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Lost Girl’s Kenzi: One Human to Rule Them All

Ksenia Solo as Kenzi in Lost Girl Season 4 promoGrifter. Thief. Survivor. Smart-ass. Human.

Kenzi on Lost Girl is all of the above. And even that barely scratches the surface.

From the moment her stilettos clicked across the screen, Kenzi thrust herself into the Fae world of this urban fantasy show with zero inhibition and plenty of chutzpah. When series lead Bo saves her from being roofied and raped in the first episode, Kenzi winds up being just the dose of emo-free, perspective-reset of which the succubus is in dire need. “Learn to enjoy your shit already!” Kenzi demands. “You can frickin’ control people by touch and not in a creepy hand-job way! That is awesome!”

As a character, she imbues the sidekick stereotype with a welcomed infusion of originality. A former street-kid with a flexible concept of “ownership,” Kenzi will often wield an excited stream of wild Russian in order to get her point across. Fashion knows no bounds with Kenzi—she may squat with her bestie in a hovel, but dayam will her threads, and heels, be fine. Wigs are interchangeable accessories to fit her every-changing mood; to Kenzi, overdramatic just means she’s doing it right.

Despite a home life that was far from good, she still maintains ties to family including an as-yet-unseen cousin who tracks license plates and gets things off the backs of trucks, a faint taint of Russian mafia, and a gypsy aunt who tells fortunes. The lone human in a world of supercharged, immortal creatures who have stepped from the pages of legend, Kenzi may find herself outgunned but she’s never out-classed…or out-sassed.

Kenzi never gives up. But beneath that tough exterior lies a loyal friend who will, and has, put her life on the line to save the people she loves—or even just tell them some needed truth. As the entrenched Fae prejudices and ancient often cruel codes of behavior have been held up against Kenzi’s steadfastness and loyalty, it’s challenged how her Fae friends view the world around them and their role in it. Or as Bo succinctly puts it: “You make me wanna be a better Fae.”

“She’s my heart!” Bo cries out emotionally in Season 3’s “The Kenzi Factor.” That is Kenzi’s super power. She, more than any other character on the show, holds the center of this group with her enormous heart. There’s a reason even the gentle giant, Dark Fae enforcer Bruce, quickly falls under her spell. She’s Dyson’s little sis, Hale’s hot mama, Trick’s supplemental granddaughter, and arguably Bo’s true soul mate.

A short, by no means exhaustive, list of some of the more memorable Kenzi-isms:

  • “You'd be surprised how many of my transactions involve power tools.”
  • “Smells like fried bitch!”
  • “Regret is for suckas.”
  • “A rebound screw is like the greatest way to get over a guy. Dude, it’s just science.”
  • “Dude! Your junk could cure cancer!”
  • “Did I just wake up in Narnia or is that the fever talking?”
  • What is it? Take-a-Fae to Work Day?
  • “Can you like wolf out and lay on my feet?”
  • “Hey guys? How would I know if a dude was inside of me?”
  • “Poor Bo. So many choices, just one vag.”
  • “I thought she fixed your hungry honeypot.”
  • “I’m not scared of anything. I’m just bored and you amuse me.”

What’s your favorite thing about Kenzi?


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Suzanne Metaxas
1. SuzyM
I love Kenzi because there is no BS with her. She tells it like it is :D
2. Dionne.K
kenzi is above all my favorite character in Lost Girl! She takes no BS from fae.
3. drusilla_doll
She really does have the biggest heart and so much courage for one so pint-sized. Plus...her clothes be fierce!
4. Darthfaeder
Love Kenzi and her snark. That is probably why I like Tamsin as well.
Okay so I am going to assume that as of Nov 10th we can come here
to this link and talk season 4 all we want without having to put spoiler
tags on anything we talk about right? I don't want to ruin anything for
anyone so I thought I would make sure?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
I've said this before but I'm sure it got lost in the long thread.

Team H&H will put up a general post on Mondays following the Canadian Sunday night run of Lost Girl where fans can come and talk about the episodes. It will be along the lines of "Hey, did you see Lost Girl last night? Amazing, right? To the comments!"

It will NOT be spoiler-free so read at your own risk.

