Nov 25 2013 11:16am

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 3 Discussion: Together Again

Last night, Lost Girl Season 4 continued on Showcase in Canada with episode 4x03, “Lovers. Apart.” Here's the teaser description:

Bo jeopardizes her life to save a haunted family. Meanwhile, Dyson races to be by Bo’s side and Lauren’s past catches up with her.

So—Bo and Dyson in the same space? And Lauren maybe moving on? What did you think of the episode?

Note: This is an episode discussion post, so there will be MAJOR SPOILERS for the episode.

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Kiersten Hallie Krum
1. Kiersten
What an AMAZING episode!!! Bo and Dyson together again. So many lovely moments between them, a great Fae of the Week haunted story, memory lost, memory restored, Team Badass back in sync together, and Doctor Lauren finally gets some hot loving of her own...only to learn what it feels like to get spy banged and docnapped.

2. drusilla_doll
I'm really looking forward to watching it; sounds like a keeper! It's awesome to have a Team Badass positive episode for once. How long have we been waiting, when you think about it?

I had a look around other forums and it seems that Dyson is still getting blamed for everything under the sun. What exactly is he guilty of? Acting on his feelings and allowing himself to briefly be caught up in the awesomeness of Bo? For some reason, it's expected that he step back and push Bo into Lauren's absent arms.

Are people forgetting Lauren broke up with Bo? Not once, but twice. I won't be surprised if they walk back on how DL, on no uncertain terms, kicked Bo to the curb and then left for good, abandoning the Fae, Bo and her cellphone. I'm sure they will get an awesome reunion eventually, but I hope to god that they don't just gloss over how things stood at the end of S3 - before all the memory shenanigans took place.

Now, it's my impression that no heavy makeout session or sex was had by Bo/Dyson, so that means we still have something awesome to look forward to, right? Because the S4 promo definitely showed some action. I'm also wondering about the editing of Doccubus in that promo now, because it looked to me that the kiss came first and then the hug (with sad-ish Lauren face) - so maybe it was edited in reverse to make us think it was a prelude to romantic sexings rather than either a farewell kiss/hug, or a 'I'm so glad you're back, no matter what happened last year' kiss/hug.

So...I'm kinda surprised DL sexed up Crystal (wasn't she supposed to be deathly worried about Bo and wanting to come home to her? :P). It makes sense though, in terms of her being lonely and in need of a human connection. What's still ridiculous, however, is that she stayed at all after saving that Fae. It seems so stupid, putting herself and Crystal, for that matter, at risk. Oh, and HITCHING?? Yeah, that's a wise choice, relying on strangers picking you up, DL, a real safe way to travel. /rolls eyes. Surely she had enough waitressing money for a bus ticket to somewhere. Surely someone who's survived being a fugitive as long as she has would have squirreled away some contingency funds in case she ever needed to run again. Nope, let's be a hobo instead...okay.

But it's almost becoming a running gag: Lauren making stupid, naive decisions/trusting the wrong people at the worst time. I do hope the writers are going somewhere with this and DL is going to find her inner gumption and save herself. Because that actually would be pretty awesome.

Re: wedding dress and combat boots - I wonder if that's what ZP meant when she said we'd find out more of Lauren's back story.

Apparently Dyson is still wearing the wedding ring when they drive off and she rests her head on his shoulder. ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
3. Kiersten
We've been waiting 38 episodes for a Team Badass positive episode. All of Season 2 & 3 and 3 episodes of S4 including this one.

Yes, I counted.
4. nypinta
I like that the fae of the week story melded much more naturally with the theme of the episode.

Seeing Dyson and Bo back together was fantastic. Although Clio ended up being a traitorous fae, I still liked her. She was snarkily chipper and I think she was actually enjoying herself defeat the Chumby.

I laughed when Bo realized it was a body jumping fae. Seems that maybe Bo is finally learning about the various kinds of fae and to recognize their traits. Good for her!

Although I missed Kenzi being in the episode, there wasn't room.

Is Massimo human? Is the Morrigan his mother? Or was he once her lover? I'm so confused about that one. Some are speculating that Lauren is actually Evony's daughter because she made some comment about "being everyone's mother" while at Lauren's place. I don't think that's what she meant. I think she was using Laure's apartment because she knew Lauren wasn't going to be there and why would anyone look for her there? She just needed a place to lay low and get spruced back up to make her grand reapperance. (Oh Vex! You're in trouble now!)

I feel bad for Lauren. I think this is her Karen past catching up to her and has nothing to do with the fae. I think her past as Karen isn't as hidden anymore by the fae now that she isn't working with them anymore. How that will play out is completely up in the air. Will Crystal have a change of heart? Will Lauren get out of it herself? Will the Una Mens find her and take care of Crystal and her cohort but then Lauren will be even more danger? Will Bo save her?

I don't think Lauren and Crystal getting together was anything more than stress release. Crystal did offer to let her vent. But it in now way is a betrayal of Bo.

Nor was Dyson driving by a betrayal of Bo. I get the initial reaction of "noooo! Why didn't you stop!!" the way we all do when as an audience know something the characters don't. But to carry it beyond that and try to paint it as a deliberate move on his part is ridiculous.

I'm liking how they are structering the episodes in this season. More this.
5. drusilla_doll
I think Massimo is the 'claimed human' the Una Mens have on their wall.
7. drusilla_doll
Also, I read that Evony had Lauren's Karen Beattie rapsheet photo. She knows about her past. So, my guess is that she's been captured by the Dark Fae and will be offered protection if she switches sides.

It makes sense because we have a 'the gang go to a Dark Fae party' episode coming up for 4x05. I can imagine that it would be a perfect way to have a shocking reunion with Bo. Especially if Bo is all gungho to rescue Lauren (remember the promo shot of her marching into Evony's office with Kenzi in tow) - not realising that DL made a deal for her own safety and is not a prisoner of the Dark as Bo assumes.

At least, that's what I'd do if I was writing this show. /wink
Nadine Robb
8. cmm
I don't think massimo is human though. I admit this part stumped me because I thought how does he have his abilities then? I get he's a druid but I thought all mystical things on this show were fae? In that scene where she mentioned humans I thought she was refering to the woman making her up. As for what EA says in that interview I get the impression that she is back peddling for Doccubus because there is no way that Bo showed any concern for DL in that episode. Besides maybe the one time she mentions her she doesn't even think about Lauren at all. In fact i'd go as far as to say the only person she really cares about is Kenzi. I had to lol when I read that EA said the sex scene with crystal and lauren was not suposed to be hot. That scene alone was far more hotter than any scene between Bo and Lauren. I think in this episode EA paid an actual tribute to Bo and Dyson without even realizing it. Everyone should be happy with it because by the next episode I fear it will all be rectonned.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
It's sad that after all the waiting and doccutopia we've had to wade through, we're all so prepared to have this one fleeting episode chock full of great Bo and Dyson moments ripped away and undone by the next episode. We're so conditioned to be the fans that are taken for granted. Bo and Dyson were happy in (Dis)Members but didnt even make it through the end of that episode before the means of their split were instigated. Now we have those special, loving moments between them in the car when a blind man could see how much they love and rely on one another and we're immediately braced to get eviserated and have them implode for the sake of docubus. Sad.
10. drusilla_doll
We've had human witches tapping into power, too. Remember 'Adventures in Faeby-Sitting'?

Bo's memories are still spotty. It will be interesting to see her reaction when she does meet up with DL again. Which she inevitably will.

I don't doubt that we've got tears and drama coming, but it's nice to have an episode which we can rewatch and enjoy on its own merits. Even if further down the line we are faced with yet more obstacles, fall out and so on. Fans of Team Badass have weathered two seasons of Doccutopia being shoved in our faces. We can survive what's thrown at us next. /fingers crossed.
11. drusilla_doll
@Kiersten: God, I know. We really are conditioned to accept table scraps. Oh well. That comes from not trusting the writers and to be honest, can you blame us for being wary? Now I think some of the fans of Doccubus are getting a taste of the 'medicine' we've been forced to swallow over the past few years and not the 'sugar' they are used to.

Here's a link to EA's Lover's Apart interview. Some interesting stuff.
12. nypinta
Just found out via twitter that the next episode is called "Turn to Stone". I wonder if that is what happens to someone when the Una Mens mask them? (And if it's a reversable thing...)
13. drusilla_doll
Eep, that would be a horrible fate. But it didn't look that way in the webisode. Wasn't there blood? I just remember the guy's legs twitching a lot.
Nadine Robb
14. cmm
@drusilla_doll I totally forgot about those women. But even so wasn't it cause they had some kind of locket or something that trapped the fae? Massimo seems to have abilities that are natural to him. Unless he was made by the morrigan? I dunno i'm confused.
15. nypinta
When Bo was joined with all of them in the circle she said something to the effect of the other woman, the one that was constantly being belittled by the one with the amulet, had the real power. So it was because of her inate power that the rest of them were able to acutally use the amulet that controlled the fae. So witches do exist, in some respect. So it only stands to reason that Duids would too.
16. whiskeywhite
I liked this episode a lot better than #2. The ghost is a "jumbie" (also known as a "moko jumbie"), a ghost-like spirit figure, usually a malevolent creature of the night, best known from Trinidad and Tobago. When they had a "duppie" in another episode, I suggested at the time, right here, that they have a jumbie in the future. Et voilà (I wish that all of my LG desires were so happily fulfilled). Too bad the jumbie wasn't Caribbean but her being North American made more sense for the story.

I, too, was surprised to learn that Massimo is human and agree that he is indeed a claimed human (thanks for the picture @drussila_doll, which seals it IMO. The "human terrorist" mask is clearly Kenzi, not Lauren). I was sad to see the suave, confident Massimo acting like a kicked puppy begging for his master's love (I was actually asking myself, "Is this really Massimo?" He was so different). Evony called him a human after trying on her new eyeball, which he "grew" (and brought to her in a jar - yum). "Not bad for a human", she says.

And Evony (who I'm also glad to see back) is definitely in Lauren's apartment (why?). Lauren's rapsheet had been hidden in the vent in her apartment where it was obstructing air flow, causing the repair guy to be there and find it. He threw it on the ground; did Evony pick it up? Didn't see that.

I too think that Crystal betrayed Lauren/Karen for money for her farm. And she's sorry, but will she be back? Who captured Lauren? It looked like Vex's hair.

That EA thinks the sex scene with Crystal wasn't hot makes me seriously doubt what she thinks is hot (of course, I already seriously doubt what she thinks is "fun"). She apparently thought that spraying a prisoner with a firehose in "Caged Fae" was hot, and fun). Lauren and Crystal were clearly having a lot of real fun and I found the scene more sexually explict than any she had with Bo. Clearly less epic romance -- just "for fun" as Bo would say -- and for some comforting human closeness.
Nadine Robb
17. cmm
@nypita I see what your saying but they still didn't have any power. The amulet is the source of power and within it a fae. I really wish they were more clear on Fae vs human because to me Evony going to Massimo is an insult then if he is human. One thing they have made clear is fae powerful, humans food and weak. Even with Kenzi being toted as "strong" on one hand, they say she is still a weak human on the other. They can't have it both ways. Either humans can have powers or they can't.
18. whiskeywhite
I agree that Lauren hitchhiking was dumb. When Crystal's car came along, at first I thought it was Bo and Dyson. "Oh no!" I said firmly to my TV. But then they do come along shortly. Ok, then. And of course Dyson didn't deliberately pass them by to keep Bo away from Lauren. I agree that he would have helped Lauren if either of them knew. Where did they get that car anyway? Maybe from the same garage that towed Tamsin's truck? :-)

It occurred to me while the marriage scene was happening that it was fan service. But that didn't stop me from loving it. It seems that Dyson really does want to marry Bo (remember him looking thoughtfully at the undercover wedding ring he was wearing in "(Dis)members Only"?). We shouldn't take it for granted that he does, even though he has declared himself her mate for life. Or that Bo would, or should, agree. (As an aside, they've bean joking about marriage since very early on -- 1.07 "ArachnoFaebia".) But I agree with Kiersten that it was handled nicely that he lets it pass when Bo asks, "Are we ...?" I also agree that their loving, quiet comfort together in the car was beautiful to watch, complete with KHR's patented soft kiss on her head (we've seen Dyson kiss both Bo and Ciara that way in the past).

It was an interesting little twist from Dyson's usual "Trust me" that when he is refusing to leave her side to find the graves, she kisses him and then asks, "Do you trust me?" Also notable that he doesn't move a muscle to "save" Bo when Clio has a knife to her throat. He totally trusts that Bo has the situation in hand. She then proceeds to beat the snot out of Clio. Charming. But meant to show that our ass-kicking Bo is back I guess (and that women can beat people up as well as men. Ah, gender equality is a wonderful thing).

PS, I agree with @lsbloom (#299, Ep. 4.02 thread) that interesting is back and that's good.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
19. Kiersten
Evony, I think, first went to Doctor Lauren for medical help, which is why she was in the doc's apartment in the first place. Why wouldnt she go to the one person she knows is an "expert" in Fae medicine when in such rough shape? As an added bonus, since claimed humans are now terrorists, she could've been planning to blackmail DL to help her and then keep the doc as revenge/leverage against Bo.

Remember, Evony's been - ah - tied up since she called for a vote of no confidence against Hale and imploded the Fae to war against humanity. It's unlikely she's aware that of all that unfolded at Taft's lab and that, as a result, doesnt know that DL broke up with Bo, abandoned the Fae, inadvertantly helped a madman experiment on them, and is on the run for her life from pretty much everyone. When Evony found the Super in the apartment instead of the doc and then, yes, DL's rap sheet, she sent for Massimo - after she called in a manicurist. Lady's got her priorities, after all.
20. drusilla_doll
@whiskeywhite: Didn't EA say: "That was not only a super hot sex scene, it was literally filmed on the hottest day of the year."

Where did you get the impression she didn't think it was hot? I agree they weren't going for epic romance feels. But then again I sort of have been rolling my eyes at the soft lens, scented candles, and 'I worship your body' treatment we were getting ad nauseum with Bo/DL. Not that that isn't a valid way to film a sex scene, but give us some variety, thanks. Mix it up a bit, LG.
Susan White
21. whiskeywhite
Kiersten, I love how you fill in plot with such imagination. You're angling for a job as a writer on LG, right? I'll vote for you.

Which is not to say that others among us (not me) aren't also very imaginative. :-)
22. drusilla_doll
@Whiskeywhite: I think your posts are very imaginative and well thought out too! #18. especially makes me want to hurry my computer up to finish downloading so I can actually comment on the episode properly.
Nusi Dekker
23. NusiD
Well, I enjoyed the episode, and I'm not going to get all pissed off in advance about something that may not happen! This is not a show to get ulcers over.

I don't know how much time has elapsed since the end of s3. A week? A month? Lauren starting to trust Crystal after a month would make a lot more sense. Why would she go to Crystal's place to tell her she had to run, though? And then, hitchhiking back to the very city she left before? Why in hell didn't she run in the opposite direction? Did she tell Crystal where she was going? Unless she was on her way back to the Hilton Hovel, after Dyson told her to stay away. That was the impression I got after seeing Dyson and Bo driving past them going in the same direction.

Interesting thing about Evony using Lauren's apartment. So she saw the Karen Beattie wanted poster that was stuck in the vent (Why on earth did Lauren hide it instead of burning it or something?). I think that she may be behind DL's kidnapping. She wants Bo more than anything and knows that Lauren is easier bait to use than Kenzie.

Re: that duccubus promo - Lauren did not look happy when Bo was kissing on her, it looked very forced, and I think there is a reason for it. It was a bone for that fan base, who weren't looking at Lauren's expression at all, and like the rest of us, have no idea of context. I don't think it means they are getting together at all. I think team badass is here to stay.

I thought that most everything in the episode was explained reasonably well. There is still withheld information, but that will hopefully be addressed in future episodes.
Susan White
24. whiskeywhite
I just now, for the first time, after a year and a half, figured out how posting while logged in as a member works. Duh and double duh.
Nadine Robb
25. cmm
She didn't run in the opposite direction Nusi cause DL is too stupid to do that. As another poster mentioned in this thread I really don't get why she was even hitch hiking. You would think with all her expertise she could hot wire a car, since she seems to be able to magically do everything else.

Despite all this, I really did like this episode though. It was a nice balance of the two storylines and each was independant of the other. One of my hopes this season is that whatever happens it gears up to some all out battle between humans and fae because I don't think they can keep the secret for much longer. They also can't keep up with the humans = bad thing when they are just as bad.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
26. Kiersten
I think team badass is here to stay.

From your mouth to EA's ears. I surely hope so.

In the pre-season interviews, cast & producers all said that it's been a few weeks between the end of season 3 and the start of season 4; I think it's safe to say it's been at least 3 or 4, i.e. a month. I did not get the sense that DL had only known Crystal briefly, but rather that she'd been at the diner for a while and this friendship/confident/bang buddy status had been growing for several weeks.
27. drusilla_doll
Since people appear to have a lot of positive things to say about the ep, and some good speculations and questions etc., perhaps it would be a good idea to leave a positive comment at SC blog. With all the negativity against Dyson last week, it wouldn't hurt to post something thoughtful, thanking the writers for what we got. :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
28. Kiersten
@drusilla_doll - oh I've been thanking them (Steve Cochrane who wrote it and EA) directly on Twitter and made a point of saying that despite all the attacks he IMMEDIATELY suffered, the majority of us adored the episode.

I wouldn't go near that Showcase blog comment section for all the salt in India.
29. TheUberFan
Well Kenzi had asked why Dyson had been going to the crash site every day for a month so now we have a better sense that this was an accurate gage.

As for Lauren...I hadn't considered that perhaps it was Evony who goes after her. I actually really would love that idea. What if Lauren goes to the dark for protection?

I do want to see if they'll redeem Crystal though because...well...she's adorable. And hot. And frankly I like the idea that maybe Lauren would be in a position of forgiving someone for spybanging her. But who knows if that's the direction they're going? lol

Massimo being the claimed human. Fascinating. Is he claimed in the same way Lauren was by the Ash except he's claimed by the Morrigan? Given that mask, I wonder if he's being set up for a gruesome end in order to show us how awful death at the hand of the Una Mens is. And, if he's killed, the Morrigan, well, Evony now since she's not the Morrigan at the moment...would have to find a replacement for his services that Lauren could help fill.

I hate to get super whiny but I really, really want to see my Tamsin again soon. We're already three episodes in and no badass valkyrie. I'm just sayin'. *pouts*

It's tough to ship Valkubus when 1/2 of the ship is physically too young for the prom. ;)

I have to wonder though...we'll get more Acacia. And we'll get Tamsin. So... maybe they reboot the Wanderer story which is in limbo with Bo not remembering much.

She's forgotten the train but has she forgotten turning into a puff of smoke at the Dal? Does she remember Tamsin and the fight and the potion?

Interestingly, if the potion did work after all, then Tamsin betrayed the Wanderer for naught since she had already done what he wanted.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
30. Kiersten
I think Bo remembers everything BUT the train. When she comes to in the cottage, she rambles about Lauren and about how there was glass everywhere, which is a throwaway about when The Dal went Boom! It looks like in his rage over her escape, The Wanderer wiped Bo's memory of where she's been. But the memory that she was gone and lost is there for all of them so everything else that's happened, including what when down when the others were made to forget Bo, is intact
31. nypinta
There was a lot of angry tweets directed at the writer and EA but a majority were positive with many of the negative being multiple tweets from a few people.

Lauren hitchhiking: I think she was avoiding public transit in case whoever was after her was on the lookout for her to move. And she can't steal a car in case she gets caught in it. That brings the police into it and she can't trust that the fae won't find her if she gets arrested. So her only option is by foot, which is still pretty dangerous because it leaves her so exposed.

As for Massimo having power while being human... he doesn't really have power. He just can make things. Spells and potions and whatnot. Pales in comparison to what fae can do.
32. drusilla_doll
But, but...she didn't mention getting back to Lauren! And evil Dyson didn't correct her, Kiersten!

It will be interesting to see how much she's filled in on (off screen) during the journey back home.

To be honest, I don't know if this fuzzy memories thing is just supposed to be wearing off slowly, or a major plot point going forward.

Judging by EA's broad hints on next week's episode via her interview and tweets, I really do think that DL was taken by Evony. I think that we're going to see Bo and Kenzi fight and nearly have their friendship blown up over Massimo dealio and/or Denzi - but they will sort it out and once Bo finds out Massimo is Evony's claimed human, we will get that storm in scene from the promo and then WHAT? GASP? LAUREN IS THERE??! End of episode. Which covers the 'makes a shocking discovery' press release for 4x04 and leads well into Bo 'searching for answers by attending a Dark Fae party' 4x05.

Question is....when does the Bo/Dyson tryst happen? I suspect 4x05. Since she seems to be in black fancy party clothes.

Your thoughts?
C. H.
33. SmurfFae
Great episode! Bo' s back, kicking ass and sucking chi.

Who were the howling damned souls, who reacted to Bo's name? Maybe humans that Bo had killed (pre season 1) and who couldn't rest in peace? (Ghosts on a Train. The TV movie writes itself.)
And her Dad is going to be angry. But why did he keep her on a moving train asleep? I think its unlikely he wanted to keep her save from the una mens. (Because Bo can suck their chi before breakfast, obviously.) Wasn´t he last episode asleep on the train? I bet he'll continue to sleep until the season finale.

(Seriously, who is the guy? Sleeping endlessly on a train is not wandering. But if I were to fall asleep on a train, a train who only stops at one station would be ideal (besides the damned souls), since you can't miss your stop.
A popular theory is: he's some kind of Odin-figure; and he is popular for the 'odin sleep'.)

Kind of wondering about Crystal. Was she conning DL the whole episode (and last)? When she was talking about herself being a trouble-magnet she might have tried to elicit feelings of soulmate-iness/having-gone-through-a-similar-experience from DL, since she was aware DL had gone through alot. Her 'game' while drinking beer seemed designed to learn more about her past. She might have sold DL out of her own volition. Or she might have been under duress. I guess we'll have to wait until next week.
But since the (real) Morrigan found her papers, I guess DL might end up her property.
Did DL have as Karen the same color she's sporting now? (So this would be her true hair color. ;) )
The people looking after 'Karen' could be anyone, even family. But I could imagine Evony taking out whoever is after/in ossesion of DL to get back at Bo, as soon as she learns she is back.

