Dec 12 2013 4:26pm

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Lisa Renee Jones’s His Secrets!

His Secrets by Lisa Renee JonesToday's we're pleased to reveal the cover for Lisa Renee Jones's His Secrets, a novella from the Inside Out series, told from Chris's point of view. The series began with If I Were You, when Sara discovers journals from a mysterious woman—and meets two very different, and equally sexy, men: Mark and Chris.

Here's the blurb:

In a world where my only escape has been my art, Sara has been the light in my darkness. And there is darkness, the kind of inky black that can bleed from my life to hers. She doesn't see it. She doesn't understand what I've shown her. And my biggest fear is that soon...she will.

His Secrets will be released on February 24, 2014.

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july Nunez
4. AprilR
Looks like a great cover, Congrats Lisa!
july Nunez
6. MichelleK
Amazing cover! So excited!
july Nunez
7. Rachel Hill
HOLY HOT! I can't wait to read this one. Look at that cover! Lisa Renee Jones never fails to fulfill all my expectations...I've loved every single one of her books and novellas!
july Nunez
8. gill selling
Another fantastic cover.
Its also means another brilliant read by
Lisa Renee Jones
july Nunez
9. Jamie Chrystal
Very nice cover!!!! I cannot wait to read the book :)
Faith McLaughlin
10. Faith5658
Oh My Stars! Amazingly sexy hot cover Lisa! I love it! This only excites me even more to read Chris's thoughts. February cannot come soon enough! I know this will be just as amazing as all your other stories.
july Nunez
11. Christina M
Oh my holy hotness Lisa!! I so can't wait to read this book!
july Nunez
12. Chani Jameson
Great cover Lisa! Can't wait to read it.
july Nunez
13. Diana Doan
Oh WOW!! I love the's HOT! Can't wait.
july Nunez
14. Jenn B(Scrapingirl16)
Oh my word!!! I can't wait!!! I LOVE this series!!!
july Nunez
15. Jean Moretto
Hot cover! Love it! :-)
july Nunez
16. Kim Reisdorf
That cover is hot Lisa. I can't wait to read it.
Norma Nored
17. k_aris
Makes me want to 'borrow' his jacket so I can see the rest!
july Nunez
18. Khelsey Jackson
OH!!! I cant wait for this book and I LOVE THE COVER
july Nunez
20. Jacqueline Narvaez
DAMN, I can't wait! ??
july Nunez
21. Zita R
Gorgeous cover! Looking forward to more Chris!
july Nunez
22. Kerri S
Love the cover. I can't wait to read it.
july Nunez
23. Meera P.
They always say never judge a book by it's cover, but seriously... seeing that... It's kinda hard not to.
july Nunez
24. Lheanne M Spicer
LOVE the cover!!! Can't wait to read it!!
july Nunez
25. Becky Jolly
Very hot! I am so excited to read this!!! :)
july Nunez
26. bethany72
Great cover I can not wait to read the book
july Nunez
27. Gayle F
That's a hot cover. I love this series.
july Nunez
28. Gina McNicholas
Love it. He has some body.. Can't wait to read it.
july Nunez
29. Crystal viverette
Love the cover cant wait for this
july Nunez
30. Beth Kennedy
Where do I need to go if I want to purchase the messenger bag if I dont win? I want it Desperately!!
july Nunez
31. tammy forsuth
Oh my .I love it cant wakt to read it.
july Nunez
32. MommyMarina
Look at those ABS!!! Awesome Cover!
heather way
34. Lostheather
WOW I love this cover its smoking hot!! Fantastic choice!!
july Nunez
37. JadeI
Hot stuff alert! I don't want to judge but wow...I think I will and not be let down for what I judge.
july Nunez
38. Alisa Dawn
Male and leather. Hot combonation!
july Nunez
39. rayla
Sexy..... perfect cover.......congrats lisa
july Nunez
41. Beth Kennedy
I love the covers of all the books. I love the cover above of course too.
july Nunez
42. Tosha
Wow!! isn't this book cover to die for :-o the leather jacket just makes him so much more yummy!!!
july Nunez
43. Lea84
Hot cover, wouldn`t mind having in my hands :)
july Nunez
45. Destiny P
Adore this cover! All your covers for this series are super sexy!
july Nunez
47. Deausha Sernicola
I think the cover is amazing. So hot hot hot
july Nunez
48. Lil
I love that cover! I will be ading this to my "want to read" list for certain!
july Nunez
49. Donna Kemp
Love the cover. Very HOOOOTTTT
july Nunez
50. Lisa Blanton
Great cover. He's hot!!!
july Nunez
51. Shelby Mead
Awesome Cover!! Loving thos ABS!! ;) HOT!
july Nunez
52. Cindy Hamilton
Leather and skin, love it. Hot!!
july Nunez
54. Tami Amiott
I LOVE the cover! Very sexy!
july Nunez
59. Becky Wade
Awesome hot cover! Wowza!
july Nunez
60. Denae Arnold
Hot. Steamy. Sexy. I wouldn't mind having the books for christmas :)
july Nunez
61. Yelania
Love the cover and I'm dying to read it, sounds really good :)
Kay James
63. kayjames430
One hot man making one really hot cover! Do love a nice chest.
july Nunez
64. Angiemorda
I love this cover... Very good looking man and still leaves alot for your own imagination!!!! Nice job!!!!
july Nunez
65. Jenny Kerestus
Mmm so freaking yummy! I'd like to have him for breakfast.
july Nunez
68. Laura D
Great Cover. I wish he was at my door. Can't wait to read the book.
july Nunez
70. Tanya Guthrie
Gotta love a man in a leather jacket shirtless!
july Nunez
71. whiskas24
Sexy cover! Thanks for the chance to win, I've had this authors books in my TBR pile for too long!
july Nunez
73. That Dayum DeeDee
Love the cover, its HOT!
july Nunez
75. Sarah Hutchins
