Oct 18 2013 3:30pm

Friday Beefcake: User’s Choice—Thompson, Schreiber, Davis and More!

Earlier today on Twitter we asked for suggestions of old favorites and new beefcake you would like to see featured on the site. Ask and you shall receive! People brought up mentions of model Bryce Thompson, Liev Schreiber (most recently of Ray Donovan), and Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time (more fondly known as Colin O'Donoghue). A few other people chimed in with Charles Michael Davis of The Originals and Downton Abbey's poor, broken-hearted Lord Gillingham (Tom Cullen).

Share your other favorites in the comments...after all this is User's Choice!

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1. ChelseaMueller
I know you expected me to bring the ASkars, but I have other favorites, too. Like rugby player and model Stuart Reardon.

Deep breath, folks...




3. LenoreJ
What is that--a twelve pack!?
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