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Scandal Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: Family Secrets Revealed

Mellie in Scandal 3.07

Can't get enough Scandal? Join the club—really. Tune into H&H for weekly recaps from Kwana Minatee-Jackson and Nicole Leapheart. Need to catch up? Don't miss recaps of 3x01, 3x02, 3x03, 3x04, 3x05, and 3x06. And now, let's dive into H&H's recap of Season 3, episode 7, “Everything's Coming Up Mellie.”

NOTE: This post may contain spoilers for all aired episodes of Scandal.

Hey, Gladiators, how goes it? When we last left off with Liv and the gang, Liv was in a tizzy and had dropped the bomb—so to speak—on Fitz that he’d been the pilot behind Operation Remington that killed her mother, and Fitz, being a good soldier and politician, pleaded the fifth on all counts, sending Liv into further fits.

This week it was a big old dysfunctional family reunion full of fabulous '90’s flashbacks as we opened with Mellie in the present day in the White House with a reporter doing an interview special giving a tour of the east wing. After some awkward moments and a bit of banter we see a flashback rewind of Mellie though the seasons and are then taken back 15 years to Fitz and Mellie waking up in bed together in Santa Barbara, California. They seem genuinely in love, and you have to hand it to Fitz, he seems to be able to rise to the occasion and look hot, no matter who the leading lady is in his scene.

Fitz wants to get down to the business of making a baby, but they are interrupted by the bellowing of Jerry Grant, his father, yelling for them to get up. Talk about a downer. Once the two have made it downstairs Papa Jerry introduces Fitz and Mellie to Cyrus for the first time and we are all surprised to see how much hairier Cy was back in the '90s. He was so ahead of the bearded trend. Daddy Grant has brought Cy in to put Fitz in the governor’s seat. In true Fitz fashion he doesn’t want to hear anything his daddy has to say and in true Shonda fashion his mama is out of the picture.

Next up, we have Quinn at the shooting range again with her new crush Charlie. Charlie feeds her a few lines and scurries off. Then we see Liv in her place with a fabulous cinched waist black and white coat which makes me take notice on the amount of black and white she’s been wearing lately as opposed to her usual all white. I’m sure it has to do with her being torn right now and confused about her position. Her Bat phone rings and it's Fitz. He tells her he’s been worried about her and she goes off on him, calling him a stranger and says she’s surrounded by murders. He says he loves her and to that she says, “So what?,” which is kinda cold, if you ask me. Fitz then asks her to stay away from Jake and tells her there is a price on his head. When Liv says Rowan is the one who is dangerous Fitz is confused and Liv hears it, but she hangs up and doesn’t disclose that Rowan is her father. How hypocritical for her to want transparency from Fitz but no to give it herself.

Back at work, Liv is now wearing blue. Once again, not her color. She’s not herself. Is it the dang blang Sunday dinners that have her changed? She’s at Pope and Assoc. and tells them they have a new client—at which point she them stuns them all by showing a picture of her dead mother.

Back at the White House, Mellie is still on tour. She’s asked if she feels like she lost a piece of herself when she got married and replies, “I consider home to be wherever Fitz is.” We get another flashback to California. Mellie has a cool tan, Fitz is wearing a turtleneck and beardy Cyrus is telling them what it would take to win. Which is to be a war hero with a strong military record. Fitz doesn’t like this angle. But Daddy Grant tells him to do as he’s told. It turns into a standoff.

We then flash forward to present day and Mellie and Cy are on a website looking for a hooker to trap Sally Langston’s husband with. They really are quite the team.

Back at Pope and Assoc., Liv finishes filling in the team on Rowan’s part in the deal and the fact that Fitz was the pilot ordered to shoot down the plane. Okay, now things are sticky. When Huck is alone, Quinn approaches him and tells him to give her credit for what she called. He still doesn’t budge.

The Gladiators are working away on the not-so-cold case. They find out the flight was delayed and there was a passenger missing. Also that the congressional overseer was Fitzgerald Grant the 2nd, aka Daddy Grant.

