Nov 11 2013 11:57am

Lost Girl Season 4 Premiere Thoughts: The Fae Are Back in Town!

Dyson in Season 4 of Lost GirlAfter a much-to-long hiatus, Lost Girl is back! In Canada, at least. Kiersten Hallie Krum will be recapping weekly for H&H beginning in January as the show airs in the U.S. on SyFy. Until then, however, Jackie Lester will bring us word of major developments as the show airs on Showtime in Canada, beginning with her thoughts on the highly anticipated Season 4 finale, 4.01, “In Memoriam.” (Beware of MAJOR SPOILERS if you haven't yet watched.)

When last we left our Fae friends, Dyson and Tamsin had driven off a cliff, Bo had been abducted by the wanderer, Kenzi went in search of Massimo in hopes of becoming Fae herself. True to the formula of previous Lost Girl episodes, we don’t start at the moment the last season ended.

Instead, we see a set of gates open ominously and an old car (circa 1930s-ish) drives through. From the looks of it, it could be a scene from an Indiana Jones movie, but as the car comes to a stop, someone rolls out from under it. From the sound of the breathing and the clip-clip of heels, it's easy to tell it's a girl. Kenzi! She offers up a “Boo-ya!” for making it this far.

A couple of robed men are moving a heavy boxes and Kenzi confirms my earlier statement with her excited “This is so Raiders! Let's hope this ark contains less melty face Nazi goodness.”

She heads to the container, which seems more Pier 1, less Ark of the Covenant. It’s tied with heavy rope, and as Kenzi looks at it, she says, “the Una Mens.” She's quickly caught by a guy who claims “they are coming. And they will be hungry.” That doesn't bode well. He threatens to deliver her to them but she makes a comment about delivering him to a place for some decent oral hygiene. “Your breath smells like the anus of a yeti.” One can reasonably assume that that's a very bad thing.

Dyson and Hale show up, telling the bad guy (Butcher?) he's making a mistake, to which Kenzi adds that she's been telling him she's not human. Without much suspense about whether this is true or not, Kenzi makes a grand circular gesture with her arms and flames start shooting out of her hands. Well, actually, it's more like sparklers in her sleeves, but whatever. Now we know she's totally faking and perhaps didn't even find Massimo after the end of last season, but Butcher seems slow to catch on.

With a little groin chop motion and a few more sparks, Kenzi signals she’s about to exit, this idea encouraged by Dyson and Hale with some tugs on her arm. Butcher makes an icky threat about Kenzi's skin lining the chambers of the Una Mens, so the guys hustle her out more determinedly. Dyson looks all pensive and growl-y but follows closely behind Kenzi and Hale.

Kenzi is convinced she could've taken the guy; further, she claims she's “a terrorist,” to which Hale asks her if “terrorists smell like sunflowers and Chardonnay?” Awww!

Dyson says he's taking “Tinkerbell” home (fairy punny, Dyson), which is exactly what he does. Sniffing around the Hovel for bad guys, he comments on the number of thongs Kenzi has lying around the place. Is it my imagination, or is there something...going on with the way he's talking to her? A bunch of smiles and jokes are exchanged....then they move closer together, like, real close, and what?! There's kissing! Dyson and Kenzi! How in the name of the Bloodking, or whatever supreme being shows up this year, did this happen?

Dyson breaks away after a fair amount of heavy breathing and lots of kissing, to confirm he knows Hale has strong feelings for Kenzi. He’s obviously feeling something is wrong but the conversation is interrupted by the door knocking. Outside it stands Aoife in a little black dress, looking for the “the talented private investigator,” and by this, she means Kenzi. Aoife tries her succubus tricks on Kenzi, but Dyson is there to cut in. Aoife assures them that she's not out to cause trouble, rather she needs help to find her daughter, Bo. When Kenzi responds with “kind of a dude's name, am I right?” We know there's an explanation for what we just witnessed between Dyson and Kenzi, plus a whole lot more, I’d say. Undoubtedly things are going to get much worse before they get better.

Opening credits.

Sitting at a diner, Dyson proclaims that Aoife is THE succubus who went after the light fae elders, which she dismisses as a natural reaction of her “agitation.” Now she claims to have “a higher purpose,” which is to find her lost daughter. She touches Dyson and says she's met him recently. He tries to brush it off, he's thinking it’s from their early encounter a few seasons back. Instead, she's referring to Taft's, which seems to shake the wolf man’s memory a bit. He honestly seems to have forgotten all the shenanigans at the evil doctor’s lair. Weird.

Kenzi brings the discussion back to the topic of Aoife’s potential business, comments that the succubus has “a grown daughter no one has ever heard of or seen.” Aoife proudly announces that her body shows no sign of ever giving birth (succubus as cure for stretch marks? If it could be marketed, it would make a killing!) After prepositioning Dyson to check for proof, she continues to make her case that her heart leads her to believe she has a daughter and that she would have named her after “her own mother.”

Aoife has picture proof and shows Dyson, who thinks the woman in it is beautiful. Kenzi with her newfound investment in Dyson now, bares her ugly jealousy side, though the snark she delivers is a bit weak, and snatches the pic. Aoife understands that they'd be sceptical, so she shows them proof: a mark just under her lower eyelid that Dyson confirms indicates her memory has been tampered with.

Dyson's phone beeps with a what turns out to be a reminder of his daily search for Tamsin. Kenzi thinks it's futile, because the Valkyrie drove him off a cliff. Dyson knows she saved him and that he would’ve died if he hadn't shifted mid-plunge. Now it's his mission to find her, despite a month having already lapsed. Kenzi is justifiably worried about being left alone with Aoife.

Kenzi holds up the picture with a lame attempt at speaking with D in private. It's blurry, but it looks like the other side of the picture has the image so familiar last year of the wanderer Tarot-like card. Dyson leaves, and Aoife prepares to head out also. Apparently it's Fleet Week, which is succubus speak for an all you can eat buffet.

Dyson, at the crash site, flashes back to the pickup truck, but still sees no new evidence of his old partner. The scene is just long to see his bared shapely shoulders, as well as his fangs, in the truck.

Cut to the Dal where Trick and Kenzi are talking. She jokes about “what happened with Stella,” like the possibility that Trick got her pregnant. Trick is playing with a metal globe, it somehow indicating that something in the space/ time continuum is out of whack.

We get a quick tutorial of what The Una Mens are, the new council or authority. They are “near omniscient,” their “sole purpose [being] to ensure the old laws are followed.” They're heading to town to check on why everything has gotten so messed up [since Bo hit town?] Kenzi jokingly blames Bieber fever (she might have a point there.) Then she asks if they'd mess with people's memory but Trick says that would be too subtle for them. Kenzi tells him she's just looking into it for her case. Trick gives her the info for Dr. Snook, a fish fae that feeds off memories. Kenzi asks the Trickster about Lauren, who says she abandoned the light fae and that her motives have always been unclear. There is a bit of bitterness behind his words. Kenzi blames it on losing the love of her life, Nadia. More proof Bo appears to be gone gone.

Dyson and Kenzi walk into an optometrist's office, asking to see the doc. After a little resistance, they make it in to find him erasing a woman's memory of her husband’s affair, so he’s clearly not concerned with moral issues. Snook tells the pair that he takes memories away, but doesn't return them. This confuses them a bit until Snook admires the “work” that he can tell has been performed on Kenzi at least. Turns out she's got the Requardo coil, like Aoife, as does Dyson. Kenzi ponders her true possibilities “I could be a Kardashian,” and Snook, weirdly speaking of himself in third person, says the whoever did it would have to be much more powerful than him.

Over at the Dal, Kenzi and Trick talk about the sheer immensity of the memory spell and the need for destroying the Requardo compass that would presumably control it. History on the compass says it was lost when a boat was grounded near Madagascar. Someone has paid for it to be salvaged, and it's now in the possession of Anglerum, the collector. He's also throwing a pre-Una Mens arrival party, which Kenzi knows about because she has apparently scoped out his dealings....thoroughly scoped, is more like it. She says she'll arrange with Dyson for tickets to the party. As she's leaving, Trick calls her out on some thieving, so she unloads a bizarre selection of Trick’s stuff (a Lady of Summer’s Eve collectible doll?) Trick notices the picture of Bo and asks what it is. He touches it and starts shaking. Now he needs to know everything about Kenzi’'s client.

Vex is sitting talking to a massive image of Evony, or so it seems. He's, in fact, conversing with his assistant. Vex, through hits disgruntled rantings about inappropriate “costumes” for the big party (“why do you hear 'dress me like an asexual hobo'?”) also confirms he is the new Dark fae leader. He’s isn’t happy with the assistant and mesmers her into holding a clothes iron up to her face.

Dyson walks in, which spurs a “Marmaduke” reference from Vex. Dyson claims Vex has “mommy issues.” It’s also revelaed that Evony named him as heir to the Dark throne, which definitely has an off ring to it. Vex has been letting everyone know he killed Evony but the wolfie senses can smell her, possibly in behind the picture? He taunts Vex that he was “not man enough to finish the job.” Dyson blackmails Vex for the (three) party tickets, and when that’s all sorted, threatens to de-throne Vex if/when he gets his memory back.

At the party, Hale and Dyson are all dressed up for the ball. It’s stated that the Collector, Anglerum, is also a wish granter and gives this honour to one lucky lady each year. Hale says he wishes his “lady would get” there.

Back at the hovel, Kenzi is lamenting her wardrobe, with items being dismissed for having “toe cleavage, real cleavage...” To sort it out, she calls Lauren, hoping she'll get a response. After looking at the invitation again, she looks up to find someone holding a cross bow to her. Massimo?

