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10 Must-Read Male/Male Romances: An Opinionated Opinion

If It Flies by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr VoinovM/m romance (male/male) is a romance sub-genre that has recently exploded in popularity. With some not as well-known authors, it can be hard to find books to cover your reading needs so here is a list of the top ten m/m romance novels.

This list isn’t necessarily a best of the best list, but it is one that I think encompasses several themes within the m/m romance genre. Hopefully, I gathered some that would appeal to many different people, but please tell me what I missed. Like everyone else, I am always on the lookout for more books to add to my TBR pile.

10. L. A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov, If It Flies

Any number of books by either of these authors could go on this list, but this one is one of my favorite. The Market Garden series features the subject of rent boys and the things they will do for their clients—and what their clients want to do for them. L. A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov can write the heck out of a sex scene, and the book is very dirty and very sexy.

9. Rowan Speedwell, Illumination

The hero is a rock star and in the closet. Most of us can’t resist that bad-boy rock star, but this one struggles with having it all but not being able to truly be happy. The other hero is agoraphobic and also suffers from a debilitating social anxiety, two issues in direct conflict with the lifestyle of the man he loves. Illumination also deals with the topic of addiction and the struggle to overcome it.

All In with the Duke by Ava March8. Ava March, All In with the Duke

All In with the Duke is a great historical m/m romance. This book is steamy and leaves you wondering how a duke in a historical setting will make this HEA work.

7. Marie Sexton, Strawberries for Dessert

Opposites attract, or do they? Cole is flamboyant and out there and Jon is straight-laced and corporate. This one is a must-read if you like this trope.

6. Josh Lanyon, Death of a Pirate King

Josh Lanyon writes Agatha Christie-style quirky murder mysteries. His main character is never a cop or PI, yet always manages to get wrapped up in solving crime. The Adrien English series is a perfect example of a witty narrator and self-deprecating hero who can’t stay out of trouble.

5. Anne Tenino, Frat Boy and Toppy

As the title states, Frat Boy and Toppy is about college-aged guys. Normally I like to read about couples in their late twenties to early thirties but Anne Tenino made Frat Boy and Toppy work, even with younger protagnoists. This book is an example of how a younger romance can work and provide a lasting HEA just as well as older more established couples do.

Bulletproof by Mary Calmes4. Mary Calmes, Bulletproof

Bulletproof is book five in Mary Calmes’s A Matter of Time series. It focuses on a relationship between Jory and Sam and one that finally has them in a relationship. Jory and Sam are on my list because they are opposites in demeanor and personality. Sam is hard and disciplined while Jory is happy and free. They have a fascinating dynamic that really works when paired together.

3. Joey W. Hill, Rough Canvas

Joey W. Hill has some of the sexiest writing out there and this book is no joke. Rough Canvas is a look into the BDSM side of a m/m relationship. If anyone can do BDSM it is this writer and it is quite interesting to see the power dynamics between two men as opposed to a m/f relationship.

2. Damon Suede, Hot Head

Hot Head was my second foray into m/m romance and it has stuck in my head. Our heroes are burly firefighters and best friends. Not only do they have to navigate the prejudice that will come with being a gay firefighter, but one of the most popular tropes, friends to lovers, is also in play.

Stars and Stripes by Abigail Roux1. Abigail Roux, Stars & Stripes

Without question, the Cut & Run series is my favorite m/m romance and Ty & Zane are my favorite romantic couple. Stars & Stripes is the sixth book in the series and the one where they are finally in a happy place. Readers of the series know that a happy place is a precarious one for this couple, but the book shows us what we ultimately want for them. I chose this book (series) not only because it is my favorite but also because it focuses on military and police life and the effect it has on a gay relationship.

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Mandi Schreiner
1. smexybooks
I have to add KA Mitchell to the list. MUST.

Also - Dev Bentham, Harper Fox, and one of my favorite reads of 2013, S.U. Pacat's Captive Prince series.