@drusilla_doll: Good job noticing the mask is Massimo's. I guess this is most likely him. Very surprised to find out he's human. Being a druid seems mostly a potion-mixing thing. Then the Morrigan declared him a terrorist too, since he's claimed. And he is either her child or a former lover - they were implying a whole lot there.

And was this the first episode ever without Trick?
Nadine Robb
34. cmm
Your way better at accepting massimo's gifts that I am. I just can't get over how they keep rectoning the human aspect of fae power. But alas I will move on and ignore it lol.
35. TheUberFan
Right @Kiersten...but that was before her mind was wiped of the train. I'm wondering if a larger swath was taken from her at the end of the episode. What if her mind has been cleansed of any knowledge of the Wanderer? That means she might not even remember Tamsin for one thing. And since Tamsin doesn't remember it right now, that might be a later story.
36. nypinta
cmm, I think it's also because I watch The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural and in both of those there are the long lived supernaturals and then there are human witches, so it doesn't faze me that they're can be both. And Evony sees herself as above all. ;) I think all fae would look down on witches and druids, except for when they need something. It's just a different kind of talent to be used by them.
37. nypinta
cmm, I think it's also because I watch The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural and in both of those there are the long lived supernaturals and then there are human witches, so it doesn't faze me that they're can be both. And Evony sees herself as above all. ;) I think all fae would look down on witches and druids, except for when they need something. It's just a different kind of talent to be used by them.
Nadine Robb
38. cmm
Oh how is Supernatural these days? I used to watch faithfully up until season 6 when school assignments got in the way. I love the sorcery and mythos on that.
39. TheUberFan
So I'm a loon and a nutter for posting here according to some jackoff in the Showcase comments.

Isn't that precious?

One of the things I like about coming here is that we're not all on the same page about characters and ships but we can discuss and debate without that kind of idiocy.

Kiersten Hallie Krum
40. Kiersten
@UberFaenatic - oh honey, if you're a loon and a nutter for posting here, then obviously we're doing it right. ;)
41. TheUberFan
Haha @Kiersten! :)

Someone in a long comment over there asks how Lauren could sleep with Crystal after remembering Bo and being worried about her in the last episode.

Well...could it be that...she remembers her, she's concerned about her, and she loves her...but also remembers that she broke up with her and why? Could that possibly be it? lol

I don't understand some folks and frankly I wonder at their ages. I'm 40 so I know that love doesn't always last... or work out. That sometimes you can love someone with all your heart and still be wrong for them or be on different paths.
42. drusilla_doll
I saw that. Charming. The poster also said some things about this site which had me scratching my head as I'd not read anything of the sort here. Oh well, we all have our different interpretations of reality.

SC can get quite vicious. Especially when a certain section of the fandom feels their ship is being threatened.

So we get character, actor (and fan - as you've experienced) attacks such as these:

Dyson is a patriarchal douchebag who's taking advantage of Bo, manipulating her and wanting her to be a submissive housewife.

KHR is a poor actor, he's doing his worst work this season.

Crystal is sexually harassing Lauren in the work-place.

Ali Liebert was terrible in the sex scene.

And so on...

Yes, it's probably not a good idea to be a boss and hit on someone, but boss/employee relationships happen all the time in RL. It's when the attention is unwanted and makes the employee uncomfortable and feel pressured that it becomes an issue. Especially if it's prolonged, the person has asked for it to stop, or feels as though their work position is being threatened by not capitulating or tolerating said behaviour. It's a very serious issue and the abuse of power by a superior is unacceptable.

But do we honestly think that Crystal was being portrayed in that way? As a boss abusing her power? Making advances where there was no reciprocation? Pressuring DL into sex? Really?

It feels like (to me) just another hot button issue to cry foul over and trivialize because a viewer's pissed off about how their ship is progressing or devolving.
43. nypinta
Re: SPN, it got dismal there for a while. Kind of dragged. But then they introduced an element last season (8?) and the tone shifted slightly and Felecia Day came on for some episodes and BAM it got awesome again.

I did think the scenes with Crystal's advances on Lauren while at work were a bit pushy though. But Lauren reacted to them not as an employee that feels harassed but as someone who can't welcome such advances. Then Crystal (sort of) backed off.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
44. Kiersten
Crystal pursued DL no question, but sexually harrass? No way. DL's body language proved she was quite receptive to and attracted to Crystal. In this episode and the last, she initiated engagement both in the diner and by going to Crystal's home with the beer & pizza. That was all DL initiative and decision.

The rest is just to ridiculous to even entertain by addressing
45. nypinta
Did anyone use the term, "overacting" while bashing KHR? That's just ridiculous that he's a poor actor. It's one thing to not like a character, but that's infuriating.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
46. Kiersten
Yeah, I get a little enraged het up when they start bashing KHR directly, or any of the actors for that matter, because that level of sheer meanness just to be mean is uncalled for and juvenile.

And that's all I can say about it without using a lot of capital letters and some creative manipulation of certain four-letter words into larger, compound ones.
47. drusilla_doll
Yep, of course they did. But hey, we're the sick nutters for not worshipping at the altars of WonderLauren and Doccubus and having other preferences when we watch and discuss the show. /insert eyerolling

Let's all be Ker-razeee together, folks. /hugseveryone

Anyways, does anyone else have a wishlist or predictions for the upcoming eps?
49. TheGardner
Reading some of the other forums makes my head want to explode. It's a sickness and I need to avoid it, but I probably won't. I have to wonder about fans who are one week all up in arms because Dyson called Lauren Bo's girlfriend when they are "broken up" then the following week clamoring for DL's blood and calling her a cheating ho. Which is it people, who do they think they are Bo? Either she's single and gettin' hers or she's an unfaithful trollip, pick one. Personally I say go for it; her life is in ruins, she has no home, no family, the fae want her dead so she might as well have some fun. Go out with a bang if you will, based on that mile-wide grin she was sporting when she strode into work the next day, she did.

Episode Stuff:

The acting this week was better than the last. Notible exceptions; Dyson in the first half of the episode, he was over the top melodramatic and cringe worthy, but he pulled it together and toned it down for the second act. The Haunted Family- the kid, Julia, was serviceable, but the mother and father, sheesh, thankfully that is the last we will ever see of them. MK was terrible in her fight scene with Bo, just no girl. The threee ladies were much better, but they could really only go up after last week's trainwreck.

Production wise this was another fast paced episode, the writing was tighter, but three episodes into a 13 run, they need to get moving on the season arc, i.e. getting the characters back together. I am enjoying these location shoots, getting the gang out in the world so to speak, but did they blow their budget for this episode on that so Evony, the former Morrigan, was reduced to squatting in Lauren's abandoned flat? And why was the supervisor fixing the vent, did Evony call him? I did think it was a nice bit of continuity to have her wearing Lauren's epic "staircase" dress from 3x05. Girl's got the right idea, since she's crashing there illegally anyways might as well raid her closet while she's at it.


Dyson - I think my previous assessment was spot on, dude is being set up for a major fall. Enjoy the episode or two of Team Badass, because his wolf-junk is headed for the freezer. Why was he wearing the wedding ring and was it that his memory is wonky again or could he genuinely not remember the train? As for not stopping to help the motorist(which we all knew was Lauren getting ganked in the back seat), his focus, as it has been since last episode was Bo and honestly how many of us would have stopped? I know I wouldn't have, I like me just how I am, not raped and murdered buried in a shallow grave with my pinky as a charm on a serial killers necklace.

Bo - Good to see her back, but getting annoyed with these memory issue story lines, it better be going somewhere. I remember reading somewhere that AS said she had to rewatch some S1 episodes so she could remeber how her character interacted with everyone. This episode was all over the map for her, but I did notice a few small things towards the end in her interactions with Dyson that were indicative of S1 Bo so I am very interested to see where this goes.

Lauren - Damn, girl can't catch a break and for the love of all that is holy burn that fucking wig! I am enjoying Lauren getting her own story outside of Bo, was dissapointed that a fashion anecdote from high school is all the backstory we got on her. The snatch and grab at the end left me excited for the next episode. I think it's telling that the Doccubus reunion is going to be last, I just hope that Bo and Lauren have about 50 conversations before they get back together. I absolutely loved Lauren owning her sexuality in this episode, she is a single 30something woman with a healthy libido so good for her. I also appreciate that Lost Girl has never shied away from same sex love scenes and has always given them equal time. It would have been so easy to do the standard "implied sex" scene that most shows do, where the couple kisses, maybe removes an article of clothing or two then fades to black, sometimes including a morning after shot with them completely covered by a blanket minus exposed shoulders so the audience knows they are naked. Yeah, that was definitely not that...

Crystal - Now what was with the betrayl? It depends on who was in the backseat, I have watched the scene several times and I am guessing either Massimo or Vex. With Vex he probably offered her money for the farm she wants and with Massimo he probably had Evony promise to make her a star since her inital dream was to be a singer.

Evony - From the leader of the Dark, to one-eyed squatter, yeah that'll piss someone off. What is her agenda and what, aside from budget restraints, was she doing at Lauren's?

Massimo - Curious about his relationship to Evony and if he is/was human what is he now? The "Claimed Human" mask looked like it could be him, but we shall see I guess. I just hope the actor invests in a class or two before he graces my screen again, ugh painful.

Finally, the "spy-bang". OMFG if I never have to hear that again it will be to soon. Watch Orphan Black, Episode 1x08; what Delphine does to Cosima, that is a spy-bang. Lauren, Dyson, Crystal, all guilty of shady behavior, but spy-bang, yeah not really. I will reserve judgement on Crystal until all facts are known, currently I put her in the preservationist/survivalist realm.
50. TheUberFan
I don't know why people have problems criticizing characters they like. It's okay to do so. It's okay to say they messed up.

I don't think it's a sign of "true fans" to protect above all else. I think that's when it hits the unhealthy realm of fandom. I think "true fans"...if that term can be used...are those who love a character and can be critical of them. Call out their mistakes and failings and yet still appreciate them.

Y'all know I lurve Tamsin but I also criticize her choices. It doesn't mean I lurve her less. It means I recognize her failings and flaws and still lurve her nonetheless.
51. drusilla_doll
An interesting analysis, TheGardner, good stuff to mull over.
I'm really hoping that Crystal can be redeemed. Not to become DL's lover or anything, but because it would be really nice to give DL a break in terms of trusting people. Perhaps Crystal's under duress, or has been offered something she can't refuse. Perhaps later she'll regret what she did and try to help Lauren. I just hope it's not the last we've seen of her yet.

I really don't think there was anything wrong in Lauren having sex with a woman she was attracted to and who was open and kind to her. I just didn't like her sticking around, it seemed terribly unwise from a fugitive stand-point. But getting some warmth and affection when she could? I think she deserved some after the unhappiness of last year.

I really do think we are going to build towards DL taking back control of her life. This is going to be her story arc this season. Whether it means trying to get back with Bo remains to be seen, but I, for one, would love for her to become a player, rather than a pawn. Own her decisions. Be active, rather than reactive. Use her intelligence to outsmart Evony (if that is who has her) and carve out a better place for herself where she wants to be.

Yes, I have been harsh on her in the past, and will probably be so again, but I would love for DL to grow a set. No more of this hapless victim who makes dumb mistakes stuff, please.

I saw a screencap of who nabs Lauren, it looks like Massimo. It's definitely not Vex.
52. TheGardner
What's the big deal with criticising an actor? It's along the same lines of bashing them for their looks, if they can't handle it, don't become an actor. So far this season, I would say KHR was good in episode 1, terrible in episode 2(as was everyone else, especially KCC, yikes!) and was 50/50 in episode 3. I think with the SC blog the shipper shit comes out full force and people criticize the actor because they hate the character and can't seperate the two, lame. Even still, he's a big boy, he should be able to take it just like everybody else.
53. nypinta
"I think with the SC blog the shipper shit comes out full force and people criticize the actor because they hate the character and can't seperate the two, lame."

For this very reason. If they're on the SC board just bashing him as further reaction to being pissed off that they aren't getting the story they want then it's childish and cruel. I didn't say anything about whether or not he could take it. But WTF should he? Or Zoie when people bash her acting because they're mad that DyBo (is that really their ship name?) isn't getting any play.
Nadine Robb
54. cmm
@drusilla_doll Where did you see the screencap? I would love to see it, can you link me please?
55. TheUberFan

Actually I don't think that's Massimo either. Could be Crystal's boyfriend using her to get to easy money or it could be that I'm still a smidgen bitter from how Dylan used Helena in L Word for her boyfriend. Or something.

56. drusilla_doll
You're right, the guy looks older and less cheesy handsome. Hmmm, I guess we'll have to wait until next week to find out for sure.
Nadine Robb
57. cmm
Ahhh that scene. I thought it was something new. It's hard to tell who that is from the cap. I really want to see the trailer for next weeks, I hate that showcase is so lax in this depeartment.
58. TheGardner
Ahhh the L word, where crappy lesbian stereotypes unite to fight crime or something. The fight scene was bad, but I may have smiled at Bo punching "Jenny Schecter" in the face... I still remember my first thought when I saw her body floating in that pool; how will that effect the reasale value of Bette and Tina's house?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
59. Kiersten
@nypita DyBo is one of the derrogatory names for Bo & Dyson pairing along with Byson. Both, to me, are childish and, in the case of the latter, bovine. I refuse to use either but stick with what Bo called their pairing in S2E1 - i.e. Team Badass

As for fans bashing the actor because they didnt get their own way - yes, exactly.

@UberFaenatic - that's not a face I recognize but it's definitely not Vex or Massimo. Wouldnt it be delicious if it was Taft who'd somehow survived Dyson's...feeding...but was physically disfigured for it?

I think it most likely that he's Crystal's human accomplice and that they are trading "Karen" into the police for the reward so they can buy that farm. Whether or not Crystal is under duress remains to be seen.
60. nypinta
Except the fact that Crystal wanted to be a singer and Evony deals with talented humans.... I hadn't thought of that before. She might be bringing Lauren to Evony. (Although how would Evony have orchestrated all of that while locked in a box by Vex until just a few days ago?

I think she was squatting at Lauren's just so no one would see her looking so horrible. Which is why she kept melting people, with the exception of Massimo.
61. TheUberFan
@TheGardner...I joked on Twitter that now we know who killed Jenny Schecter...that the next scene was Bo dumping her body in a swimming pool in WeHo. LOL

@Kiersten... I didn't know that DyBo was a negative term. I've been using it because I thought that's what fans of the pairing were called. :S

And if that truly is just a human male then perhaps it is just about Karen and my dream scenario of Lauren working for Evony goes up in smoke. Sigh.
62. drusilla_doll
@UberFaenatic: Mine too. Oh well. I just think it would be cool to have Evony and Lauren having some scenes together.

@Kiersten: I like Team Badass, or BoDy. :P
63. TheUberFan
It's a shame that Bo rarely can get top billing in a ship pairing. Succu-anything sounds bad. lol
J Steller
65. Steller
Ok, first time adding to this discussion. I found this blog discussion for an season 3 episode after I had finished watching season 3 so it was like 6 months old but none-the-less spent about 3 hours that night reading almost every comment. At the time I had just spent about two weeks watching all three seasons as I had just discovered LG on netflix (american here). For some shows it is not a good thing to binge watch because you get waaaaaay too into it and then can't stand it that you might have to wait a couple weeks to see new episodes. Funny though, it initially took me about 6 episodes to really get into it. I had just finished watching the first two seasons of Continuum and absolutely loved that from the first ep.

My take on LG as a whole is this: I primarly watch for the Kenzi/Bo friendship. I was also a big Xena fan and loved the X/G friendship. I was not at all excited about people trying to ship those two. Good God, can't two females be friends on tv without people wanting them to do the nasty? In any case, what I love the most about LG is the strong female characters and their interactions, be it romantic or not. I really did not like the Dyson character from the beginning, not because I like the Doctor and Bo together - no - couldn't care less about that. To me he was just so dull and angry. He never smiled in season one. He was never playful with Bo. I absolutely ADORE his relationship with Kenzi and I like his character so much more when he is with Kenzi. I really liked him when he was with Ciara because he seemed more relaxed and smiled more. Why is he so sullen when he is with Bo? I just can't get on board with that. I really like his interactions with Tamsin and love Tamsin in general, so I'm not a shipper at all and sometimes I get overwhelmed with everyone's comments about the shipping aspect of the show.

People here seem to like to overanalyze everything, and that's totally cool. Just not my thing. I like to just watch the show and enjoy it for what it is without having expectations to trying to figure out what is going to happen.

As for season 4 so far, I like this third ep the best, but wasn't really crazy about the first two. Probably because no Tamsin and very little Bo and they are two of the best characters.

This show will really not get going for me and be fun again until Kenzi and Bo are reunited. They are the most important relationship on LG, in my opinion and the show just isn't the same without them interacting.

And as an aside, it took me about 4 episodes to realize why Anna Silk bugged me so much and it was because she looks like an old friend of mine. She's much better looking, of course, but I was irritated to be reminded of her every episode.

Sorry if you were hoping for more specific in depth analysis but I mostly take shows how they come and enjoy without getting too caught up.

I'm so glad I have found this whole new world of Canandian shows lately. I tried on Being Erica but the third season sucks.
66. drusilla_doll
Welcome Steller. :)

The Kenzi/Bo BFF ship is definitely one of my favorites in the show. I really adore them together as friends and it looks like we might be getting some heavy BFF action next week, which is long past overdue. S3 was difficult in a lot of ways, and I especially missed Kenzi and Bo spending time together due to so much Bo/DL and then Kenzi being Faenapped and feeling marginalise due to her humanity. I'm hoping that we'll get more of them kicking ass as a team this season.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
67. Kiersten
Hey Stellaer and welcome! Yeah we overanaylze for sure - I'm the first to lay claim to that - but part of that for me is being a writer so I never approach a show or movie or book without wondering how the creator put all the pieces together and why. With TV & movies, you also have the actors interpretation which adds even more layers.

One thing *everyone* agrees on is the great relationship between Bo and Kenzi. That is definitely a key component of the show and one without which it doesn't work. (I also agree with you about Dyson and Kenzi's relationship. He had such affection for her that is unique to their relationship, it's lovely. The man he's with in her presence is a aspect of Dyson than when he's with anyone else. A lot of his grumpiness in S1 was having his world shook up by Bo's arrival and not dealing with it well, but by the end of S1 he's just accepting how she affects him when the Norn (Freaking Norn!) rips that love away and thus we get mopey, jackhole Dyson for S2 and cautious, love-returned Dyson of S3. We'll see what S4 continues to bring us. He's already shown more animation in three eps than we've seen in a while. I like Tamsin a lot too and can't wait to see how she shakes things up again once she's back in form.

I'm so glad you found the site and enjoy reading through the posts and comments (you must have liked something to read them all! :)) Hope you continue to chime in with what you do and don't like through S4. The full recaps will start in January when Lost Girl airs in the U.S.
68. stacymd2
I haven’t read any of the comments above. I wanted to post my thought before I responded to anything, so I apologize if I am repeating anyone else’s thoughts or questions.

I loved this episode. It truly was amazing. It felt like Season one. It felt right – like the real Lost Girl again. The only thing that would have made 403 flawless was if Kenzi and Hale were featured somehow. Lost Girl is so perfect right now I might watch it all over again when Season 4 premieres on SyFy.

As with 401 & 402, the pacing was great. The general arc is moving along nicely. I missed Kenzi, Hale, Trick and Tamsin, but they were not necessary for this episode. I look forward to Bo & Dyson meeting up with the rest of the Sunshine Gang next episode. The Kenzi/Bo/Trick reunion should be sweet. I hope Teen Tamsin is closer to becoming Adult Tamsin when Bo gets home. I also hope Kenzi and Hale were having some bed breaking alone time during their stint off screen. I want Kenzi/Hale to have a fair chance. I swear, between Dyson and Hale there is a lot of pining going on. One of the two must get off the fence. If one romance has to happen in Season 4, then it has to be Kenzi/Hale.

Things I loved about 403:

1. Lauren and Crystal were hot and cute together.
2. I’m glad that the writers are resolving the Karen/Lauren thing early in the season so the rest of Season four isn’t bogged down with a boring storyline.
3. Evony with an eye patch! I like evil, kick ass Evony. She is going to break Vex in half then melt him.
4. O.M.G. Lazy John licked Dyson’s toes. This is the kinkiest thing that LG has done to date.
5. The Bo Dyson reunion hug! The Bo Dyson kiss! Team Badass doing it’s magic!
6. I can’t stand sleazy Massimo but he does have chemistry with The Morrigan.
7. The Jumbi (sp?) love storyline was tragic. I felt bad for the modern family as well as the Jumbi (sp?) and her lover.
8. Badass Bo is back with a side of medieval.

Things I didn’t love:

1. Next episode will probably focus on saving damsel in distress Super Genius, Wonder Lauren, MD. This takes away from the more interesting storyline of the Wanderer. It also takes away Lauren’s agency. (sarcastic eye roll)
2. We are three episodes in and still no Wanderer!
3. Wow, so much Evony melting people violence. So much Bo on Cleo violence. Has anyone seen any outrage over this? I haven’t. (sarcastic eye roll)

Who or what made B & D forget the train?
Is Massimo a human? Did I miss something?
Did Vex take out Evony’s eye?

Ok, now for Stacy-downer time:

Even though there is so much good in 403, the pessimist in me can’t shake the feeling of dread. This is mostly due to Emily Andras’ latest TV Guide CA interview where she says:

The Bo/Dyson wedding was a fan wink to B/D fans…”it’s no secret to anyone that Dyson obviously loves Bo very much. But he’s also aware her affections lie elsewhere. It’s certainly complicated!” … “I think it was a fun wink to that side of the fandom that really loves Bo and Dyson together.”

EA will give us a “wink” but doccubus receives two full fan wanking seasons. Also, I feel that TPTB / EA are setting Dyson up for some major fall out with Bo. Two of you mentioned feeling this way as well in the 402 discussion thread.

Finally, EA is still enthusiastically going down on that ship. She posted a thank you fan wank comment on the Doccubus (dot) com recap of 402, a recap which was mostly thinly veiled Dyson hate. She echoes the doccubus talking points in the TV Guide CA interview too: “I think it really shows growth in Dyson’s character and how he feels about Bo. He really is striving to fight by her side and not just for her.” Here I thought Dyson has been striving to fight by Bo’s side since S1 because it is impossible to actually fight for Bo. (relationship wise as well as physically) Bo has always done whatever & whoever she wants.

