Nov 28 2013 4:30pm

Serving Up a Piece of Thanksgiving Beefcake!

Wouldn't it be great if some of these guys were helping you or your family cook Thanksgiving dinner? Well, since they're not in your kitchens (unless you're one lucky lady!), we're happy to bring them to your computer screens.

Who would be your ideal beefcake to help you in the kitchen?

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Sorcha Mowbray
1. Sorcha Mowbray
Not one of those would hurt my feelings if they were helping me...with anything. Anything at all.
3. allyson55
I don't ever think smoking looks sexy and - while he's cooking? ... ewww.
Chris Hemsworth or the delicious Hugh Jackman could whip me up a healthy snack - yep, they're some tasty treats right there. Dale Midkiff could feed me cheesecake while Karl Urban made me a nice cup of tea.
I could have really lovely days in the kitchen with those guys looking after me.
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