Dec 13 2013 1:42pm

“I Love You, April”: Jackson’s Grand Gesture in Grey’s Anatomy 10.12

Jesse Williams as Avery Jackson in Grey's Anatomy 10x12, Get Up, Stand UpThis post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Grey's Anatomy, including last night’s 2x12, “Get Up, Stand Up."

Grey's Anatomy doctors Jackson Avery and April Kepner have never officially been a couple, but theirs is a compelling relationship I've followed since both joined the show, and the hospital, as interns in Season 6. And it's been a doozy: First they were coworkers and roommates that somehow became best friends, then they were friends with benefits, then nothing at all because April wanted to find someone she could marry and Jackson wasn't quite there yet, then friends who got jealous of each other but were trying to ignore it... Complicated, right? But more recently, the two really did seem to be moving on with other people—April even got engaged to EMT Matthew. In fact, their wedding was the climax of last night's episode, and it was going swimmingly, up until the moment when—

Jackson suddenly realized, right there in his seat at the wedding that he almost didn't attend, that he couldn't let her go through with it. He could not let April marry Matthew without knowing how he felt. So the guy turned, apologized to his getting-pretty-serious girlfriend, Stephanie, and stood up to do something...or not. He sat down again. Okay? Only to decide that yep, he had to do this and he had to do it right now. So he stood up again and said the most outrageously romantic thing to April (as well as to all of her family and friends, and Matthew's, too):

“I love you, April. I always have. I love everything about you. Even the things I don't like, I love. And I want you with me. I love you, and I think...that you love me too. Do you?”

Sarah Drew as April Kepner in Grey's Anatomy 10x12He followed his former mentor Sloan's advice and finally, finally told the love of his life how he felt. And she looked shocked, and torn, but didn't reply right away. End scene. End midseason finale. Aaaaahhhh!


Thus we're left to wonder for now: How will April react? And will Jackson make it out of that barn alive, considering how angry Stephanie and Matthew and even April must be with him? I, for one, cannot wait to find out. How about you? Are you rooting for Jackson/April, or do you prefer April/Matthew and/or Jackson/Stephanie?

Though before you decide anything, I submit this gif (by queenkepner on Tumblr) for your consideration:

Just sayin'. 

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1. Miss_D
I like Jackson, April, and Stephanie so while I have no problem with Jackson & April getting together, Stephanie didn't deserve the way Jackson humiliated her. So I hope there is some fallout to that. I don't want it like that now-stalkerish intern whose name I can't ever recall that was sleeping with Arizona where they make her the bad guy when Arizona's treatment of her was pretty shabby.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@Miss_D -- Oh, I could not agree more: Stephanie did NOT deserve that. And she gave him multiple outs over the course of their relationship, including, what, last episode? And he kept denying his feelings for April / trying to convince himself Stephanie was the one. Not cool, Jackson.

I do also feel bad for Matthew, though I'm not his biggest fan. I think I'm still annoyed at how badly he freaked that April wasn't a virgin. I get the lying was a huge betrayal, but it felt like he continued to hold it against her that he was a virgin and she wasn't.

Also with you on Arizona.
3. LGS
I agree with most of the former comments. Though most people hate Stephanie (who admittedly can be annoying at times), she really is a good person who doesn't deserve the crap she's been given by Jackson. Also, Matthew is a very likeable guy, and he'd be humiliated later as well by Jackson. Not saying I don't like Jackson, because he has such chemistry with April, but you know, what he's done to April, Matthew and Stephanie this last episode will not bring many smiling faces after.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@LGS -- Yeah...though it made for good drama, I think all--most?--of us Jackson/April fans wish they'd figured out their feelings before it got so far and other people got hurt.
5. indya
When i was watching the scene with Jackson i was so excited and at the end he did it!! So doctor Sloane has so right....... ok it's very not fair for stephanie and mattew but this is a good drama!
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
In reality I'd feel so bad for Stephanie and Matthew, and I do here too, but...yeah, man, that was some good TV and an insanely romantic gesture on Jackson's part, to put his heart on the line in front of all their friends and April's whole family! Can't wait to see what the fallout from THAT will be.
7. foolishbeat
Jesus, that gif. I'd never noticed how she hiked up her skirt. Nice!

I've been a Jackson/April fan for a while, and don't really care much for Stephanie or Matt, so I was okay with it. Can't wait to see how it plays out!
8. pellington
Stephanie and Matthew annoy, so I was thrilled. What I'm concerned about is that Shonda loves to give us a huge cliff hanger and then pick up 6 months later, where we don't get to actually SEE the confrontation. We get to only see the distant fallout. Boooo. So...I am really, really, really hoping we get the "WHAT?!!?" at the wedding, not just them being awkward at the hospital.
9. Japril
I love Jackson and April and I understand they have things to work out and discuss, but April better not marry Matthew. It's so clear she loves Jackson. Matthew was good for "old April", but she is not ducky or a quiet virgin girl and more. She is new and different because of Jackson and other experiences. Plus Japril has 100x the chemistry that Mapril does. Cannot wait to see the next episode in February....provided that it works out in favor of Jackson!
Heather Waters
10. HeatherWaters
@foolishbeat -- They are ridiculously hot together. That gif kills me every time I see it.

@pellington -- I've been thinking about that too, though in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jesse Williams the other day said that "It's going to be a combination of the two: you'll see what happens and the impact it has on everyone." Really hope that means we get to see how April responded and the immediate aftermath. Fingers crossed.

@Japril -- Yeah, I think Matthew is probably the guy of Ducky's dreams, but grown-up April and Jackson have built something real and lasting and beautiful over the last few years (if also a bit complicated) and it seems to me that he's the guy for her now. I adore them and hope things work out in favor of Jackson in February too.
11. maipe
That scene really bothered me. I used to love Jackson. I loved home with little Grey, with April and thrn with Stephanie. I sad him grow as a character, and then I saw him crash and burn at April's wedding. How is it romantic to humiliate your date/girlfriend, who gave you every chance to tell her if you still had feelingsfor your ex, in front of her bosses and coworkers? To put the woman you claim to love on the spot like that so now she has to publicly humiliate either you or the guy who also gave her every chance to back out. It made for an exciting cliffhanger, but now I find myself not caring about Jackson anymore. Since he didn't get it together soon enough to talk to her in private before she made it down the aisle he should have manned up and let it go through and talk to her after, hasn't he ever heard of annulement? Still painfulful to Matt and Steph, but minus the whole public humiliation thing. Not even Sloan at his worse would pull an a-hole manuver that big. And he slept with his bff's wife.
Megan Frampton
13. MFrampton
Heads up--I unpublished a comment because the commenter embarked on a personal attack on another commenter. A reminder to please keep it civil, even if you disagree with one another. Thanks!
14. Despoina
Jackson and April were the reason I started rewatching Grey's. Their storyline was naive, but they have a unique chemistry together, I couldn't help loving them. So, I 'd be excited beyond words to see them together at last. However, the midseason finale, after an initial scream of joy, left me a bit disappointed. (Not as regards Steph and Matthew; I mean it's cruel and everything but, come on, it's fiction! ) The thing is, considering the season so far, even the whole last episode Jackson's standing up seemed out of the blue. And although William's acting was excellent, something was missing.Perhaps a short flashback, or actually hearing Sloan's voice... I don't know. I guess in their attempt to shock us, they dragged it a bit too much and a shock it was, but without a proper emotional build up. Anyway, I totally love these two together and I hope Shonda will make it up for having us waiting for so long!
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