The full recaps will follow the U.S. run of the show beginning some time in January 2014
Nusi Dekker
6. NusiD
My favorite Kenzi-isms are from episode 2.01 whre they are at the pagan rave:

"Hey, Sweetmeat, are you okay? You look a little...nippley."
"Do I have to cuff your muff?"
Katherine Bloom
7. lsbloom
I'll have to come back to say all the things I LOVE about Kenzi. But with a few good Kenzi-isms:

The truth is for pussy.
You know we get paid with real-life money, right?
Nadine Robb
8. cmm
Kenzi's who I watch for now. To me she's stronger than any fae. I just wish they would show more of her background.
Carmen Pinzon
10. bungluna
Yay for team Kenzi. I too wish they would spend more time on her, her background and her interaction with team Badass.
11. Char
@Kiersten---One Kenzi to rule them it! Lord of the Rings!!!
12. Darthfaeder
@Char I agree I loved the homage paid to the Lord of the Rings.

My favorite Kenzi line was when it Siska showed up. Kenzi asked Bo
and Siska that if two succubi have sex will it cause a black hole. LOLOLOL! That was so freaking hilarious!
13. stacymd2
Kenzi & Dyson are the only reasons I kept watching Lost Girl in Seasons two and three. What can we say about a wonderful girl named Kenzi…her wit, her charm, her loyalty, her crazy outfits. I could go on and on about how much I love this character.

My Favorite Kenzi-isms (not including the ones you guys already wrote):
“Are you seriously gonna pretend that wasn't the funniest shit ever in the history of funny and shit?”
“You will always be my girl, Bo. Even if you come out of there with a dong.”
“"A," he is awesome and "B," you lurv him. Oh, by the way, I totally saw his wolf junk. High five!”
“Teen angst, our greatest foe.”
“She spy-banged Bo.”
“Good cop, Kenzi cop!”

One of My Favorite Bo-ism:
“She's Kenzi. She's smart and honest and kind. And, she makes me feel normal and special.”
14. whiskeywhite
One thing Kenzi is not is mean. I was really bummed out when they ran the whole faux Kenzi, kitsune, sub-plot. Thanks to my elderly TV, I hadn't seen her being kidnapped in the dark alley, so I didn't understand why she was being so cruel to people. It added to my disallusionment with the first several episodes of season 3, which had been ignited by the horrible Amazon prison abusers first episode. I realize that it is naive, or sentimental, or something, of me to always want Kenzi to be the good person, but I found it painful.

On a related note, I am often struck by how often I pick up tiny things on rewatching episodes that I hadn't noticed before, no matter how many times I watch (and it's a lot of times). Today I was rewatching season 3 in prep. for Sunday night. In 3.05, "Faes Wide Shut", Kenzi checks out the special "keyholders only" room in the sex club. When the guard turns her away, she (foxy faux Kenzi) growls at him. Never noticed that before.

Similarly (and stop me if I've told this one before), when Vex takes Bo's cell phone to The Morrigan to return the embarrassing sex bondage photo in 3.02 "ConFaegion", he makes reference to "the other white meat." That passing remark never made sense until it hit me that there used to be an advertising campaign which tried to sell pork as "the other white meat" (was that in the US as well as Canada?). He was referring to the piggy bad guys who came for the teenagerized Bo (and Dyson and Tamsin). A little slow on the uptake there, Whiskey.
Linda Losik
15. LindaL
I have so missed the Kenzi snarks....which is why I so loved the first web-episode! Kenzi with Bruce or Dyson or Hale is so much fun!
18. drusilla_doll
Weird, my comment was flagged as spam. Anyone have that happen before?
19. TheUberFan
Were you promoting that crazy home biz opp again @drusilla_doll? That might be why!

*I KID* ;)

As for Kenzi, she crosses all boundaries of the fandom that I can see. Whether you're a DyBo, Doccubi, Valkubus-er or on team None of the above...everyone lurves Kenzi.

I'm quite convinced that she is the actual hero of the show and after doing a rewatch (or two) I catch more and more instances where this weak, pathetic human (as Dyson jokingly referred to her) put herself out there over and over again when she didn't have the advantage of super succu-strength or wolf powers or anything.

Look at the series premiere. Bo and she had been friends for all of 10 seconds before Bo was fae-napped. Kenzi, not knowing who or what she was dealing with, spent time and resources to track her down, owing favors to various family members for the info.

And then in the challenge itself after Bo defeated Bruce, err...I mean the underfae who has amazingly similar tattoos as Bruce (I've decided that's one of Bruce's brothers who didn't pass the Dawning), Bo would have succumbed to the pain eater.

If she hadn't heard Kenzi screaming out for her to wake up, she would have drunk the tea and the series would have been pretty dang short.

