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Ichabbie!: Ichabod and Abbie Grow Closer in Sleepy Hollow

Ichabod and Abbie hug in Sleepy Hollow 1.06**This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night’s episode, 1x06, “The Sin Eater.”**

Sleepy Hollow is finally back! I missed my time-traveling hottie, Ichabod Crane, and his kick ass “leftenant” Abbie Mills. And yes, he is pronouncing it correctly. Leftenant is the old English way of saying lieutenant. How do I know this? Google. Anyhoo, I missed Abbie and Ichabod so much I found myself annoyed they weren’t together so much in this episode. But the tension and buildup were well worth it. The first five episodes showed us their awkward way around each other physically; by the end of this episode, they hug! Yes, they actually hug, and the emotion that brings them to this point is a turning point in their relationship. By the end they are shown they are destined to be together...on this quest to save mankind, at least.

The episode opens with Abbie and Ichabod at a local baseball game. Abbie gets all up in the ump's face and Ichy is all like, How rude, he’s just doing his job and I don’t understand baseball.

This is the Abbie and Ichabod I’ve come to know and love. Their banter has a unique opposites attract-style chemistry, like that of Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting. They’re not a couple, yet, or maybe even ever with Katrina, Ichy’s ghost-goth-witch wife, popping up now and again. But we can’t deny there is something between them that keeps up guessing. Even Abbie’s sister Jenny sees it.

Abbie and Ichabod at a baseball game in Sleepy Hollow season 1, episode 6Back at the game, Abbie explains the deal with America’s obsession with baseball in a monologue I swore I heard in A League of Their Own, and she nails it, piquing Ichabod’s interest so much so he too shoots his mouth off at the ump. Too bad the poor ump wasn’t making a call at the time, something Abbie also rectifies in that snarky way she knows will get at Ichabod. This causes Ichy to get all nostalgic for his previous leisure activities, his Revolutionary-era Sleepy Hollow. On the way back to Abbie’s car after the game, Abbie sweetly reassures Ichabod he is home now, in the present with her. Ichabod smiles that sexy one only he can muster and bows before Abbie. Chivalry isn’t dead and Ichabod Crane is the reason. He declines Abbie’s offer for a ride home and decides to stroll through town alone. He ends up at Katrina’s grave. Sigh.

How can you not feel for the guy? What is he feeling being there? Torn between Abbie and Katrina? I mean, he did just wake up from a two-hundred-year-long nap to find out his wife is dead and yeah, two hundred years have zipped by. And then there’s this courageous, tough woman he’s partnered with on a journey they seemed to have been destined to take together. What’s a man to do? It’s here I notice once again Ichabod is still in the same clothes he woke up in. Really? I thought someone would’ve brought that up by now. Then Ichabod gets shot with some dart in his neck and is kidnapped, breaking my daydream of him in a dressing room trying on new duds.

Abbie is driving along and a trance takes her. She’s in an old home and there’s a crying baby. But it turns out to be some creepy voodoo doll looking thingy. Then the Headless Horseman shows up walking briskly toward Abbie. She runs and hides and comes across women in black lace chanting at a table. Then Katrina Crane shows up telling her that the Headless Horseman is returning by nightfall and that Ichabod has been kidnapped. She also informs Abbie that the only way to break Ichabod’s and the Horseman’s blood tie is to find the sin eater and he must sanctify Ichabod.

I’ll sanctify him….Ha cha cha!

The Free Masons took Ichabod and they inform him they are on his side and that the only way to kill the Horseman is to kill himself. They tell him that Katrina was working with them until she hid Ichabod, burying him with the spell that allowed him to rise from his grave two hundred years later. Katrina’s love for Ichabod is the reason she ultimately meets her demise. The Free Masons are here now to right Katrina’s betrayal and ask Ichabod to take his life, finally ending the war on evil.

Oh, the drama!

Abbie and Jenny find Ichabod and try to convince him to let the sin eater separate him from the Horseman. Ichabod refuses, that it will only separate them, that the Horseman will still be free. Abbie refuses to accept his death. The fear in her voice and eyes is telling; she too is torn about her feelings, that much is obvious. Ichabod humbly tells her this is the only way, that they found each other through time and it’s all come to this, for him to make the ultimate sacrifice. She relents and will not leave his side, that she’s lost too many she never got to say good-bye to.

