Dec 27 2013 5:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Ginger Men from McKidd, Fassbender, and More!

It's the holiday season and along with presents, snow, and decoration, there are a lot of cookies going around—including Gingerbread Cookies. So in honor of the cookie that gets the most love at this time of year, we've collected our favorite ginger actors.

Share your favorite redheaded men in the comments!

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1. stacymd2
My favorite red heads are:
Michael Fassbender
Tom Hiddleston
Alyson Hannigan
Benedict Cumberbatch
3. Stacymd2
What?? I thought KHR is blonde? Blonde, red head, whatever...KHR is my favorite everything.
4. nypinta
I guess you could call it strawberry blonde. But he's a ginger.
7. Deeroma
I would like to make this post for my Sister/Bestie Kawa!! Josh Homme is her Number 1!!!

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