It looks like Kenzi has him on speed dial and he's brought some special cream to give her. Well, more like happily rub it onto her shoulders for her. She’s annoyed with the small quantity but she's already in debt for previous visits. He offers to take repayment in others forms in a smarmy kind of way. Kenzi complains that instead of turning her Fae, he tricked her, making her “a hot human sheep in twinkly fairy clothing.” She begs for more cream, which he grudgingly gives her as she promises to get his money, but he doesn't give it up without a threat. One “with teeth.“

Dyson jokes with Hale and picks out a woman with her back to him in a very revealing dress ”to interrogate.“ What do you know? It's Kenzi. Scolding her because she's late, Dyson also says she might be out of her league here, that she has little hope compared to say, the swimsuit models, to make it into Anglerum's chamber.

Bo in Season 4 of Lost GirlShe walks off with Hale to show exactly what moves she's does have, so Dyson heads over to the bar. At 36 minutes into the show, we get our first glimpse of Bo, at the bar, which Dyson writes off as déjà vu, though if he’s forgotten her, how could it be that? Another woman is trying to hit on him (a nymph) but Dyson says he's got some bad memories from the last time.

Elsewhere at the party, tango music begins to play, and Hale begins to count his steps as he dances with Kezni. This should be interesting.

But Hale's making a mess of things, to which Kenzi tells him to ”act like [he] wants to tear [her] clothes off.“ The nymph at the bar says it ”looks more awkward than [Dyson's] attempt at small talk.“ Dyson agrees, and walks towards the floor.This is heading for a not good place between the Fae police partners.

Now the real tango begins. Or that's the way it seems until the partners start trading Kenzi in a tango-off. Several times, there's a threeway dance, then as things heat up, Hale gets miffed while Dyson continues on for the final moves. Not one for dealing with male dominance, Kenzi throws Dyson to the floor, ending the number with a large array of sparkles, all thanks to the sprite that infused Massimo's cream concoction.

Kenzi gets ”the final rose“ and makes her way to the Collector’s private chambers. It actually looks more like a warehouse. Regardless, Kenzi's bravery seems to be waning. Anglerum (George Takei!) appears from the dark, dressed in a suit worthy of Mark Twain perhaps. At least the top half is dressed. The bottom writhes and hisses, as we see he’s also a VERY large snake.

Back in the main party, Vex crashes, looking a bit like something out of Alice in Wonderland (the adult movie version,) complete with neck ruffle, demanding ”the wolf“ be turned over to him. He performs a little mesmer trick and scares everyone out but Dyson and Hale, though Hale is sneaking out of the main area.

Anglerum is all excited with his new guest but shows a little disappointment at her request for the compass. He tosses the compass to Kenzi saying he thought she would have asked for ”her“ to come back instead, and calls Kenzi out for being human. Things are looking bad as he threatens to swallow Kenzi whole. Rather than the cool visual effects this would call for, he delays his meal to inform Kenzi that she's got no idea what she's messing with.

Dyson and Vex are tossing words when Vex demonstrates the he too has been marked by memory loss. It seems maybe they're on the same team after all. But Vex has enough paranoia going on that he might be challenged in his role as leader, plus he really likes being the Morrigan now, so he won't let Kenzi mess it up for him. Hale comes in just in time for Vex to perform his juju, in part having Hale cover his own mouth so his power is nullified. Hale’s other arm is wrapped tightly around Dyson’s neck. Dyson manages to pull Hale's hand free and allows Hale to ”sing“ to Vex, temporarily incapacitating him. Wolfman goes running to find the helpless human snack, while Hale stays to showdown with Vex, looking ferocious as he promises to end him.

Back in the warehouse, Kenzi is running from the snakeman, but he finds her.

Vex and Hale are still fighting, Hale trying to bring Vex to his senses, saying the he, too, loves Kenzi (in a BFF kind of way, or he'd be doubly dead). Vex fights back with the accusation that ”your alpha male is doing her right now.“ Not the best time to being sharing that tidbit, I’d say. Then Hale goes full on siren, causing Vex agonizing pain.

Dyson catches up with Kenzi running from Anglerum. He throws a (conveniently placed) trident. Dyson pulls Kenzi away but not before complimenting her 'do. Meanwhile, in the corner, Anglerum offers up an ”Ohhhh my,“ (which I'm sure George must have trademarked by now.) We don’t actually see him die though, but we do get a clear shot of the actual snake head at the what looks like the other end of his body. Eek.

In a dark alley, Aoife sees a sailor and heads for her starter? dessert? from the buffet. She's stopped as she hears her name. She turns to find her ”daddy“ standing there, and welcomes him with a smile.

Back at the warehouse, Kenzi and Dyson ponder the compass. It's cracked, but they both still bear the memory-tampering mark. Dyson pauses, sharing how they've always been there for each other. He doesn't want her to break the compass to maintain what they have, saying this could be a good thing. Kenzi says that something hasn't been right for a while, her hurting heart tells her this. Dyson points the compass to true north, thinking this is the reason it hadn't worked the first time. Both Kenzi and Dyson hold their heads in momentary pain, then they know; they remember.

Over in the alley, Trick and Aoife remember now too, and Aoife’s smile has turned into an expression of brutal anger. She pulls a wicked blade from her clutch, while Trick pleads with her. He says that he will find Bo. But Aoife doesn't care; she lunges in for the kill.

At the party venue, Dyson and Kenzi turn to help their friends. Vex says he's happy Kenzi didn't get eaten by the snake and compliments her mascara. To be fair, she does look well put together still, considering the recent threat of being eaten. Dyson runs off as his phone beeps to remind him it’s time to try to find Tamsin again. Kenzi doesn't want him to go until he tells her Tamsin was the last person to see Bo alive. Kenzi all but pushes him out the door. Hale wants to talk but Kenzi will have none of it until they get Bo back. She takes off running.

Lauren in Lost Girl Season 4Back at the wicker basket, there is indeed a big gooey mess and it's making its way out of the container with a fair number of groans and growls. Evil is coming (again.)

Somewhere in a dingy cafe, Lauren is cleaning plates. She's also wearing a name tag that marks her as an employee. It seems she was the only one affected to the point that her career has taken a severe plunge. Her memory has apparently now come back and she calls for Bo. “I remember,” she cries.

Then Bo's eyes fill the screen. They're closed but when they open in surprise, wrinkles in her forehead seem to indicate she’s aware now.

End credits.


Jackie Lester imagines a day when she can make a living as a writer. Until then, she reviews eclectic books at My Ever Expanding Library and lives in small-town Ontario with her daughter.

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1. whiskeywhite
Thanks for recapping for us, Jackie. It'll be nice to have you with us for the next few weeks. Hearty chuckle of the day award: "Fleet Week, which is succubus speak for an all you can eat buffet."

I'm glad that I knew in advance about folks not being able to remember Bo. Otherwise, I think I would have been freaked out by the Dyson-Kenzi snog fest. I've been trying to think about their relationship, with the assumption that they have no memories of Bo or of any events in which she was involved. Kenzi and Dyson have long been exceptionally close with a deep, albeit sibling-like, love for one another. Later on in the episode, Dyson says, "I would give up my life for you" which I think would be true even without the memory loss. So absent Bo, it makes some sense that they would be drawn to one another with feelings that could be taken for romance. But it's interesting that even before they get their memories back, Kenzi realizes that she doesn't love him in that way (she says something like, "You know when you love someone, right?") and admits that she is lonely (despite having him, as he points out earlier) and that her "heart is hurting."

Someone asked on Twitter whether they might have gone further than just kissing and what that would do to Hale and Bo if they found out. I think they would understand the circumstances (those who have read my posts in the past know that I think that openness and honesty between partners is more important than genital encounters). The minute Dyson and Kenzi get their memories back, the first priority is to find Bo, "who we all love" says Dyson.

Kenzi won't even take the time to talk to Hale about their relationship until Bo is found. Poor Hale. I find it odd that the love between Kenzi and Hale, acknowledged clearly at the end of Season 3, is sidelined in this episode. I don't understand why the absence of Bo would interfere with that, leaving him as a competitor with Dyson for Kenzi's affections.

I have to say that Dyson's ignoring of Hale's love for Kenzi, of which he's completely aware ("he's mad about you"), is the part that bothers me about Dyson's relationship with Kenzi. This is not the noble Dyson who we know. If he could respect Lauren's relationship with Bo, why would he not give Hale's relationship with Kenzi the same respect?

In fact, there are a few places where Dyson seems to have different standards in this new world. Would the old Dyson have left Evony a prisoner of Vex in "a small cell" even if he did see her as evil? And not surprisingly, I wasn't impressed with his observation at the party that there were "lots of girls shaking their baby grands, not that I mind." Is the point that his love of Bo makes him a better man and without it he is less caring, as we saw in Season 2?
2. whiskeywhite
OK, I'll just keep going. I forgot in the post above that Dyson actually laughs at one point when he says (in relation to Kenzi) "I was thinking about Hale." Boo.

But Dyson isn't the only one who's changed. Kenzi steals from Trick, saying "a girl's got to live," something she would not have done previously. And he suspects her of it, which is also a change.

As completely predicted (here), Lauren is redeemed. Kenzi is her new defender: "She saved Dyson's life." And we have the very odd picture of Kenzi calling Lauren for fashion advice (as I've said before Lauren may have some talents in home decor, but her fashion sense is pretty bland, as fits her character to be fair). But I guess the point is that Kenzi is feeling alone and vulnerable, trying to reach Lauren ("She's the only other human ally I've got").

Speaking of fashion, the show seems to have a new costume design person -- Noreen Landry. Or maybe it's a guest appearance since she also did three Season 3 episodes, including "Caged Fae" (much as I hated that episode, the red open-toed wedges as part of the prison uniforms was brilliant). Her style in this episode was similarly over the top. The bedazzled collar for Dyson was a bit much for me, over stepping his usual dignity in my view. The spiked, bright red shoulder pads on Vex's jacket were reminiscent of sewer alligator. But Dyson's armour-like vests are back (yay!) albeit with less subtlety than before. And what can be said about Vex's party costume? "Over the Rainbow" is a good image, Jackie. And high heels -- oh my goodness. Kenzi's party dress was standard (though very beautiful) ballroom dance wear.

