Sep 20 2013 8:19am

Which Non-Erotic Author Writes the Hottest Scenes?

Yesterday, we shared the news that Kresley Cole would be writing an erotica series, and many of the commenters thought it'd be a natural segue, since Cole's not-tagged-as-erotic writing is so hot.

So—what non-erotic author, in your opinion, writes the hottest sex scenes?

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Lege Artis
1. LegeArtis
Hmm... KMM blew my mind with Barrons. Even that scene when Mac was priya was hot. She really has a way with words.
Nalini Singh- let's just say that Tk Psys have their perks. Judd and Kaleb scenes were very memorable. And Dimitri, naturally...
In mm genre, I think Jordan Castillo Price writes the hotest sex scenes. PsyCop series is paranormal series, it features steady couple and there are seven books all together and she can still manage to surprise me with something new and hot. Love her.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
Since I was one of the commenters saying Kresley Cole writes pretty hot stuff, I'll throw her in the ring. I also always thought Victoria Dahl's stuff was pretty spicy as well. Throwing in a few New Adult books too: Samantha Young's Dublin Street series is pretty hot. I don't know if Christina Lauren's Beautiful Bastard series is considered erotica or not, but if it's should be!
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
Right, Victoria Dahl! Her stuff is super delicious. And Samantha Young als0--whew!
I also think Elizabeth Hoyt writes great hot sex.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
Rachel Gibson has hot sex scenes (on my mind 'cause I just finished Run to You). And for historical, Lisa Kleypas and Cecilia Grant come to mind.
Lindsay Beeson
5. lindsayb
Elizabeth Hoyt and Celeste Bradley.. "When She Said I Do" looks so innocent with it's pretty pink cover-- I was pleasantly suprised. The combo of Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux- and later just Abigail Roux.. the Cut and Run series is hotter than hades.
6. ChelseaMueller
I'll add Larissa Ione to the list, particularly when she's writing angry sex.
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
I second Chelsea's nomination of Larissa Ione. I just read her Demonica series and I'm reading Bound by Night right now. Lots of angry sex.
Laura Bracken
8. Night -owl
God, where do I start? Here are a few of the writers I'd put on my "fantasy,erotica writer team" Pamela Clare(MacKinnon's Rangers series&I-Team series"need I say more"), Larissa Ione(have you read the Demonica series), Cherrie Lynn, Linda Howard, JR. Ward, Jeaniene Frost, Tami Hoeg( she was brilliant at writing hot couples"lucky's Lady") however, she doesn't write romance anymore, which is a real shame (but her thrillers are brilliant too). Lisa Klepas: I have a feeling she could write a pretty hot book(it's always the quite ones). These are just a few of my picks, but,as you can see, I could go on to infinity.
Laura Bracken
9. Night -owl
Sorry about that, I meant to say: it's always the "quiet"ones.
Patricia Wilkerson
10. Proofreaderpat
Sydney Croft,Cynthia Eden,Nalini Singh,Radclyffe(f/f),and Diane Whiteside,to name a few.
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