Fun list!
Tyra Berger
2. Tyra Berger
Some of my favorite books are on this list! There are also a couple that I haven't read but will be added to my TBR list.
Tyra Berger
3. pamelia
Ouch! This is going to be painful to my credit card! Thanks for the list. I've been meaning to look into more M/M books and you've just given me a great wishlist to start with.
I haven't read many M/M, but I will say that "The Magpie Lord" by KJ Charles was one of the best books I've read this year.
Tyra Berger
4. Dani K
Ok 1 click button here I go.....
Also, Hot Head by Damon Suede is sooooo good, one of the best "gay-for-you" books out there.
Jennifer Myers
5. jennyb845
@smexybooks Do you know how long this list took me? lol I changed it at least 6 times.
Jennifer Myers
7. jennyb845
I don't think I have heard of that one. Thank for the rec.
Jennifer Myers
8. jennyb845
@Dani K I loved Hot Head, what I wouldn't do for the sequel!
Tyra Berger
9. JacquiC
I second (third) Hot Head. Absolutely love this one. Also really like most of K.A. Mitchell's stuff, Marie Sexton, some of Z.A. Maxfield's work, pretty much all of Josh Lanyon's, L.B. Gregg's, Amy Lane's and last but definitely not least, J.L. Merrow (Slam! is in my all-time favourite comfort reads category).
10. Kareni
I recently read Abigail Roux's Cut & Run and enjoyed it very much. I'm looking forward to reading more in the series.
Tyra Berger
11. LizF
+1 to the Adrien English series, JL Merrow and The Magpie Lord. Really looking forward to the second one in that series! Thanks for the recs, going to check out Ava March!
Jennifer Myers
12. jennyb845
@JacquiC See why it was so hard to narrow it down to 10??
Jennifer Proffitt
13. JenniferProffitt
I LOVED Hot Head, so glad to see it on the list. That's the only one I've read on the list, otherwise, so I'll have to get reading. Thanks!
Tyra Berger
14. Judy865
Sean Michael love for me. His Jarheads series (starting with "Three Day Pass") and the Hammer series (starting, for me at least, with "Bent") are both superb in showing m/m love and relationship growth. Have read and re-read them, along with buying more, more, more.
Tyra Berger
15. S k manganelli
Anything written by Amy Lane is amazing, especially for angst before HEA. Otherwise, auto reads are Z A Maxfield, Anne Tenino and Jet Mykles!
Tyra Berger
16. Fibrobabe
You've got some of my favorites on this list- the Adrien English series, Strawberries for Dessert, Illumination, Frat Boy and Toppy. And I have to second the recommendations for The Magpie Lord.

For ZA Maxfield, I loved her recently released My Cowboy Heart. For KA Mitchell, Bad Boyfriend and Life, Over Easy are my favorites.

A few other favorites: the Life Lessons series by Kaje Harper, The Hot Floor by Josephine Myles (anything by Jo, really), A Reason to Believe by Diana Copland, Brute by Kim Fielding, Family Man by Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton, Wallflower by Heidi Belleau, From the Ashes by Daisy Harris, Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk, the Deputy Joe series by James Buchanan, the PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price, and If I Must by Amy Lane.

And if you want to try an excellent online read, check out The Girl for Me by Failte:
Barbara Wilmot
17. miadevlin
My credit card is feeling the pain of my recent discovery of Josh Lanyon. I really love his Holmes & Moriarity series as well as Adrien English. I can recommend N R Walker as well: Ten in the Bin, Point of No Return & Elements of Retrofit.
Tyra Berger
18. KJ Charles
I love Hot Head. Two of the best this year are Glitterland by Alexis Hall (contemp) and Provoked by Joanna Chambers (historical). I adore Widdershins by JordanL Hawk. And this list really needs Captive Prince.
Jami Dutcher
19. dutcheja
You have to read All Through The Night (A Troubleshooter Christmas) by Suzanne Brockmann It is the best of the best.
Tyra Berger
20. JSL
Um... one small correction. A LOT of Josh Lanyon's work features cops as the MC. Especially his Adrien English series! We must not forget about Jake. He's one of my favorite characters, being a closeted detective trying to figure a way out of the closet, if ever so slowly. The Death of a Pirate King is the fourth book in the series, which starts with Fatal Shadows.