More to say, but I'll stop to hear from others.
4. drusilla_doll
@whiskeywhite: I think this answer from EA in an interview about In Memoriam which she wrote answers your concerns:

"But again, I really want to say on the record that you miss Bo! It
really makes you realize the warmth of the character of Bo and what
heart she brings to the rest of the gang. If you take her away, there’s
this sense of everybody losing their, for lack of a better word, charm
and humanity. Everyone’s a little bit harder, a little bit sharper, a
little more brutal. You really see what Bo has done to unite these
people, to give them a purpose."
5. whiskeywhite
Yes, thanks @drusilla_doll, that shows I'm getting the point. :-) I haven't read that interview yet, but will. I will take back one thing I said (after a third viewing of the episode. I've said before that it take me at least three viewings to start really understanding an episode). It's remembering Hale's feelings for Kenzi that causes Dyson to pull back from the kiss. But there still seems to be a bit of humour in his tone. But maybe it's his amazement at their attraction.

I noticed the brutality Andras mentions in Hale's attack on Vex. He causes him intense pain with his siren, time and time again, to the point where you wonder if he's going to kill Vex. Again, not like Hale.
6. stacymd2
I totally broke my vow to not watch until January. I want to thank NusiD for posting the link.
Everyone was slightly off in the premiere. Over all I thought the episode was good.

A few thoughts:

I was shocked at how brutal Hale was with Vex.

Vex acted how he was when he was first introduced, evil to the core. I will miss this Vex.

Finally! We finally get a scene between Aife and Trick. I was hoping for some kind of angry conversation but the changes on the faces of RH and IC was amazing. The pain then fear etched on Trick’s face. Aife turned from a girl who missed her father to a woman filled with hate. I felt so bad for both characters.

Kenzi/Dyson was kinda hot and totally gross at the same time. I did not get the impression that they had slept together. I am grateful that K/D was a one of never to be seen again. They work better in a sibling type relationship.

I’m worried about how Kenzi will have to repay Massimo. I no longer like the gross pervert after this episode.

I missed Tamsin, but I am glad that Dyson has been looking for her daily. I think Tam Tam will be in E2.

I loved how Kenzi was the center of the episode. KS looked fabulous. The three way dance was amazing and fun to watch.

As we all easily predicted Lauren was sanctified. Her actions were whitewashed & walked so far back it’s like TPTB turned everything she did backward. Kenzi is her biggest defender. Lauren didn’t run away, betray the Fae, help Taft and experiment on Dyson and the Cabbit. Super genius, wonder Lauren shyly saved everyone.

I really liked EA’s comments in the post-show interview, where she states that Bo brings humanity to the team.
Nadine Robb
7. cmm
I really loved the episode, especially the facial expressions of mr takei LOL! I agree with the Kenzi/Dyson part, they do have awesome chemistry but I felt grossed out the entire time that I watched them. I felt it was such a disservice to the Hale/Kenzi fans who have waited for that pairing forever. Loved Vex's heels and getup lol! I also loved that there was a nod to Evony, who is alive and well. Also Lauren's cameo, what the heck was up with that gawd awful wig? That hair looked like it was combed with a pitch fork and the fringe was cut with garden shears. Absolutely dreadful. I'm interested to see what happens on next week episode, I can't wait to see how they bring Bo back.

@Stacymd2 Even though Lauren was sanctified, I couldn't care less cause her part was not even 1 minute long lol! That was the perfect amount of Lauren for me.
Katherine Bloom
8. lsbloom
I found having Kenzi stand in for Bo created a muddled mess. Not remembering Bo wouldn't make Kenzi start acting like her. Kenzi wouldn't start relying on her sexuality instead of her witts. People like Kenzi, but they don't fawn over her, Dyson wouldn't even consider her a mate, Kenzi wouldn't care for Lauren. While Kenzi has her own relationships with Hale, Trick, Dyson, etc, that she built outside of Bo, Lauren didn't. Lauren's only link to the gang is Bo. Kenzi's only reason for even attempting to like Lauren was for Bo's benefit. Otherwise, they don't like each other. So Kenzi the Lauren apologist was another off moment.

The writers need to think things through better for me. I don't for one second think that they considered the difference between Kenzi being Bo and Kenzi taking up Bo's business quest. They also apparently had no consideration for the basic tenet of drama--putting obstacles in the path of heroes getting what they want. They touched briefly on the idea of maybe there being a reason to not get their memories back and then walked away just as fast. The drama was about as interesting as walking down the road, point a to point b, barely a bump in between. No character investigation, no motivation. When Aiofe is your most developed character you have a problem, but really that was lacking too. Why would remembering (or forgetting Bo) make her crazy (sane)? Once again, they just didn't think things through. Maybe they aren't smart enough to draw basic conclusions. That or they just got distracted by stuffed unicorns and tango rehersals.
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
Let the ret-con begin. I just knew that WonderLauren would turnout to be a hero/savior, I just didn't think that Kenzi would be the one to annoint her thus.

As for Vex, shades of Time Warp there. I expected a line dance to begin any second when he popped up! Loved the heels. It's just a jump to the left and then a step to the right...

Kenzi/Hale/Dyson - wtf?!

Massimo, maybe he'll take the place of evil Vex, since Vex will probably go back to being part of the Sunshine Gang.

As for Trick and Aeife, can't wait to find out how that father/child reunion went.
Nusi Dekker
10. NusiD
Well, this was a very interesting episode to start the season. I was kind of upset at the way Kenzi acted until it was revealed that she had this "Requardo coil" in her eye, which causes selective memory loss. I think it also gave her new, different memories of things that never actually happened, like her and Dyson having sexual feelings for each other, which squicked me out. Also, Kenzi walking around in the clubhouse wearing Bo's kimono and nothing else? And probably sleeping in Bo's bed, thinking it's hers. The lingering kiss with Dyson was so wrong, that even Dyson and Kenzi felt a little weird doing it. And her femme fatale attitude, so wrong for Kenzi. The sparkly display of her Faedom showed me that Mossimo tricked her and she never was made Fae after all. I wonder if she still has the Twig of Zamorra, that renders her immortal? That's pretty Fae, if you ask me. Of course, nothing explains her sudden ability to perform a very gymnastic tango, not to mention with Dyson, who I can't remember ever dancing on LG. He's a warrior.

Dyson probably told Kenzi that Lauren saved his life, and she is not an enemy. I personally don't think that Lauren extracted any marrow from Dyson, she just stabbed him with a needle in the butt to make Taft think she was really doing it. She may have told Dyson what she was doing. She may have made a deal with the cabbit. She may have given Taft only cabbit blood and not marrow (they look the same in a syringe). Anyway, I'm okay with Kenzi seemingly trying to contact Lauren. As for Lauren, yeah, horrible wig she had on, looked like horse hair. Lauren is running from the Fae, so she's going all white trash waitress. She is obviously somewhere where no one will know who she is. The cowboy shirt was a nice touch, though. :)

I liked seeing Aoife, the memory loss actually got rid of her psychotic vengefulness, until everyone's real memories were restored.

Vex in stilettos!! He reminded me so much of Tim Curry's Dr. Frankenfurter in the Rocky Horror Show (I got to see the stage presentation with all the actors from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" in that production from a front row seat in 1980)! Fabulous, and he could walk in them so well!

That was so not Hale, trying to siren whistle Vex to death. Is he really more powerful than Vex? And Dyson said that Vex's mesmer powers won't work on him once he's shifted to a wolf. WTF? Did Dyson mention this in any previous episodes? If not, talk about a ret-con. Also, if Vex is more powerful than Evony (as shown numerous times) and Hale is more powerful than Vex, then why in hell did Evony walk all over Hale during the Ash inauguration, ruining it and capturing Kenzi?
Nusi Dekker
11. NusiD
Forgot to say...Geogre Takai's cameo as that big brown shit-like snake was great! I was disappointed with Mia Kirchner's part, though, why the hell was she there? It did nothing for the story. Meh...
Nicole Leapheart
12. BoxyFrown
I just watched the episode and am still fangirling on the inside (!!!).

Vex's shoes were EVERYTHING.

People have been shipping Kenz and the Wolf-I don't think they slept together either, I think it was just a few stolen kisses. I think they would be cute together, but I'm still all about Wolfman and the Succubus-they are HOT together. I love Dyson. Ahhhh

Dammit, will Kenz and Hale FINALLY get together? It looks like it's out in the open (very much so) now...

The return of Naughty Vex! Hopefully he keeps a bit more of that spunk!

Trick, here's hoping you can outrun a pissed off succubus...
13. whiskeywhite
Ah, great to have more folks chiming in.

I agree @stacymd2 re: Massimo: I no longer like the gross pervert after this episode. I had been looking forward to the return of a smoother, more charming Massimo, like he was in Season 2. But what we get is a sleeze. Dear Bruce did warn Kenzi repeatedly that Massimo was bad business and not to be trusted. So much for the pretty boys. Interesting thought, @bungluna, that he might become the new Vex. I hope Vex does become more nuanced -- the pure evil Vex is too cartoonish for me.

@stacymd2, you also comment: Kenzi/Dyson was kinda hot and totally gross at the same time. IMO, it goes to show once again that chemistry is all (or mostly) in the eye of the beholder. KHR is a pretty good screen kisser, and they certainly worked at the passion. But I just couldn't get into it. It wasn't hot at all to me although I don't consider it revolting for the reasons I argued above. Is the lack of hotness because of how I view the characters? Presumably. I'm much more attracted to tenderness shown between them.

Very interesting thoughts, @lsbloom, about Kenzi and Bo's characters.

