Dec 2 2013 1:14pm

J.R. Ward Finishes The King, Shares Some Details

The King by J.R. WardOver the weekend, J.R. Ward shared a Black Dagger Brotherhood update on her Facebook page, saying:

"THE KING is finished! Repeat- he is all done! His release date is now April 1- NO this is NOT an April fool's joke lol


A couple of stats— Lover at Last came in at 186,286 words at this point in the process. Wrath is 181,983- but he'll get bigger as I play with him in copyedits (don't eva say that again) :D

She also shared Wrath's theme song:

What do you think might happen in The King?

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2. Shirleycha
I have loved the BDB since I first read Dark Lover when it was first released. Wrath is amazing and his relationship with Beth the stuff dreams are made of. I don't often write posts but in this case I felt I just had to state what I felt. The theme song chosen for Wrath, I believe is just so very very wrong. It's disgusting and crude, two things Wrath and his story are not. I'm very sorry if I am raining on anyone's parade or sound like a prude. But I would think another song could be found or written that express who Wrath really is. This one does not even remotely speak to me of who he is.
3. dkansas
I'm sorry, I just don't get the song for Wrath's theme . What's the connection. I don't see where the "N" word fits and would Wrath really allow someone to call Mary a b&*#ch?
4. Galina
Cool song and yes it fits. One has to understand a bit of the thug life to appreciate that bitch is not being derogatory here. I'm a bad bitch and I know his woman is as well.
5. allyson55
What a godawful song! I know the BDB guys are tough and their language is rough but ... yuk! This is what passes for music? I don't know what JR Ward is trying to convey but I prefer to think of these men as having better taste than this.
I'm looking forward to the book but I'm pleased it doesn't come with a soundtrack.
6. LaTonia Clayton
What in the world is JR thinking? I love The Warden but I feel she has gone nuts! That song was horrible and DOES NOT! in my opinion represent the brothers @ all especially Wrath. Maybe all the book writing and interviews has gotten to her, it almost make me not want to but the book. I also admit the music (rap) that V listens to is horrible. If I was going to pick a rap song it would be something better than that. I fear the brothers is going ghetto. Watch out JR and clean them up a bit and let them be how they were when you first started the series.
8. Pierrette Israel
Love it. These men are hard. Hip hop is hard. The music fits their fighting, and their brotherhood. Their bout it.
Pika Chu
9. Redcurls
For all those complaining about the choice of music, seriously? That's what's important here? From day one, JR Ward showed us the frame of personalities from the Brotherhood and while a lot of the music is a *combination* genres, some not my personal taste, it's all hardcore and it fits the characters description. If you don't get that, then you're not a real fan and you sound like a reality life version of the glymera.
10. jayybird
So just to clarify, is this going to be the last book? I duno where I got that from am hoping im wrong
11. wondering
Is this going tl be the last book . Cause what abourt assail and sal. And layla and xcor and Quinn. ?
12. msjazzy
I'm also wondering about comment this particular story line and characters finish? It appears as if everyone that wanted to be a couple had an ending indicating that they didn't get together because it wasn't meant to be. Would love to know if there is going to be another book or two.
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