Oct 8 2013 2:02pm

To ’Ship or Not to ’Ship?: Agents of SHIELD’s Elizabeth Henstridge Talks Fitz/Simmons

Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons in Agents of SHIELDLooks like I'm not the only one already 'shipping Fitz/Simmons, or at least testing the idea. Not only are Agents of SHIELD viewers already creating fan vids (like the one at the bottom of this post) and fan fiction, but the media can't seem to stop bringing up the possibility of a romance between the two in interviews. Question is: Are we getting ahead of ourselves (read: Am I getting ahead of myself?), or will FitzSimmons indeed turn out to have that will-they-or-won't-they relationship that'll keep us romance fans guessing (and hoping against hope) for years?

Before the series premiered, SHIELD's Jemma Simmons herself (Elizabeth Henstridge) compared Simmons' relationship with fellow genius scientist Leo Fitz (Ian de Caestecker) to that of brother and sister, but more recently has been keeping more of an open mind, as in this interview with Natalie Abrams of TV Guide:

“There's always going to be a possibility, I guess, because they're so close and really understand each other, but definitely for right now, I don't think you could convince either one of them that they are meant to be together romantically. We'll just see. We're told fairly little. ... If anything romantic happens, I could see it happening, but I like that, for Simmons, it's not really her main priority. I don't think she even knows that could be a good idea.”

(Read the entire interview with TV Guide here.)

So Henstridge's not ruling anything out these days, and seems to have accepted that she'll be getting questions about it a lot, as illustrated by this answer in an interview with ET:

“People keep saying it's romantic, but I think, certainly for now, that they're best friends. They've got that familial bond where they can be fighting one second and have the other's back the next second. We don't know what could happen in the future, but they have a very special bond. I like that it's not romantic. I like that we're showing a guy and a girl as good friends and nothing more. Although that could just be me being naive [laughs].”

(Read the entire ET interview here.)

For my part, their scenes in last week's second episode of SHIELD, “0-8-4,” further cemented my interest in them and their charming, co-dependant relationship, whether or not it ever turns romantic. I like how protective Simmons seems to be of Fitz, and how quick she is to intercede on his behalf—for instance, when Fitz freaked out at how Agent Ward was handling the 0-8-4 (as in, not carefully at all), Simmons jumped in and basically told Ward to back off. And while Fitz seems more oblivious, I have a feeling he'll prove to have his own protective urges if he feels Simmons is being threatened in any way. I dig pairings who understand each other so totally and completely that no one else can compare, and these two seem to have that going for them.

Yet the show's still getting off the ground, and we're still getting to know all of the characters. At fan fiction archive AO3 (Archive of Our Own), there's also already fic for potential pairings like Ward/Simmons and Fitz/Ward, so who knows? Maybe one of those 'ships (or another entirely) will prove to have more heat and/or heart. I've written before about my appreciation for TV couples that take you by surprise, so I'll be the first to admit that I could see Whedon & co. eventually convincing me to jump one 'ship for another here. They're tricky like that, don't you think?



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Mr. Green
1. Mr. Green
I agree, but i think it would be far more intresting to for a Fitz/Skye combo and a Grant/Jenna combo. The relationships would be way more jigsawed and not cookie cutter nerdy girl/nerdy boy and bad boy/ bad girl. From what I see Fitz is very awkward talking about/to ladies (see boob squeezing motion he did in this episode). So for me it would be nice to see the Geek get the Bad girl and not really know what/how to handle it and Skye broadening his horizons. Then for a Grant/Jenna combo the exact opposite. Jenna suprising the uber macho grant, with a nerdy confident control.

My sidenote:
'But the most interesting aspect of the night?
"I saw plenty of actions with the Avengers." - Coulson (Walks away) "And you died." - Melinda May. What is he?
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
Mr. Green -- They haven't had much to do with each other yet, but I, too, could see Fitz/Skye and Grant/Jemma being interesting pairings for being so opposite. You can cast for chemistry, but you still sometimes find it in unexpected places in TV shows, so I'm open to something new emerging. SHIELD hasn't truly surprised me with anything yet, and that could be one way.

Re: Coulson, funny you should bring that scene up. It was hella compelling, but I actually thought that that reference Coulson made about how he's rusty with his sidearm and that you would think he'd have muscle memory to be the most interesting moment of the episode. Because I suspect he's so rusty because he doesn't HAVE any muscle memory. My bet for the moment is still that he's a Life Model Decoy or something along those lines. I think he's in a new body of some sort. You?
Julia Broadbooks
3. juliabroadbooks
Yes! I totally ship Ward/Simmons. I'm not sure that's where it's headed but I think that would be epic fun, along the lines of Buffy/Spike.

@redline I took away the same thing from Coulson's comments. No muscle memory because he doens't have the same muscles!
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@juliabroadbooks -- It's no secret a Fitz/Simmons pair-up would fit my usual shipping MO, but...maybe that's too easy! I do love angst and complications, too. Ward/Simmons would likely bring both, so it's an intriguing idea...

And yep, same here w/r/t Coulson. And apparently the recapper for Vuture felt the same about that "clue" that we did.
Mr. Green
5. Kolbee
I agree with the other commenters. Ward and Simmons would make a much more interesting pairing. There's no need to force a relationship between Skye and Ward because they're both hot and single. Considering Grant's relationships with his own siblings, a Skyeward sibling dynamic would be much more powerful, especially if Skye doesn't cut her Rising Tides connections/wavers between "good" and "bad".
Mr. Green
6. Mikaella
I can definitely find a Ward/Simmons and Skye/Fitz dynamic to be much more interesting. It wouldn't be the typical relationship given that Ward has a very cold demeanor and Simmons seem to be this bubbly girl. While Fitz obvious has a crush on Skye as stated by his declaration about Skye having a "guy" in Ep05. Plus FitzSimmons and Skye/Ward are way too easy shippings for me. And I definitely see them more as a sibling-like relationship rather than an intimate relationship.
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
Plus FitzSimmons and Skye/Ward are way too easy shippings for me.

I do know what you mean, there's a lot of potential for drama and angst with couples like these. Also...I have to say I enjoy 'ships that come out of left field and make you fall for them despite yourself.
Mr. Green
8. Hey now
Fitz and Simmons are adorable! Maybe not romantically involved at this time being, but i think it will def come up in the future! lots of chemistry there!
Mr. Green
9. 2MANY
I'm all for those out of left field relationships but I think another way to go is to keep one platonic and one romantic. I 'm all for FitzSimmons cus come on guys they were INTRODUCED with a pre planned shipping name ... I just can't help but love it!!!
Mr. Green
10. tayla-jayne
i already love fitz and simmons and think they're both hilarious as a duo and on their own. i cant wait to see more of them and for them to get together. they're adorable
11. wsl0612
What do you all think about their ship based on the latest ep? Frankly I felt that they just come across as very good friends, certainly friends who love each other, but I just didn't feel any romance potential?

Agree? Disagree?
Heather Waters
12. HeatherWaters
@wsl0612 -- You know, I'm torn. The emotion between them in the last episode was the most interesting part of the show for me yet. Chris Morgan and I were talking here in the office and he wonders if Simmons has an unrequited thing for Fitz (who, for his part, seems to have a thing for Skye). I could see that. I could see them being just friends for a long time and then, eventually, something happens between them.

That said, I also feel like Grant and Simmons have chemistry, and they're very different types, so they could be fun to watch.

Gotta admit I have zero interest in Ward/Skye or Skye/Fitz. I am intrigued by Coulson/May but so much focus seems to be on what Coulson is that that's my main train of thought when I'm watching his scenes.
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