Nov 3 2013 2:41pm

Shipping Sunday: Merlin’s Arthur/Merlin

Colin Morgan and Bradley James as Arthur and Merlin in MerlinArthurian legend has long inspired romantic stories, and there many books and movies devoted to the King Arthur/Guienevere/Lancelot love triangle. But the TV series Merlin's most popular 'ship among the fanbase turned out to be that of Arthur/Merlin, and it's easy to see why—their chemistry, the banter between them, those hurt-comfort scenes, the trust they have in each other...that's what made the show. And while their friendship remained platonic in canon (Merlin concluded its run in December 2012 in the U.K. after 5 seasons), there are many, many fanworks (which you can find at fandom-friendly places like Archive of Our Own, YouTube, and Tumblr) dedicated to romantic feelings between the two. In short, they definitely deserve their own Shipping Sunday.

Are you a fan of the show? Did you enjoy the relationship between Arthur and Merlin, whether or not you 'shipped them? More pictures always welcome in the comments!

Arthur and Merlin

Merlin and Arthur

Bradley James and Colin Morgan in Merlin

Arthur Pendragon and Merlin






























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1. HJ
Are you a fan of the show? Yes! Did you enjoy the relationship between Arthur and Merlin, whether or not you 'shipped them? Yes! And I did 'ship them, and have enjoyed some of the fan fiction.

I thought the whole show was excellent, with several of the other characters strong enough to hold their own (both as written and as acted) against the wonderful relationship between Arther and Merlin. But as soon as I'd watched the first couple of episodes I was mentally slashing them, and thinking of what might have been if (a) the characters and the story weren't iconic and (b) it wasn't being shown when children would watch it.
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