Good question, @NusiD, about the Twig of Zamora. It would keep her safe from direct violent harm but I doubt it would keep her out of prison, if that's what the Una Mens have in mind (what kind of a name is that for goodness sake? Is there actually some mythical figure somewhere called that? There had better be -- or I'm gonna be really mad about the abandonment of international mythology as a key element of LG).

Also a good question @NusiD about how a street kid turns out to be an accomplished ballroom dancer. But a great chance for KS to show off her dance skills and for us to enjoy them. (I believe that KS commented in an interview that she appreciated being able to bring in some new skills). And that overhead lift that she and KHR pulled off was pretty spectacular. I just wish they had used more traditional, more Latin, tango music.

Dyson has danced before -- remember the "Hungry Like the Wolf" bed dance in "Confaegion"? Picture in Kiersten's recap here. KHR dances quite passably in other appearances, e.g., in "The Listener" and the strange vampire film, "The Death of Alice Blue." KC's dance awkwardness seemed strange, but that's how the scene was written. Another opportunity for competition between him and Dyson.

Tiny nitpick -- Kenzi was wearing a black bra (of course) under Bo's kimono. But I, too, found that kimono jarring when she appeared in it. And Dyson has told Vex before that his powers won't work on him as a wolf, that he can't control an animal. But I can't cite the episode. I remember because the idea struck me at the time.
14. whiskeywhite
I should have added above concerning the hotness (or notness) of Dyson and Kenzi's encounters that I much prefer the conversation at the end when they talk about their commitment to each other and she kisses him gently on the tip of the nose. That's destined to become a favourite scene for me. Right up there with him holding her on the bench in the cemetary.
Katherine Bloom
15. lsbloom
I've been thinking of the quote from Andras that Bo is the team's humanity and without her they are darker and meaner, etc, and the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get. Yes, she has showed some of the team a brighter side--Kenzi having dependable family, Dyson having a mate, I'd say Lauren a girl she could love but frankly she sacrificed her freedom and whathaveyou for Nadia so obviously already had a great love there. But you can't take it further than that because we all watched season 1, in which these characters had reliable personalities before they met/interacted/got to know Bo. Kenzi was Kenzi before Bo. If Kenzi weren't Kenzi, she would never have accepted Bo the way she was. Kenzi taught Bo to not be afraid of herself. Kenzi was a ray of bubbly sunshine before she knew Bo at all. She is a survivor and a people person, not a damaged waif who Bo saved and turned around with the power of Shakespeare and ballroom dance. Hale didn't even get on board with trusting Bo until Faetal Justice. Hale was obviously Hale before all that. He didn't go to his family and be like, "Look Bo taught me to like humans, that's why my 2nd bff is a human." Nope, he took Kenzi. He befriended Kenzi totally outside of Bo (as did Dyson, as did Trick). On her merits, merits that she didn't get from Bo. Dyson went after the Red Hats to get justice for humans long before he met Bo. His opinions were formed. Bo being more humane appealed to both Hale and Dyson as good things. If they were lacking that element, Bo "saving" Kenzi instead of taking her along as a snack wouldn't have registered, instead it drew them to her. Episode 1. These are their personalities. Sans Bo, they should still be their personalities.
Katherine Bloom
16. lsbloom
One of my favorite episodes of any ensemble show was the almost season finale Primeval on Buffy, where the scooby gang comes together to make Super Buffy. Whedon knew his characters and what each brought to the table in the gang. Buffy could never have talked Willow down, Xander did it. Saying Bo is the heart and humanity of the show and not Kenzi, is like saying Buffy and not Xander brought the donuts. (I know I combined a lot of episodes there, but that's just how CONSISTENT Whedon is with his characters. Something else I really wish they'd ripped off instead of that silly diner waitress thing with WonderLauren.)
17. TheGardner
Did everyone enjoy the season premeire of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lost Girl? I am not terribly bothered by shows ripping off other shows, but this one maybe went a bit far...


So what happened to Dyson, did he get a personality transplant or is this the man/wolf he could have been if he never met Bo? Whatever I just hope he stays I almost liked him.

Vex, ugh, worst part of the episode. When did he turn into the cartoon version of Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror? Terrible character direction.

Hale, I guess failing miserably has it's perks, he no longer has to worry about toeing the line. His love of Kenzi came across super awkward, but he held his own, sort of, during the "Threesome Tango" then beat the hell out Vex, does this mark the end of the gentle siren?

Trick, still on his fae are better than humans diatribe. The father/daughter reunion was interesting, especially once Aife got stabby and I have always enjoyed his interactions with Kenzi. I have to wonder what the plan, if any, TPTB have for his character this season, because if all he is going to be used for is info dumps; then seriously save some money, fire the actor and have the characters look shit up on google.

Kenzi, oh my, my guess you should've listened to Bruce(Go Team Kuscles!) and now you are indebted to a fae drug dealer. KS is a fantastic dancer and she did a good job making the guys look serviceable. I thought it was interesting that without Bo she lacked the animosity she always shown towards Lauren. True they aren't besties, way to many personality conflicts, but she sees her as her only human ally, which she pretty much is. Now Kenzi trying to emulate Bo was a nice touch, her conscious memories were wiped, but somewhere hidden she remembered, soulmates indeed(not sexual!).


-Lauren having run away to hide out as a waitress just like Buffy had done in the season 3 opener.

-Kenzi and Massimo the sprite giz dealer, was very remniscent of Willow and Rack and the majic/power addiction arc in season 6

-The entire episode had vestiges of season 3's The Wish; with it's AU storyline and Kenzi with Dyson and the compass deciding that the old world was better than the new one just like Giles when he smashed Anya's pendant.

-Dyson and Kenzi a.k.a Buffy and Spike in season 4's Something Blue after Willow's spell goes wonky.

-The episode was also similar to the season 6 opener in having the majority of the supporting cast working together to bring Bo back(despite not knowing it was her).

-The Una Mens a.k.a. The Council that enforces the fae laws, hmm... well gee now that sounds an awful lot like the Watcher's Council that showed up from time to time on Buffy to make sure she and Giles were following the rules.

For the most part I liked this episode. The writing seemed tighter and sharper. GT was an OK villain, the hissing was overdone. I believe MK is going to be in more than one episode so I will accept this as her introduction. One thing that did bother me, that I really would like to have seen adressed is why Kenzi, the human, is a part of the world at all. Meaning Bo originally claimed her and it has been established that humans don't wander about amlessly in fae bars or hang with fae peeps, so why did no one question her not having an owner?

My final thought-Denzi. Now I know that a lot of people were pissed/disgusted about it, but I thought it made a lot of sense. Kenzi and Dyson have a strong connection it is not a stretch to believe that in their altered state they would parlay that into a romantic relationship, one which they both acknowledged felt off.
18. darthfaeder
So is this the place we come to every monday to talk about the new eps or will we have to go to a new place every week?
19. Minime
Now I have to go watch this episode rather then waiting and watching 4x01 & 4x02 back to back because if BOTH TheGardner & Isbloom are agreeing something is really amiss.

Welcome back TheGardner happy to see you again!
Nadine Robb
20. cmm
@Isbloom I get what you are saying, but I took the episode differently. Ignoring what EA said cause as far as i'm concerned it's drivel. I saw it as whomever reset team badass lives did so without really knowing much about them. So their behaviour and them being so lost without Bo can be explained by it being an outsider looking in and not really knowing what they are really about. Yes Bo is important in terms of her fae friends, but in terms of Kenzi and her development not so much. I personally think that if Kenzi and Bo had never met, she might have moved on to be with the rest of her outcast family. Or she might of even gone home. The Kenzi/Dyson moment aside (it was cringeworthy) I liked the interactions they had. I liked the fact that they were still friends despite Bo not being there.
21. whiskeywhite
Thanks @lsbloom! I knew there was something off about the "Bo is the team's humanity" idea, but I couldn't articulate it. You've done an excellent job! And thanks to you and @TheGardner for the comparisons to Buffy. I haven't seen enough of Buffy for the references to make sense to me, but I will certainly take the word of experts. Well argued. I remember Jay Firestone saying early on that they tried as hard as possible to stay away from Buffy similarities. Has Emily Andras changed that prime directive? I note she wrote this episode.

I'm happy that you finally found something tolerable about Dyson, @TheGardner. :-) You know that's not going to last, right? Sorry. And I see that we are again of one mind -- this time about Denzi. Re: Kenzi running about in the Fae world. She is pretending to be Fae and her peeps are covering for her.

In another recap I learned that Una Mens is Latin for 'One Mind'. OK, makes sense for a dictatorial ruling council. But that does not a mythological character make.

While you found the writing tighter and sharper @TheGardner, I found that Andras was reaching too hard for a constant flow of clever zingers. It felt forced. I kept having to rewind -- "what did she/he just say?" -- because what was being said didn't make sense in the context. I know that the unexpected is the hallmark of good jokes, but it was too much (in my very much lay, non-writer, opinion). And sometimes just unpleasant -- did Vex really call Evony something like "Miss who died in the toilet"? Thoughts from other writer folk?

I will admit, however, that maybe the old brain turns over too slowly. When Vex called Dyson "Marmaduke", I initially thought, "Huh?" But then I remembered the cartoon series about Marmaduke, the dog. Which reminds me -- I have thought sometimes that the humour in LG requires older cultural knowledge than I would assume a younger audience (or younger element of the seemingly trans-generational LG audience) would be familiar with. I can't think of another example right off hand but would be interested in others' views on the style of the humour.

There are the youth-focused references as well of course. While I am totally familiar with 'Beiber fever', I have to admit that when Kenzi said it, I initially thought she said 'beaver fever', which is a real disease (on which The Bieb's joke nickname is based), especially here in Canada where the beaver is our national animal (no disparaging comparisons to the majestic bald eagle; we're very industrious in Canada, OK?).
Suzanne Metaxas
22. SuzyM
@whiskeywhite the episode where Dyson tells Vex he can't mesmer a wolf is Faetal Justice :)

I never watched buffy so can't say if the episode was like anything there, but I did watch It's A Wonderful Life and this episode reminded me of that a lot. Seeing what life could be like with out someone is a theme i think that has been repeated many times since that movie which was made in 1946.