We are now back in the past in California and Fitz and his father are fighting over him joining the Navy. His father tells him how much he had to do to cover up for his black ops mission. Fitz said he was given an order. To this, Daddy Grant says, “Grants don’t take orders.” They continue to fight. Mellie runs in telling them that Cyrus is leaving and they need to stop him. But they aren’t listening, just still going at it, leaving Mellie to figure out what to do.

Back in the present, Liv is pacing the office. Abby comes in and gives her a much needed hug, which is sweet of her.

It’snighttime now, and Charlie staking out a motel and Quinn is staking him out. He grabs Quinn and kisses her which is so creepy in so many ways. But it seemed to float Quinn’s boat so we’ll just let her have at it.

Back in the White House, Mellie is holding baby Teddy when she runs into Sally and just so happens to let her know that her husband came onto one of the girls on her staff. Sally quickly tells her the girl was lying and that was that. The interviewer comes around since the whole baby Teddy thing was a photo op for some goodnight time with Fitz, but when they get to his office he’s not there. Mellie is devastated, but plays it off.

We flashback to the '90s again where Mellie is chasing down Cy to keep him from leaving and we get hit by the bombshell that Cyrus used to have a wife back when he was McBeardy. Cy schools Mellie on how if Fitz is going to be a politician her job from now on is Fitz. Mellie is in.

Harrison in Scandal 3.07Back to present day and Harrison and Abby are interviewing the gate agent about the flight. She tells them about a passenger being taken off the plane. She says it was dark and she didn’t see who it was, but the name was Omar Dresden and a federal marshal took him.

We then backtrack to the '90s and Daddy Grant is drinking and talking with Mellie late at night. He’s complaining about Fitz and how he’s ungrateful and all that. Mellie is trying to make the peace. All of a sudden Daddy Grant spills the beans to Mellie that Fitz shot that plane down. Mellie is clearly horrified. Daddy Grant tells her that there was a dirty bomb on board and that’s why Fitz was ordered to shoot the plane down, despite the casualties. Daddy Grant says that Fitz is too sensitive and he then starts to give Mellie the eye when she’s not looking. Things take a more horrific turn when he puts his hand on her knee. He calls her beautiful. She pushes him away. But still, he jumps on her and rapes her.

We are back in the present and Mellie is barefoot and having a drink at  the Oval Office when Fitz comes back in. She has it out with him for not showing up for the reporter at Teddy’s bedtime. She tells him she’s tired of doing everything herself. Now when Mellie says, “If you knew the sacrifices I have made,” we all know and all feel it and fee the shame that Fitz should feel.

“Show up for me, Fitz,” she pleads. One of the best line deliveries of the night.

We are now back in the past and Mellie is coming into she and Fitz’s bedroom after being raped. Fitz asks her where she was and she lies, saying she was on the phone with her father. She tries to go to take a shower but Fitz pulls her into his arms to bed. We see a woman trapped. Fitz says just one he’d like to see his father apologize just one time, and if he did that he’d make a hell of a governor. Mellie says yeah, he would.

We flash forward to the present and she’s making an excuse to the reporter as to why Fitz can’t make the interview, but Fitz does show up and when the reporter tries to stump Mellie with a 'why did you air your dirty laundry on TV?' question Fitz jumps in and takes all the blame for the affair, saying that Mellie did the right thing. It was very reminiscent of when Mellie jumped in the last time they were having a difficult interview and she announced she was pregnant. When their backs are against the wall, the Grants do have each other’s backs.

Back a Pope and Assoc. they have a lead and found a guy who would have seen Dresden being taken off the plane, so things are looking up there.

We then see Charlie and Quinn doing and in car stake out on a security guard. Charlie talks Quinn into giving the guard drugs to knock him out to disable the security cameras. I can’t for the life of me figure out why she’s doing this. It’s like the oddest pre-date foreplay ever and she is so going for it. They make out in the car and then she goes in to the guard and hits him with the needle. Too bad, Charlie lied, and it wasn’t some harmless drug in the needle. Now Quinn’s gone and killed the guard. She goes running out all the while being taped by the security cameras. Smooth move, Quinn.

