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Scandal Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: Chew on This!

Olivia in Scandal Season 3 episode 8 Vermont Is for Lovers TooCan't get enough Scandal? Join the club—really. Tune into H&H for weekly recaps from Kwana Minatee-Jackson and Nicole Leapheart. Need to catch up? Don't miss recaps of 3x01, 3x02, 3x03, 3x04, 3x05, 3x06, and 3x07. And now, let's dive into H&H's recap of Season 3, episode 8, “Vermont Is for Lovers, Too.”

NOTE: This post may contain spoilers for all aired episodes of Scandal.

Last week we all replaced our glasses of wine with glasses of whiskey. We found out a lot, characters found out a lot, and despite everyone’s shock, the world kept spinning.

This week was another heart-stopping episode, and full of mature content warnings that should have been around last week, but whatevs. When the episode opens, Mama Pope (isn’t that funny since she went by her maiden name?) aka Maya Lewis, is in her jail bed when Eli comes busting in. He tells her that Liv is asking questions, and so he is going to have her moved somewhere else, someplace else, far far away. Maya wants to see Olivia, and demands that Eli makes it happen. He hesitates, but refuses. She screams his name as he leaves her in desperation.

Stupid Quinn is in the car with Charlie, and he reminds her nicely what her job is—to report to him what’s happening at Pope and Associates. She can just pretend he is her boyfriend! Quinn isn’t so sure about that, but she isn’t refusing either. The Gladiators are already in battle mode; the death of the security guard has them chasing ghosts. They decide to get security footage from the surrounding areas since the building footage was swiped. Quinn looks like she is going to lose her breakfast and last night’s dinner when she opens a folder and realizes she is the perp the Gladiators are looking for.

James should always be wary when Cyrus is being nice. In bed, Cyrus dangles a carrot in James’s face that he got him a gig writing a puff piece about Daniel Douglas Langston. We know why, but poor James doesn’t.

Meanwhile at Marcus headquarters, Candace Marcus is on fire—their home was broken into and her laptop with all of their campaign strategies was stolen. She wants to talk to the press immediately, since obviously this was the work of the Reston campaign. Liv tells her to cool her heels—the press and the police should name names and make accusations, not them.

That night, Mellie and Fitz are watching television. Technically, Mellie is watching TV, reminiscing about Fitz standing up for her while Fitz is staring into space, mind still blown about the identity of Olivia’s father. He leaves Mellie and tries to call Liv on the Fitz Phone, but Liv refuses to answer.

In the most disturbing scene of the night, we see Maya sitting on the floor in her jail cell, gnawing away at her wrists. Crying, she bites at herself over and over again, spitting out blood, until she gets to an artery and rips it open with her teeth. Okaaaaaay.

Stupid Quin is undercover getting video footage from one of the surrounding businesses. Just as she thinks she has made a clean getaway, she bumps into Jake, who is there to do the same. SQ pretends that she is just being proactive, and hands the footage over to him, but you get the feeling that he may think it’s a little strange.

Back in jail, Eli and a doctor are standing over Maya in a hospital bed. She will make a full recovery physically, but the doctor is concerned about her mental state. The fact that she practically gnawed through her own wrists? Slightly troubling.

Abby and David are having an animated discussion at his office. She wants him to take Reston down for stealing the Marcus laptop. David isn’t budging without proof. It looks like their private and professional lives may be strained, especially when Abby throws in his face that he needs to put on some snore clips or he is sleeping on the couch. David’s new nickname should be the Honeybadger, because he doesn’t care about Abby’s tantrum!

Mellie and Cyrus strategize the James/Daniel situation. Cy figures that Daniel will make a pass at James, James will be outraged, and they can hold the first account write up as incentive for Sally to fall in line. Mellie cautions that there are a lot of variable that have to fall into place, and Cy tells Mellie it’s her job to get some of those variables moving. Later, Mellie catches up with Daniel and lets it “slip” that she heard through the grapevine that James and Cy have an open marriage. Daniel’s eyes light up like a Christmas Tree.

