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First Look: Sierra Dean’s Chasing Kings (December 17, 2013)

Sierra Dean
Chasing Kings

Samhain / December 17, 2013 / $4.50 digital

Samantha Hart wishes things would stop happening in Vegas when a case of mistaken identity lands her in the Hard Rock’s racy Provocateur suite—an S&M wet dream that’s occupied by an honest-to-God porn star. Ethan Silver’s reputation should put her off, but his naughty charm and wicked-sweet smile have her agreeing to a night on the town. Then wishing for a night in, as well.

Ethan knew the instant he stepped through the door that this wasn’t the Samantha Hart he was almost desperate to see. Yet he can’t help it. He wants to ease the blushing bookseller out of her shell and show her a good time…and not just in the bedroom.

As a hot night on the Strip turns into a hotter night at the hotel, Ethan begins to prove there’s a good guy under his bad-boy façade. There’s a loan shark hot on his tail, though, and only Sam can help keep his movie-star face intact. But telling her the truth could cost him something he needs more than money. Her love.

Sierra Dean's Chasing Kings explores expectations—both their effects on us and what can come when we let them go.

While everyone keeps calling this novella “the porn star one,” it’s more than that. (Though Sierra Dean does give James Deen a little shout-out in the acknowledgments.…) If you go into Chasing Kings expecting a porn-star hero, you’ll absolutely get that, but along with it, Dean provides romance, including put-you-on-your-toes kisses.

Samantha shows up at a Las Vegas hotel intent on having a solo weekend. She was supposed to go with her ex, but now that he and his bad habits are gone, she’s taking the trip anyway. Only a reservations mix-up puts her in a naughty-themed suite belonging to the delicious Ethan Silver. When Samantha finds out he’s a porn star, she’s certain he’s determined to make her have The Sex. Instead he’s a gentleman. He’s polite about the error and makes sure the hotel staff takes good care of Samantha.

She wasn’t familiar with his career, and once she’s in her correct hotel room she can’t help but check out him in action on pay-per-view. Now she knows what he’s like—or she thinks she does.

Ethan ends up showing Samantha the sights in Vegas. He keeps his gentlemanly promises about no sex and doesn’t push her at all. But the good looks and charm win her over. Still, even when they get to the bedroom, she can’t let go of the preconceived version of Ethan. Why would he want her when he’s had sex with literally hundreds of other women?

Ethan relishes in being with Samantha. He doesn’t intend to fall for her, but even as the emotions begin to take over he’s certain it can’t work. He’s only ever dated women in the industry. It’s hard for outsiders to understand his lifestyle and that the on-screen sex isn’t emotional. He loves being with a person who likes him for more than his sexual prowess and can’t get over her honest reactions to their physical relationship.

Both Samantha and Ethan believe their relationship can never work, but that’s only because they don’t understand the other side. They’ve never given it a chance. The more time they spend together, the more they learn. Samantha finds herself letting go of jealousy as the two attend an awards show. Ethan starts to think of himself as worth more than just his bedroom skills.

Chasing Kings features a hero and heroine who genuinely become better people by being together. Love can do that to you, it’s just that it's even better when it comes with someone touted as a sex god.

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