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Power Couples: Eve and Roarke, Mac and Barrons, and More!

Thankless in Death by J.D. RobbRomance readers are in the age of the billionaire and young, virginal, innocent heroine—many of the books being published now have a power imbalance between the hero and heroine. It is common for our hero to be powerful, rich, irresistible, seductive and a bit of a jerk. Don’t get me wrong; I love the alphahole as much as the next girl and you will never see me turning down one of those books. But isn’t it nice when you are able to find a book where the hero and heroine are equal in power? Where they are equal in influence and status? I have found a couple of examples of couples where both the man and woman are nothing to mess with.

Eve and Roarke (In Death series by J.D. Robb) — We have heard many times over that Roarke owns most of the known universe in the In Death series, but Eve is no slouch, either. She is a NYPSD detective and recently has been offered more. Both came from rough beginnings and changed their lives for the better; Eve made herself into the best cop around and Roarke made himself a lot of money. While no one can question the overriding influence of money, Eve has had a book and a movie written about her. She has taken down so of the most heinous criminals and managed to marry the hero too. ;)

Jaenelle and Daemon (The Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop) — Jaenelle Angelline is Queen of the Shadow Realm and Daemon Sadi SaDiablo is the powerful, black jeweled, man by her side. When we first meet Jaenelle she is a seven-year-old girl and Daemon is 1,700 years old. Such a pairing screams power imbalance, but that is not the case. Jaenelle will grow to save the realm and Daemon will do anything to protect her until that time comes. In the final book of the trilogy we see the power both hold within them explode onto the pages.

Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda JonesCharley and Reyes (The Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones) — Through the first couple of books it looked like Reyes was going to be the powerful one in the relationship. He is the son of Satan and can cross certain boundaries that normal men cannot. But in more recent books of the series, Charley has shown that she had something in her that she didn’t know about. We already knew Charley could see ghosts, but slowly Reyes has started to pull new capabilities and new powers from Charley. This series is far from done and readers are anxiously waiting for what Charley and Reyes will do next.

Mac and Barrons (Fever series by Karen Marie Moning) — MINOR SPOILERS FOR THE FEVER SERIES AHEAD. Mac and Barrons aremy favorite power couple. But they don’t start out that way, do they? Mac starts out as a bubblegum pink, bouncing, clueless blonde. How she ends up is something none of us could have predicted. For four plus books most of us ahhed over Barrons and his in your face command and mystery but ironically, in the end, Mac is the one who holds all the power. Together they make one incredibly fascinating and dominant couple. Ms. Moning has said that Mac and Barrons will likely have more books, which is good because while Shadowfever answered all our questions it also gave us many more.


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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I hadn't thought about it before, but I think I do like it when the power is able to shift--like in the Fever series, where Mac grows in strength. Also I did love the Black Jewels series, and Daemon definitely honored Jaenelle's position.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
Am now officially intrigued by Jaenelle and Daemon--will have to check that series out.

Great post, and I totally agree that the balance of power makes these couples unstoppable.
Lege Artis
3. LegeArtis
Oh, Jaenelle and Daemon is great example! And of course, Jaenelle was stronger than Daemon. Even when she was a child he looked at her with awe and respect for her power. It was one of things that I loved about this amazing series....
Kate Daniels and Curran- they are both powerful and their powers are very different. I loved when they had that fight-turned-to-flirting during magic flare. But I can't say who is more powerful...
Patricia Wilkerson
4. Proofreaderpat
Another power couple that I enjoy reading about is Queen Betsy and King/Consort Sinclair of MaryJanice Davidson's Undead series. Through the series the power has somewhat shifted from Sinclair to Betsy as she has accepted more' Queen of the Vampires' responsibilities and become more comfortable in her own skin.
Janet Webb
5. JanetW
Two more? Obviously, Claire and Jamie, of Outlander fame, especially when they're living in the Colonies. Powers to be reckoned with. And Lucien, the glittering blond marquess and his blue-stocking bride (An Unwilling Bride by Jo Beverley). Together both couples are more...
6. willaful
Lady Corsair and Archimedes Fox from Meljean Brook's Heart of Steel are a terrific match. She's powerful and he loves it, albeit occasionally regretting not being able to play the hero for her.
Nicole Leapheart
7. BoxyFrown
I gotta give it up to Elena and Clay in the Otherworld series. Clay is the mostly psychotic enforcer of their werewolf pack, but Elena (mostly) holds his leash. Elena is bad ass-and has brains to match.
8. Lizzie Dee
I would add Cat and Bones to this list. Cat was a force to be reckoned with, even before she was a full-blown vampire, as the Reaper. And Bones' powers seem to continue to grow, especially after he partners with Mencheres. Together they seem unstoppable!
Jennifer Myers
9. jennyb845
@MFrampton I adore everything that is Mac and Barrons and will insert then into a post whenever possible. lol

@redline_ Very good books, more in the fantasy genre. I recommend anything by Anne Bishop.

@LegeArtis & Lizzie Dee Kate/Curran and Cat/Bones immediately pop into my head. They are my standard answer for everything and they totally belong on this list.

@willaful Another good couple. I do enjoy those books.

@JanetW I haven't read the Outlander series (don't yell). I need a lot of time to just sit down and go through them.

@Proofreaderpat & @ BoxyFrown I haven't read either of those series. They are good?
10. Judy19
Nalini Singh's Angels Raphael and Elena - she can totally hold her own with him; he is such a badass but he loves her so much. Actually, many of NS's H/h couples could fit this description.
Nicole Leapheart
11. BoxyFrown
I love the Underworld series-it's the Kelley Armstrong series that has recently been optioned for television in Canada, although SyFy has picked it up in the US. The first in the series is Bitten (which is what they are also calling the tv series.) 5 Star read for me!
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