Nov 26 2013 11:29am

Karen Marie Moning Shares a New Burned Teaser!

Burned by Karen Marie MoningOn her Facebook page, Karen Marie Moning is offering a sneak peek at Burned, out July 22, 2014 January 2015*:

The king stirred from his reverie and stared down at the unconscious female in his wings.

Half a million years since he’d last seen her. Held her. Touched her.

It was no illusion. She was here. She was real.

She felt as small and gossamer fragile as the new worlds he spun.

He inhaled. She smelled the same as she had on the day he’d met her, of sunshine on bare skin, moonlight on silver oceans and enormous, sky-no-limit dreams. He closed his eyes and opened them.

She was still there.

After an eternity of grief and regret, he held the only thing he’d ever wanted more than he wanted to be God.

A second chance.

He’d imagined this, dreamed it, hungered for it beyond reason.

Read the rest at Karen Marie Moning's Facebook page.

Updated January 27, 2014: *Karen Marie Moning has announced Burned's release date has been pushed back to January 2015.

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1. Deeroma
Can I just say "Need Barrons Fix". I know this is Dani's story but Barrons is part of the Fever world and I am in need of some Jericho. LOL Karen is an awesome writer and I am looking forward to the continuation of this story. Cant Wait :)
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I'm hoping we see Barrons at all in Burned! I know Dani thinks Mac is going to kill her, and all, but still--BARRONS!
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