Nov 14 2013 10:20am

Criminal Minds Season 9, Episode 8 Thoughts: More Morcia—or Not?

Morgan and Garcia in Season 9, Episode 8Criminal Minds shippers, we have to talk. We’ve seen a lot of scary things on this show: wind chimes made from human bones, the killer who kept a giant room full of his victims’ shoes, some of Reid’s more questionable haircuts, but Derek Morgan with a girlfriend who is not Penelope Garcia? That’s right up there. Granted, this show isn’t about the personal lives of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, but those relationships are an integral part of the characters who do this important job, and we’ve seen precious little of Morgan’s social life off the job to date, pardon the pun. Still, Morcia shippers are strong, and when the powers that be drop something big on this power couple, there are going to be repercussions.

The actual screen time isn’t that much. Only two scenes at beginning and end of the show, with one Morgan/Garcia scene in between. The episode begins with a shirtless Derek Morgan waking to find that his companion of the evening, a lovely lady named Savannah, has been called to work and she has to go now. Observant fans will notice that this mirrors the season premiere, where Morgan himself bailed out on a date to answer the call to duty. In Savannah’s case, there’s no room for argument. She’s a doctor, there’s a six car pileup and she’s needed at the hospital ASAP. She leaves a befuddled Morgan alone in her abode, charged with the duty of walking her pug while she goes off to save lives.

When Morgan reports to his own place of employment the next day, he arrives at the same time as Garcia, who’s cheerily chatting about her latest knitting project. She breaks off, concerned, when he doesn’t respond. Morgan always looks at her projects, and now he’s not. What’s wrong? Morgan admits his dissatisfaction with the way the night ended.

As usual, Garcia’s got his number. Morgan’s upset because Savannah “Morganed” him. Morgan would have, and has, left a date on a moment’s notice, when called to action, and that’s exactly what Savannah did. Garcia points out Morgan’s problem: Savannah is Morgan in heels…and that Morgan is secretly in love with Garcia. It’s off to catch bad guys after that, but the question still lingers in Morgan’s mind, and in those of the fans. Is this a not so subtle hint about the end game, or merely getting back to the banter that has become their trademark?

Later, bad guys wrangled, Morgan drags his weary self home, only to find a note on his door…and candlelight and romantic music inside, along with a sultry Savannah. How did she know when he’d be back? Garcia tipped her off, of course, timing everything perfectly. Savannah even tried making him dinner, but that didn’t work out, so there’s Indian takeout on the way. How might the two lovebirds fill those twenty minutes until their meal arrives? We’re all grownups here, and certain things can’t be shown on broadcast TV.

So, the question, for Morcia fans and friend-shippers alike, is: where is Criminal Minds going with all this? Does Garcia’s apparent stamp of approval on the Morgan/Savannah relationship make anyone more inclined to accept Morgan’s new gal? Does the fact that she can’t cook and has a pug make her any more appealing? Do we need more information before forming an opinion? Or is the real truth of the matter already there in Garcia’s own words, and Morgan really is secretly in love with her after all? We’ve already seen Garcia’s male counterpart in Kevin, so is this merely Morgan’s way of getting in touch with his own feminine side? Let the profiling begin.


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Jenn Nixon
1. Jenn Nixon
They will never get together romantically. Both actors have said that they value the relationship more the way it is, a deep love beyong the romance. As a fan of the series from the start, I always wanted them to get together, too, but after the Penelope centric episode where she was shot, I realized they are better as the best friends possible than romantically invovled.
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
@Jenn Nixon, whatever else does or doesn't happen, "best friends possible" is a great way to describe their relationship. With or without a romance, the deep love is always there.
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I value any show that manages to build a strong, loving non-sexual relationship between two people of the opposite sex. Too often the romance is thrown in as a tool to insta-angst the story line. I like Garcia and Morgan just the way they are.
Kaye Dacus
4. kndacus
I'm going to jump in on the bandwagon here and say I love Morgan and Garcia's relationship just the way it is. If anything remotely sexual ever happened between them, it would absolutely ruin their relationship and on-screen chemistry.

And, for me, it's totally in character for Garcia to be supportive of Morgan's relationship. Think about how supportive he was of her relationship with Kevin for all those years. In fact, the only time she hasn't supported Derek in a relationship was when it was with the sister of a victim of a crime they were investigating. It also worked for me that there was a hint that Savannah and Garcia have a good relationship. Because any woman in a serious relationship with Morgan is not only going to have to have Baby Girl's approval, she's going to have to accept Baby Girl's place in Morgan's life.
Clare 2e
5. clare2e
It's the story of my day--getting to a post other commenters have already answered much better than I could have : )
Jenn Nixon
6. Bonnie Cottrell
I think they should just stay like they are but I don't like this chick. She's all kinds of awkward in my opinion. I think if they ever end the show; they should end it worth like a 10 yrs later thing. And that Morgan and Garcia are together. Lol
Jenn Nixon
7. SJF
@Bonnie That's exactly what I think will happen, IF the writers get them together!! Somewhere towards the end of the series, they'll throw something in of them getting together/being together as BF/GF or even husband and wife.
Anna Bowling
8. AnnaBowling
@SJF, I think that's some excellent profiling right there. Last week's double date on Valentine's might be a very subtle step in that direction.
Jenn Nixon
10. mizzj85
I like their relationship as it is as well but I would also love that they got together. I love the little sweet nothings that they speak to each other every now and then but to me I feel like they have a relationship that is beyond a friendship status.
Jenn Nixon
11. Emmie456
I would support the relationship etheir way. It would be cute to see them as something more then friends. But again, I love their flirtasionship.
Jenn Nixon
12. Samigirl
I hope they get together. I think they are just to afraid to get together and ruining a friendship,but if they finally told each other how they really love each other they would be the best couple and still the best of friends.
Jenn Nixon
13. SillyCatLady
My parents (married at 26/28) - now for 28 years always remind me that a loving relationship MUST start out as friendship first. They both had a couple real relationships before their marriage and they left before the "complicated stage". Unfortunately for myself, at 23, I have ended a lot of of courtings with no sexual gratification because I can't seem to find the balance between the two. But Morcia gives me hope that their strong friendship with the blurred lines will lead to at least an on screen kiss and long hug... But the best would be their small wedding of coworkers and few family. I'm thinkin multi colored neon flowers, crazy bridesmaid dresses and silly Garcia blushing and smiling away. They have so much in common and so much love for each other, how could it end in any other way? *crossing fingers* don't leave us hanging like so many other shows!!
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