My gut is telling me that 403 was a carrot EA dangled over B/D fans to keep us watching so for the rest of the season she can continue with doccubus and pump more outrageous backstory into Lauren. As per EA, Lauren is again getting a story arc this season while there is no hint of an arc for Trick or Dyson:

“[i]When she [[/i]Lauren] tries to trust, it so often blows up in her face. But I think that’s really going to play into Lauren’s arc this year and her trying to take control of her life.”

I’m going to hang on to this Bo/Dyson high while it lasts.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
69. Kiersten
Sigh. It always makes me sad when she favors that site with her presence and input. I hate seeing a group who do so much to harrass and bully so many, even their own at times, get rewarded with her acknowledgement and gratitude. That's her choice, and others, but still. The core of that fanbase has hated every episode this season so I really don't understand it.

I dont mind DL having a character arc - I think she had a great, if ultimately unhappy one in S3 - I do mind her having it at Kenzi or Dyson's expense, as in S3. But if it catapults her into taking control of a life that ultimately cannot include restarting her toxic relationship with Bo, then have at it
Nadine Robb
70. cmm
“[i]When she [[/i]Lauren] tries to trust, it so often blows up in her face. But I think that’s really going to play into Lauren’s arc this year and her trying to take control of her life.”

I feel that this is simply because the character is stupid. I know there are some eccentric people out there, but even they have a sense of danger. Its like she has no sense of self preservation. It makes me wonder how she managed to stay out of harms way before the fae. It also makes me wonder if the writers will every let the character grow up because until they do the pairing that they keep trying to shove down our throats will not work in any capacity.
Nusi Dekker
71. NusiD
I'm really thinking that Evony is behind the Lauren kidnapping. In the first scene during the rolling credits, that's when the apartment's handyman finds Lauren's rap sheet that's clogging the vent. That's 3 minutes into the episode. And we find that Evony has been staying in Lauren's loft. Then the next scene has Lauren in the cafe organizing the condiments by their chemical compatability, Crystal arrives, and the "Why are you here?" coversation ensues. Crystal states that she is a good singer who dreams of making the big time, but in the big city "big dreams will swallow you whole so you go for the small ones." In her case, a farm in the country. She's going for the small dream but given the opportunity she would probably do anything for her big dream.

31 minutes in, the scene where Evony gets her new eye from Mossimo, M tells her that he helped Tamsin get rid of Bo. So she says that Bo is gone and she leaves the loft to take back her poweer.

37 minutes in, Lauren walks into the cafe all smiles after a night of sex with Crystal, to a ringing phone with the cook complaining that someone keeps calling offering money for info on someone named Karen. Lauren escapes, but not before stopping by Crystal's to make her promise she won't rat Lauren out or mention that they ever even met.

42 minutes in, Lauren is picked up on the road by Crystal, who has someone hidden in the back seat who knocks out Lauren with chloroform.

The timing of these events suggest that Evony could very well be behind the abduction of Lauren. She has had her eye on Lauren for awhile (she knew all about Lauren's history with the Light Fae), maybe she just wants to steal Lauren from the light and make her work for the dark. Though I don't know if she really thinks that Bo is gone or she's screwing with Mossimo. Hmmm...
Katherine Bloom
72. lsbloom
Dybo was created by's shorthand for DyBot. Because we're robots worshipping blindly at the alter of shirtless men, so mindlessly controlled that can't see what is clearly the better alternative in front of us.

I think Bo and Lauren are broken up. I think Lauren is free to date whomever she wants, same for Bo. I think Lauren was an idiot for sharing details personal details when she's on the run and staying around in one location after being discovered, and hitchhiking. If I were a fan of Bo/Lauren (and we know I'm not :-), I would be super sad at how open they've made Lauren with Crystal compared with how secretive she was with Bo. (I would also have been sad about how much she was willing to give for Nadia vs what she was willing to sacrifice for Bo.) I also don't think Crystal was Lauren's boss, I think they were both waitresses.

I think fans have the right to criticize acting performance. I think it is unhealthy the level to which the WonderLauren acolytes associate themselves and Zoie Palmer with Lauren. Because of that, since season 1, they have been rabid defenders of the cast, lol, not the cast, Zoie. You get on Twitter or other boards and you haven't been able to say anything negative about Zoie for years. They can say anything they want about KHR. So my personal opinion of what is acceptable in the context of internet show fandom critique is overridden by my hypocrisy abhorrence.

I think there is magic in the show. It is part of the reason that their science is so frustrating, they could never decide if they were fantasy or scifi. So I don't have a problem with Mossimo having powers, I like it. I like the intrigue with the Morrigan. I like the addition of a wily dark human. I want to see how it effects the chemistry with Kenzi. I am interested to see if he was lying to the Morrigan or he wanted to come home enough to risk the Wanderer's wrath, because previously he'd been pretty scared of Bo's daddy.

Guys, MYTHOLOGY!! There is something to talk about. I am tried of talking about Bo's love life.
J Steller
73. Steller
I just have to quick vent about makeup. I have recently seen a few things Anna Silk was in prior to lost girl and I think she looks so much better with less eye makeup. Why do they do the raccoon eyes thing with that character? If she's trying to pass for a 30 year old on the show they would do to tone it down. I think she looks older with all that dark crap.

And I'm all for moving away from the discussion of Bo's love life.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
74. Kiersten
@Steller - I know! in S1 the make up was so much more flatteringly but even since S2 it's been schellaced onto Bo and Kenzi especially. Such beautiful women naturally and they're just burried under the paint. Rachel too
Kiersten Hallie Krum
75. Kiersten
I'm OK with moving away from discussing Bo's love life except I've waited 38 episodes to see this level of love and affection again between her and Dyson and Imm gonna enjoy the hell outta it while it lasts which, unfortunately for some of you, means I'm gonna talk about it when so moved.
Carmen Pinzon
76. bungluna
EA: I think she (Lauren) feels guilty even though she saved everybody last year by putting herself on the line.

...patriarchal and male violence going on in Bo's absense...(?)

Is this woman smoking weed or is she writing for a different show I haven't been watching?!
Katherine Bloom
77. lsbloom
Aw, enjoy it. But I'm not getting comfortable. Remember how great it was in season 1 when you were sitting there dreading the will they/won't they and they put them together. And you got to enjoy the tension and the payoff? Ah, so much energy and chemistry (no...not just sexual). If I had any faith that it'd come back, I'd be over the moon. But all we're gonna get are "winks."

The more I want to get comfortable and be happy, the more I am coming to believe that there isn't really a plot or plan or artistic vision, it's just them addressing one fan discussion after another.
78. TheUberFan
I have no problem with the angle that Lauren set it up so that Dyson could escape in order to make up for her involvment with Taft.

But the ones who freed everyone was Tamsin primarily, when she knocked out all the guards and Bo and she freed the imprisoned fae.

I don't understand how that translates into Lauren saved them all, Emily Andras, unless by "Lauren" you mean "Tamsin and Bo".

Carmen Pinzon
79. bungluna
I have one question: isn't Evony worried about the Una Mens? After all, she helped creat the chaos that they are in town to correct.

I'm also getting antsy about The Wanderer. This show is notorious for putting off to the last few episodes the confrontation witht he Big Bad. Three episodes down and 10 to go and we still don't know squat about TW.

Another question: was that glass on the dashboard of the car Dyson and Bo were riding in? I couldn't make it out.

Last, a little rant. Is Canada so small that every thing happens within a small area? Couldn't Lauren affort to run further away from home? And Bo and Dyson just had to drive by at that moment to give the doccunuts another thing to gripe about and blame Dyson for?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
80. Kiersten
@bungluna - I just watched it again (even better the second time around!) and yep, that was definitely glass on the dashboard. Looks like Dyson punched out the drivers side window to hotwired the station wagon and get them home
81. TheUberFan
Maybe that's why she's taken over Lauren's old digs so she's out of sight, out of mind until she figures out how to play her hand.
82. nypinta
I think acutally the focus on the love triangle in the show has muddled what was supposed to be a show about someone finding themselves. I don't think it was ever supposed to take up so much of the story. Yes, they used it in the original pilot but the fact it's still taking up so much time 3 seasons later is kind of sad. I don't understand the arguement that Lauren saved everyone either. Despite the team being seperated all of them at Taft's played a part. Bo by convincing Tamsin to try and save Dyson. Tamsin when she took out all the guards. Lauren by making Taft a Cabbot instead of a Wolf. Dyson for going after Taft. Take out any one person and the fae would still be in danger. Mostly Tamsin. If she hadn't taken out the guards then all of the fae would still be in their cages and it wouldn't have mattered what Lauren had done and as soon as he realized she had betrayed him he'd just have someone else do the surgery again. Re: make up. (I really am baffled why my lap top won't let me space into paragraphs.) Again I'll reference the original pilot. Bo dresses like a normal person most of the time. Her make up is light when walking around in the day. When she want to see the Ash she's in jeans and a light shirt. It isn't until she gets all done up to go after Vex that she puts on the Bo costume. And I liked that. Her wardrobe had a versatility that one who needs to blend in requires. Where as the fae, like Trick and Dyson have distinctly fantasy inspired wardrobe pieces, like the vests with the Celtic accents. But it seems like once the show was bought they focues on the 'Bo costume' part of the show and made that her default fashion choice. It's always been a bit of a peeve of mine. Where as Kenzi was always supposed to look a bit Goth, which I am a OK with. And it wouldn't bother me that they do big finales but they need to do them much better. S3 finale was a mess. S2 was sparse and I kind of felt bad that they were trying to write an epic battle but obviously didn't have the budget for more than two henchmen and on bad guy. I think we're going to get a reunion with Kenzi, some Lauren story about where she is, and a case of the week. Then a few more case of the week episodes before we get back to the mystery of her father. Because they need to deal with the Una Mens.
83. nypinta
Rereading my above post with all the typos and I swear I'm not drunk. I was typing over two cats that were insisting on taking the place of my lap top. So damn greedy, those two.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
84. Kiersten
@nypita I agree that the "triangle" angst has muddle up the original purpose of the show being about a lost girl (woman) discovering who she is. ZP wasnt originally meant to be a full-time cast member but, like KCC & RH, was a recurring player. It was when her popularity increased as the doccumania revved up that they made the (arguably right business move) decision to bring ZP on full time and (ultimately wrong) decision to perpetuate doccubus relationship. Its clear throughout seasone one that Bo and Dyson were, from the start, to be the romantic relationship with all the ups and downs that usually entail in a genre show. Adding ZP full time to capitulate on Doctor Lauren's popularity forced them to alter that original game plan and, as we've seen it play out ever since, not to the betterment of the show as it's now been sucked under the 'ship wars (perpetuated by the producers/showrunners deliberately provoking all 'ships and openly favoring one over everyone else) and has suffered for it in other aspects.

They've all kept insisting that the triangle will continue and that it will always be a part of the story but I think even the showrunners are weary of it all, for sure the cast is, and it'll be interesting to see if that influences the rest of the season one way or another. Given the way EA likes to troll and poke at both main fanbases, this could be another sop to either faction.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
85. Kiersten
I like both ideas that either Evony is behind DL's abduction, opening up the chance for DL to go dark w/out going evil, and that Crystal's and her accomplice are both just out for "Karen's" bounty.

It's worth noting that DL introduced herself to Crystal as "Lauren" not "Karen". Given how unskilled she's been in trusting people, especially humans, so easily, it's unlikely this was a protective measure and more that she was introducing her true self to this woman for whom she was beginning to have strong feelings. "Karen" clearly thinks herself to be Doctor Lauren first and foremost.
86. drusilla_doll
I have finally seen it.

It was an enjoyable episode. I especially loved Bo standing up for Julia
and 'meddling'. It's what I love about her. That she gets involved and
rights wrongs, no matter the risk to herself. I enjoyed the theme of
lovers being separated and how that could cause anguish and revenge.

I am both a Team Badass and Valkubus shipper so I was both thrilled andannoyed by the fact that Bo/Dyson had a great reconnecting episode while Tamsin remained a big question mark. I felt this episode was tightly written and enjoyed the many parallels between the different arcs.Lauren

made a connection and yet was still betrayed. I really like
Crystal, so it's going to bum me out if she turns into some sort of
selfish money-grabber, willing to sell anyone out for her 'big dream'. I
don't have any complaints about Lauren. She was actually smiling and
content for a while until Ronnie told her about the phone calls. She
definitely needs to regain some power and control. The sex scene was hot and urgent. I liked it. I don't necessarily think it was some epic
romance, however. Still, I really enjoyed Lauren being genuinely happy
for a change.

As for the Bo/Dyson stuff? I lapped up every minute of it.
I've loved them since season 1 and I make no apologies. These two make a terrific team. I loved how willing Dyson was to take every risk and make every compromise to find her (jumping from the train and toe-licking). And then protect her and keep her safe. Even cheerlead (mmm him standing back to let Bo do her bizniz) when needed. LOL. Go Wolf! I didn't find Dyson boring for one second, but opinions may and will differ.

What I didn't like: No Tamsin or Kenzi. WTH? Those two are so my faves, here's hoping (and it's a safe bet) we get more from them in the next episode.

I have also come to the conclusion that while we may be an over-analytical lot. We're not crazily invested or nitpicking over this. Damn, some people are taking it way too seriously. And can't see the forest for the trees.

It's a good, solid episode and I am still impressed by how well the show is directing the narrative. Early S3 doesn't compare. We will get more about The Wanderer. But I am just as excited about Evony's machinations, what the hell do the Una Mens want and so on.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
87. Kiersten
@drusilla_doll - it was great, right?! You can't compare the start of S3 to S4, S4 is so far beyond S3 in just 3 episodes, it's ridiculous on ALL points, not just Team Badass

Also, FTR there is always at least one episode that is Kenzi-free, one that's Dyson-free, and one that's Doctor Lauren-free. Sometimes one episode is free of two of those three at the same time. Just part of the way the scheduling and contracts work. Much as we love Tamsin in our different ways and for different reasons, she is not a main cast member; like Trick and Hale and Vex, she is recurring, which means there will be more than one episode this season that is Trick-free, Hale-free, and or Tamsin-free. While she hasn't been played by Rachel, Tamsin has been in 2 or the first 3 episodes of the season, so...
88. TheUberFan
I have a question for you all that I was thinking about.

What was Bo wearing? Was that a wedding gown or just a pretty gown?

Because if she was on the train unconcious in a wedding gown, did Daddy have something planned for his precious little succu-angel that she thwarted by bailing on him?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
89. Kiersten
I think it was just an elaborate nightgown to add to the airy fairy feel of things. There may even be a metaphor there of how dirty it got when she was running away as in real life might be messy but is far better than sleeping on a tra-a-ain
J Steller
90. Steller
Plus, Anna Silk had just had a baby, so they had to come up with something flowy and flattering, no?
91. drusilla_doll
Yeah, it looked like it was a champagne, cream or faint peach colour. Not white. I liked it during the forest fleeing montage. But mostly I was thinking, damn, they made her do this only a few weeks after birth? LOL.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
92. Kiersten
Fit as she is, I think that was the point of the Empire waist, yeah. Give her a few more weeks before strapping her post-baby into the leather. Either way, she's amazing and gorgeous.

"Who are you?"
"I'm awesome on two legs."

Yeah you are.
93. drusilla_doll
Yep, she pretty much is.

So, big question: Who were the voices telling her to kill everybody when she was feeling starved? Are we finally going to see Bo becoming Dark Bo? I am excited if we are, it's been a long time coming. She needs to face that side of herself.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
94. Kiersten
I'm not sure if that was the Jumby/Chumby trying to take over or if it was remnants from being on the train. Think probably the long-awaited Dark Bo though b/c the Jumby/Chumby hadnt gotten past the safeguards yet the first time Bo heard the voice urging her to kill
95. TheUberFan
Good feedback re: her outfit. Yeah I figured a part of it was her figure. :D

As for the voices, it could be daddy's influence. Think about the different times he's been mentioned, it's been ominous, such as at the end of Bo's Dawning when she chi succs everyone or with the "You bitches are witches" trio...
96. nypinta
So... was her dad the train? Is she somehow now possessed by some of the damned souls on the train? Was the train shaking every time Dyson said Bo's name because she can free them?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
97. Kiersten
I think her dad was *on* the train. I like the idea that The Wanderer/Bo's dad is/was in some kind of Odin Sleep (whether or not he's Odin is still up for grabs) and that the train rattles when Bo's name is mentioned because he's so enraged by her escape. Also, could be that Bo is part Valkyrie and since they lead the souls of dead warriors to Valhalla, maybe that had something to do with the dead souls protesting her escape as well.

I like the idea that's there's power in the very mention of her name and that, combined with Dyson's frustration and fear for Bo (and, arguably, his own considerable Fae power as he's been recognized as "one of the most powerful Fae" several times in the series), it was enough to blow the door off the back of the train when he roared "BO!" which is what led him to discover the torn strip from her dress and figure out where to go next to find her. Power in a person's true name is an established fantasy trope either that knowing someone's true name gives you power over them and/or that invoking a powerful person's name can create big moments and change events.
98. nypinta
I wonder if Aife was held prisoner on the train too? Surrounded by damned souls, I'd go insane too. Which means Luann Lydecker worked for Bo's father, maybe? But in that case she'd have to be an elemental to have gotten off the train without going crazy. Or Aife escaped with Bo and Luann went after her and hid Bo from both. Oh. This is confusing. I hope they solidify what exactly had happened.
Susan White
99. whiskeywhite
@drusilla_doll, thanks for the heads up about the correct quote from EA re: the Lauren/Crystal sex scene. Not having read the article myself (which I must do), I was going by what @cmm said (#8): "I read that EA said the sex scene with crystal and lauren was not suposed to be hot." Oops. And thanks for the shoutout that my posts are imaginative and well thought out. I can't touch most of you folks for plot imagination (I'm a take-it-as-they-give-it-to-me plot follower) but I really do try to put thought into my posts. But hey, I predicted the jumbie :-).
100. katotela
Just want to say thanks to kiersten.i have been reading your recaps for a long period now and i must say you are realy helping from east afrika, tanzania and english is not my language,so it difficult to hear and understand everthing.your recaps realy help to feel the gap.i love love lost girl and cant go a day without reading these lovely guys are best.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
101. Kiersten
@Katotela, you just made me all warm and tingly!! Thank you SO much. I'm *delighted* you find the recaps so helpful and, I hope, entertaining. I love, love, love Lost Girl too even when it makes me crazy and breaks my heart. Maybe even a little bit more then. ;)

Your command of English is great. Keep commenting!! And thank you!!
102. katotela
I love lauren and bo though,but it was good to see lauren with another person for a change.i love kenzi,she is like a breath of fresh air though i sometimes do not understand a word she say untill i read kiersten recaps
Kiersten Hallie Krum
103. Kiersten
@katotela - I have to keep the closed captions on to make sure I get it all! ;)
104. katotela
@kiersten,wish you could see me right now,im jumping up down after reading your reply my first time to comment on anything because im afraid people wont understand me.i love canadian shows so much.thank you.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
105. Kiersten
@katotela - you're making my day here, kiddo. And you're doing fantastic with the language. Don't be afraid - we don't bite. Much. ;)

Seriously, we're glad to have you and I hope you keep commenting. As you'll see from some of the time stamps on the comments above, we're a 24-hour, global shop. @bungluna is all the way over in Korea! So you're in excellent company.
Susan White
106. whiskeywhite
@katotela - Welcome! and nafurahi kukuona. I've visited beautiful Tanzania but only briefly - in Dar. Keep those comments coming! I also depend on Kiersten relaying the subtitles to help me understand. I'm eagerly awaiting their return in January.

I'm having trouble keeping up -- you folks are a prolific bunch. So much great discussion and, dare I say it, analysis. Can't comment on it all so if I don't mention you, it doesn't mean I'm not enjoying your contributions. Laugh out loud award of the day goes to @SmurfFae for "Ghosts on a Train" with honourary mention to @Drusilla_doll for "Succulf".

And welcome to @Stellar as well. It's great to have a fellow "Continuum" fan here (speaking of strong, intelligent women). I, too, binge watched LG, but on Showcase, and then found this group, late (and have been very happy here with the "over analyzers" ever since). I also liked Dyson when he was with Ciara. It's true that "he seemed more relaxed and smiled more" but that was in reaction to his pain at losing his love for Bo. I don't think he was sullen with Bo; they have lots of moments of fun, especially in Season 1, but their full happiness is cut so short and he's in pain around her throughout Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3.

@UberFaenatic, you suggest that Bo does not remember Tamsin. In the car, as she and Dyson are returning home, Bo says she's looking forward to getting back to Kenzi, Hale, Trick and ... (someone else she can't seem to remember). I thought that was Lauren, but now I realize it must have been Tamsin.

@TheGardner - I thought the dress Evony was wearing looked familiar, but I thought it was just lack of style imagination. But you're right -- she's "wearing Lauren's epic "staircase" dress from 3x05." I also agree that criticizing an actor's acting is fair game, if done respectfully and with evidence to back it up. I'm a big KHR fan (though I do recognize that I am influenced by the character(s) he plays) but I agree that he's been off several times this season, just in small ways (e.g., tonality in his voice going up when it should go down). For instance, when he's declaring what he loves about Bo to Eddie. Having to shout it because Eddie is a distance away may have affected his delivery.
Susan White
107. whiskeywhite
Speaking of KHR, @lsbloom, you say, "I think it is unhealthy the level to which the WonderLauren acolytes associate themselves and Zoie Palmer with Lauren." If they love Lauren and hate Dyson, then they should watch more Canadian cinema. In "The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard" Zoie plays KHR’s (ex)girlfriend. Eek! Shreek! After they break up she ends up (hilariously) as a "fluffer" in porn movies and screams at him that that he made her a "whore". He retorts that, with all due respect, she made herself a whore. Wowza! Imagine what the Doccubi would do with that. Zoie was fabulous in that role, as she is in general.

