Nov 12 2013 12:47pm

All We Really Get Is One Another: Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow Season 1, Episode 7

Ichabod and Abbie in Sleepy Hollow Season 1, Episode 7**This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night’s episode, 1x07, “The Midnight Ride.”**

Ichabbie was in full effect this episode; Ichabod is still acclimating to the 21st century and this week he is perplexed with paying for water, the internet, basic computer function, voicemail, and how our generation has “defiled” Mother Earth. Oh, and he gets his knickers in a bunch when visiting a Colonial History museum and the tour guide gets Paul Revere’s midnight ride all wrong. He also flips out when he learns Thomas Jefferson had an affair with Sally Hemmings. Poor Ichy got slammed this week, but Abbie was there, as usual, to be his guide, snark and all.

Now that Ichabod’s ties to the Horseman have been severed, Abbie is taking no chances with her new partner’s safety. They have to get to the freemasons and find out what the Horseman’s weakness is. Abbie can’t hang with the all boys club—for obvious reasons—and Ichabod assures her he will “rectify” the situation. He leaves the most politest voicemail in history, agreeing that her exclusion from meeting with the Masons to save humanity is a bit much. Ichabod respects his Leftenant and wants her to be with him on all investigative fronts. How cute.

Irving in Sleepy Hollow 1.07But what’s Sleepy Hollow without a few beheadings? When Ichabbie arrive at the freemasons, they are all headless. At first they think the Horseman was there for Ichabod. In a touching exchange, they both affirm they want Death, aka, the Horseman, gone from this earth. That he’s taken far too much from them. They understand each other this way, in a way no other person can. They are the two witnesses prophesized to save the world. So, they’re kind of stuck with each other and they don’t seem to mind at all.

Ichy is trying to decipher a manuscript that’s been uploaded online when he loses the image and ends up with an online sex chat popping up, with a scantily clad buxom bimbo. He declares he is espoused and has no interest. But his wry little smile at the screen assures us his inner mojo is still working.

Ichabbie figures out a way to trap the horseman using artificial UV light and while prepping. Ichabod shares his frustration that being in the present leaves him all alone, with everyone he ever knew or loved dead for the past 200 years. Abbie confesses she gets lonesome too. Ichabod adds to this by saying, “Perhaps this is the sacrifice witnesses must carry, all we really get is one another.” Abbie laughs and I swooned. So much could be read into that profound declaration, that all they are destined to have is each other.

Ichabod in Sleepy Hollow 1x07Last week’s conversation regarding the shipping of Ichabbie was varied and pretty deep. Many ideas and speculation. They have a deep bond that may end up only being platonic, but none of us can deny that as each week proceeds a little more is revealed about how they view each other. A destined kinship, friendship, or something more they cannot even define yet grows between them. What made me smile this week is that they acknowledged their doomed present relationships and, it bears repeating, that all they have is each other. If they’re together, then they’re not really alone, are they?


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I ship these two like burning and I remain a few episodes behind. But they're what keep me coming back for more, and the Tumblr gifs and pics of them alone would sell me on their chemistry. Whatever they're selling (and I think they'll be platonic for a looooong time, even if they do eventually become more), I'm buying.
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
I was shipping these two before the series started, and I actually love that they are becoming such good friends. It makes them more realistic in this paranormal universe. I loved it when Icbabod got in John Cho's face like, Leave my Abbie alone, punk.

They love to tease us man, you know they aren't hooking up until the last season when the writing is on the wall.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@BoxyFrown --

They love to tease us man, you know they aren't hooking up until the last season when the writing is on the wall.

Ha, YUP. You said it best.
Glass Slipper
4. GlassSlipper
This is my favorite show right now. Their chemistry is amazing, and Ichabod is hilarious! I definitely ship them, but I don't want them to get together for quite a while. Tension is fine with me. : )

P.S. Tom Mison is too beautiful for words. I don't like beards, but he actually looks better with one. And the long hair.
Susan H.
5. Susan H.
I find it interesting that this is the second review I've read & neither mentioned the other detective, Abbie's ex-boyfriend (I can't even recall his name!) though he had a small segment in the episode . Dude, you should just quit right now- ain't nobody paying attention to you when Tom Mison is around! I agree with GlassSlipper- he IS too beautiful for words. Talk about bedroom eyes! Sigh......
Katy Cooper
6. katy.madellio
I've now seen Tom Mison in a few things and he's been so different in all of them, he hasn't even looked the same. And that's not just costuming--it's something in the way he plays the varying characters...

He and Katia Winter (Katrina) were in the same episode of Inspector Lewis, Allegory of Love, which I find kinda cool. They had no scenes together -- she's killed in the opening scene and is only seen thereafter on video or in still photos. But still, what are the odds...
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