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Keeping It All In the Family?: Twins Who Share

Doubled by Charlotte SteinMenage romance featuring two men and one woman (m/f/m) with no sexual touching or titillation between the siblings (a line used in many Siren books) is a very popular subgenre of erotic romance. I remember my first ones, Colters’ Woman by Maya Banks, a romance in which three brothers are searching for the one woman to bond with them, and Lora Leigh’s Men of August books, a series in which three brothers share their spouses because of past trauma. These books are over the top, but each made a rather huge impression on me. Yet, there is a twist on this trope—not just brothers, but twins sharing which is like the Holy Grail of m/f/m ménages. Here is a look at some of the most memorable books I’ve read about twins who share the love of their lives.

In Charlotte Stein’s Doubled, identical twins Sebastian and Tobias are hot for their good friend Bobbi. They are fascinated by her, especially by her ability to tell them apart. Bobbi can’t tell them why she always knows which is which, she just does. Seb, however, doesn’t buy it.

“You can’t just know. There isn’t another person alive who gets it right every time—not even our mother. So come on, spill. How did we give ourselves away?”

Bobbi doesn’t want to admit that she can tell them apart because they are her soul mates. To push her further, the twins decide to test Bobbi’s ability with a blindfold and some slightly intimate touches, permanently altering the status of their friendship. Things get heated very quickly among the three. While in Doubled, Seb and Tobias don’t set out to find a perfect woman to share, they both realize that they cannot ask Bobbi to choose between them.

Their One and Only by Trista Ann MichaelsTrista Ann Michaels also has identical twins brothers as heroes in her paranormal romance Their One and Only. Sam and Tyler work as criminal profilers for the FBI and share a psychic bond. The bond has caused trouble for them in their love lives because when one falls in the love, the other feels the same. And few women were willing to take on two dominant and aggressive men. But then they meet Kaycee, the woman they are supposed to protect, they find a woman who can handle them. And while she is a bit wary, Kaycee can’t deny that Sam and Tyler fit her well. This one also has an intense suspense plot with a serial killer and an abundance of passion.

Next up are identical twins Jace and Marcus in Alisha Rai’s Glutton for Pleasure, two brothers who always share women, but generally only once. Well, until Jace spies Devi and engineers a meeting for the three in Devi’s family’s restaurant. Devi is intrigued by the thought of being with both men.

She imagined herself sandwiched between the two identical men, multiple hot hands running over her nude flesh. Would their bodies look the exact same? Would she be able to feel a difference in their hands? In their cocks?

Devi decides to go for it, assuming it will be a one-night-only experience. But Jace, especially, is hoping for more. Mace and Jace hold nothing back in their quest to give Devi a chance to experience their ultimate brand of pleasure, although there is a deep, dark secret involved in this story.

Her Twin Wilde Cowboy MastersFor something a little different, there is Chloe Lang’s Her Twin Wilde Cowboy Masters which has identical twin brothers who are both masters in the BDSM lifestyle. Wade and Wyatt have been pursing Mackenzie, a local waitress, with no success. Mackenize is in town on an undercover mission to find her brother, not looking for a relationship. Wyatt and Wade know they are looking for a submissive woman to be their permanent partner. After all, they live in Wilde, Nevada, a town where sharing is the norm. These two cowboy masters have to seduce their reluctant sub and help her when it becomes apparent that she is in danger.

The idea of twins sharing one woman is a bit controversial, straddling a line that many readers find a tad bit creepy. But there are some compelling stories out there, like the ones above. Of course, there are plenty more. What do you think? Are you a fan? If so, what are some of your favorites?


Jennifer Porter, a mild-mannered librarian by day, runs the review site Romance Novel News and is a compulsive romance reader. She has a tendency to live tweet her craziest reads as @JenniferRNN

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1. Miss_D
I'm mixed on this but I think my issue is I got tired of reading books where the woman basically has a train run on her as opposed to reading the men interacting sexually as well. I've more or less moved away from a lot of menage stories where the men don't interact sexually (and don't get me started on the books where a woman is a relationship with 4 or 5 guys as it just makes my vagina ache in a bad way) because I've found a richer story when it's ALL of the participants involved and in love with one another.

I'm not only waiting for Lora Leigh to write a story with a Black heroine as a lead (come on, she's done every other race BUT), I'm also waiting for one of her menage books to include male/male sexual interaction, not just the guys totally focused on the female and never interacting. She's done several brothers stories.

Sorry for the long-winded response. I'm also not grossed out by twins sharing.

I think more than anything, I find it a cop out to write menage stories with brothers (or cousins) because it automatically makes the male/male sexual interaction unavailable to the reader.
2. JenniferPorter
Miss_D, I also prefer menage books where the men are involved with each other. It is bizarre that 2 men are in bed with 1 women and their manly bits don't ever touch. This makes for a more interesting romance with a more compelling conflict. But I am fascinated by the twins sharing thing. I can't look away.
Teresa Noelle Roberts
3. Teresa Noelle Roberts
The brothers fantasy is hot and twins just make it hotter. I want to say I have trouble imagining it lasting for longer than one intense night...but I have a very active imagination, so I can buy it. I understand Miss_D's wish to have all the participants in love with each other, but the brother dynamic is rich and emotionally complex too. Even if it's not going to lead to hot man-sex, except in the occasional porny book with terrible covers that Amazon sometimes decides to yank off your Kindle. (Which I typed as Kinkle.)
Teresa Noelle Roberts
4. Tammye
I like the menage books but agree with Miss_D that they are better when the males interact sexually with each other. "Menage" by Emma Holly has a very hot romance between two males who become involved with their older female landlord. Megan Hart also has a book "Tempted" that is like this.
Teresa Noelle Roberts
5. Jenny Lyn
Ooh, Tempted was so good, even if my heart broke a little at the end! I've read Doubled by Charlotte Stein too, and I agree with Jennifer's rec. But anything Charlotte writes is amazing.
Teresa Noelle Roberts
6. Sophia Ryan
I, too, like M/F/M situations where all of them enjoy each other. M/M sex is hot, and can add to the woman's pleasure just from watching! The twins or brothers aspect doesn't bother me, nor would having them pleasure each other. Pleasure is pleasure. Maya Banks does the threesome well. I'll have to try Ménage and Tempted. Sophia
Teresa Noelle Roberts
7. arhatfield
I do have a preference for menages, however I can't really get into the M/M ones. The brother/twin thing doesn't bother me as long as it's done right. Shayla Black has a number of M/F/M books that are excellent. I've read the Trista Ann Michaels book as well as a number of the Maya Banks books.
Teresa Noelle Roberts
8. vivazdee
...check the Powertools Series by Jayne Rylon...a fun mixture where everyone is thoroughly LOVED!!! Also Three by Opal Carew...identical triplets...:)
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