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First Look: Sarah M. Anderson’s Expecting a Bolton Baby (November 1, 2013)

Expecting a Bolton Baby by Sarah M. AndersonSarah M. Anderson
Expecting a Bolton Baby
Harlequin / November 1, 2013 / $5.25 print, $4.99 digital

In this Bolton Brothers book, first comes the baby…and maybe then comes marriage? 

He'd never expected to see Stella Caine again. After one wild night, she'd walked away—right after revealing that her father was the one man who could threaten the biggest business deal of Bobby Bolton's career. So Bobby left her alone. 

Until now. 

Now Stella is pregnant and staying in his condo. This is a complication that can be solved only one way: marriage. Bobby wants to do the right thing. Hell, he wants her—has never stopped wanting her. Surely he can convince her to say yes, even without those three little words….

I have a confession to make: I don’t get the latest trend of motorcycle guys in romance. I’m sorry, I don’t. Maybe it’s a personal preference issue. I tend to prefer men who look like they’ve showered, shaved and had a hair cut in recent memory. And tattoos? Tattoos officially jumped the shark when it became socially acceptable for every frat boy, grandmother, and celebrity poser to have one.

But the way Sarah M. Anderson writes motorcycle guys? I might have to come around to a new way of thinking. Bobby Bolton may have a reputation in his family of being the youngest “screw-up” brother, but he’s actually the brains behind the family motorcycle operation.

Bobby is a salesman. A darn good one, as it turns out. He sells the family business as a reality TV show, then gets into further business with the owner of the network to build an upscale resort. Bobby is smart. Bobby knows where the money is. And the money is in professional, upwardly mobile men—doctors, lawyers, accountants—who have disposable income and like to ride motorcycles on the weekend. Bobby envisions his new resort, near Sturgis, South Dakota, as the destination for guys who like luxury, motorcycles, and have the cash to pay for it.

Frankly, Bobby strikes me as a very smart man. Motorcycles are the family business. Dad never saw past whatever bike he was building at the time, brother Ben handles the money end of things and brother Bill builds bikes. Bobby has always been the one with bigger dreams. Dreams of having his family take him seriously, dreams of wealth and respectability. He feels he’s on the way to that, when his dream girl shows up on his doorstep announcing she’s pregnant with his baby. As if this new development weren’t challenging enough, Stella just happens to be the daughter of the mogul who owns the network that airs the Bolton brother’s reality TV show. The same mogul sinking money into Bobby’s new resort, and the very same mogul who makes all his “actors” sign morality clauses and puts the capital P in “prude.” And now Bobby has knocked up the man’s daughter.

But Bobby, while feeling a bit like a square peg, is still all about family. He shared a wild night with Stella, falling for her fast and hard. She was the one who ended things with, “It’s been fun, but that’s all this was” talk and then dropping the bombshell that she was the boss’s daughter. Bobby has it bad for this woman, so when she shows up on his doorstep, even if it’s with shocking news (turns out condoms and alcohol don’t mix), he’s still pretty darn happy to see her.

“Biker” conjures up images of rough around the edges, outlaw biker gangs. Misogyny, treating women like dirt, and crime. Hairy, tattooed, have-you-seen-a-dentist-lately guys. I do not immediately think of someone like Bobby, Mr. Smooth Salesman who knows how to pour on the charm. Oh sure, our guy is Alpha to the core, but with the gooey heart of a Beta. Yes, he’s worried about Stella’s father and what that will mean for business, but that all flies out the window when he gets a good look at the relationship between father and daughter. Stella needs a protector, and Bobby Bolton is just the man for the job.

I might not be ready to chuck my clean-cut hero preferences out the door permanently, but I am willing to concede that maybe I’ve been a bit judgmental about these biker boys. Maybe they’re not all bad. If Bobby is any indication, maybe this isn’t a one-note trend. Everyone else can fight over the barely housebroken bad boys—I’ll take more Bobby please.

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Laura K. Curtis
1. LauraKCurtis
Right there with you Wendy. I am not a fan of the heavily inked, chain-and-leather-and-torn-denim motorcycle guys, but I do love the Bolton brothers!
Wendy the Super Librarian
2. SuperWendy
Laura: I live in a perpetually state of being behind in series - and this is the first Bolton Brothers book I've actually, uh, read. Not the last though.
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I too avoid motorcycle heroes, but you made this one sound irresistible.
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