Speaking of Lauren, I agree completely, @Drusilla_doll:
I would love for (Lauren) to become a player, rather than a pawn. Own her decisions. Be active, rather than reactive. Use her intelligence to outsmart Evony (if that is who has her) and carve out a better place for herself where she wants to be.
And again:
I especially loved Bo standing up for Julia and 'meddling'. It's what I love about her. That she gets involved and rights wrongs, no matter the risk to herself. ...
And again:
I loved how willing Dyson was to take every risk and make every compromise to find her (jumping from the train and toe-licking). And then protect her and keep her safe.
Just as well that they didn't make us watch the toe licking. :-) John buried up to his neck in the (Canadian) woods by monkeys was an imaginative touch.

Good question @bungluna: "Isn't Evony worried about the Una Mens?" Does she even know about them?
Susan White
108. whiskeywhite
Last time -- must work. Here's the screen shot of Lauren's kidnapper with the colour enhanced. It's clearly neither Vex nor Massimo. Hope this comes through OK.

It didn't. Wish I knew how to post photos that aren't on the Web. Tip anyone?
109. nypinta
@katotela, I'm in the US and your English is great .

I like Lauren too. I'm just not keen on what the writers keep doing to her character. I liked cooly detached first episode Lauren, and then later in S3 she was science-y in the face of danger Lauren. Being slighty OCD with condiments was pretty funny. But they can't seem to make up their mind who she is and I can't help but think that has got to be exhausting for Zoie Palmer that she has to leave so much ambiguous in some scenes because she never knows what the writers are going to back track on. I don't really see the need to add a secret life backstory on her too. But if it leads to her working for Evony, well... that would be interesting.

I guess it's one of my pet peeves when they don't start off knowing who each character is. I get that when they started they needed people to fill certain roles, but once the show was going to be made I think the first thing they should be doing is fleshing out who each character is, what their back story is, and have season long arcs in mind from Day One. Sure, things can change. But to often they seem to want a character to be "A" but then they have them do stuff if they were a "B" and then a "C" and it doesn't make sense.

I feel the same for the character of Ciara. (This might get long. You can skip to the end if you want.) I think they intended on bringing her on to be this character that Bo would be envious of because she seems to have it all. She's rich and powerful and they kept saying how she was so tough. But they also seemed to want her to be the opposite of Bo in every way, by always having her in dresses and light colors and a social butterfly with all the connections to the rich fae. And then her backstory was overly complicated because they needed Dyson to have a connection with her and introduce the Norn but what they came up with made Ciara look fickle and pliant, Dyson came off just as stupidly noble but it's understandable he would say no to the Norn's request then yet he seemed like a bit of a jerk because he kept flirting with his best friend's wife. I still say they should have skipped Stephan all together, had her and Dyson an item and it was he the king sent on a mission so he could claim Ciara. But Dyson, being the badass he is, survives and comes back to find out his pack let Ciara be taken. So now he's angry at the king and his pack and goes off on his own, but first he goes to the Norn to get her to stop the wedding (that fae law allows, which the should have made very clear), but he just can't give up his wolf. (Which would make her actually have a reason to be mad later, IMO. Well not mad. Jealous. Who wouldn't be gutted to find out you weren't good enough to have someone sacrifice something like that but someone else is?) So it felt like there were too many people influencing who they thought Ciara was and that made the character confusing to the audience. But what happened to her character would have been a great reinforcement of Bo's position that fae rules are arbitrary and following them does not equate happiness. What a waste.

Which I guess is why I nitpick the show as much as I do. ;) They've been handed this lush world to play in. And just a wee bit of preparation would make it epic.

Uh. End rant?

PS, @whiskeywhite, just wait till they see Sex After Kids. Zoie and Kris are in that too...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
110. Kiersten
@nypita - I *love* that retcon of Ciara's character and arc. What a huge impact that wouldve had on Bo and Dyson's story, separate and together. But, as we know, S2 lacked an official showrunner and there was a lot of BTS shennanigans that influenced the on-screen stories, unfortunately.

I think most people who are die-hard ZP fans (and/or KHR) are aware of TUWOPS and Sex After Kids and their roles in those movies AND the fact that the two of them are very good friends offscreen. But people have selective memories and, when it comes Doctor Lauren, many of her "church" seem to have willful blinders on for their own agendas. C'est la vie. C'est la guerre.
111. drusilla_doll
Oh dear! What did you do @Whiskeywhite? You broke the internets! lol
Kiersten Hallie Krum
112. Kiersten
New trailer for Sunday's new episode is up !

Looks like things are getting GOOD. Bo confronts the Una Mens. Massimo gets sucked down by Bo. Bo and Kenzi are together again. Crystal is imprisoned somewhere with DL (which makes it more likely she's a victim too), Dyson is worried about finding Doctor Lauren, and, oh yeah, BO AND DYSON!!!
113. nypinta
@Kiersten I maybe have thought about it a bit too much. ;)

Some more: (Again, you all can skip if you want.) With the extended season I think she and Dyson should have gotten another flashback episode, back in much happier times and show some of her actually teaching the wolves warcraft, (show, don't tell), maybe something that comes back into play in the big showdown with the Garuda. And either have her searching for a way to get Dyson's love back after she storms off and she tells Kenzi about it, but dies before she can do anything and since Kenzi is the only one to really know what Dyson feels is finally spurred to action now that Ciara can't OR, Ciara goes to the Norn to try and get it back herself and it's revealed that back when Dyson was sent off on that mission that she knew was a suicide run she went to the Norn to protect him and turns out she sacrificed her happiness, which would make her a more tragic figure. This way she's integrated a little bit more with the gang so it felt like more of a loss when she sacrificed herself for Bo, which would actually be more of a sacrifice for Dyson because she knows Kenzi will get his love back and he and Bo can get together. (Which makes her more like Dyson and another reason they wouldn't have worked, they were too much alike.) I also think she should have seen the Nain Rouge in the body swap episode. No words needed to be said, but to an experienced fae like Ciara, she'd know that meant she was probably going to die and she went into battle with them all anyhow.

I also think they should have given Nadia more of a story with the extra episodes. Make her way more likable, even maybe a bit like Bo. (Lauren has a type!) She's funny, sweet, but snappy and blunt. Maybe Bo can't help but like her. So it seems to everyone that instead of being stuck with a clingy, paranoid girlfriend, that Lauren is actually happy. Which would make her look like less of a jerk for not cutting Nadia loose earlier. I liked the idea of the Garuda using Nadia. I think though maybe she should have become wise to the fae and managed to get onto Team Badass for the final confrontation and it turns out that the wing flamed beast was just a decoy for her and Nadia (as the Garuda embodied) is blood linked to Bo, which could make their battle more epic. Real Nadia is also fighting the Garuda because Bo's powers means that Nadia is connected to Lauren now too. So when it comes time for Bo to have to defeat her, Lauren can actually feel what Nadia is going through which makes her asking Bo to kill her make more sense. Then at the end when they're all licking their wounds when Dyson tells Lauren to leave, he doesn't say it to mean she should try running, but he offers her his cabin (come on, you know he has one), so she can mourn Nadia. (Because she should be kind of miserable at this point, not looking at Bo like she's made of icecream and cookies.) But really, in season two everyone gave up their relationship for Bo. Dyson looses Ciara, Lauren lost Nadia, and Kenzi gave up Nate. So when season three opens, I kind of would have liked it better if everyone's relationships were strained a bit. Lauren comes back having grieved but she does so with the idea that both she and Kenzi did enough to earn the humans some respect, and she's determined to throw herself back into her work, as we see in the opening by willing to go undercover in the jail. (But both of them have that idea slowly stripped from them by the continuing attitude of the fae they just saved.)

So, season three opens and everyone is still just a bit broken. Honestly, I feel like Lauren and Bo getting together was a reaction to everything from S2. A bit of a rebound for both of them. Lauren needing someone now that Nadia is gone and Bo needing Lauren because she needs to feel forgiven. But Bo is tired and angry that she and her friends have done so much for the fae and instead of the fae letting up on them they're getting shit on again and now she's got this blonde fae cop on her case so she decides to hell with it, I'll be what they're accusing me of and starts to explore her dark side (like we were promised!) out of anger and guilt and it's her slipping into seriously bad habits that kind of snap the Happy Sunshine Gang back to their senses when Kenzi gets taken and they don't believe her not because of some stupid fae puberty thing but because she's actually been acting up and they all get their shit together to fight off Taft and his human goons at the end.

Lauren still leaves, but not on the run but because she made an agreement with Hale that she go undercover at Taft's to find out what he's up to in return for real freedom, which Hale honors. The Karen thing was a lie for Taft. So when S4 opens, she's affected by the spell but instead of in a diner, she has a medical/research job. And Evony finds the Karen file and realizes is fae trickery that Hale called off but she reinstates it to have Lauren dragged back. Why? No clue. Could be she thinks if she can get Lauren to work for the Dark that would force Bo to choose the Dark, which although she hates Bo having her choose the Dark would be such a win for her. And Lauren accepts but I would love it if it was with a long term plan in mind. No more Lauren the pliant and duped! How about a little Lauren the long term planner?

I think about this stuff way too much.
Nadine Robb
114. cmm
Has anyone seen the screencaps for the next episode? If not and you wish to be spoiled....
115. TheUberFan

I'm thinking Bo succ's Massimo because she's mad at him for what he did to Kenzi and possibly even Tamsin, if she remembers her (which I'm not clear on at this point).
Nadine Robb
116. cmm
LOL! I just tried to post the screencaps to that trailer Kiersten.
117. TheUberFan
I think about this stuff too much too, @nypinta. In fact I kinda have to laugh at the level I dissect this stuff. I figure at some point @Kiersten is going to tell me to step away from the computer, stop thinking about the peeps in fae world and do something else. lol
Nadine Robb
118. cmm
I like your imaginations Nypita, but I don't think Lauren is smart enough to go undercover alone after what we saw of this weeks episode. Lets talk about that trailer though, wow! They are still pulling the dyson &bo strings. Also the statement about her blood "your blood has chosen" does that mean she has subconciously chosen a side or that her father has made the choice for her?
119. drusilla_doll
Obviously their sexy times in the cellar is interrupted. /rolls eyes. I will enjoy the kiss, but it does annoy me that the writers are too timid to go there again with those two.

That said, it looks like a pretty cool episode. Love that Dyson is expressing concern for Lauren. Love Bo confronting the Una Mens and doing things with Kenzi.

Bo taking on Massimo, I presume it has to do with Kenzi's deal, but also Tamsin (going by the still photos released).
120. nypinta
That's the thing though. They keep saying characters are this or that but then have them behave the opposite. They say Lauren is smart but then write her doing dumb things. I'd prefer they stop doing that. Show her doing the smart things. And not always just for Bo, but for herself too.

The promo does look good. I do think Bo has it out with Kenzi and then goes to have it out with Massimo too. Also since he had a hand in her disappearance so, yeah, he's in trouble.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
121. Kiersten
Does that mean she has subconciously chosen a side or that her father has made the choice for her?

I don't know!! I was worried about that too. I mean, Bo has been Light Fae in all but verbal confirmation all series, but it would so be the monkey wrench if her father did something to/with her that aligned her to the Dark Fae. That would mean she couldnt by law be with Dyson or Hale or Trick but, if DL *does* wind up w/Evony in some when, could be with Doctor Lauren...

I'm just so ready for this show to screw with me/us again, I'm ready for any crazy scenario. But I am LOVING that promo!!
122. TheUberFan
Well the thing is, Bo doesn't really care about fae law. So even if for instance addy did something to align her, she wouldn't submit because it wouldn't be her choice to do so. Ever.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
123. Kiersten
It looked like Dyson and Kenzi were commisserating over something so that may be that they told Bo about the macking. I'm a little worried that Bo doesnt remember DL and Dyson hasn't told her DL is missing and that's being set up for manufactured conflict down the road, but, like I said, I'm ready for this show to screw me/us over them every second
124. TheUberFan
Also, I'm bummed no Tamsin in the promo. Just sayin.' :(

But I'm really intrigued by the interaction between Bo and the Una Mens.
125. drusilla_doll
So presumably Bo thinks they've been robbed, but it's really just that Kenzi's been handing off all of their good stuff to Massimo to pay for the sparkle cream.

I do hope it's Crystal in the cell with Lauren, I hope she's not really the betraying type and is just as much a victim of circumstance. We'll see.
126. TheUberFan
Hey...did you all notice Lauren's a blonde again?!?

The wig is dead! :D
Kiersten Hallie Krum
127. Kiersten
I did notice the wig was gone! Kinda hard to maintain in those conditions, plus I dont guess she needs to hide her identity anymore. Pretty sure Crystal and her accomplice didnt take "Karen" to the cops though.
128. drusilla_doll
Woohooo! All of LG Fandom rejoices!

@uberfaenatic: Yep, bummer there is no Tamsin in the promo. But photos do show her, so she will be in this episode.

@kiersten: I wouldn't be surprised either if they go that route.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
129. Kiersten
Agree that Bo is going to think they're being robbed when its stuff Kenzi's turned over to Massimo for the fairy cream. I wonder how Bo's "I'm sick of people lying to me and keeping things from me" zero tolerance policy is going to apply when its Kenzi holding things back from her, hmmm?
130. TheUberFan
That sure looks like Crystal in the background. Lauren is wearing the same shirt she was when she was kidnapped and that looks like the other woman is wearing the same top that Crystal had on in the car.
131. TheUberFan
Well to our knowledge, she's never come clean about the Norn or told Bo about why Inari kidnapped her so she's had secrets now for well over a year.
Nadine Robb
132. cmm
I don't know!! I was worried about that too. I mean, Bo has been Light
Fae in all but verbal confirmation all series, but it would so be the
monkey wrench if her father did something to/with her that aligned her
to the Dark Fae. That would mean she couldnt by law be with Dyson or
Hale or Trick but, if DL *does* wind up w/Evony in some when, could be
with Doctor Lauren..."
Eeeek! You went there! I am so hoping not for that scenario. I'm hoping that they say she chose humans which would tie back into season 1. I'm also hoping she tells them where they can shove their opinions lol!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
133. Kiersten
@drusilla_doll there's always the chance that he's looking for DL and will bring her home to Bo the way he brought Bo home b/c he knows how much Bo cares for her and then Bo, seeing that Dyson has again given her what she thinks she wants and needs even at his own cost, realizes how much she loves and needs him and Bob's your uncle, right? RIGHT?!

Yeah, I'm not that lucky.

I mean, even DL got that he couldnt help her when she called b/c he was already trying to find Bo. He gave her the kick in the ass she needed and she started to work to get the video off Crystal's phone. I expect he'll start to beat himself up about that though if/when he goes to the diner to get her and she isn't there and he can't find her. Wouldnt it be lovely if Bo actually behaved like an adult this time and realized the truth behind eveything instead of petulently stamping her foot and ditching him again? Yeah, I know.

Definitely was Crystal in the background of DL's cell. Hope this means she's sticking around for a while. Doctor Lauren needs something of her own for a change
134. nypinta
Considering that Bo being gone kind of left Kenzi on her own I don't think Bo gets to be too upset that Kenzi went to such lengths to pretend she's fae so she wouldn't get murdered by fanatic fae following The Morrigan's decree. And most of their stuff was already stolen anyhow!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
135. Kiersten
Yeah, its a little ironic that she'd be afraid of being robbed when they're squatting at Hilton Hovel and most of their furniture and clothes were stolen by Kenzi or succujuiced from a clerk by Bo. But still.

I dont think Bo gets to be upset about a lot of things she has been upset about and think she shouldve been upset about some big honking shit she shrugged off. Depends on who's doing it. Doctor Lauren? Always gets a pass. Dyson? Always get the shit storm. Remains to see how Kenzi gets treated
136. Tamsin's Panties
I am so sick and tired of this tight lid that the people in charge insist on keeping on Tamsin. WTF? I am serious I want some answers! I know that no one here can tell me but I am hoping that the jerkoffs that are in charge of LG read this forum! I am surprised that they released that photo of Tamsin given their penchant to totally F**k with the heads of their fans. I am serious damn it! Are they afraid of whipping doccubus up into a frenzy? Wouldn't be surprised they are scared to death of doccubus. Scared to death of hurting their their poor wittle feelings? Why don't they just go ahead and kill Tamsin off now? I mean if she is that controversial why bother with her. God I can't believe that a stupid show can reduce me to this kind of outburst it f**king sucks!
137. drusilla_doll
Okay, so being the over-analyser that I am, I screencapped that part of the promo with Team Badass because I wanted to see if it was from the sexy cellar scene in the other S4 promo. Well guess what?!

It's not! Woot! It appears to be an entirely separate scene where the two have been sparring together. I enhanced the image and you can see Dyson is shirtless, Bo has her hands wrapped in black material or tape and has a plain black tank on (not the fancy black top with silver trim on the shoulders and longer cap sleeve) and you can see the ropes (red/white/blue bunting) behind them and to the right, like a makeshift boxing ring.

So, I'm definitely thrilled by this. The cellar clinch is still safe from interruption.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
139. Kiersten
@drusilla_doll - I noted the gym environs right away but missed the tape on her hands. Thought she'd just gone to the gym to jump him, but like so much better if they're sparring to get her back to fighting form. Team Badass indeed.
140. drusilla_doll
@whiskeywhite: BTW, I saw your question before and what I do is I upload the image to my photobucket account, then I can use the linking function.
141. drusilla_doll
@Tamsin'sPanties: It is indeed annoying there has been no sign of Tamsin in the promos. However, I think we are going to finally see grown up Tamsin this coming Sunday, and she'll be back as part of the ongoing storylines and maybe even have one of her own. Perhaps we'll get to find out more about what she's going through post death. She might also be the one who has the most knowledge of The Wanderer and his plans, which is another reason the writers have been holding off on bringing her back.
Susan White
142. whiskeywhite
Thanks @Drusilla_doll for the tip about photos. Now if I knew what a photobucket account was or had one (actually I can figure it out - hee). I appreciate it. So I don't break the internets again. :-)

@nypinta, what I was saying about imagination. That. Right. There.

OK, here's an idea everybody -- a group of us goes to Toronto. We kidnap the LG writers. We replace them with our writers, who are wearing masks and (good) wigs. Nobody notices the old writers are missing. With the intriguing, and very consistent, plots the rating go up and LG wins awards. Our writers throw off their masks and wigs to loud cheers. The Doccunuts get therapy and live happier lives, no longer a threat to world sanity. Oh, and Tamsin gets her own show.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
143. Kiersten
This was just posted on twitter in good fun and I couldn't resist.

Carmen Pinzon
144. bungluna
@Kiersten, that's so, so on point!

I propose that we follow @whiskeywhite's plan, replace Kiersten and nypinta as the LG writing team.

I love geeks in all shows. The YA team in SHIELD are the best part of that show. I get so frustrated because Lauren isn't allowed to realize her full geek potential with all these rec-con crap piled on her character. To what end? I just don't get it. Make her fish or fowl, but stop waffling all over the character map!!!!

I have to say that this season is shaping up much better than the last two. It may not be what I want, re: Bo and Dyson forever! But it is much better pased. I was THIS close from jumping ship, but now I'm caught along for the ride.

Finally, Thanks to Kiersten. Without your recaps and all the details you bring out I would have given up on this very enjoyable show two seasons ago!
145. nypinta
So are we going to see Kenzi and Bo reunited or are they just going to jump right back in to them being roomies and besties? I think that they go out to celebrate and come back to find all their stuff gone because Massimo took it in payment for Kenzi's fae cream. Bo and Kenzi might have it out but Bo goes after Massimo. Maybe stops at the Cop Shop (because it looks like their interrogation room when she says that no one takes what hers.) And I wonder if they aren't turning the bits from her confronting the Una Mens around. That they try telling her that her blood has chosen a side and she pretty much fluffs them off because she refuses to follow their rules. Which is funny since actually they're Trick's rules. It's kind of hypocritical of him to support Bo in her unalignedness when he's the one that wrote the very rules she's ignoring. He gave up Aife because of those laws. But Bo gets a complete pass. That's weird, right?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
146. Kiersten
Maybe that's the blood they're talking about. Maybe Trick as Blood King claimed Bo as Light Fae (once he remembered her) to protect her from the Una Mens while she was "lost". Trick is her "blood" too after all.

I think Trick's learned his decision about Aoife was wrong & given the chance would make a different one now.
Nadine Robb
147. cmm
"Which is funny since actually they're Trick's rules. It's kind of
hypocritical of him to support Bo in her unalignedness when he's the one that wrote the very rules she's ignoring. He gave up Aife because of
those laws. But Bo gets a complete pass. That's weird, right?"

This exactly! I don't get how that works unless Trick is only part of the puzzle. Maybe that's where her father comes in? I'm not sure but it's weird. Very, very weird!
148. katotela
@whiskeywhite,asante,nimefurahi(thanks,im happy) that you wrote few words in swahili.i live in dar es salaam too.
149. TheUberFan
But if her blood has chosen a side (whatever that means) then why do they have her mask with a sign that reads "unaligned succubus"?
Katherine Bloom
150. lsbloom
@Bungluna I LOVE geeks! I LOVE Fitzsimmons (and all the Whedon nerds before them). I'm currently rewatching Chuck. I'm one of 20 million people addicted to TBBT. But Lauren bugs the ever-living-loving crap out of me. They can't let her get her geek on because the writers refuse to crack a book and learn any geek for her to say. So she looks into a microscope and sees blood flowing through veins. She "cures" "heart disease." She doesn't know how to play a geek. She's not socially awkward, she's just cold. She has the wrong posture. She has the wrong aggression. If she were a super nerd doctor getting by on her smarts she wouldn't go after Trick with her position, she'd go after him with science. Not "I know my girlfriend's body." But "blah blah DNA blah blah increased heart rate blah blah evolutionary changes in her somatic cells." In a corner Lauren reaches for power not data.

This is a genre for nerds, we can recognize one of our own.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
152. Kiersten
Oh, BTW, Zoie Palmer was on Sirrus radio this morning in The Great White North. I haven't listened to it yet, but she always gives a great interview. Here's the link to the youtube recording of it
Nadine Robb
153. cmm
Chuck was cancelled before it's time. Hated the last episode though.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
154. Kiersten
@cmm I hated it too. Made ZERO sense to take away her memory like that. Just absurd. BUT I think CHUCK did *amazing* job with a repeated spotty episode orders. They never knew if were going to get a back nine order, so they structured the story arc over the 13 they did have and prepped a 2nd 9-episode arc in case they got the back 9 order (which they did). Additioanlly, each of their "season finales" for each arc could have functioned as a series finale too because they never knewe until the last moment if were going to get renewed. It's a great case study in how to deal with those studio and channel machinations.
155. TheUberFan
Oh man Zoie cracks me up. She has such a delicious dry sense of humor and it's my style exactly.

