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First Look: Kate Pearce’s The Sinners Club (December 31, 2013)

The Sinners Club by Kate PearceKate Pearce
The Sinners Club
Kensington / December 31, 2013 / $15.00 print, $12.99 digital

It's known as the Sinners Club...a private gentlemen's club whose members have mysterious pasts and secret fantasies too hot to reveal...

Unsure of his reception, Jack Lennox adopts the guise of his own secretary upon returning to his ancestral home to claim his father's earldom. When he arrives, he's stunned to discover the previous earl's lovely young widow, a woman of beguiling curves and sensual smiles, warming the bed...

Mary Lennox is determined to remain in Pinchbeck Hall and a mere secretary isn't going to tell her otherwise. But Jack Smith is a man of many talents and soon she's succumbing to his erotic games of pleasure. Only Mary may have underestimated the intensity of her wanton longings and the depths of Jack's dark desires...

In her latest novel, The Sinners Club, Kate Pearce gifts readers with an intriguing, Regency-era erotic story about titles, legacies, and legitimacy. At its heart, though, it’s about wounded individuals finding love and acceptance in a time when they could have been punished severely for their sexual predilections.

All of the characters are unique. The hero John “Jack” Lennox was raised by a ne’er-do-well father who taught him to be a liar, a prostitute, and a survivor. In his younger years, Jack used his skills on the Continent as a spy and, for his excellent work, received a commission from the Crown. He’ll never have to worry again about where his next meal’s coming from, but now that his parents are deceased and his sister’s married, he wants a place to call home, a normal life, and possibly even a family.

With the help of some powerful friends, Jack learns that he might be the next Earl of Storr. The Sixth Earl, his father’s older brother, died without issue. At least, that’s what everybody thinks. Disguised as his own secretary, Jack travels to his family’s ancestral home—Pinchbeck Hall in Lincolnshire—to investigate his claim to the title. To his dismay, he discovers that Jasper left behind a very pregnant—and very beautiful—wife named Mary. If Mary’s baby is a boy, he’ll inherit everything, and Jack’s dreams of a home to call his own—and a title—will be dashed.

While Jack’s at Pinchbeck hall, however, he has some unique sexual encounters with the beautiful widowed countess and her sexy redheaded “brother” Simon. Jack, Simon, and Mary are kindred spirits in as much as they all have a very open, fluid sexuality. For example, Jack and Simon establish their affinity early on.

“To be perfectly honest, Simon, I am happy to bed men and women.”

“You are?”

He hesitated. “Does that offend you?”

“Not at all.” Simon reached out a lazy hand and stroked Jack’s hip. “I can perform perfectly well with a woman too.”

They smiled at each other in perfect accord…

The majority of sexual encounters in the novel are between the male characters, particularly Jack and Simon. Simon actually approaches Jack first soon after he arrives at Pinchbeck Hall.

Jack finished off his port in one swallow while Simon regarded him intently.

“If you will permit.” He put down his glass, his gaze on Jack’s mouth, and leaned in, swiping his thumb over his lip. “There’s a drip.”

He withdrew his thumb and licked the gleaming ruby port into his mouth, running his tongue around the tip of his thumb in a slow circle.

Well, well, how interesting…and how direct. Jack’s cock twitched as he raised his gaze from Simon’s thumb to his face. “Thank you.”

Mary is attracted to Jack as well, and initially, she’s jealous of Simon and Jack’s sexual relationship.

Was their unwelcome guest really attracted to Simon? If he were, she wouldn’t begrudge either of them their sport. But she’d really believed he was ready to worship at her feet, not Simon’s…

Luckily for Mary, Simon and Jack are happy to include her in their extracurricular activities. The first time they come together as a ménage is a very sexy scene.

She sat on a chair at the foot of the bed a mere foot from Jack and looked up expectantly.

“You’re not shocked, my lady?”

She shrugged and the shoulder of her gown fell away to reveal the rounded swell of her breast. This close, he could see the dark circle of her tight nipple through the thin muslin.

“Everyone has their needs, Mr. Smith. Unfortunately, since I am now a widow, I have to live vicariously through my brother.” She leaned forward. “I want to see Simon fuck you. I want to see you come.”

Inside him Simon’s cock seemed to grow even bigger and Jack rocked back into the rigid hardness, tightening his muscles until his partner groaned along with him.

“Then watch, love.” Simon started to move, his hips pistoning into Jack’s, his hand tight on his cock controlling him as surely as a bridled horse. Jack tried not to close his eyes as he watched the countess, the way her hand crept inside her bodice to fondle her own nipple. He wanted that in his mouth, sucking it hard; he wanted his shaft in her cunt, making her climax along with them.

Simon also has a predilection for being dominated. In one hot scene, Jack ties his wrists to the bed posts with silk ropes, restrains him with a leather cock ring, and fills him with a large leather phallus.

While it’s evident that Jack, Simon and Mary aren’t afraid to experiment sexually, they’re also very sensitive about feeling used. They all worked as prostitutes at some point in their lives, and their past experiences left them psychologically scarred. They might have been able to separate sex and love in the past, but when it comes to each other, feelings are involved. For example, after the scene featuring Simon’s domination by Jack, Mary gets upset because Jack used Simon’s sexual proclivities to extract secret information from him.

She slammed her brush down on the surface, making her crystal perfume bottles tremble. “You used him.”


“You even admit it!”

He shrugged, which widened the V of his robe to display more of his chest. “I had to do something, and this seemed to be an opportunity for mutual satisfaction. Simon got what he wanted, and so did I.”

“You are callous.”

“I’m simply trying to find out the facts, my lady.”

The most tension in the story stems from the relationship between Mary and Jack. They are prone to fight because they are very much alike, and as a result, they are sometimes blind to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They both lie to each other. They both use their sexuality as a weapon. They both understand what it means to fight to survive. Simon serves as their intermediary and the ménage peacemaker, torn between his love for Mary and his attraction to Jack.

If they can all overcome their hurt feelings as a result of the web of lies they’ve been forced to spin, however, they can find a very special love together—Mary, Jack, and Simon.

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