I like this episode with all of it's flaws, but am very glad they didn't take Kenzi/Dyson too far! Even Ksenia shivered in an interview when discussing the hook up :) It was a hard scene for both Kris and Ksenia to do but the nailed it none the less :) Kudos to them.

I do think though that I will have to watch a few more times to pick up all the little things I missed.

To those who didn't watch the videos before the episode go back and watch the 3.5 shorts, it fills in a lot of the blanks for you :)
23. whiskeywhite
I just read the Andras interview for TV (thanks @Minime). She denies up and down and sideways that she was influenced by Buffy, although to be fair it's probably hard, as she suggests, to avoid Buffy similarities on a show which is in many ways so basically similar.

She has however, IMHO, a very odd idea of what constitutes "fun" in an episode. She repeats the word several times and also describes this episode, where everybody is noticeably more brutal (as she says) than normal, as a "little more jovial." Definitely reminiscent of "Caged Fae", with its theme of woman abuse, which she also thought was "fun". Sigh.

She did describe the diner scene as a gift to "uber-fans". I guess that's me because I not only noticed that it was the same actress playing the waitress, she had the exact same reaction to being stiffed by a succubus, "God, yes". And she may have been wearing the same t-shirt (don't have time to check).

Must. Do. Work.
24. drusilla_doll
@kiersten: Just had to bring your quote here because it relieved me too:

"My first gut reaction to the post-mortem Q&A w/EA for S4 is - YAAAYYY!!

I am SO GLAD she's no longer limiting her interaction to specific fandom sites/audiences. And I love the idea of getting her unambiguous take on it rather than other people putting their agenda on her.

For example: I saw some fans immediately insist Bo woke up because
DoctorLauren said her name, but EA makes it clear Bo's revival (along
w/Tamsin's and the Doc's herself) was spurred by Kenzi and Dyson
breaking the memory spell. That woke everyone up and now sets them all in motion to get back to Faeville."

I'm looking forward to some Tamsin returning, although I presume they will keep her whereabouts a mystery for another ep or so.

It really would be nice for EA to acknowledge the other sections of the fandom instead of pandering to just one in particular. However, we'll see if she really means it or not...
25. Darthfaeder
Tamsin will return in episode 2 but she will be the 15 year old version
of Tamsin. The actress Elana Jones is playing teen Tamsin so hopefully
Rachel will be back as grown up Tamsin in episode 3 fingers crossed.
I do have to say that they could have avoided the doccubus fandom
insisting that Bo woke up because of Lauren. All they had to do is not
show Lauren at all right before or after Bo woke up.
26. drusilla_doll
Spoilery synopsis of Ep 4 (from Spoiler TV) Warning Light Spoilers!!!!

"Turn to Stone Synopsis: When the Clubhouse is robbed, Kenzi's forced to make a confession that could threaten her friendship with Bo. Meanwhile, an angry and frustrated Bo does the unthinkable - she confronts a dangerous foe and makes a shocking discovery."
Carmen Pinzon
27. bungluna
Snippy comment of the day: personally, I think it would be nice for EA to move on to write for the Disney Channel and have somebody else take over at LG. I just don't trust her.
Nusi Dekker
28. NusiD
@Darthfaeder Yeah, in my duccubus group on Facebook, they were all crowing that Lauren woke Bo up, which made me laugh. They essentially don't pay attention to the rest of the show, they were only focused on Lauren at the end. They were rally pumped up, though, from the pre-show. They were laughing at the Tamsin fans who were apparently online crucifying Zoie Palmer for cutting in during a fan's question asking about the amazing chemistry between Bo and Tamsin, and Zoie cuts in with "It doesn't exist!" before RS or AS could even answer the question. I'm not on Twitter, so I didn't see any of the involved tweets.

Of course when Dyson and Kenzi broke the memory spell, everyone returned to their normal memories. The first thing they thought of was Bo! I'm sure that when Trick tells Aoife that her daughter is still missing, she will stand down from killing him (I hope). But no, it wasn't Lauren who woke Bo up (and probably when she wakes up she'll find herself in bed with those two chicks as shown in the teaser), it's a few fanatics who are making all the noise.

It's still amazing to me that Hale is more powerful than Vex. Hmmm...glad he's a good guy. Still wonder how much of a wolf Dyson has to shift to in order to be immune to Vex's power? Yellow eyes only or th full wolf? I mean, it has to be only a threat since Vex could mesmer the human Dyson into not shifting, no? Although we haven't seen how fast Dyson can shift. Eh, I think it may be just some testosterone talk. :)
Nusi Dekker
29. NusiD
AfterEllen posted a recap, and it had side-by-side photos of Lauren and Buffy in almost exactly the same waitress uniforms and their nametags both had names that started with an "A". So you were spot-on, @TheGardener.
30. drusilla_doll
Except Buffy ran away to LA because she had just been forced to tragically kill her vampire boyfriend (sending him to hell) to save the world from an apocalypse and was a depressed teen about that and was running away from her heroic Slayer calling.

Lauren/Karen on the other hand is hiding out because she screwed up. She was named public enemy number one after abruptly leaving the Light Fae to voluntarily join with a human who was massacring Fae. True, she didn't know Taft was responsible and certainly wasn't complicit in the murders. attempt to link with Buffy's traumatic soul-searching after having had to kill the first man she'd ever loved or lost her virginity to, feels a bit rich. Lauren dumped Bo twice. Because she was unhappy, period. She didn't SACRIFICE anything on the scale that Buffy did.

The end of S2 and 17 year old Buffy fleeing to LA (leaving her friends and mother behind) and becoming one of the lost homeless there was about her loss of innocence and her crushing guilt.

It may have been a tongue in cheek homage on LG's showrunners part, but it's hardly an accurate thematic comparison.
31. nypinta
I don't think they were trying to draw similarities between Buffy's need to leave and Lauren's, just that they both left and hid out as waitresses. So I saw it as a shout out to Buffy, not trying to tie into the thematic reasons for it. I posted this other places, but I read a lot of the changes that all the characters experienced without Bo as more positive than what the writers might have intended. Yeah, Kenzi was indebted to the smarmy Massimo and I think that was the cause of her attempt to steal from Trick and not so much that it's her normal way of dealing with him. She's a touch desperate. But she might be even if Bo was around because she'd still be a target in the fae world as a human. As for her being in the fae world without Bo I think that is a result of the spell in that it can't alter the lives of those it's cast on too much or it would break on it's own. So their lives had to be just tweaked to fill in what was taken: Bo. So instead of Bo being the one to claim Kenzi, I bet they all think Trick did. And they all met because as a con artist on the street she's good at solving things. Which she is. And the idea of taking cases was hers after all. So instead of doing it with Bo, she was the one doing it. And I think some of her attitude of having to sex it up was a result of the need for the spellcasters to consider the effect Bo had on the entire fae community and they couldn't mess with that too much so they shifted what people thought about Bo (sexy problem solver for both sides) to Kenzi and she responded to that. But it didn't sit well on her, hence her awkwardness at first at the bar. I don't think Hale was acting all that different. I don't think his reaction to Vex was somehow more harsh or a result of the loss of the effect Bo had on him. Vex is dark fae. Hale is light. Vex was putting his partner and by extension Kenzi in danger. Even post Bo Hale would do what he did to Vex, IMO. So I didn't actually find everyone as harsher or harder, like the writers seemed to want us to. And I have to wonder if after they find Bo if Kenzi is going to be so willing to accept her role as sidekick now that she can remember what it was like to have the respect as the main gal like she seemed to have in this episode. SHE was the talented PI. SHE was the one the others assumed was going to be in the thick of things and could get the job done. (Despite Dyson's ribbing.) Where as last season she had to fight with Dyson and Bo to treat her like a person and not their wayward child. (The bad kids at camp episode.) As for Lauren, I think the defenses that both Dyson and Kenzi offer is also a result of the spell. Without Bo as a wedge I think Kenzi and Lauren might have found out earlier that they had more in common as humans in the fae world. Same with Dyson. If everything that Lauren did in the past three seasons is still in their minds, meaning she's part of Team Badass, but without the competition for Bo's affection, I can see Dyson coming to like Lauren and defending her as well. (From the beginning Dyson was a defender of humans. Even before Bo came along. As demonstrated by his history with Ba'al in Faetal Justice.)
32. drusilla_doll
So I finally got a chance to watch the episode and overall I thought it was great. I wasn't icked out by Dyson and Kenzi being intimate and invested in each other. It made sense if you factor in the fact that Bo had been excised from their memories to some degree. That final scene where they pondered not setting things right was poignant.

Overall it was a fun romp. The writers got to play with different dynamics and realities. I do think fans take things too seriously and dissect everything where it loses its context.

As a big DyBo and Valkubus fan this premiere was fun and surprising and left us wanting more. I have no doubt that we'll get more next ep. The whole point was to look at how Bo's loss would affect those around her, now we can look forward to how she is re-integrated.
Carmen Pinzon
33. bungluna
Re-integrated, that's an interesting concept. Do you think she will easily slip into her slot, or will Bo have problems fitting back into the gang?
34. NYPinTA
I have a feeling, considering how the writers say the episode is one thing but events in the show are something else, that they'll have her resume her place in their midst without much trouble. Although I'm sure there will be reaction to Kenzi and Dyson becoming more than friends while she was gone. (Which I can understand would bother her to some extent, but this is Faetown and it wasn't like they got together while they *knew* she was missing. They didn't even know she exsisted.) And seeing as just last season Bo used Dyson to heal while dathing Lauren exclusively she can't really get all that upset at Dyson and Kenzi seeing as she and Dyson are not together, and were not together when she disappeared. But that's pre-speculation.

