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Anticipating Scandal Season 3: Gladiators, Grab Your Wine Glasses!

Scandal Season 3 posterThis past season of Scandal was a wild roller coaster ride. At 22 episodes, it tripled the drama from its first season in every way possible, and with a cliffhanger that made you gasp in surprise, it almost made you wish summer would move just a tad faster along. Well, the premiere is just around the corner—Gladiators, grab your white hats and glasses of wine!

Let’s look at what happened between Fitz and Olivia last season. When season 2 opens, Mellie is well along into her pregnancy with America’s Baby, and Fitz has been calling Liv like clockwork every night. (I have to say, those moments on the phone between them were so real, and displays the real genius of the show.) But someone tries to kill Fitz, and when he comes-to, he decides life is too short and informs Mellie he wants a divorce. Then Verna gives a deathbed confession about Defiance and Fitz takes up drinking, Liv takes up swimming, and Fitz has her under surveillance by Creepy Hot Captain Jake, who has a very hands on approach. After a scuffle, Liv ends up in the hospital, and that’s when Fitz decides to go back to his divorce plan, which makes Mellie publicly out him as an adulterer. Liv and Fitz were living the dream for a little bit, until their recent misdeeds come to light, and Liv decides she needs to pick up her white hat and leave the White House alone.

So where do Liv and Fitz go from here? They broke each other’s hearts so many times last season, but that chemistry is still there, it will always be there. Is Fitz going to turn back into the mean drunk and make everyone around him hate him, or will he be defeated and resigned to Liv’s decision?

Fitz in Scandal Season 3 promo posterThe B613 program, Huck’s former bosses, played a prominent role last season. We found out where Huck came from, what his history was, and that he has a family out there. Creepy Hot Captain Jake works for the program, and although his motives were shady for most of the season, at the end it was obvious he had serious feelings for Liv—he went to The Hole for her. What about the fact that his mysterious boss (aka The Guy From Terminator 2) Rowan is Olivia Pope’s FATHER? That was a great cliffhanger. Was Rowan the one that released her name to the press as Fitz’s mistress? One can assume we will get answers about their relationship, but having him as a father explains how sharp and quick Olivia is.

Speaking of relationships, despite that whole assassination snafu with Becky, there are plenty of fans shipping a Huckleberry Quinn romance. The way this show moves, they could get married, have kids, and divorce before the mid season break! Or, they could just be friends as he keeps her from sliding down the pain-is-fun spiral. Abby and David look like they are just not meant to be, but now that David is back in good standing, do you think that he and Abby will have another go at it? They are another pair that have great chemistry, but plenty of bad history.

Since we got such extensive background on Huck, will we see episodes about our other Gladiators? We have seen Huck in a love scene, but not Harrison. (I’m not complaining! I think Guillermo Diaz is a cutie, but Columbus Short makes me drool.) Abby is my least favorite Gladiator, but maybe some more insight to her background can sway me over.

Finally, what are Mellie and Cy’s plans this season? It seems like, for now, they have Fitz where they want him, but how hard is Mellie going to play ball now that Olivia’s name is in the wind? Did she and Fitz release Liv’s name? We know how a desperate Cyrus acts-he almost had James killed and would do the same to Liv, and he actually loves them. The Gladiators and the White House are on opposite sides of the fence, folks. We got a peek at that action when their Supreme Court nominee was revealed to have had an affair with one of Liv’s clients. That was nasty. This is going to be war.

I’ve got my glass of wine, are you in?

Editor's Note: Stay tuned, Scandal fans! H&H will have weekly recaps beginning this Friday, the morning after the Season 3 premiere.


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Watched the first few episodes but didn't get hooked on Scandal. But I've watched Grey's Anatomy since the beginning and still enjoy it, and I hear Scandal became tons of fun in Season 2, so I really need to try again.

But this I can say right now: Kerry Washington is so pretty and talented, and Olivia and Fitz look gorgeous together. I have a feeling I'll be 'shipping that, if I can get past the infidelity aspect, idk.
K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
Fantastic recap Nicole aka Boxy Frown! I can’t wait to chat
it out with you this season! My mind is going wild over what could happen. The
previews have me going mad. I’m still thinking it was Fitz that was the leak on
the affair, but you may be on to something with Cy or Mellie.

I’m so hoping that Harrison get a nice and juicy (and mostly
shirt off) story line this season. Yeah, that would make me happy. I want Fitz
to show his Super Powers, just all the time and for Liv to make less goofy eyes
and to have that strong Liv instinct. She spent way too much time this season
being tossed around like a ball on a pool table. I need her to run things in
her life for a while.

As for the rest, I can’t wait. Bring on the fun!
Nicole Leapheart
3. BoxyFrown
redline- Hang in there and sit for those first 7 eps in season 1. You will become addicted by the time you get to season 2-I have created many a Scandal addict!

kwana-Thanks so much, we are going to have a lot of fun! Harrison deserves some skin time. Well, we all deserve to have some Harrison skin time. Ha! And you are right-Liv needs to get back to that strong, fast talking, write-her-own-ticket confident self. I'm pumped!
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