This is such a touching moment, as Ichabod calls her Abbie, something he’s never done before. Here we see their vulnerability, their deep affection and connection for one another. Ichabod takes the poison, seeing both Abbie and Katrina in the haze that overwhelms him. The sin eater arrives to save the day as Ichabod is dying. The sin eater says that he’s hoped for this day, for the reason he was given this gift to be revealed, and it’s Ichabod. He tells him he can remove the poison and his sin. Ichabod relents, wanting to live and fulfill his true destiny, not wanting Kartina’s sacrifice to have been for nothing. The sin eater holds Ichabod’s hands, digs deep into his soul, telling him to forgive himself for not saving Arthur Bernard, a man accused of treason Ichabod feels he let die. Arthur appears, smiling, telling him he knew this day would come. That his death saved Ichabod’s soul. His death wasn’t Ichabod’s sin but his salvation, that once Ichabod’s frees himself of the guilt he will finally free himself to stop the apocalypse with Abbie. That together, he and Abbie will save the world. Again, they are destined to be together…

It works. Once Abbie sees Ichabod will live she runs to him and they embrace. He rests his head lightly upon hers and gives up that disarming smile. I admit I got a little teary eyed seeing this. It doesn’t last long but it was enough for me, and them apparently too as they immediately return to their normal banter of who was right and who should listen to whom. And now the Horseman is back, ready to slice his way into Apocalypse.

What will happen? Where is this connection with Abbie and Ichabod going? We know Ichabod loves his wife dearly and Abbie has unresolved feelings for her ex, hottie fellow officer Luke Morales, who wasn’t in this episode. But we cannot deny what we see blossoming between Abbie and Ichy. Which makes for great TV drama.

Hopefully in the weeks to come we’ll see more sexual tension and maybe Ichabod in a new suit.


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1. Travelover
I love Sleepy Hollow, and the actors are outstanding. Tom Mison is absolutely brilliant in the role. BUT if they ever put these two together romantically it would ruin both characters AND the entire premise of the show. It's a morality piece - good versus evil. Ichabod was "saved" by his "BELOVED" wife, Katrina (in each and every opening they refer to her as his "BELOVED"). He misses Katrina deeply. And as we saw in this episode he and Katrina were drawn together instantly - their attraction was mutual. SHE saved his life. SHE is being held captive. In spite of all her powers - SHE needs to be rescued. THIS is THEIR "romance novel". He is a man of honor. He should never be allowed to break that honor (there's all that good versus evil again). He is TEACHING (remember he WAS a teacher before going into the military) Abby all about "old fashioned" values, honor, integrity, courage. That one act where he was willing to give up his own life for the sake of others clearly demonstrated all that. As a child, Abby committed an act of cowardice and doing the right thing by denying the truth and standing up for her sister. Now SHE is being redeemed. Therefore, I see their relationship as more PATERNAL than romantic. I look forward to MORE of Ichabod's backstory with Katrina. I also want to see MORE of Katrina. I would like to see Captain Irving and Abby wind up together. Irving has been very supportive and helpful - and I think he has a "thing" for Abby (remember his "confrontation" with Abby's old boyfriend?). I also love the special effects - and I'd love to know WHO is playing the Headless Horseman and how that headless business is done.
Christopher Morgan
2. cmorgan
I don't know Travelover, while I do prefer Katrina to Abbie as a character, I do have a thing for witches and wizards, I think her and Ichabod are doomed from the start. There is the fact that she is stuck in Moloch's Limbo, and you found out before the break that only those that are under Moloch's power can be held there. We also saw Katrina desperate to reveal a deep, feared secret to Ichabod. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Katrina didn't deal with the Moloch to save Ichabod. That would be two birds with one stone for the Rebellious demon.

One, he would be garunteeing an obstacle for the four horsemen, which I'll admit i'm assuming that they have opposing goals, and he has leverage over the man that is in the greatest position to imped moloch's desires as well. He already had Abbie under thumb with Abbie's sister, but Ichabod is ruining that. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Katrina doesn't die or isn't fully turned by the end of it. Much like the Angel/Angelus arc in Buffy S2 or 3 can't remember which he was.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@Travelover -- Agreed about the actors--they're doing a terrific job. And while I think the IDEA of Ichabod and Katrina is very romantic, so far the show really hasn't sold me on them. Meanwhile, Abbie and Crane are the heart of the show already, kinda like Mulder and Scully were for The X-Files. I wouldn't want to see them together for a very, very long time (and there'd have to be a resolution to Ichabod and Katrina's story first, but like @cmorgan, to me it seems likely she won't always be around), but I think something could eventually develop between them and it wouldn't ruin the show.
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
KATRINA IS EVIL! My working theory is that she sold her soul to Moloch in order to save Ichabod and that's why she's in limbo. It was all for good reasons but the fact that she doesn't have a soul is leading her to become corrupt...in theory.

