Oct 9 2013 12:36pm

Big Blonde Wolf: First Trailer for TV Adaptation of Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten!

Coming soon to a television near you is the series adaptation of Kelley Armstrong's Bitten, about Elena Michaels, the only existing female werewolf.

Here's the first trailer; the series stars Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, Ted), Greyston Holt (Once Upon a Time), Greg Bryk (A History of Violence), Paul Greene (NCIS), and Steve Lund (Haven).

The series will air in 2014 on SyFy in the U.S. and on Space in Canada.

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Michelle G.
1. Michelle G.
Oh my effin' a I'm so excited for the TV show. Can't wait!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
This trailer seems like it might actually be edgy enough. I'm excited, too!
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
For some reason (okay, probably because of Blood and Chocolate), I've always preferred werewolves to vampires, so while I didn't get into the book, I will be checking out the first episode of this for sure. Looks fun.
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
LOVE this series and the trailer looks great. Still mad Jeremy isn't Asian, but whatevs.
This is another link btw:
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
I still have doubts about this project but this teaser looks great.
rachel sternberg
7. rae70
The teaser looks great! I can't wait to see the pilot!
Michelle G.
8. Ayana
I really wasn't sure about this but the trailer does look good so maybe it won't be too bad. But am I the only one who thinks that while she makes a great Elena, he really doesn't make a good Clay? I was really hoping the casting would be spot on for them two.
Michelle G.
9. Mon's
Read all the books and am looking forward to seeing how it's adapted to a tv show. So far it's looking fantastic.
Michelle G.
10. dcasebo
I have been a big fan of Kelley Armtrong's for years. I found Bitten in a used book store about 10 years ago and have been hooked ever since. Of course, it is so hard to please loyal fans when it comes to casting their favorite characters. Everyone has an idea in their head of what each character should look like. I just hope the TV version doesn't make Clay a happy-go-lucky people person. He needs to be downright unsocialable.
Michelle G.
11. Elnomin
Not sure about the dramatisation of this way more glamour than the books but is love to watch to bring the books to life!
Any chance this will come to the uk?
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