Dec 13 2013 2:30pm

It’s Impossible Not to Love Him: 6 Reasons Mr. Impossible’s Rupert Carsington Is My Imaginary Boyfriend

Mr. Impossible by Loretta ChaseLoretta Chase has provided me with many imaginary boyfriends. Surprisingly, Dain from Lord of Scoundrels was not my type, but I did fall in love with his friend Vere Mallory, the Duke of Ainswood, in The Last Hellion.

As much as I still love Vere, I'm afraid that his place in my heart has been usurped by Rupert Carsington, hero of Mr. Impossible. And here's why:

1) He's rich, or rather his family is rich, and his father, the Earl of Hargate, loves his sons enough not to let them starve. In fact, if Rupert marries well but not wealthily, I suspect his father would see to it that he's set up for a comfortable life.  (Damn you, Daphne). I know this is a pitifully superficial reason to choose a boyfriend, but a girl has to live well.

2) He's up for anything. Do you need a big, brawny Englishman to accompany you down the Nile to retrieve your kidnapped brother? Although he knows nothing about Egyptian customs, Rupert's game. Take him along.

3) He's handsome, fit, big, strong, and protective. Yes. Superficial again. But you'll appreciate some of the qualities while he's escorting you down the Nile. You can rest assured that he will be able and willing to deal with any physical challenges that come his way. And he'll look good doing it.

4) He's not as dumb as he first appears. Okay, we might as well admit it, Rupert is actually a smart guy: sharp, intuitive, clever. But he's not going to admit it, probably because it's easier for him not to. It also gives him the upper hand, something for which you'll be grateful when you're kidnapped along with your brother.

5) He's romantic. This is something else he won't admit—or even recognize. But you will (and so will your brother). Even though the fact that he's in love with you totally baffles him, he won't fight it and, eventually, will take great delight in it. I bet you will, too.

6) He has a great sense of humor. I know that I'm violating the rule of five here but I can't resist this sixth quality as I find it wildly attractive. A sense of humor is a sure sign that your man really is smart, and the fact that he can maintain it under the most trying circumstances (for example, in a dungeon), speaks volumes about his steadiness of character and his assurance that whatever comes up, he'll treat you well.

So, Rupert Carsington is mine at least until I meet another Loretta Chase hero.


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1. willaful
What I most love about Rubert is how incredibly competent he is, beneath his big dumb exterior. He's not the ubermale type who's always right and unflappable and never makes a mistake, but he thinks on his feet and always gets the job done.
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
I love him for the delight he takes in his love's accomplishments. He brags about her brains!
3. JacquiCode
I love Rupert too. I loved Dain in a different way. But Rupert was almost perfect. Your reasons are bang on.
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