery and Juliette have the potential to be end game, so I'd hate to see that dashed by a too-quick exploration of them as a couple.

But how are you feeling about this duo's prospects? Did this turn take you by surprise? Are you in favor of seeing them give romance a try now or sometime down the road?

*Note: The above image is actually not from last night's episode, but from another time they looked incredibly hot on stage. Here's hoping we get even more of that at some point.

ETA 12/12 at 4:16pm — character name mixup fixed

ETA2 12/12 at 5:30pm: ABC has posted the “Trouble Is” scene! Enjoy.

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Kiersten Hallie Krum
1. Kiersten
Have to say, I love what they've done with Avery's redemption character arc and how it's paralleled, reflected, and intersected Juliette's in many ways from early on. I think he and Scarlett needed to come back to each other to better resolve their relationship but there's no way they're gonna last as she's still hooked into Gunner and vice versa. How much more interesting and well matched are Juliette and Avery? And yes, BUCKETS of chemistry.

I've already played the on-stage scene from last night 3 or 4 times and each pass through has given me chills. Perfectly done with ZERO dialogue, all body language and expression. Fantastic work.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@Kiersten -- Right there with you. I've watched their friendship develop with interest and hoped it'd move in this direction eventually. I haaaated Avery in early to mid-Season 1, but the writers have REALLY sold me on him in the wake of his fall from potential stardom.

Also agree it's best he and Scarlett are together now so they can get some closure when things end this time around (and yep, they surely will).

THAT SCENE. I watched mouth agape, basically going, "I'm not the only one seeing this, right? Holy shit!" They're the most compelling pairing on the show together, friends or otherwise. Want. More. Glad I'm not alone!
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
Fellow fans, also, I wanted to recommend this video that's been in my favorites list for a while: You don't believe in love? | Juliette/Avery by TaylorLynn127 -- highlights their chemistry and I love the song choice
4. PyroPixie83
I agree with all previous comments and would like to suggest: If you want to see something adorable, find Jonathan Jackson (Avery)'s performance of "Twist of Barbed Wire" from The View on Youtube. Hayden Panettiere (Juliette)'s reaction to the performance is so sweet and genuine. They must be great friends behind the scenes, as evidenced by the huge smile on her face while she dances to his amazing vocals and skilled guitar playing. I've seen him perform live, so I completely understand how mesmorizing he can be. Love!
5. Alison Packard
ITA with everything you said. I've been a fan since Avery and Juliette collided at the Opry in the first show the first season. I'm so glad they've taken their time with building a friendship between Avery and Juliette, and I do hope the show doesn't ruin the pairing by rushing it.

Jonathan Jackson and Hayden Panetierre have amazing chemistry and I'm dying to see more of Avery and Juliette when the show returns in a couple of weeks.
6. Antonia Cipollone
I love Avey and Juliette. They have great chemistry. Truly the hottest couple on the show!!
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