Sep 27 2013 5:15pm

Rake in the Fall Beefcake

We're so glad Don Jon cares about his body!It's officially fall! The hot days of summer are gone along with those summer flings, but with every season there comes a perk. With the cooler temperatures, it's the perfect opportunity to cozy under the covers with your favorite rake—because everyone know a reformed rake makes the best husband to cuddle with.

We picked some of our favorite rakes, Lotharios, Casanovas, and...Don Jons. Yes! Don Jon, the film featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a sex and porn addict and Scarlett Johansson as his would-be girlfriend, comes out today! So cuddle up with JGL (focus on the gun show and ignore the goofy facial expression...), any of these other rakes, or share one of your own in the comments.

Michael Caine as Alfie

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Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
After the jump? That's Takeshi Kaneshiro.

The lineup is: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Don Jon, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Heath Ledger in Casanova, Jon Hamm as Don Draper, Jude Law and Michael Caine, both who played Alfie. Enjoy!
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