Back at Pope and Associates, Huck, Quinn, and Jake are all going through camera surveillance footage to find...Quinn. Liv pulls Quinn off that duty, and puts her on the Marcus/Weston case, and just then, Candace Marcus appears on TV holding a press conference. She accuses without accusing the Reston campaign of stealing the laptop. Liv and Harrison don’t like it when clients don’t follow directions! Harrison leaves to take care of Candace just as Liv’s phone rings. Knowing who is on the other line, and already fired up because of Candace, Olivia pops into her office and answers the phone with a terse, “What?”

It’s Fitz. Again.

He wants to talk. She tells him they need to stop talking. He wants an hour. He tells her she owes him. Incredulous, Olivia tells him she owes him nothing after what he is done, and to stop calling! Then she destroys her Fitz Phone. Jake witnesses this breakdown, and assures Liv that if Fitz wants to talk to her, he will.

Harrison makes his way to the Marcus house and reads Candace the riot act. He tells her to mind her elders and color inside the lines. She make a snarky comment about him being her babysitter. He snaps back that she can stay up past her bedtime if she’s good. And all of a sudden the mood seemed to shift slightly…

Back at the office, Team Gladiator is still trying to find a reflection of the killer’s face from the footage they have. It will take a while, but they can run some facial recognition software. While Quinn is sweating that out, she discovers that someone has activated the Marcus laptop, on Reston property. David sends in a team to confiscate materials from the Reston headquarters and of course the media storm is just brewing. Olivia maintains that they should have no comment, and stay above the fray.

James laments to Cy about how guarded Daniel was to talk to. Cy encourages him to make it a casual interview, go to his home, take some liquor, relax a bit. At Headquarters, Charlie checks in with Eli. Eli lets him know that as soon as it looks like Quinn is not working out, he knows what to do. Charlie seems to hesitate just a millisecond before playing his yes-man role. After kicking Charlie out, Eli pulls out some clippings of Olivia through the years. He decides to share these clippings with Maya.

Tom from Secret Service is waiting for Olivia to get him. He informs her that there is a helicopter waiting for her. Olivia explodes at him that she will NOT be summoned. Poor Tom hands her an envelope and pleads with her to let him do his job. Olivia opens it up and finds a picture of herself with her father. FINE. She gets on the plane and Fitz is waiting for her at this gorgeous house. She walks up to him and says, “One hour.”

Fitz starts in by talking about the house, the small details. Olivia is a bit confused by this, and just cuts to the chase. She tells Fitz that she doesn’t discuss her father for any reason. That isn’t good enough for Fitz, and he tells her there were so many opportunities for her to talk about who her father was. She comes back at him with the fact that she doesn’t know everything about him. Fitz isn’t having that—he tells her that she knows everything about him he can legally tell her, yet she is a bundle of dirty little secrets. She tells him that he would have ran if he knew; he replies he would have stayed and protected her. “I don’t need protecting!” Olivia yells. “I’m not the girl you save...I ruined you!”

Fitz takes this in, then goes back to describing the house. Olivia wants to know what the hell the deal is with the house, and Fitz reveals he bought the land and had the house built from scratch...for her. For them. He wanted her to see it once before he sold it, to “see the dream.” Liv runs to him and kisses him for all she is worth.

Quinn tries to take over video surveillance duties for Huck, but he refuses. He does tell her that he knows she is doing a good job, and he knows he should tell her more often. Eaten by guilt, Quinn says that it’s okay, and she leaves. Emotional, she meets up with Charlie and pulls a gun on him in the parking garage. He tells her she can shoot him, but she would get a new handler immediately, and one that doesn’t like her like he does. That works for Quinn, she gets in the car.

Maya and Eli look over the clippings that he has brought and laugh like old friends. Things get tense when she asks about actual photographs. She starts to get an idea of how things went down after whatever happened, happened. (Ahhhh tell us what happened!!) Angry, Eli tells her she doesn’t know anything about Olivia now, and leaves in a huff. He instructs the doctor that Maya will be transported tomorrow, under full sedation. Well, dang.

Mellie can’t reach Fitz, and has his secretary call. Nope, he isn’t available because “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” is playing and Fitz and Liv are having HBO quality sexy times. Well done all around with that bow-chicka-wow-wow. On a hunch, Mellie has Fitz’s secretary call Olivia. Guess who else isn’t available?

The next morning (well, that was longer than an hour, huh?) as Liv was preparing to leave, Fitz tells Liv he is gunning for her father. She tells him to do what he’s got to do. As she walks out, she tells him to hold on to the house for a little while longer. (Say what!)