You know in Australia when she went to a con, a fan apparently asked if the car wash video was from a real episode and she said it was...but given what we know about her sense of humor, I'm 99.999% sure she was kidding and the fan took it seriously. lol
Kiersten Hallie Krum
156. Kiersten
@UberFaenatic - she wasnt kidding. It is apparently part of a future episode but ZP said it was not meant to be gratuitious and would make more sense in context.
157. drusilla_doll
@Isbloom: I am also a huge fan of geeks and nerds in shows. The FitzSimmons duo is spectacular. I also have loved Willow, Wesley, Fred, Topher and other Whedon characters who qualify as such. I adore Chuck too. I think that geeky characters have an important part to play in genre shows and should be appreciated.

Lauren does have some adorable geeky qualities. However, I think the writers didn't really flesh out her character in a realistic way. She's brilliant and yet impossibly naive. A wily fugitive and yet too trusting. She's scary smart and yet doesn't see that a victim was strangled with six fingers which exonerates Bo. She has all of these outrageous secret past histories which contradict each other. Make her look like a patchwork quilt rather than a human with finite experiences. Telling us she's all those fantastical things from her past isn't the same as showing us. When will we get to see her mettle and fortitude? I am not averse to seeing Lauren standing up for herself. In fact, it's long past overdue.

The Taft trick isn't enough to sell me on Lauren's awesome intellectual or survivalist skills.

Anyone who actually thinks she saved the day re: Taft is a little disconnected from reality, IMO.

Still, there is potential. As long as they write to her strengths and don't try to make her out to be WonderMartyrLauren. Yes, she's had some low times, but some of them were because of decisions she herself made. I hope the writers will have her making better, wiser decisions and growing a spine. I would support her moving in that direction. As long as Bo didn't forget how incompatible they truly are.

Bo and Lauren fully had their day in the sun. The whole nine yards. It didn't work out and they proved pretty incompatible when push came to shove, but that doesn't negate the fact that they loved each other and probably still do. But Bo also loves Dyson and that's not going to suddenly disappear either, as much as Doccubus supporters want it to.
158. TheUberFan
It's real? For real?



159. nypinta
If it's real, that means Lauren and Dyson were hanging out together. Heeheehee. That makes me giggle.
Suzanne Metaxas
160. SuzyM
If the UnaMens know that she is the Blood Kings line that is the blood they could be talking about.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
161. Kiersten
It means at some point, they all go on a road trip together, which has the potential to be *hilarious*.

But that's the point, isn't it? DL & D have already started to form some kind of bond together. And he was the one she called when she panicked over the phone video & just wanted to get back to what she knew. Now in the new trailer, we see he's been looking for her and is genuinely worried about her.

"I don't know if you're the best rival or the worst..." That may be Dyson's first unfettered, gut response to DL that he's allowed to come out to her. I think in one way Dyson has finally reached his limit with how DL keeps needing to be rescued and thus pulls Bo back to her but also recognizes that he now has affection for her too and considers her in some way part of his pack because he knows Bo loves her and, well, that's what he does.

Right now, I'm *really* hoping they don't use the cheat that Bo hasn't remember DL yet and that's why she was hanging on to Dyson last episode. I don't think that's accurate; I think it's clear when she namechecked DL at the cottage that she remembers her and by the end of the ep everyone else and all that's went on in S3. But you never know just what the show is going to walk back from where they're concerned.
Suzanne Metaxas
163. SuzyM
I think you are right Kiersten :) that is the only way that car wash scene makes any sense especially since Dyson seemed to be coming out of a store and joining DL.
164. TheUberFan
All I can say is please let it make sense. I told someone that I figured it was just a fun clip but that it was such a departure from everything we know on the show and of the characters that if they ever really had that scene playing, I'd probably drop the series because they would have totally jumped the shark.

So ... please let the context make sense. lol
Katherine Bloom
165. lsbloom
Totes agree with the episode and finale assessment of Chuck, Kiersten. Also, a great example of keeping a relationship interesting and fun even without the will they/when will they stuff. And not getting bogged down in silly relationship dramatic tropes ::cough:: Castle ::cough:: It was like everytime Chuck realized that Sarah was his, he reacted like he'd won her all over again. (I know the end is supposed to be bad, that's why I never watched it when it was on. I can't even enjoy BSG rewatches because of the end, and part of me wishes I'd never watched that either. Poor Kara Thrace, you were a badass and fantastic, and you deserved so much more than disappearing.)

I STILL refuse to accept the logic that giving Taft superpowers was helping anyone, let alone *saving* anyone. Taft was unconscious on a table--so many better ways of helping...the LEAST of which would have been leaving him human, and slow. Or not drugging Dyson as he fought his way free. She could have helped him fight, told him Bo and Tamsin were there to help. Nope drugged him into submission, put him at the mercy of Taft. That's NOT helpful. That entire scenario is the worst logic I've ever seen and I regularly watch TVD. Sorry, guys, this along with the blood/thralling stuff is just a soapbox I will not ditch.
166. nypinta
I dont' understand that last line, @lsbloom.
167. nypinta
The synopsis for next episode was posted. Based on it I'm pretty sure the things Kenzi confesses to is the fae cream. The idea that her going to Massimo to get fae fireworks while Bo was gone in order to protect herself better not be even close to a thing that could break them up as friends. Unless not only does Bo get mad, but Kenzi gets mad right back. Maybe while Bo is confronting the Una Mens, Dyson AND Kenzi go off to find Lauren because Bo and Kenzi are mad at each other.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
168. Kiersten
Wow. People really think Bo doesnt remember DL? Do they *watch* the show? Doctor Lauren was the second person Bo namechecked (afterKenzi) as her memory was restored and she remembered Dal go boom and DL in Tafts lab? "Does this have anything to do with Lauren?" How could anyone think she doesn't remember her, just because she didn't repeat her name in the car as she was falling asleep?

Also, did everyone conveniently miss the fact that BO kissed Dyson & not the other way around? He followed her lead all episode. She kissed him. She reached for him repeatedly. She moved to lay her head on his shoulder in the car. She was the one happy at the idea of being married to him and HE was the one who brushed that aside b/c it didn't happen. It was ALL Bo's initiative. What's this "Dyson's being a dick trying to get into Bo's pants while she still doesn't remember (Doctor) Lauren" bullshit?

Oy, my head. This is why I don't read these delusion suppositions!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
169. Kiersten
I think Kenzi confesses the Fae cream and theiving sitch too, but Bo knows she's a survivor and would understand if be pissed. Having that threaten their friendship seems a bit much. Wondering if the "macking with Dyson because we forgot you existed" comes into play there too, which would also explain why they both go off to find DL to give B a little space
170. nypinta
Yeah, I saw one comment to the effect that Dyson was pushing things because Bo was still brain addled. I don't get that since, as you pointed out, she does remember Lauren. And besides, even if she didn't (which she does) how would he know she didn't to take advantage of it anyhow? The entire episode was them trying to defeat the jumby/chumby thing. They didn't have time for a deep discussion on what happened to either of them. And then at the end she was just exhausted and was resting on his shoulder. Was he supposed to keep her awake and quiz her on everything about her life before allowing her to do so?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
171. Kiersten
Exactly. They're absurd and ridiculous assertions that make no sense in view of the entire episode. Any residual interdimension illness issues Bo had were cured by the Jumby's possession. She kicked Clio's ass - the woman was far from impaired mentally or physically. Just exhausted.
Susan White
172. whiskeywhite
I checked out the tip that Dyson was still wearing the wedding ring in the car. Absolutely true -- indeed ostentatiously displayed on his steering wheel hand (how did I miss that?!). But Bo is not wearing 'hers'. You can't see her hands well in the car, but you can in the preceding fight with Clio. No ring. What does that mean Dr. Freud?

I don't know what it says in the credits, but the correct spelling of jumbie is 'jumbie', as it is spelled in Trinidad and Tobago, the primary home of the jumbie. Jumbies are traditionally stilt walkers. I saw one of its ancestors in the West African country of Liberia where it was embodying a spirit figure. A smart but cynical little kid informed me that it really wasn't a 'devil' (spirit) in the costume, but rather a very tall 'mister'. :-) It was tall enough to sit on a house roof and cross its legs. In Trinidad a number of years ago I saw 5000 people dressed in very tall, colourful headgear in a single carnival 'mas' band entitled, of course, "Jumbie".
Carmen Pinzon
173. bungluna
Hey, don't y'all know tha Dyson is the personification of paternalistic evil incanate and a douch scumbag?!

The more I think about it, the more I have to admire the creators of this world. They have managed to get us all hooked and obsessed with all it's myriad details. On a small budget, no less. The power of imagination.
174. katotela
@nypinta,you are theories are realy killing me here,i get lost in the way but i go back and read again and again.its fun how people can come up with different theories and yet they all make sense.i dont analyze much but i do get very angry when an episode dont go my way.but i think thats the fun of it all,to make you angry,mad and happy all at the same time.
the reason why i like lauren and Bo is because i love watching lesbian sex scene,so it realy doesnt matter who lauren sleep with as long as it is not a guy. i prefer cryistal to Bo and i think the sex scene between lauren and crystal was so hot,it was believable and the way they laughed together at the end,very hot.i wish i could hear what crystal say that made them laugh.
it looks like Bo shows true feelings when she is with dyson,but with lauren,its like she is forcing it
Kenzi is still the best!!!!!
175. katotela
@kiersten,you could be right about Bo not remembering Lauren because it doesnt make any sense.i was bitting myself up since yesterday as to why Bo didnt say anything about lauren.she was happy that she was going home to see her friends and even meontioned their names but never did lauren name came up...
i dont know where this is going but im loving it!!!!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
176. Kiersten
@Katotela I thought Crystal and Doctor Lauren were great together while they were together and that their love scene was a lot of unconstrained fun and passion. DL certainly looked relaxed and like she enjoyed herself for the first time in a long time and in a way we never saw her be with Bo. That impulsive kiss before she ran off was really emotional for her too.

I for one am hoping Crystal gets redeemed somehow for her actions and winds up sticking around for a while. I think DL needs someone who is just hers in a way Bo never was and can never be. She does deserve some happiness and a person who is solely in her corner. It looks like Crystal's in the cell with DL, so maybe there's more to happen between them yet.
177. nypinta
I get being upset if an episode doesn't go the way one wants. Most of the episodes don't go the way I want. (See above. ;) ) it's the lengths that some go to not only not like it, but to imbue the characters they don't like with negative traits which then leads to not liking the actor and being not critical but cruel to them as if they can actually make them do things differently. I love to post my 'woulda coulda' scenarios. But I refuse to send a message to the show makers and writers demanding my ship be serviced. (I don't really have one actually. Well. Wait. I was kind of hoping Massimo would't suck so much and Kenzi would get the triangle this season...Does that count?) So it's not vocal shippers I have any issue with, it's vocal demanding mean shippers. So there are doccubus fans, (rooting for Bo and Lauren) and then there are doccunuts, (hating Dyson and by extension KHR) just like there are team badass fans, (rooting for Dyson and Bo) and dybo fans, (people who hate Zoie Palmer unreasonably). When I see people on line posting their reasons for liking a particular team, it's more interesting when it's, "I prefer Doccubus because Lauren did *this* for Bo and Bo did *that* etc." it's cool. And sometimes someone will point out something I missed. But when it's, "I prefer Doccubus because Dyson did..." just stop. No. What Dyson may or may not have done to Bo has zero to do with whether or not she should be with Lauren. Ugh. What a sad world Bo lives in if she only has two choices ever for a lover! This I blame a bit on the writers. They started this Bo pendulum back in S1. Dyson warns Bo about Lauren's trusthworthyness and the first time they were together it was under false pretenses. So for Bo, Lauren is out, Dyson is in. Then it turns out Dyson knew who her mother was then suddenly Dyson was out and Lauren was in, who cares what happened before. Then both of them are taken out of the equation by circumstance until one of them was free again, and she picks that one. But was it because she wanted that one or because she thought she couldn't have the other so what the hell? That's a lousy premise for a relationship. And now both are free and both available. (Even though Bo and Lauren did break up. I don't really see how they can walk back from that. But I do think that at some point Dyson is giong to tell Bo the events at Tafts from his POV and that Lauren switched the DNA so that Taft didn't become a wolf and Bo will forgive Lauren for her part since she was, after she realized what Taft was up to, mostly unwilling.) How Lauren is going to be allowed to walk around Faetown after The Morrigan's decree will be interesting. And I still think it'd be hilarious if this season the love triangle is Dyson and Lauren buddying up with Bo on the outside.
178. kristina 466
omg i loved this episode. i love all the bo and dyson scenes. hopfully they kill lauren, and no one gets to her in time to save her. please just kill lauren off never liked her character really. its time for double dates, hopfully Bo and Dyson
179. Darthfaeder
Well finally got around to watching episode 2 last night and was like
meh I guess it was okay. Thought it was hilarious that little Tam flushed Kenzi's sparkly cream down the toilet LOL!!!! Hope to have time to watch episode 3 in the next couple of days. Quite freakly with no Tamsin in episode 3 I am in no hurry but I am a LG fan so I will watch reguardless if Tamsin is in the episode 3 or not. Looks like she'll be in episode 4 though so that is good news. @Tamsins Panties hello I am a Tamsin fan too so I feel your pain but it really doesn' t do any good getting upset about no Tamsin. Maybe they have something really cool in store for Tamsin. I read that the PTB decided to give Tamsin so wings. They will be giving her some wings via CGI.
I got a big kick out of teen Tamsin grabing her breasts and saying why do these have to be so big????? LOLOLOL!!!!! Laughed my ass off ! I won't talk to much about episode 2 here cuz well this link is about episode 3. Just wanted to finally put my two cents in about ep # 2 and look forward to episode 3. I will say that it does look like things are starting to get interested from the looks of episode 4.
C. H.
180. SmurfFae
OK, some predictions for future episodes:
The carwash scene could be from episode 4.07, while Bo & Lauren voyage into Dyson's mind. Just seems like something Dyson would imagine ;)

In tv-series, who stayed on the air some years, it's common practice to put the main crew into uncommon parings, to see how they interact. I guess we´ll see at least two such pairings:
-Kenzie&Tamsin: I guess it's inevitable that later episode will have lots of references of the kind 'when you were little, ...'.
Trick said mini-valkyries are valuable; I guess they develop some kind of attachment to the one who acts as a peer during their growing-phase, so I could imagine Tamsin acting protective of Kenzie. And needing some Kenzie-lullabies before being able to sleep. Since Kenzie already has a bestie, I guess by episode 8 she will consider putting a restraining order on Tamsin. Or learn to appreciate her.
-Dyson&Lauren will probably agree to some kind of ceasefire. BoLo is over, since they realized their incompatibility. Lauren will learn to appreciate Dyson even more, once she spent some time in his brain. And she has to protect Bo from malnourishment and as a doctor she knows that wolves are an excellent source of chi. Dyson is already chock-full of appreciation for the genius doctor. At one point they´ll realize they'll need their combo of brains&brawns to protect Bo from the big bad (probably: Bo's dad) and all the little bads (Evony, una mens, etc).
-Another combo we'll probably see is Hale&Vex. They´re former Ash and former Morrigan, so their teaming up is near-inevitable.

Someone will soon wear an una mens death mask and die (maybe turned to stone?). Most likely: Massimo. He's a jerk and expendable. And we have to see what they do, otherwise they wouldn´t have been shown. (Kenzie wouldn´t be caught dead in that ugly thing so she's probably save.) Whoever ends up a victim might be returned to live by Bo's chi.

We'll probably learn what was in that box from episode 4.01 in one of the next episodes.
Evony will try to rain on Bo's parade (and look good doing it) and will obviously be put in her place.
In the preview Crystal was shown together with Lauren, captured. I wouldn´t bet on her surviving the next episode.

Bo won't pick a side, like the una woman said, since she'll live the life she chooses. And choosing sides is not part of that. By episode 11 the una mens will probably see their threat-level reduced to 'irrelevant'.
I guess they'll save the wanderer for the finale.
181. drusilla_doll
Welcome Kristina 466. I loved the Bo and Dyson scenes too. It was great to see them working side by side again. Here's hoping for more of that.

@DarthFaeder: Yep, this season is definitely shaping up to be more interesting and more tightly plotted than the past few. Be sure to let us know what you did think of ep3 when you do get around to watching it.

@SmurfFae: A lot of your predictions make sense. I can imagine quite a few of them coming true. I do think Massimo's a goner and someone is going to have to get masked just to see what happens to people when they do - in order to ratchet up the stakes. I hope Crystal isn't killed off too soon, I like the different energy and dynamic she brings. You're probably right, though, I can't imagine her making it out alive and well. However, if she does, then I hope it's thanks to Lauren.
182. TheUberFan
Welcome @kristina 446! A Doccubus fan I see. ;)

Well I can't say that I'm in line with your particular thinking about Lauren. I just want them to be a little more consistent with her and allow her to be more than just Bo's ex.

At the same point, they go too far and try to pack her backstory with everything but the kitchen sink. We just need some balance there.
183. nypinta
I would adore it, and laugh like hell, if Tamsin imprinted on Kenzi. That would be hilarious.
I agree, Massimo is not long for this world. Or the Una Mens mask him before Bo gets what she wants from him and she freaks them out by bringing him back from what they did. Then she kicks his ass. He kinda deserves it.
184. TheUberFan
I don't get the issue either @Kiersten.

Even if Bo did not remember Lauren, I'm not even sure how or why that would matter as they are not a couple anymore. lol

It's not as if Dyson is interferring in their relationship. He isn't because they don't have one. I think that's one thing they hate about Season 3. Lauren broke up with Bo all on her own and Dyson played no role in trying to cause problems between them. She chose to end things with Bo because, regardless of how much she loved Bo and Bo loved her back, she saw they had different needs and were on different paths.

And now they think they see an opportunity to blame Dyson for standing in their way even though he doesn't and didn't.
C. H.
185. SmurfFae
@drusilla_doll: Massimo's exit is just a question of time. I guess his connection to the Morrigan will be of some relevance before his demise. Crystal could go both ways. I like the idea the Morrigan would sign her as a singer, but I can't imagine a reason the Morrigan would be interested in her. Maybe to bind DL. But it would be fun if DL would rescue her, maybe macgyver them out of their predicament with pipebomb-science. (And the fact that Crystal saw DL operate on a fae kind of indicates she might be drawn into this world. That scene in retrospect would make little dramatic sense, if she would be killed by them on (or before) her very next encounter with fae. I hope I could make that reasoning somewhat plausible ;) )
I also like the theory that DL used fae-stem-cells on herself, but she's to level-headed. And I also think the whole turning-humans-into-fae-topic will be buried this season. (As someone mentioned: its common for supernatural tv-series to have humans as point-of-view characters / easier identification for viewers. I guess its so common, it's become a trope and for that reason I think it would be cool for LG to break with that trope and turn an essential human (DL or Kenzie) into a fae. But I also guess that turning humans into fae kinda smells like cheap wish fulfillment and there's merit in showing even weak humans can make a difference...)
At least Kenzie won't need the pixy dust anymore, now that she has a big girl weapon on her side.
@nypinta: I like the Massimo-theory. When thinking of 'imprinting' an important distinction: I hope it's a cute duckling-imprinting not a creepy twilight-imprinting.
Susan White
186. whiskeywhite
Tamsin imprinting is a cute idea.

Welcome @kristina 446. I'm totally Team Dyson myself, and you can feed me Bo and Dyson scenes until the cows come home. But I've never wanted Lauren to go away. I've always liked geeky scientist Lauren. I thought it was cute when Crystal said to Lauren, "You're sexy, (something) and funny" (I'm operating from bad memory here) and her response was "You think I'm funny?" So endearing that what she appreciates most is "funny".

The folks inside Dyson's head? Whoa, Nellie. Can't wait to see that (I think).
187. drusilla_doll
I agree with you guys, there's no way Dyson would even know that Bo's suffering from bouts of memory loss unrelated to the train jumping (if it even is). He wasn't there when she remembered but didn't remember Lauren at the house. Why should he feel it odd that she doesn't mention Lauren at the end? He knows Lauren already made a permanent break from Bo, before all the Taft melodrama. I actually find him saying: she has a girlfriend in 4x02 much more of a WTF? moment. Because, um no, she doesn't. That's not saying Bo doesn't still probably love Lauren, but we've known all along that Bo still loved Dyson, even though she wasn't going out with him anymore.

I think that some fans just want Dyson to do something so horrible and unforgivable that Bo would never want to have a relationship with him ever again. Especially if it involves keeping Bo away from her 'one true love' Lauren. Sorry, but I don't think DL is anything close to being Bo's OTL. Mind you, I am not a big fan of the trope of a person only being allowed to have just one great love for his or her life, anyway.

If Tamsin is imprinting on anyone, it's hopefully Kenzi, not Massimo. But if he tries to manipulate her and trick her into going back to Evony, I really hope he gets a good painful exit from the show. Bo's likely going to be mad enough at him for extorting Kenzi.

Okay, so I now have an interesting new theory. Not much evidence to back it up, but fun nevertheless:

If, according to the recent promo Bo's blood HAS chosen a side, wouldn't it be interesting if it was Dark? It would mean Evony was her sovereign. She'd have a whole different side of Fae society to have to get used to. Now, I don't, for a second think she'd go along with it, or respect the ruling, but...think about the other consequences.

Light and Dark are forbidden to have liaisons except for La Shoshain or whatever it was called. What if Bo and Dyson HAVE rekindled? Wouldn't that make their relationship against the laws which have been established? They would become the forbidden, taboo couple. I know it's something the Doccubus fans love to claim. That Bo loving a human was so risky and so epic, like Juliet and Juliet and so on. But quite frankly, in the show, no-one really seemed to care. There were no objections, no dramatic opposition at all to the fact that Bo was taking DL as her lover. Perhaps it's because she was unaligned? Anyways, I just think that when you really thing about it, Bo and DL being a couple wasn't portrayed as something shocking and taboo at all. In fact, Dyson got more outright disapproval from Trick for getting too romantically involved with Bo in the first season.
188. TheUberFan
Well that's the thing. Bo and Lauren were never a forbidden relationship.