So right from the beginning, Kenzi proves she's another Lost Girl in a new world just like Bo except without the sex powered biology.
20. Minime
Best Kenzi Quote IMO:

"You can control people by touch, and not in a creepy hand job sort of way."
21. drusilla_doll
Trying again:

An article about the upcoming season. Spoilerish details in the beginning of it. I found the last paragraph/topic interesting which I will snip and paste here:
All You Need Is Love
Bo’s succubus nature automatically increases her sexual desires. She’s experienced powerful feelings for both Dyson and Lauren, which created a complicated love triangle. Last season, Bo committed to be monogamous with Lauren, even though there have still been some tender and touching moments between her and Dyson. The question is, did Bo make the right decision?
“I like that Bo and Lauren’s romance has been handled like any relationship out there,” reports Palmer. “It’s not really a topic of conversation. It’s a relationship in the same way as if a mixed-race couple were on television. It’s just a non-issue now. This show has made leaps and strides in that area of making it what it is, which is just a normal relationship.”
As for who Bo should ultimately end up with, that is anyone’s guess. “Oh my God, I’m pro with whatever is best for Bo,” concludes Silk. “Bo loves who she loves and she loves both of them. I could not pick one over the other. That love triangle is an essential theme of the show.”
I love that ZP said that the relationship was like any other. In other words it's allowed to fail and have the normal problems any other couple might face.
I love the Anna was diplomatic and said Bo loved both Dyson and Lauren.
22. TheUberFan
I wish they'd drop the triangle thing though. It's like they're trying to keep her sealed under glass or something.'s okay to let the character grow and meet new people. It's okay for her to evolve past things. And we experienced Bo and Lauren and for me at least, I saw that while they have feelings for each other, they're incompatible. It's okay to accept that and move on.
23. drusilla_doll
It won't be good if they hold on to either ship simply because they're afraid of offending fans. Triangles rarely are liked in the long run and you can't please everyone. So I think I'd be happy with Bo exploring her single status this season. I don't doubt they'll throw various factions bones and I think it makes sense that right now she'd be keeping her options open, not looking to commit to anything since she got so soundly dumped - twice. Plus, by the sound of things there's a lot of plotty stuff for her to deal with.


Kinda hard for her to be rekindling with anyone if they don't remember her and vice versa. /wink
24. whiskeywhite
Thanks for the link, @drusilla_doll. I'm glad that you perservered. Anna saying, "That love triangle is an essential theme of the show" is a pretty clear indication of the future -- straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

I'm starting to get antsy, I have to admit. Only a day and a half to go.

BTW, I think I mentioned that I have been wallowing in the romance of the first version of the Beauty and the Beast TV show. I was interested to see that George R.R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, was a producer on all three seasons and a writer of a number of episodes. He published the first book in the series about 7 years after BatB in 1996.
Nadine Robb
25. cmm
I for one cannot wait for Sunday! I am dissapointed it's only a 1 hour premiere and not a 2. I hope the episode doesn't end on a cliffhanger as I hate waiting a week to see the conclusion lol. @ drusilla_doll regards to the spoiler I expect them to show there is still a connection there despite them not remembering. I hope it doens't outshine her connection to Kenzi though, like they tried to do last season.
Nusi Dekker
26. NusiD
I read an article on the LG Facebook page that said ep. 4.01 will be the episode that has George Takai's character in it, but not Bo. It goes on to say that Anna Silk was really disappointed that she didn't get to meet him then, but finally met him at Comic Con. Maybe he's part of Kenzi's story.

I hope that someone here will direct me to the place where all those lucky Canadians will be posting comments about the show! I can't wait until 2014 and I love spoilers! It's hard enough to wait until after November 16 to get S3 DVDs, since I'm tired of having to watch the episodes on YouTube!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
@NusiD there will be a spoilerific thread here on H&H after every Canadian broadcast where Canadians fans and others who've seen it will be dishing aplenty about the episode
28. TheUberFan
@Kiersten... I don't know if you saw or not but Ksenia retweeted this post. I sent you a tweet about it but you might have missed it. :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
29. Kiersten
Thanks @UberFanatic I did see your tweet, and I also saw Ksenia's original one. I'm delighted she liked it so much. Quite a treat
30. whiskeywhite
Thanks, @NusiD, for reminding me that there was an article today (hope this link works for you), from the Canadian Press I think, that features George Takei's appearance in 4.01, as well as the overall goings on in the episode. I believe you're right that Kenzi has a lot of interaction with his character.
Nadine Robb
31. cmm
Just wanted to ask, how everyone feels about the latest on spoiler on spoilertv?
please note: this is a spoiler so please do not click the link, if you do not wish to be spoiled.

Personally i'm not sure how I feel about this, if the intentions are malicous or just benign.
Carmen Pinzon
32. bungluna
I'm still trying to figure out what mental gymnastics or sleight of hand the writers will have to perform to make WanderLauren not have to answer for her actions at the end of S3.
33. Char
I love spoilers. But I am going to try, emphasis on try to stay spoiler free.

