Nov 8 2013 9:39am

Smallest Romance Library in the World?

A Chicago-based artist, Kathleen Gaffney Thometz, has created a piece that is the smallest romance library in the world. It's stocked with books, a fireplace, an appropriate picture, a comfy sofa, and enough pink to satisfy Barbara Cartland.

Isn't it sweet? What book-related art have you seen?

Thanks to QDT's Kathy Doyle for the tip!

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1. Kareni
That is charming. Of course, now I'm straining my eyes trying to determine what books are in there!

ETA: This reminds me of a Little Free Library. See for details.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
@Kareni, the one that jumped out at me was When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James. Fourth from the left on the top shelf.
Kathleen Thometz
3. Kathleen Thometz
Kareni, it is a little free library. It just got on the map! I was thinking of decorating it for Christmas and stocking it with only holiday romances!
4. Kareni
Ms. Thometz,

It's a wonderful little free library. (Too bad you don't live closer to me as I'd happily visit it.)

Decorating it for Christmas sounds like a lot of fun. And 'stocking' it would be very seasonally apropos!
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