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5 Reasons The Mindy Project’s Danny and Mindy Will Be Perfect Together...Someday

Mindy and Danny in The Mindy ProjectHere at H&H, we're big TV fans, and we love our potential romances, natch. It's rare, though, when a majority of us not only watch the same show but also agree on a pairing like we do with The Mindy Project, in which case, OBVIOUSLY Mindy/Danny are meant to be together. You know, at some point. No rush. After all, the anticipation is a huge part of what makes 'shipping these guys so much fun.

So, in honor of this momentous occasion of consensus, here are 5 reasons that we—we being Team H&H's Jenn, Heather, and Megan—are having a grand ol' time watching doctors Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) and Daniel Castellano (Chris Messina) dance around each other until they realize they're TOTALLY PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER OMG.

5. They look good together.

Okay, this one is pretty superficial, but they fit together oh, so perfectly! Literally, people. Like when Danny put his arm around Mindy and she leaned her head in during Tuesday's episode (2.08, “You've Got Sext”), it rested perfectly between his shoulder and neck. It's just one more reason why they're meant to be, are we right? The attraction is simmering, waiting to combust. Danny has noticed Mindy's body since the very beginning when he told her what to wear on a date, and since then there've been several instances where Mindy and Danny have hinted that they find the other good-looking. (And apparently will soon hang out in the nude???)

Mindy and Danny in The Mindy Project Season 2, episode 64. They're always touching and sending longing looks in each other's directions. (Or: So. Much. UST!)

Between the punches and slaps, hugs, ocassional kisses on the cheek, and weird foot-poking on a couch (aww), we think it's fair to say that Mindy and Danny have no problem getting physical. They're constantly in contact, and given how “You've Got Sext” stirred up some feelings in Danny, at least (judging by the moony looks he started giving her after that fake embrace turned into a real one, not to mention his disappointed expression when Mindy revealed the crush she had at work was in fact on lawyer Cliff, not him), we imagine those touches will soon change—or at least the meaning behind them will.

Mindy and Danny3. They know all the tiny details about each other.

As we learned in “You've Got Sext” (so many references to that episode, but can you blame us?!), men are just as fragile in the dating scene as women are. Danny might seem like your typical alpha dog, but he notices little details about Mindy—and Mindy reciprocates. Whether that detail is that neither would survive in anything but an urban environment, or that Mindy knows Danny's favorite restaurant order (OR that Danny knew Mindy was never meant to be with Casey), these two know all the tiny details about each other's lives and that means a deep connection, both on a platonic and potentially romantic level.

This scene is a perfect example of how well they understand each other:

2. They always put each other first. Doesn't matter who they're with at the time—Mindy and Danny will drop everything to be there for each other, even at the expense of their relationships. That's huge, because Mindy usually gripes about having to do something for someone else, but in Danny's case, she gripes less. And let's not forget that Danny is probably as selfish and self-absorbed as Mindy, he just makes it less obvious. But they're there for each other, both in the figurative and literal sense—Danny is always scoping out where Mindy is, and vice versa, and they've been known to home in on the other when they sense there's a problem.

Mindy and Danny in The Mindy Project Season 11. Best Friends—>Lovers = Best Lovers Forever (BLF).  Mindy and Danny are always totally themselves with each other—they can criticize and confide, Mindy knows all of Danny's hot-button issues, Danny SAT ON A COUCH AND WATCHED A ROM COM WITH HER!!! They made the “If we're still single in five years...” deal; it was a murder pact, but still! So if when they do get together, there won't be any surprises—they already know the best and worst about each other.


Fandom Shoutout: We dare you to check out some Mindy/Danny (Dandy!) fic at Archive of Our Own or to scroll through awesome Tumblrs like The Mindy & Danny Project and NOT get hooked on these two.

Did we mention there are some swoonworthy vids out there too? Yeah. (Just be careful of spoilers if you're not all caught up.)

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
OMG, love all the gifs! Seriously, the fact that we all a) love a show and b) love the same 'ship in a show is a miracle in and of itself!
3. Njova
I love this show so much I can't wait until Danny and Mindy get together.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@Njova -- We're right there with you, just enjoying the ride. Every moment between them is brilliant.
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