I will comment on the H&H spoiler recaps in January 2014!

Fae Long and Prosper!!!
Nadine Robb
34. cmm
@bungluna i'm still wondering that too. Although after what I just read
on spoilerfix, there is a glimer of hope that maybe she's being held

Ps. Sorry for the double reply I answered in the wrong screen lol.
35. Darthfaeder
@Cmm in reguards to you wanting a 2 hour episode instead of a 1 hour premiere episode. From what I understand is that it is entirely possible that episode 2 is a continuation of episode 1. So while you will have to wait a week for the second episode to aire it sounds like it will all flow very nicely. As far as that spoiler tv website goes yes I know about it. The LG tumblr that I follow is simply remarkable when it comes to posting anything that that has to do with everything LG. I am very curious to see how they plan to allow Lauren to get into Dyson's head. I for one don't think it will be anything malicious. Lauren may not be my most favorite character but I would be shocked if what she was doing to Dyson was evil or malicious in any way it doesn't fit her character. As far as Lauren being held accountable for what she was doing in the season ending episode I don't think that the Happy sunshine gang will hold it against her cuz Dyson knows that she ulitmately helped him defeat Taft so she did redeem herself in the end. As far as the light fae and dark fae elders goes now that is another story. @ Nusi one place to go to get a big recap of every episode is at the showcase blog for LG now, and of course here at H&H in January. @Char I gave Bungluna an idea as to how she could watch every episode starting right away. She said that she tried my idea and she said that it worked for her. You can leave a message for her or if you want you can ask me and I'll tell you what I told her. I don't know about you but I can't wait and if I can watch right away then I plan on doing that. That includes reading every little bit of info about every episode I can read @ Nusi the same goes for you if you want.
36. whiskeywhite
I wonder if the 'Dyson's memories' thing will give us any more backstory on him. That, I would like.

Having a couple of Fae fan friends over for the premiere tonight. So lots of house cleaning to do. :-)
39. Darthfaeder
Well been on my fav LG Tumblr and all I can say is how freaking dare them! OMG so disappointed in everything about what I have been reading this morning. How can one person love and adore a show and simple Hate it at the same time. Not sure if anyone knows anything yet. Heck I haven't seen it as of yet. All Dybo fans get hold of your back sides cuz I am certain you guys are gonna freak! Oh and small spoiler Kenzi is all sparkly and I'll leave you with that!!!! WTF Lost Girl WTF No Gosh Damn Tamsin!!!!!!!! and No Bo!!!!! Oh and wait till you guys see Lauren LOL!!!!!! I better get a freaking eye full of my fav character Tamsin and Bo in episode 2 or I'm gonna lose my S***T!!!!!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
40. Kiersten

We knew Bo would not be in episode 1. We knew there'd be some kind of Fae power iteration for Kenzi. We knew, because Kris & Ksenia HEAVILY hinted that it would happen in their SDCC interview, that there'd be some Kyson action that wouldn't last. And we knew they'd back walk all of Doctor Frankenbitch's actions in the S3 finale to make her WonderLauren again.

I saw the episode, for the most part tho it was a crap link & I heard about 10 lines of dialogue altogether, and it was fantastic but for a handful of moments that irked me and one particularly fanwank moment that made me want to wash my eyes out with bleach. But remember that all these actions were done when the Faemily was not their true/real selves and even then, they knew things weren't quite right and moved to change it. At the same time, it does set up a number of interesting events and interpersonal fallout that they'll all have to deal with going forward. And that has the potential to deliver some great show.

I'll post the link for the S4E1 forum as soon as H&H post it so everyone knows where to go to weigh in.
Nadine Robb
41. cmm
@Kiersten the best part of the ep was the 1 min of you know who. Such an awesome ep without this person. I did like this episode a lot though. Though that pairing was just strange to me. I laughed out loud a lot at the guest of the episode.
43. Darthfaeder
Hmmm I'm not a valkubus shipper. I am not a shipper of Bo at all. I want her to remain single. To not have Tamsin in episode 1 was surprising and well I hope they make it up to us Tamsin Fans next week? :( I knew Bo would not have a big part but to have only 1 quick flash of her was wow just disappointing. I think the writers and the PTB are completely scitzo when it comes to Lauren.
44. whiskeywhite
Am eagerly waiting for that link, Kiersten. So much to discuss. For the Tamsin fans, while she isn't present in the episode, Dyson talks about her a lot. In fact, he has been going to look for her every single day for the month since they went over the cliff. He justifies this by explaining with deep feeling that she saved him (to which Kenzi appropriately enough responds, "She drove you over a cliff!!").
45. whiskeywhite
The new thread is up.
Nusi Dekker
46. NusiD
I just saw the episode on YouTube. You better watch asap before it gets taken down. I am in the U.S. so it has not been codified for area yet. Here is the link:
47. Minime
I am reading the spoilers but I think I am going to wait till next week and watch episode 1 & 2 back to back being that they were filmed that way. I must say that if all 3 sides of the faedom are unhappy then the writers must be doing something right. I must say LG went from having the best wigs in seson 1 & 2 to awful quality wigs in season 3 & 4. I saw the pics of "Amber".

