Nov 8 2013 5:50pm

Friday Beefcake: A Six Pack of Yum!

Hrithik RoshanOkay, we love our heroes for many reasons, but for beefcake we tend to focus on just one. Or in this week's edition, six tiny little reasons. You guessed it, we're celebrating six packs! Or in some cases, eight packs.

So in the spirit of sharing, we found eight men with washboard abs! Including Joe Manganiello, Justin Theroux, Stuart Reardon, and so much more!

Rugby Star Stuart ReardonJustin Theroux in Charlie's Angels: Full ThrottleJoe ManganielloCelebrity trainer, Jessie PavelkaGiancarlo StantonBaby Daddy's Derek Theler

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1. Travelover
Oh yeah!!!

Next week can we do muscular backs?

And the week after - um, tight butts?
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna

What about my current abs obsession? These deserve an Emmy of their own!
Glass Slipper
5. GlassSlipper
Yay! Hrithik is my favorite. Thank you for putting him on top. : )

He is serious about being in shape. Search Google images for "Hrithik Roshan workout" and you will see what I mean.
6. Travelover
ITA, bungluna, Stephen Amell - drooooool.
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
@Travelover, Feel free to submit something to us for Great Backs. I had been thinking of doing that, but don't know any names of guys with REALLY good backs!
Glass Slipper
8. GlassSlipper
Here you go:

Sorry. I couldn't help it. ; )
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