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I Now Pronounce You Booth and Bones: Bones Wedding Recap

Booth and Bones say I Do in Bones 9x06


This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Bones, including last night's Season 9, episode 6, “The Woman in White.”

After everything that Booth and Bones have been through on the long and winding road to their happily ever after, surely they deserve a smooth walk down the aisle. Unfortunately, that’s not what they get. There’s a bag of dirty money from the father of the bride, and a touching father-in-law/son-in-law moment turns into a torching moment when the candle Booth and Max light in honor of Bones’s late mother may have possibly had something to do with the church burning down. There is, of course, a murder requiring the entire squint squadron to band together, even as they squabble over the lack of invitations, and that’s only the beginning. Lest any viewer despair, this is Bones, where true love rules.

Angela is firm that Booth and Bones have to get married that day, and Hodgens, always her guy, is on board. Bones angsts over Booth not getting the wedding he wanted, while Booth angsts over Bones not getting the wedding she wanted, even if she’d never admit it. Angela proves her matron of honor mettle by ending the angst when she announces that today is the day. If Bones is okay with the change in plans, then Booth will be okay with the change as well. Bones isn’t so sure, but she’ll give it a try.

Though Booth is mournfully moping over invitations to the wedding that wouldn’t be when Bones tells him of Angela’s plan, his mood lifts immediately. Booth tells Bones he would wear elephant tusks on his head and have a squirrel monkey perform the ceremony if that's what Bones wanted. Booth doesn't care about the details. They both agree they've waited long enough, and the wedding is on.

Angela guides Bones through a magnanimous invitation of all the squints to the new wedding venue. The reason, Bones reveals, that she hadn’t invited all the squints to the original wedding was out of kindness; since they had all yet to find their life partners, she didn’t want to make them watch her and Booth exchange vows and thus be reminded of their own lacks. Now that the wedding will be taking place at the Jeffersonian—and in half an hour—that doesn’t seem as important as having her work family share in her joy. To Bones, this makes sense. To the rest of them, it means they have nothing to wear, at least until Hodgens raids the history of fashion exhibit, wheeling in a selection of fancy duds from across the ages.

Brennan and Booth in Bones Season 9, episode 6In what may be the best put together impromptu wedding in TV history (but hey, it was Angela, so viewers can believe it) friends and family gather for the big day. Cam rhapsodizes over how perfect the venue is, and a smiling Vaziri mentions that’s good to know. Bridegroom Booth watches his bride and her father advance down the aisle, under a shower of pink petals as psychic Avalon, who knew all along, sings a heartfelt rendition of “At Last.” Best man Sweets asks Booth if he’s ready. Booth says he’s been ready for years. Bones, wearing white and glowing with joy, turns to inform the guests that this is not one man ritually handing over a woman to another man as though the woman were property. Ah, Bones, never change.

With Aldo at the ready, Booth chucks his prepared vows and instead speaks from the heart. The last time he and Bones stood on this spot, they’d only just met. She was irritating him, and he was trying to get away. She’d chased him, then, and they’d chased each other ever since, through wars, serial killers, ghosts and snakes. Chasing her has been the smartest thing he has ever done in his entire life. Being chased by her has been his greatest joy. They don't have to chase each other anymore. They’ve caught each other.

Bones declines to speak from her heart; she’ll be speaking from her mouth. Reading from a note she wrote years ago, when she and Hodgens were buried alive, they each wrote a note in case they didn’t make it. Hodgens wrote to Angela, and Bones wrote to Booth. She’d found Booth exasperating then. He believes in ghosts and angels and Santa Claus. Because of him she sees the universe differently. Looking into his fine face brings her joy. When she tries to steal a peek at him, he is looking at her already. She will find a time and a place to tell him that he makes her life messy and confusing and irrational and wonderful. That is the time and the place. Our hearts, oh our hearts.

Aldo pronounces them husband and wife, and Bones then informs her husband he may kiss her now, and does he ever. Their first marital kiss complete, Booth asks Bones what she thinks will happen now. Her answer is immediate and enthusiastic. Everything, she says, that happens next. As Avalon sings, “and now we are in heaven, because you are mine at last.”


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1. Deblof
When Bones told Booth that "everytime I try to sneak a peek at you, I find you already looking at me..." I melted. I usually hate when main characters get together, but these two really got to me. They are so perfect for each other in their flawed states.
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
@Deblof, I melted there, too. These two are a special pair, for sure, and they fit beautifully.
4. Paul Grayson
I loved the note Bones wrote, it was a final nod that she was the one who was "acutely aware of that attraction, struggles daily with it, in fact."

The perfect way to say that she knew she was in love with him since season 2.
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