Dec 5 2013 8:17am

How Big is It?

Chelsea Mueller posed this question on Twitter:

My one-click ebook habit means books sometimes languish on my Kindle. If you have this problem, how behind are you?

Most of the responders had between 200-300 books residing on their e-reader.

What's your count? Or, to put it in romance terms, how big IS it?

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1. Torifl
Eeeek. I have over 1000 TBR on my kindle. AND, I add at least one new one everyday
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
According to Goodreads, my TBR pile is at 311, but I know that's not an accurate count - some of the books I want to read aren't on GR or I haven't actually added them, I just know when they come out that I am reading them. So many books, so little time!
Elizabeth Halliday
3. Ibbitts
I have about 70 on my Kindle, but that's a misleading number as I only read an eBook or eNovella if that's the only format I can get the title in, or if it's an Author I haven't read before and the title is free. I have 17 books on my "To Read" Bookshelf and another 50+ on my "To Obtain" list (some of the titles on the list have not yet been released). Sometimes the list can get really long in a hurry, because when I find an Author I had not read before, and really like her/him, I tend to go back and glom their whole booklist.
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
I think my e-TBR pile is probably about 300, but like Tori, I buy books everyday, so maybe I'm vastly undercounting.
5. carmenlire
I have about 250-350 books on my various TBR lists, some of which have been on the lists for over 7 years or thereabouts
6. Kathryn MacAlister
I feel better now knowing that others have the same problem. I have some 550 languishing on my Kindle.
Lisa Mckinney
8. EliseChevre
All I can say is that I am an extreme book addict and love finding new authors as well as revisiting those I've enjoyed before. My ereader and my bookshelves are full of gems waiting to be read; but I still can't resist adding new titles and authors to the piles even though I too probably have multiples of 1000 in the stacks.
Jennifer Proffitt
10. JenniferProffitt
I would see my TBR list of actually bought e-books is only around 30, physical books around 20. I try to keep just a list of books that I want to read some day rather than buying the books. That's mostly because I'm already poor enough without having a book-buying addiction to support.
Carmen Pinzon
11. bungluna
I keep four list: must-buy, wish list, free books and lending library (

1. Must-Buy are the authors I auto-read, and as soon as I get my hands on these they are read. I keep this list 6 months out for to-be-published books.

2. Wish-List are titles that have appealing reviews but are by authors I don't usually read. I save this one for when I have time to read, usually vacations. I have about 30 books here. I weed this one out every time I go on vacation, eliminating the older books that I haven't bought by vacation #2 (hope that makes sense!)

3. Free books I keep on my kindle, up to 10. By that number, I start reading before I'll allow myself to download more. With free books I feel it easier to just eliminate them if they don't grab my attention pretty quick.

4. Booksfree, finally, is where all the "I'd like to read this but I know it will not be a keeper" books reside. I keep a queue of about 45 books here and I get about 9 a month to read.

I have to be strict with myself. Before I instigated this system, I had boxes of unread books all over the globe with no hope of getting them all read any time before they disintegrated!
12. MaryC
I don't want to think anout the number of TBR on my Nook in addition to print. At the moment I have 3 library books to be read and some audiobooks I need to listen to.
13. ElizaM
I buy many free books if the story preview sounds good and group them by date purchased. If later I see a great review of one of them I can then find it to read. I have over 1700 books on my Kindle and have probably read half of them.
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