LuAnne was punished for being with a human for two reasons. One was she was with a human who didn't know about the fae and thus presented the threat of revealing the existence of the fae to humans, and she pledged fealty to the dark and thus had chosen a side. Meaning, she had abandoned her clan and disobeyed the Morrigan.

Well, Lauren already knows about the fae, so no risk there. And Bo is unaligned, therefore is beholden to neither the light nor the dark.

And like you said @drusilla_doll, nobody cared they were together.
189. TheUberFan
Ooh. I just had a trippy thought.

What if Bo's Daddy did something to pledge her to the Dark as a means of controlling her AND Trick used his blood to pledge her to the Light to protect her?

That....would make things complicated. lol
190. stacymd2
Hi Guys! I don’t have time right now to respond to all of your great comments above, but I wanted to say hi to and welcome the new posters, kistina466, Tamsin’s Panties, Steller, Katotela & SmurfFae.

@Tamsin’s Panties: Wow that is certainly a unique name…

I can’t wait for the next episode of Lost Girl! I’m still on a Bo/Dyson high and I refuse to come down. 403 was an exceptional episode. AS, KHR and MK were marvelous. AL actually got me to care about Lauren for a nanosecond, miraculous! My song for B/D is Daniel Bedingfield’s If You’re not the One. It’s sappy. It’s cheesy, but I like it.

@kristina446: I don’t wish Lauren/ZP off the show at all. I do think she adds something, but Bo/Lauren was tested and failed. I’d like Lost Girl to move on. Lauren, Doccubus and/or Bo pining over Lauren should not bog down what once was must see TV for me.

@Kiersten: It is not Lauren having an arc that bothers me. It’s that no one else gets to have one. The last two seasons have been dominated by Lauren and doccubus. This, coupled with the nastiness of the doccubus ship, EA pandering to them and the writers continuing the triangle form hell, is what puts me off of the character of Lauren. That and…Lauren is also a constant damsel in distress, expecting Bo and now Dyson to rush to the rescue. Her expanding backstory, inflated “I’m-so-scary-smart/I-know-my-girlfriend’s-biochemistry” ego and 10 different medical specialties is beyond ridiculous. Her unapologetic lying & hiding things is just as bad as Trick. Finally, she makes idiotic mistakes constantly. It is Lauren’s own fault why she is in the position she is in now.

I love ZP and think she is a hoot! I love seeing KHR and ZP in action at Cons.

@UberFaenatic: I don’t think you should give up on Lauren & Evony scenes together. This can still happen. Lauren still needs to be saved from her actions in Taft’s lab and running from the Light Fae. I don’t think Dyson, Bo or Trick will have enough pull with the Una Mens or new Ash to get her out of her self made predicament.

Finally, I forgot to say in my last comment how beautiful Emmanuelle Vaugier/Evony looked in that purple dress. I adore how The Morrigan’s everyday clothes is formal wear.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with love, family and friends.
191. stacymd2
Also, tonight is the first night of Hanukkah, so happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!!!
192. TheUberFan
One of my best friends is Jewish...and she posted on Facebook that she was wishing everyone who celebrated both Hannukkah and Thanksgiving.. "Gobble Tov!"

That made me laugh. :)
Carmen Pinzon
193. bungluna
@UberFaenatic - that's a good one. I may borrow that one.

I have a question. At the end of S3, did Bo make any reference to WonderLauren? I remember her asking Tamsin to go get Dyson and saying she was going to the Dahl for the rest of the gang, but I don't remember if she made any reference to Lauren.
194. TheUberFan
Tamsin asked about Lauren at the end when Bo was verbally making a list to get the gang back together.

Tamsin: What about Lauren?
Bo: I don't know where they took her.
Tamsin: You're not like anyone I've ever any of my many lifetimes.


Okay so the last line was totally not related to the question...but dang it gets me every time! ;)
Nusi Dekker
195. NusiD
I think Crystal came into the cafe after Lauren left and answered the phone. I think that guy who Lauren saved from choking was a Dark Fae who probably knew about the "human doctor" who saved many Fae from the epidemic, told someone about his experience at the cafe, and it got back to Evony. Evony knew about the red hair from the Karen sheet and told Crystal she would grant her biggest dream if Crystal brought "Karen" to her. So she goes after Lauren. Lucky the place was so out-of -the-way that there wasn't much traffic and no bus service. :)

So then both Lauren and Crystal land in a cage. Crystal has been duped and screwed over. Lauren is given a choice: cooperate or watch Crystal die a horrible death. Of course Lauren feels responsible for Crystal since she stupidly let her guard down and knows Crystal's death is on her. So, Lauren is really screwed, again. I think she would do anything to save Crystal, as she cannot have another death on her hands.
Nusi Dekker
196. NusiD
...more justification that Lauren can never leave the Fae world again, because any human she associates with will die.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
198. Kiersten
Sorry about the porn link spam, everyone. Working on getting it taken down. Just ignore for now and DO NOT CLICK as there's no telling what viruses etc you might download.
199. drusilla_doll
@Kiersten. Ugh that you have to deal with it.

Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to those who celebrate!

Neither are really a big thing in New Zealand, but I am determined to cook a turkey for Christmas, at least. Maybe a pumpkin pie. But sadly I have a vegan brother-in-law, so am looking for non-dairy recipes.
201. TheGardner
If next week's promo is any indication, then Crystal's hand was forced and they have tidied her away for safe keeping along side Lauren. Sucks, I feel bad for her. All she wanted to do was bang the hot waitress and got way more than she bagained for. I can relate; at least she didn't end up running down a dark country road at 3am in her skivvies being chased by an irate husband with a shotgun. Although, depending on who is holding them, her fate could be worse than the few blisters I ended up with.

This shipping bullshit is really wearing me down. The Doccubus fans are all up in arms about Lauren's "booty call"(let's not kid ourselves that it was anything but; showing up at night, unannounced with pizza for after and beer to lower the inhibitions, yeah DL was gonna get herself some). Did they not see that smile after or the way she skipped into work the next day? Holy shit the woman was happy; sharpen the pitchforks and light the tourches lets showcase the rage angry mob style, sheesh.

Also I don't think shipper names can really be considered derogitory, they are all stupid. I do dispute calling Bo and Dyson Team Badass when that term is descrptive of neither character. The real Team Badass is Kenzi and her Snark.

So these messed up memory story lines are bugging me. It was fine in episode 4x01, but move on. It seemed in the car at the end that Bo, at least, was still having issues. Now what about Dyson, and what was with that ring? Is this like the dawning when he tried to insert Bo into his fantasy? It's just so, ugh.

I am in the same kanundrum as last week, the episode was servicable, but I don't really have much to say about beyond my initial comments, nor do I have a desire to watch it again. I am looking forward to the next one so that's something I guess. Be care ful when you shoot for the moon, you might break a window.
202. drusilla_doll
The Gardner: I do think it's interesting that they are not just writing off Crystal. She is a prisoner too, if we believe the promo. Which might mitigate her 'betrayal'. Which I would prefer, since I kinda like her and don't want Lauren's trust of her to be completely off base.

You're correct that her dalliance isn't necessarily a major sin. She was, after all, single when it happened. I really don't think Bo should have an issue with it.

But there's a selfish part of me who's also enjoying the consternation over her banging someone else and being happy about it, after all the assertions that Doccubus is so pure and unassailable.

The reason I like Team Badass is that Bo herself coined it. I prefer to use it over names the Doccubus fans have assigned us.

I think the ring is going to be a non-issue. A cute easter egg for Bo/Dyson fans.

While it's true Dyson may have had an influence on the fantasies played out in the Dawning, it's rather obvious that Bo herself had a major influence. The whole Bo/Laurencop scene happened before Dyson was told he might be able to live his dream. I think its safer to say that Bo and Dyson both reached for a reality which was only a fantasy. Luckily Dyson realised that and tried to wake her up and free her from it.

Contrary to your feelings, I loved the latest episode and will happily watch it again. Mainly because it felt like an excellent story, with good parallels between the various arcs and was more Bo/Dyson friendly than we'd had in a good long time.
Katherine Bloom
203. lsbloom
Dyson did not insert her into his fantasies. Her dawning switcheroo started when Dyson was still searching for her and he was totally clueless about the fantasy until she doubled over in pain.

I don't know if the marriage thing is supposed to carry over or if they simply forgot to remove the ring. I for one am not reading too much into it, until they go somewhere with it. Because continuity and details aren't their strong points.

I think Lauren deserves some happy. But if Evony is behind it, she got found awfully easily. She's been running from Interpol for years, but she can't manage to get far enough away from some local fae government to stay hidden for a month, or Evony two/three days? Taft was killing fae left and right and no one found him for months. The light and dark didn't have leaders, the una mens hadn't even arrived yet. She had time to get the h&^$# out of dodge, but apparently she didn't even leave town?

I don't want to see Bo being mad at Kenzi. Kenzi is trying to survive, and yeah, maybe she's in too deep to Mossimo, but what do you expect? She's been labeled a terrorist, she's had her memories messed with. She's in a jam and magically not making her normal decisions. And while I think Bo could be rightfully hurt by the hookup with Dyson, I still believe the memory spell put Kenzi into Bo's place and that meant both caring what happened to Lauren and being in the mate role with Dyson. Take away the memory screw and she's not ever gonna go there. Writers and their fanwanking really should keep alt reality from encroaching on real reality. Bo shouldn't be upset, because it wasn't real and it should never effect her. If there was a time to use memory loss it is directly after OOC plots that are only inserted to mess with fans and then immediately reversed.

I think Bo's memory problems in the car extended exactly as far as Dyson's did: forgetting the train. Like *that* is a plot that should be logically forgotten. Sheesh, talk about convenience for plot's sake.
Hey guys, we can't write a full season plot so let's forget about one of the baddies for a few episodes.
Okay, how should we write in a delay?
I dunno lets just use memory loss.
But we've already used it once this episode.
Don't worry about redundancy, it will feel thematically consistent.
But they are two different things!
Doesn't matter.
Oh well.
Carmen Pinzon
205. bungluna
I keep thinking about the male who subdued Lauren in the car. Did it look like the fae she saved? The cook at the diner?
206. TheUberFan
@lsbloom ... I think that the Wanderer was responsible for the memory loss both times. And I think that it might extend to them now not remembering Tamsin, who would be able to fill them in on the Wanderer.

As for the pic of the guy who kidnapped Lauren, I screen capped it and put it in comment 55. :)
207. TheUberFan
Here's a pic of choking fae guy:

As you can see, curly hair, and the docnapper has straighter hair. So, not the same guy.

That doesn't mean of course that choking fae guy didn't tell someone back home about the waitress who knew what type of fae he was and how to save him, which no doubt would get around quickly.
Carmen Pinzon
210. bungluna
Definitely a different guy. Hm, there goes that theory.
211. TheUberFan
Here's the docnapper piccie so you can see for yourself:

213. katotela
You know what i like about you guys,you dont just say you hate lauren or dyson,you point out what you think is not working with a character and what you think should change and it all make a big fun of lauren but i agree with everthing that have been commented about her.there is lot of crap written in other site,it is so sad.
Susan White
216. whiskeywhite
@katotela. You understand us and what we try to do here perfectly. I'm glad you've found a home with us.

Thanks for the picture of choking fae guy, @UberFaenatic. That's what I remembered too. If only I could post the version of the photo of the docnapper that I photo enhanced, we could see really clearly what he looks like.

In defence of the Showcase blog, there are some sensible people who returned once the new season started. Of course, maybe I just feel they're sensible because they agree with me about the under representation of people of colour in LG the last while. :-)

I see the porn (I assume) is back. #208
218. TheGardner
Sheesh whiskey didn't you know "The Internet is for Porn" ;-)

Before anyone asks it's a song from Avenue Q. Greetings from sunny Florida, Happy Thanksgiving!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
220. Kiersten
Asante sana, Katotela. I'm so glad you found us and am delighted the ethos of out Lost Girl community that I, and indeed all the members, have worked so hard to maintain shines through to you.
221. Darthfaeder
Well finally got around to watching episode 3. Hmmm that sexy scene between Lauren and Crystal was awkward. I am not sure if that was intentional or not? I guess that is what happens when you have a straight women who most likely has never had a sex scene with another women Ali Liebert I am speaking of. We all know that Zoie Palmer is a lesbian so she probably should have been the one to take the lead not Ali. Ahem being on top I mean. Anyways moving on I thought Kris' acting job was a bit over the top not sure why he felt the need to be a tad over dramatic. I am curious to know what is going to happen when the wanderer wakes up to find Bo missing. I am also curious to know if Crystal was cooperating with that guy that snatched Lauren. It kinda seemed like she knew what was about to happen when Lauren got into the car. Looks like who ever snatched Lauren also took Crystal too cuz she is that place that Lauren is being held in the preview for the next episode. I wonder how Lauren is going to react to Crystal's participation in her kidnapping. Hey Uber I too am curious as to why Bo never mentioned Tamsin or Lauren amoung the people that she was missing when she was in the car with Dyson. I hope now that Bo is back and the gang is all back together that things will start to get better. I haven't been all that impressed with LG so far.
222. katotela
@kiersten,few words of swahili there.nzuri sana(it's nice)
225. nypinta
Well, as much as Tamsin was a help to Bo last season, she did betray her at the end, until Bo talked her down, but she isn't exactly a friend. So I can't see that Bo cares all that much if she sees her again. And I took her trailing off before she's able to name everyone just because she was that tired. She went from being on a train to running through the woods to having to defeat a body swapping evil fae all while dealing with transdimensional sickness. I'm surprised she could string sentences together.
226. nypinta
I think Crystal's situation is either a double cross of her, because she seemed pretty willing when Lauren was being subdued in the car and her coming on to Lauren at the diner was pretty heavy handed or her being held with Lauren is another ploy. The got Lauren to trust Crystal just to have Crystal betray her but when she wakes up the person who betrays her is betrayed to? That gives them common ground and even though Lauren might be upset, Crystal might still just be playing her by pretending to have been double crossed too.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
227. Kiersten
New picture just posted by Showcase for episode 4...

228. drusilla_doll
There were a set of them. Let me find the link...

Lots of interesting stuff to speculate about. Looks like Massimo is trying to trick Tamsin. And that Bo finds out about Karen Beattie finally.
229. TheUberFan
@nypinta... You're right of course, but only to a point. She lost the fight and hoped Bo would kill her...and when she didn't, she turned on her in desperation. But Bo could see that it wasn't what she wanted, that Tamsin was doing something she felt she had to do but really didn't want to do. Both of them felt that moment of connection before they dashed off to regroup later, or so was the plan.

And Tamsin knew that joining Team Bo would cost them all but she did it anyway. She knew there was no safe place and that her disobedience would curse both her and Bo. She would have rebelled earlier except for the whole Acacia hand thing. I think that's why we saw her start to self destruct in the next few episodes, because she was dying and betraying someone she felt was noble.

I see her as being on a rocky path to redemption, which started with refusing to turn her over to Evony but hit a few bumps along the way. Tamsin is a complicated character with her own set of ideals that she stands by and when she feels she is betraying them, she reacts badly to it.

How long had the Wanderer employed her? We know from Kenzi Scale that she pissed off the wrong people and ended up with a special assignment. Well, who? And when? And what did she do?

Acacia took it as a given that she'd turn in Bo because it seemed she had been a mercenary for hire for quite a while.
230. TheUberFan
I have a question about Fae powers, that we don't have definitive answers to, but I'd like your thoughts nonetheless.

We know Dyson can use his wolf to stop a mesmer, so Vex is in big trouble if/when he ticks D-man off.

During the fight between Bo and Tamsin, the valkyrie tried to influence Bo and our succubus went all blue eyes and resisted. Is this similar to Dyson/Vex? Do succubi have the power to resist the influence of a valkyrie or is it just that Bo is an exceptionally powerful fae?

Would Bo be able to use her glowy powers on Tamsin or would she be resistent?

What other fae powers do you think counteract each other? We know that the natural foe of the succubi are alabaster (I think that's what they're called) but they are able to affect each other and are not able to resist the influence of the other.
Nadine Robb
232. cmm
Good question UberFaenatic. I've wondered this myself. I think in the case of Dyson he can't be mesmered as a wolf cause he's in animal form. If i equate mesmerism to hypnosis you can hypnotize a human but not an animal so I think it's the same kind of thing.

Bo and Tasmin fight, i'm wondering if it's like a rage thing. Kinda like if we try to pepper spray a person who is enraged, it doesn't work. Maybe her blue eyes= i'm pissed off there ain't no way you can use the eye thing on me.

But then another part of me wonders if it's to do with how powerful the fae is? For example the wanderer, could Tasmin or Vex use their powers on him and have them work?
Susan White
234. whiskeywhite
Albasters feed off the sexual shame of others. Saskia killed the Albaster in 1.10 "The Mourning After", commenting that he had no power over her because she had no shame. So she was certainly able to resist the Albaster.
235. TheUberFan
Right @whiskeywhite, but that was less about a succubus being able to resist an alabaster and more about Saskia/Aife not having shame. Bo as a succubus was not able to handle his attack because she does feel shame for her past. Being a succubus didn't protect her from his attack anymore than being an alabaster protected him from Saskia's.

I guess my question is two fold. Who are the natural enemies of different fae, like we saw with the succubus/alabaster? Who is the natural enemy of the wolf or mesmer or even blood sage?

And who can resist which powers and why? You make a good point about being powerful, @cmm. And Tamsin was surprised Bo was able to resist and believed she wouldn't be able to resist forever. So even with her what, thousands of years of life cycles, we know she must have come across succubi before and Bo's ability to resist her powers of doubt impressed her.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
238. Kiersten
"God, I missed you."

"I missed you too."


240. katotela
@kiersten,they look good together.i have problem with dyson hair,it makes him look rough, or maybe its suppose to look that way,i dont know!!!
Carmen Pinzon
241. bungluna
@Katotela - I've seen KHR's hair all combed back and neat on a few movies, but mostly it's a curly mess.
C. H.
245. SmurfFae
@UberFanatic: I guess there's a difference between the two kinds of resistance to fae-powers:
Vex seems to be able to puppet-master anyone with a human shape. How he manipulates is not explained (magic, hypnothism, or chi-puppet-strings, etc.). Vex seems to need to be able to use his hands freely to use his power and is powerless when restrained.
Dyson can resist when he changes his shape to animal form.
Bo's and Tamsin's powers work similarly, in that they influence the will or confidence of their opponents. Both overpower the minds of their victims. There have been a few people (the frost giant from ep 1.05, the Albaster from 1.10, Lachlan from season 2, Roman from 3.05) who are immune to Bo's power because of their 'strength of will' / 'willpower gained through age' or something like that.
You could argue that the Albaster has also strong chi-control-abilities which gives him an edge and Roman seems to be hyper-desensitized to bliss.
Similarly Bo can resist Tamsin's power (she's more resistant than Dyson) because of her strong confidence/willpower/general awesomeness.
251. nypinta
To clarify my comments re Tamsin, I get that she wasn't keen on handing Bo over and that was why she was such a mess. I loved the addition of her character. She was exactly what the show needed, someone that would say exactly what she though, even to Bo, without the unconditional love caveat of Kenzi. I just meant that Bo might still not consider Tamsin so much a friend as she is an ally and not care so much about seeing her compared to all the others, that's all. So I wasn't surprised she didn't mention her among the people she was hoping to see and that she missed.

I may be wrong, but during their fight, didn't Tamsin also resist Bo's whammy? Her's is a power that can be resisted. It's the chi-sucking that I don't think any0ne can, unless they have magical means to do so, like the Dark Fae King and his amulet. Wonder what could defeat Evony's power though? She just melts people. (Ew, BTW.)
Nusi Dekker
252. NusiD
Bo's chi-sucking had no effect on Llachlan the Naga. Tamsin was near the end of her life cycle and passed out after using her powers on Taft's guards. She was weakened enough to not be able to resist Bo's chi-sucking. I think that she and a newly energized Tamsin are probably equal in powers and any fight between them would result in a stand-off. As for Evony, she just has to be caught off-guard or have her hands bound, like Vex, to have her powers nullified.
253. nypinta
That's right. He did. I thought it was just her touch he was unaffected by. There really needs to be official terms for what she does because I usually use "whammy" and that's a bit silly, right? Same with just "chi sucking". We need something more dignified, IMO. Interesting that they never refer to it, either. You'd think Kenzi would have come up with a name for it.
Suzanne Metaxas
254. SuzyM
@katotela welcome :) Kris never combs his hair in real life! LOL Think the only time he has it combed is when he's working and the makeup/hairdressing people do it :D

@NusiD Dyson tells Bo in the first episode that her powers do not have the same effect on all Fae. That is why he can feed her without dying and is able to stop her when she is taking too much.

On an other note if you have signed up at please remember to answer your confirmation email. If you do not your account will not be activated :)
257. TheUberFan
You're totally right, @SmurfFae. Bo and Tamsin were adversarial for most of the season. In The Kenzi Scale, they were still in the "I mostly hate you" category, but Tamsin helping Bo and Tamsin seeing how Bo really was and not how she was told, was the first step away from the acrimony.

Still throughout the season, they were at odds or tentatively less than enemies, with the odd moment of closeness/bonding to help throw a monkey wrench into things. But Bo saw in Hail, Hale that Tamsin had a weird bottle and her picture so she knew she was involved in something not so good and was therefore not fully trustworthy.

But even then, Tamsin was contradictory. She took a bullet on instinct to save Bo from being shot, for instance. And I think that, and the expression on her face when Bo defeated her showed she didn't want to do any of the stuff she was doing.

My point though is that all of that is very late in the season, and I wonder still how much of Bo and Dyson's memory or anyone elses was re-zapped. Because if they forgot the train, who says they remember the Wanderer at all? And by extension, they might have lost things connected to the Wanderer, in this case, Tamsin...because she defied him at the end to join Team Bo.

That's all my personal musings because I have no doubt that both Bo and Tamsin are still cursed by him.

As for Bo's powers/who can defeat whom discussion... Bo was resisted by the ice giant, by Roman and by Lachlann. The ice giant told her that if she were about 20 years older, he would not be able to that I think is a matter of her being powerful but not fully matured in her development of her powers.

Roman was at a point where he could barely feel anything so Bo's powers of persuasion would have been like flashing a red cape at a blind bull.

