Nov 5 2013 11:15am

How I Met Your Mother: The Proposal!

Ted's Proposal on How I Met Your Mother**This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of How I Met Your Mother, including last night’s episode “The Lighthouse”**

In the final season of How I Met Your Mother, there has been a concern that viewers would continue to be subjected to the bait and switch the show became famous for in its earlier seasons. But in last night’s episode I now have complete faith in how the show will end up.

We have met the mother on numerous occasions—a spritely actress who became famous for her role in the Tony award-winning Once and her appearance on 30 Rock. While Ted has yet to meet this enigmatic woman, we have seen moments out of their future. Last night’s episode led to a touching scene—and a proposal.

HIMYM set the stage by giving us a poignant and pivotal moment between Barney’s mother, Loretta, and Robin, after Robin had battled Loretta to see which mother made the best scrambled eggs. At the end of the episode, we find out another fact about Robin’s mom is she is as emotionally unavailable as Robin’s father and won’t be coming to the wedding. Loretta embraces Robin and tells her she can’t ever call her anything but “mom” in the future. I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up at this.

Cut to Lilly admitting that in her drunken haze she gave Ted some bad advice about taking Cassie up to the lighthouse. Ted, again, wonders if he’s used up his allotment of lighthouses, of special places to take a special person. Then we got a voiceover of older-Ted telling us that it was less than two years later that he learned he could reset that allotment with the right person.

The feels continue on into the next scene as we cut back to the lighthouse, two years later. He has taken the one person who could appreciate the lighthouse with him—The Mother. The Mother tells Ted the view is “just bonkers beautiful here. I don’t know how you could improve on a day like this.” Ted pulls away and says well he’s going to try. Getting down on bended knee, The Mother starts saying yes before he can even fully get the question out. They kiss and hug, and we know they live HEA.

For me, these final scenes redeemed the show, which had led to more moments of annoyance than joy in the last year. The strength of the writers lies in a combination of hilarious shenanigans and all the feels. They struck the balance in this episode and renewed my faith in how they’ll handle the rest of the final season. Are you feeling the same? How did you feel at the end of “The Lighthouse”?


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