Jordan Castillo Price is my other favorite author right up there with Josh. Her Psycop series is just phenomenal. A must read.

Alex Beecroft's False Colors is a fantastic book for anyone who likes historical romance in the age of sail.

Ruth Sims wrote The Pheonix, which I loved. This historical novel packs a punch and leaves you reeling days later. I've read it twice and reacted the same way both times.
Lege Artis
21. LegeArtis
All winners!
Honestly, I don't know how would I come up with Top Ten...
My list would also have:
Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger
Butterfly Hunter by Julie Bozza
Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy
In the Company of Shadows by Sonny and Ais
Special Forces by A. Voinov
Administration by Mana Francis
Mexican Heat by Laura Baumbach & Josh Lanyon
Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander
Chance Assassin by Nicole Castle...

So many great books....
Jennifer Myers
22. jennyb845
@JSL My fault, I meant that the narrators in the Josh Lanyon's books tend to not be cops. Yes, the other MC is usually a cop type. I didn't say that correctly. Thanks for the clarification!
Tyra Berger
23. Talekyn
Has anyone mentioned Carolyn Gray's A Red-Tainted Silence? A wonderfully-crafted mystery/romance involving Brandon and Nicholas -- rock-star band-mates who have gone their separate ways for unrevealed reasons, involving blackmail and a killer. Can't recommend it highly enough.
Tyra Berger
24. Judy19
I think I'm the only one who didn't love Hot Head.

Surprised not to see:
**Jane Seaville - Zero at the Bone (my most favorite M/M)
**Tere Michaels - Faith and Fidelity (and two sequels - outstanding).
**If you are looking for M/M BDSM, I'd say try out Owens/Payne Deviations series.
**Raunchy Cowboy love - Bareback by Chris Owens and Rough, Raw & Ready by Lorelei James (M/M/F)
**Kate Pearce and Samantha Kane both write really great historical M/M/F series.
**Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley (reminds me a bit of Cut & Run)
**Evangeline Anderson - Str8te Boys & The Assignment (both over the top unbelievable, but so much fun just the same)
Have read a few really good ones by both Finn Marlowe & Kaje Harper
Tyra Berger
25. KL Charles
Wow, you actually have listed some of my favorites! To add to that list, here are a few rare 5-star reads:

- Ravages by RA Padmos
- Bloodraven by PL Nunn
- Aristotole and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz
- Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane
- Something like Summer by Jay Bell
- PsyCops series by Jordan Castillo Price
- Spirit Sanguine by Lou Harper
- Finding Zach and Kindred Hearts by Rowan Speedwell
- The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles
- Social Skills by Sara Alva
- Boystown 1 thru 4 by Marshall Thornton
- Bear, Otter and the Kid by TJ Kluen
- The Nothingness of Ben by Brad Boney
- Latakia by JF Smith
- Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy
- The Butterfly Hunter by Julie Bozza

There are others, but these popped into my head first. :)
Tyra Berger
26. Helva715
These three are oldies, but are supremely erotic and romantic. They are F/M/M, as that appeals to me more than M/M only. Lorelei James' Rough, Raw, and Ready is terrific. Also, the first of Lauren Dane's Witches Knot series, Triad, and finally, also Lauren Dane's S/F, Undercover. I really like supposedly straight men falling for another guy, but needing the female lead to tie things together. For some reason, Lauren Dane comes up with some really powerful emotional hits as well as sexual steam.
Tyra Berger
27. Mackdeer
Anything by SE Jakes, I love her books. Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander, is also another must read.
Tyra Berger
28. Syleegurl
Solid list with good variety and GREAT choices. But you can't NOT have Jordan Castillo Price on here! :) And a new favorite that will probably remain on the all-time Top 5 would be "Glitterland" by Alexis Hall. The best bet for crossover of the genre to mainstream romance circles!
Tyra Berger
29. bekkoyochi
I love Cassandra Carr's See the Light.