My other theory is that she's going to get jealous of Ichabod and Abbie's relationship and that will be the deciding factor for her status in Limbo and then she'll be evil/go to hell.

With that being said, I'm not really shipping Ichabod and Abbie (Ichabbie? Crabbie?) as a romance per se but more as best buddies. With THAT being said, I wouldn't hate it if Ichabbie became a thing. It would at least get Ichabod out of those awful clothes (which he was BURIED IN!)

5. Travelover
Loves the theories here. As I said, I believe the entire premise is Good versus Evil - and I think THAT is the key to Katrina's "rescue" by Ichabod. Katrina was a Quaker (AND a powerful "good witch"). IF she did, indeed, sell her soul to save/help Ichabod AND save humanity in the process - could, down the road, we eventually be dealing with a Devil and Daniel Webster type story where the Devil is tricked somehow into releasing her soul?
Christopher Morgan
6. cmorgan
I hadn't even thought about the Devil and Tom Walker/Daniel Webster, that is a very good point. So far with the shows tendancy to play with American Folk Lore AND Washington Irving, that may be exactly what they are setting up.

Which makes me think even more about the Angel/Angelus storyline from Buffy.
7. Travelover
Washington Irving also wrote Rip Van Winkle which was about a man who woke up from a loooong "nap". I would really hate to see Katrina "sacrificed" just to create a romance between Ichabod and Abby - gratuitous IMHO and just plain mean lol. As I said, I don't believe it fits the premise of the series, and Katrina has to not only be a very powerful Quaker/Witch - she ALSO has to have incredible smarts to not wind up dead herself - and to be able to, as we saw this past Monday - fool the Masons and "spirit" Ichabod's body to safety. On other boards, some have theorized the police captain will turn out to be bad. But the Captain is named "Irving" for a reason, and I don't believe they'd "dishonor" the memory of Washington Irving by having a character named after him turn to the "dark side". Someone MAY "turn" - quite possibly Abby's previous boyfriend.
Jennifer Proffitt
8. JenniferProffitt
@Travelover: Agreed on your points about Katrina. All of her actions obviously come from a truly good place and all for her love of Ichabod. One question, to play devil's advocate, but could Katrina have faked her love of Ichabod because he's the chosen one? They've hinted that she's known he was one of the witnesses almost since the very first time she met, so...

As for other potential baddies: I definitely think Abbie's ex is not very good. But they've been hinting at it pretty heavily that he might have ulterior motives.

Also, agree that Irving must know something more than he's giving away--why is he so willing to follow Crane and Abbie's logic?

And a question: Did I totally miss Katrina being called out as a Quaker? Where do they reveal that?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
I am so very weary of every glimpse of affection, connection, and caring between a man and a woman (especially in TV shows) immediately being ascribed to romantic/sexual feelings as though they are the only types of connections that can exist between a man and a woman and that all evidence of feeling between a pairing is ultimately designed to lead to romance.

I love Sleepy Hollow. Am just adoring just about everything they're doing from the script to the acting to the banter to the high stakes to the ongoing clothes issues with Ichabod that everyone has made note of including the actors. Ichabod and Abbie need to stay exactly as they are and by that I mean growing the paternal/fraternal relationship they have established. It is unique to them, this nascent trust and emotional intimacy, and should not ever, don't you dare, be confused, complicated, and really screwed up by introducing romance to the equation.

Relationships are complicated and those between men and women consist of infinite levels of connection with sex/romance often being the easiest and most superficial choice. Leave Abbie & Ichabod alone. Saving the world from the Apocalypse is enough of a bonding mechanism for them. Sex/romance would only cheapen that.