We are now flashbacked to the '90s again and it’s the morning after. Mellie is coming down to breakfast and Daddy Pope is already there being served. He tells her that things got “out of hand” the night before as if “out of hand” equals rape. But Mellie says don’t mention it as she won’t and when Fitz comes down for Daddy Grant to tell Fitz what he needs to hear to feel better and get on track to run. Daddy Grant looks at her hard and calls her an asset. She corrects him and says, “I am his wife.” Mellie is in and doing her job as Cyrus described. She is taking care of Fitz. Fitz comes down and his father surprises him by saying what needs to be said.

We then flash forward to the present and the filming and Fitz and Mellie are getting ready for their dinner. They are joking for the cameras and Mellie says, “I wish I could wear gloves, Jackie Kennedy had it easy,” to which Fitz had to stutter and correct her on that one. Dang, Mellie, why’d you have to go and trip at the finish line? They then walk into the party to Lou Rawls’s “You’ll Never Find,” which is quite appropriate. We see Cyrus and James fighting because James got fired then Cy and Mellie’s hooker struck out with Sally’s husband which is disappointing to him and Mellie but when they look over at Mr. Langston they see he’s getting pretty chummy and a little handsy with James and instantly know what his type is.

It’s later and we’re back in the oval office. Fitz is getting a file from an agent named Mike with a debrief of Liv. Just because he took Jake off the case doesn’t mean he stopped surveillance.

We then see Rowan going to a building to see Omar Dresden.

Next we see Jake going to see the stair guy from the airport who could have seen Omar Dresden get pulled off the plane. He looks. Oh great. It’s the security guy Quinn just killed.

We now have Quinn hiding out in an alley trying to call Huck, but Charley comes over to tell her not to do that. He shows her the footage of her killing the guard and tells her she belongs to B613 and, “welcome to wonderland.” Dagonit! Big mouth Quinn might as well make her hole reservations now. You know she’s getting stuck.

We go back to Fitz and his file. He’s looking over pics of Liv and her history as we see Rowan walking through what looks like a maximum security male prison. We find out that Liv's mother, Maya, worked as a secretary of a venture capitalist called Neal Hastings. Fitz looks further and finally sees who Liv’s father is. Yeah, he’s pretty mad to find out it's Rowan.

We then see Rowan go past a military guard and into a cell. He takes a seat. There is a body lying on a cot facing a wall. He says to the person, “Our daughter’s been asking about you.” A woman then rises with short cropped hair and looks at him dead on. Mama Pope is alive and she looks like she is not taking any mess!

We are now flashing back to the past. Fitz is running for governor and looking so in love. Mellie is not drinking and Daddy Grant is laughing in the background making all of us, including Mellie, wonder who is the baby’s daddy? Yikes, how did things go so wrong so fast?

Olivia, Abby, and Jake in Scandal 3x07This episode was just too much. Walking a mile in Mellie’s shoes and I feel like I just did the New York City Marathon. Talk about flipping the script. There are so many feelings going on: feelings for Mellie and all she’s been through. Feelings for Fitz for being so in the dark. Annoyance with Liv tonight for having all her feelings, but not feeling anyone else’s feelings. Quinn. We’ll just stop there. Huck. Why did you let it go on with Quinn? And Jake. What where you playing at this whole episode?

I don’t know how it will all work out but I can’t wait to see next week. What do you think will happen?


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Great recap-this was an episode to lay ya on your back!
What Mellie went through was awful, and Bellamy Young was phenomenal. Quinn-ugh. I don't feel sorry for her in any way, shape, or form. Idiot. Mama Pope! I'm so happy-no way did they get Khandi Alexander to just do some flashbacks-I knew she was alive! Now that Fitz knows about Rowan, he has got to be feeling some kind of played. I'm scared of next week!
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