I want him in my Christmas stocking this year!!!!!!!
july Nunez
76. Nikki B.
Loving the cover! It's extremely hot!!
july Nunez
77. Rebecca Ritchey
One hot cover. Love it.
july Nunez
78. Josie Hink
Holy Sexy cover Wow I can't wait to read this book!!!!!
july Nunez
80. Rebecca Blankenship
LOVE IT!! SO HOT AND SEXY cant wait for this book..
july Nunez
83. Gina Burgos
Awesome cover! Love it :-)
july Nunez
84. Maricela Martinez
Looks super yummy
july Nunez
85. Teresa Manning
Love it!!! Can't wait to read it.
july Nunez
87. kathy powell
OMG Love the cover very HOT
july Nunez
88. Diana Reeves
Smoking cover...can't wait to read!!!
july Nunez
91. Jennifer p
Love the new cover it's awesome!
july Nunez
92. Cheryl Faumuina
OMG that is soooooo good. That cover is such a tease! Just the right amount of sex appeal and mystery. I LOVE IT. :)
july Nunez
93. Brenda S Starling
Smokin hot cover!! Love it!!
july Nunez
94. Keisha Carpenter
The cover is Smoking HOT!
july Nunez
95. Cheryl Faumuina
And of course who can EVER go wrong with a hot body and leather? HOT!
july Nunez
97. LaurenD
Super Sexy cover!!! Congrats!!
july Nunez
98. Misty Rose
That's Hott, with a capital H!!
july Nunez
101. Hannah Jade
Sexy cover!! I'm sure the book will be just as sexy and take us on a wild ride! I can't wait to read !
july Nunez
102. Brandy Nyberg
Whew!!!!!.. Have Mercy!
july Nunez
103. Shanna McNeil
Chris is my favorite!
july Nunez
104. Stephanie JS
Love the cover!!! Can't wait to read it!
july Nunez
105. Gadsgirl
The new cover is smoking hot but most your covers are!
july Nunez
106. deanna breen
Oh I can't wait! Perfect cover. Anxious to read it.
july Nunez
106. martita
I like it, but I wish he had a bit more hair on his chest ;)
july Nunez
107. steph Brentson
That is one sexy cover!!!
july Nunez
108. Sara Johnson
Who doesn't love a hot man in leather? I love this cover!
july Nunez
109. Sue EL
Wow, nice cover! Excited to read it! Hurry up February!
july Nunez
111. Jennifer LaFratta
This cover gives me goose bumps and an excited feeling in my stomach!!!! I feel like a giddy school girl I cannot wait!!!!!
july Nunez
112. Michelle Doyle
So excited! I love Chris aka Chris Hemsworth! Can't wait to read this!
july Nunez
113. Ashley A
OMG! I love that cover!! Sexy!!!!
Ashley A
july Nunez
114. Sasha R
Wowzer!! Yeah that's all I've got for that sexy cover. Now I need to wipe my chin!!
Rosa Melendez
117. rosa98
I love the cover & i can't wait to read this book i read all the series in 5 days and im still hooked honestly one of the best series I've read !!!
july Nunez
118. Robin W
Tight abs & black leather -- winning combo.
july Nunez
119. smokey
wow this is hot and I can't wait to read the book
july Nunez
120. Kara C
Smokin HOT cover, can't wait to read!
july Nunez
122. Zandalee
Oh my! That is one good looking cover. ;)
july Nunez
124. Jennifer Bonds
OOH LaLa Sexy cover! Can't wait to get my hands on this book!
july Nunez
125. TippyLou
Oh wowser! Totally loving leather at the moment.... cannot wait to read it... im addicted....
july Nunez
127. Hillary a.
Cover is smoking hot!!!!!
july Nunez
128. Heather Sartin
This cover is hot hot hot lol its got me drooling
july Nunez
129. Annie N Ray
Really nice cover! Looking forward to the book.
july Nunez
130. Trisha Ayers
I can't wait to get my hands on.... ;O)
july Nunez
131. Lori johnson
I'm so ready for more Chris
july Nunez
135. Charmarie Dotson
That is what I want under my Christmas Tree this year!!!! WOW!!!
july Nunez
137. Crystal Lyons
Love this cover Lisa....awesome trilogy and can't wait to read are by far my favorite author, and trust me when I say I have read hundreds by many! Thanks again, I always look forward to your post.
Ali Reynolds
138. Lori Armstrong
Love the cover and that his face is hidden.....leaves much to the imagination! I wonder what secrets are hidden beneath that jacket? Lol Can't wait for the book!
july Nunez
140. Angela Nelson
Oh my my....I'd keep his secrets and anything else he wanted me to keep!! Love that cover!!
july Nunez
141. Helna L
Love it! It's so Chris :) Can't wait!
july Nunez
142. Tammy S
Awesome cover! Can't wait to read this!
july Nunez
143. firefly
I am recently a person who has taken up reading for fun as I have found another series that has captured my interest. This book sounds like it'd be a great read! My interest in this series has just peaked as far as the cover goes what's better than leather and skin? Yeah I can't think of much either? Haha. ;)
july Nunez
144. Jeanette Bowman
WOW!! Can't wait to read!
Sharon Wagner
145. Swagner1
Each cover gets better and so does the story. I cannot wait for the book.
july Nunez
148. Gi
Awesone cover...Leather jacket and those abs? I hope santa doesn't read minds because if he does...I think I just made his naughty list! ;)
july Nunez
149. Melissa Reece
DAMN! That is one HOT cover! I can't wait to get this on my kindle and start reading. Thank you Lisa for your fantastic books!!!!!
Lisa Lawon
150. shortnsweet
Oh my! Can we say hot and sexy...oh yes we can! Love the cover. Can't wait to read!
july Nunez
151. Cara Nicole
Sexy! Love the cover!
july Nunez
152. Rachiel Rainwater
Love the cover amazing
july Nunez
153. angie Crawford
Gorgeous! Simply stunning!
july Nunez
154. Crystal Zapata
Very sexy cover. Love it
july Nunez
159. Mary Lou Moench
i squealed when i saw this cover!
sexy, yummy, perfect :)

