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My Boo is a Beast: Loving the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s Rhage

Lover Eternal by J.R. WardI need to offer some full disclosure before I begin to extol the virtues of my book boyfriend. I have a healthy, fictional fantasy life. I mean, healthy. In my fantasies, I have a whole assortment of book husbands, boyfriends, boo thangs, consorts and friends with benefits. And everyone involved is just fine with my polyamorous lifestyle. So, if you know me, it’s possible you’ve heard me refer to more than one man as my book boyfriend. You might even see it happen on this site. No worries; I got this. *wink*

I started reading the first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series in 2008. I vividly remember reading the first fifty or so pages, calmly putting down the book, hustling to my computer and promptly ordering the rest of the series right then. I was enamored with the world, the writing style and the Brothers almost immediately. The series now has eleven books published, with a twelfth on the way next year, but I picked my book boyfriend in his first appearance in that first book and none of the other books have shaken my faith. My boyfriend is the more-than-meets-the-eye, lollipop-sucking, wisecracking, mindbendingly beautiful, blonde behemoth Rhage.

If you read the series, you have a favorite. You might even have several; there’s no shortage of hot, alpha-male, worthy males (or females, for that matter!) to choose from; vampires, sympaths, demons…there’s even an angel! My heart was claimed by the one affectionately known as Hollywood, though. His first appearance in the first book of the series, Dark Lover, made my lady bits come to attention immediately:

“Rhage was a towering male, big, powerful, stronger than all the other warriors. He was also a sex legend in the vampire world, Hollywood beautiful with the drive to rival a barnful of stallions. Females, vampires and human alike, would trample their own young, to get at him.”

HELLO! But, it’s not just Rhage’s sexy ways that make him my ideal. There’s so much more to him than meets the eye. Literally! You know how you want your man to be both a gentleman and an animal, when the situation calls for it? Well, with Rhage, you get both. My boo is a beast. No…for real…he has an actual roaring, man-eating, angry monster that lives within him and comes out in times of need.

“Rhage’s eyes glowed white as headlights as his body mutated in a ghastly display of tearing and ruptures. Something horrible took his place, its scales glistening in the moonlight, its claws slicing through the air.”

Now, you may find that a little off putting, but I find it sexy as hell! As it turns out, the beast likes to get himself a little nookie every once in a while, complete with chains and whatnot. I’m confident I would be up for the challenge of handling his savage side. Now, you may now know too much about me and my proclivities and I’m sorry about that. I guess. Heh.

Truth be told, though, the clincher for me came very early on in Rhage’s book, the second book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover Eternal. He goes on a date with the self-conscious, sickly, plain (or so she thinks) Mary and only has eyes for her, even though other women are throwing themselves at him. Which is awesome, of course. But it wasn’t what got me. His food order did.

“Let’s have the Chicken Alfredo. The NY strip, rare. And a cheeseburger, also rare. Double on the fries. And some nachos. Yeah, I want the nachos with everything on them. Double that, too, will you?”

Big, sexy, fierce, funny, beastly AND likes to throw down at the table? YES! MY. MAN! Add in the wicked sense of humor, fierce loyalty and the willingness to sacrifice for the woman he loves and, quite frankly, you’ve got the perfect combination. Well, YOU don’t….because he’s mine!


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1. Jaelynn
Hehehe. Rhage is a sweetheart! The fact that he was willing to chain himself to his beast for eternity--even though he wanted nothing more than to get RID of it (before Mary, that is...) just to save the life of his Mary, even when he believed he couldn't be with her anymore... *sigh*

But! I'd rather have me some Z, V, and Rhev. In that order. ;)
2. Mo

I am very sorry to have to tell you this, but see, Rhage is mine. :)
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
Okay, I don't remember reading this book AT ALL, but Amazon tells me I at least bought it... You've sold me on re-reading it and jogging my memory!
4. Mo

All good choices, but I'd go Rhage, Zadist, Rhev. I was very very disappointed at how little Rhev and Elena we got in their story. If I had to go to a 4th, I'd go with John Matthew.
5. Grace S
From the very first read, Rhage. All day, every day. I LOVE HIM. I remember reading it and thinking somebody should send a copy to dirtbag John Edwards so he could get a clue on how to treat your spouse who is dying of cancer.

I don't even really have a second choice, but for the sake of argument, I guess I'd say Tohrment and John Matthew as the rest of my top three.
Jasmine Ray
6. JassyBaby
Oh my, I LOVE this post! Really love it! I think all of us readers have a healthy, very happy fantasy life!
Rhage is amazing, yes, but goodness I love Vishous! That Male could have it every day and twice--thrice--on Sunday! Lol!
And if we're only talking about the BDB series, I love Rehv and Qhuinn as 2 and 3. Although, I'm really feeling Assail, too...