I think it seems to me that TPTB have gotten Bo and Anna confused. The cast all talk about how lovely she is and nice and sweet and I sometimes think they write Bo that way even though Bo isn't supposed to be all of that. She's a woman that was on the run for 10 years, killing lovers and not knowing why, and when we first meet her she takes out a guy that was going to attack Kenzi and then easily dispatches two underfae. And in the first season they had her consistently doing things that were counter to her humanity. It's like they set up the show to be about Bo trying to hang on to her humanity in a world that requires a fae to have none, and using Kenzi and her friends to do so. With Bo's power, she could easily have a high rank in fae society. Just take power for herself if she chose. But she doesn't, sacrificing the easy comforts like money and place for her values. But it's a struggle. Or was supposed to be. So she hangs with the lowly fae like Dyson (a worker bee, really) because he seems to refuse to play into fae politics for power too, and Trick, (who she thought was another worker bee but has given her an example of a different kind of power.)

Sorry. Early morning ramblings.
35. whiskeywhite
@NYPinTA, interesting ramblings. I think you're spot on about Bo. I'm not sure about Dyson as a "worker bee". As I've argued before, he's presented more as a knight to Trick's king, the valiant champion and defender. I'm tempted to go to Lancelot and Guinevere, except that Dyson is romancing the King's granddaughter, not his wife (and Bo would be an uncharacteristically kick-ass Guinevere). I do agree that he doesn't play into Fae politics, at least not any more than he has to as the (not always) obedient soldier.

I was grazing on YouTube this morning and was reminded that there will be more backstory in Season 4 for many of the characters (yay!), including of Evony, which I hadn't heard before (it was one of my wishes for the season that she would be back). There's an interesting discussion of gender, sex and violence in this recent British interview where RS talks about how the female characters in the series are not defined by their relationships to the male characters and how rare this is. We are also informed that there will be more violence in season 4, which Jay Firestone says they have been tiptoeing around so far. Firestone also says he has plans for LG into Season 5 and beyond with more "political messages which are really important" to advance.
36. nypinta
Me again. Sorry. More thoughts.

Now that I'm thinking about it the episode almost feels like someone focused on the "triangle" aspect of the show and was so enamoured of the tango scene that the shoe horned everything else in to fit around it. Since they seem to love the Bo-Lauren-Dyson triangle, they decided it had to be mirrored with Kenzi-Dyson-Hale. But I think the real triangle should be (as the season moves on) Hale-Kenzi-Massimo. Make Massimo the man Kenzi shouldn't be attracted to because of what he does, but she is. And for Massimo, Kenzi is the person he should never care about as she's beneath him (human) but he does. And then Hale. The one who has always had her back. Nate could be a part of that as well, but he should probably be removed from the equation forever and I thought of how they could bring him back but do that. See below!

I thought of alternatives to how they could have played off the spell that removed Bo from everyone's lives:

If the really wanted to show how life would be for Kenzi without Bo, in a Wonderful Life sense, she'd probably be living somewhere else and be with Nate. She never would have become a 'claimed human' and been as immersed in their lives. But I do think they could have inserted her into the fae world for the purpose of helping to break the spell (which I think should have lasted two episodes, not just one) by having her be an unoffically claimed human because she works as a CI for Dyson and Hale. They are cops, after all. And she is a thief. I can see that in her alternate life she gets pinched and encounters the fae cops who both instinctively feel protective towards her. Neither of them seem like the type of fae to claim a human so they keep her on the down low. (Ugh.) And because they've had her backs so often, she decides to return the favor by tracking down the Una Mens, as it appeared she was at the beginning of the episode. Move on from there to breaking the spell as they did before. But at the end of it, she'd be forced to choose once again between her life with the fae or with Nate. And if she chose fae again it'd definintely be final. No take backs.

I think this version would prove how powerful the person was that removed Bo from everyone's life that not only could they alter memory, but they could alter timelines as well. Because I'm still assuming it was her father, who is supposed to be hella powerful, that is responsible for it. But it would also prove how powerful Bo really is because her psychic link to everyone (one that Lauren hinted at previously) came into play and kept them all feeling like they were missing something. They did do that a touch, but the spell as they wrote it was less impressive.


Massimo's spell to actually make Kenzi a fae requires she take someone else's place and since he knows that Bo is going to be taken by "him" she's the logical choice for Kenzi to take over. In this version they back off the Kenzi/Dyson ick and make it Massimo and Hale vying for her affections. I think this would make Massimo still the smary dark fae that he is but one that is more formidable. But it's still a less than spell then the one above. Kenzi would just sort of slip into the space Bo left behind as an unaligned fae that both use as a problem solver. She wouldn't necessarily have to be a succubus though. Maybe because of whatever she spilled on herself at the Norn's he just built on that and made her a kitsune for real. Plus I think he would have purposely created the spell just to show Kenzi what she could have without Bo being there in that "tell the truth to be a jerk" kind of way. He'd be right. But still be a dick. And we'd get Kenzi as a real fae for a while but give her a reason to not want it anymore once the spell is broken and she fully understands what is required for her to stay fae. Plus it would explain why she hasn't been taken by the fae already because even sparkly hands Kenzi is no match for what the fae (especially the dark) would have sent after her.

OK. I'm done. For now.
37. nypinta
I meant how they could have brought Nate back, not still bring him back. In my alternate universe Lost Girl.
38. NYPinTA
@whiskeywhite Soldier is a better way to describe Dyson, I agree. Much better than worker bee. But his attitude towards fae society is clearly different than Evony and The Ash in the beginning so when she aligns with Kenzi, I think it's clear she also aligns with the 'regular' fae that have to deal with the fall out from the powerplays that she sees.

Regardless of my woulda coulda shoulda posts, it was a fun episode. And it had that noir feel that they used to have in the first season and I'm hoping that might stick.

PS If Lauren and Kenzi were such good friends in this Bo-Less world I think it would have been hilarious if the wig Lauren was wearing was Kenzi's pink one. (The same one I think Kenzi should have convinced Bo to wear in the body swap episodes.)
Nusi Dekker
39. NusiD
I just read somewhere that Anglerum the Collector (George Takai) is not a snake but an amphisbaenia, or worm lizard. One of the features of this creature is that it's very hard to tell which is the front (where the head and mouth is) and which is the back (where the tail is, among other things). I was confused at the scene where Dyson seemingly spears the tail against the wall, but it was actually the real head. "George" was part of the tail, an elaborate illusion created by the worm lizard. I wish they would go back to explaining what the various Fae creatures are in the show.
Carmen Pinzon
40. bungluna
More Trick-o-pedia wouldn't go amiss. I think the show would be so much better if they hired @nypinta to develop story lines for 'em!
41. nypinta
I'm OK if someone wants to start a facebook campaign on my behalf. ;)
42. Minime
Has Syfy released the start date for LG yet? I haven't seen anything and it's mid November already. I was thinking they might package Bitten & LG into a Monday night package :).
43. whiskeywhite
Thanks for the info about the 'amphisbaenia', @NusiD. I always like to learn new things. I believe I read somewhere that some snakes use their tails to attract or distract their prey. As so often with LG, this drives me to Google where I discovered that there is a snake called a "spider-tailed viper" in Iran which has an organ at the end of its tail that looks like a spider. This attracts spider-eating creatures who then get eaten by the front of the snake.

I agree with @bungluna that @nypinta should be writing for LG. Immensely imaginative. Don't every apologize for contributing such great "thoughts".

Speaking of interesting thoughs, Dorothy Snarker thinks that when Dyson says to Kenzi, "I would give up my life for you," he is actually projecting his feelings for Bo on to Kenzi. Being literal-minded I assumed he meant what he said to Kenzi. Thoughts anyone?

Snarker also notes that Bo opened her eyes immediately after Lauren remembered her (though she doesn't go so far as to say that this causes the eye opening). I was interested in the ideas reported by @NusiD from the Doccubi who are convinced that only Lauren's remembering affected Bo. I realize that people see what they want to see, but sometimes the lack of logic in the analyses blows my mind. If only Lauren's actions matter because that comes immediately before Bo opens her eyes, then it must be the black goop oozing out of the basket that caused Lauren to remember, since that happened immediately before. In reality they should be thanking Dyson, since it was he who figured out that in order to work the compass had to be oriented to the North -- which he locates by looking up at the ceiling of the warehouse :-) -- and he then activates the compass for the spell to be broken and everyone to remember. And of course it was Kenzi who danced her little heart out and braved George-the-snake to get the compass. Where's her credit?
44. nypinta
I get that maybe the editors wanted to leave Bo's blue eyes till the end to make everyone eager for next week, but to make it clear that Bo was out while the spell was activated they should have changed the oder to: spell being broke, Kenzi and Dyson holding their heads, Hale and Vex holding their, etc, Bo's Blue Eyes, then everyone remembers, and lastly Lauren. Since Lauren was the other mystery of the evening. I kind of whould have liked it if they had a completely different vista to show Lauren in too. Like Texas or somewhere else distincly not Faetown to show that she had to get seriously away from Dodge after events from S3. Otherwise, if she's just hanging in Faetown in a bad wig it makes the fae look seriously inept. Unless that spell also made the events at Taft's fuzzy for the entire fae? Oh. That spell probably also erased from Dyson's mind what Aife did to him in S1. Damn. :( Now I'm sad. BTW, did they ever mention who it was that left Blue's body near Bo's place?
45. whiskeywhite
I agree that they left Bo's blue eyes until the end for the big finish. I don't think it necessarily implies that Bo was unconscious or anything like that. Did she, too, lose her memory of her friends and lovers? We don't know.