Abby and David are in bed, and David reveals that the Marcus laptop was wiped clean the day before the break-in. She figures out that Candace orchestrated this whole mess, and calls Harrison to let him in on it. She’s whispering because David is close by in the bathroom, but why is Harrison whispering? Wait, does Harrison NOT have a shirt on? *gasp* Harrison is in bed with Candace Marcus!

Mellie, grumpy about Fitz and Olivia, doesn’t want to talk to Cyrus. He fills her in on the plan to have James go to Daniel’s house, and that a photographer will be outside in a tree with a telephoto lens. Mellie cautions him again about this plan backfiring, but Cy very callously informs her that his husband is not her husband. Ouch.

Olivia walked into Pope and Associates like it was the finale of The Wiz and everyone was singing “Can you feel a brand new day!” Jake walked up to her and asks how she was doing because he tried to call last night but got no answer. Caught off-guard, she stammers that she was busy. Shaking his head, Jake just throws an "I told you so” comment at her before walking away.

Huck isn’t having any luck with the facial recognition software, so it looks like Quinn is off the hook. The Marcus sisters have shown up and unfortunately, Candace is not off the hook. Olivia recommends firing Candace, and Josie has to figure out what her options are in talking to her.

James and Daniel are chit-chatting, when Daniel “cuts to the chase” and kisses James. He reveals that he wouldn’t have come on to him if Mellie hadn’t told him that he and Cy had an open marriage. Then, poor James puts everything together Usual Suspects style and...the pain on that man’s face.

Josie holds a press conference about the stolen laptop and instead of firing Candace, she takes the blame for orchestrating the whole thing, then drops out of the race. She tells Liv she will take a plea deal and maybe go back to represent Minnesota, if they will have her.

Mellie wants to confront Fitz about Liz so bad, its a physical struggle to hold it back. She tests Fitz, and suggests that they pursue Olivia for his re-election campaign since she isn’t representing Josie Marcus anymore. Fitz agrees.

“Try a Little Tenderness” comes on, and we see Cy waiting...and waiting...and waiting for James to come home. He finally comes home and the first thing he does is hit the shower. Cy gets an email on his phone, and the photographer sends over several pictures...of James and Daniel getting it on. That broke what was left of Cy’s heart.

Maya is about to get dosed for her transport, but when Eli shows up, it’s the doctor who’s laying on the floor with a needle stuck in his neck. Pissed, Eli throws some things around before regaining his cool. I think we are starting to get an even better picture of what kind of badass Maya Lewis is.

Quinn comes home and finds a picture of herself on her floor—it’s from the surveillance footage. Huck has been waiting for her. He’s got his “kit” on the floor, and tells her they are going to have to talk about who she works for.

Liv is doing the Olivia Pope Strut home, and Maya calls out from the shadows, “Hi Livvie.” Liv turns around, and disbelieving, sees her mother come out of the shadows into the light. She is beyond shocked; in fact, she looks like she can’t even breathe.

I need to know what Maya’s history is! Were she and Eli like a super spy couple (obviously yes in some capacity) but how? I always gave Jake the side eye, but now I kind of want him to get a girlfriend since Liv is never.leaving.Fitz. How about James and Daniel! Talk about a jaw dropper! And finally...Quinn. She’s getting what’s coming to her. Stupid Quinn.

A two-week break! I want answers now! Until then...keep your wine glasses full.


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1. bel
I'm over Fitz and Liv. I usually have a problem with cheating stories but had decided to go along for the ride that is this show but now I just hurt for Mellie. I really want her to find some happiness. Oh, Quinn. I was really enjoying the Huck and Quinn friendship until Quinn went creepy. I hope that this is just to teach her some empathy for his other victims. I don't know, I like to see characters, like Huck and Quinn,
that are alone or shunned make their own families.
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
I have always been wary of Jake, but I kind of love how he is washing his hands of Liv-she is making her bed, and he is letting her lay in it. I still think he will be there to pick up the pieces if she and Fitz get on the outs again. I think Fitz and Olivia are so compelling because the chemistry that is between Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington is practically shocking-it feels like we are intruding on their private moments. I don't know if the show would have as many Olitz fans if it didn't seem like in another universe they belonged together.
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