I cannot wait to read this!!
july Nunez
160. Spring adams
Love love love this cover.
july Nunez
161. Sandy Roman Borrero
Lisa the cover is super hot! I love it. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
july Nunez
164. Gale C
I would pick that up and read it.
july Nunez
165. courtney jackson
love the cover :)
july Nunez
170. Shannon Williams
I love it! Amazing!!
july Nunez
172. Casey Britton
LOVE this cover and can't wait to get more Chris! :)
july Nunez
173. Rose Nylund
Holy! If this is the cover, I can't wait to get to the story!
july Nunez
178. Brenda Wheeler
Love the cover, so sexy...Congrats Lisa! :)
july Nunez
179. Echo Dysart
Great cover but his boobies are bigger than mine lol.
july Nunez
182. Robbie B
He can come to my house anytime. Love it
Chris Bails
183. Chrisbails
Great cover. I am dying for this book. I love this series. I did expect with to be less bulky and have a little longer blondish hair.
july Nunez
184. Jan Jackson
I love a man in leather! Yummy...
july Nunez
188. Holly C
I'm with whoever said it made them want to ask to borrow his jacket just so she could see the rest!! Love the cover though!!! =D
july Nunez
191. JamieMarie
So excited. I preordered this weeks ago!
july Nunez
193. lorianne
Looking forward to this book coming out. Can not wait to get into his head a little more....pre-ordered!
july Nunez
194. Juanita Rice
So waiting for him to share those secrets. ;)
july Nunez
195. Shannon Burdsall
The cover is smoking hot!!
july Nunez
196. Jan Mardis
awesome cover, I have a leather jacket just like his!!!
july Nunez
200. AD Justice
Oh yeah - can't wait for this one! Rock my world. Chris Merit! :)
july Nunez
201. Domonique
HOt and SEXY cover Love it
july Nunez
202. Suzanne Halliday
Oh my! Yes, Yes, YES
july Nunez
203. Donna - Teachez
Love! Love! Love it! Hot & sexy, with a touch of Bad Boy for good measure! Yum!!! ;-)
july Nunez
july Nunez
205. Brenda Wheeler
Love the cover, congrats! I've already preordered my ebook copy, YAY! :D
july Nunez
208. Kim P
Love the cover! I can't wait to finally get Chris' POV!
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