Dec 12 2013 8:46am

How Many Books Does it Take for You to Think an Author Isn’t for You?

Here's the scenario—you read an author who's been recommended by people whose reading taste you trust, and yet, you don't like it.

Do you:

1. Never read the author again?

2. Try right away with another one of her books?

3. Think you'll go back to her eventually, but make no immediate plans to do so?

What do you do? How long does it take for you to think an author isn't for you?

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1. Scarlettleigh
It really depends what I disliked about the book. If the characters' actions felt a little off or if it had a sloggy middle then I will try the author again. However, if I didn't like major plot details - if I found nothing appealing about the characters or the plot then I rarely try that author's books again.

There are several authors that I have tried three different times. On one author it just seemed that her stories lost momentum. But after the third one, I realized that I just didn't get her humor. Another author had these wonderful magical storylines'. She kept me interested all the way through the book, but she just didn't seem to tie it up very well or the ending had a quirk that bothered me and left me feeling ambivalent about the ending - a little too bittersweet for me.

If an author hits on one of my pet peeves then they are history. I probably won't even finish the book.
Sandy Pants
2. SandyPants
#3. I pretty much know straight away if I'll finish the book, skim or stop reading. Unless the writing (and editing) is appalling, I typically give new to me authors a second chance.
Anna Bowling
3. AnnaBowling
Apart from the books where I can tell that the writer's work and I are not right for each other straight off the bat, I usually will go with the scientific approach. One can be a fluke, two a coincidence, but three can establish a pattern. If it hasn't clicked with me on the third try, it probably won't.
4. weirde
Just one book that I don't like, if it isn't the first, in a series is enough to make me stop reading the serie. I give the serie another try if the book I don't like is the first. I give up an author only if three of his/her series didn't capture me
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