Oct 25 2013 2:00pm

Sexy Teachers on Film

To celebrate the release of Holding Out for a Hero on October 15 we’ve got some of the sexiest teachers ever caught on film.

Famke Janssen – The Faculty

The Faculty is just one of those films that just doesn’t leave you. Years later you remember that cool kids don’t have ink in their pens, just ALL the homemade drugs. We also learn that High School should be a who’s who of ‘That’s Right, They WERE in The Faculty’ with Jean Grey, Frodo Baggins, Jon Stewart, Usher and even the mum from Carrie.

Tina Fey – Mean Girls

Was Tina Fey the first sexy math teacher? Probably, says the Internet. But don’t take the Internet’s word for it. I think the .gif, and Ms Lohan’s face, speak for themselves.

For the full article on sexy teachers (including Colin Firth and Sidney Poitier), visit Momentum Moonlight's blog.

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