Nov 4 2013 7:10am

Curing a Book Hangover

You've just finished reading a book, a book so incredible you both couldn't wait to find out what happened and was dreading when you had read the last word because then it was over.

And then it is over, and you are so, so sad. What book could possibly live up to that book? What do you want to read now? Basically, you wish you could just go unread that book so you could read it again.

You have a book hangover. What's your cure? And what book gave you the worst book hangover of your life?

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1. Torifl
YES! I get them. Either from reading too many books in one day or reading one that just leaves me incapactated for a few days.

Though it's been a while since any book has truely swept me off my feet-Kim Fieldings The Tin Box left me emotionally drained.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
Usually I have to go in the completely opposite direction of that book....usually that direction is a sweet contemporary. That way there's usually no similar elements for me to compare it to and it's lighter. Otherwise I find that if I finish something that's AMAZING and then try and read something in that genre again it's lacking and then I go into a book OD and don't want to read anything...
3. pamelia
If I read an utterly amazing book that makes me think and feel so much, then I tend to get a book hangover. My usual cure is to fall back on re-reads of my favorites by Kristen Ashley since they are "guaranteed" reads for me.
The last book to give me a book hangover was R. Lee Smith's "The Last Hour of Gann" which was so completely awesome and deep and GOOD that I think the hangover lasted about 2 weeks.
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
My usual reaction to a book hangover is to dive right back into it to savor all the details that flew by me on that first breathless read. The first book that did this to me was "A London Season" by Joan Wolf. I remember my first Laurell K. Hamilton, Louis McMaster Bujold, Wen Spencer and Jennifer Crusie also had this effect on me.
5. AngieB
I'm still kind of in one after listening to the audiobook of "Written in Red" over a month ago. It's been so hard to get into anything else, and I really wanted to go back and listen to that one again, but finally decided to wait until right before "Murder of Crows" comes out. That book has probably given me my worst book hangover to date.
6. matutina
The best cure is to read another book. I always have book hangover for every good book that I read.
7. Martiona
I am suffering from one now! it's lasted about 3 days . I have never been so emotionallly distraught. i cry, i find it unsettling to smile, everything i see reminds me of the books i've read, everything i hear, smell, taste. The books have completely engulfed me. my friends ask why i'm upset, it makes me feel stupid when i say it was a book I was reading. but it's true, the book series Tiger's Curse, there are 4 books in all. at first it was a walk in the park but it already had me from page 20. i had to finish it, and when i did, I felt so empty as if there was nothing for me anymore. I cried myself to sleep , I realized i didn't have a life. but if i could go back, i would still read them. Maybe the only cure is time. Maybe I have to get another book, maybe I should just stop reading, but that would kill me! The only thing that I can do is go on with life. the world didn't stop spinning like I thought it did, so it's time to join others. Move on. there's nothing we can really do about it. like a regular hangover, it will go away with time and naps.
8. stars
I hate book hangovers! Usually get them after finishing an amazing book or a terrific book series. To cure it, I try reading another book by the same author, I try eating lots of junk food and spending time with my friends. I usually get book hangovers in the summer and I feel like I don't know what to do with my life. Usually I feel like I should read something but don't want to read. I am experiencing one now because I finished the immortals series by Alyson Noël
*I have one tip: don't try sleeping in the middle ofthe day, It will make it worse
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