Kenzi remembers Aife from when she blew up the first Ash, so you would think that Dyson would remember Aife from before the Taft encounter. However, Aife's succubus murder attempt on Dyson was directly related to Bo, who also saved his life, so presumably that's why he doesn't remember those events.

Regarding Blue, Dyson and Tamsin's investigations established that she was killed by the Egyptian six-fingered Fae, and then dragged to the dump site near Bo's house from the mass grave field. Presumably it was not the Egyptian Fae who did that but Taft, or more likely his minions.

Do you suppose that the western shirt Lauren is wearing indicates that she has indeed gotten out of Faetown and maybe headed for Dodge? :-) Was Dodge in Texas? I forget. Or Oklahoma or somewhere like that?

Which reminds me, we have been assuming that everyone will remember what happened during their forgetfulness state. I wonder if that will be true. If so, there will certainly be some 'splaining to do. Or at least some self examination (esp. Kenzi and Dyson), which as Kiersten suggests in the Kenzi thread would not necessarily be a bad thing.
46. whiskeywhite
On a different topic, I thought it was a bit uncaring of Kenzi to brush off Hale's efforts to talk to her once they had remembered Bo. I know she urgently wants to find Bo, but still. Poor guy. I have a horrible feeling that they are going to drag out the "do Hale and Kenzi get together?" plot as long as they possibly can. I'm going to be personally pissed if they push a Hale-Kenzi-Dyson triangle. Please, how many triangles can the poor D-man be in?

Besides I'm totally up for a Tamsin-Bo-somebody triangle. Or a quadrilateral. Or just Tamsin-Bo. I agree with others who think that would be a hot combo. In any case, I'm very much looking forward to Tamsin's return. I wonder if teenage Tamsin will be as snarky. Or was that a product of the jaded Tamsin's over-long life?

Speaking of Kiersten, I assume you are lurking dear Captain K. Are you saving all of your witty and insightful observations for Jan.? That would definitely give me something to look forward to, but I still miss you.
Nusi Dekker
47. NusiD
@whiskeywhite I'm pretty sure Dodge is in South Dakota, but the waitress outfit would be seen in places like Jackson, Wyoming, or Ketcham, Idaho (two small towns I know that have cowboy bar/restuarants with mechanical bulls.) :)

@nypinta I like your timeline of events much better than how the sequence actually went down, but you know the producers really like screwing with the various fandoms of LG. ;)
Katherine Bloom
48. lsbloom
Haha Lauren woke Bo up. Sure. She also saved "all the fae" from Taft. She also defeated the Garuda. Saved Bo in her fight with Aoife.

If you read the right website, Lauren gets credit for defeating the lich.

Maybe there are two spells? The memory spell and the Bo is asleep spell? Gotta tell you guys, I'm pretty scared they are going to wave their "this makes no logical sense given what we told you, but you have to deal with it because we changed our minds" hands and say the rune glass spell was to blame. It kept Bo alseep or whatever and took the memories. When the people who helped make the spell remembered Bo, the spell broke and she wasn't "tamed" anymore.
Carmen Pinzon
49. bungluna
The writers certainly seem to enjoy dragging things out, confusing procrastination with drama. With EA the great plotter in charge, we may never witness a Hale/Kenzi chat. After all, she doesn't consider these conversations important enough to burn precious show time on them.
50. nypinta
Actually, I thought if the writers were smart they'd have the rune glass spell come in play. Because that would mean the person Massimo and Tamsin was working for was longer planning and devious. Because it'd be sad if Massimo couldn't get a simple spell right. And it would take away the idea that Tamsin screwed it up on purpose by mixing up the numbers of hair she took from each person. As for Blue. I know that they realized that she had been killed by a different fae at Taft's but I don't recall them saying who put the body there. Or why. Was it someone trying to frame Bo? Or someone trying to get her attention? Or get Dyson and Tamsin's attention? As for saving the fae from Taft, that was actually Tamsin. Bo just convinced her to try. She was ready to walk away. (Except how she was talking, she sounded like the fae would find Taft and raze the place to the ground.) Bo didn't really do anything once they got in the place.
Nusi Dekker
51. NusiD
I forgot all about the rune glass spell! That would have made a lot of sense and kept better continuity, but I just can't imagine EA being that sharp. But I thought the rune glass spell didn't work because Kenzi betrayed Bo by letting slip to the Morrigan that Bo can chi-suck several people at once.

Of course Tamsin also mixed up the numbers of hair she took, but that was long after she actually took the hairs, so maybe she just forgot in the heat of the moment? No, I think the hair samples were correct, but Massimo underestimated his control over Kenzi, and really didn't know her well enough. He was sure that Kenzi would never betray Bo. Dyson would be a better candidate to keep Bo's secrets intact, and Bo trusts Kenzi, but I guess they couldn't have Massimo kissing Dyson to get the spell to work. ;)
52. whiskeywhite
You're right, @nypinta, they never did say who put Blue's body near Bo's house. Or why. You may be thinking too deeply for the writers. :-) Interesting ideas about the rune glass from you and @NusiD.
53. Jfall
There has always been two schools of thought on the rune spell, the 'it didn't work spell' fostered by those that want to think one of the three of Bo's loves involved in the spell didn't love, betrayed Bo etc. and the other school of thought that says 'it did work, just not how it was expected to' and allowed Bo's Daddy into the Fae realm to scoop up Bo/access the LG reality. The latter view would work with the premiere episode and it would have some sort of internal logic that those that were used to create the spell could in some way break it. It may be more complicated than this but usually, what you get is what you see on LG. As to Lauren waking up Bo, the editing was done on purpose and is eliciting the response intended.
54. whiskeywhite
More good stuff on the rune glass, @Jfall. You've sold me on the second option.

I have to give EA some credit for the writing. I loved it when Kenzi, Dyson and Aife were in the diner and Dyson accuses Aife of trying to blow up the Light Fae elders. "I was agitated," she retorts cooly. "And now?" he asks. "I'm less agitated," with even more cool. Cool. :-) I have to say I didn't totally get what Kenzi meant when she said Aife blew up the "Ash who talks like Batman." Was she referring to him speaking in a low voice?

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I noticed for the second time Dyson having to do a kind of bunny dip, bending at the knees and crouching slightly to bring his face to Kenzi's level, post kiss, to say to her, "Since when are we this?" We've seen this once before, at the end of "Faetal Justice" when he has to scrunch down big time for the final big kiss with Bo.

For those too young to remember the 'Bunny dip', all Playboy Bunny waitresses had to bend at the knees to serve drinks. They also had to lean backwards, which Dyson doesn't, to keep their low-cut costumes in place.
Nusi Dekker
55. NusiD
This rune glass talk had me thinking of what happened after Tamsin broke the rune glass in front of Bo in episode 3.13.

Although they are in the operating room where Lauren was last seen, after their fight, the first thing Bo thinks about is finding Kenzi and Dyson. Tamsin asks "What about Lauren?" and Bo is like, I don't know where they took her and who cares, anyway? Something was off about that.

Tamsin picks up Dyson, fresh from his feast, and casually picks his teeth in the truck. He does not ask Tamsin about Bo. Next, they are driving along and "The Wanderer" comes on the car radio. Did Dyson mention Bo when he mentioned The Dawning, where he heard the song before? He still doesn't ask Tamsin where Bo is. Then when The Wanderer shows up un the middle of the street and Tamsin says "That's Bo's dad" it doesn't seem to register somehow with Dyson, and when Tam speeds up to run him down, Dyson is desperate to try and stop her from committing a murder.

Hale and Trick were acting very weird too. Hale, especially. It kind of makes sense that he would make a deal with Vex to capture the Morrigan in order to save Kenzi, but it doesn't make any sense that he would so abruptly abdicate his Ash position, like it wasn't very important. And then suggests that Trick go on a "vacation" and he does! Trick would NEVER do that knowing that Dyson was piosoned and kidnapped and he didn't even know that he was alive, not to mention that he didn't think about Bo or even Kenzi! That they didn't mention Bo at all didn't bother me at the time, but now in context, it does make sense, since it happened after the rune glass was broken.
56. DenziFan
I haven't been here in a while, since The Kenzi Scale actually, and I'm glad to see a lot less disgust and resistance to Dyson and Kenzi as a couple. Of course, I loved the episode. Kenzi and Dyson became a serious and devoted couple without the complication of Bo, and I'm hopeful that their relationship will have at least some acknowledgement in the coming episodes. I also really liked that the episode showed that pretty much all the relationships were strong enough to exist without Bo. Not that I have anything against Bo, I think she's a great character and I'll be happy to see her return, but I enjoyed seeing the other characters have a new dynamic to their connections.
57. Nypinta
I don't think it was odd that Bo had no interest in finding Lauren after the fight. Lauren said to her face she was done & as far as Bo is concerned Lauren helped Taft hurt Dyson. Bo gets extra angry when people mess with those that she loves.

Dyson might not remember the song. And he last saw Bo with her mom but she was OK so he probably wasn't worried about her.

Trick tried to to take off before the rune glass broke but got taken & had to be saved by Hale. Trick is actually kind of a coward. So, his leaving didn't seem out of character either. Nor was Hale giving up being The Ash. He was The Ash & I don't think he liked it & he decided it wasn't worth it after everything that happened.
Katherine Bloom
58. lsbloom
@JFall "fostered by those that want to think one of the three of Bo's loves involved in the spell didn't love, betrayed Bo etc."

I gotta disagree with your assumed motivation here. I don't think the idea that the rune worked is a viable option because I don't believe in shows lying to the audience in order to have a twist later on. All the information provided about the rune glass came from the explanations to Tamsin--it was to help her defeat Bo since Bo'd passed her dawning--and Tamsin's point blank statement that it was a dud. While it is fine for Tamsin to be incorrect, they did nothing to indicate that she was wrong--in fact they supported the idea with Lauren's remarks in Taft's office. So there is nothing to indicate that that statement should not stand as fact to the audience. Not just Tamsin was incorrect, the writers have now lied. It's a lazy Kitsis and Horowitz-type of poor planning and audience disrespect. I was surprised the show ever went in the direction of "not loving and trusting" they way Bo claimed. But THEY DID. I didn't think it was a smart idea, I didn't think it was supported by the show itself. But it was written into the show. Not wishful fan thought, not assumed off-screen interpretation. Explicit explanation, which we get very little of.