I agree with just about everything Travelover said up top (though I am intrigued by the idea that Katrina is ultimately evil because she sold her soul for Ichabod's sake.) The premise of the show clearly states that Katrina is Ichabod's beloved. It may have been 200 years for everyone else, but for Ichabod it was yesterday and a man of his conviction and nobility loves just once and for good. His relationship with Abbie is something that Revolutionary War Ichabod could never have experienced without marriage due to social restrictions of the time (and not just the slavery issue). Thus, he delights in her for exactly who she is and what they have to do together - they are partners and he trusts her to have his back. That's a dynamic that deserves its time without the needless, misplaced, and unoriginal plot device of denied romance.
9. Travelover
It was mentioned several times on Monday's show, Jennifer. Before she entered the room where Ichabod's "demonic" superior was holding Arthur Benard prisoner. They said she was a nurse from the local Quaker community. During that first conversation with Ichabod, she said, "I am a Quaker, I fight for the conviction that every life is precious".

During ANOTHER discussion (the one in the woods) where they were discussing his conscience - they both admitted they felt like they had KNOWN each other all along. IF she wanted him dead so that the Headless Horseman could do his thing - she could have nailed him on the spot - humanity would have ended then and there. I REALLY don't think she is "evil".
10. Travelover
Kudos, Kiersten. I sooo TA.

It IS possible for male and female to be JUST "friends" - WITHOUT sex, romance, etc.
Jennifer Proffitt
11. JenniferProffitt
Travelover: Thanks for the reminder! TBH, my roommie was talking over the episode a lot and I was writing for NaNoWriMo while I watched so I really didn't give it my full attention. Thanks!

Good points about the Headless Horseman and Katrina. Just wanted to throw that out there as a possibility. Like I mentioned, I think her actions all came out of her love for Ichabod so whatever is tying her to Moloch and his limbo doesn't mean she's evil necessarily. Just...conflicted.

@Kiersten: Love this:
The premise of the show clearly states that Katrina is Ichabod's beloved. It may have been 200 years for everyone else, but for Ichabod it was yesterday and a man of his conviction and nobility loves just once and for good. His relationship with Abbie is something that Revolutionary War Ichabod could never have experienced without marriage due to social restrictions of the time (and not just the slavery issue).
Thus, he delights in her for exactly who she is and what they have to do together - they are partners and he trusts her to have his back.
I also agree that Ichabod and Abbie's relationship (I mean that in the literal sense, not romantic, definition of the word) is that of a strong bond built out of crazy circumstances. Do I think they have great chemistry? Sure! Do I think people have to have great chemistry in order to be just friends? Yes, because otherwise their interactions would be boring.

Conversations like this one remind me of the When Harry Met Sally arguments about men and women being friends. By the end of the film we assume that the conclusion is men and women can't be friends because inevitably feelings will come up. I don't think that's the case with Ichabod and Abbie because, as you said, Ichabod would never pursue anything with anyone else knowing that his beloved wife was locked away in limbo, and Abbie is too busy kicking butt and taking names to worry about anything but saving the world.

Also, I didn't realize this until I thought about it but I would SEVERELY lose respect for Ichabod if he ever acted on any feelings for ANYONE (Abbie or otherwise) with his wife in limbo. Even if she turns out to be less than good, I would HATE IT if Ichabod cheated. That totally goes against character, for me.
However for me to hop on the Katrina train, she's going to have to seriously change. She reminds me of a wet noodle right now. Always looks on the verge of tears. It's very bothersome. I suppose that just highlights the differences between Abbie and Katrina though...
12. Travelover
Jennifer, someone from another board brought up some VERY interesting facts from this week's episode. I'm copying the following from that board:

1. Katrina can't/wont leave the limbo she is in. She is hiding something from Ichabod. 2. Morloch lures children, steals them from their families. 3. n this weeks episode, when Katrina comes to Abbey for the first time, we see a child's room, crib, dolls, a baby stroller. We hear a baby cry, a little girl laugh. These were not put there just to be creepy....

I agree with the person who caught that!

MY theory is Katrina was pregnant and didn't have a chance to Ichabod when she put the spell on him. Morloch is holding Katrina and Ichabod's baby and she is staying in limbo land unable to say anything to watch over her child - hoping Ichabod can save them both.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
13. Kiersten
@JenniferProfitt - thanks! I was totally thinking about that (flawed) When Harry Met Sally argument as I wrote that!

I agree about Katrina's manner especially in contrast to Abbie, but again, she's a Revolutionary War Quaker (witchy ways notwithstanding) and is not going to be as "in your face" in her deportment as Abbie has been bred to be by as a 21 century woman. Whether actress Katia Winter is playing Katrina that way or if it's just how her style comes across is another thing entirely.

