Oct 8 2013 3:18pm

The Big Happy Ending’s Only the Beginning in Bones Season 9, Episode 4

Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan in Bones Season 9This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Bones, including last night's Season 9, episode 4, “The Sense in the Sacrifice.”

Ubervillain Christopher Pelant has done some dirty deeds in his time on Bones, from killing innocent people forcing the ever-honorable Booth to break off his engagement to Bones, no explanation allowed. Now, as his twisted scheming reaches its endgame, Booth and Bones have a personal stake at bringing him down and claiming their happily ever after.

Any romance fan knows event he worst villain can’t keep a good couple down, and Booth and Bones’ unwavering faith in each other has carried them through some major strikes. Now, with a Pelant copycat killer on the loose, Pelant himself offering to help bring her down, and Booth’s friend, Flynn, used to push Booth over the edge, they’re going to need each other more than ever. Sweets, though currently on leave, has a theory that Pelant is doing this all for love; everything Pelant is doing is meant to make Bones change her mind about him, the same way she did with Booth. Pelant’s plan is to replace Booth in Bones’ life.

Pelant definitely shows off his villain chops, sending Bones cryptic messages, trapping her with a laser bomb, which Booth immediately spots as a toy, and destroys. Pelant writes Bones a love note in the (literal) stars, leaving her with the dire prediction that the two of them are destined to die together. Still, Bones can’t resist the chance to bring down a killer, and when Pelant’s messages lure her to an abandoned power plant, she answers his summons. She assures Pelant she’s alone, but Pelant observes that never lasts for long.

He’s right. Booth isn’t far behind. While Bones believes Pelant’s newest explosive threat, which would kill them all, is a toy like the laser bomb, Booth isn’t willing to take that risk. Bones tells Booth to shoot Pelant, and Booth, the former sharpshooter, does, killing him instantly. Bones assures Booth he is still a very good man, and Booth confesses his real reason for wanting to kill Pelant was that Pelant kept him from marrying Bones.

Bones admits she’d thought it was something like that and assures Booth he made the right choice. She knows it tears at his heart when his two strongest instincts, to save the world and to protect those he loves, are at odds, thanks to a heart to heart with former priest, Aldo, and that understanding is exactly what Booth needs right now.

The villain vanquished, there’s only one thing left to do. The last time, Bones proposed, so now it’s Booth’s turn. If Booth asks Bones to marry him, Booth asks, in adorable anticipation, will she say yes?

If she says yes, Bones asks, with a sly smile, will they get married?

Booth wastes no time in telling her that they will, and the newly re-engaged couple seal their betrothal with a kiss. What could possibly make this long-awaited moment better for loyal viewers? The entire staff of the Jeffersonian watching the proposal by remote security camera. As Caroline puts it, they all get to be there for the big happy ending.


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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
Thank heaven Pelant's dead. This show is too fond of the genius uber villain serial killer trope.
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
@bungluna, I agree. Hopefully the copycat won't be along the same vein.
3. smegkilla
I disagree. They killed him off way too early. Having a ongoing story to follow was so much better than the instant solving format the show has had for so many seasons. Yes, you could say that is what makes the show work and you would be right to a degree, but remember gormogon, gravedigger etc? The show is failing to grip me the same and now that they are married there is nothing much left to do. No wonder DB wants to leave the show.
4. Elizabeth M. Diaz
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