Oct 24 2013 7:03am

Are You Over New Adult Angst?

A few mentions on Twitter brought up an intriguing question; are romance readers tired of New Adult books? Some readers, who were reading the genre previously, mentioned shying away from books with the very recognizable New Adult covers (this question is not aimed at romance readers who never read the genre in the first place).

Are you one of them? Are you still reading New Adult, but choosing the lighter books? Do you foresee returning to reading New Adult angst? Or do you think you're done?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I'm definitely taking a break from the drama right now--I am tired of the fretting h/h falling into instalust with the h/h. If I'm rolling my eyes while reading, it's not worth it. I will return, I do like those books, but I need a break.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
@MFrampton, I feel the same. But I kind of get that way with romance in general. I might read a few really dark erotic or paranormals in a row but then I have to take a break with a sweet contemporary or fluffy Regency, so for me it's not just New Adult. Unfortunately New Adult is just pretty angsty across the board. I want more fun books--give me a funny erotica or New Adult. Romance (in real life) is supposed to be fun, let's get some more books in NA and erotica that reflect that!
3. Mo
I'd resisted the New Adult books for a while, but then agreed to read one. Pax and Mila from Courtney Cole's If You Stay just bowled me over. I've read some NA since then where I've rolled my eyes and wanted to tell the girl to just walk away.

I'm pretty sure that the reason I still read them, still search them out, and probably will for a long time is that I am a sucker for the emotionally hurting boy/man. It's a trope that gets me in NA, in older romance, even in non-romance such as fantasy and science fiction (a Brandon Sanderson short comes to mind). But, that is the dominant trope in NA, so I am at "moth meet flame".

I actually think that NA is the perfect place to reflect that angst because everything cuts so deeply emotionally at those ages. Older guys can brood but they have to have a real reason for it. In NA, he can just be angsty and it's ok.
4. Lizzie Dee
I'm taking a break from typical angsty New Adult, but I will continue to read paranormal angsty New Adult. :) I can deal with the angst if the paranormal is included. I just can't deal with the same story of young adults finding love over adversity over and over if it's in the "real" world. For example, S.L. Jennings' Dark Light series is a paranormal NA, and even though the characters are dealing with so many of the same things other NA characters are dealing with, the paranormal aspect makes it original and more interesting to me.
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