I have so many book boyfriends, it's amazing how I keep up with all of them. So many Alphas and their egos and territorial behaviors, amazing personalities and um, capabilties...poor me~
7. JeniferJ
Rhage has always been my fave too. Rhage, Butch and then Rhev. I've never understood the draw and fascination with John Matthew, though. I think I'm in the minority on that one!
Laura Bracken
8. Night -owl
I had a reading marathon with this series(each book ran into the next, in a blissful blur). I lost a few weeks of my life; it was worth every second. I collected a few book boyfriends from this series; my favourite is Zsadist. God, the moment he meets Bella for the first time(she walks in on him when he's working-out in the gym, and he's not happy about it) is one of my favourite hero&heroine meeting for the first time moments( it actually happens in rhages baook). It's only a brief moment, and he's not particularly nice to her; he tries to intimidate her, but it doesn't work because the both of them are instantly attracted to each other(its a hot moment). And when you read his book and find out more about him, it breaks your heart. There is a part at the end of the book that gets me every time. If you've read it, you know what I mean. He is not a perfect character; he does some things that I didn't like but I think J.R Ward was able to redeem him in my eyes. Other guys I love in the series are: John Matthew(love him and Xhex together, very hot), Rehvenge(wasn't expecting to like him, but did), oh and last but definitely not least, Qhuinn & Blay, can't even express how much I love these two. Every scene with them was so intense; so when they FINALLY got together it was explosive.
9. Lizzie Dee
Yes on Rhage! But I also love Tohr and the King! I've never understood the obsession with Zsadist, though.
10. carmenlire
Rhage, John Matthew, Quinn/Blay are may favorite in that order of what I would want as a book boyfriend. But I love all the brothers--with the possible exception of Wrath.
I think that Rhage doesn't get all the attention he deserves. All the other brothers get brought back in the past few books, but Rhage doesn't. I love that he's a real gentleman, caring and gentle, but at the same time he can be rough and ruthless when needed. Lover Eternal is great, I love Rhage and Mary and I think they're perfect for each other. I want them to get their own novella though about the baby situation!
Julia Broadbooks
11. juliabroadbooks
Rhage was my favorite from that first dinner with Mary. No, that first night in the hall of the mansion...sigh.
Pen Singleton
12. PenSingleton
Ohhhhh, it is so lovely to see all the Rhage love! So much good taste amongst you ladies! :-) For the record, my other faves in the series are Vishous, John Matthew and Qhuinn.

@Mo, we are going to have to agree to disagree. Because NO. ;-)

@Jennifer P - I highly recommend a reread! I've read his book multiple times and I swoon and giggle every time.

@Jassy - thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed! Looks like we have a lot in common! ;-)
13. Nancy S. Goodman
Oh I can sooo relate Pen. So many book boyfriends, so little time! I'm a tremendous bookslut and proud of it!
I was just like you, Pen. I started reading the series and ordered the entire series after that. I did love Hollywood, but poor Phury caught my eye. I feel like he got ripped off the most in his book.
Oh well...
14. Jaymy M
I admit I too have a special fondness for this BD Brother. V and Wrath too. Then of course there's John, who I've grown to appreciate, when I'm not wishing X would just shove him off a cliff already. Tor at times....
15. LauraWilson
Book boyfriends, now that I think about it - yeah I have a a bunch myself LMAO!!!! I do like Rhage but my fave is Vishous :)
16. Kat Smitheram
Oh Rhage, how I love you and your love off bad horror movies. I love all the guys of the original BDB-Wrath, Rhage, V, Butch, Z & Phury. I never could pick one, you feel me? (Heh). I really enjoy how Ward writes the interrelationships between the boys. The brotherly ribbing, use of potato cannons and familial love. It was one of the first books I read with that element and now I'm addicted to it.
17. WandaDD
Ladies, ladies...let's not fight. Since you all seem to have multiple possible choices, it would be wise to choose one of the other brothers. Rhage is mine. First, last, always. The unbelievably gentle soul wrapped in a perfect (and massive) package, won my heart (and my literary libido) instantly. BTW, to Nancy Goodman… "Book slut"… Love it!
18. Sumrdrm
Pick a Brother?????? Is that even possible? I will take one of each please XD!
19. Sumrdrm
Pick a Brother?????? Is that even possible? I will take one of each please XD!
20. Tonidh69
Thank you! For giving MY boy Rhage some love. I really have a special place for the original 6, but Rhage is my number 1! The sweetest, sexiest, and most loyal! What a man...uh..breed!
22. Sonnet
First choice is Vishous true! How could a girl not get distracted by his strength,sense of humor and mysterious intelligence. Not to mention his penthouse playroom. However since his heart has been captured by Jane I could be distracted by Qhuinn/Blay....
23. susana42
I totally agree with you. Rhage has been my favourite BDB boy from the very beginning. None of them beats him: Sexy, funny and ... wild. The perfect book boyfriend!!!
24. SassyT
I love Rhage as well but my absolute favorite is Zsadist. Night owl: I know exactly the scene you are referring to. I actually got all teary eyed which if you know me just doesn't happen. I'm not a cryer (except when watching Beaches). Rhage is definitely a close second behind Z though. I think their books were the best two in the series by far. The rest were just okay. If I had to add a third, it'd have to be Rhevenge. His story was kind of sad along the lines of Rhage and Z. Tohrment would have been in my top three if it hadn't have been for his book being so crappy. I loved him with Wellsie.
25. wsl0612
okay I need a popculture definition - what does "Boo" mean in the context of the title of this post? Thanks!
26. Celie
I understand that you have deep feelings for Rhage but he is MINE! He is my soulmate and I do not believe in sharing. So, even though I can understand you wanting to have him but that is not possible. Rhage is happily married to me and in my world we have a football team of kids.
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