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First Look: Jenna Jameson and Hope Tarr’s Sugar (Oct 21, 2013)

Sugar by Jenna Jameson and Hope TarrJenna Jameson and Hope Tarr
Skyhorse / October 21, 2013 / $22.95 print & digital

Fleeing Los Angeles and her scarlet past a former porn star returns to her New York roots hoping to lose herself in the crowded city streets, protected from the paparazzi's reach . . . or so she thinks. A chance encounter with a returned war hero—now prominent investment CEO—is the very last thing she wants or needs, or is it?

When the handsome and deliciously kinky CEO shows her that there are other ways to satisfy her needs (and he knows all of them), she finds herself in the middle of a sexual awakening, a true romance and a happily ever after. 

I admit to having some trepidation when I was contacted to read Jenna Jameson and Hope Tarr’s erotic romance contemporary, Sugar. Even with a co-author, a world-famous porn star doesn’t automatically equate well written erotic romance. Imagine my delight when upon reading I found a sweet, sexy, erotically charged romance between two people who are much more than what they present to the world. A welcome respite from the typical Cinderella-style storylines of the billionaire who saves the down-on-her-luck stripper/prostitute. Sugar offers a heroine and hero who are well matched on every level.

Sugar tells the story of Sarah Halliday, aka Sugar, an international porn star. Sarah has reached a point in her life where she is ready to retire her crown and begin a new chapter in her life. Sarah starts her journey by heading back home to New York in order to be closer to a sick friend. A chance meeting with billionaire CEO Colvin (Cole) A. Canning, puts a kink in her self imposed isolation. He wants her...bad...and won’t take no for an answer. Sarah pushes aside her initial concerns and decides that one night of guilt free sex on her terms is just what she needs to start her on the road to reclaiming her sexuality and life as a person and not a symbol.

Sarah enjoys her night with Cole, but knows it can't go anywhere. She can never escape who she is, and his blue blood heritage would never allow him to have a real relationship with someone with her past. When Cole discovers Sarah's identity, Sarah expects him to be like everyone else and demand something from her to keep silent. When he doesn’t, she decides to offer him something.

“I have a proposition for you.”

The glint in his eye was back, as was the boner pressing against his pants. “A proposition, huh? I like the sound of that.”

Swallowing, she said, “Hadn’t you better wait until you hear it?”

“Okay, let’s have it.”

“You can walk away now, and we never see each other again, or you can stick around for a sex-only relationship strictly behind-the-scenes.”

A black brow lifted. “Are we talking exclusivity?”

Sarah hesitated, mulling that over. “For safety’s sake, that would probably be best—but only for the time we’re together. Once one or both of us gets bored, we go our separate ways, no drama, no hurt feelings.”

“What kind of sex are we talking about? All the flavors?”

She nodded, feeling her panties dampen. “The whole freezer case, provided whatever we do is safe, consensual, and discussed in advance."

A purely sexual relationship with no strings that ends when one or both get bored. Sounds fabulous, right? Wrong. Because regardless of Sarah’s lifestyle choices, she is a closet romantic who longs for normality.

She’d lived the porn film script for ten years now. It had been one incredible ride, but now she wanted a new script for a new story—a good old-fashioned fairytale.

Sarah is an interesting character. Smart, intelligent, funny, and well off, she smashes many of stereotypes that revolve around adult entertainers. Her life is a study in duality because she is in essence two people. Sarah has no illusions that she can ever bury her past, but does hope to meet someone who can look beyond Sugar and just see Sarah.

That first night she and Cole had been together, he’d made love purely to her, not her legend.

Through Sarah’s memories and dialogue, we get an intimate look inside the world of adult entertainment. While some of the world views it as the ultimate career choice, Sarah takes pains to educate Cole to the realities behind the myth.

“Adult films are shot in very short time frames, anywhere from several days to just a few weeks. An average shoot is twelve hours, but I’ve been on set for as long as twenty. When you’re filming as a lead, you work a lot—and don’t roll your eyes at me. It is work. When the shoot wraps, you’re tired, you’re sore. Sex is the very last thing you want.


“Having sex professionally makes you more discriminating in your private life, at least that’s how it’s always been for me. I’ve worked with all the leading adult actors in the business, guys who know every ‘dick trick’ in the book, as well as a few that aren’t, who can stay on the edge for hours and then come on command—as in thirty seconds.

“After that, do you really think I’m going to go to bed with any
gonzo that walks up to me in a club?”