Backing out of that mythology is betraying your own story and it is offensive from an audience POV. Compound that with not even being able to keep the spell straight and it was just an embarassment that people would be so bad at their jobs. They said it didn't work, there were no effects from it in any immediate way, there was no tie-back to it at a later point (Bo gets whisked away and you cut to a shot of the rune glass), there was to indicate that it did work and Tamsin was mistaken. The only motive for thinking that Tamsin lied was wishful fan thought not agreeing that Bo didn't love and trust the way she claimed. Fans not liking a plot point isn't a reason to change the mythology presented in the show. Unless you are fickle incompetent showrunner with little to no artistic integrity or ownership of your own story.

This is a big deal breaker for me. There are a million and one ways they could have told the story they seem to be retconning in. Lauren could have been a hero. Instead they show her causing Dyson intense pain and breaking Bo's heart. The rune glass could have helped subdue Bo. She could have felt some effect that slowly overwhelmed her, Tamsin could have had an initial who are you moment, Dyson could have not remembered Bo in the car--or Kenzi, they could have showed the black coil in Kenzi's eye--have her check her makeup before she drove off in the Morrigan's car. If Lauren was lying, don't use truths and just expect the audience to get it, use LIES, even subtle ones, like the wrong name. It's so easy to not be this bad at writing a fairly derivative script. This isn't Game of Thrones, it's bad Buffy-light. No one is expecting anything revolutionary. Barely servicable will do, let the cast carry it. But when you fail even those expectations and can't remain consistent with what you've already created. Well, that's when I get very annoyed.
Carmen Pinzon
59. bungluna
@lsbloom - no, really, tell us how you feel!

I'm with you that this constant ret-conning is disrespectful of the viewers and just plain lazy on the part of the writers. Just on this board we've come up with so many interesting variations that could have achieved the (we think) objective of repossitioning WonderLauren, or justifying the runne spell bottle delayed effect or any other oops moment they've had.

I like the cast and the idea of the show, but if the writers keep screwing it up like this, I'll just have to leave this frustration behind and go back to my UF books. Much more satisfying and consistent.
60. whiskeywhite
Excellent stuff @lsbloom! A little tough though. Not just Buffy-light but bad Buffy-light? Ouch.

Sorry if I'm not following, but you say, "they (the writers) did nothing to indicate that she (Tamsin) was wrong--in fact they supported the idea with Lauren's remarks in Taft's office." Are the remarks you're referring to Lauren saying that she no longer loves Bo? But weren't the instructions for the rune spell that Tamsin get hair from someone Bo loves? Not someone who loves her. And Bo does love Lauren. Am I misremembering? Am I missing the point?
61. Nypinta
Doesn't really matter what Lauren said because she was lying to earn Taft's trust so she could pull off the DNA switch. She needed him to trust her & I think also she thought that if Taft thought Bo was important to her that Bo would be in more danger.

While I don't think the rune glass spell was supposed to be tied to their memory loss, I'd be OK with the writers ret-conning it this time because they weren't planning on Anna Silk not being available for the first episode. They had her gone from everyone's memory as a result, I think, of her still being on leave after having her baby. Kinda like Zoe (Gina Torres) being unconscious during Out of Gas (Firefly) because she needed time off to get married. No, I think the rune glass spell was just supposed to be used to take Bo. Although they could have used any number of clues to make that clear & make both Massimo & Tamsin not look as foolish & The Wanderer look more devious.
62. drusilla_doll
DL already gave Taft leverage and exposed Bo's imptce when she said 'I loved you' and by agreeing to do the surgery on Dyson as long as Bo (and only Bo was set free). Which he didn't honor, locking Bo up again anyway.
63. Jfall
I'm not sure what your point is there Drusilla Doll, Lauren trying to save her ex-love and agreeing to do the surgery if she was freed, is giving Taft a reason to believe Lauren would honour the deal. Aife has midriected Taft into thinking Dyson is the strongest Fae, so the importance Lauren gives Bo is only importance to herself and therefore indicated that Taft can count on her obeying his instructions. Whether he honours the deal or not is not important to the intention. I'm personally waiting with glee for the half assed nonsense Lauren will get this season. Dyson, I suppose, will be stuck with proving himself to Bo but will they retcon his previous inability to give Bo all she needs or will he go through Lauren's journey and no-one will be enough. I know Tamsin fans think she's the answer to Bo's monogamy and both of Bo's loves should be discarded. So it looks like it all with go on to soap opera heaven and we'll get more plot rather than anything being followed through from previous seasons. Are you really going to leave Isbloom if that's the end of the rune glass???? Crikey!
64. nypinta
I think drusilla_doll is saying that when she gave that speech to Bo she revealed that Bo meant something to her and he kept Bo because he might want more leverage over Lauren in the future, despite Lauren trying to make it clear that Bo wasn't something she cared about anymore. I'm not sure what the point of the scene was. To show how far Lauren was willing to go to sell a lie to Taft? Not sure why she thought that Taft would actually let Bo go just because she asked either.
65. whiskeywhite
What is that Dyson has to prove to Bo, @JFall? He has his love for her back, he has told her so, and also that he will wait for her. Are you referring to the Kenzi tryst? Then I agree that will take some proving, assuming they remember. And how is it that he has a "previous inability to give Bo all she needs"? He was certainly capable of sustaining the physical draining. Of course, while he had lost his love he couldn't fulfill her need for love, but that is over. And if she wants monogamy, he's her man. :-) If she can't or doesn't want to be monogamous, he has already said that he recognizes and accepts that (in fact, he's tried repeatedly to get her to accept that about herself).
66. whiskeywhite
Good question about the point of the scene between Lauren and Taft, @nypinta.
67. drusilla_doll
Thank you, nypinta, that was essentially what I was meaning there.
Carmen Pinzon
68. bungluna
All the questions we keep asking over and over again underscore how many dangling plots are left unanswered in this show. But that's no exclusive to LG. Nowadays, I feel like most shows careens off into wild tangents and never quite answer any of the questions posted in their convoluted plost. (pet peev, off soapbox now)
69. whiskeywhite
Episode 4.02 tonight. Described by Showcase as follows: "Dyson seeks out an elemental Fae to rescue someone he loves. Meanwhile, Kenzi’s stuck on babysitting duty – but her unlikely charge might be the key to cracking the case.""Someone he loves" .... hmmmm.
70. drusilla_doll
Here's a slightly more spoilery and detailed description of tonight's ep. Some interesting stuff. Esp involving Dyson.

Your thoughts?
71. nypinta
Couldn't resist reading that. Oooo... and hmmm!
Nadine Robb
72. cmm

Not liking the Kenzi comment. Not one bit. I'm wondering if the Una Mens are made up of fae with different powers or fae with the same powers? As for where Bo's found, that has me intrigued.
Carmen Pinzon
73. bungluna
It sounds like Kenzi and Trick are going to be in conflict.
75. drusilla_doll
Spoilery stuff:

I can only go by what I've read, but it sounds great for us. An interesting ep with some KALE thrown in. Dyson's working to find both Tamsin and Bo. He gets to wax poetic over his feelings for Bo with Hale. Has some interesting moments with Lauren and even Lauren's asking him to take care of Bo. Lauren's got a new love interest in the wings and Emily Andras is FINALLY saying something positive about Team Badass:
TVG: Finally, what was your Faevourite moment of “Sleeping Beauty School”? EA: (snip) I really liked the moment where Dyson talked about his feelings for Bo and loved the moment where Lauren hugged Crystal.
76. whiskeywhite
I have one word for Ep. 2 -- BORING. At least until the end when it started to get a bit more interesting. I actually found myself looking at the clock half way through, which I never do for LG. Even "Caged Fae", which I hated, held my interest.

And I object once more to Hale's portrayal. I was so glad when he became a decisive leader as the Ash after I had complained about him being presented first as a 'playa' and then a bumbler for so long. Now he's back to being a dithering nincompoop who can't even tell Kenzi how he feels. He was so decisive about her at the end of season 3, and now he isn't "sure".

Talk about a 'reboot' for the new season. Have they dispensed with Aife so quickly? Seems so. I was happy to have her back. And, as you all predicted, Lauren and Dyson are now chums. Tamsin is back (yay!) but as a bratty child and then a self conscious teenager with ridiculous hair. But at the rate she's maturing, one can only hope the adult Tamin returns soon.

More to say but I guess I should wait for Jackie's recap. Just had to talk to someone. :-)
Nadine Robb
77. cmm
Thank god Whiskey! I thought it was just me that found it boring! They spent an entire eppy to pretty much show that Bo was on the death train. The whole Kenzi part with her stealing to maintain the fae, I thought was stupid. I really don't get why Trick and the gang always put out the mantra that she's strong enough as a human but when the going gets tough they exclude her and say that she's not strong enough as she's not fae. Here's hoping episdoe 3 is much better.
80. drusilla_doll
Why do I get flagged as spam trying to post a link to a post on the same site? /sigh

Anyways, the new ep post is up.

Trying again but not using the URL function which seems to get me into hot water.
Heather Waters
82. HeatherWaters
@drusilla_doll -- I'm sorry, I know it's a pain. We have a pretty strong spam filter because we've been getting hit with a lot of spam accounts and posts.

Have you tried hyperlinking rather than just posting a link? If you write text like "new ep post here" and then highlight it and click on the URL function, it should allow you to hyperlink it, and I think (could be wrong, but I think) that could help get links posted easier for you.

Test link: new ep post here
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