And yes, absolutely friendships, or a relationship beyond friends that's still not lovers, definitely have to have their own type of chemistry, especially on the screen or page, in order to remain interesting.
14. Travelover
Kiersten, you are right. Katrina is MORE reserved as she was a woman of her time - taught to be so in public. I did enjoy that little bit of "boldness" when she leaned forward an whispered in his ear about evil triumphing when good men do nothing - and then said he was a good man.

On various boards people keep forgetting how different things were back then - they want to "change" Ichabod - modernize him - his speech, his social mores, his clothing, etc. But they don't realize to do so would destroy the character. He'd be just like everyone else.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
15. Kiersten
God, no, do NOT modernize Ichabod! Though I will say he does seem to adapt quickly to his modern environs/challenges. It makes more sense as we learn he dealt with supernatural elements before he "died" so it's easier to believe he can adjust to things like telephone and On Star (still one of absolutely favorites scenes) without much more than a hitch in his step. I still would like to see some angst over how everything/one he's known/loved is gone in a blink for him. Where are his parents? Siblings? Everything has hit him so fast, there hasn't been much on screen processing for him and I think that would be really interesting to see. But no moderization of character!
17. KImW
haven't read all the comments but don't see how Icabod could be with Abby when he is still married to his wife. Whilst she is technically in limbo he was dead for 250 years so you can't guarantee she won't be coming back and he is seeing her as did Abbie. Just because they are male and female shouldn't mean they have a relationship
18. jaymy m.
I too wondered about that limbo house Katrina was at when she reached out to Abbie.

As a soldier in a foreign land back in the day, I imagine he'd witnessed quite a bit of unusual things and adapted as needed based on circumstance and orders. And, he was already seeing demons.

Throwing the whole Freemasons thing in there feeds on some folks conspiracy theories, etc..., about them and their role behind the scenes in this country, esp. in certain historic locations and events.

Lots of legends, stories and histories bent and twisted in this show.

Didn't think I'd like it (not generally a fan of the whole headless horseman/sleep hollow thing), but the two main characters are very engaging.

As for Ichabod's clothing, that topic was raised in a previous episode. I think think the general consensus was let him be himself. It's who he is. And hey, if his body is stinky and decayed after that many years "dead" why should his clothes suddenly wreak?

And just where the devil was he (his spirit) when he was "dead"? Why doesn't he remember any of it. Was he really just having a long dirt nap? How can someone be suspended in time that long without significant change... without knowing... no conscious thought or loss of time? I know it's all supernatural and good v. evil and all, but I'd like a little more on that. Was he in limbo too and didn't remember it? In pergutory, hades, or just in the ground in chrysalis?

Think there's still a lot to be learned about the past, Ichabod and Katrina, the legend and how it all plays into current day. Lots of room to continue bending history and stories for the sake of an hour long supernatural feast once a week.
19. krezel63
i think that abbyand ichabod will be good for each other they have a connection that him and Katrina didn't that i've seen. Also like someone else said. . Why is Katrina not so willing to tell ichabod why shes there and also it's like him and abby. I honestly can not see Abby with Irving what so ever because i see no connection between them.
20. Nikkirocks
Give me a break people! Anyone can see that there is more chemistry between the two leads than between Katrina and Ichabod. It is too early to put them together; however, so they will drag it out to an appropriate time. The Katrina/Ichabod relationship will be resolved though. I agree with the author of this article. As for Captain Irving and Abbie, yeah right! They have no chemistry in that way.
21. Kelly-Ann Brown
His clothes signifies the ties he has to his wife and the life he had before 200 years ago. The moment he changes his clothes he has released the past and moved on from the loss of his wife. That's what I think.
22. DiamondGP
Seems that everyone is super against the idea of them ( abbie and ichabod) having any sort of romantic relationship even though katrina is most likely not going to end up with ichabod. Could it be because Abbie and Ichabod would be a white man- black woman interracial relationship? The only reason I would bring that up is because someone suggested that Abbie and Irving of all people should end up together, even though they obviously have no chemistry or bond other than a professional one. Because they are the only black male and female main characters, I guess that is why they should be together right? Abbie and Ichabod are obviously going to be together anyway, I really don't see what would be so terrible about it.... I would actually enjoy it for once. Ichabod being from a time when those type of relationships were not allowed ( although white men snuck around with slave women anyway) would make their union even more interesting in my opinion.
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