Sep 16 2013 1:05pm

Vote for Your Fantasy: The Historical Hookup Poll!

Duke of Midnight by Elizabeth HoytEver wish you could request a story from your favorite author? Today you can! Forever Romance is offering readers the opportunity to challenge five historical authors—Elizabeth Hoyt, Eileen Dreyer, Jennifer Delamere, Lily Dalton, and Anne Barton—to write an original scene based on reader instructions (!!!). Readers get to vote for their choice of Historical Hookup, and then the authors will write what the readers want!

The poll will be open for just one week, so cast your vote today on questions such as the type of relationship the couple has (never met before, childhood sweethearts, newly engaged...) and who the hero is (a laborer, a titled gentleman, or an outlaw). Once the results are final, the authors will get to work on their scenes based on YOUR directions.

Look for the original scenes to be posted the week of October 7, with an exclusive scene by Elizabeth Hoyt on Heroes and Heartbreakers on October 11!

Everybody loves a poll, so vote in the Historical Hookup poll now!

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Glass Slipper
1. GlassSlipper
I voted for a curvy, redheaded, young heiress and a laborer with a dark scowl, who were childhood friends, meeting on a dark and stormy cliff!
2. TangelB
I voted for a willowy, blonde, wealthy widow and an outlaw with a charming, boyish grin who have never met before, meeting now in a bedroom.
3. krissapl
mysterious brunette, wealthy widow, a laborer with a neutral expression who have never met before, in a bedroom :)
4. robert wentzjr
I like fanacty girls
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