Dec 4 2013 8:29am

Compare and Contrast: Billionaires and Vampires?

With billionaires becoming as ubiquitous in romance now as vampires were a few years ago, it seems that readers have changed their preference in Alpha male hero. Or have they?

Let's review:

Vampires are wealthy beyond compare. As are billionaires.

Vampires have servants to take care of their annoying tasks. As do billionaires.

Vampires know little about the realities of the human world. Neither do billionaires.

Vampires control people with their minds. Billionaires control people with their prestige and money.

Vampires can pick up and travel anywhere they want to without worrying about the TSA. So can billionaires.

Vampires have limitless time to have sex. Despite having huge corporations to manage, billionaires also seem to have limitless sex time.

Why do you prefer one over the other?

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2. CandaceBlackburn
Two words: Immortal stamina.
3. LenoreJ
Vampires: They have a sense of history and they dress waaay better.
( Ever seen photos of billionaires being casual? Baggy shorts & ball caps. Pitiful. Really.)
4. wsl0612
Vampires - they never have comb-overs! (just because you're a billionaire doesn't mean you have taste)
5. Kareni
Billionaires drink red wine. Vampires drink red ....

I think I'd prefer a billionaire!
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
I think I prefer live fictional billionaires than fictional vampires. Something about cuddling in bed with a corps just makes me go eeek. However, something about buying fictional billionaires when I've seen the pics of the real live ones makes it hard for me to suspend disbelief. Have y'all seen pics of Li Ka-sing? BTW, best billionaire name ever!!!
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