But Lachlann was fully able to resist Bo so I'm thinking the Naga are totally immune. Of course, he was the last, wasn't he? *sniff*
Susan White
260. whiskeywhite
Kiersten, I thought Bo's response to Dyson was "I miss you," in the present tense. I listened a couple of times to check. But you're the one with the closed captioning (I could have it too, but I don't want it on when I'm recording). It would mean something different (and even better) in the present tense, no? Thanks for the pic.

@Katotela, KHR has said that's the point of the longer, curly hair -- to make him seem more wild and animal-like.
267. no1zoiepalmerfan
I know I'm probably going to regret this & I am by no means trying to start any trouble, but I really wish people would stop calling what Lauren did in Vexed 'spybanging'! If Lauren did it then so did Dyson! Through all of S1 he was lying to Bo about her mom, spying on her for Trick & all while sleeping with her!
Suzanne Metaxas
268. SuzyM
@No1zoiepalmerfan big difference between what Lauren did and what Dyson did. Trick did NOT tell Dyson to sleep with Bo. In fact he was told NOT to sleep with Bo, but he loved her and couldn't stay away from her. Lauren on the other hand was told by her boss The Ash TO sleep with Bo. That was her sole reason for going there that night. To sleep with Bo and keep her busy, and to convince her not to go after Vex.
269. drusilla_doll
@no1zoiepalmerfan: Another reason why we call it that is that Kenzi herself coined the term. It's canon.

I don't doubt that Lauren wanted to keep Bo safe, and saw and opportunity to get closer to her, but the fact remains she did it because ordered to by the Ash. Bo found out and was understandably upset about it. But she's long since forgiven her for it, obviously.

Nevertheless, Lauren has a long history of keeping important personal secrets from Bo, even just last season it was revealed that she had a whole other life and fugitive past that she'd never confided to Bo about. As if the girlfriend in a coma thing wasn't shocking enough of a revelation to have to deal with.

To be fair, Dyson has also kept secrets from Bo, as ordered to by her grandfather. But Dyson felt bad about that and wanted to tell her and gave Trick an ultimatum that he would tell everything
to Bo if the Blood-King didn't. Then of course Aife attacked and raped him before he could. When Bo did find out, she was rightly angry at both of the men for keeping her uninformed about her mother and what she was capable of.
270. TheUberFan
Hey @no1zoiepalmerfan....welcome! :)

I think both Dyson and Lauren were wrong. Dyson knew he was and couldn't live with not telling Bo the truth, in fact he told Trick that if he didn't come clean then he would, and was going to do so when Aife attacked him at the cop shop.

Further, Dyson was actually going against Trick's wishes to continue his relationship with Bo.

Lauren however was working under the specific wishes of the Ash. And when Bo called her on it, made the mistake of making excuses. What Bo said was the key point... that Lauren was in her bed because the Ash told directed her to be.

Later, Bo said it was a shame that they'd never get to find out if they were headed there anyway because of what happened.

Now clearly Bo got past it and they moved on, brought together by other circumstances.

But even Lauren recognized she was wrong here. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging it too.

BTW... I adore Zoie Palmer. My best mate in Australia got her to sign a picture to me and I'm waiting for it to show up any day now! :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
271. Kiersten
@no1zoiepalmerfan I'm sorry if you regret posting here. I wouldn't want anyone to feel that way. I hope you don't mistake any dislike expressed toward Doctor Lauren as being personally directed against you as that is most certainly not the case.

I, for one, call what Doctor Lauren did to Bo in S1E8 as a "spybang" because that is how Zoie Palmer has repeatedly referred to it in interviews and on panels. I figure if Doctor Lauren's alter ego acknowledges that interpretation and meaning of the character's actions, that's good enough for me. Also, as already noted, Kenzi coined the phrase and Bo didn't argue with her. So in the canon of the show, there is and has never been any question that DL did sleep with Bo, whatever her genuine feelings were for her at the moment, on the direct order of her boss, The Ash, and with the express purpose of using Bo's attraction to DL against her in order to keep Bo from going after Vex.
272. TheUberFan
@Kiersten... I think it's also important to note that we all disagree with what pretty much all of the characters do at one time or another...and we each have our favorites for sure....

But none of us transfer that frustration or irritation to the cast, which I think we can and do all agree are really just a bunch of fantastically neat people.
273. nypinta
I'm still holding out hope that "Karen" is a fae planted construct. Not much hope, but some. All I need is a thread. (Reiterating how I sometimes feel bad for Zoie Palmer who must never really know how to play certain scenes because she never knows what the writers will come up with next regarding Lauren.) But... did she ever actually apologize for what happened in "Vexed" because I don't think she did.
Susan White
274. whiskeywhite
Hi @No1zoiepalmerfan. Welcome. There are lots of Zoie Palmer fans here, including me. I hope you see from the responses that this site is different from many others. We are welcoming of diverse views as long as they are presented in a respectful and thoughtful way, without attacking other participants. We specialize in careful analyses of characters and plots, backed up with evidence from scenes, dialogue, etc. So, please feel welcome to join in the discussion in that spirit.

Do I gather from the photos released for ep. 4 that Tamsin will be back -- fully adult? Oh, please.

One wonders ( indeed one shudders) to think what Evony has planned for Vex. He may need his Light 'friends' to save him. (I must say that I found the scene where Vex is being tortured by the Unas men to be a bit hard to take, but then I'm a notorious wimp). It's interesting that he admitted in ep.3 that he loves Kenzi (in a big bad brother sort of way we suppose) and earlier, when he was saying how he didn't want people see him powerless, as he was before, the first person on the list was Kenzi.
284. nypinta
I think having the Una Mens being depicted as they did with Vex so vulnerable was a great way to introduce what a huge threat that they are, if they could bring one such as him so low. But it was troublesome to watch, I agree. For some reason I keep trying to figure out the order of events for the next episode based on the promo and the photos. I figure that Bo and Kenzi are all made up for a celebratory night on the town only to come back and find all their stuff gone because Massimo took it, (and maybe Tamsin too). Then Bo & Kenzi have it out. Bo goes to find Massimo, maybe finds him first or runs into the Una Mens, I'm not sure... and in the meantime Kenzi is at the Dal feeling bummed and finds Dyson and he soundboards with her about Lauren. If the writers are still trying to walk back from Lauren's actions in Season 3 then they'll have Dyson and Kenzi want to find her to rescue her, demonstrating that the two that have Bo's back the most value Lauren enough to try and find her. Plus with the Una Mens and new Tamsin, Bo will have too much to sort out to also save Lauren. (Unless Lauren saves herself before coming back to Faetown.)
286. drusilla_doll
There's a scene with Bo and Dyson boxing at some point and they get attacked? Or at least hear something odd. Maybe it's that gargoyle? No idea when that would happen during the episode.

Looks like Dyson is with them when they discover the robbery, or he gets called soon after because of the twittered script excerpts here:

And 2nd part:

I've read elsewhere that Bo's reunion with Lauren will probably happen in 4x05 at the Dark Fae party, so that could mean that my spec about Evony having her is correct. Whether or not she makes a deal to save Crystal...well, I guess we'll have to see.

I can just imagine Evony dangling Lauren within reach to rile up Bo.

In any case, while I think Dyson and Kenzi will be concerned about Lauren, I don't think they will be the ones to find her.

What we're missing with the snippets of clues for tomorrow are where Lauren's and Tamsin's scenes fit in the episode.

Lauren has at least one in a cell with Crystal - judging by the promo - where she realises they are being watched. And we now know Tamsin has a scene with Massimo where he shows her a picture from his phone of them looking chummy. Does he lure her away? Presumably it's before Massimo holds a knife to Bo's neck and she chi sucks him.

Then there are the Una Mens. When does she run into them? She's wearing a different outfit from the cleavage dress and red leather number.

What about the pic of Bo in Lauren's apartment looking at the blue 'Karen' file? Does she go there to look for Lauren? Or does she find out Evony is there and go to confront her (with Kenzi in tow)about Massimo, Tamsin or Lauren and then get given that bombshell?
287. TheUberFan
Very interesting. So Bo does know/remember Tamsin. Perhaps though she doesn't remember the part that has to do with the Wanderer and how Tamsin plays a role there?

I'm just trying to figure out how much the Wanderer took away and I'm figuring that he removed references to him. So maybe Dyson and Bo remember the valkyrie but completely separate from her role in what happened.

Of course we'll find out soon. :)
288. Darthfaeder
@Uberfae the Imbd for the actress that plays teen Tamsin is only there for the second episode " Sleeping beauty School " if this is true then we won't see her in episode 4. We will be only seeing Rachel S. playing Tamsin as an adult. Which means she is not aware that Teen Tamsin has now turned into adult Tamsin when she made that statement. My question is then who is it that robbed Bo and Kenzi and did Tamsin go with them willingly or was she tricked? Uggg I am on pins and needles waiting to find out.
291. TheUberFan
My guess is that Kenzi lived in Bo's room when everyone had their memory zapped.
292. nypinta
I'm pretty sure all Bo (and Dyson) has forgotten is the train but everything else is intack, because another memory spell wiping someone out of their mind would be way too much. And something they should be on the lookout for. I think the train being on another dimension means moving to it and off of it takes away your memory of it. So Bo will just think she was lost and Dyson will only remember tracking her. I have a feeling we aren't going to get any answers on her father for a while.
295. TheUberFan
I think you're right in part, but at the same time, @nypinta, what would be the point of wiping Bo and Dyson's memory of the train if Kenzi and Tamsin remember where Dyson was going and why?

It's why I'm wondering if the Wanderer removed any connection to him. So Dyson and Bo remember Tamsin, but only as Dyson's former partner, etc.
296. nypinta
Them recalling that he was going after Bo isn't going to be much of an issue if they weren't there to see what he saw, which he & B0 now doesn't recall. Kenzi just knows he was going after Bo. They all know Bo went missing. Until we see how Bo reacts to Tamsin, we won't know how much her memory might have been altered. I think Bo and Dyson not recalling the train is just automatic, like a defense mechanism against fae knowing where the train is so they can't try to get on when they shouldn't, like Dyson did. If you were a death train and were carrying damned souls but the fae knew where you were, I'm sure loved ones of the damned would be hoping on board all the time. Making anyone that does forget is logical. There seems to be a lot of forgetting on this show, I think in a weird way the writers are embracing their own inability to recall how certain characters are supposed to be. It's very meta, actually. And a bit of a cheat. Because they can place characters anywhere they want regardless of established canon and hold up their hands in innocense and say, "memory wipe!"
297. TheUberFan
Haha, good point @nypinta. I figure the Wanderer is behind the mind wipe both times but it is getting to be a bit of a cheat, you're right.

Also a cheat...why did Dyson go to the crash site every day at the exact same time for a month?

The end result of that is that he knows and we know that Tamsin was not there until Bo became aware but...the logic is faulty at best.

So...he said Taft's compound was wiped and there was no evidence of anything there, no scents and so there's no reason to go back, but he goes to the crash site every day at the same time even though he found nothing there and smelled nothing there every time he went?

That doesn't make sense to me.
298. nypinta
I think he meant that the fae cleaned up Taft's compound so even if Tamsin had been there there was no way he'd be able to pick up her trail so he was going to the only site he knew where she was that the fae would have had no real reason to clean up after. They just towed her truck. So I think he was going out of desperation that he might pick up her scent again. I too wonder what it means that Tamsin reappeared at the same time the spell was broken. I wonder if she had also been on the Train and got kicked off when Kenzi broke the spell so she wasn't there all the others times Dyson went but was "reborn" the moment she left the train. It'd be interesting if Bo and Tamsin were both on the train at the same time but neither of them will recall it, until later of course. I mean, you don't have someone somewhere that is so important and then never refrence it again...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
299. Kiersten
I mean, you don't have someone somewhere that is so important and then never refrence it again...

Unless you're Lost Girl...
300. TheUberFan
I figure it's significant but I haven't figured out why or how it's significant.

And gosh I hope they pick up something from where they left off at the end of season 3. I still feel like I have almost as many questions as I did before the season started.
301. nypinta
@Kiersten True. Sad. But true. @UberFaenatic Me too. The first two episodes I get had to be Bo free because of her maternaty leave, but she's back now so the story better start moving along. I am curious if they had an idea in mind for the season opener when they ended season 3 and how much was altered when they knew that Anna Silk coudln't come back right away. Or did they scrap it and start from scratch?
302. TheUberFan
Well for starters...

Was Bo on the train the whole time? If so, why? Does the train go anywhere? Was she unconcious the whole time? And why was she there in the first place? The Wanderer wanted sleep on a death train for a month? Yeah. But no. lol

Where was Tamsin? Was she on the train or somewhere else? When was she reborn?

Why did Dyson go to the crash site at the same time every day, when every day he found and sensed nothing? What was the point other than to make the case for the viewers that Tamsin wasn't there until Bo regained consciousness? (Which is a really hamfisted answer, so I'm hoping there is more to it than just that)

Were Dyson and Kenzi more than just kissy friends? Hard to tell from what they actually showed us.

Did Lauren just take off after Taft's and end up at a diner or was there something that happened in the interim?

And now for questions just from Season 4... where did the Una Mens come from? How long were they out of the picture for? Why haven't they been back sooner? What was that black-oozy case and why was Kenzi after it?

I won't go into the character continuity issues. Like why the fae would Dyson send Hale away to talk to Kenzi about his feelings? It was unprofessional. But the writers needed a reason for Dyson to go off by himself and for Hale to approach Kenzi while he was still under the spell. But I think that made them both look, well, bad.
303. Gabbie
@whiskeywhite I thought that she meant that the eyeball was human. I can't really see him actually "growing" her a new eyeball, I was pretty sure that was just a figure of speech and that he killed some poor human with the right eye color and cut it out carefully and used magic to attach it to Evony. Just my thoughts.
304. nypinta
I thought the black ooze was the Una Mens, but I could be wrong. As for Dyson sending Hale away, it was hamfisted, because it wouldn't have been hard for someone that was supposed to be in the know to say only one of them could go and Dyson is the obvious choice of the two and Dyson says 'by the way Hale, don't keep your feelings to yourself because I did that and it sucked'. Then it wouldn't feel so out of left field, except for Dyson speaking from experience. So one line. Just one line and that would have made complete sense.
305. TheUberFan
I agree. For instance, when Lauren saved the choking fae, why didn't they show her noticing something on him? Like on his neck or something, indicating he was fae?

That would have made her pulling out the steak knife and jabbing him in the throat make more sense. One line could have fixed it...something like, "I noticed the brand on your arm. You're dark fae, aren't you?" And then the stabby thing wouldn't have been like, "What the fae are you doing, Lauren?" lol
306. nypinta
It reminds me of a sequence in Test of the Twins (Dragonlance) where Raistlin is searching through all the books for some key that he needs for a spell and he gets frustrated because in all the books they refer to it but never say what it is because all of the authors of the books know it and it doesn't occur to them someone reading the book won't. It's a bit like the writers break down the episode and forget that we don't know what a character is supposed to be thinking or why a character is doing a thing. They just know Person A has to do Thing A and forget the why or how even though they know why or how. Seems so often it's just a line that's missing that would make so many scenes or actions make sense. And it's not like I need things spelled out, because I hate that too. But make actions make sense. Even if it was just linger on a tattoo on the guys neck or hands or something that Lauren noticed, or have her feel something in his neck, get a look on her face, confirm what clan he is in, neck stabbing! Same with Dyson and Hale. Eddy gets Dyson to speak of Bo for whatever tracking purposes and as they reach a certain point have Eddy say he can only take one the rest of the way. The phone rings and it's Kenzi, then the scene with Eddy asking if Kenzi is Dyson's, and blah blah blah. BOOM. Makes sense.
307. TheUberFan
Yep. Just a single line can make a difference with character continuity and to help make getting someone go from point A to point B make real sense as opposed to being hackneyed, which is how it feels sometimes.
Susan White
308. whiskeywhite
I'm genuinely impressed that you folks are putting so much effort (and very imaginative effort it is too) into trying to figure what's going to happen tomorrow night or next week. You're the kind of people who must figure out 'who done it' before the end of the mystery, right? I just wait and read quietly until the author tells me. Boring, eh? Lazy is probably more like it. Do you keep track of your speculations and then go back and check your score card afterwards?

Frankly, I have enough trouble figuring out what actually happened. Why did so and so do that? What does it all mean? Why are we here? Oops, getting carried away. Just 22 hrs til we find out.
Carmen Pinzon
309. bungluna
@whiskeywhite - I'm a backwards reader/watcher. I'd rather know the end and enjoy watching how they get there than suffer the pangs of uncertainty. That's why I'm in so much pain with LG; they don't seem to ever get to the end of the line and I have no patience to wait until the season's over to view it all at once. I'm just thankful for all the nice people here who are so good at speculation and keep me busy.
C. H.
312. SmurfFae
There's pretty much everything unclear about the death train: Is it just
a storage for damned souls? Or does the Wanderer ferry souls from this
live to the next as a 'psychopomp' (such an awesome word!) ?

I also guess Bo and Dyson can't remember the train, because it was a
sort of limbo / spiritual realm or it could be some automatic
self-defense system from the train. The transcendental sickness implies
its kind of a big thing.
(BTW: When Bo once went to rescue Kenzie from Baba Yaga she had also help from a water elemental, I think.)
Also Bo's amnesia seems to be worse than the rest of the gang (but this
could be thanks to the pan). I guess she was asleep the whole time, but
it would be fun to find out later that something happened.

I could imagine, DL's tracheostomy was XL-size, because there was a
large object in the throat, which she had to remove first. She allegedly
studied in Kongo and Afghanistan 'unusual doctoring methods' (no
disrespect intended). The way I understood it: she only found out it was
a fae after she cut him, but it wouldn't have made a difference - if he
was human - to the kind of operation she had to perform.
I didn't get the name of the kind of fae he was; also: no idea what kind of fae Selene was.

Personally I don't think there was a character continuuity issue
with Dyson sending Hale after Kenzie. Dyson made a good argument why
Hale should go after Kenzie. Dyson had also probably some regrets, that
he didn't go after Bo between season 2 and 3 and she ended up with DL ;)
So he's telling Hale not to repeat his mistakes.
Also Dyson is probably convinced he's wolfman enough to do the job
(which he was) and Kenzie is most wanted, so some backup for her isn't a
bad idea.

I am not a writer, but some tv-series/stories are more plot-driven and some more chararcter-driven. I guess it's the job of a pro writer to find a balance between the 2. Sometimes when a story is too plot-driven, it seems the characters are acting OOC.
I think that Lost Girl has a pretty good track record of respecting their characters integrity. If you think otherwise I'm definitely interested in your arguments.
Nadine Robb
314. cmm
Bungluna a person after my own heart. I'd rather know what happens then watch lol!
315. TheUberFan
I can't give you more than we have above, @SmurfFae. I just don't like elements in a story that simply move things along without respecting the characters or are put in to make a character look better. So I think there should have been something to indicate Eddy could only take one of them, and that would obviously have been Dyson...and then if Kenzi had called Hale, he would have had a place to go after being dismissed. The way it was presented, Dyson and Hale looked unprofessional to me, where D-man was urging Hale to leave during their investigation to go talk to Kenzi. What was the rush? Why couldn't have waited until after hours?

Well we know they needed Dyson to go alone with Clio and that Hale had to go see Kenzi while he was still under the influence. It just came off as hamfisted to me.

And the other part...about Lauren...we all know she's smart. And it looks like they needed a reason for her to be "reintroduced" to the fae. But the way they did it made her look reckless. A single line or beat where she notices something, a mark, a tattoo, a brand...something that would indicate he was fae would have made all the difference.
318. nypinta
Lost Girl, like Buffy before and Supernatural now, is basically a procedural with each season having an overall arc that usually plays out in the final two episodes. However, unlike Buffy and SPN it seems to me like they didn't sit down and fully decide who each character was as a person and instead made them characteristics instead based on what was necessary for plot. Greatest examples are Ciara, Lauren sometimes, Nadia, and in the last season Kenzi. In the first season Bo and Kenzi were sisters that each never had. Kenzi was Bo's guide through relationships since Bo's growth as a person basically stopped the night she had to go on the run after killing her boyfriend Kyle. Kenzi walked her through her first rejection and rebound. She gave Bo the strength to follow her heart and the reassurance that she should fight for what makes her happy. She basically taught Bo how to build a life for herself out of the crap that was her life. Yet in Season 3 they rolled all of that back and depicted Kenzi as the annoying little sister that was constantly getting herself in over her head so that Bo and Dyson had to rescue their wayward child just because the arc of that season was fae vs human. Kenzi, who had no qualms about giving a well to do nobleman in the fae world what for when he was being a jerk to his doomed son, who defeated her greatest fear on her own, who went after the Norn by herself. She got in Dyson's face in S1 for hurting Bo and told Vex off on his own turf, then stuck around without Bo to help Dyson's case. Yet she doesn't say anything to Lauren about calling her clingy or irresponsible and lets Vex make it seem like she never gave Dyson a hard time for him keeping Trick's secret when he called her on still being cold towards Lauren for the 'spybang' because they needed to rehab Lauren's character via Kenzi rather than have Lauren's actions do that, in a progression that speaks to Lauren learning strength from Bo, the first fae to not treat her like an object or property or with disdain. I have no problem with Kenzi and Lauren bonding in their humanity midst a sea of fae, but they way they had Kenzi just kind of absorb all the hits without giving any bothered me.
C. H.
319. SmurfFae
@UberFanatic: OK, I can agree that Dyson did look unprofessional sending
Hale off. His speech to Hale made some sense in itself. I thought his
priorities were just a little off. I took it as him being just bitten by
the love bug after exploring 'the innermost sanctums of the heart' or

@nypinta: I guess sometimes the characters can appear not fully developed. (My stick: What do Dyson, Hale and Trick feed off as fae? Have the writers forgotten they have special needs too?)

While I watched ep 3.03 (the way I remember) I did not consider Kenzie changing her opinion of Lauren OOC.
I think she was just insulting DL herself, while she called her irresponsible and there was a crisis involving pigs going on.
As I remember the episode: you're right, that she should have countered
Vex's argument, as she was always extra-mean to Dyson while he an Bo
where off in S1.
Bo gave her a speach at the beginning of the episode about Lauren, so maybe Kenzie did cut back the snark just for Bo's sake?
In general, I never did perceive Kenzie as annoying (only as fake-Kenzie) or weak in S3. She did get captured by the Kitsune, but she had been captured before in 1.05 and 2.04 and she had that stick-fighting scene in 3.03.