Also anything by Erin O'Quinn or Nya Rawlyns too.
Tyra Berger
30. Shadowfox
I've read books 2, 4, and 5 from the list and thought they were really good. Here are some other good ones:
-the Assassin/Shifters series by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
-The Coming Storm by Flynn Eire
-A Reason to Believe by Diana Copland
- Promises by Marie Sexton
- the Leopard's Spots series by Bailey Bradford
- Seeking Kokopelli by Shelley Munroe
- A Thread of Deepest Black by Finn Marlowe
- More than Friends by Aria Grace
32. Kberrios9
Oh I love your list! Lots that I will need to add to my TBR. Argh! That list keeps getting bigger!! I would like to add Kindle Alexander, and Mercy Celeste. I just love what they write!! Thanks again for coming up with this. I can't imagine trying to pick just 10!
Tyra Berger
33. TangelB
I scored almost a perfect 100 on the list - missed out on Lanyon's Death of a Pirate King. In addition to those, I would also add:
Avril Ashton's Brooklyn Sinners series
Heidi Cullinan's Special Delivery and Tucker Springs' series
LC Chase
Cameron Dane (has M/M, M/F, M/M/F, etc.)
Mary Calmes
Tara Lain's Balls series
Lyn Gala
Jane Davitt (w/Alexa Snow for some)
Fae Sutherland
...just to name a few :)
Tyra Berger
34. Spotty01
So I know this post is old but I just discovered the MM genre and have been making up for lost time. I absolutely love this genre and to add my two cents now that I consider myself somewhat of a"connoiseur", below are some of my recommendations and I see a lot of them on previous lists:
1. Temptation series by Ella Frank
2. Bear, Otter and the Kid series by TJ Klune
3. Cut & Run series by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux
4. Zero at the Bone series by Jane Seville
5. Captive Prince series by C.S. Pacat
6. Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood series) by J.R. Ward
7. Market Garden series by Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt
8. Two Man Advantage (Hat Trick series) by Samantha Wayland
9. Dominance series by Gem Frost
10. All in with the Duke by Ava March
Jennifer Proffitt
35. JenniferProffitt
@Spotty01, I love the m/m subgenre (is it really a subgenre? not sure!), and while I haven't read all the books you mentioned, I have read something from most of those authors! Love the Urban/Roux series!
Tyra Berger
Thanks for your suggestions.
I have started reading Rough Canvas of Jeoy W.Hill, and I am completely absorbed, by the story and the two amazing characters! .
Tyra Berger
37. Faleea Nanda
Try, Take, and Trust by Ella Frank is A-MUST Read if you are lover of M/M story. Addicted Absolutely!!!

Tyra Berger
38. allis21
Loved many of the suggestions listed. Some of my favorites are:

JL Langley-own everything written, waiting impatiently for more books in awesome series;
Mary Calmes-MC almost universally loved, but feel-good stories;
Cameron Dane-excellent writing style, great storytelling;
TJ Klune-funny, emotional, crazy people;
Amy Lane-angsty, raw, emotional reads that still give you a HEA;
C Cardeno-characters draw you in, series keeps you interested while able to read alone;
LA Witt-heartfelt, thought-provoking reads, many times "in the closet" scenarios;

Just to name a few. I have nearly 1000 books, about 75% M/M, so it's hard to narrow it down, but these authors are in my top choice and re-reads.
Tyra Berger
39. Leslie Haslage
Shane and Galen from the Rain and Whiskey series by B.A. Tortuga are so good together. Not perfect, but what relationship is? Their story has mistakes, and apologies, and love, and work. And sex, lots of sex. :-) But it is one of the best examples of a relationship I have ever read. The was laughter and pain, and should have been on this and all other lists of the hottest, best couples in the mm genre.
Tyra Berger
40. moon1245
This list is awful. Frat Boy and Toppy is the worst book ever.
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