I watch on Project Free TV they usually have lots of links just make sure your pop ups are blocked.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
48. Kiersten
@Minime I think "all three sides of the Fandom" are upset b/c of the Faecest. Not b/c Kyson has any long term viability but b/c they went there and it was as creepy if not more so than when they went there with the kitsune. Beautiful dance. Revolting romance.

EA has made it clear this was a one-off and just for the fans of that 'ship, so it's not like its got legs as anything other than an emotional, seriously Awkward! situation for Kenzi and Dyson to work their way back from together. Which, admittedly, could bring about some great moments between them and, potentially, Bo when she finds out, but still was grueling to watch.
49. Minime
EA is doing a post show colum on TV Guide Canada all season long the link keeps getting me flagged so
www dot
50. Minime
This makes me happy

EA: I was covering my eyes during the Dyson/Kenzi kiss! Cause you know, those two are really good friends and it’s definitely going to be controversial. I think they have a very big brother, little sister relationship, but they do have chemistry. I couldn’t believe how hot it was, to be honest. I was like, ‘Oh my god, oh my god! How are we doing this?’
Glad EA agrees that they are like siblings.
Nusi Dekker
51. NusiD
I was thoroughly icked out by the Kenzi-Dyson hookup, it was creepy. I'm glad it was a memory loss thing that was resolved.

Kenzi's moves in that dance were amazing. That would take years of ballet, modern dance and gymnastics training, hardly something that would come out of a STREET URCHIN that Kenzi was. WTF?

I was disappointed in Mia Kirchner's tiny role. I hope that it's more than just a cameo like George Takai's part was.
52. Minime
Mia has an arc @Nusi and will be in a few episodes.
53. stacymd2
I liked the premiere episode. Kenzi, Dyson, Hale, Trick and Aife were great. Even with Bo missing, the real team badass work well together. I want Bo back, but I’m going to miss this Season one feel when the other point in the triangle from hell is also back & gets propped up by the other characters for the majority of the season.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
54. Kiersten
My first gut reaction to the post-mortem Q&A w/EA for S4 is - YAAAYYY!!

I am SO GLAD she's no longer limiting her interaction to specific fandom sites/audiences. And I love the idea of getting her unambiguous take on it rather than other people putting their agenda on her.

For example: I saw some fans immediately insist Bo woke up because DoctorLauren said her name, but EA makes it clear Bo's revival (along w/Tamsin's and the Doc's herself) was spurred by Kenzi and Dyson breaking the memory spell. That woke everyone up and now sets them all in motion to get back to Faeville.
55. Minime
@Kiersten I think EA feeds the silly ideas that WonderLauren is the real hero by retweeting fans comments and feeding into the mass hysteria.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
56. Kiersten
@Minime - more and more, (and thanks to her own admission of being a "troll") I think you're right about that. She tweeted "oh so many deaths" about In Memoriam when they were filming it and yet no one died. She definitely enjoys ramping up the cray and knowing that for (somewhat) sure goes a long way...
Jonathan Knight
57. jdknight
Lauren appears to be a self-satisfied selfish bitch who cares about nobody other than herself. She is continually getting Bo into trouble and then ining that she has done nothing wrong. Tamsin would appear to genuinely love both Dyson and Bo. She has knowingly put herself into great danger for both of them. She is going though one ofher deaths and should soon be reborn and revigorated. She ould e a much better partner for Bo than Lauren.

It is time for Kenzi to become fully Fay. If she was to die all her friends would be totally devastated. There have been hints that she is already Fay. She manages to make everyone love her - including Vex and Co. She even manages to twist the Morrigan round her little finger in return for a future favor. She managed to defeat both the Norn and Baba Yaga effectively by herself. Her backstory will be full of surprizes. It is hard to believe that she would really have let the Druid con her into becoming only a parttime Fay - and a Sprite at that. She shows all the signs of being one of the more powerful types of Trickster, which explains her control of glamor and the closeness of her elationship with Dyson
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