I guess there are some moments on LG when a 'necessary plot' undermines character that I can remember:
It mostly involves people having secrets from each others (for no discernible good reason) just to enable some plot, create tension or keep viewers in the dark. (But that's a pretty common trope a lot of shows use.)
322. nypinta
The secrets! OMG yes. I really don't like that both Trick and Dyson made comments to the effect that they were going to keep things from Bo. I'm not so surprised about Trick, because that is so how he operates. But Dyson stopped keeping things from Bo in S1 so to have him suddenly keeping something from Bo (that is actually her business) just to cause tension is OOC. As for Kenzi, it wasn't just that episode with Lauren & the pigmen but the overall feeling of the season, and most especially the episode with the delinquents where nothing she did was right, just so Bo and Dyson had to fix what she had done and then save everyone. I forget what season it was when Bo made the comment, "I liked it better when I was the mom" and Kenzi retorts, "Oh you were never the mom" but in the last season a lot of the time Bo is acting that way. It's just a slight shift. Maybe from sisters to little sister/big sister; even though they've always had an age difference physically, it wasn't until this last season that they were behaving like it mattered. Because like I said, Bo's emotional growth was stunted by her years on the run, so in many ways Kenzi was older than her. That's just how it felt to me.
Nadine Robb
324. cmm
In reference to tonight's episode.... WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
326. nypinta
Is it safe to talk about it here? Because that was all sorts of good for background and getting things out of the way. But the end, holy cow. But on the other hand, no way in hell that Bo is going to abide by "her blood". I mean, come on! And I'm pretty sure that Massimo's mother is Evony. So now everyone is wondering if he's Lauren's brother that she mentions, but I don't think so. I'm a little bummed he turned out to be such a dud. Because I think it was clear he liked Kenzi. Did you all catch his smile when she left and made that crack about keeping her brush? Adored Dyson telling Tamsin a fairy tale. Hahahaha. Aw. So sweet.
329. Stacymd2
So, how was the episode? Good? Bad? I will not be able to see it until tomorrow. Doccubus did not explode so I assume it was Lauren heavy.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
330. Kiersten
Believe it or not, it was amazing. There was so much explanation about stuff, I actually checked to make sure I was watching the correct show.

Kenzi told Bo everything including about the kiss with Dyson, none of which Bo took well.

Doctor Lauren openly admitted she spybanged Bo back in season one and acknowledged that Crystal had done the same to her last week. She seemed to ultimately forgive Crystal as she'd once been in the same situation. She then confessed the details of Karen Beattie's terrorism back story revealing her brother (she has a brother!) used her pipebombs in an ecoterrorism raid unbeknowst to DL (why the hell did she think she was making the bombs in the first place?) which ultimately killed 11 peopel. It also seems certain she's being held by the Dark Fae/Evony as they left her a Fae medical "puzzle" to solve. Though she accused Hale (who, incidentally, would NEVER have done something like this, which only goes to show DL's continued bad judgement of people), when the culprit was revealed, DL was suitably shocked but seemed to recognize her captor.

Bo acknowledged she remembers everything up to when The Dal went boom, so no more of this "but she doesn't remember (Doctor) Lauren!" bullshit. She and Kenzi have it out in DL's flat where Massimo sends them on a fool's errand. Earlier he revealed to Bo and Kenzi that the potion he gave Tamsin at the end of S3 was deliberately wrong; it was meant to drug Bo so she could cross dimensions and be plucked up by The Wanderer. I think. The audio was fuzzy on this bit. Bo wonders if DL was trick by Taft after all and maybe she had an agenda for going with him. Keep following that line of reasoning, kiddo. Kenzi calls DL "good people" What?! Bo is surprised as she's always thought Kenzi to be Team Wolf. SHE IS. Kenzi confesses the kiss with Dyson and the stealing from Trick and Hale (she gave the Twig of Zamora to Massimo in payment!) and how she feels as though she ultimately is on her own as the only human and how Bo's disappearance left her on her own in the Fae world. Kenzi breaks my heart with this scene as she's totally wrecked.

Dyson and Bo have hot, sweaty boxing sex in the cold open AND IT'S NOT A FEED. It's likely the hottest sex scene this show has done with any pairing since S1E8 Vexed cold open with the two of them. Before they bang, they talk about DL and Bo's memory loss of where she was. Bo takes her frustration out on Dyson, which he doesn't mind though he does note how she seems different.

Rachel Skarsten is back as Tamsin though she, Tamsin, has no recollection of her past life and still behaves like a teenager. Dyson is left babysitting her at the cop shop and it is hilarious and sweet and endearing at the same time as TeenTamsin peppers him with adolescent questions. Another little sis for the Wolf Man to mind. Massimo uses her hair to call her to him and tries to take the whole head of strands for his own purposes. Bo comes to rescue her, but Massimo's half truths trigger Tamsin's Valkyrie powers - including a brand new set of gorgeous white wings. Seeing the wings, Massimo tells Bo that this is Tamsin's last life.

Afterward, Bo is back training in the gym sans Dyson who is at Hilton Hovel making up for being cranky earlier by reciting a made up fairy tale to TeenTamsin until she falls asleep in Kenzi's bedroom. Kenzi arrives at the gym and Bo reassures Kenzi that thought the potion was meant to hold the kiss of one who'd betray Bo, but Bo knows Kenzi didn't betray her. She reasserts that they're family. Later, back at Hilton Hovel, Dyson assures Kenzi that she'll always have a place with them and doesn't have to be Fae to have it.

Bo is finally fed up enough to confront the Una Mens in their lair. She dares them to try and kill her but the Una Mens has no interest in Bo's death anymore as they meant to kill the unaligned succubus but Bo's no longer unaligned as her blood has chosen alignment for her. Dark. While shocking this isnt so unexpected as, if the Dark have DL as suspected and Evony forces her to become claimed by the Dark, now Bo is on the Dark side too...where neither Trick nor Hale...nor Dyson are allowed to co-mingle. And that's how they get him out of the way again so they can force doccubus back together, though Lawd knows no one hopes I'm more wrong about that than me.
331. Stacymd2
@Kiersten: Thank you! I'm excited to see it now. Doccubus exploding is an indicator to me that an episode was good or not. Since they have not gone BS crazy like last week I got concerned. If Dyson and Bo had sex then I wonder why they are not screaming? I can't wait for the recap tomorrow to see everyone's thoughts.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
332. Kiersten
They're not screaming b/c there was a lot of Doctor Lauren on screen and she got pretty fed up and finally found her metaphoric balls and stood up to her captors. So they're too busy screaming "BadAssLauren!" to pay attention to the rest of it, but they did howl when Rachel showed up.

Bo is pissed at Dyson over the Kenzi thing and she'll probably shit all over him as per usual plus she's on her way to "reuniting" with DL so I think that fan base is in wait mode.
333. drusilla_doll
Oh cool, so my spec was correct about Bo being declared Dark. Now Dyson will be forbidden from her. And it makes sense that Bo and Lauren will reunite at the Dark Fae party. Interesting if it turns out to be her welcoming party. Maybe we're headed for the DarkBo we missed last season when they hinted at it but didn't deliver.

We all knew it was time for Lauren to finally say enough's enough, so I will be interested to see where we go from here.

I'm calling shameless retcon on the tied with a bow necklace being discovered and Kenzi having taught Lauren lockpicking, but it still sounds like a great episode with a lot of twists and turns.
334. Stacymd2
I would think that Bo would have to be a hypocrite of epic proportions to hold a kiss against Kenzi and Dyson when she has sex with who ever she wants and had sex with Dyson's friend (at the time) in the Brother Fae episode. Oh well, I guess she is. I knew that the writers had to make Dyson look bad in order to keep super, scary smart, martyr, terrorist/murder wonder Lauren, MD in the mix with Bo.

The doccunuts are saying that they loved this epi and that Lauren is "bad ass" and this is the "Lauren want to see."

I am still excited to see 404 because of D/B, D/T and Kenzi.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
335. Kiersten
It may be the Doctor Lauren they want to see but that doesnt mean it's Doctor Lauren. That smacks of wanting a favorite character not to be the character they are in order for that character to be better placed in the show, otherwise known in the real-world as marrying someone in order to change them.

That said, I think this is the most organic character progression Doctor Lauren has had in a VERY long time and, for once, not only was there continuity of character but of plot as well going all the way back to season one's spybang and finally putting all contradiction to it to bed for good. She didn't pick up a sword and start swinging; she did the science thing and called bullshit on her captors about it. That's very Doctor Lauren. That she thought for a moment that Hale was capable of such behavior is also continuity of character because she still (wrongly) believes he tried to keep her captive in the end of season three.

I'm going to be really, really pissed if we're forced to endure another season of doccutopia. Dyson has waited long frickin' enough and DL has long worn out her welcome and run out of rope with Bo. I've loved having the men back in the mix and hav absolutely no desire for it to be all women all the time again, damn the title.
Carmen Pinzon
336. bungluna
I'm still stuck in the Una Mens declaring for Bo. I just don't buy that she would accept anybody making her choices, even her own blood.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
337. Kiersten
I loved this episode by the way. I had such a feeling of glee as line after line spoke truth and moved out in one episode an epic ton of lingering crap.

I have to wonder if this is going to be Bo's jackhole season. Also, I'm getting tired of her bitching about people (mainly the men) lying to her and double-crossing her and then repeatedly giving others (namely DL) a free pass on their shit. Bo's not the picture of perfect and she's still a baby in this world where Hale and Dyson and Trick and the others have lived for centuries.

Part of growing up and "finding" yourself is realizing there is no light or dark side of things. Everyone lives in the murky gray of life and does the best to be the best person they can in it. Bo hasn't exactly been the most up front with people either and just because she shoots first and asks questions never doesnt mean she's better than the others or even that she's right.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
338. Kiersten
@bungluna I agree. The gargoyle in Doctor Lauren's apartment bit Bo which may be what they're basing their decision on. There's a lot there that doesnt add up, not the least of it the fact that Bo isn't about to allow anyone to do the choosing for her not even her own blood.
339. drusilla_doll
I presume Bo is going to be her recalcitrant self. It might bring her closer to Tamsin and give her more scenes with Vex, Evony and Lauren (I am guessing), but ultimately she will defy the rules if she wants to, because she's Bo and has never let tradition get in the way of living her life how she chooses.

Of course the irony is that none of the Fae gave a rat's arse that she was hooked up with Doctor Lauren all season, but I suspect they will get mad if she openly fraternizes with Dyson (so they will now be the taboo couple.)

I suspect the writers will keep hedging their bets however, and still try to give us fluffy emotional stuff with Lauren while Team Badass is more raw/passionate. So that those of the Doccubus persuasion can use that same old double standard of claiming it's only lust, only Bo using Dyson.

In the past I have gotten so fricking tired of this excuse being used to dismiss Spike/Buffy (not that there wasn't truth in it since she came back depressed after being ripped out of heaven), Damon/Elena, Sookie/Eric and Sawyer/Kate as not epic or 'pure' enough.

It's annoying. But, at least Dyson's not being kept in the friend-zone any longer.
340. katotela have analyzed the ep so perfect,now i dont feel bad for not being able to watch it on time.cant wait for your recap in January
344. TheUberFan
I super loved this episode. So many thoughts about it.

And for all you all who called it, good on you with regard to Bo remembering everything. I guessed entirely wrong! So she remembers the fight with Tamsin, still remembers the Dal and the smoke. Just not the train.

I got sad when Massimo said it was Tamsin's last life...but that explains why she was so stubborn to leave her previous one. Maybe she knew. I want to know how long is a lifecycle for a valkyrie.

Massimo...who is his mother? Is it the Morrigan?

Bo's status as a dark fae... goodness I get chills there.. ;) but she won't submit to that authority. That will be very interesting. She won't get to legally hang out with Hale or Dyson. And she'd only get to see Trick at the Dal, as it is neutral ground.

I really liked Lauren in this episode. It reminded me of when she got really angry with Lachlan and read her report to him and ripped her necklace off...and then was thrown in a cell. lol

I do and always have anticipated all sorts of sexy times for Bo with Dyson and Lauren. And even Tamsin. And whoever else she wants because she's free as a succubird. Also, I loved how she went to the Dal and got her sexy on with whoever was there right after boxing banging Dyson, cuz that is how she rolls.

I thought the scene in the fighting ring was hot btw. Oh and I noticed that Bo had a strip of color in her hair! I haven't seen that since Vexed!

Other random thoughts...Bo is getting a little darker in her tone. She was ready to kill Massimo if he came back? Dude. lol

BTW...@Kiersten, Massimo confirmed that the potion did work. It set Bo up to be transported to another dimension. So mystery solved there.

As for the disagreement between Bo and Kenzi, it seemed to be more about Kenzi still hurting from Bo being gone...and then after the confession, it felt to me that Bo was just angry that she had been kept in the dark again, and yes, she zeroed in on the Dyson thing...because that hurt. But she had just recounted how she didn't know Lauren at all.

And what was with the gift in the desk? It was sweet..but...huh?
345. TheUberFan
Oh and how freakin' cute was the scene in the cop shop when Dyson and Bo are talking about sex and using the euphamism of "going shopping" and every variation thereof, and young less than two week old little T who wanted to go shopping with them. LOL

Also I found it interesting that when Bo hugged winged Tamsin, she full body glowed. That's new, isn't it? We've seen her glow her hands and such...but full body? DUDE.
348. TheUberFan
Actually I don't blame Lauren for thinking the light had kidnapped her. She was already angry with Hale and felt trapped when she ran. Taft rubbed it in that she'd have no where to go because the light would treat her like a criminal...and her past experiences with former Ash's such as Lachlann was such that she was treated like chattle.

More randomness...did you see the smile on Bo's face after Massimo killed himself? She is definitely darker.
Carmen Pinzon
349. bungluna
I have to say I was happy that the writers have started cleaning up all the dangling story lines, but I'm still not buying warriorLauren. I did love to see her get her geek on, though. To me, that's Lauren's super-power.
352. TheUberFan
@bungluna...he's human and he jumped into lava pit. So I'd guess yep. lol

Oh and I just started rewatching and picked up on a few cues.

First, there's Dyson with Bo. He says there's something different about her.

Next is Kenzi and the powder that was only supposed to block malicious fae, but she thinks she made a mistake because it's zapped Bo. AGAIN.

Bo threatens to kill Massimo if he doesn't keep his end of the deal he's made to trade a plant in Lauren's apartment for leaving Kenzi alone.

Later we have Bo smiling after Massimo kills himself.

There are several inferences from Bo that she equates the dark with duplicitous and evil, and Tamsin picks up on all of that and carries it with her throughout the episode, where she thinks Bo hates her because she's dark, etc.

I think Bo actually is darker. Perhaps Daddy did do something to her to make her dark but it's in her blood, literally and that's why the Una Mens sensed her allegiance to the dark.

But Bo...I can't see her simply accepting it. In fact I imagine she'll do anything she can to be construed as unaligned by whoever asks. lol
360. nypinta
I too loved the episode, but when I woke up this morning & was thinking about it again I realized I'm still annoyed that the only take away Bo had from Kenzi's speech was her kiss with Dyson. At least Dyson refuses to believe that he & Kenzi did anything wrong & I would have loved to have seen him call Bo in it rather than just say it to Kenzi. But I think that is all we are going to get.
361. nypinta
I've decided that Bo is possessed. She was on a train of damned souls. I think her reaction to the Jumbi (?) wasn't actually all the elemental. I think she's still got something in her, and it was dark and that is what the Una Mens 'read' in her blood.
Nusi Dekker
363. NusiD
If Massimo had the Twig of Zamorra on him, even jumping into a lava pit wouldn't kill him, I would think. Bo didn't take it from him, I don't think she even knows what it can do.

Yeah, Bo is different. She is much more a hard-ass than before. I don'treally like the new Bo as much as the old one, but the whole story is getting much more interesting because of it.

The gargoyle in Lauren's apartment (amazing that all those valuable things there haven't been stolen yet with all those people tramping in and out at their will) tasted Bo's blood which I guess has her father's blood mixed in, and I am guessing that her dad was the original Dark Fae king or something.
Susan White
364. whiskeywhite
Can't resist a mini (for you) recap, eh Kiersten? Marveloso.

I loved this episode. This time I was watching the clock (during the commercials only) thinking to myself, "please don't let it be over". I agree that so many loose threads got picked up.

Ate up the sex scene between Bo and Dyson at the beginning. I agree, Kiersten, hotter than anything since "Vexed" (and maybe the shower dream). I wasn't originally impressed with Bo's "you seem to like it, in a huge way" crack. It seemed quite 14-year old boy. But on reflection I admitted to myself that I might say something like that to my partner (men and their egos and all that).

Bo is originally a bit frosty with Kenzi, and immediately afterwards with Dyson (on the phone), when Kenzi confesses about the kiss. (I like that Kenzi put it as "I kissed Dyson" even though he made the first move. It takes two to tango and she's honest about it). But later Bo says, "I'm not mad about Dyson" and agrees with Kenzi that it meant nothing. And then it's finished. Will we hear about it again from Dyson's side? Maybe not (which would mean he's keeping secrets. Boo). Bo moves on quickly to the speech about how they're family and that Kenzi had not betrayed her despite the workings of the urn glass kiss to Massimo.

That's one of the things I like most about this episode. They actually have some oh-so-rare adult conversations, especially Kenzi and Bo. KS knocks it out of the park, again, with her "you left me alone" speech. And AS is good in return.
365. no1zoiepalmerfan
Regardless of whether or not Dyson was told to sleep with Bo or not, he was still sleeping with her while spying on her for Trick=spybanging! Lauren was ordered to keep Bo busy which led to them sleeping together=spybanging! Why is it that Dyson fans refuse to acknowledge that what he did was spybanging.
Lauren was under the order of the Ash to keep her busy while they got Vex out of town...he never once said to sleep with her! Dyson was told to keep an eye on Bo. He was sleeping with her while spying on her. I acknowledge the fact that Lauren owned up to it, but I believe the only reason she even said the word spybang was because that's what Kenzi called it!
Both Dyson & Lauren were wrong in doing what they did, but why is it that what Lauren did is called spybanging just because you say the A, but Dyson was sleeping with Bo while spying on her & it's not spybanging?
366. no1zoiepalmerfan
UberFaenatic It's also possible that Lauren didn't know that Hale was no longer the Ash since it never showed her again after doing surgery on Taft.
367. TheUberFan
I presumed Lauren didn't know that Hale was no longer the Ash. She had no reason to know what had happened after she bailed.
369. XenGab4Ever!
I don't know that I want to watch this show anymore if Freaking Hollywood is just going to pull that old... lesbians shouldn't be together! This is Freaking Madness... What is so WONDERFUL about Fracking Dyson anyway... he's just a dick! Though at one time I thought it could have been he was Bo's go to fae when she needed to heal but after reading some of your posts here about how "WONDERFUL" he is... I just think you all are HOMOPHOBES who don't want to see Bo with any woman... just like Kenzi! "Mr. WONDERFUL" HATED Lauren from the beginning and was always trying to get BO away from her... even when he had lost his "Love" to the Norn... I think that would have been totally out of character... he should have been in the very least indifferent about it. I just think that "Mr. WONDERFUL" as you all seem to think he is... is not so "Mr. WONDERFUL" and I WISH they would SHOW you that! And lest we all forget... Dyson Pushed Bo away in the first season, too! He just wanted them to be "friends with no strings"... Oh, yeah... "Mr. WONDERFUL" alright. And in case you missed it... those "Mr. WONDERFUL"s are sarcasm and I really dispised the character! BO AND LAUREN FOREVER!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
370. Kiersten
Hi @XenGab4Ever - thanks for leaving a comment.

This is a safe place for people to leave their comments without fear of being personally attacked. Calling people "homophobes" is not acceptable under any circumstances.

It's your right to despise Dyson and to support Bo and Doctor Lauren as a couple; many people who post here feel the same way. I happen to think they have zero chemistry and have, over the course of the last few seasons of the show, repeatedly demonstrated their relationship to be bad for them both individually and toxic in general. I'm not opposed to seeing Bo with a woman; I think she and Tamsin have a lot of chemistry together and there have been other female guest stars with whom she's demonstrated more chemistry and connection than she ever has with Doctor Lauren, in my opinion. Certainly Doctor Lauren has a huge amount of chemistry with Crystal, and actually looks happy for the first time when she's with Crystal in this episode. But chemistry, like most things, is in the eye of the beholder.

Again, you're welcome to express both your dislike and your preference so long as your comments remain respectful and do not attack they many other people who post here.

Thank you.
371. nypinta
Also, the show is shot in Canada, so Hollywood has nothing to do with it. And Bo isn't a lesbian. She's bi. People love to forget that.

Dyson pushed Bo back because he was afraid of getting emotionally attached. That clearly didn't work. Yet Lauren pushed towards Bo even though she had a girlfriend in a coma. Yeah... that's wonderful.

The point being that the writers continually even the score between Dyson and Lauren in terms of "marks" they would have against them. So to say that the only reason Bo and Lauren wouldn't be together is some Hollywood rule is to ignore that actual writing and depictions of all the characters. Lauren and Bo had the longest amount of time to explore their relationship, and it didn't work. It had nothing to do with Dyson. It had nothing to do with homophobia. It was character driven only. And I for one am not going to back off of any critique of any character just because someone wants to throw around empty accusations.

Re: spybang. The difference is he didn't have sex with her for any other reason than because he wanted to. Lauren used sex to distract Bo. That's the part that makes it a spybang. The sex was used for another purpose.
373. DoccubusRules
None of the DyBo sex scenes are half as sexy as the Bo/Lauren ones. With Doccubus it's always about love whereas with Bo and Dyson it's sometimes for healing and sometimes just sex. I love how everyone seems to forget that Bo has never once told Dyson that she loves him even after all the numerous times that he has said it to her. As a matter of fact, there has only been once that she said it to him and that was when she said it to him and Lauren at the same time! Lauren didn't look happier with Crystal than she did with Bo. With Crystal it was just about sex, with Bo is was pure love! Bo and Lauren have more chemistry than Bo and Dyson and Bo and Tamsin put together. Bo has had plenty of chances to get back with Dyson after she found out he had his love back, which I think it's kind of funny that Bo didn't have anything to do with him getting it back. That to me just proves that her love for him was never as strong as her love for Lauren was and still is.
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