Cole’s and Sarah’s relationship is slow to evolve, but the journey is an eye opener. Cole, a war veteran, comes into the relationship with no real expectations beyond the fact he is getting free no holds barred sex from a porn star whose DVDs kept him entertained during the war. He, like millions of other guys, thinks he knows Sugar, therefore assuming he knows Sarah, that by watching her films, he has developed a connection to her that offers him some entitlement. The more time he spends with Sarah though, he realizes how ridiculous his assumptions are.

Two months ago he’d been hi-fiving himself for having scored “Sugar” as his no-strings-attached lover. Looking down at Sarah’s profile, peaceful in sleep, he couldn’t imagine feeling that way now.

Watching their relationship deepen and grow is a lesson for everyone who has ever fallen in love with someone deemed inappropriate in the eyes of your family and society. Sugar asks if you can look past your misconceptions and pride to go forward or are you willing to let the one person who means the world to you slip through your fingers. 

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Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
Full disclosure: I read this to do a cover blurb, but I thought this book was excellent, with a lot of good substance beyond the very hot sex.
Shannon Johnson-Trimm
4. shaytrimm
This sounds so interesting, but *sigh* don't enter me in the contest. I have been on a run of books that include my daughter's name lol make it stop!
5. Peach
Having the heroine as an international porn star is a premise that I imagined would never translate well into a decent romance novel. This erotic romance contemporary, however, has definitely piqued by interest. Dying to get my hands on some sugar. :)
Donna Bailey
6. donnarb60
this definitely sounds worth a shot, thanks to your recommendation, Tori. you've never steered me wrong yet :)
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
Really great review, Tori. I'm going to make sure I check it out.
Carmen Pinzon
10. bungluna
I'm intrigued. My first impulse was to skip it, but your review has tickled my interest to the point that I will make sure to read this novel.
Chanpreet Singh
11. chanpreet
So I saw Jenna Jameson's name and thought, "Ugh." Seeing Hope Tarr's name next to hers made me think maybe there might be something here. I'm hoping that the usual "celebrity" let down won't happen with this book.
Janet Webb
14. JanetW
Great review doing what a great review always does--intrigue me to the point of putting the book on my I should read list--thanks Tori!
15. joyofbean
I also was worried when I saw the name Jenna Jameson. I read her book, "How to make love like a porn star" and found her writing to be poor. But after reading the review and knowing that Hope Tarr was helping, I'm putting it on my TBR list.
Nicole Leapheart
16. BoxyFrown
I just added this! I haven't read anything else by Jenna but she is a very interesting woman. She did some things as a woman in the male dominated porn industry that I really respect. This book, with the help of Hope Tarr, sounds intriguing!
Kathy Kamrath
17. applik
Your review has made me interested enough to read this book. I don't think I would have even checked it out otherwise! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.
18. Jeanne Koym Sommer
Looks like a intriguing book-a real life turned into a work of fiction.
Carol Moore
19. laughingcarol
Sounds like an interesting story. Looking forward to reading it.
21. TweetPea9879
Definitely on my TBR list as of now!! Thanks for the info!!
Brenda Leon
26. Bonita62
The book will be a great read!! I look forward to reading! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!
Sandy Pants
28. SandyPants
I'm interested. Going to give your review a re-read.. Did you give a letter rating? I'm going to see what else Hope has written.

How do you think the co-authorship works here? Is Jenna just part of this because she and the books main character have a profession in common? I'm kinda over the CEO billionaire .. Are there no cab drivers with hearts of gold for former porn stars to have a HEA?
30. tony parsons
luv 2 win/read this book
Tara Turner
31. Sam0609
Hooked by the review. I would like to see how this all plays out. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.
33. stacymd2
This sounds very interesting. I read Jenna’s autobiography years ago. It was just OK, but your review of this erotic novel intrigues me. I’m not interested in the contest. I will check out “Sugar’s” reviews on Amazon to see if I will buy it.
35. Tony Parsons
luv 2 win/read this book
37. Weena
Like the others, I saw "Jenna Jameson," and thought this would be a no-go, but I do like Hope Tarr, and the samples sounded intriguing. Count me in!
41. CrystalBee
When I first saw the book on October's shopping list, I kept thinking it couldn't be the same Jenna Jameson. It actually sounds very interesting. I can wait to read it. Thanks for the chance to enter!
44. graper36
Sounds mmm, intresting... def on my list!!! Thanks!
Julie Link
51. euchre35
this looks like a fascinating read. Excited to read it.
Debra Kidle
55. lubelle
This sounds like something I'd really love to read!
61. Gianna
Sounds like an interesting read.
64. shelly pitt
great book for a day in the house.
68. Autumn Gibson
I read Jenna's first book, I love her.. I would love to read this one
69. Zesty Wonderland
Wow! This sounds Hot! I freaking LOVE to read it!
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