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Author Jasmine Haynes on Older Can Be Better

The Naughty Corner by Jasmine HaynesToday we're pleased to welcome author Jasmine Haynes to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Jasmine's latest release, The Naughty Corner, has an older heroine—the aunt to two rambunctious nephews—who enrolls the troublesome two into football camp—and then has to suffer the consequences meted out by the hot coach every time they misbehave. Jasmine is here to share why older heroines can be better (and hotter!). Thanks, Jasmine!

So really, what woman would kick George Clooney out of bed? Or Tom Cruise? How about Sean Bean in Game of Thrones? Or Johnny Depp in any movie he’s ever done? I watched him in his first role, Nightmare on Elm Street, on my honeymoon in England. Depp was a little hottie even back then. But he’s much better now, in my opinion.

What do these actors have in common? They’re all over 50. Does younger mean better? I say not. Some of my sexiest heroes are 50 or very close to it. Like fine wine, some things get better with time!

I write about older men because I prefer them, too. I’m no spring chicken myself! They do say you should write what you know…but I’ve got a higher purpose to it all. I often have readers tell me they enjoy the fact that I write about older couples. I want to proudly declare that sex isn’t just for the younger generation. You don’t hit some age barrier and suddenly, poof, desire simply ends. There are benefits to being more mature that people might not think of. As we get older, we grow more sexually confident. We’re willing to try new things. I believe we’re also more accepting of our own physical flaws. If I don’t want to see the wrinkles on my face, I just take off my glasses! It reminds me of the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” All those things we used to be so worried about don’t seem as important anymore. And sex is exercise! (And a whole lot more fun than a spin class…)

Can sex get better when we’re older? Or is it all downhill from here? I know that’s a worry for younger people, will they lose their interest in sex? Well, I can definitely answer that with an unequivocal no, it doesn’t happen that way, and I say that from personal experience. Think about this: Your adorable kids are out of the house and going to college, or they’re starting families of their own. Now you’ve got an empty nest. That can be a trying thing. But it can also be amazing. Suddenly hubby can rush home from work for a quickie at lunch. Or maybe on a Saturday morning after you’ve done the laundry and you’re putting the sheets on the bed, both of you get the sexy idea of messing up those sheets, right in the middle of the day. Whereas before you had to plan, sexual spontaneity can return!

Of course, the dynamics of a relationship change when the couple is older. There are now grown children involved, divorces, and the loss of loved ones. A favorite romance author of mine is LaVryle Spencer, and many of her heroes and heroines are older. In Bygones, the adult children of a divorced couple do some matchmaking to try to bring them back together. I love second-chance stories, and this one was a tender yet sexy read. She also wrote one of my favorite May-December romances with Family Blessings. In this story, the heroine is 44, and the hero is 30. There’s so much going on in this book, from tragic loss to secret romance to tearing families apart. And I LOVED Julie and Romeo by Jeanne Ray. Here, the heroine is a grandmother! Yet this heroine and hero can still find love as well as sexual kinship. Of course, from the title, you’ll have figured out it’s a take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, with the children getting involved. See what I mean about how the dynamics of a relationship change with an older couple?

As for writing about older men, one of the things I feel they bring to the table as heroes is self-confidence and authority. They’ve been around. Most of my heroes have been married at one time or another, sometimes more than once. Although with my November release, The Other Man, my 45-year-old hero Spence has never been married, which is unusual for someone that age, but there’s a story behind that, too. These older men are often at the peak of their careers so they’re in positions of power. Gray Barnett of The Naughty Corner is a 45-year-old CEO (in addition to being a summer camp football coach). He’s got a teenage son and an ex-wife, and his relationships with them add layers to the story that a perpetual bachelor may not have.

Whatever your age, how do you feel about older heroes, older heroines? Do they turn you off, turn you on, take ’em or leave ’em? Or maybe it just depends on how they’re written. Tell me what you think!

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Jasmine Haynes is the author of classy erotic romance. She is the creator of the Max Starr paranormal romance series and also writes as Jennifer Skully. Look for Jasmine’s sexy new releases, The Naughty Corner, Oct 1, and The Other Man, Nov 2. Visit with Jasmine and her alter egos on and

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2. Kareni
Thank you for the post, Ms. Haynes. I look forward to reading your JH books. I have read, and enjoyed, some of your Jennifer Skully titles.
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
Thanks for your post.

I find that I get tired of the twenty-something CEO dom heroes, which I find unbelievable for the most part. I've come to enjoy older heroes and heroines as I've gotten older. One thing that has remained the same for me, though, is my dislike of extreme age differences in couples. I just never could get past a hero being old enough to be a heroine's father!
Tiffany Tyer
4. TiffanyTyer
You have completely sold me on the beauty that's found with mature heroes and heroines with your work. And as I'm not-quite-thirty, this gives me hope in real life as well! :)

I'm a big fan. Thanks for being here!
Vanessa Kier
5. Vanessa Kier
Hey, Jasmine!

I was concerned about writing a story with a hero in his early sixties and a late-forties heroine, but the chemistry surprised me. These two characters know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it, which is incredibly sexy! So I'm all for older heroes and heroines. ;)
Jasmine Haynes
6. JHaynes
Thanks to all of you for stopping by! I'm so glad you've enjoyed the Jennifer Skully books, Kareni, and I hope you like the Jasmine Haynes ones as well. They've got a bit of the same humor! I hear you, Bungluna, the 20-something CEOs just don't ring true for me. But I do feel the age difference has a different feel if the couple is already, like Vanessa's characters, early sixties and late forties is a good combination! Thank you so much, Tiffany! I'm so glad I sold you on mature couples! There's hope for all of us! Vanessa, I totally agree on the couple knowing what they want and not being afraid to go for it is really sexy. Your couple sounds fabulous!
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