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Scandal Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: Your Lying Eyes

Can't get enough Scandal? Join the club—really. Tune into H&H for weekly recaps from Kwana Minatee-Jackson and Nicole Leapheart. Need to catch up? Don't miss recaps of 3x013x02, and 3x03. And now, let's dive into Nicole's recap of Season 3, episode 4, “Say Hello to My Little Friend.”

NOTE: This post may contain spoilers for all aired episodes of Scandal.

Last week we were all left sitting on our couches, desperately clutching our glasses of red wine, contemplating the desperate illusion of our lives.

This week, Olivia Pope said she wasn’t hearing that nonsense, and she wasn’t hearing anything the rapidly healed Jake had to say either. When the episode opens, Jake has decided to go back to his apartment, but Liv is worried about him. Jake is more worried about her; after all, he is a trained assassin. He tells her that Rowan will “slit her throat and drink her blood” if it will protect the Republic. Olivia is convinced her father wouldn’t hurt her that way—but she doesn’t want to court danger either. She tells Jake to keep his fancy ideas to himself, and that she is going to be a good girl and go to Sunday Dinners with her father. She doesn’t know him and she doesn’t know B613. (We’ll see how long that lasts.) Jake tried to lean in for a good-bye kiss, but got played instead.

It’s time to check in on the Gladiators! Liv gets a call on her cell—Harrison has good news, they have a gig! Cue the music! (Scandal has the best musical supervisors on television.) Abby is on a date with David, and he wants a commitment, but she won’t seal the deal. Huck is at an AA meeting trying to purge the murder of Pete Foster out of his system, but Creepy Quin has followed him and draws attention to herself by not silencing her phone.

Lisa Kudrow in Scandal 3.04Cy and James have a delicious moment filled with innuendo as James tries to get a quote from Cy about the senator who is accused of murdering a young lady he sexted under the moniker Redwood Johnson. Turns out this senator is the Gladiators’ new gig. His wife is supporting him through this trial, including as his alibi, and the Senator assures Liv that the young woman who was murdered was the only woman to whom he sent those kinds of messages. Shelly, the wife, assures Olivia that her husband isn’t a bad man, just someone who went through a rough patch and deserves a second chance. At the trial, David Rosen (of course) proves that the senator is a pervy sexting perv that sexted many young women. Watch me die from not-surprise.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, Mellie and Fitz seem to be having a fairly tame morning. The news is showing a clip of a spunky Democratic congresswoman (I see you, Lisa Kudrow!) who is calling Fitz out on being more concerned with his “cobra” than real issues. Mellie doesn’t like her one bit, but Cy admires her moxy. They strategize as usual, but Fitz is taken aback by the reported death of Pete Foster in the newspaper.

Mellie was at an event when she was asked by a reporter about that spunky congresswoman, Josephine Marcus. Mellie gave her canned answer—any women breaking the glass ceiling is great—while ripping off her mic. Chatting to another congresswoman, she makes a comment about the media eating up any “trailer trash with a push up bra” like fried twinkies, not knowing the other women still had a hot mic. Oops.

The Gladiators reconvene, and revise strategy; looks like it’s time to “slut-shame a dead girl.” Turns out there were a lot of men who paid for this girl’s lifestyle. Quin confronts Huck about his AA meeting, and tells him she is worried about him. He tells her to back off, that “friends don’t follow friends.” Creepy Quin wants to know the details of Huck’s last kill, and she is practically salivating for information. Huck can’t catch a break, because Jake creeps up on him in the parking lot. Jake wants to take down Rowan but Huck knows that’s a failure waiting to happen.

Fitz looks into Pete Foster’s life since the Navy, and gets a report that his sister doesn’t have enough money to bury him. Fitz contacts Veteran’s Affairs and arranges a burial at Arlington for him-he even shows up in person. (Cue another beautifully done musical moment.) We see Huck there as well; is he following Pete, or is he following Fitz?

Rowan Pope in Scandal Season 3 episode 4James grills Cy about not getting an exclusive of Pete Foster’s funeral, which of course Cy didn’t know about. Cy meets with Rowan in the park to discuss this, and we see Jake trying to get some surveillance recorded, but there is too much going on to get an accurate voice recording. Jake busts into Liv’s office with information about her father and the surveillance recording, but Liv isn’t interested in what he has to say. But Huck is, and he does some investigating on his own.

Cy is livid about Mellie’s sophomoric slip. She issued an apology, but Congresswoman Marcus is too clever by half, and her star rises considerably. Cy berates Mellie until Fitz steps in to defend her. She is initially grateful, and thinks they are having a tender moment, but suddenly she storms away from him after realizing he wasn’t even paying attention to her.

After another woman came forward with proof that the sexting senator sent her messages DURING THE TRIAL, his wife goes AWOL. The Gladiators search for her, and when Liv finds her, she convinces her to testify on his behalf to provide an alibi. Their strategy: don’t lie about her feelings of betrayal. It works. At the trial, David is blindsided when the wife is on the stand. She admits how she feels about her husband—that he is a lying, cheating, bastard—but that is not a jailable offense.

Jake reaches out again to Liv, and just as she was about to kick him to the curb, Huck appears with him. They are starting to piece together Operation Remington. What do we know so far? Pete Foster tattooed the original flight plan on himself—this was the information that Rowan didn’t want to have released. Jake was on this mission, and despite information to the contrary, Fitz was the one who was flying the rescue mission, not Pete Foster.

The senator is waiting for the verdict, and chatting with Liv. He admits that his wife, who now hates his guts, lied on the stand to give him an alibi. Olivia puts it all together after the not-guilty verdict is read and confronts the wife as the murderer. The wife just shrugs and smirks “everyone needs a second chance.”

Cy has had some recon done on Congresswoman Marcus, and finds that as a teen she gave birth to a baby and gave the baby up. He lets Fitz in on this info, and that he plans to leak it to the media soon. He also confronts Fitz about Pete Foster’s funeral, and gently reminds him to let sleeping dogs lie; nobody wants anyone to look too closely into Pete’s death or Fitz’s connection to him.

Creepy Quin is skulking around Gladiator Central, getting into Huck’s business. He finally blows up at her, and tells her to stop. asking. questions! He calls her out on her fake concern, and tells her she is “interested” and to stop it while she still can.

After playing coy all episode (all season, really) Abby sends David a dirty photo and makes the choice to commit. Jake is trying to get the same thing from Olivia, plying her with red wine and witty repartee about the mess they are in. “I’m not crying, I’m trying not to scream” Liv says to him, and Jake tells her that she isn't alone, he isn’t going anywhere. They started with a slow kiss that went a little more passionate, then a lot more passionate, and of course the phone rings.

It’s Fitz.

He is in a car and feeling melancholy, but Liv is being a tad distant since Jake is there. Jake, who decides to ask very loudly if she wants more wine. Jake, who is staking his claim. Olivia rolls her eyes at him, but she knows the score. Fitz gets off the phone so fast it’s like it burned him. He looks like he wants to cry but holds it together—he has arrived at his destination, which turns out to be Rowan’s office. Say what?

There is no way that Fitz knows Rowan is Olivia’s father, right? Does he know him as Rowan, Eli, Command, or something else? I’m still giving Jake the side-eye. I think he has (had) genuine feelings for Liv, but Rowan’s main objective was for him to woo Liv away from Fitz. Is he still working for Rowan and using Remington as a way to get Liv and Huck to trust him? Diabolical, I know, but I wouldn’t put it past this show.

As usual I can’t wait for next week. Olivia Pope looked fierce in the promo!


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